Chapter 1: Nakanokitsune


That was the only thing young 5 year old Uzumaki Naruto could think. His breathing is heavy and labored. His vision is blurred. There is a funny taste in his mouth. Like metal. Blood. 'Where are my legs? Why can't I feel them?' Suddenly, Naruto feels another intense pain in his side. Another villager kicked him, hard. Naruto heard something else crack. He's heard that sound a lot tonight. He lands in a mud puddle and rolls several times. His vision is white and fuzzy. Everything around him... is starting to fade. Naruto is happy. 'I hope I'm dying. Please. Just make the pain go away.'

(Elsewhere in the village)

"And so, I propose that we amend the graduation age and requirements. Discard the personal jutsu requirement along with the taijutsu kata. Change the standards to the three standard academy jutsus and only the academy taijutsu kata. And decrease the graduation age to 12."

"Absolutely not! That will only decrease the quality of shinobi that our village produces! It will only create a weaker crop of genin that meet early deaths!"

"Inoichi is right. Request denied. Next."

Sarutobi Hiruzen is stuck in another pointless and boring council meeting. 'Random pointless droning. Ugh, I'm getting too old for this shit.'

"Yes, Hokage-sama. We'd like to request reduced taxes for civilian-owned businesses. The shinobi are able to make more money by going on missions. It's unfair that civilians should pay the same taxes shinobi have to pay." The shinobi side of the council grumble and glare at the fat civilian councilman.

"Request denied. Your argument is stupid. Next." Hiruzen says in a bored tone.

'More pointless shit... wait.' Hiruzen came to a dark realization.

"ANBU! Take all the civilian council members to Ibiki right now! They are charged with obstructing the duties of a Kage. You bastards, you dragged me into this pointless meeting to target Naruto! Inoichi, let Ibiki and Anko do the interrogation. I want these bastards to suffer!" Hiruzen shunshins out of the council room to search for Naruto. The shinobi councilmen watch as the civilians are dragged away by the ANBU. They glare at them, wishing they could get in on the punishment as well.

'Naruto! Please be hang on!' Hiruzen prays as he gathers his ANBU in search of Naruto.

Suddenly, an intense pressure envelops all of Konoha. "Hokage-sama! Is that-"

"No, Neko. I've felt this once before. It isn't chakra. It's far too... pure to be the kyuubi." Hiruzen says. He's right. It isn't evil or oppressive nor does it feel the same as chakra. There is an aggression to it but it's also different.



(At the same time as the council meeting)

'Huh? What is this place? Everything is white...'

Jingle* *Jingle* Naruto hears the sound of bells ringing. He turns around and sees a large man with an eyepatch and extremely spiky hair with bells at the ends. He has a maniacal grin on his face. He wears a white haori with torn sleeves and a black kimono and matching hakama underneath. He wears white tabi socks and traditional waraji sandals. He also has a long sword wrapped in bandages bound to his hip beneath his obi.

Naruto also notices a giant fox with red fur and 9 massive tails beside him... shivering? The man approaches Naruto, who backs away in fear of the massive man.

The man takes in Naruto's appearance. "Well... I'll be damned. You even have her eyes and hair." he says.

Naruto is confused. "Wh...what do you mean? Who's eyes and hair?"

The man chuckles. "Your mother's, kid. You look exactly like your mother."

Naruto is stunned. 'My... my mother? He knows my mother?!'

"Who! Who is my mother! Please, tell me!" Naruto shouts, running to the man and pulling on his clothes, begging him.

The man frowns and grabs Naruto by the back of his shirt, effortlessly lifting him to his eye level. "Calm down kid, sheesh. You're asking about your mother but don't you care at all about your old man?"

Naruto beams. "Yes! I want to know about them both! Please tell me!" The man chuckles.

"That's more like it, kid. Well for starters, I'll tell you upfront. Your mother's name is Uzumaki Kushina." Naruto is stunned.

"Uzumaki Kushina? The wife of the Yondaime Hokage?! Then... that means-"

"No, kid. He's not your father." The man interrupts Naruto's conclusion.

Naruto wonders what the man could mean. "Oji-san, if the Yondaime Hokage isn't my dad then who is?"

He chuckles again. Setting Naruto back down, he says, "Well, first, I'll tell you who I am. My name is Zaraki Kenpachi. And I am your father." Naruto's eyes widen at the man's answer. He chuckles. "I'll start from the beginning. See, Kushina and that bastard's marriage was a political arrangement between Konoha and her home village, Uzushio. Minato wasn't a good man. He was very selfish and power hungry. The two argued all the time. One day, she got sick of it and ran off. The day we met, I came here out of curiosity since my power wasn't restricted here. I found her in a forest outside the village training. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met." He chuckles, fondly remembering the day he met Kushina.

Naruto looks at his father in anticipation. "So? What happened, Tou-san! Tell me!" Naruto pleads, pulling on his hakama again.

"Ok, kid, jeez! Don't pull my pants off!" Naruto lets go and backs off. Kenpachi sighs. "Anyways, I laughed because the first thing she did was attack me, thinking I was a pervert spying on her. She was shocked that I defeated her, though it wasn't easy. She was one of the most skilled fighters I met. Afterwards, we talked and I told her my story. I told her who I was and what I was. I was surprised that she asked me to take her back to where I was from but I did. After spending some time together she and I ended up having sex and the time came for her to go home. She was given a D-dial so that she and I could communicate. Heh. I was shocked to find out she was pregnant."

Naruto was confused. "Umm, Tou-san. What's sex?" Kenpachi frowned. He explained what sex was and Naruto blushed hard and fainted from a massive nosebleed. When he came to, the man continued the story.

"The night you were born, I got a message from her asking me to come. She said it was an emergency. When I arrived, I could tell she was in distress. I saw this asshole over here," he points to the 9-tailed fox, "wrecking the place and decided to act. I fought the thing, beat it up pretty good, and Minato, being the asshole he is, sealed it inside you, dying in the process. He knew that you weren't his son. When he sealed the fox inside you, I also sealed a fragment of my soul inside you. So anyways, yeah. I'm your real father."

Naruto is speechless at the revelation. He has so many questions to ask but he decides what he wants to know first. "Umm, Tou-san?" Kenpachi smiles at Naruto.

"Yeah, kid?" he responds.

"What happened to my mother if you're here and she's not?"

He chuckles. "She's safe in the Soul Society. It was actually my idea to leave you here, thinking that the old fart who runs the place now would protect you. Bad guess on my part, kid. She's been recovering from the fox being ripped from her. It almost killed her. She regained her consciousness about a year ago and has been recovering her strength ever since. In an effort to help her, I gave her some of my reiatsu to awaken her shinigami powers and it worked. So she's been practicing and training ever since. She's been dying to meet you. I'm sorry I haven't been able to take you with us, kid. I've been very busy. I thought you might be safe with the old man and that toad pervert but they did a shit job."

Naruto smiles, though, regardless of the man's apology. He hugs him. "Tehe, I'm just glad I get to meet you, Tou-san. So, why am I here though?"

Kenpachi's expression turns serious. "Judging from your life force, I'd say you're dying. These damned villagers. I have half a mind to just kill them all for what they've done to you. But I can't. The old man would have my head, and I don't mean the Hokage." He sighs.

He continues to explain. "From what I gathered, when the blonde bastard sealed this fox inside you, it didn't become some sort of prisoner. Instead, it became a part of your soul. And I know what kind of part it is, too. See, I'm a shinigami. And me being your father makes you a shinigami as well. So all you have to do is call this fox's true name and it will awaken your shinigami powers. And when you do, I'll open a Senkaimon and meet you."

Naruto nods. Kenpachi chuckles and walks over to the cowering fox who hesitantly backs away slightly. "Oi! Make yourself presentable and tell my son your name before I beat you up again." The fox whimpers and poofs into a cloud of smoke. What is revealed is a beautiful slender woman in a yukata with black hair, 9 black tails with red tips, and black ears on top of her head with red ends.

She approaches Naruto. "N-Naruto-kun! M-M-My name is..." She nervously looks at Kenpachi who narrows his eyes at her. She yelps and continues.

"N... Nakanokitsune!"

The world went black around Naruto. Kenpachi walks up to the unconscious form of Naruto. He chuckles and says,

"See you soon, kid. Well, my son."


(Time passes a lot faster in Naruto's mindscape. While hours may have passed inside Naruto's mind, only seconds passed in the real world)

"Hahahaha! He passed out! Come on, let's kill him before the damn ANBU show up!"

"Let's carve his heart out just to make sure!"

"And take his head too!"

The crazed villagers approach the boy. Suddenly, Naruto's body is engulfed in a blinding white light and a surge of power erupts from the boy, sending the villagers flying backwards several feet. As they get to their feet and gather themselves, they see Naruto standing inside a crater caused by his power. He's wearing a black kimono with a black hakama and white tabi and traditional waraji sandals. Secured to his back by a strap is a body-length Ōdachi (A/N Similar to Hitsugaya's in appearance).

Naruto places his hand on the hilt. "Run free across the roaring skies. Nakanokitsune." He draws the sword from it's scabbard. Immediately the village is engulfed in a massive blanket of spiritual pressure so dense, the building near Naruto are blown away. The spiritual pressure released is so strong, he sends a swirling beam of reiatsu into the sky and piercing the clouds. The blast sends out a thunderous roar. The villagers that attacked Naruto are immediately crushed by the sheer pressure that Naruto's reiatsu has. The winds around the village pick up, swirling and beginning to gather around Naruto. The clouds shift and seem to converge over Naruto.

Suddenly, Kenpachi appears behind Naruto and delivers a chop to the back of his neck. "Sheesh, kid. Are you trying to kill everyone in the village? Gotta teach you how to control that power of yours." He places Nakanokitsune back into the scabbard on Naruto's back and hoists him over his shoulder.

Just then, the Hokage and his ANBU appear behind Kenpachi. The ANBU draw their weapons, ready to fight Kenpachi before the Hokage holds up his hand to tell them to stop. "Zaraki-sama, it's a surprise to see you." Hiruzen says. Kenpachi narrows his eyes at the elderly Hokage.

"The only reason I'm here, Hiruzen, is because my son almost died. You were supposed to protect him until Kushina was strong enough to raise him. Why didn't you?" Kenpachi releases some of his reiatsu to intimidate the man.

"I-I did everything I could, Zaraki-sama. It's th-those damned civilian council members! They target Naruto, claiming he's the kyuubi incarnate! I've arrested them all and they will be publicly executed tomorrow at noon!"

Kenpachi sighs. He then reels in his reiatsu and continues, "What about that damned perverted toad? Wasn't he supposed to be chosen by the blonde bastard to be Naruto's godfather?"

Hiruzen nods. "He was but Jiraya is very irresponsible. He hasn't asked about Naruto since his birth and when I mention him, he usually shrugs it off." Kenpachi isn't surprised. Jiraya was close to Minato. And Kenpachi didn't like Minato. So by extension, he doesn't like Jiraya. Tsunade was close to Kushina but Kushina didn't want to thrust the responsibility of raising her son on Tsunade knowing what she's going through.

Kenpachi simply sighs and says, "I'm taking him with me back to Soul Society. I'll train him and let him decide what he wants to do afterwards. Knowing him, he'll probably want to take that hat still. Regardless, I won't leave him here. I'll be seeing you, Hiruzen." Kenpachi disappears in a burst of speed, taking Naruto with him.


Kenpachi walks into the compound he shares with Kushina and Kusajishi Yachiru, his adoptive daughter. As he does, Kushina rushes to him. "Kenpachi! Why is he unconscious? What happened?"

Kenpachi sighs (he does a lot of that) and sits at a table in one of the rooms after laying Naruto in a futon to rest. He looks at his wife and motions for her to sit down. He then explains the situation in the village and how they've treated him. Kushina is furious. After explaining everything, Kenpachi had to physically restrain her from going back to Konoha and razing the village to the ground.

After he managed to calm her down, Kenoachi explained that he brought Naruto here to train him and make him strong enough to defend himself. He then explained that he wanted Naruto to make the decision of what he wanted to do afterwards. Kushina smiles and understands. She got up and went over to Kenpachi and brought him into a loving kiss.

"Thank you, Kenpachi. Thank you for saving our son." she says, pressing her forehead against his.

"I only wish I had done so sooner. Our son shouldn't have suffered like this." he says.

Kushina sits down in Kenpachi's lap. "That's in the past now, Kenpachi. You were busy caring for me and handling your duties as a captain. I doubt you would have been able to raise him at the same time."

Kenpachi sighs. "I could have had someone care for him though, Kushina. It would have been better than leaving him in that damned village to fight for his life."

Kushina frowns. Kenpachi is strong, battle-loving man but she noticed that he's changed after being married to her. He's become very caring and gentle to her and Yachiru. While it is a good thing, it hurts her to see him drowning in guilt like this. She pulls him into a warm embrace.

"Hush, Kenpachi. He's here now. Let's do all we can to give him what he never had." Kenpachi smiles gently and rests his head against her neck.

"Yeah. Thanks, Kushina-chan. I don't know what I'd do without you." Kushina smiles too.

"Me either, you big lug." she giggles.

Suddenly, they hear the patter of foots coming down the hallway. "Tou-san!" Naruto shouts, finding Kenpachi and Kushina in the sitting room. Kushina lays eyes on Naruto and immediately tears up. She rushes to her feet and embraces Naruto in a motherly hug.

"Sochi! Oh, God, I'm so sorry that you had to suffer in that damned village!" Kushina wails.

"Kaa-san! I'm so glad to meet you, Kaa-san!" Naruto responds.

Kushina pulls back and crouches down, inspecting her son. "Let me get a good look at you, Sochi. Gosh, you look so much like me! Your red hair and violet colored eyes."

Kenpachi laughs. "That's exactly what I said when I first saw him. He's the spitting image of you."

Naruto looks at Kenpachi and runs over to him and hugs him. "Tou-san!" Kenpachi chuckles.

"Hey, kid. Sorry I had to knock you out like that but you were letting your reiatsu go crazy." Kenpachi pats Naruto on his back.

Kushina is surprised. "His reiatsu is that strong already?" Kenpachi nods.

"Yeah it is. I mean he's our son. Plus when that blonde bastard sealed that monst fox inside him it became a part of his soul. Hence the ōdachi." he says pointing at Naruto's zanpakuto with his thumb.

"Kaa-san, Tou-san. Can you explain where I am and what's going on?" Naruto asks.

Kenpachi answer. "Well, kid. We weren't going to let you stay another minute in that village. It took every ounce of control I had not to kill everyone inside that village. So I brought you back here to the Soul Society with me and your mother. We decided to train you. By the time you're 16, you can decide what you want to do, be a shinigami or be a shinobi. It's your choice, Naruto."

Naruto smiles at his father. "Thanks, Tou-san! I can't wait!" Kenpachi smiles and pats Naruto's back again.

"Alright, alright kid. Now stop hugging, no need to get all mushy." he says, smiling.

Naruto's smile changes to confusion. "Umm, but if I'm a shinigami does that mean I can't use chakra?" he asks.

Kenpachi looks at Kushina to explain since she's the shinobi. "Yes, Naru-chan. You can use both. You were born half shinigami, half shinobi. You should be able to use both pretty easily. And don't worry, I'll teach you everything about our clan. All our jutsu, fuinjutsu, everything."

Kenpachi chuckles. "I'll also talk to the old man about setting you up with a Hado and Kido teacher too. We have to teach you how to control that massive reiatsu you have. You'll probably be able to match his before you turn 16."

Kushina looks at Kenpachi is disbelief. "You really think he can match even him, Kenpachi-kun?"

Kenpachi nods. "Definitely. He's close to mine already. And I have the second strongest reiatsu next to old man Yama."

Naruto looks at them both in confusion, not knowing what they were talking about. "Umm, Tou-san, Kaa-san. I don't know what any of this means."

Kushina and Kenpachi laugh. "Don't worry, Naru-chan. We'll teach you everything."

Naruto smiles and nods. But then he asks, "Oh, Tou-san. When you were inside my head, you said that you sealed a piece of your seal in me. What happened to it?"

Kenpachi chuckles. "That was meant to act as a beacon to let me know when you activated your shinigami powers so that I could come for you. It disappeared the moment you became a shinigami."

Naruto nods. "Oh good, hehehe. I didn't want to randomly hear your voice in my head and think I'm going crazy."

The three laugh. The rest of the day was spent talking and chattering amongst themselves. Naruto was surprised by Yachiru when she got home from her squad 11 duties. The two hit it off immediately and developed a sibling bond quickly. Naruto was happy he found his family. He went to sleep that night excited to see what tomorrow will bring.


After meeting the head captain of the Gotei 13, Naruto began his training. Yamamoto Genryūsai took a liking to Naruto, in fact most of the Gotei 13 did. Naruto was happy that the people here treated him so differently than his home village. People smiled and laughed watching Naruto run around the Seireitei. Even the usually cold and indifferent Squad 2 Captain, Soifon, took a liking to Naruto. She even took to teaching Naruto their hand-to-hand style.

Genryūsai himself taught Naruto Hado and Kido, which Naruto took to like a fish to water. He actually mastered reiatsu control rather easily. Due to the similarities in their weapons, Naruto took swordsmanship lessons from the Captain Hitsugaya, leader of squad 10. He also, of course, learned his mother's style, which fit his weapon perfectly too. So he took to combining the two styles to form a new style, one that easily matches both of his teachers.

His mother also taught him everything she knew about fuinjutsu, mastering not only all 10 seal levels quickly but also mastering the Uzumaki sealing techniques that she was a master of. Kushina also helped him in chakra manipulation and taught him all the jutsus that she knew as well as the Uzumaki clan jutsus. Not having any chakra paper on hand, they didn't know what Naruto's chakra affinities were so they simply decided to drill it until he mastered it. And master it he did, as Naruto can perform every jutsu he knows with a mere thought.

To truly master speed and movement techniques, Kenpachi asked Yoruichi, the Goddess of the Flash, to train Naruto in using shunpo. Naruto quickly mastered shunpo and quickly outmatched Kuchiki Byakuya, Captain of Squad 6, in a contest of speed. He eventually became a match for the Flash Goddess herself.

As Naruto mastered the shinigami and shinobi arts, he also made a point to master his own Zanpakuto. When he turned 14, he chose to manifest Nakanokitsune and challenged her for supremacy. Defeating the former bijuu-turned zanpakuto spirit, he achieved his bankai, Sora no Megami Nakanokitsune. Even the head captain named it as one of the most powerful bankai he's ever seen.

One interesting thing Naruto learned is his affinity for wind. He learned that he has supreme control over wind and taught himself to manipulate air currents under him, giving him the ability to fly.

As the years passed, Naruto, of course, went through physical changes as well as changes in his power. Naruto, at 16, stands at 6'3" tall making him only 3 inches shorter than his father. He has a thick, muscular build that sacrifices no athleticism. His hair is very similar to his father's when he wears it down, his spiky red hair reaches down his back giving an appearance of a lion's mane. His facial features have taken after both Kushina and Kenpachi, giving him a strong and self-assured appearance but not having the feral look his father tends to have.

Much to the pride of Kenpachi but chagrin of Kushina, due to Naruto's strikingly handsome appearance he's become a heartthrob around the Seireitei. Even worse in Kushina's opinion is that he picked up his womanizing habits from his "Uncle Shunsui", albeit with a staggering amount of success. The only sense of relief that Kushina has is that she wasn't a grandmother. Yet.

Now that the day has come, Kenpachi and Kushina have sat Naruto down to see what his decision will be.

Kenpachi speaks first. "Even though I'm pretty sure what you'll choose, Naruto, have you come to a decision?"

Naruto smiles at his father. Over the years, the bond he has with his parents has only grown. "Yes, Tou-san. I want to become a shinobi. But I want to rebuild Kaa-san's home village of Uzushiogakure." Kenpachi smiles.

"I'm proud of you, son." he says. Kushina rushes over and hugs Naruto who hugs her back. "Kushina, I want you to go with Naruto too."

Kushina turns back and looks Kenpachi. "Why, darling?"

Kenpachi sighs. "As much as I don't want to be apart from my family, Naruto will need both guidance and support. While the old man hasn't done us wrong, I'd still feel better having you there to watch his back. You know that village's politics and you're also captain-level. I'll also drop in and visit when I can."

Kushina smiles warmly at Kenpachi. 'That's why I fell for him.' She rushes back over to him and gives him a loving kiss. "Ok, dear. I also think that's a good idea." Kenpachi smiles and nods.

"So when will you be ready to leave, son?" Kenpachi asks Naruto.

"In a few hours, Tou-san. I have a few people I need to say goodbye to." Naruto answers with a grin.

Kenpachi laughs, catching the meaning. "Go handle your business, son. We'll wait at the Senkaimon."

After giving his girls something to remember him by, Naruto meets his parents at the Senkaimon. He sealed all his essentials into seals on his arms and is ready to leave. The captains and lieutenants have all gathered at the Senkaimon as well, with the exception of a few.

Captain Ukitake looks around, noticing the absences. "Where is Captain Soifon and Yoruichi? With their close bond with Naruto, I expected them to be here as well."

Hitsugaya also notices someone missing. He speaks to Captain Unohana. "Is Isane not feeling well, Captain Unohana?" Then everyone turns their attention to Naruto, hearing him chuckle.

"Oh, don't worry about them. They gave me their farewells personally." They all sweatdrop, except for Kyoraku. They should be used to his womanizing ways by now.

Bidding his friends and father farewell, Naruto and Kushina step into the Senkaimon, heading to Konoha to settle things and get started on his new goal.


Hiruzen sighs and takes another puff of his pipe. '11 years... it's been 11 years and the council is still so restless. They're even proposing the idea of kidnapping the jinchuuriki of other villages just to maintain military superiority. Naruto, when will you return?'

The Senkaimon opens outside of Konoha and Naruto and Kushina step out. Making their way to the main road, they head towards Konoha, for the first time in 11 years for Naruto and 16 years for Kushina.

"Did you miss this place, Sochi?" Kushina asks Naruto.

Naruto smirks and turns his head to look at his mother. "Not at all, Kaa-san." Kushina laughs.

"Me either, Sochi." she replies.

The eternal gatekeepers, Izumo and Kotetsu, are busy chattering with each other when Kotetsu notices two firgures in the distance, both with swords. One bound to their hip, the other secured to his back. Izumo and Kotetsu squint, trying to make out the identities of the two. Kotetsu is the first to identify one of them. And his eyes widen at the realization. "K-Kushina-sama?!"

Izumo is shocked at what he says. "What?! Impossible, Kushina-sama died when the kyuubi attacked!"

"I'm not lying Izumo, that's Kushina-sama!"

As Naruto and Kushina approach, Kotetsu speaks up. "Kushina-sama, is that you?!" Kushina nods.

Naruto is the one who speaks up. "Uzumaki-Zaraki Kushina and Uzumaki-Zaraki Naruto. We need to speak with the Hokage." Izumo and Kotetsu are confused at the names Naruto give but nod anyways and let them in.

As they walk through the village, Naruto and Kushina receive nonstop stares from the villagers as they murmur amongst themselves. Naruto also notices the lust-filled stares of the women as well. He smirks to himself.

Entering into the Hokage tower, the secretary directs them to the Hokage's office. They knock on the door and hear "Enter!" They open up the door. The Hokage's eyes widen as soon as he sees them.

"Kushina?! And... is that Naruto?!" The Hokage is in disbelief.

But Kushina wasn't here for a happy reunion. "We need to talk, old man." she says with a glare.

Hiruzen felt a chill go down his spine. "Y...yes, Kushina. I suppose we do." he replies, gulping. Hiruzen couldn't help but be afraid. He is aware of Kushina's power and can't help but feel she's gotten stronger.

Kushina stomps over to Hiruzen and slams her hands down on his desk. !Give me one good reason why I shouldn't burn this village to the ground!" The killing intent that she is releasing causes the Hokage's ANBU guards to freeze up before they can move to defend Hiruzen. Hiruzen himself is shaking like crazy under the pressure of Kushina's killing intent.

"K-Kushina-chan! I tried my best to protect Naruto but there's only so much I can do! The council was hounding me to execute the boy but I adamantly refused each time! So they devised plans to distract me while they assaulted Naruto, even going so far as to get some of the ANBU I assigned to Naruto to either join in or look the other way! I had them executed each time but the civilians kept pushing! You have to understand, Kushina, it isn't that I didn't care about Naruto but my hands were tied!"

Kushina grits her teeth and then takes a breath, reeling in her killing intent. "I guess you have a point. Kenpachi-kun said you have done wrong by us so I'll trust you. But we're back now. We'll be living in the Uzumaki compound, though I won't be an active duty shinobi."

Hiruzen nods. Naruto steps forward this time. "Old man, I want to take the academy graduation exam next week. Do right by me, too. Don't put me on a team that will undermine my abilities or hinder my success. I think you know what I mean."

Hiruzen nods again. He knows that Naruto means Kakashi. Hatake Kakashi is a student of Minato's. He also knows that Naruto isn't Minato's son because Minato had often ranted to him about Kushina being a "cheating whore" and an "unfaithful slut". During their marriage, Kushina had never allowed Minato to touch her. He was furious when he found that Kushina was pregnant and even tried to kill her but Kushina fought him off. The two separated and barely saw one another. Minato would often confide in Kakashi, who developed a disdain for Kushina for cheating on his mentor and father figure.

Hiruzen then figures out what he can do. He smiles and pulls out a scroll. He writes on it and puts his seal at the bottom. Handing it to Naruto, he says, "Head to the academy and give this to Iruka, the chunin instructor. Attend the class for this week and get somewhat acquainted with the other students as well. Good luck Naruto. And it's good to see you back." Naruto nods and shunpos out of the office, much to the surprise of Hiruzen. 'I didn't even see him move!'

He then looks at Kushina. "I'll head to the Uzumaki compound and get things situated. Later, old man." And she shunpos out as well.


Yamanaka Ino hasn't been having a good day. On her way to the academy, she stubbed her toe. First thing in the morning, Haruno Sakura yells at her for "staring at her Sasuke-kun", even though she stopped liking him years ago. Her friend, Choji, has been munching all damned day in front of her and it's getting on her nerves. And now she's really getting hungry and her stomach is growling. Ugh, what next?

Suddenly, she hears the door opening to the classroom. She looks up to see who's coming in. Immediately, she blushes and gapes her mouth at the sight of the kami of a man before her.

He's easily the most handsome man she's ever seen. He's tall, definitely over six feet. His choice of clothing is strange but it suits him. The open torso of his kimono shows off his gorgeous muscles perfectly. She notices the long man of red hair he has and his sexy violet colored eyes. His face is stunning, his sharp features giving off an air of self-confidence and strength. The long sword on his back fits him too. Ino gasps as she takes in the handsome man's appearance.

The rest of the class observe him too. Except for Choji. He's in his own little world. Shikamaru casually glances at him and mutters, "Troublesome redheads." And lays his head back down. The other women in the class blush and sigh at the Naruto. Except for one.

"WHO IS HE?! HE'S TRYING TO LOOK COOLER THAN SASUKE-KUN! BAKA REDHEAD!" Naruto ignores the screamer while the most of the class just groans at the girl.

Ino, on the other hand, has had enough. "Dammit, Sakura! Will you shut the fuck up! You're 16 now! Haven't you realized it isn't cool to be a fucking fangirl by now?! Plus the emo bastard doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself anyways! Grow up, Sakura! Stop being a fangirl and worry about your future as a kunoichi!" The class is stunned by the platinum blonde's outburst.

Sakura was about to retort until Sasuke jumps out of his seat and goes to attack Ino for insulting him. He reaches out to grab Ino, who closes his eyes waiting to feel his grip around her throat but opens her eyes when she hears the sound of a chain rattling. She gasps as the sees the handsome man restraining Sasuke's arm. He's matching Sasuke's glare.

"It's rude for a man to lay his hands on a woman. I suggest you go back to your seat before you lose this arm." Naruto says in a commanding tone. Ino blushes harder and rubs her thighs together.

Sasuke narrows his eyes at Naruto. "And who do you think you are, loser? Do you know who I am and what will happen to you for putting your hand on me like this?"

Naruto smirks. "Right now, I have control over this arm of yours and I can snap it any time I feel like. As for who you are, you seem like a guy who has a ten foot pole shoved up his ass. You seem to like it too. I guess you play for the other team?" Sasuke blushes at Naruto's implication and moves to strike him. Naruto acts immediately, blocking the strike with his empty hand and grasping Sasuke's collar. He hip tosses Sasuke who lands on the ground with a thud.

Sakura shouts at Sasuke's sound defeat. "SENSEI! HE ASSAULTED SASUKE-KUN! HE SHOULD BE EXECUTED RIGHT NOW!" Naruto turns and watches the pinkette's antics and shakes his head.

Just then, Sasuke grabs a kunai out of his pouch and moves to attack Naruto.

"WATCH OUT!" Ino shouts. Naruto shunpos behind Sasuke and delivers a push kick to his butt. Sasuke's reaction is priceless.

"Ahn!" a VERY feminine voice yelps that comes out if Sasuke's mouth. Blushing, he covers his mouth with his hands, dropping his kunai. He runs out of the classroom in a fit of embarrassment.

"Hah! Finally! Someone showed that prick what it's like to be on the receiving end for once!" Inuzuka Kiba celebrates.

Naruto smiles and turns to face Ino. "Are you ok?" he asks. Ino absentmindedly nods. Naruto smirks and decides to go a bit further. He places a finger under her chin and raises her gaze up to meet his. "Good. I'd hate to see a face as beautiful as yours get hurt." Ino can't take it anymore and faints. Naruto chuckles. 'Still got it.'

(Outside the classroom)

Sasuke is panting, holding his chest with a heavy blush on his face. 'Dammit! That bastard dares to make a fool out of me! Insulting me and m-m-molesting me like that! I swear I'll-' he blushes at the memory of their faces being so close.

He leans his back against the wall and and sinks to the floor, burying his face in his knees. 'Why? Why am I reacting like this to that guy? I can't be having these thoughts in my head! I need to kill Itachi and restore my clan! I need to restore the Uchiha clan! I need to... restore... my clan...' Naruto's face flashes through Sasuke's mind again. Unable to take it anymore, he runs out of the academy building and back to the Uchiha compound.

He jumps into bed and buries his face into his pillow and screams. "AHHHHHHH!" Silence. Sasuke sits up, sporting a massive blush. He grits his teeth. 'That bastard! This is far from over! I'll make him pay for causing me to act like this!' he thinks to himself as he punches his pillow, imagining it to be Naruto's face. When he gets exhausted he buries his face back into his pillow and sighs. 'I'll get you... baka.'

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