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So I been working on this on the side for a while. Takes places during double cross my heart but two years. Meaning they are sophomores going to juniors.

Now we all know Vlad wants Danny as a son.



Fenton Works.

"I'm not jealous Tucker, I just don't like him my gut tells me he's nothing but trouble" Danny enters his home. Dropping his bag on the floor he waves at his sister who raises an eye wondering what is going. Listening to Danny conversation on the phone she wonders if those rumors floating around school are true.

"Yes I'm going to the carnival tonight it's their last Friday before they leave" Danny rolls his eyes. "Hopefully no ghost won't cause any problems and another week and half. March will be over. This month has been nothing but trouble since he arrive at the start of the month. Worse when they started to dating the following few days" sigh Danny.

Listening to Tucker that he will be at the carnival as well. Seeing Sam is going with Gregor Danny grunts in disgust.

"Ugh his accent from Hungary sounds so fake. I can't stand listening to him about Hungary Gothicness. We already listen enough from Sam but now we have to hear it coming from Europe one is more than enough" groan Danny.

Jazz nods her head. The rumors around school she heard about Sam are true. Going back to her book she turns to Danny yelling into his phone. Wondering what got him so riled up.

"I'M NOT JEALOUS" slamming the phone shut he throws the phone to the wall and sighs. Seeing Jazz blinking at him "I'm not jealous Jazz. I just don't trust him. There's something off about him. Something I can't place my finger on like he reminds me of an enemy".

"Really" Jazz raised an eye and sees Danny nod. Closing her book she turns to her little brother. Seeing that Danny wants to do this Jazz sighs and spares him a few minutes to listen to him.

"Maybe a ghost over shadowing him?. Did or does you're ghost sense go off when he is near?" seeing Danny shake his head. Jazz closes her book and sighs a bit. "Danny! Do you feel threaten by Gregor presence or him having Sam's attention and affection. I know you and Sam are close" explain Jazz.

Watching Danny sitting up from the couch staring at Jazz with a confuse look.

"I'm not afraid of him. I don't trust him and I told Sam I have a bad feeling but like you, Tucker and everyone else. You all think I'm jealous but I'm not" getting up from the couch he begins to walk towards the kitchen but stops. Danny turns around to Jazz with a frown.

"You know what's the worse thing about this. Everyone says I have a bad feeling about this but when I have a bad feeling. No one listens or worse thinks I'm jealous".

Danny walks into the kitchen making Jazz frown. Wondering about all the times that Danny listened to Tucker and Sam bad feelings. Jazz would think about the times when Danny had a bad feelings and no one listened to him. Looking down to her book she sighs and rubs her head.

"This weekend is going to be long" Jazz groans.

LATER Carnival Amity Park night time

It's been over ten minutes since Danny and Tucker arrived at the carnival. As the two make small talk, Tucker begins to talk to Danny but seeing his best friend not listening but looking angry for some reason.

"Are you even listening dude" Tucker glares at Danny who rolls his eyes. Stopping in front of a game stand Tucker glares at his best friend but soon Tucker sighs and throws his hands in the air giving up telling Danny to stop being jealous. "Alright! Since you won't listen to me. I'm going by myself".

Danny about to say something but he hears and sees Sam, Gregor laughing at one of the games stands. Narrowing his eyes on them he turns to Tucker who shrugs his shoulders with a nervous laugh. Seeing Tucker was trying to lead them to them. Danny is about to say something but his ghost sense goes off. Danny rolls his eyes in annoyance and huff.

"What ever Tuck I'll find you later once I dealt with the ghost" Danny walks towards behind the game stands. Looking around seeing no one he turns invisible than intangible than inside a large truck. "Going ghost". Once his transformation is complete he turns intangible and floats up in the air.

Looking around trying to find the ghost he sees something from the corner of his eyes. Dodging the blast he sees the GIW operatives O and K in some set of gear flying in the air towards him. Rolling his eyes he hears operative O speak.

"Surrender now ghost scum" aiming his blaster at Phantom.

Danny rolls his eyes and turns intangible and invisible. Flying behind the two operatives Danny blast both of their jet packs making both lose control and blast off in different directions of the carnival. Taking a deep breath and turning visible he flies towards the location of his ghost sense went off.

'Now where is that ghost?' thought Danny. Stopping he notices something off seeing a purple cape at the corner. Danny blinks and soon turns invisible and floats towards the location he saw the purple cape. Looking around he notices a man in his late forties ordering about five bags of cotton candy. Blinking at the person Danny watches him pay for the cotton candy.

Watching the person leave the stand and walk towards the another dark corner. Danny follows the person as he watches the person stop he turns around and stares at Danny who is invisible.

"Evening Daniel"

Danny blinks and stares at the person in front of him knowing he is there but also called him Daniel. The only person he knows who would call him Daniel is a hand full of people but also his parents when he is in trouble.

"Hehah amusing isn't it" soon Clock work leaves the person body who begins to walk back to the carnival unaware what transpire.

"Clockwork? What are you doing but also" blinking at the five bags of cotton candy in his hand. He sees Clockwork taking a piece of cotton candy and begins to eat it. "Talk about a sweet tooth".

Clockwork chuckles and nods "Indeed my apprentice it's a guilty pleasure of mine". Clockwork with his time scepter stops time "Time out" placing a time medallion on Danny's neck.

"Whoa warn me next time but seriously five bags of cotton candy. Geez talk about sweetness over load" chuckle Danny. He would never have guess Clockwork would have a sweet tooth for cotton candy.

"I discovered this little treat decades ago and enjoy it very much. So I promise myself when the carnival comes to Amity park I will get my self some cotton candy" reply Clockwork taking another piece of cotton candy from the bag.

"Well that's some guilty pleasure you're filling up on" Danny nods and looks around but soon glares at the location. Rolling his eyes seeing Tucker, Sam and Gregor laughing his eyes flash red. Taking a deep breath trying to calm himself down a bit.

Clockwork seeing this nods his head. Already knowing the situation he throws the empty bag of cotton candy into the thrash and opens another bag. Ripping some of the cotton candy and savory the taste he turns to his apprentice with a smile.

"Strange you aren't with them? Is there something wrong?" ask Clockwork.

Danny turns to Clockwork "I thought you see everything" blinking in confusion seeing Clockwork Chuckle and nod. He floats towards to the top of the hill waving Danny to follow him.

"I do Daniel. But I think right now you need someone to listen to you" smile Clockwork. Danny smiles and nods as he sits on the hill he looks towards Clockwork with a confuse look but also narrow look.

"Everyone is telling me to stop being jealous. I'm not! I just don't trust him theirs something about him that reminds of some enemy" huff Danny. Thinking about Gregor he can't help shake a bad feeling but also when he told Sam. She just told him he's wrong that he's a great guy. That he should give Gregor a chance to get to know him.

"I see. How did Samantha feel when you told her?" ask Clock work. Throwing away another empty bag cotton candy, Clock work opens up his third bag and looks towards Danny who sighs.

"She said I was being ridiculous. That I should stop being jealous give him a chance get to know him" Danny rolls his eyes and sighs. Looking at Clockwork eating the bag of cotton candy he sees the ghost of time changing from his child form to his adult form.

"Maybe you are upset that she is hanging out with him instead of you" Clockwork reply. Seeing the obvious reason in front of him Clockwork stares at Danny.

Danny looks down with a sigh. Can it be that simple? Is he upset that Sam is hanging out with Gregor instead of him and Tucker. But what about his gut feeling should he ignore it but at the same time everyone thinks he jealous?. Seeing Clockwork stare at him Danny rolls his eyes.

"Fine! Maybe I'm upset Sam is hanging out with him when I told her about my gut feeling. I just thought she would take my feelings into consideration. But she didn't and everyone else thinks I'm jealous" sigh Danny. Jazz thought he was jealous but also felt threaten by Gregor presence.

Tucker thinks he's jealous and should be happy for Sam which Danny is.

Clockwork nods and listens to Danny vent a bit. Understanding what his apprentice is getting at the ghost of time sits next to Daniel and looks up to the stars.

"You know Daniel besides being a halfa you are still a teenager are you not" Clockwork sees Danny confuse face but nods at the ghost of time. He is still a teenager "Like all teenagers sometimes one of our friends just wants to hang out with someone like them. Like a boyfriend it's normal for them to stay with them more is it not?".

Danny sighs and nods towards Clockworks seeing what he is saying is true. Having heard about Star and Kwan relationship that the two spend time together instead all the time with their friends.

"This also goes for the same for ghosts you know. Even Kitty hangs out with Ember. It's a natural part of being a teenager" reply Clockwork.

"Really?" said Danny. Sitting there thinking about it he sees Clockwork nod and soon he turns to his old form. Thinking about Sam and Gregor he sighs seeing Sam like him because he is a goth and probably understands her. True there are things that Danny and Tucker don't get from Sam.

"If it's not being a teenager is easy enough especially me. When I have these powers as well" huff Danny. Looking at his hand making a small ecto ball of energy appear he stops the flow of power.

"I know. But you go to ghost like Frostbite and Pandora for help. But you can't forget you are teenager and most teenagers today just want to hang out with their friends or a person they have a romantic interest with. Its part of-" Danny groans cutting off Clock work but apologize.

"Growing up yea I know and heard it many times. Sorry Clock work" Danny sighs but looks up at Clockwork smirking at him. "Maybe you're right. Being a teenager isn't easy and maybe I'm worried that the three of us won't be friends that long. I mean next year I'm going to be a junior what will happen to us?."

Danny thinks how will their junior year be? Will Sam and Gregor still be together and will the three still be close as best friends or will that change soon. But also thinking about his sister Jazz.

"Jazz is going to university this fall. I'll be stuck by myself with my parents" Danny rolls his eyes and sighs. Seeing how much his parents hasn't change much in the past two years. Wondering how much longer will he Tucker and Sam will continue to be best friends. Or help him with the ghost activities?

But the biggest thing Danny has been thinking about for a while now. How much longer will they be around to help Danny?.

"People change Daniel it's part of growing up" answer Clockwork. Shifting to his child form the ghost of time floats and stares at Danny.

"I always thought the three of us would be friends even when we are adults" Danny looks up and thinks back at all the good times Sam, Tucker and himself had have so far. But soon he realize that may all come to an end. Question is when? "I guess it's part of growing up" frowning a bit.

Clockwork nods already knowing Jazz going to the university but also a few months away Danny will be ending his sophomore year. Seeing the past two years has its many ups and downs. He is proud who the person Danny has become.

"People change. Ghost change. We aren't so different yes at times some ghost want to be alone. But their are ghosts out there are just like you. Teenagers themselves who never had the chance to fill full their life" spoke Clockwork. Throwing away his fourth bag of cotton candy the ghost of time frowns seeing this is his last bag of cotton candy.

Danny nods listening to Clockwork.

"Look at this way. You're father and Vlad were good friends in college but that change. It's really up to you Daniel but if you have a feeling stick with it. Remember you are a teenager like some teenagers they just want to relax have fun escape their parent's rules. Or to get together with someone they are intimate with. It all depends how you feel about it" spoke Clockwork.

Snapping his fingers making time resume once again.

"Yea. I guess I have the best and worst of both worlds" Danny smiles and floats up from his seat "Thanks Clockwork" waving the ghost of time Danny flies away back to the carnival.

Back at the carnival

Seeing the tents and game stands Danny begins to fly towards the back of the game stand. As he turns invisible to transform back his ghost sense went off making him groan.

"Who is it now?" growling a bit. Danny continues to fly around until he spotted a small blue flame at the other side of the carnival walking by herself. 'She's by herself and walking around? Not like her' thought Danny. Wondering what Ember is up to he is going to check it out.

Side step

Now with Ember she is looking for some fun. She hasn't seen Skulker her for almost a month since the break up. Happy she broke it off with the lousy hunter. She went to his island to speak to him instead he was too busy playing with a new suit seeing baby pop beat him. After some yelling at him seeing him ignore her. Ember thrash his lab breaking off their relationship that was a month ago.

When she heard about the carnival in town she figure she would come have some fun and relax. So far things have been great after an half hour of walking and checking some of the game stands. She notices baby pop friends laughing deciding to turn invisible not wanting them to see her so they don't ruin her fun. She notice the goth girl grabbing onto some guys arm.

'What the hell is this?. That's not Phantom he's way to tall but also much more scrawny and skinny looking' blink Ember. Watching the scene for a few minutes she rolls her eyes and leaves. What she saw almost made Ember lose her lunch seeing Sam kissing Gregor. Guessing the goth is in a relationship with the goth wearing white listening to them talk a bit.

Ember had to leave quickly.

'Ugh I knew the goth had issues but seriously what kind of goth wears white. Especially with a lame accent like that sounds so fake' getting a weird feeling from him. Ember sighs and wonders. 'But also the way he smiled and talk ugh mega creepy level. I thought I seen it all guess I was wrong' Ember shutters.

Turning visible and away from Tucker, Sam and the goth boyfriend.

Ember looks around and sees a couple of game stands as she is about to walk towards one she notices Phantom landing next to the game stand looking at her with a narrow look.

"Great" rolling her eyes at Phantom. Ember was hoping to play game "Don't you have somewhere better to go like your loser friends. Seeing you added another loser to your club accepting fake accent".

Danny blinks in surprise but throws his hands up in the air. Of all people it's Ember who gets him.

"Wonderful the only other person who thinks Gregor accent is fake is you of all people. Just perfect this is what I need in my life right now" rolling his eyes he stops and looks at Ember. Narrowing his eyes on Ember, Danny voice had a tone "Wait how do you know about Gregor?"

"Gregor?" Ember giggled at the name. Seeing Phantom nod and folding his arms with a sigh "Wow talk about a lame name and what do you mean the other person who thinks his accent fake? It's so obvious you can hear it and I'm sensing you don't like the guy?".

Ember blinks and stares at Danny who nods while rolling his eyes and giving a tone in his voice "What gave that away".

"Well baby pop he gives off a weird bad vibe but seeing how the goth girl is so attached to him. It's a match made of hell" Ember grins while Danny sighs and nods again.

"Can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with you. My gut tells me not trust him he reminds me an enemy just can't place my finger on who?" shrug Danny.

Ember blinks in surprise she thought he would be jealous but instead he doesn't trust the guy. The way she was seeing how the goth girl was standing next to him but also kissing him. Ember thought he would be jealous but also she notice none of his friends are with him.

"Huh what?" Ember blinks and turns to Phantom who groans in annoyance.

"I said what are you doing Ember? It's not like you walking around like this in a crowd. I mean by now you would be on a stage" Danny repeats it once more. Wondering what is wrong with Ember he looks at her. "But also you're distracted so not like you".

Wondering what Ember is up to. It's not like her to be walking around like this she is usually trying to get into the spot light.

"Oh what ever baby pop. I just came to the carnival to have some fun,relax and forget some troubles. Seeing we can walk around with all these other people in costume. You don't need to hide next to the game stand" rolling her eyes at Phantom. She walks towards the game stall and places money on the table.

Danny blinks in surprise. As he is about to say something he stops watching Ember pay for the game and watches her aim the water gun to the target. Thinking back what Clockwork said earlier. That even ghost teenagers are like teenagers themselves. Walking out of the shadow he steps up to the counter and pays for a game.

"Well look who finally decided to join the fun. Thought you would stay in that corner over there. Prepare to lose" Ember rolls her eyes. As she aims at the target, Danny aims the water gun to the target as some more people begin to get ready.

"Keeping dreaming Ember" Danny grins and looks at the target. Soon the person in charge hits the button and the water guns spring to life as Danny is hitting the target he sees his number moving ahead than everyone else. Seeing Ember behind him he notices another three more two male teenager and a small girl in last place. Danny frowns and looks at the little girl trying to catch up.

"Psst Ember" getting her attention Danny grins.

"What I'm catching up. Soon you are going to lose" Ember turns to him and notices a grin on his face. Wondering what the grin is about she watches Danny move the water gun hitting the older teenager in the face.

"Hey this water is warm" shouted the teenager.

"Sorry didn't have time to cool it" chuckle Danny.

Ember blinks and notices the last place cow with the number three on it moving closer. Embers sees the little girl eyes lit up smiling her self seeing what Danny is doing. Ember aims her water gun at the other older male teenager.

"Not cool"

"Sorry but I'm on fire" laugh Ember.

The person in charge was about to shut off the game but Danny and Ember quickly aimed their water guns at him. Soon the person started to cover his face and than everyone heard a loud bell.

"YAY I WON" everyone turns to small girl laughing and jumping on the chair. Her parents laughing at the scene "Thank you Phantom you're my hero and Ember I love listening to you sing" the little girl squeal. Everyone turns to Danny and Ember laughing as the two nod they floated up shocking everyone.

Danny grabs the biggest stuff teddy bear and throws at the little girl who squeals again. Once above the game stand Danny turns to Ember smiling.

"Well what to hit another game stand?" grin Ember.

"Sure if you don't mind losing" tease Danny. Flying towards the direction laughing.

Ember stood there with a grin on her face. "Only in your dreams baby pop" flying right behind Danny. Ember sees Danny smiling at her making her grin.

The next hour both Danny and Ember are challenging each other on games. But most of the time they are causing a bit of trouble and letting the little kids win while giving them the bigger prizes.

"Hahah. I haven't had this much fun in ages" Ember is laughing holding her sides.

"Heehahah same here" laugh Danny. As the two are floating above the crowd Danny notices Ember eyes lit up. Turning to the location seeing a food truck he sees the food truck having something he likes too.

"Caramel Apples" both Danny Ember smile and spoke at the same time. As both of them blink at each other they spoke again at the same time "You like caramel apples?".

Danny nods "Yea I like the tarty of the apple but the caramel goes great with it". Ever since he was child he fall in love with caramel apples.

Ember nods "Love granny smith apples and the caramel with it". Thinking back she remembers bits of pieces of her life. When she was alive and one of her favorite things was caramel apples.

Danny smiles and waves for her to follow as she nods they begin to go. But Danny stops and groans making Ember raise an eye. Danny pointing to the location seeing the GIW back in the air but this time instead harassing Danny. They are harassing Gregor, Sam and Tucker.

"Why are the geeks in white bothering them?" blink Ember.

"Because they think Gregor is me" Danny folds his arms and rolls his eyes with a sigh. Ember giggles making Danny sigh once more. "Seriously how can you confuse me with that ugh can't believe I'm saying this but that euro goth".

Ember is holding her sides laughing.

"This is priceless. Hows this you get the caramel apples and I will draw the geeks in white attention. I want to mess with them but also tease the euro goth and goth a bit". Danny scrunches his face and looks at Ember who has a pleading look.

"I don't know. The G.I.W sometimes pack some heavy fire power" said Danny worried that the G.I.W might actually hurt Ember.

Ember shrugs her shoulders at Danny and waves her hand like its nothing. "Don't worry about me baby pop. It's not like I ever gotten in a fight before. I fought tougher people than them. You're one of them" grin Ember slowly flying towards the location. "Besides I still want to mess with the goth" laugh Ember.

"Fine be careful" Danny rolls his eyes and nods. "Don't tease Sam too much" Flying towards the food truck he lands on the other side and walks towards the window. Looking for the caramel apples he nods and looks at the woman smiling at him. "Two please".

The woman nods. "Are they for you and your girlfriend?" smile the woman. She has seen many couples but also guys buying two for their girlfriend to surprise them.

"Noooonono" Danny flinches and turns his face to the side trying to hide the blush. "I don't think she would consider me a boy friend material more like an enemy on friendly terms. A cease fire with a treaty for now" laugh Danny.

The woman hearing this raised an eye and looks at Danny.

"What does the saying go. Nice guys finish last."Danny nods while the lady rolled her eyes. "Besides she is a rocker the embodiment of teenage rebellion she the type of girl to hang around a different crowd" shrug Danny. Paying for the caramel apples Danny grabs the apples and looks at the woman smiling.

"I see. But even a rocker like herself would like to have a nice guy to care about her." Danny blinks at the young woman smiling at him.

"What do you mean?" wonder Danny.

The young woman giggles and nods thinking about a simple time.

"I mean young men. Show her you care about her that she doesn't need to act like a rocker. Or being the embodiment of teenage rebellion all the time. Be kind to her show her you care about her. Sow her a different side that she never saw before. Like you said nice guys finish last but how many times a girl will wish to meet a nice guy".

Danny hearing this smiles and nods "Thanks for the advice" leaving the area he sees Ember laughing in the air and the GIW no where in sight.

Side Step with Ember same time.

Flying towards the group she stops and whistle loudly at them. Getting the GIW, Sam, Tucker and Gregor attention Ember grins knowing she has to play this part good or no one will believe her.

"Finally found you Phantom. Don't think you can... what the hell?" Ember floats closer towards them.

"Stop right there ghost scum" operative K points his blaster at Ember but Ember was to quick. With the swing of her guitar she knocks the blaster right out of his hands blasting O in the chest making land on the ground.

"You're not Phantom?" blink Ember. Floating around them she blinks "You're way to skinny and scrawny to be him" shrug Ember.

"Yes I know" said Gregor. Blinking at Ember he sees Sam and Tucker next to him wondering what is going on.

"What are you doing here McLame" Sam glares at Ember watching her role her eyes at her. Tucker blinks and looks at Sam seeing Danny has been busy dealing with Ember for the past hour maybe hour and half.

Wondering where Danny has been all this time Tucker nods his head knowing where Danny has been. Dealing with Ember around the carnival.

"Geez looking for Phantom we had a bit of fight early and thinking I found him. Nope it's just some loser with a fake accent and dressed badly in white" Ember rolls her eyes and floats off the ground. Turning her dial on the guitar she aims at both operatives and blasted them both into a large dumpster.

Sam glares at Ember "He's not a loser he's GOTH from Europe its the latest fashion trend. Black is the white in Europe GOTH".

Ember rolls her eyes continuing floating off the ground she sees a large water tank on a truck. Smiling she zaps the water tank making a small hole. That small hole water shot out drenching Sam, Gregor and Tucker.

"NO MY TECH" shouted Tucker.

Ember is laughing once the water stops she sees Sam and Gregor makeup running from their eyes. Tucker is holding onto his tech hoping they aren't ruin. Sam begins to glare at Ember wondering where is Danny.

"Later" laugh Ember. Turning invisible she floats up above the crowd laughing.

"Come on lets go home" hiss Sam. Turning to Tucker "Find Danny and tell him what happen". Tucker nods while Sam grabs Gregor arm. As both Goth's leave the carnival wet, Ember floats higher and away from them laughing.

When Danny arrived he looks down and sees Sam, Gregor and Tucker all wet but the G.I.W no where to be seen? Wondering what happen he turns to Ember laughing and soon sees the smoke coming from a water tank.

"Guess the goths are like cats not liking any water" Ember laughs making Danny grin. Seeing Gregor all wet but still smiling making him roll his eyes but seeing Sam angry made Danny chuckle a bit.

"Here you go and come on I know a nice spot to enjoy these" grin Danny. Giving Ember the caramel apple they fly towards a hill that Danny and Clockwork had a nice chat. Seeing it's half past ten. "There" landing on hill with a large tree behind them both Ember and Danny sit down.

"You know I had fun today. Thanks for not ruining that" Ember takes a bite of the apple and savors the taste. Happy things turn out fine and that Phantom didn't try to stuff her in the thermos.

Danny chuckles and nods "Surprisingly me to. I guess even ghost teenagers want to have fun and forget their problems" laugh Danny.

Ember nods.

"Yup. Kind of boring at bit in the ghost zone. After you beat Skulker from you're fishing trip we broke up. Best thing I ever did well the second best thing. I thrash his lab and new suit" grin Ember. Thinking about what she did a month a ago she smiles at the memory.

Danny is surprise to hear this "You thrashed Skulker lab and new suit" laughing and seeing Ember nod her head smiling. "Sorry it didn't work out with you and Skulker!".

Ember snorts and shrug her shoulders "He was there just to pass time. I really don't know why we started to date but now I think about it. What the hell was I thinking I could do soo much better" groaning a bit she takes another bite of caramel apple.

Danny chuckles "Embodiment Teenage rebellion".

Ember looks up with a grin and nods.

Soon the night sky is lit up with fire works. Both Danny and Ember watch the fire work explode in the night sky for several minutes. Danny smiles seeing all the colors in the night sky turning to Ember seeing her sitting on the ground but laying up. Danny blinks and stares at Ember seeing her this close he can't help but stare at her. Seeing the moon shine down below giving Ember another glow besides her ghostly green glow.

'She's beautiful why haven't I ever notice that'? thought Danny. Realizing what he just thought Danny looks down to his hand staring at the caramel apple. "Huh" he hears Ember talking "What was that?".

"I said it's cool how these fire works can make all these colors. What's wrong baby pop you're distracted so not like you" grin Ember. Catching Danny with his own line from earlier Ember sees Danny rolls his eyes.

"The fire works colors are easy." Ember turns to Danny with a confuse look making him nod. "Copper for blue, lithium for red and sodium for gold. Mixing them together with gun powder you get a different array of colors" Danny points to the night sky.

Seeing a fire work go off illuminating the night sky with blue and white Ember stares at it with an awe.

"Magnesium is white. Some of this stuff is part of the periodic table" seeing he finished eating his caramel apple he tosses the core to the ground.

Ember just stares at the night sky seeing the fire works go off. Turning to Danny she notices him smiling and looking up at the night sky. Smiling she stares at Danny smile but also his face as the fire work goes off. It gives Danny a illuminate glow making Ember smile wider.

'Never notices how good looking he is' Ember giggles and looks down to his body while licking her lips. 'Guess fighting us ghosts for over the two years have been fruitful. He has definitely built up muscle. I still remember a time when he was skinny. Now he's tone'. Ember turns back to the fire work show and lays down completely on the ground. Watching the show for the next thirty minutes.

"We need to head back. I need to go back home and give Tucker an excuse. I'll fly with you back to my parents portal from there you think you can teleport back to you're realm?" ask Danny.

Ember nods and lays up stretching. Seeing Danny extending his hand out to her. Ember, she hesitantly takes it but gets up by herself instead. Danny shrug his shoulders as he begins to float Ember nods and the two fly back to Fenton works not saying a word to each other.

Fenton Works

Arriving at Fenton Works Danny and Ember slowly enter the home as they turn intangible Danny sees his parents in bed asleep. Letting out a sigh of relief he heads towards the lab where Ember is standing in front of the portal.

"Something wrong?" blink Danny. Walking towards Ember he watches her turn around and shake her head. Seeing her smile and playing a bit with her hair she pokes Danny in the chest making him blink.

"Had a fun time messing with the goths, Geeks in white and nerd. Call me crazy but I had a great time with you." laugh Ember. Danny chuckles and nods he read the messages from Sam, Tucker and replied to Tucker only.

"Well guess I'm crazy too because I had a great time too" laugh Danny. Seeing Ember very close to him he stares at her wondering what's wrong. Ember places her hand on his chest making Danny tilt his head confuse.

"You know this night doesn't need to end here. We can take this to my realm and see what can happen next" Ember places both her hands on his chest while staring at him seductively. Using two fingers walking on his chest to his collar bone to his face she glides her fingers on his cheek. "So what do you say hero of the ghost zone. What to spend the night with a rock star".

Danny blinks and stares at Ember his face turning green blushing in his ghost from. Hearing the sincerity in her voice but also hearing her speak softly but affectionately. Danny smiles and shakes his head making Ember confuse.

"Ember" gently touching her lip with his thumb down to her cheek he cups her to face level. "You are the embodiment of teenage rebellion. You don't need to do this. I'll be honest with you. Tonight for the first time I saw how beautiful you are. I can't do that to you it's not right. You deserve someone who will love you, treat you right but also think of you like a future queen. Besides nice guys finish last" smile Danny.

'Kissing Ember cheek making her gasp. Ember places her hand on her cheek where Danny kissed her goodnight. Never ever any guy kissed her on the cheek good night but also no guy has ever cared about her feelings. But no guy has ever given her such sweet compliments in her life or after life.

"If you ever want to talk or just to hang out. You know where to find me" smile Danny.

Ember nods and smiles.

"Good night Ember sweet dreams"

'I have to LEAVE LIKE NOW' Ember can't take this she quickly teleports back to her realm. Just hearing Danny speak but also showing her a caring side something she has never seen is too much for her. She had to leave before she did something she would regret maybe she does already.

Danny stood there chuckling softly but soon he realize something. Staring at the spot that Ember just teleport he looks to his hand and his jaw drops. Snapping his attention hearing someone calling his name.


"Down here Jazz" hearing Jazz walking down to the lab calling him. Danny transforms back and stares at the portal.

"Something the matter little brother?" Jazz yawn and looks at Danny who is blushing? Raising an eye staring at the portal than back to her brother.

"If I tell you but promise not to tell a soul? No one. I mean it" said Danny. Seeing Jazz raise an eye and nod Danny shrugs his shoulders. "You know the nice guys finish last saying I think I broke it. Some how I manage to fall for Ember McLain and refuse her offer to go to her place to see what would happen. I could have lost V card to her. But also I think she might have a crush on me?"

Jazz jaw drops and stares at her brother in shock. "Wait WHAT!". As brother and sister make their way upstairs Danny begins to tell Jazz his evening tonight.

Clockwork Lair

Clockwork smiles and nods. Ending the stream he turns to the three ghosts observant who don't look ever happy. Nodding his head this is one event he thought it would never happen but it did?. So how did this little event happen it's as faith pushed them together. Clockwork shakes his head no can't be possible there is no way that can happen but it did?

"Clockwork. Do you have any idea what this will do to the time stream to have Phantom and Mclain together?"

"We ask you to help us find a solution to stop Plasmius meddling in the affairs of the ghost zone"

"But also a way to have that ghost erase from history instead in the thermos"

The three ghosts observant are waiting for answers and Clockwork just stares at the stream of time. Moving his time scepter back a bit he watches the scene at the lab unfold once more. Is there something he miss rewinding time he sees Danny talking to a woman getting caramel apples.

Watching scene closely he smiles and ends it. Seeing where did the extra boost of confidence came from Clockwork nods. Seeing the time stream always shifting and moving he sees a different ending.

"Care to observe the door" Clock work points to the door making all three ghosts observant blink. "Now" said Clock work with a tone. The three ghost left his lair and Clockwork just stares at the time stream. Watching the new events unfold "Interesting" grin Clockwork.

Seeing the time stream ahead Clockwork sees a interesting future.

and cut

First Chapter done. Hope everyone likes this new story. Wont be as long as Phantom for the throne.