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Season 1 Episode 3

Max will be the first to admit, it probably wasn't the best idea to trust a Wood Scout (Ex or otherwise). Their entire camp is made for the express purpose of preparing Godlings and Legacies for military work. The government is always looking to grab a few such children, especially if those children have nowhere else to go. Even diluted Legacies can prove to be powerful assets if trained properly. The strenuous training the Wood Scout boys have to endure is infamous as well, so much so that rarely any Godling parent is willing to send their Legacy children there anymore. Of course they'd be desperate for new recruits. Gods, Max feels like an idiot.

To be fair, though, he can only gather so much information at a time. When gathering from someone of godly descent, the first bit of information is always their lineage. Maybe if Max actually knew who the fuck Honos was, he wouldn't have been so distracted as to not notice that Billy wasn't actually an Ex-Wood Scout like he said. And Max's desperation in escaping Camp Campbell may have also played a part. He's a big boy who can admit his mistakes.

So now Max is trapped with these psychos at the Wood Scout campsite (with it's 15 meter tall walls and tranq darts ready to shoot any child who tries to escape), and hope that his friends will be able to bust him out.

Speaking of Nikki and Neil, where the fuck even are they?

Nikki was pretty sure she died and went to hell.

The artificial colors that permeate the Flower Scout's campsite made her want to hurl. Nikki was well aware of whose daughter she was, and she honestly has to agree with Pan's decision to disappear off the face of this plant if this is what he had to see his wild turn into.

Nikki's first instinct was to run. Run as fast as she could back to Camp Campbell, with it's vast forest, animals in abundance that she could command, and two councilors who actually care if their campers are doing okay and having fun.

(Or, more like one cares about safety, and the other about fun. Either way, they care. Nikki can tell.)

When Sasha, Erin, and Tabbi approached, though, Nikki knew she wouldn't be able to grab Neil and run. Nikki knew they'd keep her here (surrounded by warded walls, air conditioning, and bright unnatural colors and smells) just because they knew how much she hated it.

And Neil, whom she'd used what little knowledge she'd gained at this gods forsaken camp to disguise him as a girl so Garden Mother Priss wouldn't throw him out to the wolves (quite literally, like the last time a boy tried to sneak into the Flower Scouts campsite) was just having a grand ol' time.

Nikki spent the day alone, trying to make fun out of the boring activities the Flower Scouts participated in.

Arts and Crafts? Nikki had taken great pride in depicting one of her first triumphs in the forest (killing the biggest bear she could find to assert dominance) when she briefly ran away from the one room apartment she and her mother lived in a year ago.

Sewing and Embroidery? Nikki decided to test how much a sewing needle through the nose hurt (Not much, she found out. Whether her high pain tolerance was due to her father or came from her mother's side of the family didn't really matter. The needle looked so cool, like she'd gotten a nose piercing!)

Minding your manners? Erin is too serious. Nikki had seen her working on homework for summer classes every night when the other girls slept. She's always either working to be perfect, or following Sasha around like some lackey. Maybe a booger to the face would get her to lighten up?

Niki thought she'd have Neil by her side through all of it. But he was having too much fun with them. The girls who couldn't handle someone being different, and practically tortured Nikki until she was able to convince (read: beg) her mother to sign her up for a different camp.

(She thought they were friends. Why was he getting along so well with them?)

(Did Neil not like her anymore?)

"Common, Timothy," She said, walking away from the single tree within the Flower Scout campsite where she had been moping, "Maybe they'll like you more than me."


Guess she was wrong. Again.

The Flower Scouts didn't like Timothy, not at all.

Nikki felt tears building in her eyes. This entire day had been nothing but bad memories for her. The isolation, the stares. She hated it here!

(Why did she think they'd like Timothy? They barely tolerated her, of course they wouldn't like Timothy! Even though he'd gone out of his way to get them gifts!)

And Neil is just standing there. Listening to Sasha as she told him why Nikki didn't belong here.

(Didn't belong anywhere.)

Nikki sighed. Another friend lost to these daughters of Aphrodite. Why did Nikki think anything else would happen?

Glancing over at Neil, who's finally looking at her despite practically ignoring her all day, Nikki gives him a small smile.

It's okay if he wants to stay (and leave her).

She's used to it.

"Ya'll are some ignorant fucking cunts."

Nikki looked up in shock, seeing Neil's seaweed wig being thrown to the floor by the very boy who'd been wearing it just moments earlier.

Nikki couldn't help the smile that came to her face. Was Neil really giving up a summer indoors to play with her?

(Was he really choosing her as a friend?)

"And the name's Neil," he turned to her, his eyes determined, "Let's get out of here, Nikki."

Feeling elated, Nikki called for Timothy to take them away. Somewhere Nikki could actually breathe. Camp Campbell.

Although, she may have forgotten Neil had never traveled by eagle before.

(Eh, he'll get over it.)

Soaring over the warded walls of the Flower Scout campsite, Nikki said sincerely, "Thanks for sticking up for me, Neil."

Neil shrugged (or, as close to a shrug as he could get while being carried through the sky by an eagle), "Yeah, well, Paradise isn't Paradise without your friends."

Nikki snorted, "That was super gay."

Neil looked at her, affronted, "We JUST learned a lesson about stereotyping!"

Oof. That just kinda slipped out. Maybe her filter malfunctioned because they were almost back to Camp. "Oh, right. Sorry."

Neil just shook his head, and watched as they descended towards the Campbell amphitheater.

Nikki looked over her shoulder at Lake Lilac. "You think Max learned any valuable lessons on his adventure?"

Max was in fact, not learning any valuable lessons. Hanging by a fraying rope ladder over the "Gods Forsaken Hell Hole," only one thing came to mind.

"You know, maybe I don't hate Camp Campbell," he muttered, looking out at the rest of this stupid (and very dangerous) obstacle course, "Maybe I hate everything."

AN: I imagine David was able to sneak in and get Max out of the Wood Scout campsite once night fell when Nikki and Neil came back without him.

We got a different person's POV this chapter!(○□○)I hope I did a good job in keeping Nikki in character but adding a bit more to it. She's one of the few kids who knows she's a Godling (she figured out on pure instinct). The other kids either haven't figured it out yet (if they're a Godling) or haven't been told that they're a Legacy by their parents (who don't want to ruin their childhood by telling them they're a part of a small percent of people who are often kidnapped and sold).

The reason why Max didn't know who Honos was is because he is the Roman god of Honor and Chivalry. While Greek and Roman gods often overlap, Honos isn't a well known god, so Max just hasn't heard of him. Why is Snake the Legacy of the god of honor, you ask? Because Zuko, that's why. If you understand, you understand.

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