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Just at the northern border of Konoha the trio of ray shinobi from Raito that had come to the land of fire to sign the peace treaty had set up a camp for the just off the side of the road with the group all sitting around a fire on logs with the newest addition to their group lying fast asleep in Akamine's lap.

Masayuki was keeping watch over a cooking pot that was held over the fire by a spit waiting for the food being cooked to be done whilst Kengo turned his gaze to the ray Konoichi.

"Akamine there's a concerning matter surrounding your new unofficially adopted son." Kengo said, causing the ray kunoichi along with Masayuki to look at him with curiosity before the former of the two replied.

"I'm listening."

"The boy, Naruto, he has a second chakra source within his body."

Akamine raised an eyebrow upon hearing this."You mean other than his natural coils?"

"Yes but that's not all, whatever this second chakra is it's in some ways like that of the Ten no seishins our nation utilizes in battle but also unlike them at the same time."

Akamine just gave Kengo a look that was a cross between uncertainty and confusion while Masayuki was the one to reply. "I think you might need to elaborate... a lot more."

Kengo just sighed in recognition of the fact that Masayuki was correct in what he just said. "To start with, whatever is inside of that boy is something that's not human."

"Okay isn't that the case with practically all Ten no seishins? A lack of humanity doesn't warrant this matter being that big of a deal."

"Yes but as I initially said before this chakra is also unlike any Ten no Seishin in terms of its nature and power."

Masayuki just scratched the side of his head. "Again you need to elaborate on this."

"To start with its nature does not feel nearly as docile as that of any Ten no sheishin."

Akamine's eyes held a look that silently told Kengo to continue. "If anything it feels rather malevolent and full of insatiable rage."

Masayuki leaned back and let out a slight grunt. "You think it has something to do with all that people in Konoha were hounding this kid with their BS?"

Kengo closed his eyes before opening them, turning their gaze to the fire. "I'm not so sure it's as simple as just being that alone."

Masayuki groaned hoping that Kengo would go into more detail about whatever he was referring to without Kengo having to repeat himself for the second time via telling his fellow ray Shinobi to "elaborate" again and luckily he found out within moments he didn't need to.

"Whatever is sealed inside of the boy, it holds no compassion for him, in fact it despises him even more so than other humans."

Akamine's eyes widened at this discovery. "But how can that be the case? even if Naruto is its jailer it wasn't his choice."

"I wish I could tell you but that's all the information I could ever glean for using a chakra pulse, beyond that all I can do is try to hypothesize possible scenarios that could have lead to the source of the second chakra's rage but unless we have the interrogation division look into it we won't be able to glean anymore information."

Kengo shrugged. "And you don't think you can glean any from the kid?"

"The boy doesn't even know he has this second chakra source."

Kengo raised an eyebrow. "Not that I'm having a hard time believing you but how do you know that when you haven't even spoken to the kid about it?"

"Because as I have already stated before I have a strong hunch that this second Chakra is the reason the child is so despised by his own people or at least that a very strong possibility it is."

Kengo's eyes widened in realization. "Yeah and back when we first saw this kid he didn't show any sign that he even knew why the villagers were so dead set on trying to kill him and label him as a demon and now that I think about it the kid's very label also points to the idea that the chakra you sensed in him is the reason for his being shunned."

"But if my hypothesis is correct then it begs the question of what happened with this other chakra source to cause it to be an object of such resentment that the boy was made to answer for it."

Kengo rubbed the back of his head looking at Naruto symphonetically. "Yeah I can see why we're gonna need to have the interrogation department glean more information about this kid." The ray jonin shifted his gaze to the one responsible for Naruto's rescue. "I understand where we're coming right Akamine."

The ray konoichi just sighed. "I won't deny having some personal misgivings about having Naruto looked at by the interrogation corpse once we make it back to Raito after all he's been through, I understand that we can't just turn a blind eye to this."

Akamine's expression hardened. "In spite of that I intend to stick to my decision to take him away from a place that would only cause him to suffer needlessly."

Kengo nodded in agreement. "You have my support in that regard."

"Thank you."

"No need to mention it, regardless of what that second chakra is there's no reason this boy- no Naruto should have to suffer simply for having it within himself."

Masayuki smirked at Akamine. "You can also count on me to support you every step of the way. There's no other way to describe how the poeple of the shithole were acting other than fucked up."

Akamine smiled while gently running her fingers through Naruto's hair. Speaking of which the person of everyone's interest finally began to stir awake.

"Mmm what...happened?" The Blonde child inquired whilst looking around and seeing the trees around him and the night sky above. "Wait! Where am I?!" He exclaimed upon realizing he wasn't in his room anymore or any part of the village he knew of.

Just when he was about to panic, Masayuki's voice caught his attention. "Easy there short stuff you're not in any danger."

Looking at the ray jonin and then at Kengo Naruto pointed a finger at them. "Wait a minute your the guys that came from outside the village."

"Nice of you to remember us."

"Wh-why am I here?"

Kengo laughed. "Did you really forget, Akamine decided to adopt you and become your new mom."

Upon being told that Naruto began to recall the events that happened in his room. "Where is she?" He inquired before hearing a giggle.

"Right behind you."

Naruto turned to see the woman who had essentially rescued him from the torment that had persisted throughout his short seven year old life whilst the latter simply placed a hand on his cheek. "To answer your previous question we're outside of your village and on our way back to the land of light in the next week we'll be back in Raito, your new home."

Naruto just stood silently for a few long moments processing everything he had just heard before replying. "When we get to your village, the people there won't hate me?"

Masayuki answered. "Of course not, the people in Raito aren't completely messed up like the ones living in Konoha."

Kengo smiled. "Insults towards the leaf aside Masayuki is right, once we get to the home land you'll be able to make friends amongst other things."

"Re-really?" Naruto asked still feeling uncertain about what the future would hold, all his life practically everyone had always hated him for reasons he never knew about even though he never did anything to them. Would things really be different where he was going?

Akamine pulled Naruto into a gentle embrace. "I know you must feel anxious about all this but I promise you that you won't be alone anymore."

Before Naruto could reply a loud growl came from his stomach much to his embarrassment and the laughter of the all three ray shinobi before Masayuki spoke.

"Don't worry kid you won't have to worry about being made to starve. We already and some food being cooked."

Naruto's head turned towards the fire and more so towards the cooking pot being held above it by a spit before smelling whatever was cooking which caused his stomach to growl once more.

"The food's almost done so just wait a little longer."

"Okay." And with that Naruto complied just staring intently at the cooking pot wondering with anticipation at what was inside.

It might not have necessarily been ramen which he had grown accustomed to eating more then a bit frequently since the stand back in the leaf village was one of the only places that allowed him to eat at their establishment but the smell made the small blonde more than a little eager to indulge in whatever was inside.

"So anything you want to do now that you'll have a better life?" Masayuki suddenly asked.

Naruto contemplated what the ray Jonin had inquired about. "Well I wanted to become the Hokage so everyone wouldn't hate me."

"Is that something you still want?"

"Not really, when I went to the ninja academy all the students and teachers hated me and went out of their way to ignore me. That was part of why I wanted to be the next Hokage but I'm not sure I can do it anymore."

Hearing this all three ray shinobi began to get an even more clearer pitcher of Naruto's situation realizing that not only was Konoha's population going out of its way to deny the boy most basic necessities but also potentially no actually it was pretty safe to assume to they were trying to stunt his growth as a potential ninja.

"Still want to become a ninja?" Masayuki asked.


"Well then your in luck, once we get back to Raito you'll be able to join the academy there."

"Really, I can still be a ninja?!" Naruto exclaimed excitedly.

Masayuki ruffled Naruto's hair. "Of course the start of the new class for this year is only four and a half months away.

Akamine shot him a disapproving look but Masayuki waved it off. "It's what the kid wants, he deserves a fair shot at it if it's a goal for him."

The ray konoichi let out a displeased grunt but silently relented realizing that her comrade was right before turning her attention to Naruto.

"If you're sure that's what you want then I'll have you registered at the academy when the year starts. Within moments of her saying Naruto had ran into Akamine wrapping his arms around her midriff and repeatedly thanking her.

The boy's actions caused Akamine to smile in spite of her own worries about the entire idea and stroke his hair.

Masayuki lifted the lid off of the pot revealing what looked to be rabbit stew. "Alright the food's done."

Upon hearing that Naruto began eagerly watching as the stew was poured into bowls and one was given to him. "Eat up, you'll need your strength for the trip back home."

Naruto didn't need to be told twice as he eagerly dug in to the stew after being made to fast the entire day by the people of the village and the while eagerly anticipating what his new life would like once he got to his new home before eventually going back to sleep to retire for the remainder of the night.


The following day the group continued making their way due north past the border of Konoha until they reached a small town within the land of iron.

While there Naruto couldn't help but become practically mesmerized seeing the place since it was the first time in his entire seven year old life that he had been outside of Konoha. Speaking of which the scenery was also vastly different from his former home if it could ever truly be thought of as that for him all things considered pertaining to how he was viewed all his life there.

That was also another thing, unlike in Konoha the people of this land could scarcely act any more different from those of the leaf. Unlike the latter who always either went out their way to either ignore him or glare and scowl at him, the people in the land of Iron gave the group he was with glances of curiosity and some even gave the boy what looked to be genuine smiles.

While for the average person this was more or less one of the most normal and mundane things in life for Naruto it was breathtaking to experience this. For once he was in a place where no one was trying to shun, slander, or hurt him, for once he was around a crowd of people who did not despise him for unknown reasons.

Seeing this filled Naruto with newfound hope that once he got to wherever he was going to he really would be able to find people who accepted him for who he was. While Akamine and the others told him the previous night that things would change Naruto still couldn't help but harbor some semblance of worry that that wouldn't be the case but after seeing the people in this town maybe he really could have friends.

"Come on Naruto we need to get to the inn." Akamine said getting the boy's attention when he began lagging behind getting caught up by the town's scenery.

"Oh! So-sorry!" Naruto exclaimed in surprise before running to catch up with the others whilst they all let out small chuckles.

Once the group arrived at the inn Akamine walked to the receptionist who was a lady around her own age. "I assume you are returning from your trip to Konoha?"

"Of course, starting tomorrow we're heading straight for the northern port town and from there our homeland."

Receptionist just smiled. "Understandable, I'm sure those living in Raito will be eager to hear the news."

Kengo smiled. "Of course ever since the first encounter between our land and Kumo nine years ago it has always been our people's greatest wish to regain peace."

"Am I to assume by that that all hostilities with Konoha have come to an end?"

Masayuki smirked. "Yeah, it seems that trash heap of a village's got one redeeming quality."

The receptionist sweat dropped. "I don't think any of the people from there would appreciate hearing you bad mouthing their home."

"Like I care, besides those people are the very reason that village sucks."

"If you say so."

Akamine placed money to pay for the one night the group would be staying there, causing the receptionist to raise an eyebrow.

"Um ms Ishihara, I think you might be overpaying."

"Actually the extra amount is for the new addition to our group."

The receptionist glanced in Naruto's direction. "I forgive me for asking but why is this boy now with you and who is he?"

Akamine simply smiled "As of the previous day he's now my adopted son, and his name is Naruto Ishihara."

This caused Naruto to become overcome with complete confusion. His last name has always been Uzumaki so why was Akamine saying his name is "Ishihara"?

Kengo, noticing the boy's confusion, just gave Naruto a reassuring look. "Since Akamine is now your mother from yesterday on forward you've inherited her last name."

"So then I'm now Naruto Ishihara?"


Naruto found an almost involuntary grin forming on his face, he didn't know why but something about the new identity he was being given filled him with a sense of relief like one more weight was being taken off his shoulders. He may have been Naruto Uzumaki in the past but now….

He was Naruto Ishihara.

Having the entire picture now, the receptionist pulled out two keys and handed them both to Akamine and Kengo. "Anyway here are the keys to both of your rooms."

"Thank you, we'll be returning later on tonight." With that Akamine and the others all headed back outside a bit to Naruto's personal confusion.

"Um say ms….." The blonde trailed off unsure of what to call Akamine.

"You can just call me mother." Akamine said.

"Um okay….mom." It felt forgein calling someone he had just met yesterday "mom" yet it was not a bad feeling so to say if anything it was somehow comforting in a way. Either way it would take some getting used to. "So what are we going to be doing in the meantime since we still got most of the day ahead of us?"

"Well me, Kengo, and Masayuki are going to help out with menial tasks around the town, you can just take it easy for today."

"Actually is there anything I can do to help?."

"If you want to, but are you sure?"

Yeah ,if I'm just sitting around all day I'll be bored out of my mind."

"Fair enough. You can help draw water from the nearby river."

"Got it." Naruto chimed as Akamine led him to where there were a fair number of buckets gathered in one place and occasional people ranging all the from kids around Naruto's own age to adults would grab the and head off towards the river.

"You just have to make sure to follow the others and you find where the water's stored. I'll be back in a little while to check on you."

"See you later mom." Naruto said before grabbing one of the buckets and running off in the direction of the others going to gather water for the town.

"You know I thought you'd be more persistent with having Naruto just relax for today." Kengo mused.

"I wanted to give him the opportunity to do so without the worry of someone trying to harm him but I don't wish to force it on him."

"Is there any other reason along with that particular one?"

Akamine grinned. "Yes it will also give him an opportunity to meet kids who don't instinctively hate him."

Masayuki grinned at hearing this. "I gotta hand it to you Akamine, that's pretty clever."

"Maybe but it will be up to Naruto to make the most of this opportunity."


Naruto eagerly followed the few others who also had buckets and soon found the river Akamine had spoken of come into sight.

A small number of people crouched down by the rivers edge gathering water from whatever bucket they had on hand.

Naruto quickly followed suit and scooped an entire bucket full of water before following another person who was also heading away from the river.

Along the way Naruto noticed how the place he was currently in was different from Konoha in more than one way, such as the smell of the air to the temperature outside which was noticeably cooler than Konoha but not so much that one had to wear warmer clothing.

The trees were still a bit numerous but nowhere near as much as in or directly out of the leaf village and mountain tops in the distance had snow at the top of them. Everything the scenery had offered was something Naruto couldn't help but be in awe at since it was all so new to him.

Once he got to the place where the water was taken to he dumped his bucket in a large basin that was made to hold all the water that was gathered before heading back to the river to get more water to bring back to the basin.

Once Naruto had made it back to the river for the second time he noticed another boy around the same age as himself carrying a bucket away. What stood out wasn't the fact that the other boy was around the same age group as Naruto since there were already various other kids around the town and even a few also gathering drinking water from the river What did was that the other boy appeared to be struggling not to drop the bucket they were carrying.

Just when the boy was about to trip over their own feet Naruto managed to grab them in the nick of time stopping the other boy from falling forward and spilling the contents of their bucket. "Thanks, i really didn't want to get back to the river to get more water before I got to the basin." The boy trialed off.

"Naruto Ishihara, and your welcome."

"Saito." The boy said, revealing his name before his eyes widened. "Wait a minute you're the boy that was with those Ray ninjas from earlier!"

"Well yeah, is it that big of a deal?"

"Yeah, everyone is still wondering what its like over there and even after its been like almost ten years its still the talk going around the world."

"Is this village really that big of a deal?"

"They are, ever since the ray village showed up on the scene it's managed to beat two ninja villages and supposedly three depending on who you talk to."

"Huh, they really did all that?"

"Well….yeah, didn't you know that?"

"Not until you told me."

"But aren't you from there?"

"Actually no, I'm moving over there from the leaf."

"You serious? Man my brother would be filled with complete envy if he heard about this."

"Uh why?"

"Like a lot of people he'd like to at least lay eyes on the place at least once just to see what it looks like."

"Does no one know what the place looks like."

"Aside from the people who live there now, almost no outsiders are allowed to even set foot on the land and even the few that do can never go beyond the port towns where traded goods are imported and exported from."

While Naruto had no idea what imported or exported goods were he was able to gather that barely anyone was ever allowed to go there.

"Well like everyone else I don't have a clue what the ray village is like but I think this place is pretty nice."

Saito just gave Naruto a baffled look. "This is just a small normal outpost town with nothing going for it and in the winter time it's down right freezing and the snow doesn't really help with that."

"Maybe but this is my first time seeing a place like this. Before yesterday I had never been outside of the leaf village so for me it's pretty cool seeing a new place."

"I guess but for me this town is almost all I've ever known."

"Is there anywhere you wanna see?"

Saito thought about it for a few moments before replying. "I guess the hidden cloud village."


"Yeah I heard the entire place is built around mountain peaks that are high enough that they are above the actual clouds. Can you imagine a place like that."

"Hardly. Thinking about it now, I might have to try going there one of these days too."

"Alright, by the way since your from Konoha you mind if I ask you what its like there?"

Naruto thought about it for a moment whilst bitter memories threatened to surface before he pushed them back down and he decided to answer.

"It's got warmer weather and a lot more trees."

"I'm guessing all the trees is the reason its called the "village hidden in the leaves" right?"

Naruto shrugged. "I never really thought about it but that would actually make some sense now that I do."

Naruto then remembered the ramen stand. "The place also has a good amount of various food stands in one section of the village you might enjoy if you ever go there including a great ramen stand."

"I'll stop by that stand if I ever get the chance." Saito mused whilst dumping his bucket into the basin as the duo arrived at the destination.

"Tell them that Naruto recommended you, they'll know who you're talking about."

"Do the owners know you?"

Naruto scratched the back of his head. "You could say that. I went there more than a few times."

"It sounds to me like you went there a lot."

As the two headed towards the river once more the conversation continued whilst they carried on with their task and before too long the sun had began to set and the basin was filled to capacity. After everyone who was assisting with gathering drinking water and emptied the last of their buckets they all began heading back to the town.

Once there Naruto immediately spotted Akamine waiting for him alongside Kengo and Masayuki. Saito meanwhile had separated from Naruto and went to whom the blonde could only assume were the other boy's parents.

After Saito had some conversation that was more or less inaudible because they were out of Naruto's hearing range the father of the group walked over to Naruto making the former Konoha resident a bit nervous at first before they surprised Naruto with a friendly smile. "I heard you helped my son out, thank you."

The blonde boy was momentarily stunned. The better part of his mind was expecting the man to have a much more hostile demeanor towards him not to be thanked for helping Saito. "I thought Saito could use it, he was about to drop the bucket he had."

"It's nice to see you're so good natured. If you're ever in town again maybe you can see Saito again."


The man laughed. "Of course Saito could use more friends his own age."

And yet another new experience had dropped itself right in Naruto's lap, back when he was in Konoha parents would always tell their kids to stay away from him. This was the very first time someone had actually shown approval of the kid being around and even being friends with Naruto.

"If I ever get the chance to come back I'll say hi to him." With that Naruto went to go meet with the Ray shinobi to head back to the inn which the were staying at.

"If it seems you managed to meet someone and make a friend." Akamine mused.

"Yeah I met him while I was gathering water from the river." Naruto replied before truly realizing that for in his life he had made an actual friend. Not just someone who'd maybe play with him for a single day before their parents told them not to or one of the ones that might act more tolerant of him but someone who actually was truly willing to be his friend.

Naruto smiled to himself with the hope of having people who will accept him for who he was becoming stronger now than ever before since he had met the Ray shinobi. If he made a friend here in a small outpost town within the land of Iron then maybe he could make more once he reached his new home within the land of Light. He soon found himself snapped out of his reverie when he felt Akamine place a hand on his shoulder and begin leading back towards the inn. "I'm happy to see you had a good day."

As the group entered the inn the receptionist smiled. "Akamine. I trust you got through your day without incident."

"Of course the tasks we helped with allowed the day to pass by relatively quickly for all of us."

"Are you planning on turning in now? The sun hasn't quite finished setting yet."

Masayuki just grinned while placing his hand on the hand of his head. "We'll at least be getting dinner first, can't sleep on an empty stomach"

Kengo shrugged. "He's not exactly wrong but just the same we do intend to retire a bit early so we'll have an early enough start."

"Trying to reach the port town and catch a ship heading to Raito within a single day tomorrow?" The receptionist inquired.

"Of course we wish to return there as soon as we are able, all things considered."

"Fair enough I'll have the waiters prepare the food right away."

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful with it mainly just consisting of Naruto telling Akamine more about how he met Saito and what the two talked about while gathering drinking water from the river.

Akamine was very happy to see that her plan worked for Naruto to meet someone his own age and see that the rest of the world wasn't like the people of Konoha. Both Masayuki and Kengo couldn't help but silently smile knowing that the trauma that was inflicted on Naruto as a child was going to be healed with enough time.


The following morning the group was up at the crack of dawn and making their way north through the land of Iron with as much haste as they could. The only setback they were really faced with was Naruto not being used to long distance travel and not having the stamina to endure it for the entire trip to the northern port town but that was easily remedied when Akamine decided to carry him on her back.

On top of that since it was just the three Raito shinobi doing the walking they were able to pick up the pace significantly and began hopping through the trees when they were able to, which Naruto found pretty exhilarating.

Within the span of just under four hours the group had reached the northern port town ships traveling to and from the land Raito used.

Once more Naruto found himself in awe with the sights, when it came to seeing anything built along a body of water the most Naruto had ever seen in Konoha was a pier. Seeing an entire town building along the ocean with numerous docks and boats both small and large was another thing all together. The excitable seven year old was left wondering which ship he and the others would be on.

It took a little while with him waiting with Akamine and Masaykyi whilst Kengo went to arrange for their trip back to Raito but the answer came when the Ray Jonin returned and led the other aboard a fairly size ship which in turn departed within the sum of around thirty minutes.

Once out on sea Naruto watched as the town the group had just left became visually smaller and smaller until it was out of sight.

"Naruto come here there's something I thing you'll like." Akamine suddenly said.

Naruto complied and went over to the side of the ship where Akamine was. "What is it."

"This." Akamine said before lifting Naruto up so he could see over the side of the ship momentarily confusing him until he saw the most amazing sight yet since he had initially left the leaf Konoha. Hopping out of the water along the side of the ship were a group of dolphins.

"Woooowww!" Naruto exclaimed with a smile on his face. "Real dolphins!"

Akamine couldn't help but giggle at….her son's reaction at seeing Dolphins, having a chance to see was certainly a treat for anyone who got the chance but Naruto's excitable nature made his reaction a bit more dramatic than most, not that it was a bad thing. It brought the ray kunoichi immense joy to see her child earnestly enjoying life for once rather than wondering if he was to be made to starve or why everyone else (in the leaf) hated him.

Further away both Kengo and Masayuki watched other two before the latter smirked. "So Kengo you wanna make a bet on how good of a shinobi Naruto will end up becoming?"

Kengo shrugged. "We might have to wait until Naruto's enrolled at the academy to make any type of bets, we currently don't have the slightest inkling to how much potential he holds."

"Maybe we should have snatched up records from the leaf's Academy before we left the place."

Kengo groaned in annoyance at that suggestion. "If we did that we'd have very likely been caught and that would have made our exodus from the village complicated and on top of that we wouldn't have been able to bring Naruto with us back to Raito and all that would be assuming there was an actual point to that at all considering from what Naruto has told us that the teachers there were intentionally stunting his growth via intentionally ignoring him."

"Oh...right." Masayuki said while scratching the back of his head in embarrassment whilst Kengo shifted his gaze to Naruto before placing a hand on his chin.

"Still since we're on the subject of his potential as a possible ray shinobi there's the factor of that other chakra he has."

"What about it? We already decided that we'd let the interrogation look into it."

"Yes but assuming the Naruto has at least the average aptitude for the shinobi arts if he's able to tap into that other power scource it could yield the possibility for him to become quite formidable, maybe even one of our nation's trump cards."

"Heh, sounds to me like we hit the jackpot finding him."

"Perhaps….." Kengo trailed off causing Masayuki to raise an eyebrow.

"Is there something more on your mind."

"Let's just wait and see how Naruto progresses once he's in the ray academy." Kengo said dodging the question which didn't go unnoticed by Masayuki.

Masayuki knew there was something Kengo was not saying pertaining to Naruto's second chakra but that just begged the question of what was it about the chakra in question that Kengo felt the need to keep it to himself. He already disclosed that it was immensely more even more so than any Ten no seishin and that it hated humans in general which he was pretty sure was the worst of it so what else could Kengo need to keep quiet about?

Kengo meanwhile just watched Naruto and Akamine in silence. "Akamine I really hope the adopting Naruto doesn't lead to anything too major if and when he becomes a shinobi, the number of possibilities is far too numerous, both the good ones and the bad ones.'

Whatever happens in the future Kengo would simply have to wait and see before deciding anything.

And that's the end of this chapter anyway I hope you all enjoyed it. I know no major action happened in this but and to be honest it'll be more than a day before we get to that.

Still it did give Naruto a bit a development now that he had a chance to meet people who don't hate him over something that he had no control over and see that he'll be able to have a family and friends once he gets to Raito. Back when I was writing this I considered introducing another one of the major OC charatchers in this chapter but decided it was best to wait until later to do so since….let's just say it wouldn't have made sense for them to leave Raito at this point in time but I digress, also Akamine and the others are now vaguely aware of the nine tailed fox inside Naruto which has Kengo holding a few concerns for what in might mean for the future if the last scene was anything to go by. Next chapter we'll finally see the ray village.

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