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"'Bond talking"'

Fenton Works. March End of the second week

"I'm not jealous Tucker, I just don't like him my gut tells me he's nothing but trouble" Danny enters his home. Dropping his bag on the floor he waves at his sister who raises an eye wondering what is going. Listening to Danny conversation on the phone she wonders if those rumors floating around school are true. That her little brother is jealous of Sam's boyfriend.

"Yes I'm going to the carnival tonight it's their last Friday before they leave" Danny rolls his eyes. "Hopefully no ghost won't cause any problems and another week and half, March will be over. This month has been nothing but trouble since he arrive at the end of last month. Worse when they started to dating the following few days" sigh Danny.

Listening to Tucker that he will be at the carnival as well. Seeing Sam is going with Gregor Danny grunts in disgust.

"Penny for your thoughts ehahah"

Danny blinks and looks up from his pillow hearing a female voice and giggle he looks around the room. Nothing. knowing he heard someone talk but also giggle he isn't losing his mind yet.

"Oh rest assure I'm real" soon a white portal appeared and walking through it. Danny blinks thinking an angel ghost walked in. "So you're the one my older brother has taken in interest in. I wonder what Chrono's sees in you? But why?". Staring at Danny she sees untap potential a powerful ally.

Danny blinks "Chrono's? You mean Clockwork" blink Danny. Watching the angelic ghost nod she snaps her finger making a throne like chair for herself to sit. Seeing she said older brother. "So you are related to Clockwork he's your older brother?". Not knowing Clockwork had any siblings being the ghost of time. Danny usually talks to Clockwork and Obb an observant who is on his side.

"Yes of course. Chrono's of time which he goes by Clockwork the ghost of time." Danny watches Clockwork little sister roll her eyes. Letting out a chuckle he sees Clockwork sister nodding her head. "You may call me Lahkesis. Lahkesis of Fate at your service Danny".

Danny blinks "Yea going to call you Faith, the ghost of Fate." Danny nods but notices Faith eye twitch making him confuse.

"Clever brother so that's where you got the name seeing I paid Clockwork a visit early" Faith nods seeing Danny blink at her. "Clockwork likes to tease me on certain things and we have a mutual understanding of the order of the Cosmo's".

Nodding her head "Those teenagers the humans are living their lives. Johnny and Kitty are doing the same thing only difference they are ghost. Do they still have the right to continue to be teenagers?". Faith shows the portal of the human teenagers and the ghost teenagers. "Shouldn't they be entitle to their happiness not letting some one ruining their evenings. To live out what they didn't have when alive?".

"I never really saw their point of view. Tucker and Sam" Danny blinks hearing Faith snort. Wondering what is wrong Danny notices Faith letting out a sigh and leaning more into her chair.

"Ahh yes them. The two who makes the decisions for you many times. Why?" Faith nods with a question. Danny rolls his eyes and folds his arms. Faith raised an eye and snaps her finger showing the purple gorilla incident. Sidney accident while Sam told him not to misuse his power. Faith looks at Danny letting out a nervous smile. But she goes even further with the Desiree wishing genie.

"Alright" groan Danny. "Maybe I do listen to what they say. They are my best friends" Danny sees Faith nodding her head. "I know somethings aren't easy between us three but I can always count on them". Danny nods but the face of Faith meant something else.

"You made enemies instead of allies. They made decisions for you to go after all the ghost instead of asking why are they doing this." Faith narrows her eyes on Danny making him gulp feeling something from her. A power that he felt from Clockwork an endless power and she has that power. "Some ghost just want to experience the joys they lost or never got to".

"As the ghost of Fate I can end your existence but Clockwork will try to stop me. Thanatos our older brother will see my side and agree with me" Faith blinks seeing Danny confuse making her groan. "Yes I'm the youngest, Clockwork is the middle and Thanatos ghost of the dead is the oldest". Faith taking a deep breath and looks at Danny wanting to get back on the subject.

LATER Carnival Amity Park night time

It's been over ten minutes since Danny and Tucker arrived at the carnival. As the two make small talk, Tucker begins to talk to Danny but seeing his best friend not listening but looking angry for some reason. Tucker sees the direction where Danny is staring and flinches while Danny ignores him.

"Are you even listening dude" Tucker glares at Danny who rolls his eyes. Stopping in front of a game stand Tucker glares at his best friend. "Come one Danny he seems really cool showed me a few things too." Danny rolls his eyes and turns around.

"Really" Danny turn around staring at Tucker "Shows you a few things and you think he's cool". Danny shakes his head.

Tucker sighs and throws his hands in the air giving up seeing Danny jealous. "Alright! Since you won't listen to me. I'm going by myself".

"Fine! Maybe I'm upset Sam is hanging out with him when I told her about my gut feeling. I just thought she would take my feelings into consideration. That my feelings mean something to HER BUT IT DOESN'T" Danny yells and begins to breath fast. Trying to hold back some of the tears he shakes his head. Clockwork blinks seeing Danny angry but also hurt he frowns.

"But she didn't and everyone else thinks I'm jealous" Danny brings his knees to his chest shaking his head. Jazz thought he was jealous but also felt threaten by Gregor presence.

"Perhaps Samantha doesn't think about those feelings coming from you?" Clockwork spoke while Danny looks up with a frown.

"Than why does it hurts the most coming from Sam of all people. I thought I knew her and I thought she knew me better than that but when a euro goth walks in it's like nothing else better get in her way of happiness. That mines means nothing to her" muttered Danny. Seeing how selfish Sam can be but also jealous when Danny and Valerie dated.

"It seems my sister Faith gave you much to think?" Clockwork sees Danny looking up to him with a nod. "But yet Samantha wants you and Tucker around with her and her boyfriend. She wants both worlds but what happens when one world feels he isn't getting the respect but happiness he wants?".

Clockwork floats towards Danny with a smile "Should he sacrifice his happiness to make her world happy. For how long do you think it can go a year maybe two? Can he continue to be happy or will he find his own happiness?"

"I don't know" sigh Danny. "Everyone thinks I'm jealous everyone thinks Gregor is great. That he's my replacement" muttered Danny. Tucker thinks he's jealous and should be happy for Sam. "I'm happy for Sam I am, she found someone who understands her. I just thought Sam understood me? I thought she understood us what we have" Danny quietly mutters to himself.

Clockwork nods and listens to Danny vent a bit. Understanding what his apprentice is getting at the ghost of time sits next to Daniel and looks up to the stars.

"You know Daniel besides being a halfa you are still a teenager are you not" Clockwork sees Danny confuse face but nods at the ghost of time. He is still a teenager "Like all teenagers sometimes one of our friends just wants to hang out with someone like them. Like a boyfriend it's normal for them to stay with them more is it not?".

"But ask yourself this can enemies become friends?" Clockwork nods to Danny hoping his advice will help him.

Danny sighs and nods towards Clockworks seeing what he is saying is true. Having heard about Star and Kwan relationship that the two spend time together without their friends.

"This also goes for the same for ghosts you know. Even Kitty hangs out with Spectra. It's a natural part of being a teenager" reply Clockwork.

"Really?" said Danny. Sitting there thinking about it he sees Clockwork nod and soon he turns to his old form. Thinking about Sam and Gregor he sighs seeing Sam likes him because he is a goth and probably understands her. True there are things that Danny and Tucker don't get from Sam.

"If it's not being a teenager is easy enough especially me. When I have these powers as well" huff Danny. Looking at his hand making a small ecto ball of energy appear he stops the flow of power.

"I know. But you go to ghost like Frostbite and Pandora for help. But you can't forget you are teenager and most teenagers today just want to hang out with their friends or a person they have a romantic interest with. Its part of-" Danny groans cutting off Clock work but apologize.

"Growing up yea I know and heard it many times. Sorry Clock work" Danny sighs but looks up at Clockwork smirking at him. "Maybe you're right. Being a teenager isn't easy and maybe I'm worried that the three of us won't be friends that long. I mean next year I'm going to be a junior what will happen to us?."

Danny thinks how will their junior year be? Will Sam and Gregor still be together and will the three still be close as best friends or will that change soon. Seeing that Sam has a boyfriend maybe Tucker will get a girlfriend will Danny be by himself. But also thinking about his sister Jazz.

"Jazz is going to university this fall. I'll be stuck by myself with my parents" Danny rolls his eyes and sighs. Seeing how much his parents hasn't change much in the past two years. Wondering how much longer will he Tucker and Sam will continue to be best friends. Or help him with the ghost activities?

But does he still want to stay in Amity Park to protect the town? But the biggest thing Danny has been thinking about for a while now. How much longer will they be around to help Danny?. High school will be over for them and soon college and growing up. Sam always said to them she will be stay goth because that who she is. Their is no changing who she is.

'But who I'm I?' thought Danny. Seeing that Sam fits in her world and Tucker has his own world what world does Danny even belongs in? He's not goth, not a tech nerd or geek and definitely not a jock.

"People change Daniel it's part of growing up. You still have much to grow to become who you want to be" answer Clockwork. Shifting to his child form the ghost of time floats and stares at Danny.

"I always thought the three of us would be friends even when we are adults" Danny looks up and thinks back at all the good times Sam, Tucker and himself had have so far. But soon he realize that may all come to an end. Question is when? "I guess it's part of growing up" frowning a bit.

Clockwork nods already knowing Jazz going to the university but also a few months away Danny will be ending his sophomore year. Seeing the past two years has its many ups and downs. He is proud who the person Danny has become.

"People change. Ghost change. We aren't so different yes at times some ghost want to be alone. But their are ghosts out there are just like you. Teenagers themselves who never had the chance to fill full their life" spoke Clockwork. Throwing away his fourth bag of cotton candy the ghost of time frowns seeing this is his last bag of cotton candy.

Danny nods listening to Clockwork.

"Look at this way. You're father and Vlad were good friends in college but that change. It's really up to you Daniel but if you have a feeling stick with it. Don't let others tell you differently. Learn from your mistakes to grow to become a better person". Clockwork sees Danny in deep thought.

"Remember you are a teenager this is the time to make those mistakes and learn from it. Some teenagers they just want to relax have fun escape their parent's rules. Or to get together with someone they are intimate with. It all depends how you feel about it" spoke the strings of fate be pulled have some faith into others

Snapping his fingers making time resume once again.

"Yea. I guess I have the best and worst of both worlds" Danny smiles and floats up from his seat "Thanks Clockwork" waving the ghost of time Danny flies away back to the carnival.

Back at the carnival

Seeing the tents and game stands Danny begins to fly towards the back of the game stand. As he turns invisible to transform back he walks out of the tents and smiles. Feeling better but also talking to Clockwork helped him. Danny walks for a few minutes and bumps into a girl by accident.

"Sorry" Danny blinks and when he saw who he bumped. His eyes widen seeing she is wearing a plum long sleeve crop top showing a bit of her neck and showing the top crack of her breast. She has a small tight purple and black corset around her waist and stomach. With her her black skirt with purple line diamond designs stopping just above her knee cap.

Underneath the skirt black tight ripped up leggings that looks a bit like fishnet stockings. With two studs on the top of her left ear lobe and one on the bottom. But the right has two studs on the bottom and one on top. Wearing black lipstick around her neck a choker of a musical note in sliver. Seeing her violet make up on her eyes with some eye liner.

"Are you ok? Do you need help?" ask Danny seeing the girl red puffy eyes like she has been crying.

"No one can help me. Coming here was a mistake" Danny watches her rubs her eyes "I just want to get home" as she is about to walk away she stops feeling Danny hand on her shoulder making her blink.

"Name's Danny maybe I can help".

"Emberlynn" sniffing drying her eyes. Danny smiles at her but for Emberlynn she feels something odd from the boy that bumped into her. It's like she feels relax but also he makes her happy?.

"Lets walk and talk" smile Danny. Extending his hand towards her, Emberlynn for some reasons feels a pull. When both their hands met a small static charge discharge throughout their bodies. Danny felt his core humming for some reason staring at Emberlynn.

Emberlynn felt different something she always felt but never really paid much attention to it.

"I take it you're not from around here?" ask Danny. Seeing Emberlynn snort giving Danny a look like when did you come up with that "Where from?". As the two slowly walk towards the benches of the carnival.

Emberlynn sighs "Tomion its a small town in, Canada" seeing Danny blink with a chuckle. "I know I'm a long way from home. I needed to find someone at City hall but I heard most of the council isn't there and some left on a trip. I sort of need his help" sigh Emberlynn.

Danny nods "Hmm yea most of the time everyone leaves for the weekend". Danny rolls his eyes hearing that Vlad will fly to another state. But heard from Vlad that the other council people leave for the weekend at times.

"Hello WHELP" Skulker lands on the ground pointing a weapon at him. Seeing they are at the hill and the drop is about ten maybe fifteen feet. "Finally got you seeing you being distracted. This hunt is over and your pelt will be on my bed side" grin Skulker.

Danny rolls his eyes and stood in front of Emberlynn who blinks at Skulker. "You're a ghost?" said Emberlynn.

"Observant isn't she" Skulker rolls her eyes.

"Why is a ghost hunting you?" blink Emberlynn staring at Danny who groans. Emberlynn turns to the ghost hunter with a metal face and somewhat flaming hair. "He looks like an action figure that got rejected from a toy factory. Ita like hea glued and tapped together".

Danny hearing this blinks and starts to laugh "Hehahahh oh man that is a good one. Hey Skulker maybe you should get a refund for missing and wrong parts attach". Danny laughs while Emberlynn begins to giggle.

"OO and a label saying not responsible welding together badly put toys" giggle Emberlynn. Danny is holding his sides laughing staring at Emberlynn with a smile he feels drawn to her.

Skulker narrows his eyes "ENOUGH WHELP" Skulker points his blaster towards Danny. "Well" demanded Skulker. Watching Danny stop laughing he got serious. Emberlynn blinks and feels something from Danny.

Danny glares at Skulker taking a deep breath he carefully watches Skulker. Emberlynn stands behind Danny watching a bit from his back than it happen. Skulker blaster shot out a green beam. Danny raises his hand up making a green shield in front of them making the blast bounce back hitting Skulker in the head sending him back. Emberlynn stood there shock watching what Danny did.

'How did he do that? Is he, is he no, no' Emberlynn watches Danny glaring at Skulker. Seeing him but also watching him walking towards Skulker with no fear whats so ever or how dangerous the ghost can be. Emberlynn all her life feared what she was but also who was after her. 'He said his parents are paranormal investigators and researchers. Does that mean he knows or saw others like me?'

Danny stands in front of Skulker his eyes flashing red making the ghost zone greatest hunter leave seeing how angry Danny is. 'Just my luck.' Danny sighs wondering how to explain this to Emberlynn but also maybe convince her what she saw wasn't real. She's from out of town weird stuff happen and she will think they are freaks. Like all the others in school.

'Great met a beautiful girl and Skulker comes and ruins it. Why can't my life ever be simple' Danny frowns but blinks hearing Emberlynn speak.

"Who and what are you?" her soft low voice catches Danny off guard. Emberlynn looks to Danny and her eyes have a glint of hope. "Are their others like you that can do that what you did. Others like me?". Emberlynn whispers the last sentence not knowing why she is saying this. All her life she hid what she can do. But now she might have found someone like her.

When Danny heard heard her voice it was filled with pain and loneliness. He heard another voice inside of him a voice that is calling out to him coming deep from her. His voice reaching out to her but he feels his emotions trying to reach her. Watching Emberlynn stand at the edge of the cliff, Danny walks towards her staring at her seeing the moon light giving her a glow.


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