A/N: Here we have it, folks! A brand new story from Stele! For those of you who read my story "In Denial," you'll recognize a few things in this fic. The biggest thing will be the first couple chapters, which are REWRITTEN from that story to better suit a new one. The purpose of this fic is to take the story I created in In Denial and turn it into a more fleshed-out story so we can see exactly HOW everything went down between Katsuki and his love interest. I'm proud of how this fic is turning out so far, and I think you'll all really love it too if you're a Katsuki fan like me!

(Pronunciation: Aisla says "eye-luh")

Don't Deny Me

By: xSteleAliniax

Chapter One: Mirror

Katsuki Bakugo stood just outside the doors of the new UA dorm building. His lips were curled into a sneer and fists clenched tightly around his bags as he silently cursed his parents for making him come to live here. He hadn't even been given a choice. When All Might and Eraser Head had come to his home to ask his parents to let him move into the new dorms, his mom had practically packed all of his things for him before his teachers had even left the house.

He recalled his brief conversation with All Might when he asked the pro hero what was going on between him and Deku. He hadn't given him an answer, and while Katsuki respected that for now, that didn't mean he wasn't really freaking curious.

That damn nerd is connected to All Might somehow, he thought as his sneer turned into a full-out scowl. He knew Deku would already be inside, talking away with all of their classmates like he didn't have a damn care in the world; like he wasn't the world's greatest hero's golden boy.

I'll find out what's going on between you and All Might, Katsuki promised. He didn't know why he cared so much, but something about their relationship just irked him. He didn't understand why Deku, of all students at UA, was his favorite. What did that nerd have that he didn't? Katsuki was twice the hero Deku would ever be.

Later, he told himself as he made his way into the building that would now be his home. He didn't need to worry about that damn nerd when he had bigger problems at the moment. He needed to focus on earning his provisional hero license, and nothing and no one was getting in the way of that.

Katsuki sat at his desk, glowering at a math exam and tapping his pen angrily on his paper as if that would somehow make the answers appear there. He was too distracted to solve these problems. Why weren't they out there in the world practicing with their quirks on villains? This was pointless. They wouldn't be fighting villains with calculus, they'd be murdering them with fists and explosives!

Katsuki was ranked high in their class's academic assessment and usually found this kind of work to be easy, but that didn't mean he liked doing it. He could do these problems easily if he really wanted to, but today was not a good day for math. All Might's retirement and the events that took place over summer break were far too important to overshadow schoolwork in his mind.

I'm a damn fool, he thought as he absently filled in another answer. It's all my fault. I should have been stronger.

The door opened abruptly, making everyone give a little jerk of surprise at the sudden noise in the otherwise silent room. All attention went to the doorway as principal Nezu walked in with a girl Katsuki had never seen before. She was wearing a very short version of the UA uniform, and he wondered briefly if this had been a personal choice or if they had mistakenly given her the wrong size.

Her blonde hair was straight and reached all the way down to her waist. Bright blue eyes staring out were visible even from where he sat several desks away, and shone strangely like they were reflecting something. Despite her short stature and small frame, her legs stretched out longer than he would've expected.

"Mr. Aizawa," greeted the principal, who no one could decide was a dog or a mouse. "This is Aisla Haru, she's a transfer student from Shiketsu High. She'll be in your class from here on out."

Shiketsu, huh? Katsuki wondered why she would transfer to UA so close to the provisional licensing exam. Was she hoping to get an edge on Shiketsu? UA was the better school after all, and despite some of the roadkill that were his classmates, Class 1A was the one to beat. She got lucky being placed in this particular class.

"And here I thought I'd have a relaxing day," Mr. Aizawa drawled, sitting back in his chair and closing his eyes as if suddenly tired. "Have a seat, Aisla Haru. We're having a pop quiz. I hope you like quadratic equations." His tone was devious despite the sleepy exterior and Katsuki inwardly groaned, having no desire to finish his current math test.

The girl hurried into the only free seat in the room—right in front of Katsuki. Her blonde hair fluttered around her when she sat, sending the scent of some kind of flower gently towards him. Why did girls always smell like flowers? When she flipped her hair over her shoulder he caught the briefest glimpse of bruising on her neck, faint and barely visible. He wondered what she'd been doing to get bruises on her neck of all places. Maybe kids at Shiketsu liked to fight dirty. He'd make sure to watch for that when he fought them at their licensing exam.

He completely ignored the rest of his test until Mr. Aizawa called for everyone to finish up. He had to hastily fill in random-ass answers before taking it to the front of the room and dropping it on the teacher's desk. A raised brow as Katsuki slapped the test on the desk telegraphed the man's feelings. He half expected Mr. Aizawa to just give him an F right then without even bothering to check his answers. Katsuki wasn't worried though; he was good enough at mental math to know how to reach the answers with little effort on his part. The hassle of scribbling out the whole problem first wasn't necessary. He'd probably be docked points for not showing his work, but who the hell cared?

He sat back down to gather his things but was immediately trapped by the other students who had chosen that moment to cluster around the new girl's desk like she was some new creature in a zoo. Ordinarily he wouldn't have cared what they did, however they were blocking his way of escape. Absolute idiots. Why hadn't he taken his things with him?

His eyes blazed as everyone started shooting off questions about who she was, why she'd transferred, and what her quirk was. The rush of furious blood rushing in his ears drowned out the sound of her soft-spoken responses, tainting his vision red as well. He didn't care who this chick was. All he cared about was being the next best hero.

And getting out of this damn classroom, he added angrily as the crowd of students continued bombarding the girl with questions.

"WILL YOU ALL SHUT THE HELL UP?!" Katsuki finally snapped, and slammed a fist down on his desk. A couple of girls gave a squeak of surprise and jumped back. "SHE DOESN'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU LOSERS! LEAVE HER ALONE AND LET ME OUT!"

The girl in question, Irene or whatever, turned in her seat, giving him a soft smile. "It's okay, I don't mind that much." Her voice was so…

Annoying, he decided. Not soft. Not sweet. Not anything. She was annoying.

"Well, I do. I want to get the hell out of here," he barked. "Some of us are starving around here." Jumping from his seat, he snatched his bag, and shoved through the crowd. He didn't stop until he ran right into someone in the halls and bounced back, feeling his whole body tense up like he was seconds away from exploding.


"Sorry, Kacchan!" The nerd replied quickly, gave a bow, then hurried off to wherever the hell that quirkless loser was going.

"Deku," he growled under his breath. God, that bastard always managed to grind against every single one of his nerves simultaneously.

"Are you alright?"

That voice was not Deku's.

Katsuki was still rubbing his head where he'd smacked into the rock of a boy, but he didn't even need to turn around to know who had spoken: New Girl.

"Go away," he told her, but he was too tired to put any conviction into the words.

"I'm sorry if everyone got in your way," she offered quietly. "I know new people can draw a crowd." An embarrassed laugh left her, though it sounded forced, like she was used to having to apologize for this. Her eyes didn't quite lift all the way to his, and her lips kept parting slightly like she had something else to say but wasn't sure how to get the words out. Her arms hung loosely at her sides in an almost casual manner, if not for the slight curling of her fingers, indicating anger or nerves.

Katsuki was used to this sort of reaction. He knew exactly what was going on: she was afraid of him…just like everyone else.

He glared at her, baring his teeth like some kind of animal. "Didn't you hear me? GO AWAY!"

She didn't even flinch, just shrugged as if it didn't matter to her that he was yelling at her in the hallway. "My name's Aisla, by the way." She didn't offer her hand. Instead, she turned her back on him and walked away without another word.

Weird girl, he thought.

"Yo, Bakugo!" Kirishima hollered from down the hall. With a glance behind him, he noted the dramatic wave of his friend's hand and the eager I want to talk expression that made the blond scowl and speed up. It was no use, though. When Kirishima wanted to talk, there was no avoiding him.

"So…what'd you think of the hot new transfer?" Kirishima suddenly squawked in his ear as he threw an arm around his broad shoulders. A wide grin spread across his face and his eyes were alight with mischief like the two boys were sharing a secret.

"I don't care," he replied flatly, shrugging the redhead off and hoping he would take a hint and go away.

"Come on, she's really easy on the eyes, don't ya think?" His tone was suggestive, with stupid wiggling eyebrows to match, and made Katsuki even more irritated for some reason.


"Alright, whatever man." Kirishima shrugged good-naturedly. "So what did you think of Aizawa's surprise quiz? Pretty brutal, eh?"

"Pretty fucking stupid," Katsuki grumbled, the wind slowly leaving his sails. The fury that had previously nearly blinded him was now reduced to a gentle lull. Still present as always, but not overwhelming.

Kirishima put his hands behind his head and walked casually beside him as if he'd been invited to do so. Katsuki scowled.

"Yeah, but he's still less scary than Ectoplasm." The redhead shuddered.

Katsuki silently agreed. It was most definitely possible that Ectoplasm had been a villain in a past life, but he decided not to mention that aloud. There were always people listening to your conversations in these hallways and he didn't need that getting back to the man himself. Not because he was scared of him, though. He just wasn't into starting rumors.

"Speaking of Ectoplasm," Kirishima went on when he stayed silent. "You think he'll be a part of the provisional licensing exam? I bet he'd make a killer fake villain!"

"I don't give a damn who's there so long as they pass me!"

"Oh, I'm not worried about you, man! You'll definitely pass! It's me I'm worried about. It's not like I can really do that much…" He gave a forced laugh and scratched the top of his head. Just seeing the way Shitty Hair's shoulders began to droop was enough to stoke the flames of his rage again. "I just get hard. I'm more defensive than offensive."

"You stupid boulder," Katsuki rolled his eyes. "You can obviously kick some ass so stop acting so damn humble!"

"Aw, you care! You're so soft, Bakugo~"

"Shut up," he growled. He wasn't soft, he was just honest. Kirishima could easily get his provisional license and everyone knew it. No point in moping and pretending you were a dumbass. Deku and Pikachu had that role covered.

"Hey, let's get some lunch!" Kirishima said, ignoring his command. "I heard Lunch Rush is serving curry today!"

"You're buying then," Katsuki mumbled even though they were already within sight of the lunchroom. Already, he could tell it was going to be a terrible afternoon. The cacophony of the chattering students filtered out to him like a radio set to full volume. Why was his class always the last to eat lunch?!

Kirishima laughed. "I would if it wasn't free! Oh, let's get that new girl to join us! She looks like she likes curry!"

"HELL NO!" Katsuki definitely wasn't going to have lunch with some dumb chick. He already had to deal with Kirishima and Kaminari following him around like a couple of extras; he didn't need another loser tagging along.

Fortunately, he didn't see her hanging around the lunchroom. As he grabbed a tray and sat down at his usual table, it quickly filled up with noisy, talkative classmates that made his ears bleed. He tried to tune them out and shovel in his curry as quickly as possible so he could get away from this hellhole, but everyone seemed intent on talking to him.

Spark Plug droned on about how he got a failing grade on a math quiz from Ectoplasm a few days ago, Acid Chick wouldn't stop talking about hair and eyelashes, Deku was mumbling under his breath like he always did, and from three tables over he could very clearly make out a conversation that shouldn't even be legal much less appropriate lunchroom conversation.

Fortunately, since everyone was so wrapped up in their own bullshit, no one seemed to notice him when he slipped away with his tray and headed out of the room…except for a certain blonde sitting in the back corner whose bright crystal eyes followed him all the way out the door.

Another weekend rolled around, and despite his slumbering classmates and lack of classes, Katsuki was up at dawn. He wasn't going to let something as trivial as the weekend keep him from his training. If he was going to succeed in getting his provisional hero license, then he was going to need to practice day in and day out.

He headed out into the nearby woods to a secluded place he'd scouted before they'd been transferred into the dorms. It was a good mile walk and completely concealed by trees on all sides with a clearing in the center. Of course, this meant that it was the perfect place to train without his annoying classmates getting in his way.


When Katsuki pushed past the last tree leading into the clearing, he saw her, right where his practice spot was. The new girl sat there with her back to him, doing nothing as far as he could tell. Her golden hair shimmered in the sunlight filtering in through the leaves of towering trees.

Not that he noticed.

"THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" He shouted, anger filling him at once. No one was supposed to be here! He had purposely chosen this spot so no one else would be around!

To his surprise, she remained unphased by his outburst. Not even a single muscle twitched in response to his abrupt emergence. Maybe he'd been wrong before when he'd assumed she was afraid of him.

"Meditating," she answered in an even tone that only served to piss him off more.

"The hell for?" He sputtered.

She didn't turn around, didn't move. "It helps me control my quirk."

He scoffed. How many times had he heard that same reasoning from his classmates? It was ridiculous, as if they had forgotten that they were supposed to be in charge of their own body instead of their quirk. "You and that Deku really need to get control of your powers already if you ever hope to become a hero."

This time she did turn, a small smile on her face. He scowled in return.

"Thanks. I'll try my best. That's all any of us can do."

He blinked. Snorted. Looked away. "Whatever. Just get the hell out of here. This is my spot." The boy barked at her, glaring all the while despite the usual bite missing in his words. It was still aggressive, make no mistake. But not quite foaming-at-the-mouth fierce like many expected from him.

"I was here first." New Girl gave him a challenging look.

He arched an eyebrow, wondering if he should challenge her back by giving her a taste of his quirk. Maybe she'd think twice about stealing his practice spot.

"Do you want to see it?" She asked when he said nothing. Her lip twitched upward at his obvious irritation, eyes gleaming with badly hidden delight.

"I don't wanna see anything!" He bristled, having no idea what she could possibly want to show him. It clearly wasn't a mutation, which left an emission or transformation. Each seemed equally likely based on her vague description of meditation and control—although he definitely didn't care either way.

She smirked and shrugged. "Alright. Your loss." The newbie went back to meditating as if he wasn't even there. Her muscles settled back into their lax state, practically draped into place. Hair cascaded around her like a blanket as if to shield her from distractions and blue eyes fluttered shut.

He seethed. "Hey! You wanna fight or something?!"

She ignored him.

"Alright, you asked for it! Better use that quirk of yours to defend yourself!"

He wasn't doing this to see her quirk. He just needed to fight someone and she happened to be there. His fists clenched and forced as much stored sweat as possible into an attack. She still had her back to him, despite his battle cry of rage as he sent an explosion aimed right at—


Before he could even finish the thought, he was lying flat on his back with singed hair—from his explosion. How the hell had that happened? He sat up, chest heaving from anger. A hand ran through his locks absentmindedly as he tried to process the last thirty seconds. She still had her back turned, but her head now faced toward him so their eyes locked.

"Thought you didn't want to see?" She asked with the faintest note of smugness.

He blinked at her in confusion for a long time. He had attacked her. She hadn't moved. Yet, his own explosion had come back to hit him. What had she done? What kind of quirk did this girl have?

"It's called 'mirror,'" she said, as if reading his mind. Maybe she had. "I can reflect a quirk back at someone, but only if I've looked them in the eyes. It doesn't work on people with masks that cover their eyes. That's all I can do, though. I have no offensive powers. I can only reflect, not attack."

"That's shitty," he muttered, then looked away and glared at a tree. "Whatever. I'll come back later."

"Hey, wait!"

He heard her shoes scrape against the dirt as she scrambled after him, but he didn't slow for her. Instead, he walked a little faster in hopes of avoiding her. It didn't work. She was at a light jog when she caught up.

"Wait…you didn't give me your name."

"IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!" He practically screamed the words at her before running off as fast as he could.

She didn't catch up this time.

Monday finally returned a few days later and classes were back in session. New Kid continued to sit in front of him and he continued to ignore her presence. He didn't even notice her there. He certainly didn't notice the golden shimmer of her hair resting against her back. He hadn't noticed that it felt almost familiar. There was no way in hell that he compared the way it moved to waves when she tilted her head.

That would be fucking stupid.

Girls were stupid.

This girl was the dumbest one of all.


He shook his head and glared up at Mr. Aizawa as if he'd been the one to do something wrong.

"Pay attention," he scolded, eyes glinting red like he was about to use his quirk. "I don't waste my life away in this classroom so you students can take naps. If I have to be here, you have to as well."

Katsuki twisted his mouth into something petulant and started pretending to write notes. Instead, his paper read:

dumb dumb dumb

this is so dumb

kill me now because this is so dumb

also screw you Deku

At the end of class, Aisle or Islam or whoever turned to him and gave him a friendly smile. "Wow, Mr. Aizawa is pretty intense, isn't he? I always thought his quirk was really cool and was excited when I heard he taught here!" Her words drifted out sweetly, kissing the air like she thought anyone would listen. Katsuki ignored her as he packed up his bag but she just kept rambling on. "I probably would have come to UA sooner if I'd known such great heroes taught here! Eraser Head, All Might, it's so exciting!"

"DON'T YOU EVER SHUT UP?!" He demanded. He threw his bag over his shoulder and stomped off, just barely catching Deku's idiotic voice asking how the new girl's day was or some shit. He didn't care. He just wanted to be left alone. Those two were a match made in idiotic heaven. He hoped they would become friends and talk to each other instead of bothering him all the time.

The blond stormed down the hallway with coiled muscles aching to destroy something, and almost ran into Todoroki around the corner. "Watch where you're going, Icy Hot!"

"Same goes for you." Todoroki was deadpan as always, with hands stuffed in pockets and a blank expression on his face. His clothes were annoyingly neat, not a wrinkle in sight like imperfections were illegal in his house. God, what an asshole. "You ran into me, you know."

"Well, you were in my way!"

A shoe squeaked just behind them. "Um…hi?"

Both guys turned toward the voice. New Girl, of course. Was she following him or something? What the hell was wrong with this girl? Why did the most annoying people always have to follow him around? It was like he had a giant sign above his head screaming 'piss me off' all the time, and somehow every dumbass in the school had collectively decided to listen to it.

"What do you want, Isis?" He demanded. "Thought I told you to stop talking?"

"My name is Aisla," Island corrected softly. "I wasn't named after an Egyptian Goddess, no matter how nice that would have been. What's your name?" The question was directed at Todoroki this time. Good. At least she remembered that Katsuki didn't want to talk to her.

He couldn't say why exactly, but there was something about this girl that just rubbed him the wrong way. She drove him crazy and she'd barely said ten words to him. Perhaps it was the annoying way she reminded him of Deku, or maybe there was some other reason he'd yet to discover. Either way, he wished she'd just take a hint and make friends with some random extra instead. He wasn't the friendly type and this chick was definitely someone who liked having people around.

"Todoroki," Icy Hot said with a nod, "Shoto Todoroki."

Katsuki waited for her to do that freak-out fangirl shit, asking him if he's the number two hero Endeavor's son, acting surprised that it's him, maybe even asking him for an autograph. He wondered if Todoroki hated telling people his name for that reason. Did it bother him that his father was so famous? How would Katsuki feel if his old man was the number two hero?

She smiled politely. "Shoto Todoroki. That's nice. Thank you for telling me. My name is Aisla Haru, but please call me Aisla." As a tiny hand brushed her hair behind her ear gently, she gave a small bow. "It was nice meeting you both."

She turned and began walking away without another word.


A beat passed before it struck him. "She didn't ask who your old man was," Katsuki realized aloud.

"Or she doesn't care," Todoroki agreed with a nonchalant shrug, as if the two boys had ever been on the same page before.

The next few days went by exactly the same. Katsuki went to class and then was bombarded with idiotic questions from Aileen—he definitely couldn't remember her name—then he'd catch her talking up Icy Hot in the hallway like they were best friends or something. Where obviously, he would speed-walk past their stupid conversations and ignore their calls of greeting. He didn't need to stop and talk to them. They could talk to each other. She seemed to be getting along just fine with everyone in their class; she didn't need an asshole like Katsuki.

On Friday, he wasn't approached by the new girl as he had been the other four days. He figured she'd finally gotten the hint that he didn't want anything to do with her. The slight pang in his chest at the idea was swiftly ignored, though it was more difficult to dismiss the subconscious clenching of his fists. Still, that had nothing to do with the scene before him. He watched her from the corner of his eye, gathering up her supplies without ever looking in his direction, then walking through the door with her head down.

It's better this way. You don't want to be friends with someone like me.

"Bakugo." Todoroki stood by his desk, arms folded across his chest and eyes burning in a way they normally only did when his father's name was brought up. "Aisla's a nice girl. Why are you such an ass to her? You know she's probably the only girl at this whole school who would ever give your sorry ass the time of day, right?"

So, Todoroki was sticking up for the new girl. Did he have a thing for her, or… No, that wasn't quite right. It wasn't jealous rage he was exhibiting at the moment, it was something else.

He thinks I like her.

For some reason, this infuriated him. The pencil in his hand snapped easily before being tossed aside. "I don't need pity from some dumb girl!" He hissed through gritted teeth. "I don't need anyone!" His chair roughly clanged against the desk behind him as he got up and began shoving things into his bag with a bit too much force.

"She's a good person," Todoroki said in a warning tone. Uneven eyes narrowed at him, matching the slight raise in temperature beginning to waft off one side of the room.

"What are you, her brother? Get the hell away from my desk!"

"She's nice," Todoroki went on, voice increasingly more cold now. "Everyone really likes her. Except for you for some unknown reason. If you can't offer up a reasonable explanation as to why, then I don't see—"

"I JUST DON'T, OKAY?!" Katsuki slammed his fists against his desk, making Todoroki stiffen slightly. "I DON'T CARE ABOUT SOME STUPID GIRL SO SHE CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL FOR ALL I CARE!"

When he finished his outburst, he noticed everyone in the class looking not at him but toward the door. He glanced over and saw her, the blonde he'd just insulted, standing in the doorway with glittering eyes. Pools of blue met his eyes and then she turned and ran back out the door.

He just stood there, watching the empty space in the doorway. Whispers started to fill the air around him, but he paid them little attention. People had always thought he was heartless and cruel; this wasn't anything new. Almost no one liked him in their class, in their whole school probably, except for Kirishima, that idiot Deku, and her.

Well, she definitely doesn't like you now, he thought pityingly. Teeth ground together dangerously in a manner his dentist certainly wouldn't approve of, veins popping out in his throat.

A fist smacked him hard in the back of the head and sent him flying to the floor.

"HEY!" He jumped to his feet, ready for a fight.

Todoroki stood there, expression…disapproving? The hell did he have to be disapproving about?

"You're an asshole," was all he said before leaving the room.

Katsuki was too surprised to react right away. By the time he regained his composure, no one remained in the room except for Kirishima. Even Kaminari had fled. It left a silence behind to deafen him, but all that did was suffocate the words that might've come to him to fix something. Or anything. And if the loudest silence seemed to come from the doorway, he'd do his best to repress that notion.

"You know, instead of insulting girls you like, maybe you should try talking to them," Kirishima suggested with a cheeky wink. Somehow, nothing phased this idiot. Like a puppy that never grew up, Shitty Hair never stopped to consider leaving him to go frolic in a pretty field that didn't yell at everyone, in some weird form of undying loyalty.

The weight that settled over him suddenly didn't feel so heavy anymore.

"Shut up! I don't like her!" He snatched his bag from Kirishima's outstretched hand and followed his classmates out the door.

"Come on, it's obvious you've got the hots for her!" His friend dropped an arm around his shoulders, which seemed to be a regular occurrence lately, and leaned in close to whisper conspiratorially into his ear. "If you want, I can hook you two up. There's a small chance you haven't completely blown it with her. She may still dig you."

That previous sliver of affection for the redhead died absurdly fast. "I SAID SHUT UP!" He shoved the other boy off and walked faster, with more purpose. Sure, he didn't know where he was going, but he didn't want to deal with Kirishima and his conspiracies. He didn't like Aisla. Aisla was a stupid name anyway. He didn't like her, and definitely didn't care if she hated his guts like everyone else. So what if he hurt some girl's feelings? He did that on a daily basis. What was one more person who hated him?

But her face…and her eyes…

"I DON'T CARE!" He shouted aloud, slamming a fist into a locker and making some girls nearby shriek. Wimps.

Katsuki stormed off, keeping his eyes trained forward until he reached the campus courtyard. Lo and behold, the source of all his problems lately stood there, talking to a couple of girls from another class. He walked right up to her, face hard. All he had to do was tell her that he wanted nothing to do with her and not to take it personally because he hated everyone and they hated him just as much.

Aisla and the other girls turned at his hurried approach. The two girls with her looked immediately on edge, but she just looked tired. Her eyes were red-rimmed like she'd been crying, and the tip of her nose and cheeks were tinted a faint pink. Was that…because of him? Because he told everyone in their class that she could go to hell?

"LEAVE," he barked at the two intruding girls who gave no hesitation in their retreat. His eyes followed them until at last, they disappeared somewhere off in the distance. Once they were gone, he let his head snap back to face her like it always did these days. "Bakugo," he blurted.

She blinked a few times as if waiting for more. When none came, a frown settled into place. "Sorry?"

"My name," he said, like it was perfectly obvious. "You asked what it was. It's Katsuki Bakugo. Now we're even."

The most astonishing thing happened then; she smiled. It lit up her whole face in a way he'd never seen before, with a shine to her gaze and a slightly scrunched up nose to match her lips stretching out. Not that he cared or anything. If she wanted to mope around and cry then so be it.

"Nice to meet you, Katsuki Bakugo." She gave a quick nod of her head, wisps of hair mimicking the movement. "Maybe you'd like to hang out sometime?" Her blue eyes focused on his, almost seeming to beg him to accept her offer, to not give her one more reason to cry.

You can't like me, he silently pleaded with her. You just can't.

"Why the hell would I want to hang out with you?" He replied, though the heated tone wasn't there. Yelling at her was growing tiresome.

She shrugged and turned to walk away.

When he noticed the shift in her expression, something like disappointment taking the place of her earlier joy, Katsuki inwardly growled. He pulled at his hair in frustration, at a loss for what to do.

"WAIT." The command slipped out. "The fair."

Aisla paused her stride, turning back to face him. She looked confused again with furrowed brows forming a subtle crease in her forehead. "The fair?"

"Yeah, are you stupid or something? The fair's in town."

Understanding lit her features and a small smile made its way back onto her lips. "Oh yeah, I heard about that. I haven't been yet, but it looks really fun."

"Yeah, well I'm going tomorrow at two o'clock. So I won't be here. At two o'clock," he repeated this just so she would understand because she was blonde and that meant she would forget. That was the only reason. Nevermind that he was blond too. Clearly he was the exception instead of the rule; how else would he become number one if he wasn't exceptional? "So don't try to look for me at school because at two o'clock tomorrow, I'll be at the fair!" He turned and stormed off, feeling his cheeks burn.

A/N: For In Denial fans, you may have noticed a lot of the content was taken directly from that story with minor (and a few major) adjustments. There will be content from the other chapters as well, but so far I have over SIXTY chapters and counting of this story so I assure you there will be new content coming your way! This fic will be done primarily from Katsuki AND Aisla's POV, so it will swap every other chapter, with the occasional POV from another character.

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