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Chapter 1

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

A rather tall woman snarled. Fists clenched at her sides as she walked stiffly over to two other women who sat comfortably in the grass. Yellow eyes flashing with malice as she ran her hand through her shoulder length black hair. She did this motion often, causing her long bangs to fly back out of her face. The dark aura surrounding her didn't seem to deter the more cheerful and relaxed atmosphere of the other two women.

Green eyes looked up toward her friend, "What is it now?"

Yellow eyes connected with inquisitive green and she growled, a sound that came from deep within her throat. She plopped herself down on the grass near them and looked toward her friend who asked. Long blond hair caught the sunlight brilliantly, while her bangs that swooped down over one eye were black as night. The contrasting colors made the woman stand out in a crowd. In the past they had caused her some unwanted attention.

"Did you see what squad I'm on?!" The tall woman's hand shot out, gesturing in anger toward the two as she made her point.

"No." The shortest of the three answered simply. She was perhaps the most normal looking of the three. Simple brown hair that never seemed to cooperate and large honey brown eyes. Her unruly brown hair and messy bangs helped to frame her round face. She tilted her head to the side and gave the angry woman an inquisitive look. "Why? Did you get placed in Squad Twelve?"

The woman rolled her eyes and looked away stubbornly, "No, not Squad Twelve." Her hand reached up to cover her face, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration, "Though I wish I did."

"Shun, which squad did you get put into?" The blond now tilted her head to the side, waiting for a response.

The three women all wore the uniform from the Academy. They had finally reached their goal and had graduated just the day prior. Their scores from their final assessments, as well as input from their instructors would help to place them into the squad that would be the best fit for each of them. Apparently, Shun did not appreciate her assignment.

Shun shook her head vigorously, black hair shaking everywhere. Her glare settled on them, "I know you guys are gonna make fun of me!"

"No, we won't." The smallest woman said, pursing her lips together.

The fierce glare shifted to the brunette and she snarled, "You always make fun of me!"

"Shun, please don't get mad at Yuri." The soft voice of the blond spoke up and looked between the two disapprovingly.

"Shut up, Rio!" Shun growled, frowning deeply.

Rio's lips curved into a smile and she closed her eyes calmly. She tilted her head toward the angry woman, "Did you say something, Shun?"

Shun's eyes snapped wide open and she shook her head vigorously. While Shun was the strongest of the three, even she didn't like to be on Rio's bad side.

Yuri looked between her two friends and smiled sweetly, happy to see Shun start to calm down. Or, at least, she thought she was starting to calm down. Her smile widened as she looked up at Shun, "So? Which squad are you on?"

The expression on Shun's face was uncomfortable. Her yellow eyes went from Rio, to Yuri and back to Rio before she scratched the back of her head and muttered, "Uh, Squad Eleven."

There was a blissful moment of calm and quiet before the two burst into laughter. Rio covered her mouth with her hand, stifling her laughter though her shoulders shook and tears gathered in her eyes. Yuri had fallen onto her back, not bothering to hide or cover up the amusement she felt.

Shun watched the two, her eyes twitching when Yuri began laughing so hard she said she couldn't breathe. A snarl escaped her lips as she stood, looking down at her two friends. "See!" Her hand gestured toward Yuri who was just beginning to pull herself together. "What'd I tell you?!"

"You probably got into that squad because you're always mad." Rio said between giggles of her own.

She crossed her arms just under her breasts and glared at them, "I'm not always mad!" She did her best to not yell at them, instead the words were forced out through her teeth.

Yuri sat up, grinning, "You're mad right now!"

"No, I'm not!" She growled out, eye twitching in annoyance.

"There's also the fact that you're always looking for a fight," the brunette laughed, remembering all the fights that she and Rio would watch Shun get into.

Shun scoffed, "So? Fighting's fun." She turned her body away from them slightly, frowning.

Rio and Yuri shared a glance before rolling their eyes in unison. If there was ever a squad made for their friend, it was the Eleventh. If all the rumours they had heard about the squad were true then Shun would have no problem fitting right in. Or, so they hoped.

"So, what about you guys? Gonna tell me what squads you're in?" Shun looked over her shoulder toward the two, curious but not wanting to show just how much.

Yuri grinned widely, "I'm in Squad Ten!"

Rio smiled gently, "I got into Squad Six."

Shun's frown deepened and she growled, causing the two women to tilt their heads. What could she be mad about now? Shun's arms flew out to her sides in a wide gesture, "Great. None of us are together and I happen to be in the worst squad imaginable! I mean," She turned toward them, eyes narrowing, "there won't even be any other women there!"

Yuri smiled reassuringly and held up a finger as she made her point, "But, we will still be able to see each other! When we take baths, breaks, days off, lunch and other stuff."

There was a moment of silence, Shun's frown seemed to battle it out with the bright smile until finally she spoke, "Shut up."

Yuri pouted and looked away, muttering under her breath, "Stupid Kitty."

Not a moment later the brunette yelped when her collar was roughly grabbed and she was hoisted up slightly. Yellow eyes flashed dangerously, "What?!"

She smiled nervously and held up her hands, "N-nothing."

Shun's eyes narrowed dangerously, "Why the hell do you keep calling me a fucking cat?!"

"Because your eyes are yellow, like a cats." Yuri's smile widened, knowing she was right.

Her frown deepened and her eyes narrowed. Shun's face was a stark contrast to her small friend's. Most everyone considered Yuri to be the epitome of the words cute and adorable. So much so, that most people found it impossible to stay upset with her. Yuri was far too innocent and sweet looking.

Shun spoke, her voice even as their faces were mere inches apart, "Just because my eyes are yellow does not mean I'm a cat."

Yuri pursed her lips stubbornly, "Yes it does."

"No. It doesn't." She growled, rolling her eyes as her annoyance grew. "So, shut the hell up."

The pout stuck to the brunette's face for another moment before she broke out into a cheeky grin. Shun's eyes narrowed and her frown deepened, what the hell was she smiling about now?

"You still love me." Yuri stated confidently.

"No, I don't." Shun's eyes couldn't get any narrower without having to close. Her brow twitched and all three women knew Shun cared. The simple fact that she had not beaten Yuri into the ground was enough proof.

Yuri clapped her hands together and tilted her head to the side cutely. A small sound of joy escaped her lips as she cheered knowing that Shun did indeed love her.

Shun sighed, dropping her friend who landed on the ground in a heap. "Why do I even bother?" She muttered to herself, the anger in her features lessened though it was still there.

The small woman leaned back onto her hands and looked up, smiling at Shun. "Because, I'm your friend."

She scoffed, "Yeah, apparently."

"Shun," Rio said, having watched the interaction silently, "please do not treat Yuri that way."

The two women shared a glance as Shun turned away and scoffed again. Yuri's head tilted to the side and she pouted. She gave Shun her best glare and Rio covered her mouth with her hand to hide her grin. Yuri looked more like an upset puppy than someone to fear. "Yeah, you didn't have to drop me."

"So? I always treat you that way." Shun turned her head toward them, offering a perplexed expression. Did they expect anything different?

Rio shook her head in disappointment. "Must you always act like that, Shun?"

"Like what?" Shun tilted her head to the side and crossed her arms across her chest. She wasn't too fond of people attacking her character. She was who she was and she wouldn't change for anyone or anything.

Yuri's voice seemed to pop out of nowhere, "Ya know! Grouchy, mean, stubborn-"

She didn't get any further in her list as Shun's fist had made a connection to the brunette's head. Yuri cried, holding her head in her hands as commercial tears ran over her plump cheeks. Shun stood, holding her clenched fist as if daring Yuri to continue.


Said woman faltered, yellow eyes snapping over to the blond. Rio's face was gentle as she smiled softly with her eyes closed. When she opened them to look up at Shun, a sickening chill ran up her spine. Shun didn't like that evil glint in her eye.

"Don't hit Yuri."

She was a naturally pale woman but what little color Shun's face held was gone. "Y-Yes ma'am." Shun glanced at her fist that was still raised and rushed to lock it to her side.

Yuri giggled, pointing up at Shun, "You're scared of Rio!"

She cried yet again when Shun's fist hit her again. "Shut up! I'm not scared of her!"

"Why are you always so mean?!" Yuri cried, holding her head.

"I'm not always mean!" Shun growled.

Yuri did her best to scowl at Shun and pointed a stubborn finger toward her, "Yes, you are! With the way you act and how you fight, there's a bunch of people who are scared of you!"

"Really?" Shun's fist rested on her hip, her tone letting them know she didn't buy it. "Alright, tell me, who's scared of me?"

Yuri cleared her throat, "Those nineteen students from first year. The twenty-one students from second year, and quite a few from third year." She held up her hand, counting on her fingers for emphasis. "Not to mention the sixteen people from fourth year, twelve from fifth and of course most everyone from our graduating class."

"...Shut up."

Yuri only smiled in triumph, happy to have won their little argument.

Rio smiled warmly, "It's so nice to see you two make up." She ignored the perplexed look on Shun's face and picked up the paper she had in her lap. For the umpteenth time that day she read it again, looking for their names.

Rio Sachiko, Squad Six

Shun Masuyo, Squad Eleven

Yuri Hikari, Squad Ten

She looked up, "Maybe in the future we'll all be in the same squad."

Shun sighed heavily, scratching the back of her head, "That would be nice. I can't believe I got put into the manly squad." She didn't have an issue with men, she just didn't want to be surrounded by them. Especially when she would be the only woman.

Yuri tilted her head, "I thought you liked manly men?"

"No, I don't." Her eyebrow raised in confusion as she looked down at the brunette.

She giggled, "Oh yeah, It's Rio that likes manly men." Yuri reached over and shoved Rio softly in the shoulder as she teased her friend.

Rio did her best to not react but she thought her ears felt warm. She shook her head while her two friends fixed her with knowing looks. "No, I don't."

While Shun found Rio's reaction to be amusing she changed the subject. Best to not poke a sleeping giant. "When do we have to go to our squads for orientation?"

"Tomorrow?" Yuri looked up and tilted her head, "I think?"

"Tomorrow?" Shun groaned and covered her face with her hand. After a moment her hand slid up into her hair, combing her fingers through it in that familiar way, "I'd hate to see who the Captain is."

Rio raised a finger to her chin in thought, "I believe the Captain's name is Kenpachi Zaraki."

Shun nodded, the name sounded familiar.

"And isn't Byakuya Kuchiki the Captain of the Sixth Division?" Yuri asked curiously.

"I think so." Shun said, face scrunched in thought. She never paid much attention when they were going over the names of all the Captains and their officers. If they were worth knowing, she would meet them. "Isn't that baby genius Captain of the Tenth?"


There was silence and Shun looked between the two of them with a blank stare. They really didn't expect her to remember, did they?

Rio raised a dark brow inquisitively, "Do you mean Toshiro Hitsugaya?"

Shun clapped and pointed to her, "Yeah, that kid!"

Yuri gasped, remembering a picture she had seen of the Captain, "I get the cute Captain!"

Shun chuckled darkly and wagged her eyebrows toward Rio, "But, Rio gets the hottest Captain."

The blond felt her face heat up and her mouth formed a flat line. Of course, Byakuya Kuchiki was the target of many women's desires. His good looks were more well known than his cold exterior. She forced a smile, "And you get the scariest Captain."

Shun's grin was replaced with a frown. She just had to remind her. She couldn't for the life of her remember what the guy looked like but she had heard the Captain of Squad Eleven was a hard ass. "Yeah, and I was hoping I was gonna get into the Seventh."

"Why?" Yuri asked, she wasn't aware of anything overly noteworthy about the Seventh Division.

"Did you hear? The Captain isn't even human! I wanted to see him and serve him." Her grin returned and Rio and Yuri could've sworn she looked happy.

Rio giggled, her hand over her mouth, "Oh, I think she does care about others."

Shun turned on Rio, frowning deeply, "Shut up! I care about others, why do you think I hang around you guys?"

Rio and Yuri grinned widely, their hearts growing warm at Shun's compliment. "Thank you, Shun." Rio said with her hand over her heart.

Shun scoffed, "Yeah, whatever." She turned, jutting her thumb over her shoulder, "Weren't we going for a bath?"

"Yes!" Yuri chirped in excitement. Without another word she was on her feet and rushing off in the direction of the bathhouse.

"Yuri!" Shun shouted after the brunette, "You idiot! Wait for us!"

Rio chuckled, standing and brushing off her pants, "You know how much she loves a bath. We all do."

Shun scowled off in the direction Yuri had run in, "Yeah, well at least we don't jump for joy when it's time to bathe." She rolled her eyes and began walking toward the bathhouse after her friend.

"You still like her." Rio said simply.

The taller woman frowned and looked over at Rio who stood several inches shorter than her. "She's annoying but still our friend. You make it sound like I love her or something."

Rio giggled, "Yes, we know you don't play for the other team." It had been a rumor going around in the academy for a while before Shun put a stop to it herself. People had been saying that Shun liked women, their only proof being that she only hung around Rio and Yuri and that she had never shown interest in a man. The group who started that rumor soon wished they had kept their mouths shut.

"Good. I'd be just a bit mad if you two thought otherwise."

There was silence between the two women as they walked. After several minutes of silence, Rio felt a large smile break out across her face. "Tomorrow. Tomorrow we finally get to be part of the Gotei Thirteen, Shun." They had worked so hard to get here and it was finally right in front of them.

Shun rolled her eyes. Her voice dripped with sarcasm, "Oh, I'm jumping for joy." In truth, she was happy as well in her own way. She didn't go through all those years at the academy for nothing. She needed to make a name for herself. Prove to herself and everyone else that she was strong.

The blond sighed and looked up at Shun pleadingly, "Please, don't give your squad too much trouble."

"Me?!" Shun asked her, perplexed, "What about everyone else? You've heard the rumors, those guys are all thirsty for battle."

Rio smirked, "You'll fit right in."

She rolled her eyes, "Oh, be quiet. At least I'm not with a bunch of perverts or something."

"Then you should be glad you're not in Captain Kyoraku's Squad."

"Why's that?"

"I hear he's a bit of a pervert." Rio said, shrugging and waved ahead of them to Yuri who decided to stop and wait for them.

Shun stopped and blinked a few times before she began to laugh. It started with a chuckle and divulged into a genuine laugh that had both women staring at her in surprise. A Captain of all people, being a pervert. Who would have thought!

"Oh my God, you're laughing!" Yuri exclaimed, pointing a finger at her friend dramatically.

Her laughing stopped and instead she frowned, "Shut up!" Shun walked ahead, fists clenched at her side, "Why is it that whenever I laugh everyone has to gawk?!" When she walked past Yuri she hit the small woman over the head. Not hard enough this time to make Yuri cry, only hold her head and pout, but it still hurt!

Rio sighed deeply, "Shun, don't hit her."

Shun continued walking, ignoring the two as they continued after her. Yuri rubbed her head, pouting as she muttered, "Delinquent."

"At least I'm not all smiles and rainbows all the time!" Shun growled over her shoulder.

Yuri's pout only grew, "At least people aren't afraid of me."

"Oh, shut up!" Shun yelled and walked faster to their destination.

Rio and Yuri shared a glance, smiling toward one another. The next day, they would go to their Squads for the first time. It was a day they had all dreamed about for so long and it felt like a miracle for it to finally be happening. They only hoped that it would be as good in reality as it was in their dreams. Rio, especially, hoped that her two friends wouldn't cause too much trouble for their new Squads.