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Chapter 2

Shun groaned as she walked after her friends. Today was the day they finally got to meet their squads. While Rio and Yuri were excited for the opportunity, Shun was dreading it. Every moment that passed, every step she took was a reminder of what was inevitably going to be a horrible day. Unlike her friends who were placed in squads that were decent and had a reason to be happy, she was placed in the worst squad.

When she thought back to when they first entered the academy, she had thought being placed in a strong squad would be beneficial. While the Eleventh was certainly full of strong Shinigami, it was also full of a bunch of psychopaths. Why couldn't she be placed in a squad that was a bit more normal? Like the Seventh, where the only thing weird was a non-human Captain.

She frowned deeply, looking between her two friends that were talking back and forth cheerfully, "Can't I just skip this whole thing?"

Rio turned her head back to look at Shun with a reassuring smile, "No, we all have to go."

The tone in Rio's voice was not lost on Shun. She growled and her eyes narrowed, crossing her arms over her chest, "Fine, but, if any one of them even touches me, they're dead."

Yuri smiled brightly, "That's only because you want to keep your-"

Shun growled and her hand snapped over Yuri's mouth. While yellow eyes narrowed dangerously, Yuri blinked simply, unaffected by her friend's behavior. Shun's lip curled back in a snarl, "Shut up, and keep walking."

When Shun took her hand away and continued ahead of her friends Yuri watched for a moment before smiling widely. She gave a salute, "Yes, ma'am!"

She rolled her eyes as they continued on their way. It wasn't long after that when they were all waving goodbye to one another to go their separate ways. They would meet up again soon, and when they did they would all have a story to tell.


When Rio finally made it to the Sixth Division she quickly found where she was supposed to go. She had always paid attention in their classes and she didn't want to be made a fool of by simply not knowing where to go. Smiling softly to herself, she took a deep breath before entering the room and prayed that Yuri and Shun weren't getting into too much trouble.

She looked inside and saw several classmates from the academy. Some waved or nodded their head toward her in acknowledgment and she smiled in return, taking her spot at the end of the line.

Rio did like talking to other people besides Shun and Yuri, but without them around she found it harder to be outspoken. Their presence was like a safety net for her to fall back on if something went wrong. When she was alone around people she didn't know, she would often feel that sickening twist in her gut. On occasion her mouth would go dry and her heart beat fast in anticipation. It was for those reasons most everyone at the academy regarded her as quiet and reserved.

As she took her place in line she blinked silently seeing one man in particular stiffen. They made eye contact and he rushed to look away. Then, it clicked, this was one of the boys who had spread that rumor about Shun. When Shun was done with him and his friends none of them could walk for weeks and Shun was suspended for about that long as well. No one was sure what happened. Shun never spoke of it and the victims certainly didn't speak of it.

"So, you're the new recruits, huh?"

Rio stiffened at the voice and looked straight ahead. Standing in the doorway was perhaps one of the most alluring men she had ever laid eyes on. He stood tall, shoulders broad and he held himself with authority. His aura alone was enough to make Rio feel heat rise to her cheeks. He didn't need the fiery red hair, tattoos or the devilish smirk to get her attention. Her eyes shamelessly traveled up and down his body for a few seconds before they settled on something.

She blinked yet again seeing the badge on his arm. This was the Lieutenant. And, she had been checking him out so blatantly.

Internally screaming, Rio smiled warmly as he entered the room further, looking them up and down. How could she be so sloppy? How could she be so indecent?

"As you all are new here, let's see how strong you are." He stood tall, pointing his thumb toward himself as he smirked yet again. Rio's smile widened, he certainly had to be strong. "I'm Renji Abarai, Lieutenant of Squad Six, I expect to see great things from all of you!"


Yuri hopped her way to the dojo where she would be introduced to the Tenth Division. She always moved with a spring in her step. There was nothing that could weigh her down as she was a bundle of nearly endless energy.

When she came to the door, she slid it open with a little more force than necessary. The door slammed against the frame and she blinked for a moment. Everyone inside jumped and looked to stare at the small brunette who turned her honey hued eyes toward them. She tilted her head and giggled, "Oop!"

She ignored the eye rolls from a few of her old classmates and skipped over to her spot at the end of the line. Her hands clasped behind her back, fidgeting with her fingers. Yuri couldn't stay still, there had to be a part of her moving constantly or she would go crazy. Even if that meant wiggling her toes.

Yuri looked up and smiled when she recognized a few people in particular. Shun had beaten them to bloody pulp! She couldn't remember what it was for anymore, but they had been out of commission for a while because of it.

"Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Tenth Division."

Large brown eyes blinked and her jaw went slack for just a moment. While most people considered Yuri cute, this woman was radiant! She would dare say she was prettier than Shun! Her bust was certainly larger than Shun's. Strawberry blond hair fell in waves around her shoulders and her bright blue eyes complimented her hair and creamy skin. As if the universe needed to mark her for her beauty, there was a small beauty mark just below her mouth.

The woman smiled brilliantly, "I'm Rangiku Matsumoto, Lieutenant of Squad Ten."

At her introduction, everyone bowed in respect. After a moment of bowing, Yuri bounced back up and raised her hand in an enthusiastic wave. "It's nice to meet you, Lieutenant Matsumoto!"

Rangiku blinked in surprise and looked around, quickly finding the small brunette. She couldn't remember a time when a new recruit was so… enthusiastic! She walked up to the smaller woman who was beaming up at her with a wide smile. "It's nice to meet you too." After a moment she couldn't contain herself and brought Yuri in for a crushing hug, "Oh, you are so adorable!"

Yuri yelped a little in surprise as Rangiku swung her from side to side for a moment. The display had the other recruits watching slack jawed. How did this girl get away with that?! Before Rangiku placed Yuri back on the ground, she returned the embrace.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Matsumoto." Yuri said with a deep bow once she was on her feet again.

Rangiku smiled before walking back to face everyone. She cleared her throat and placed a hand on her hip, eyeing them all for a moment. "Now, I want to see how strong you all are. This will let me know where you stand."

There were murmurs throughout the recruits, but Yuri only smiled. She had to wonder how the others were doing? Was Rio okay on her own? Was Shun behaving? She rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet as she looked up in thought.

The Eleventh Division was scary. But, could they handle Shun?


A menacing aura was not an unusual companion for Shun. Even as she stood along with the other new recruits in the training hall it hung in the air, unwavering. When she had entered the Eleventh Division she did her best to ignore all the looks from existing members. Some looked amused, while others were confused. What ticked her off the most were the men who looked at her like a piece of meat. Hence, the reason for her irritation.

They were lucky that Rio had convinced her to try to be on her best behavior. Although, had any of them said anything to her, it wouldn't matter what Rio said. She would make these men regret ever looking in her general direction. Some were more affected by her aura than others. Anyone who knew Shun from the academy, knew to try and stay as far from her as possible.

Worst yet, her fear was realized. She was the only woman there. Out of all the Squad Eleven members she had seen, none of them were women. Just great. There were many members already in the dojo as they all waited in the uncomfortable silence. It would seem that the rumors were true. Squad Eleven had an audience when the new recruits proved themselves. You weren't just given a spot on this squad, you earned it.

"Looks like we have a bunch of weaklings this year!"

The door had opened and Shun had to turn her head and squint when a blinding glare hit her eyes. What kind of reflective surface was that?! Shun tilted her head out of the glare and opened her eyes only to see the source was a bald head. "What the fuck?" She muttered as she looked at the two men in the doorway.

The man who's head acted like a beacon was bald, of course. There wasn't really anything more to say about him. He wore the usual shihakusho and she did happen to notice that he had orange eyeshadow on. Maybe, this guy was getting advice from his friend with the feathers. Standing next to the bald man was a man of similar height with cropped black hair. Feathers were flaring from the corner of his eye and eyebrow and he certainly looked flashy. Even without the feathers he was bound to stand out thanks to his orange covering that hugged his neck and shoulders.

"Not beautiful at all..." The man with the feathers shook his head. How could they get candidates that were not the slightest bit beautiful?

Shun narrowed her eyes as she looked them up and down. There wasn't any badge on them. Neither of these guys were the Lieutenant. What was so wrong with the Lieutenant that they couldn't come and great them themselves?


Shun blinked, the feathered man appearing only a few feet in front of her. She resisted the urge to take a large step back but forced herself to stay put. Just what was this guy up to?

Dark grey eyes looked her up and down, studying her every feature and detail, "She is beautiful." he nodded in approval, stepping back as the bald guy walked up to them.

The bald man quirked an eyebrow, "You lost or somethin?" What the hell was a woman doing in the Eleventh Division? He looked her up and down once and paused. Well, if she was as stupid as she was gorgeous then maybe he would let it slide.

"No." Shun replied curtly, opting for shoving her hands into her pockets. Couldn't they just move on and leave her alone? Surely, they had more important things to do than look at her like a piece of meat. With each passing second she found it harder and harder to hide her growing frustration.

"Why are you here?" Feathers asked her curiously, flipping his hair back.

Shun grumbled, "Trust me, I don't want to be." She blinked when the bald man stepped in front of her, his eyes traveling all along her body before flickering up to her face. What the fuck did he want? Was now really the time for any of this?

The bald man crossed his arms over his chest and smirked, "Well, I can't promise you a spot on the Squad, but I can promise you a good time. Why don't you come on down to my room after this?"

After a moment, the words processed in her brain and Shun faltered. What in the ever-loving fuck did he say? Did he say what she think he said?

Mistaking her disgust for some strange form of flattery, the bald man chuckled and gestured to the other men of the Squad, "I'm sure there are some other men here who would love to get to know you."

Her eyes narrowed and she could feel her fists clench tightly inside her pockets. He did mean what she thought he meant.

"Aw, don't be like that." The bald man said, noticing the dark look sweep over her features. "We could head to my room now, " he reached out and cupped her chin, "you must be exci-"

Before he or anyone else knew it, Shun smashed her head against his. The bald man fell back onto the ground and she was instantly above him, eyes dilated in fury as she breathed deeply. Her foot pressed into his chest, pinning the shocked man to the floor.

"What did you just say to me?! Do you think I'm just some stupid bimbo for your pleasure?!" She dug her heal into his chest roughly, a sadistic smile spreading across her face. "I'll show you not to underestimate me."

She picked up her foot in order to slam it back down in an attempt to cause the man bodily harm but he rolled out of the way just in time. Instead, the floor shattered and she had to rip her foot out from the floor boards. Several members from the Squad watched in astonishment at the sight. Feeling the killing intent flow from the woman, they all had their swords at the ready.

Shun looked up and grinned when she noticed the men all pulling out their weapons. She too, reached for her own zanpakuto. "Well, seems I'm the first one up. You guys wanted to get to know me, right?" She laughed under her breath, using her free hand to brush her hair back as she smiled sadistically. "I hope you're ready."


A sudden chill ran down Rio's neck and her eyes narrowed. Shun. She was up to no good again.

Rio didn't have time to worry about her friend though. She was in the middle of her own match and she was determined to win. Her opponents blade swiped past her head but she was easily able to dodge it. After a few more attacks that she easily blocked or dodged, they tried swiping at her feet. Seizing the opportunity, Rio stepped onto the blade expertly, pinning it to the ground. It's wielder fell back and when they next opened their eyes, Rio's blade was only a few inches form their neck. She had a soft smile on her face as she moved off of the blade, knowing she had won.

"Good job." Renji praised, stepping forward. In truth, it had been a long time since he had seen a new recruit move with such grace. She was light on her feet and didn't leave room for error.

"Thank you, Lieutenant Abarai." Rio said softly, offering him a bow in thanks.

Renji grinned and called the next two people up, allowing Rio to sit among them. It gave her time to think. What was Shun up to? What had she done to get into trouble this time? After knowing her for so long, Rio could just tell when something wasn't right. It was like a sixth sense, or a super power.

She blinked, sensing a powerful reiatsu approaching the dojo. Rio had not been the only one to sense it as Renji held up his hands to stop the current sparing match. "Everyone, please stand and line up."

Everyone followed his orders without fuss and Rio did her best to keep her head straight and look a head. But, when the door slid open she couldn't contain herself. This would be her Captain? Just the sight of him alone was enough for her face to warm. The pictures of him did not do him justice.


Yuri stood above her opponent who was kneeling down trying to catch their breath. The brunette reached out and patted the woman's head, "It's alright, just because I beat you doesn't mean you're weak." She helped the woman stand and they shared a smile before the losing woman found her way back to her seat.

"Good job, Yuri-chan." Rangiku said, ruffling the smaller woman's hair. She had to do everything in her power not to hug this tiny woman! She had already done it once but realized it was a bit unprofessional to do so in a situation like that. What would the Captain say?

Yuri smiled widely and bowed her head, "Thank you, Lieutenant Matsumoto."

She skipped back to her spot among the others and plopped herself down with a grin. She had to wonder how Shun and Rio were doing? Were they making a good first impression with their Squads?

Yuri watched the fight in front of her and noticed the sloppy foot work and the weak grip of their zanpakuto. She sat up straighter the pointed fervently at the two of them, "C'mon! Kitty can fight better than both of you!" She received a few glares but Yuri didn't care. The only glare that scared her was Shun's, and only if she was genuinely angry!

"Shut up!" The one woman yelled while her opponent shouted in agreement.

"No!" Yuri said stubbornly and stuck her tongue out at them playfully. The two continued on with their sparing and Yuri giggled. Riling up others just wasn't the same as riling up Shun.

She blinked, feeling a powerful presence walking nearby. Was that Shun? No, it didn't quite feel like her reiatsu.

Rangiku stood, bringing the spar to a halt, "Stand and line up, please."

Everyone did as they were told and stood in a straight line. Yuri smiled widely to herself, only stopping when the door opened to reveal a young man with bright white hair and green eyes. While Rio's eyes were a vibrant emerald green, his eyes were more of a blue-green color. While she knew that in Soul Society the aging process was slowed way down, he was still young as he looked to be at most sixteen and stood about half a foot taller than her. He didn't even bother looking over to the new recruits as he spoke quietly with Rangiku.

Even though she knew who this person was, her mouth ran away with her as she voiced her thoughts, "He's so cute!"


"Who's up next?!" Shun called out, grinning evilly as she twirled her blade in her hand.

The new recruits stood in a far corner of the dojo, wanting no part of the carnage that was taking place. They new what Shun was capable of and as far as they were concerned those guys who faced her deserved what they got.

Several members of Squad Eleven narrowed their eyes upon her. Their gazes flickering from her to their unconscious comrades on the ground. Shun placed a hand on her hip, her zanpakuto leaning on her shoulder, "C'mon! This Squad is supposed to be full of combat specialists! Yet, none of you can lay a hand on me!"

As several of the men growled, Shun found herself rather enjoying this. Maybe, she would have some fun here. Maybe she could actually like it here. If this was all that the powerful Squad Eleven could throw at her, then maybe she had a thing or two to teach them. None of them could touch her and it was a good boost to her own ego.

One of the men rushed her, sword raised to put this woman in her place, but he didn't get far.

In the blink of an eye, Shun kicked the man sending him flying into the wall of the dojo, but he didn't stop there. His body crashed through the wall and landed in a heap outside, causing several bystanders to come see the commotion.

Reinvigorated she turned to the remaining Shinigami and laughed, setting herself up for another attack, "Let's go!"

Or, at least she was going to attack, until a loud and gruff voice broke stopped everything.

"What the hell is going on in here?!"


Rio watched the man who spoke with the Lieutenant. She would have thought that as Captain and Lieutenant they would have a closer relationship, but the Captain's voice was cold. It was almost as if he didn't want to be there. Finally, he turned toward them, but he didn't look at them. He was looking past them, refusing to meet any of their gazes. "I am Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of the Sixth Division. I expect each of you to follow every order you are given, perfectly."

As soon as he was done speaking he made his way to the exit. Uneasy glances were shared among the new recruits. That was their Captain?

Rio smiled sweetly at the exit the Captain had left through. She couldn't deny that he had a beautiful face and a voice of silk. A man like that was sure to have admirers. A man like that surely wouldn't notice someone as strange looking as her. Rio nodded to herself once or twice, gaining a few strange looks but not giving them any attention. So, it was settled, her Captain was gorgeous but it didn't matter. He would never notice her.

Renji scratched the back of his neck and chuckled awkwardly, "Uh, yeah. That was Captain Kuchiki. As long as you show him the proper respect, you won't have anything to worry about."

Rio smiled. It was nice to see a Lieutenant act human, showing something other than an uptight demeanor. It was refreshing. She took a deep breath and looked up. Had the others met their Captain's yet?


Yuri smiled brightly. Perhaps she shouldn't have said that. But, no turning back now! After all, not like she had been lying!

Rangiku's hand covered her mouth as she grinned, doing her best to hide her giggles. The Captain slowly turned toward Yuri, spotting her easily among the other new recruits. His eyebrow twitched as he looked down his nose toward her, "What did you call me?"

"I called you cute." She said simply. "Because, you are cute. In fact, I would say I've never met anyone as cute as you!" She paused, "Wait, maybe I did, but he got older and ended up being more hot instead."

The Captain pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling his eye twitch even more. He took a deep breath and continued with what he was going to do before the woman had interrupted him. He ignored her and her wide smile. "I am Toshiro Hitsugaya, your Captain. I expect everyone here to follow each and every rule, or there will be hell to pay." He turned his gaze to the small brunette then, "You. I want you to come to my office when you are done here."

"Yes, sir!" Yuri beamed, bowing her head.

Hitsugaya nodded and walked to the door. He best nip this situation in the bud now. He didn't need a woman prancing around and acting like a child in his Division. She might be small, but she was obviously not a child and he would be sure to have her act her age.

Yuri gave a wave and a smile as the Captain left. When he was gone her smile faded and she looked down at her lap. Her lips formed a pout. He didn't seem too happy about something.

After a pause, she looked up, a determined grin on her lips. She would just have to change that then!


Shun stood straighter and stared at the burly man before her. He was huge! He had to be the biggest guy she had ever seen! Not to mention he was decked out in bells and his hair was full of spikes! Who the hell walked around looking like that?!

"I asked, what the hell is going on in here?!" The man roared, making every man in the room stiffen in fear.

"It was her!" Ever many yelled collectively as they pointed toward her.

"What?!" Shun said perplexed. Quickly looking around she chose a random man and pointed toward him, "That's a lie, it was him!"

"That's a lie!" The man screeched, pointing a finger back at her.

"Wha?! You little fuckin-!" Before Shun could take a step she was halted once again by the large man's voice.

"Who the hell are you?"

Shun turned to the man, crossing her arms with her zanpakuto resting on her shoulder. She met the man's glare with one of her own, her voice dripping from her lips like venom, "Ain't none of your business, Spike."

She had a sudden sense that she fucked up. Like, really fucked up. Her only indicator being that absolutely everyone was looking at her as tough she had a death wish. She frowned. What did she say? Who was this guy? Surely he couldn't be anyone important.

The large man growled, seeing the woman frown and look around like an idiot. "Do you even know who the fuck I am?"

Shun scoffed and rolled her eyes, "No, should I?"

The man growled, "I'm the fucking Captain here! Kenpachi Zaraki!"

Shun blinked. First once, then twice, and then a third time. This was the Captain? This big scary looking dude? No wonder everyone shut the hell up when she called him Spike. Knowing how royaly screwed she was, she didn't bother stopping the words that came out of her mouth.

"Oh, fuck."

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