Okay I'm really surprised myself that I am somehow even bothering making any story under this category but after getting into naruto (and Dbz) what ifs two ideas occurred to me for a naruto story which were either one of a clan of really OP angels get involved with the events of Naruto and this one so here we are.

This story for me at least is pretty much going to be something of a gamble in the sense the very definition of hit or miss with the readers so I'm hoping it does well but I'm aware there's a fair chance this can fail due to the particular prolog in question since it's going to be very OC centric.

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11 years ago

"Do we really have to come to this kami forsaken Island?" Groaned a Kumo ninja as they along with a fairly large group of just over thirty fellow cloud shinobi traversed the newly discovered land they were sent to.

"Rikage's orders, they want to see if this place has any recourse we can use or clans to integrate into our village to strengthen it." Answered another.

The former sighed. "Seriously if there's no one even living on this island."

A third Kumo member shrugged. "Relax, would ya? If there's no one here then that saves our village a tiresome subjugation effort and it also means whatever resources are here are Kumo's for the taking and we can expand our nation's borders immensely with how big this island is and get a leg up on Konoha.

The second ninja casually scanned the groups surrounding which mainly consisted of grasslands with occasional hills but otherwise nothing else.

A few months ago a report suddenly came in claiming to see what looked like the outline of some never before seen island to the north of the land of iron. At first the Ricage was sceptical about the idea of some island suddenly appearing from nowhere in the northern sea but decided to have a ship sail out to the north to at least disprove the report and put an end to what they believed to be utter nonsense.

However when those who were sent out actually confirmed that there truly was an island to the north of the continent the Rekage saw boundless opportunity for Kumo and wasted no time in acting upon hence why the current battalion of thirty kumo ninja were scouting the area further inland while two other battalions traveled along the edge of the island heading in opposite direction from each other to get a grasp on the islands shape.

Not only was everyone surprised by the fact that this land even existed but even more so by how big it seemed to be, while the fact remained they didn't know its full layout. Those who specialized in the field of exploration theorized that this island might be at least thrice the size mizu.

Many of those who had been sent to this new land couldn't help but roll their eyes at the idea. If this land was really that big then it should have been discovered decades sooner than now. But another theory came up stating that it was because of a visual mirage effect created by the light of the sun that no one has ever noticed it until now throughout the entire history of the elemental nations. In a manner of speaking one could call it a land "hidden in the light."

As weird as the name was, it was ironically the most appropriate all things considered.

As the group continued to explore the newly discovered land further the second ninja glanced at the sky and saw an owl of all things flying above them which gave off.

"Something up?" The first ninja asked.

"No...it's nothing." With that the group continued onward but the second ninja noticed something that made feel rather unnerved. The very same owl that he spotted in the sky previously was still present, rather than flying off in a random direction of its choosing it stayed in the general area circling overhead.

Normally the Shinobi of Kumo didn't give the least semblance of a damn about a wild animal but something about its behavior made it hard to ignore. The second ninja was by no means an expert in animal behavior but he was certain owl's didn't lurk around and simply circle overhead not unlike that of a vulture. The Kumo ninja tried to force himself to ignore it, he and the others had an exploration mission to carry out, the Rikage wanted this new land scout out and explored so the people of Kumo could either settle there or have the land annexed if there was already someone there, either way the lightning nations borders would be expanded immensely bringing more natural resources and making the nation that much stronger.

Suddenly a new Kumo ninja appeared in front of the entire battalion however much to everyone's shock they were not only covered in bleeding gashes but missing half of their right arm.

"What the- what happened?!" Another member of the group who was the leader of the squad asked.

The one arm nin groaned in immense pain whilst tightly clutching the bleeding stump where their arm previously was. "The squad I was assigned to found a settlemnt and went to subjugate it but…." The kumo nin groaned in pain.

"What, who did this to you, where's the rest of your squad?" The leader of the battalion asked.

"Th-their dead, when we began attacking the settlement….we were almost immediately met with an unknown enemy shinobi force who were forehead protectors that don't belong to any of the known nations and used jutsu's none of us have ever seen before."

"Are you saying there's actually a shinobi force that's here on this island aside from us?"

"You….you need to leave this island before….." The maimed shinobi glanced up at the sky and saw the owl that the second Kumo ninja had previously noticed and went pale. "Oh no!"

"What are you so panicked for?" The squad leader demanded. "The enemy already knows you're here."

The squad leader all but scoffed. "How the hell could anyone possibly know we're here, we haven't even come near any type of settlement."

The maimed kumo shinobi used their remaining arm to point a shaky finger at the owl that was still circling over, gaining nothing more than a raised eyebrow from the squad leader. "That's just a wild animal you moron, has the blood loss made you delirious?"

"No, you don't understand that owl is a sum…" Before the injured member of kumo could finish whatever they were trying to say the life left their eyes earning a scowl of annoyance from the squad leader.

"Worthless." He muttered before turning to all those under his command. "Come on we're continuing our exploration, be on guard, apparently there's an unknown enemy here that needs to be quashed."

The second ninja looked at the squad leader with worry evident on their face. "Are you sure that's wise, we can't afford to be reckless after one of the other squads got wiped out."

The squad leader scoffed. "So what, the enemy simply got the jump on them when they least expected it, but now that we're aware of their existence they're not in any position to oppose us."

The third kumo member placed a hand of the second's shoulder. "Relax would ya everyone here is at least a chunnin and there's a little of thirty of us here all armed to the teeth. Without the element of surprise there's no way some backwater shinobi can ever beat us."

"I hope you're right." The second ninja replied as everyone continued their exploration.

"There's no need to be paranoid now, this new enemy doesn't even qualify as a thre-" The third kumo stopped in mid sentence when he felt immense pain shoot through his back and out his chest.

Glancing down he spotted some kind of Blade sticking out of his chest covered in his own blood. The blade in question didn't look like any type of katana or other sword but it was too big to be a kunai. The third kumo member didn't have any time to comprehend this as the life left his eyes and his body fell to the ground with his last thought being "how did this happen to me."

Once his body hit the grass the second kumo ninja saw the weapons in question which was not one anyone could have expected. Rather than the traditional type of weapon such as a Kunai, Katana, or shuriken, their ally had been impaled by a spear of all things.

"Wh-wha.." Before the second ninja could form any actual sentence he heard a scream of pain from the first kumo ninja who fell to the ground as the second one turned in time to see them now with three kunai knives sticking out of the back.

"We're under attack!" Another member of the squad yelled out before numerous new arrivals suddenly began arriving through the use of the body flicker technique however they weren't from Kumo of any of the other elemental or smaller nations. Their gear appeared to consist of pure white vest with two small pockets on both sides over the chest area which was over tan long sleeved shirts and black pants and white shinobi type sandals. What really stood out however was the white forehead protectors they all wore.

The symbol they had carved into them did not match any known to date. The symbol consisted on a simple circle with a lines numerous lines going through the circle with half of them being a bit longer than every other on with the sole exception of the line going through the bottom of the circle which was longer than all the rest nearly reach the bottom of the metal plate and a dot just above it within the center of the circle that all the lines were going through it.

"Who the hell are all of you supposed to be?!" The Kumo squad leader demanded.

One of the unknown shinobi, a woman who looked to be in her mid to late twenties and woman with light tan hair tied in a ponytail with grey eyes with a long spear in hand that appeared to be made of silver, glared at the squad leader.

"The people who call this place home."

The squad leader's scowl transitioned to an arrogant smirk. "Then all of you can consider yourselves to be a part of Kumo from this day forward. Otherwise your ultimatum is to day here."

"And you also have a choice, leave our land and never return or face us in battle."

The Squad the leader rather than immediately replied chose to draw multiple shurikens and threw at the female shinobi who simply responded by twirling her own weapon in a circling at high speeds deflecting all the incoming projectiles heading for her with ease and causing the kumo squad leader's previous smirk to revert back into a scowl. "So you actually have dome semblance of skill. Just means I have to get a little more serious."

The squad leader went through a quick series of hand signs before throwing his hand forward. Lighting projectile jutsu.

A stream of thunder from his hand towards the maiden ninju who just remained calm as the incoming attack came closer causing the squad leader to wonder if the woman he was fighting was a complete fool only to receive the shock of his life when recipes at the exact moment his attack made contact with the enemy ninja's abdomen she burst into numerous particles of light disappearing completely.

"What the hell?!" The squad leader exclaimed before he received another shock when the very same woman seemingly rematerialized right in front him with her spear at the ready before she thrusted her weapon forward piercing the squad leader midsection.


The woman pulled her spear out before swinging it in a wide arc using the head of her spear to decapitate the kumo squad leader.

The remaining members of the Kumo squad stood in shock as the woman spoke. "You will all pay for all the blood you spilt back in the port town along with that of my own family."

Everyone was confused by that statement but soon it occurred to the second kumo ninja that she was referring to the actions of the other squad that had been wiped out already. Judging from what she said it sounded they actually butchered more than a few people before the locals dealt with them.

Turning to the rest of the remaining squad the second ninja spoke. "A couple of us need to retreat and report what's happened here to the Rikage the rest us need to buy whoever leaves the most time they can for whoever returns to the village."

A couple of the members of the squad wanted to know what gave the second ninja the idea he was in charge but no one had time to demand any answer as the woman and all the other unknown shinobi proceeded to engage the kumo squad in battle.

One of the members of the squad pulled out a kunai and rushed the woman who killed the squad. "This is for our leader you bitch!" With that their weapon at the woman only for her to pivot her body just out of the attack's path before spinning her body counterclockwise and bringing her spear around and beheading the opposing member of kumo.

The second kumo ninja went to engage the woman swinging his kunai at the woman only for her to parry the attack with a twirl of her spear before following up with a thrust forcing the second kuma ninja to jump backwards. "Somebody needs to head back now!" He yelled out.

It didn't matter who it was but the fact remained that someone had to report this to the cloud village, not only was this new inhabited but it possessed its very own shinobi force, assuming that this enemy had their own village this could practically be the discovery of the century.

None of that really mattered, the fact was that Kumo may have just made a powerful enemy and if the Rikage wanted to have any hope of using this new land to Kumo's benefit then they needed to plan accordingly but all that wasn't gonna happen if they weren't made aware of the enemy the squad had been confronted with.

"Al-alright I'll go!" One of the more anxious members of the squad said before taking off in the direction of the ship that everyone used to come here. The second ninja had a sinking suspicion that their ally was more concerned with wanting to preserve their own life. While it wasn't praise worthy as long as the delivered news of what lied here in this new land it didn't really matter.

The second Kumo ninja turned his full attention to the woman who was his opponent before the two engaged each other with their respective weapons.

While neither fighter gave any ground the second Kumo Ninja was genuinely surpised by just how well the woman was using her spear. Where he'd try to occasionally to advantage of his weapons smaller size via forcing his opponent into extreme close quarters to keep her from properly attacking with her spear she'd respond by twirling the pole of her weapon around to parry his kunai with enough force to make him stagger backwards or to the side then take advantage of her weapons longer reach to keep him at bay and forcing him on the defensive.

While the weapon of his opponent's choice might have been considered a bit cumbersome for any shinobi to use by his personal standards, his opponent was not failing to bring an amount of potential with it that he could never have anticipated.

Regardless he didn't have time to be amazed he had to break the deadlock between them if he wanted any chance of surviving this skirmish or at the very least ensuring that the ally made it back to the cloud village 1. Deciding that a change in tactics was in order the second Kumo ninja broke his engage by jumping back creating some distance between the two of them before throwing his kunai at the woman who unsurprisingly deflected the incoming projectile with the head of her spear.

The second Kumo ninja went through a series of hand signs as fast as he was physically able to. At the same time the woman began weaving one handed hand signs.

The second Kumo ninja mostly ignored it, focusing on his own attack as he completed the hand signs for it. "Lighting wave jutsu"

A wide arc of lighting was created from both of his hands and sent flying towards the woman who completed her own jutsu as a mass of condensed air shot from her mouth which clashed with the lighting jutsu before dissipating it and continuing on until it hit the second Kumo ninja knocking him on his back and sending skidding a few meters across the grass.

'Was that the great breakthrough wind style jutsu?' He wondered within the confounds of his mind before his thoughts were cut short when the woman he was fighting used the opening her jutsu created to rush and impale him through his heart.


The second Kumo nin looked into the disgruntled eyes of his killer before silently praying to kami that he succeeded in buying his retreating ally enough time to retreat and report everything that happened to the hidden cloud village.

After the discovery of the new island nation Kumo shifted its initial exploration plan to a full scale invasion and over the course of seven months were met with a shocking revelation when their newfound enemy proved not only to be a formidable foe in and of itself but have the strength to actually stand against one of the five great nations.

At the end of the small scale war between Kumo and the new found nation the latter finally fend off the former after the elemental nations resources began to thin out too much and they were forced to give up on any hope of expansion.

Once the existence of this new land began to become known to all across the world it was discovered that the new land was known as "Raito" the village hidden in the Rays.

A new nation that produced many talented and strong shinobi that were able to compete with even many of the best within the five great nations.


9 years ago

"Kushina, stay with me please!" The fourth hokage Minonto Namikaze desperately pleaded as life slowly left the eyes of his beloved wife.

The reason for the grim situation the married couple were in was due to the sudden appeared of a mask man who suddenly attacked the couple as to matters that were already extremely bad right from the start due to this advisory threatening both of their lives along with that of their newly born son.

During the not entire confrontation the masked stranger had not only managed to kidnap their son forcing Minato to pursue and fight the enemy in question but also managed to forcefully extract the Kyuubi from Kushina before retreating while the beast went on to begin a devastating attack against Konoha.

Now Minoto had returned with their son and laid him down next to his mother who used what little strength she had left. "Naruto please grow up to become a strong and kind person who looks out for others and live a good long life."

With that Kushina turned to face Minato. "You-need to stop the Kyuubi."

"But what about you?!" Minato exclaimed, grabbing ahold of his wife's hand.

"I'm sorry dear, but I'm not gonna make it. But the people in the village can still be saved to hurry, it's your duty as the Hokage of the village."

As single tear fell from the Hokage's face before his expression became far more resolute as he picked up his newly born son. "Alright Kushina I'll perform my duty and make sure our son lives a prosperous life."


After the attack by the Kyuubi was thwarted, the fourth Hokage sealed the beast into a newly born child and sacrificed himself in the process of doing so.

His last wish was for the child who was named Naruto Uzumaki to be hailed as the hero who saved the hidden leaf from the nine tails.

Unfortunately this wish was not headed to any in the village, once the news was leaked that the child was the holder or more precisely the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi the survivors of the attack from the Kyuubi blinded by their hatred and ignorance saw the child and the Kyuubi as one in the same.

And with extreme prejudice the villagers ostracized, Shunned, harmed, and condemned the child to a life of solitude and suffering of the course of nine long years.

At the same time during the course of those years the newly discovered nation of Raito gained increased attention from the other elemental nations who were alarmed with the power the land's people seemed to possess and considered trying to destroy the nation themselves.

Tsuchi was the first to act three years after Kumo's initial failure to do so and waged a small scale war with Raito which not only stopped the attack from reaching any of their settlements but even pushed the battlefield back to the main continent forcing Tsuchi on the defensive before the earth nation was forced to surrender and call off their invasion.

Over the course of the next four and a half years Raito began establishing relations within the continent when clients began going to them to hire them for various missions allowing its people more widely known throughout the ninja world.

Alarmed by the name that Raito was managing to make for itself and its increasing client base, the elders of Konoha began pressuring the third Hokage to declare war and launch an attack on the nation.

A year and half later the Hokage is force to submit to pressure not only from the Elder but the most of the clan heads too and so Konoha launched its own campaign against Raito over the course of eight month which left both sides at a stalemate before the Hokage called off the campaign to end the pointless bloodshed.

And over another year of mending relations between the two factions due to the third Hokage's effort the lands of fire and light have decided to sign a peace treaty to signify an end to all hostilities.


Present time

Walking through the streets of the leaf village a group of five individuals were heading for the tower where the Hokage was currently waiting for their arrival. The reason for all this was a peace treaty between the Leaf and Ray.

Three of the five individuals were envoys from the ray who had come to officially sign the treaty in question whilst the other two were merely leaf Ambu escorts.

One of the three escorts was a man with a stoic look on his face in his mid thirties with block hair that was mostly cut as thin as possible save for the middle part which was much thicker leaver the man in with a somewhat fringy mohawk, his attire consisted of the standard Raito shinobi attire complete with a white headband around his forehead that bore the ray symbol.

The second individual was with another man who looked to be within his late twenties and had combed back brown which had a few fringes coming out of the top and back. Like the other Raito ninja he was also wearing the standard uniform for ray shinobi with the addition of a plain white short sleeved coat that went down to his thighs and had the kanji symbol for light on the back, the only other difference in his attire was that his headband was tied to the left sleeve of the coat.

The last person from the light village was a woman at least in her mid thirties with thick long flowing light tan hair and grey eyes. Unlike her other two companions the woman didn't wear the traditional uniform they wore, rather she donned a thick short sleeved borderline wool shirt with a thicker neck and black pants and white shinobi sandals. Her headband was tied around her forehead though it was mostly obscured for her bangs to the point that the only thing that visibly indicated that it was a ray headband was the white coloring rather than the (mostly) traditional blue color that leaf headbands. On the woman's back was a long spear made of pure silver.

Like her first companion the woman from Raito had a mostly stoic save for a hint of wariness for the people of Konoha. While both of her companions harbored their own misgivings about coming to the village of one of the elemental nations which caused them needless heartache and grief over the course of a mere decade the woman had much more personal reason to distrust anyone hailing from any of the five great nations after all the family she had started so long ago was ended before its newest member could even have a birthday.

That was the reason she had chosen to become one of the envoys for the signing of this peace treaty. She wasn't after revenge or anything of that nature, rather she wanted to be sure that the signing went as planned so that no one else had to lose loved ones for stupid reasons like she had.

The Raito ninja with the mohawk placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. "Akamine you don't need to push yourself, you can just leave the talks with the Hokage to us."

The woman now identified as Akamine shook her head. "Thank you Kengo but I want to-no I need to see this through so I can certain that no more people have to lose their lives because of idiotic actions of whoever is in power."

Kengo sighed and withdrew his hand from Akamine's shoulder. "Very well, as long as you're sure I'll support you through it all."

The brunette placed both hands on the back of his head. "Let's not make a huge fuss about this."

Kengo gave the other ray ninja a look of disapproval. "Masayuki you shouldn't make light of this, if these talks go well it may allow the people of our nation to live in peace once more since the invasion by Kumo."

"Hey I'm up for peace if that's what everyone at home wants but look around the people of this village aren't exactly throwing a huge parade for us." Masayuki said gesturing to the scenery around them.

Even though the signing of the peace treaty would officially bring an end to hostilities between the ray and leaf the event wasn't being treated as a major event within Konoha.

Aside from curious glances and whispering and on somewhat rare occasions a glare from a leaf shinobi as the trio of envoys walked by making their way to the Hokage tower the locals of Konoha just went about their daily lives like it didn't matter.

Kengo figured it was likely due to the fact that the war with Konoha was a relatively small scale one compared to any of the great ninja wars he a heard about during his time on the continent when Raito was gathering what information the could about the world that discovered its existence, and to be fair the war with Konoha and even the earlier ones with Tsuchi and Kumo were a small scale compared to many of the local wars Raito had been throughout its history which were longer than a few months to a year and saw a much higher body count.

Regardless though it would still mean a great deal if Raito could finally regain its peace that's been gone since our discovery by Kumo assuming one of the five nations didn't decide to pick an entirely new fight for some other reason. "Be that as it may it's still for the best if we have this treaty signed."

"And if these leaf shinobi decide to go back on their proposal for peace?" Masayuki asked.

"We'll deal with and defend our home as we have been doing over the course of this last decade."

Masayuki shrugged. "Fair enough. Still try not to be so uptight about this."

Kengo had to resist the urge to rebuke his friend but refrained from replying nonetheless.

Meanwhile Akamine who had been silently walking between the two stopped in her tracks and looked down on of the road that diverted from the path leading to the Hokages as the rest of the group went on ahead a few steps before they noticed the female envoy looking down the side road with a look of shock which quickly turned into one that was a mix between rage of disgust.

Kengo noticed the look on Akamine's face which gave him a feeling of dread. "Akamine what's wr-"

Before Kengo could finish his sentence Akamine in a split second had drawn her spear from her back and dashed down the side road at speeds only higher level shinobi could even hope to even remotely perceive.

'Akamine, please don't do anything that's going to break down negotiations before they begin!' Kengo thought as he went to give chase.


"Get back here demon!" The voice of an angry man who was part of a mob of around twenty roared out.

"Leave me alone, I didn't do anything!" Exclaimed a small boy with blonde spiky hair and six whisker-like marks on his cheeks as he ran for his life from the crowd.

The reason for this predicament was because the boy of about nine years of age in question had tried to buy some type of food after finding the only place which was a raman stand owned by a father and daughter that didn't turn him away or try to overcharge him by an unreasonable amount was closed today and to make matters worse his apartment was out of food.

As such he was forced to look for another place that would allow to buy something. When he went to the food store he was quite literally thrown out and from there was forced to look for any food stand he could get something or anything to eat. Unfortunately his luck didn't fare any better.

Every individual stand either turned him away or tried to increase the price he couldn't afford. As he continued his search the treatment he received from stand owners became more heated as the escalated to threats that start from being along the lines of "Get away my stand or you're gonna get hurt!" to "Get out of this part of the village before we make you pay for what you did demon!"

The boy wanted to just leave before the villagers decided to get violent but his need for food forced him to try to find some place that would sale him something. Eventually one of the previously stand owners who had already turned him away decided to follow him and physically attack the kick ground him to the ground.

Naruto attempted to apologize and finally leave before the stand owner simply continued their assault, hosting the boy up by his shirt and yelling. "You think you can simply wipe away everything you did demon?" before throwing the boy to the ground whilst a crowd of villagers and even a few leaf shinobi began gathering and throwing insults and various objects at the boy, one of which hit the side of his forehead drawing blood.

With tears leaking from his eyes he got up and began running from the crowd which immediately gave chase, one of them yelling "It's time you pay for all the people you've taken away including our beloved fourth Hokage!"

The boy ran towards the main street of the village however before he could reach the main street one of the members of the crowd caught him by the back of his shirt and threw him to the ground and within seconds the crowd had him second and began to lay into him with kicks, punches, and various objects.

The boy desperately tried to shield himself the best he could but it didn't do him any good. As he cried waiting for the beating to come to end.

As his world was engulfed by pain it felt like the beating was going to last forever or until he lost consciousness until suddenly the blows all stopped coming giving the boy a sense of relief before he registered the no one was hitting him anything anymore and opened his eyes to see why everyone stopped hurting him and was met with a sight that left in utter confusion.

A woman the likes of which he had never seen before was standing protectively in front of him holding a spear at the ready and many actually most of the crowd that was previously attacking him were now on the ground in pain.

The only exception were the few shinobi that were a part of the mob.


To say that Akamine was disgusted by the display she was seeing was something of an understatement. When she and her two follow light jonin she wasn't sure what kind of sights she would be met with when she came to konoha but even if it wasn't going to be anything that was pleasant this display of brutality went beyond even whatever expectation she could have had thanks to the distrust she held for the elemental nations as a whole.

A mob of Konoha citizens made up of not only civilians but three leaf shinobi were ganging up on one of their own and beating them mercilessly and to make matters worse was who the target of the wrath was.

A mere child probably not even in the double digits of their own age by the look of them. What in Kami's name could possess people to fall to this level of pure barbarism? Whatever the reason it was ultimately irrelevant.

Akamine already decided that she had seen enough and within mere seconds she closed the distance between herself and the mob, drew her spear from her back and swing it herizonal whilst channeling chakra into it creating a crescent shaped mass of condensed wind which slammed into the crowd flinging them all away from the child as she got between him and the part of the mob namely the three leaf shinobi that weren't now on the ground groaning in pain from the sudden impact of her attack.

"Why the hell are you interfering?!" One of the shinobi demanded it.

"To put a stop to this ridiculous display." Akamine replied.

The leaf shinobi was about to retort when he noticed the white headband wrapped around her head and now fully registered the spear in her hand. "Wait, you're one of the shinobi from the ray village!"

"What of it?"

"Last I heard you're supposed to be heading to meet the Hokage to sign a peace treaty. Are you trying to cause any peace talks to break down before they've even begun? Because that's what you're well on your way to doing just that by unjustly attacking leaf citizens."

"This is a separate matter from signing the peace treaty, besides I made sure that my attack wasn't lethal so all of the morons hit by it will live."

Akamine shot a quick glance at the child who was now staring at her with mixed emotions, the most prominent ones being confusion and hope before turning back to the remainder of the boy's assaulters. "Besides I'd say your attack against a defenseless child is far more unjust than anything I just did."

"Like hell it is, besides what happens to that brat is none of your business."

"Regardless of whether or not it's my business my stance on the matter isn't changing, there's no war a child civilian could have done anything to warrant being beaten half to death like this."

The leaf shinobi scowled. "What do you know, that's no child it's a demon."

"I wonder which one of us is truly the fool."

"This is your last chance, move aside or you're going to get hurt."

"Same with you, you have the choice of leaving here unscathed and being sent to the infirmary."

"You asked for it!" The leaf shinobi exclaimed before drawing a kunai and dashing at Akamine intent on teaching a lesson for daring to stand against a ninja of one of the five great nations.

When he got close he swung his kunai at Akamine's face intending to leave a scar on the face of the lowly Raito shinobi she ducked under his attack and slammed the flat side of her spear head into his face with enough force to shatter his cheekbone amd render him unconscious.

One of the remaining two leaf shinobi that was watching the exchange until now stared in shock at the unconscious form of their fellow leaf shinobi. The man was an accomplished chunin who had been through a good number of C ranks missions and even a fair number of B ranks yet in spite of that this woman from some insignificant land that no one knew existed until just over a decade ago wielding a ridiculous weapon for any shinobi to ever use defeated him with shocking ease.

Before he could decide on whether or not to try and retaliate against her, the two ambu escorts leapt between them. "That's enough!" One of them declared before turning his attention to the leaf shinobi.

"If you don't stop your course of action you will be arrested."

"But that damn foreigner is getting in the way of us punishing the demon."

"You're a shinobi of Konoha aren't you? You should have far more discipline than to attack a mere civilian child."

"But that boy is-!"

The ambu cut him off "It doesn't matter what he is, he's still one of the people we're charged with protecting."

"But after everything he's done to the village."

"The Hokage has made his stance on the matter clear."

The Shinobi scowled but left along with the other remaining Ninja who was still conscious. Afterwards the Ambu escort turned his attention to Akamine.

"While I'm grateful you made sure not to take anyone's life I must insist you don't go attacking the citizens of Konoha for the mere sake of it. You may be one of the envoys but that doesn't give you the right to do literally whatever you want with no fear of repercussion."

Masayuki was about to retort on Akamine's behalf before Kengo placed a hand on his shoulder and shook his head.

Akamine meanwhile not even bothering to acknowledge what the ambu's warning or the underlying threat simply turned her attention to the boy she had just saved from the mob before putting her weapon back on her back and crouching down to the boy's level.

Slowly as not to startle the boy Akamine reached her hand and cheek stroked the boy's cheek. "It's OK now, you're safe now."

The blond child could only stare at Akamine in complete shock upon hearing what she said.


The blonde child found himself having an almost impossible time registering what was happening.

The beating he was just being given was something that happened on a normal occasion and even that wasn't happening he was still shunned and despised by adults and fellow children alike and pretty much anyone in between.

He could scarcely get anything in terms of everyday resources whether they'd be simple house supplies, clothes, or even food with the exception of a single ramon stand when it came to the last one, as a result the child was malnourished and wearing clothes the barely fit him and living alone in a rundown apartment that could barely be considered a home.

He had no family to speak of, everyone hated him so he didn't have any friends, and even when he started going to the academy it wasn't any better.

Aside from the Hokage and the family running the roman stand no nobody in the village has ever shown the slightest bit of hospitality to the boy and even the exceptions in question hadn't done that much granted the latter wasn't in a position to do anything more than they had but still.

For the blonde child this was the absolute first time that someone has ever truly gone above and beyond to help him and even protect him from those who wanted to hurt him.

The words of comfort from the lady kneeling in front of him had just given him lingered in his mind for what felt like the longest time before it truly registered with the boy or even the warmth of her hand caressing his cheek.

A single tear fell from the boy's eyes before another from his other one and within the following moments the boy found himself fighting to keep himself from bawling outright. "Thank you, thank you." Was all he could manage to get out.

"You're welcome. Can you tell me your name?" The lady asked, wearing a kind smile.

"N….Naruto Uzumaki."

"Do you want to bring back home to your parents?"

Naruto's face became downcast. "I don't have any?"

"I see, do you have any siblings?"


"Don't you have any family or at least someone taking care of you?"


That final answer left Akamine with a sense of shock but aside from a momentary pause didn't let it show. "Naruto, who is taking care of you?"

"No one, I was thrown out of the orphanage when I turned four because no one wanted me there. The old man gave my own apartment but I live there by myself since no one wants me."

Akamine gave another pause that was longer than before she did something that shocked Naruto as well as the Ambu escort when she scooped Naruto up in her arms and began stroking the top of his head.

Naruto found himself more shocked than ever before as he felt the warmth from Akamine's embrace and practically found himself wondering if this was what it meant to have a mother and maybe even wishing that it wouldn't end.

"Well Naruto, how would you like to have an actual home where you can have a family and even friends who care for you?"

Naruto looked at Akamine uncertain if he had truly just heard her right. A place where he has someone to come home to with people who don't hate him for reasons he didn't understand.

For as long as he could remember everyone in the village had always resented him calling him a demon and simply shunned him on the best of days and beat him on the worst not unlike today, the teachers and fellow students at the academyg despised him as much as the villagers. He decided to aim to be the next Hokage to change everyone's view of him so he would finally be accepted by other people since it was seemingly his only hope.

But if he had another way that ensured that he could be accepted by others for who he was….

"You can really do that?"

"Yes, I have to meet with the Hokage first but I promise you that I'll give you a much fairer life than what you've been given."

"You mean you'll be my mother?" Naruto asked with hope prevalent in his eyes.

Akamine smiled. "Of course. So what do you say?"

Naruto threw his arms around Akamine's neck and buried his face within her shoulder. "Yes!"

"Then wait at your apartment for now, I'll be there to pick you up after I'm done with the meeting." Akamine replied as she set Naruto down.

Naruto ran off without another word, happy that he was finally going to finally have a family and maybe even friends after today.

Meanwhile the ambu who had previously tried to threaten Akamine scowled under his mask. 'As if you'd ever be allowed to take our village's Jinchuriki you bitch.'

He already disliked Akamine for daring to intervene and stopping that demon from getting his just punishment for all he had done to the village forcing the ambu escort himself to put an end to the entire skirmish before it escalated and even act like he cared for the demon's well being when in reality he wished for the demon's demise to.

At the very least he could look forward to seeing the ray ninja's face when the Hokage denied her request to adopt the demon. Maybe it would teach her where her place was in the world.

After the exchange with the mob and Naruto was over the light trio along with the two Ambu escorts continued making their way to the Hokage tower.

Luckily the rest of the trip to their intended destination went without incident and within the next few minutes they had arrived at the front lobby where the receptionist greeted them.

"You must be the ambassadors from Raito, please head to the second from the top floor, the Hokage is waiting for you along with all of Konoha's clan heads."

The three envoys and ambu escorts headed to where they were instructed to and soon arrived at the meeting room where they were met with the sight of all the clan heads, the civilian council, and the Hokage including both of his advisors sitting on either side of him. "I am pleased to see you could make it here."

"We came with hopes that we could finally see peace return for our people." Kengo replied curtly.

"And our side shares that hope." The third Hokage replied. 'Though many here in Konoha are reluctant for it' he thought.

Hirozen remembered when just over a year ago both of his advisors Koharu and Hamora first started trying to convince him that the land of light needed to be destroyed once it became apparent that the land's new client base was beginning to cut into Konoha's own.

Personally Horizen didn't think that called for a war since the amount of lost clients was minimal so Konoha's revenue didn't receive any real dent but once his two advisors got the support of the more arrogant and egotistical clan heads he was left with little choice but to comply with everyone's wish.

It was almost ironic when the plan to destroy Raito didn't play out as nearly favorably as everyone thought. Even though Raito had already fought off two near consecutive invasions from both Kumo and Tsuchi, those who supported the invasion that Konoha launched thought that Raito would easily fall since it wasn't one of the five elemental nations or even renowned by the rest of the world for any defining trait and brushed of the ray's previous victories off as a fluke.

So imagine the shock of the clan heads' when not only Raito proved to have shinobi that not only could stand against the average leaf nin but even go against their most distinguished jonin and clans blow for blow. Hell practically all of the latter lost a fair number of members, this included the Nara, Inuzuka, Achamichi, Aburame, Yamanaka, and even some of the Hyuga who were renowned as being some of the leaf's strongest due to their famed dojutsu the Byakugan.

On top of that there were now the discovery of their light release as well as unconfirmed reports of some of the ray's ninja even utilizing some type of new bloodline that is unlike anything seen before. The only information Hiruzan had ever received about the matter was that the abilities of the bloodline were mistaken for the ray's light release initially but it was proven to be something completely different operating under a completely different set of physical laws than any normal jutsu or known bloodline to date.

While the wake up call to the true strength that the ray village possessed may have been a bitter pill for a lot of Konoha's political figures to swallow at the very least it meant that Horuzan could put an end to the needless bloodshed, while the circumstances surrounding it weren't ideal he'd take whatever positive he could get.

"Then may the signing of this treaty mark the end to a long stream of pointless battles. Those of us who live in Raito are tired of wars that result in nothing more than the loss of life." Kengo replied.

A few members of the Leaf's figures scowled at that statement. While Konoha may have been the aggressor it wasn't like Raito was the only one to suffer, many shinobi from Konoha were also killed when the fighting took place.

"Of course I believe no one here harbors the desire for anymore fighting." The third Hokage replied though he knew that wasn't entirely true. His former friend Danzo had expressed his personal belief that the leaf should have kept the war going until it had achieved absolute victory over their new found enemy and that such a victory was worth any price.

Regardless, after today the leaf and ray would cease all hostilities. "Might I have your names?" Hiruzen inquired.

"Kengo, a simple Jonin of the ray." Came Kengo's curt introduction whilst Masayuki smirked.

"The name's Masayuki, beyond that all you people need to know is that I'm here to support my best friend but if any of you want to pick a fight with us you'll definitely be getting one from me."

The clan head of the Hyuga glared. "That almost sounds like a challenge for us." The Hyuga followed up by activating his Dojustu but Masayuki simply maintained his grin.

"No, just that if any of you feel like firing the first blow then I'm more than ready to respond in kind."

"Enough." Hiruzen said to both of them. "We're here to to sign the peace treaty and put an end to the fighting between our villages not perpetuate it."

The Hyuga clan head grunted and deactivated his dojutsu whilst Kengo shot a disapproving look at Masayuki who held his hands up in defense. "What? It's not like I drew a weapon or anything so stop giving me the stink eye."

"You might not have drawn any type of weapon but you had best refrain from making anymore comments that can easily be interpreted as a threat and in turn provoke a reaction from the shinobi of Konoha. Do you think anyone back in Raito would be happy if they found out all peace talks broke down and the war was going to continue simply because of a poor choice of words from you?"

"N-no." Masayuka conceded.

"Then please think before you speak."

After Masayuka drooped his shoulders in defeat the Hokage turned to the final ambassador silently inquiring their name.

"Akamine Ishihara." The tan woman said stoically.

"Good now that we have introductions out of the way I believe we can now began going over the terms of the peace treaty."

Soon talks of the terms began and majority of the talking of Raito's behalf was carried out by Kengo since he couldn't trust Masayuki not to say anything else that could potentially caused the entire affair to break down and in Akamine's case while she had a genuine desire to make absolutely sure that the signing went through she didn't have much anything to say to any of the leaf nin.

The terms of the peace treaty were fairly simple, it mainly established that neither the ray or leaf could invade the other and that their shinobi needed permission to enter each other's respective villages should the need arise.

Another term was that neither village could go out of their way to intentionally take clients from the other since that was the main reason for the conflict between the two on paper at least.

If one wanted to oversimplify the terms in a single sentence it could essentially be chucked up to "you don't mess with us, we don't mess with you".

The only term that would actually keep the two nations of light and fire involved was the expectation that the next time the chunin exams were held in the leaf in a couple of years the ray would be expected to take part in them.

When all the terms were discussed the trio officially signed the peace treaty. "I'm happy that our two nations are no longer." Hiruzen announced earning a nod from Kengo.

"I feel the same way as will the people back in our own village once they hear the news." Kengo replies.

"I'm sure they, with the signing of the treaty I believe that should conclude these talks of peace unless there's something else one of you want to discuss."

"As a matter there is though its a different matter from the peace between our respective nations." Akamine said.

"And what might it be?" The third Hokage asked.

"There's an orphaned child that if at all possible I'd like to adopt."

The third Hokage was caught off guard by this, he was previously a bit on guard when this woman confirmed that there was something aside from the treaty she wanted to talk about since he wasn't sure what to expect.

The adoption of an orphan was well outside of anything he could have expected since this was another shinobi however this was actually something that could without a doubt be considered good. Since the attack by the Kyuubi nine years ago Konoha had too many orphans. If even one of them gained a new home and family it would be nothing short of a miracle even if that new home was in another land.

Without any words all the leaf civilian council and clanheads along with both Hotora and Kohara left, seeing this new development as nothing of interest.

Once the room was cleared out and it was just the three ray shinobi and Hiruzen he shot off the obvious question. "Who is this child that you wish to take with you?"

"A child who goes by the name Naruto Uzumaki."

The Hokage for once in what might have been quite a few decades found himself losing his composer with his mouth opening and closing repeatedly from the sheer shock of that answer Akamine gave him.

He was glad that none of the civilian council, clanheads, either of his advisors, or Kami forbid his former friend Danzo were around right to hear this request.

If they heard a foreign Shinobi requesting to to take the leaf's Jinchuriki of all people, Hiruzen didn't even want to think of the headache their reactions would cause.

Of all people,the person this woman wanted to take with her, it had to be the legacy of the fourth Hokage Naruto Uzumaki. "Is there a reason you're interested in Naruto of all children?"

On our way to the tower I witnessed the boy being beaten by an entire mob of civilians and even a few shinobi from this very village so I intervened, putting a stop to it."

"You didn't take anyone's life did you?"

"No I made sure to use no more force than necessary." Came Akamine's reply before Kengo followed up.

"I can vouch for that. Akamine only went as far as to stop the crowd from needlessly trying to harm a child. The worst she did was give one of your shinobi a broken cheek bone.".

"That's a relief to hear." Hiruzen said. Hearing that news he couldn't help but feel conflicted. On one hand he couldn't exactly condone the idea of foreigners attacking the people of Konoha but at the same time he couldn't completely condone Akamine either since she did what he wished the shinobi of Konoha would take more initiative to do.

The most Hiruzen could do was occasionally have Ambu watch over Naruto and ensure he was safe but they couldn't always be around for that and even during the times they were they'd more often than not act slowly allowing the boy to receive severe injuries if he was attacked by the villagers on their watch and only intervene just fast enough to keep Naruto from being killed.

"While we're on the subject I'd like to inquire why the child was so hated by the people of the village. I seriously doubt a mere child could have done anything to warrant such actions."

The Hokage sighed. "Indeed he hasn't in fact the child known as Naruto Uzumaki isn't actually guilty of anything so to speak."

"I see."

"However, as for the reason, it's not one that I nor anyone in the entirety of the village is at liberty to speak of and it's with a rather heavy heart that I must decline your friend's request. It's for the good of the village."

"You can't be serious." Masayuki said. "You mean to tell us that a boy who has no family who nobody likes and practically wants dead needs to stay in this village and suffer alone because it's somehow for the good of the village? That's a pretty twisted sense of humor."

"I assure you I don't wish to see Naruto suffer anymore than any of you. I have done all I can to ensure he was able to live a normal life but it hasn't helped much and there's little more I can do to ease his pain at this point."

Akamine had to push down a scowl that threatened to surface. "Then wouldn't it be better for him to be taken to a place where he can be accepted by others?"

Hiruzen groaned. "Believe me if it was possible for that to be arranged then I would have happily made it so, but due to circumstances surrounding that child he cannot be allowed to ever leave this village."

Akamine felt herself go numb upon hearing that. The Hokage had already admitted that Naruto's treatment was unwarranted yet he was also telling them that the boy had to stay here in Konoha where he was at the mercy of people who'd more than likely eventually kill him if the amount of hatred for him Akamine had already witnessed was anything to go by for the good of Konoha.

"I see." Akamine said. "We won't take up anymore of your time." With that Akamine left the room without another word as the other three merely watched her until the door closed behind her.

Kengo turned back to the third Hokage. "I won't press the issue of why a single child needs to suffer but the fact that Konoha is somehow benefiting from it doesn't paint its people in a positive light."

"I see but in spite of what impression Naruro's situation might leave you with the people of Konoha aren't as evil as you have likely deemed them to be."

"If you say so; we'll be taking our leave." Once Kengo and Masayuki were outside the room "let's head back immediately, the less time we have to spend in this place the better."

Masayuki shrugged. "The little revelation about that kid left a bad taste in your mouth huh?"

"I can't deny that outright but it's Akamine I'm concerned about."

"Can't imagine the news isn't something that doesn't have her blood boiling. She's not the type that likes it when children needlessly suffer."

That was a huge understatement considering that Akamine had already stopped that crowd from needlessly beating Naruto half to death.

As the duo got further down the hall and found Akamine standing in the middle of it staring ahead silently. Seeing this Kengo felt himself grow tense, he hoped that Akamine wouldn't do anything that would jeopardize relations between the two villages.

Walking up just beside Akamine, Kengo saw that rather than wearing an expression of anger, disgust or defeat Akamine had a look of determination in her eyes. "I take it you don't plan on giving up on the child from earlier but I have to implore you not to do anything that will destroy the peace our nations have just established mere minutes ago."

"Don't worry I'm not going to drag Raito into another needless war after its been forced into three consecutive ones over the last decade but I also don't plan on allowing Naruto to suffer at the hands of those who live in this place."

Kengo sighed. "Akamine, if you really intend on taking him out of the village after the Hokage of all people denied your request, it's not going to be as simple as walking out of the gate with him in hand."

"I've already accounted for that, he'll be coming with us once we leave."

"But we're leaving Konoha right now."

"Good, it saves me the time of having to convince you and Masayuki that we shouldn't linger here."

Kengo raised an eyebrow."then how or when do you intend to bring that child with us?"

"Send out a detection pulse and you'll understand."

Kengo become relatively confused by that request but decided to simply trust his friend and comrade and formed the ram sign with his hands and sent out a pulse of chakra and was immediately hit with a realization that almost caused him to yelp im surprise as he stared at Akamine.

"You're a clone."

"Yes, my original is already on her way to get Naruto right now."

"Okay but how does your real self plan to find him when she doesn't know where he went or lives."

"Simple, through a chakra signal stigma that she placed on him when she was holding him in her arms."

"So what's the plan exactly?" Masayuki asked.

"I'm guessing for the real Akamine to sneak out with us through the main gate with Naruto in hand under the veil of the light ray reflection jutsu."

Masayuki found himself having to fight down the urge to burst out into a fit of hysterical laughter. Akamine's plan was simple yet nearly foolproof. "If that's the case all we gotta do is make sure all attention is on us and we can make a fool of everyone in the place."


The sun had gone down for the day and Naruto was alone in his apartment, lying on his bed hungry and staring at the roof with an almost vacant look in his eyes.

As he wondered once again why he was given the life he had, everyone hated him for a reason that he himself didn't understand. What had he done wrong that made everyone in the village hate him so much.

He tried to apologize for whatever he did but it didn't have any sway with the mindset of the villagers, they continued to shun him, call him a freak, deny him the most basic necessitates for living, chase him down and beat him to the point of near death.

He went to the ninja academy in hopes of becoming the next Hokage so people wouldn't hate him anymore, it seemed like it was a forsure way to gain acceptance and he banked everything on that said hope sinne it was all he had keeping him going.

But at the academy the teachers ignored him as much as their positions would allow them to, which in turn left Naruto deprived of any of the proper resources he needed to make any true progress.

Essentially he was merely shown demonstrations on the basic fundamentals of being ninja and told to do it and when he failed the teachers brushed it off and gave him a failing grade whereas if it was any other student they'd at least take some time to show them how to improve their form so they could improve.

All of it made the hope of one day becoming Hokage seem too far away to the point that within the confounds of his mind Naruto began wondering if there was really any hope of him breaking away from the social stigma that made him an outcast.

A single tear leaked from the blonde's eye whilst he felt his stomach growl painfully. Was he always going to be alone and hated by everyone? What had he ever done to deserve this?

He wished he could escape from this hell that he had been born in, he wasn't asking to have everything given to him on a silver platter out of some misguided sense of entitlement, just to have what others had.

"Kami please take me away from here."

"I'm not so sure Kami can grant such a wish but I can." A familiar voice said, causing Naurto to sit up and saw the lady that he had seen earlier.

Naruto was once more shocked by this lady for the third time, first when she helped him then when she told him she'd give him a better life. After not being able to get any food and having to simply return home the earlier events with this lady had all but faded from his mind. "Why are you here?"

"To take you home with me, I'm pretty sure I promised to adopt you."

"You really mean it?" Naruto asked, he remembered that as the lady in front of him mentioned she had already promised to give him a new home but as the hours dragged on his nine year old mind forgot.

Akamine smiled as she pulled him into another. "Yes but first I need to put you to sleep. When you wake up we'll be out of this village and in our home, from this day onward you can think of me as your new mom."

Naruto simply threw his arms around Akamine's hips. Whilst she stroke the back of his head for a few moments before making the ram handsign. 'Play possum justu'

With that she placed to of her fingers on Naruto's head and he almost instantly fell asleep.

Catching the child's unconscious form Akamine placed him on her back after putting her spear in a storage scroll and then proceeded to form a new series of hand signs. 'Light refraction jutsu.'

Within a few seconds the newly formed mother and son family's forms both became increasingly transparent until they became essentially invisible.

'I need to hurry and catch up with the others.' Akamine thought to herself as she left the apartment through the window.


Honestly Masayuki was having a hard time repressing the laughter that threatened to surface.

Honestly the idea that the trio of ambassadors were about to make a fool of the Hokage with nothing more than the combination of a basic clone and concealment jutsu was just too amusing.

All he and Kengo had to do was simply walk out of the village with Akamine's clone in toe keeping the attention of any curouis eyes whilst the real Akamine would be following close behind using the light reflection justu which simply emitted a layer of chakra to reflect all light away from the user turning them visually invisible.

Though anyone under the view of light reflection could easily be detected by the right type of sensory nin or anyone that relied on other sense to detect something besides their eyes none of the shinobi of the leaf understood how the justu worked amd that was assuming they even had any knowledge of its existence.

And even if they did their attention would be on the duo and clone which they didn't even know was playing the part of a distraction.

Masayuki only wished he could see the look on the Hokage's face when he realized the child he wanted to stay in the village was gone.

Kengo on the other hand remaining almost stoic but on guard he had already sent out a second chakra pulse and was know aware that the real Akamine was follow only a couple meters behind the duo with the boy in toe.

Both of which were what he expected to sense along with any Konoha civilians and shinobi walking by so that didn't give him any cause for surprise there, what did however was the second chakra type he detected from the child the Akamine decided to unofficially adopt.

It felt inhuman and demonic in nature and put him on edge though for the sake of not increasing the attention on his group anymore than it was he remained near stoic. Still he had to wonder just what that chakra was exactly. Was it the reason the villagers hated and abused the child along with why the Hokage denied Akamine's request to adopt him.

Something told the ray jonin that taking the boy might lead to massive repercussions down the road but he knew Akamine wouldn't let that deter her from carrying out her promise to give the child a better life and if Kengo had to be completely honest with himself he supported her.

He had been a close friend of Akamine's for many years and regardless of the unnatural chakra the boy possessed he was still a human being contrary to what the people of Konoha believed. Simply put, that unnatural chakra did not justify hurting and shunning the boy.

And that's the end of this chapter so hopefully it gets off to a decent enough start because if not...well we'll get to that if it comes up.

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