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Monday Casper High lunch

Danny is outside sitting on the bleachers. Losing his appetite seeing Sam and Gregor kiss and being way too affection to each other. He spoke To Tucker and apologize to him on what happen Friday night. Telling him he had his hands busy with G.I.W and also with Ember. Seeing that it wasn't a complete lie he was mostly busy with Ember during the evening.

Tucker understood. Seeing that the G.I.W mistook Gregor as him which Danny snorted. Hell even Ember but Danny grins hearing the story on what Ember did. Wishing he can thank her for what he did.

"Huh" turning around and noticing more students coming. Danny sees the juniors and seniors talking and walking towards the bleachers. Seeing their lunch start now, Danny sighs and begins to walk towards Casper high but stop. 'Great'.

Seeing his ghost sense went off Danny looks around the area and sees nothing. Letting out a sigh wondering who just flew by but Danny soon hears various girl screams. Letting out a small groan he sees the box ghost flying around the football field. Reaching the bottom of the bleachers he reaches inside his bag and pulls out the Fenton thermos.

Seeing the seniors and juniors beginning to run up the bleachers. Danny rolls his eyes wondering why they are running away from the box ghost. Of all ghost its just the box ghost who is more a nuisance than a threat. Once on the ground he gives out a loud whistle getting the box ghost attention but also the students around him.

"BEWARE" floating around the football field. He hears the whistle and begins to fly towards the sound as he sees the person who whistle. "Oh NO its YOU" it was too late for the box ghost. He stopped short enough for Danny to use the Fenton thermos catching him.

"Done" Danny shakes his head. Shaking the thermos for a few seconds hearing the box ghost whine "What have I said in the past about shouting 'BEWARE'. Now you're going to be there until I send you back into the ghost zone later". Letting out a sigh he shoves the thermos in his bag.

Walking towards back to the school Danny didn't notice the stares but also whispers coming from the juniors and seniors. It's as the juniors and seniors are noticing Danny for the first time with out the techno geek and goth that he is known to hang out with.

"That's the another Fenton kid right?" a female senior said.

"Yea. His parents are the local ghost experts" reply another senior girl.

"Yup Jazz little brother, Danny" said a guy.

"Dude he wasn't scared at all. It's like he has done this before" a male junior from the base ball team said.

"Probably has. I mean he carries that with him. Talk about no fear" reply a senior male to his teammate.

"Guy has guts. When we were running up he was walking down like he wasn't worried or scared at all. He's going places" everyone turns to the star basket ball player for the senior talking.

Lancer Classroom

Danny sighs and sits down in the front row. Pulling out his English book the bell soon goes off and the rest of the classroom takes their seat while Lancer walks to his desk.

"Alight class we will be resuming discussing about Macbeth" the class groans while Lancer rolls his eyes. "Would someone tell me about what is happening and the meaning of the line "Fair is foul, and foul is fair"?" Lancer looks around seeing his class looking bored.

Mr Lancer lets out a sigh but than he notices something odd. Danny is sitting in the front row of the class reading Macbeth instead sitting next to Tucker and Sam in the middle of the classroom. Rising an eye wondering what made this paradigm shift happen.

"Mr Fenton can you please tell me-" Lancer is cut off by

Danny looks up to Mr Lancer from the book and answers "The meaning 'Fair is foul, and foul is fair' means that appearances can be deceiving, a theme that runs throughout Macbeth. That which seems "fair" and good is actually "foul" and evil. Macbeth pretends to be a loyal and good servant to King Duncan, but he eventually betrays Duncan's trust and murders him to steal the throne."

Everyone in the classroom blinks at Danny answer. Mr Lancer stands there shock to hear the correct answer coming from Danny of all students. Tucker turns to Sam whose jaw dropped hearing this. Star glance at Paulina who looks lost. Valerie opens her book wondering how Danny figure that out so quickly.

"I was going to ask why aren't you sitting next to Mr. Foley and Ms Manson" Lancer blinks but nods. "But that is the correct answer. Excuse me class" Lancer walks towards his desk and pulls out a stack of papers.

"Since no one wanted to discuss Macbeth besides Mr Fenton who gave me the correct answer. I'll give you the test instead" walking to each row of the desks he stops in front of Danny and notices what act he is on the book.

The class groans and Dash groans the loudest.

"Great job Fentina. Because of you not sitting in you're seat and answering the question right we got to take a stupid test" Dash slams his fist on the desk glaring a hole on the back of Danny's head.

Danny looks up and closes his book and shrugs his shoulders. "Not my fault if you fail . Wonder if you will be able to still play if you fail again" chuckle Danny. Taking the test paper from Lancer he passes the test paper to Star who takes it from Danny hands.

Lancer rolls his eyes and walks back to his desk.

Nasty Burger later

"So dude any plans for tonight?" Tucker taking a bite of his meat burger looks at Danny to reply.

"Not sure yet" shrug Danny. "Depends how patrol is?". Dipping his fries into the ketchup he sees Gregor and Sam walking into the nasty burger. Letting out a sigh he turns to Tucker who is enjoying his burger.

"Hello Tucker. Hello Daniel" Gregor smiles at the two. Tucker smiles while Danny grunts his acknowledge which made Sam roll her eyes. "Sam and I are heading to her place tonight to hang out. To watch some horror movies yes".

Sam nods "Yup I think we should start the week with some horror". Sam sees Tucker shrug his shoulder as she turns to Danny hoping he has dropped his jealous act. She waits for Danny to reply but something unexpected happen.


Everyone turns to Ashley a junior calling Danny name. Tucker looks at Danny while Sam blinks and stares at Tucker while Gregor looks confuse.

"Yea" smile Danny. Being friendly Danny is surprise a junior is talking to him of all people. Wondering why he looks at Ashley seeing her smiling at him while she is playing with her hair using her fingers.

"Was thinking if you got nothing to do tonight want to hang out like catch a movie or something?" Ashley pulls her hair back smiling at Danny.

Tucker jaw drops. Sam stood there blinking wondering if this is actually happening and why. Gregor looks at Danny and Ashley with a confuse face. Thinking she will come to Sam house to watch horror movies?.

Now their are some other students in the nasty burger is watching this.

Star and Paulina just stare at the location shocked this is happening. Kwan and Dash are wondering if the juniors are trying to prank Danny. But they haven't heard anything of the sorts. But its not like the juniors to play pranks on anyone especially a younger grade.

"Tonight?" blink Danny in confusion.

Ashley nods and leans on the table nodding her head. Tucker blinks and stares at her bust almost popping out of her button top shirt. Turning to Danny his best friend he has known since pre k giving him a look saying lucky bastard take the date. Sam rolls her eyes go figure a black hair girl like that would do that to get a date. Turning to Danny who blinks at Ashley he looks up avoiding her chest to make eye contact.

"Yea tonight. If you're not busy helping you're parents catching ghosts?. What you did at lunch today was heroic. All the juniors and seniors are talking about you how you stood your ground catching that ghost with your family invention" Ashley giggles with a blush on her face.

Everyone looks at Ashley in shock besides Tucker and Sam. They are not in shock more like curious.

"Oh the box ghost yea" Danny tilts his head and shrug his shoulders. "He's was flying around the field I just happen to be heading to class. Was wondering why everyone was running away. He's not that dangerous compare to some others who are" shrug Danny.

Reaching for his drink and taking a sip. Ashley blinks hearing this while Tucker turns to Sam wondering if she knew about this. Danny didn't mention anything to them about the box ghost to them. He was in class before them, Gregor just looks back between Sam and Tucker than to Danny.

"Others. You have fought and capture more dangerous ghost. Wow. I knew you're family was the experts in town but to actually help them. That's amazing why haven't we heard anything about this before?" ask Ashley.

True everyone in town knows about the Fenton's. But today at lunch the juniors and seniors learned something new about Danny Fenton. That besides being the son of the town local ghost experts he also is part of it.

Danny shrugs his shoulders.

"It's not something that people are interested in my grade. If they do they me labeled as a freak like me. Besides sooner or later Vlad will probably help my parents out. Seeing they are old college friends". Rolling his eyes hearing from his father how Vlad will help sponsor some new equipment and weapons for them.

"Well that might change soon. Play your cards right and who knows what can happen" Ashley giggles and reaches for a french fry and seductively eats in front of Danny.

Tucker jaw dropped even further if it's was possible. Sam couldn't believe what she is seeing. It was a horror movie right in front of her something she couldn't watch. Grabbing Gregor arm pulling him away she had enough of this.

Star turns to Paulina who is trying to make sense of this. Neither of them knew about Danny helping his parents nor capturing a ghost during lunch time. Dash sat there with a dumbfounded look thinking this is a dream. Kwan is staring at the junior girl asking Danny of all people out. A junior a hot black hair beauty on the scale of a eight to ten asking Danny of all people out.

"Thanks. But I got plans tonight helping my sister catalog some flies. While I have Vlad coming over talking business with my parents" Danny rolls his eyes and sighs. Already dreading listening to Vlad coming over.

"Its alright maybe next time and that is so cool how close your parents are to a billionaire but also mayor to the town" Ashley blows Danny a kiss and winks at him walking to her table with her friends.

Everyone who witness this are staring at Ashley giggling while her friends giggle and look at Danny smiling at him.

"What just happen here? Why did you turn her down dude! You could have made it with her. She wanted you and more" Tucker drops his head on the table punching the table shock that Danny turn her down. "Why! But also how?" Tucker ask.

"What ever Tucker I'll call you later before patrol" Danny rolls his eyes and got up but when he did he notices people staring at him. Shrugging his shoulders he looks at Tucker who finally lifted his head up from the table staring at Danny.

Fenton works

When Danny got home he notices his parents in the kitchen having a snack and taking a break. Jack blinks and looks at the clock hanging on the wall while Maddie pulls down her mask and googles.

"Sweetie you're home early?" Maddie blinks and looks at Jack who frowns seeing he finished his cup of pudding. Rolling her eyes "Is there something wrong usually you are with Tucker and Sam?". Wondering why Danny is home this early most of the time he is out with Tucker and Sam.

Danny groans.

"Ugh I can't take Sam and Gregor public affection any more. If I stuck around any longer I would get physically sick". Danny pulls out a water bottle from the fridge and heads towards the living room but stops.

"Gregor and Sam?" Jack blinks while Danny stops and turns to his father. "Public affection?" seeing Danny roll his eyes with a nod.

"Ahh" Maddie nods her head seeing where this is going. "This Gregor is Sam boyfriend" ask Maddie. Seeing why her son is home early from school but also hanging less with them as well.

"Yup. He's a goth from Hungary with a fake accent. I don't like him he reminds me of someone bad" Danny rolls his eyes but sees his mother giving him a frown. Jack on the other hand looks confuse on the whole situation.

"Danny you don't have to be jealous" Maddie chimed while Jack hearing this nods and now understands where this is going.

"Your mother is right son. Jealousy won't help you get anywhere" added Jack. "He might be a good person give him a chance". Nodding his head towards Maddie who agrees with her husband. Both parents notices Danny rolls his eyes on them making them confuse.

"I'm not jealous just cautious around him. My gut tells me he's nothing but trouble also I aced my English test A plus" Danny pulls his English test out showing his parents.

Maddie and Jack walks towards Danny taking his test paper while Danny went up to his room. As both parents stare at the test paper Maddie blinks and looks at Jack who is confuse but also lost on the situation.

"When was the last time did Danny bring home a A plus English test paper?" ask Maddie. Looking at her husband who has a lost face not sure if that is a trick question. Better to say nothing at all to be safe. "Almost two years honey. Two years, Jack and now thinking about it. Last week Danny has been home early as well".

Jazz walks into the kitchen seeing her parents talking. Wondering what is wrong she notices a test paper in their hands and sighs. Thinking that Danny didn't do well on his test because he didn't have time to study. She jumps in to help her little brother.

"Give Danny a break mom and dad he's trying" said Jazz.

Maddie looks up to Jazz pouring herself a cup of juice. Wondering what her daughter knows, Maddie nods and ask.

"Sweetie. How long has Sam been dating this new person name Gregor?" ask Maddie. Wondering how long has this been going on would this new person be the reason why Danny grade went up. Spending less time with Sam and Tucker made this improvement.

Jack nods.

"Yes. If Danny keeps bringing A plus test papers home maybe this is a good thing that Sam is dating someone" Jack teases making Maddie roll her eyes.

Jazz blinks and looks at the test paper in her mother's hand seeing the A plus. Jazz blinks and nods seeing it's one of Lancer's English test paper. A subject that Lancer loves and makes it tough for his students to pass. But Danny manage to get an A plus.

"About going to two weeks now why?" blink Jazz.

"Well he's been home more often than before. Says he can't stand Sam and Gregor public affection. I think he's jealous but he says he's not just doesn't like the guy?" answer Maddie. Wondering what else does Jazz know she sees her sighs.

"I had the same chat with Danny. I heard Danny yell at Tucker over the phone last week on Friday about the same thing. He says he's not jealous he just doesn't like or trust Gregor" Jazz shrug her shoulders while Jack blinks.

"Any reason why he doesn't like him?" ask Jack. Thinking their has to be a reason why Danny doesn't like the new student. It's not like Danny to not like any one at all.

"Don't know much about Gregor besides the rumors around school. He has an accent and he's a Goth like Sam but Europe has a different fashion trend than here. Danny just doesn't trust him and I already tried talking to him. So has Tucker. At the rate this is going I don't know what will happen to the three or how long it will last." sigh Jazz.

Thinking what Danny told her last Friday but also what Tucker and Sam tried to do. Jazz sees her parents looking at her wondering what she means about that. Tucker, Sam and Danny not last. Tucker and Danny have been friends since Pre- K while meeting Sam later around their fourth grade. Those three became inseparable later on.

"What do you mean not last?" blink Maddie. "Sam and Gregor won't last" thinking she miss heard her daughter speak. Maddie watches Jazz sigh and shake her head.

"Last Friday when Danny went to the carnival" Jazz explained what Tucker and Sam tried to do and that Danny. Hanged around the carnival by himself for most of the night not wanting to deal with them.

"They did that? I can see Sam scheme something like that but Tucker went along with that?" Jack shakes his head wondering why did they do that. Seeing his son might lose his two best friends. Because of this new person putting a wedge between him and Sam.

Maddie frowns seeing her son like this. Granted he says he isn't jealous just he doesn't trust Gregor what so ever. But to hear Jazz say that Danny always listen to everyone bad feeling but no one is listening to Danny.

Ember Realm.

Ever since Friday night Ember can't stop thinking about what Danny did. When she teleported back home inside her realm she let out a giggle which surprise her. She never giggled like that. She felt like a teenage girl all over again. But soon something hit her. Danny Phantom the hero of the ghost zone the halfa kissed her good night but also told her.

How he told her how for the first time he saw how beautiful she is. No guy or ghost has told her how beautiful she is and coming from Danny Phantom of all guys some how made her smile. Granted she knows how a goodie too shoes he can be. What will he gain in lying to her of all people.

Now we have Ember McLain sitting on the couch in her realm just thinking about the incident that happen in the past few days. But also she notices something else. Here she is sitting on the couch thinking what a guy thinks about her.


"Huh what" Ember looks around and sees Kitty in her realm. Snapping her from her thoughts she answers Kitty "Oh Kitty hey what's up". Ember got up and walks towards Kitty who is standing there staring at her like she is a different person well ghost.

"Didn't you hear me call your cell or knock on your realm door. I came by yesterday, called and got nothing. Where the hell have you been?" demanded Kitty. Shaking her head and rolling her eyes waiting for Ember to give her an answer.

"Wait yesterday? What's today?" blink Ember. Has she been in her realm all this time thinking about Danny? No she couldn't have she played and practice on her guitar during the day. Made some food and slept but also wrote a song or two. It felt time went soo slow for her.

"It's Monday afternoon" answer Kitty. Now she is worried seeing Ember like this she wonders whats wrong with her. "You ok? I mean you're never like this".

"Monday" Ember stuttered in shock. Looking around her realm did she just think about Danny all this weekend. Taking a seat back on the couch she looks down to her hands but also herself. It's like she doesn't recognize the ghost she is.

"Yea Monday. What's going on with you Ember are you ok this isn't like you? Where the hell have you been all weekend" said Kitty. Walking towards the couch taking a seat next to her best friend, Kitty wonders what is wrong with her. She has never seen Ember like this not even her break up with Skulker or when she was dating him.

"I was here in my realm thinking about Phantom" whisper Ember.

Kitty blinks and stares at Ember. "To get back at him or something?. Did he ruin your plans like he usual?". Seeing Ember shake her head Kitty blinks wondering why Ember has been thinking about Phantom. "Ok if he didn't ruin your plans than why have you been thinking about Danny?" ask Kitty.

Ember sighs and looks at Kitty "I'll tell you but promise not to say anything" Ember voice is soft.

"Ember I'm your best friend what ever you tell me I won't tell a soul" smile Kitty. Watching Ember get up from the couch Kitty leans back and watches Ember walk back and fourth.

"Ok Last Friday"

As Ember begins to tell her the events that happen Friday.


Ghost outside of Ember realms heard Kitty scream. Ghosts ignored it others wonder what was that about.

Night Fenton works

Danny is reading Macbeth hopefully he will be done with the book but he notices Jazz knocking on his door. Seeing it's partially open he nods to Jazz to enter his room. Closing the door behind her and seeing no one in the hallway. Jazz needs to talk to Danny about the rumors she has heard.

"So I heard a rumor on how you caught a ghost using the thermos but didn't transform. That Ashley a junior asked you out" Jazz sat on the edge of his bed while Danny rolls his eyes hearing this.

"It was just the Box Ghost. I was heading back to class when the juniors and seniors started to have their lunch. I started to walk towards class and when I saw the Box ghost flying around the field. I whistled at him getting his attention and when he saw me. It was too late I captured him in the thermos and headed to class'' explain Danny.

Jazz hearing this soon face palms wondering why Danny would do something so stupid. But on the other hand it's a positive side for Danny seeing some of her friends were asking questions about her brother. But also Jazz has heard of the other girls reputation when they set their sights on a guy which is now her little brother..

"And Ashley. I heard she asked you out in front of Sam and Tucker along some of your classmates that you turned her down" ask Jazz. Wondering what this will do to her brother's popularity in school. But already seeing a junior girl already ask her brother out.

"Heard she's a sweet girl but the way she was getting my attention using her ahh assets. Yea I don't think I want that kind of attention" Danny rolls his eyes while Jazz groans hearing what Ashley did. Yup she is a sweet girl but she acts little promiscuous at times.

"Well I got to give you credit little brother. You didn't say yes to her but to see what you could have got from her" Jazz got up while Danny shrug his shoulders. "Going on patrol tonight?" Jazz looks at Danny closing his book and nods.

"Yea bout to leave in a few" getting up from his bed he walks to his bag and grabs the thermos that the box ghost is still in.

Later Patrol amity park

Danny sighs and catches a few Ectopuses. Letting out a sigh he hears a loud rumble of an engine. Turning to the location he begins to fly towards the sound of the engine as he gets closer he hears blasters going off.

"Valerie" letting out a groan, Danny turns intangible and flies through the bill board. Looking around he sees Valerie chasing Johnny while Kitty is holding on to him. Seeing Johnny speeding through the street he makes a sharp turn into the park. Danny quickly flies towards them as he got close to Valerie he channels his cryokinesis. Shooting a thin ice beam onto Valerie board.

Johnny makes another turn and when Valerie turned to follow she slipped off her board.

"WHAT!" shouted Valerie. Wondering how did this happen she sees Phantom catching her by the leg "YOU". Valerie points her weapons at Danny but than he let her go making her scream again "AHH" but she quickly stops. Danny catches her again but this time looks down to Valerie.

"Foul ball and your out" Danny drops on the field laughing. Hearing the rumble of Johnny's bike seeing he stopped to watch the fight. Danny turns to see Valerie board coming at him. Rolling his eyes he turns intangible making the board crash onto the ground.

"YOU" Valerie wipes the dirt from her visor glaring at Phantom. "This is it Phantom no one to help you. No more causing trouble-" Valerie blinks and watches Danny float towards the two ghost. "HEY I'M YELLING AT YOU". Pointing and aiming the blaster on Danny's back.

Danny ignored Valerie threats as he floats towards Johnny and Kitty. Maybe he can talk to Kitty and ask her if she saw or heard Ember this weekend.

"You two alright?" Danny folds his arms and floats off the ground.

"Yea" smile Kitty. Tapping on Johnny shoulder pointing to Valerie stomping her way towards them. "Johnny go keep her busy. I need to talk to Danny about Ember" said Kitty.

"But babe why do you-" Danny floats away from them seeing Kitty give him the look. Johnny slowly stops talking seeing Kitty narrowing her eyes on him making him chuckle nervously. Looking down to the ground with his hand up. "Shadow lets hold her off".

Shadow nodded and quickly left getting away from Kitty dark look. Tying Valerie feet Johnny floats up and lands on her board making it crash onto the ground.

"Now that Johnny is going to keep the red huntress busy. You and me need to talk" Kitty got off the bike and folds her arms. Staring at Danny with a serious look, Danny raised an eye and looks confuse?.

"Sure. Is everything ok with Ember. I haven't seen her since last Friday was at least hoping to see her this weekend" ask Danny. Seeing he hasn't seen Ember this weekend he was sure Ember would come out from the ghost zone.

Kitty smiles. Of course Danny would like to see Ember during the weekend and why she didn't come out to see him. Well Kitty knows she was in her realm thinking about him all that time.

"Well she told me what happen Friday night. That was really nice of you Danny to help Ember out of her funk. But you really did a number on her Danny" Kitty nods seeing Danny confuse face. "She hasn't left her realm all this weekend after that little kiss you gave her. She...Johnny hold her down" shouted Kitty.

Johnny looks over to shadow who is struggling to keep Valerie tied up. Floating over to his shadow he grabs Valerie feet and turns intangible burying Valerie up to her waist into the ground.

Kitty nods seeing he just bought her more talking time. Turning back to Danny with a smile who is looks confuse making her confuse.

"She hasn't left her realm all weekend because of that kiss?" Danny blinks in surprise while Kitty nods. "Why? I mean haven't other guys or ghosts kissed her goodnight before after a date?". Confuse on what is going on he sees Kitty roll her eyes.

Wondering what he did wrong but also maybe he should talk to Ember.

"Danny when you turn down a girl who invites you to her place to spend the night. But instead you tell her how for the first time you saw how beautiful she is. That you can't do that to her it's not right. She deserve someone who will love her and telling her nice guys finish last." Kitty pace back and forth while Danny blinks in confusion watching her rolls her eyes and points at Danny.

"You made Ember realize that someone actually cares for her. That she doesn't need to act like this. You of all people made Ember think twice about herself. You made her self conscious. Ember McLain embodiment of teenage rebellion the princess of Rock of the ghost zone is doubting herself because of you being nice to her. You being the nice guy finish last" Kitty went on a rant while Danny stood there shock with his jaw wide in shock.

"Kitty. Do you have Ember's number?" Danny interrupts Kitty rant who was pacing back and forth nodding her head. "Than can I get it so I call talk to her but also what's her favorite sweets?. I want to cheer her up" ask Danny.

Kitty blinks and throws her hands up in the air and shakes her head. Hasn't Danny paid attention to her rant why is he doing this?

"Haven't you listen to a word I said Danny. Seriously it's like-" Kitty stops talking and her eyes widen but soon she started to have a sly smile on her face. Danny wonders what's wrong and seeing that smile on Kitty face made him confuse.

"You want Ember to have a taste of the nice guy. You want her to keep coming back for more but also show her a different side she never seen. I see your game" Kitty squeals with a giggle and jumps up a few times smiling she figured Danny's game out. Seeing what kind of game Danny is pulling Kitty is happy she figured it out. Pulling out her phone about to text Ember she stops.

"Well I guess it won't work seeing I figured it out" giggled Kitty.

"Huh" blink Danny. "Figure what out?" ask Danny confuse.

Or not Kitty stops and turns to Danny who has a confuse face on. Seeing him confuse and Kitty idea is thrown out because of Danny being clueless. Thinking she figured it out but to see Danny there confuse. She shakes her head thinking it has to be reason why Danny is doing this isn't it?

"You. You, you really did have a good time with Ember" Kitty stutters and sees Danny nod his head with a smile. Seeing Danny smile she has seen that same smile on Ember's face who looks happy to hang around someone. Someone that understands her or each other. "I. Wow. Sure I'll give you Ember's number and Danny".

"Yea?" Danny is lost wondering what is going on he really needs to ask his dad for some advice. Well maybe not his dad maybe someone else who has experience with woman question is who.

"You hurt her. I'll figure a way to banish you for all eternity" threaten Kitty.

Before Danny spoke Kitty and him turn to Valerie screaming and yelling while her board finally got her out of the ground. Once in the air she turns her blasters towards Danny and Kitty before she fired. Shadow collides with her sending her flying to the other side of the park.

"Here's her number and remember my threat" warn Kitty.

"Come on Kitty you know the type of guy I am. I would never do something to hurt Ember emotional we may have our spats in fight but never would I deliberately hurt intentionally" Danny huffs while Kitty sighs and nods her head.

"I know Danny. You're a great guy and when I over shadow that classmate of yours. Any girl would be lucky to have a guy like you" smile Kitty.

LATER Fenton works

Once back home Danny yawns and looks at the clock seeing it's half past eleven. Staring at the screen of his cell phone with Ember's name on it. He sighs and sends her a message.

Hey. It's Danny.

Waiting for a few seconds Danny blinks to see his screen light up. Thinking to himself seeing that is good that she reply back. Danny reads the message and chuckles seeing Ember ask him how he got her number.

Oh I bumped into Kitty and Johnny on their date. I ask Kitty seeing she wanted to talk to me. I guess you told her.

Side step Ember

When Ember heard her cell goes off with a message she wonder who it is. When she saw the number she didn't have it but when she read the text coming from. She froze. All she thought is how did Danny get her number. But why is he texting her.

Hey. How did you get my number?

When Ember read the message she rolls her eyes. Go figure that Kitty would do that but thinking about her best friend she will have to thank her later. Looking back to the screen Ember sighs.

Yea I did. I didn't notice her messaging me or knocking on my realm during the weekend. Been thinking about a few things. She asked what is wrong and I told her what you did she was shocked. She noticed something was bothering me and I told her what happen. I think the whole ghost zone heard her scream. LOL.

Side step Danny.

Reading the message he chuckles and jumps into bed. Stripping out of his jeans, socks, shoes and shirt. He looks up wondering how Ember told Kitty how the evening went.

LOL. The whole ghost zone come on. But did Kitty at least help you out.

Seeing you weren't yourself because of what I did.

I was kind of hoping seeing you during the weekend.

Side step Ember.

When Ember read the message about the whole ghost zone she rolls her eyes and laugh. Seeing how much of a dork Danny can be she smiles seeing that he is asking her if she is feeling better. But the last message made Ember freeze. That he was hoping to see her during the weekend. Quickly typing a response Ember jumps onto her bed.

Using her feet she removes her boots and socks. Taking off the glove she pulls the bun on her hair down and lays on her stomach texting Danny a reply.

Sorry just lost track of time during the weekend.

Next time I promise.

Side Step

Danny reading the message grins. Letting out a chuckle he lets out a yawn and replies back to Ember.

I'll hold you responsible for that promise. Maybe you want to come out and hang out on Wednesday night.

To watch a movie if no ghost really comes and bother me.

Danny grins and soon realize something. Looking at his phone he is asking Ember McLain out on a date to watch a movie. So why is he smiling and feeling good about it? Did he enjoy Ember company that much at the carnival.

Side Step

Ember reads the message and lays on her back holding her cell up in the air laughing. Phantom wants to hang out with her to see a movie this Wednesday. Quickly typing a reply she smiles.

I'll like that. I'll see you Wednesday around eight at the movie theater?


Yup it's slowly happening.