Chapter 2: Let's Get To Know Each Other

"Winner: Yamanaka Ino!"

Finally, Ino took out some frustration on Sakura. She showed her the difference between a fangirl and a kunoichi. I mean, come on. Even at the start of the match, she yelled out "I'M GOING TO SHOW SASUKE-KUN WHO THE BETTER WOMAN IS!" in typical howler monkey fashion. Needless to say, Sakura will be spending some time in the hospital.

Although, something Ino noticed is the change in Sasuke's demeanor. Since the transfer student, Naruto, showed up this morning, Sasuke has been stealing glances at him and looking away quickly. 'That's weird. You would think Sasuke is a shy tsundere the way he keeps eyeing Naruto-kun.' she thinks to herself. Then she catches herself. 'Naruto-kun?!'

"Ino-chan." she hears.

Looking up, she stutters out, "H-hai?!"

She sees Naruto chuckling. "Good match, Ino-chan. That was a beautiful performance."

She blushes and smiles. Looking down, she says, "Thank you..."

Naruto moves in closer and whispers in her ear. "It's funny. Beautiful is a word I think of a lot when it comes to you." Ino blushes and hides her face in her knees.

'Gosh! He's so... so... charming! Ugh, I hate being the one that gets teased! He's just so damned handsome and witty...'

Naruto smirks and turns his attention to Iruka, who announces the next matchup. "Next match: Naruto vs Sasuke!" The class gasps. They were excited to see a match between the two strongest in the class. They knew how strong Sasuke is. But they had a feeling that Naruto was much stronger.

Naruto gets up and walks to the sparring ring. "Good luck, Naruto-kun." Ino says. Naruto smiles and winks at her.

"Thank you, Ino-chan." Ino smiles and blushes.

'Oh God. I think I'm in love with him.' Ino looks down and clenches her fists. 'Whenever he looks at me or says something to me, my heart flutters! Oh, Naruto-kun... what have you done to me...' Ino mentally squeals as everyone prepares in anticipation for the upcoming match.

Naruto steps inside the sparring ring and waits for Sasuke who is taking a surprisingly slow pace to the ring. 'Hmm... I wonder what's going on between those two.' He thinks, narrowing his eyes at Naruto, who smirks as Sasuke enters into the ring.

"Hmm... if I didn't know better, I'd think you were jealous of Ino-chan and I, Sasuke-chan." Sasuke grits his teeth at Naruto's feminization of his name. "The question is, who are you jealous of? Me?... or Ino-chan?

Sasuke lunges at Naruto, launching a flurry of strikes at his head, screaming. "You bastard! You keep making light of me!" He throws even more combinations. "I am an Uchiha! Know your place!"

Naruto laughs while easily dodging Sasuke's desperate strikes. "Whoa! Struck a nerve, huh, Sasuke-chan?" Sasuke throws a wild right hand that Naruto easily catches. Naruto uses Sasuke's momentum to throw him off balance. As Sasuke stumbles past him, he delivers another push kick to his rear, sending him tumbling to the ground.

Naruto walks backwards, smirking, while Sasuke blushes, fuming with anger. 'He did it again! He's crushing all my pride as an Uchiha! As an elite! I must put him in his place!'

Naruto notices the look on Sasuke's face. He then takes note of his eyes. 'The Sharingan. It seems my taunting really did push little Sasuke-chan. There must be a lot of emotional turmoil going on inside him since he didn't even notice.' Naruto then sees Sasuke flashing through hand seals. "Sasuke, no!" Iruka shouts.

"Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu!" Sasuke launches a large fireball towards Naruto. Naruto just sighs and doesn't attempt to move at all. The fireball collides with Naruto, setting the entire area where he stood ablaze. Sasuke calms down, realizing what he did. He falls to his knees. 'No! What have I done?! I-I didn't want to kill him! I just wanted to prove that I'm better than he is!'

The fire suddenly dissipates and Naruto is nowhere to be found. "You know, if it were anyone else, I'd probably have taken their head." Sasuke hears from behind while feeling the cold sensation of metal pressed against his jugular. "But you aren't just anyone, are you, Sasuke-chan?"

Sasuke can't believe it. 'How?! No matter who they are, they would have been hurt if they got hit directly by that attack! So how is he unfazed?!' Sasuke turns his head and looks directly into Naruto's eyes. Naruto just smirks and sheathes Nakanokitsune into her scabbard. "Good match though, Sasuke-chan. I look forward to getting to know you better." he says, walking away.

Sasuke just looks down at the ground. 'He completely crushed me. I launched my strongest jutsu at him, the signature jutsu of the Uchiha clan. And he brushed it off. The gap between us... is it even wider than the gap between me and him?!' Sasuke feels tears building up in his eyes. He jumps up and runs out of the training field. "Sasuke!" Iruka shouts as Sasuke runs away.

Ino is worried. She's never seen Sasuke so flustered by a person. She looks as Naruto sits down next to her, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her close. She yelps and blushes at the gesture. Naruto looks at her with his trademark foxy grin. He reaches up and strokes her cheek.

"I'll be frank with you. You're really sexy, Ino-chan. And you're also strong. Such a perfect combination. I want you." Ino's heart skips a beat and she gasps at his words. Naruto continues, huskily whispering in her ear, "What do you say, baby girl? Do you want me to make you mine?" Ino has a lustful gaze in her eyes. She nods. Naruto smirks and begins trailing kissing along her cheek and neck. "Let's go to a hotel after class, ok? I'll give you all the love you can handle, baby." Ino bites her lip and nods.


After class at the academy ends, Naruto and Ino leave together and are walking down the street, with Ino's arm tangled around Naruto's. Ino, admittedly, is nervous. She's never been this far with a guy. She likes to flirt but it usually isn't much more than light flirting. No, she's never been led like Naruto has led her. Even her crush on Sasuke wasn't much more than a simple crush.

But this is different. Naruto has an air of confidence and maturity she hasn't seen in other guys. He's strong, intelligent, and seems to have experience with women. Ino might be new at this, but she can tell that Naruto has messed around a lot.

The pair enter into a rather nice hotel called The Five Elements. The clerk greets them. "Hello. How may I help you two today?"

"A lover's sweet. One night." Naruto answers. The clerk nods and opens up a binder and writes in it.

"One night in a lover's sweet. That will be 25000 ryo." Ino's eyes widen. Naruto simply pulls out his wallet and hands the man the money. "Here is your key, sir. Suite 452 West. Please enjoy your stay." The man hands Naruto a key and bows.

Naruto turns to Ino and takes her hand. "Come on, Ino-chan."

The suite isn't too big but it certainly is bigger than most. As Ino and Naruto get situated, Naruto wastes no time pulling Ino into a deep, passionate kiss. Their tongues intertwine and their hands explore each other's bodies. Naruto begins to pull Ino's clothes off.

"Wait, babe, I haven't-mhn- taken a shower! I stink!" Naruto continues to suckle her neck, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Ino was already weak in her knees.

Naruto chuckles. "Babe, no part of you is dirty or stinky." He kisses her again. "You're a goddess, baby." He kisses her even deeper this time, undoing her ponytail and letting her platinum blonde hair fall free.

Ino sighs, heart fluttering and body tingling, "Oh you! Do whatever you want!" she says. He smirks and finishes unclothing her. Naruto lifts Ino's naked form into his arms, still kissing her, and lays her on the bed. He then proceeds to undress, first removing his sword and setting it against the nightstand. After he's completely naked, Ino just stares at the man-god. She bites her lip as she takes in his rippling muscles. She then gasps at the site of his massive manhood. 'Kami! Can I really take that thing inside me?!'

Naruto then lays over top of Ino, kissing her as she wraps herself around him. She runs her hands through his hair, feels all the hard muscles on Naruto's body, and moans as he begins kissing her from her neck, her breasts, and her stomach. Ino gasps as Naruto parts her legs and she feels his breath against her womanhood. "Naruto-kun, don't! It's dirty!" she pleads.

"It's not, babe. Your smell is amazing. It's one of the most beautiful I've seen." Naruto says. Ino looks at him and pouts a bit.

"So you were comparing me!" she says. Naruto laughs awkwardly and proceeds to attack her folds, licking and sucking the juices Ino is dripping. Ino throws her head back and moans, gripping the bedsheets and bucking her hips as waves of pleasure shoot through her body. "Shit! Naruto-kun, you're so good!" Naruto continues his assault. Ino's body spasms as she comes close to orgasming. She grabs a handful of Naruto's red hair. "Naruto-kun! I'm cumming!" Ino's orgasm erupts and she squirts into Naruto's mouth. He has no problem gulping down her love juices.

"I'm sorry... Naruto-kun... I made your face dirty..." Ino says between pants. Naruto chuckles, wiping his mouth off.

"Nonsense, Ino-chan. It was delicious... and sexy." He leans down, kissing Ino passionately. He then grabs his throbbing length and presses it against Ino's entrance. Ino whimpers, nervous about Naruto's massive size.

Naruto smirks. "Relax, babe. It'll really hurt if you're tense. And I don't want it to hurt for you." Ino nods and begins to relax. Naruto begins pressing inside. Ino winces and grabs the sheets, gritting her teeth. Naruto stops. "Are you ok, babe? Do you want me to stop?"

"No! I'm fine, Naruto-kun. I was just surprised, that's all." Naruto nods and presses inside slower. Ino's insides feel as though they're trying to push him back out. As Ino's hymen breaks, she cries out and whimpers. Naruto stops moving and let's Ino adjust to his size.

When she finally relaxes, Ino says, "You can keep going, Naruto-kun." Naruto smiles and kisses her. He begins thrusting slowly, letting her get accustomed to his movements. When Ino begins moaning in pleasure, Naruto quickens his pace more and more until the sounds of flesh slapping fill the room.

"Ah! Fuck! Naruto-kun! It's amazing!" Ino shouts as Naruto begins thrusting his entire length in and out. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" Ino cries out as Naruto dominates Ino's pussy.

Naruto smiles in triumph, the feeling of dominating another beautiful woman setting him on a euphoric high. He lifts Ino's legs up and positions himself deeper, pinning her in a mating press. Naruto thrusts in and out faster and harder, the sound of skin clapping intensifying and the smell of sex permeating in the room heavily.

Ino is going crazy. Naruto's intense pounding is practically frying the platinum blonde's brain. Her moans and cries of pleasure setting a chorus for their copulation. "Naruto-kun! I love you! I fucking love you Naruto-kun!" she cries.

Naruto grunts and replies, "Fuck! I love you too, Ino-chan!" Ino smiles. "Naruto-kun!" She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him into a sloppy wet kiss. Ino runs her hands through his fiery red hair.

"Fuck! I'm cumming, Naruto-kun!" Naruto increases the speed of his thrusts. His breathing intensifies. "Me too, Ino-chan! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Arggghh!"

Naruto releases a massive orgasm inside Ino. She shrieks, her orgasm erupting and staining the bedsheets. Ino twitches and jerks, waves of pleasure washing over her body for several moments. As Naruto pulls out, Ino stares at the ceiling, eyes heavy and tongue hanging out, her face stuck in an orgasmic high.

Naruto sits on the edge of the bed and smirks. He leans over and kisses her, sucking on her tongue. "You know that's just round one, right?" Ino snaps out of her daze and realizes what Naruto said. The rest of the night was filled with the echoing of flesh on flesh slapping and female cries of pleasure.


Sasuke walks down the main street of Konoha. People bow and greet him as he just ignores them. The morning is normal until he sees a familiar redhead exiting out of a hotel. His arm is entwined with an equally familiar platinum blonde. Sasuke grits his teeth, recognizing the signs. His suspicions are even further confirmed when he notices the visible limp that Ino is walking with. He decides to follow them in secret.

'That bastard! So he went and slept with Ino last night?!' Sasuke feels an unfamiliar feeling in his gut as he watches the two. The open displays of affection, the genuine smiles, the obvious love... Sasuke hates it, envies it. Envies? He gasps at the realization. 'Am I jealous... of Ino?!'

Naruto and Ino head into a small diner. It's a family owned diner famous in Konoha. Most shinobi frequent it here for breakfast. The two take a booth and flirt and converse as they look over the menus. Naruto has noticed the tail they've had for a while now. He smirks.

"So what are you getting, babe?" he asks.

"Hmm. I think I'll get the Konoha Triple Down." she says. The Konoha Triple Down is a combo breakfast. 3 sausages, 3 bacon strips, 3 ham slices, 3 eggs your way, 3 waffles and 3 black puddings. "I'll take the eggs scrambled." she adds with a smile.

Naruto smiles back. He leans over the table and kisses Ino. "Get the same for me too, babe. I gotta hit the head, ok?"

"Ok, love." she replies.

"I love you." he adds.

"I love you too, baby."

As Naruto rounds the corner to the restroom, he shunpos outside of the diner to deal with the tail.

Sasuke observes the couple from across the street in an ally as they take their seat in the diner. 'Their flirting is sickening.' he thinks to himself. He grits his teeth as Naruto leans over and kisses Ino on the lips. He notices that Naruto gets up and leaves the table. 'Seems like he's heading to the restroom.'

"So the last loyal Uchiha is a stalker, eh?" he hears from behind him. He spins around and before he can react, he finds himself pinned to the wall staring into the violet eyes of Naruto.

'His face is so close to me again!' he thinks. His body begins to heat up and his heart starts racing. Naruto notices the slight change in Sasuke. He sniffs the air around him and his eyes widen.

"Sasuke... this scent you're releasing..." Sasuke's eyes widen in horror. "You smell like a woman getting ready to have sex with me." Sasuke's worst fear is realized. He pushes Naruto off of him and runs down the alley. Naruto watches as he leaves. He smirks.

"Hm. Interesting." He turns and shunpos back near the restroom and heads back to the table with Ino like nothing happened.


That evening after class, Ino returns home. 'I know my dad is going to give me a lot of shit for not coming home last night...' she sighs. Ino's father, Inoichi, is very protective of his daughter. Ino's mother often reprimands Inoichi for being too smothering of a parent but he never changes.

As Ino walks in the door of the Yamanaka compound, Inoichi is waiting for her, a serious look on his face. Ino grins awkwardly, trying to play it off. "H-hi dad." she says.

Inoichi's expression doesn't change. "Where were you last night? And don't lie to me. You know I can tell when you are lying." he says.

"I was with a friend, dad. It got late and I stayed at their house." Inoichi narrows his eyes at his daughter. She flinches slightly.

"I told you not to lie to me." his tone is bone chilling to Ino. She tries to redirect him.

"Wh-where's mom, dad?"

"She's in the kitchen. Don't try to use her to worm your way out of this one. Now tell me the truth." Ino pales. Her father has trapped her. She sighs and decides to come clean.

"I was with my boyfriend. We went to a hotel last night." Inoichi jumps up and lunges at Ino, who braces herself. Ino's mom intervenes just in time to stop Inoichi.

"Inoichi, calm down!" she shouts as she gets in between them. Inoichi growls at Ino.

"Was it that damned Uchiha?!" he barks out.

"No, daddy! It wasn't!"

"Then who was it then?!" he shouts.

Ino flinches. She's never seen her father so angry at her. "Naruto! It was Naruto!"

Inoichi and Ino's mother look at Ino in disbelief. The name registers with them and they look at each other. "Naruto? What is his family name, Ino?"

Ino is confused but answers anyways. "U-Uzumaki-Zaraki."

Inoichi is confused. 'Uzumaki was the name given to him at first. So why Zaraki? Who is his father?'

Suddenly, there's a knock on the front door. Inoichi is the one who answers. The door opens to reveal an ANBU wearing a boar's mask. He says to Inoichi, "Inoichi-sama, the council requires your presence." He nods as the ANBU shunshins away.


In the council chambers, the Hokage begins to address the meeting. "I have gathered you all here today to announce the return of one of Konoha's greatest clans. A founding clan of our great village." The council erupts in murmurs. Inoichi narrows his eyes.

One of the civilian councilmen speaks up. "Hokage-sama. What could you possibly mean? Uchiha-sama is already here in the village and the other founding clan heads are here with us in this meeting. Are you saying that Tsunade-sama has returned?" The Hokage shakes his head.

He answers, "The clan I am referring to is a clan so powerful it took the combined might of 3 hidden villages to destroy. It's might is capable of putting the power of the Senju and Uchiha clans to shame."

The council once again erupts into murmurs. This time, Nara Shikaku, head of the Nara clan, speaks up. "Hokage-sama. If you are talking about the clan I am thinking of, I thought the last surviving clan member died during the kyuubi attack 16 years ago." The Hokage nods.

"That's exactly the clan I am speaking of, Shikaku." Shikaku narrows his eyes at this.

A civilian councilman asks, "Shikaku-san, what clan do you mean?"

Shikaku sighs. "The Uzumaki clan that once ruled Uzushiogakure. A little known fact is that the Uzumaki clan was an allied clan of Konoha. Their clan was known to have the power to rival a hidden village. They helped build Konoha and their sealing prowess are revered throughout the elemental nations. Kirigakure, Kumogakure, and Iwagakure all feared the power of the Uzumaki clan. During the Second Great Shinobi War, they devised a plan to destroy Uzushiogakure. They purposefully delayed Konoha from coming to their assistance and when we finally got there, Uzu was in ruins. It was found that in a last bid against the invaders, the Uzukage activated self-destruction seals that were scattered around the village, taking their secrets to the grave along with the major attack forces."

The Hokage nods. "Everything you said is true, Shikaku. I remember the fall of Uzu. I lost many great friends that day." the Hokage adds solemnly.

Shimura Danzo then asks, "But that begs a question, Hiruzen. Who is the Uzumaki that you say is returning to the village?" The Hokage pales and begins sweating profusely.

"Umm... welll, she's-" The door to the council room slams open. A raging Kushina can be seen, radiating killing intent and glaring at the civilian council. She grabs the hilt of her sword, Benikusari, and disappears in a blur. Suddenly, the members of the civilian council start to fall, butchered too quickly to even react. Heads flying, torsos severed, bodies dismembered. As the shinobi council look on, stunned at the display, Kushina begins to slowly walk down to the Hokage, satisfied with her work. She sheathes Benikusari and stands next to the Hokage.

He turns to Kushina. "Was that really necessary?"

Kushina answers, "For what they did to my son? They got off easy. I just did what you're too scared to do old man."

Inuzuka Tsume leaps to her feet. "Kushina?" Kushina turns and smiles at Tsume.

"It's me Tsume. I missed you." Tsume jumps down and lunges at Kushina with tears in her eyes. The two share a warm hug, Kushina rubbing Tsume's back to comfort her. The members of the shinobi and elder council smile at the reunion.

One of the elder council members speaks up. "K-Kushina..."

Kushina turns to her. "Hey baa-chan. Long time no see." she says with a smile.

Koharu breaks down in tears. Homura speaks up, "Kushina... I'm sorry." she shakes her head.

"Don't worry about it, old man. Neither of you were at fault." He smiles and nods.

"She's right, you know. I know that you elders were trying to protect me the entire time. So thanks for that." The shinobi and elder council members turn to the entrance and see a tall redheaded figure walking into the council room. Tsume turns and takes a glimpse at him and blushes. 'Wow. Who is this kami?' Naruto spots her reaction and winks at her. She blushes even harder.

Naruto chuckles. "Hey, people. I'm back." The council gasps. Inoichi grits his teeth and jumps to his feet.

"You bastard! You're the one who slept with my daughter last night!" he shouts, pointing and accusing finger at Naruto.

Naruto laughs awkwardly and scratches the back of his head. "Umm, I'm guessing you're Ino's father?"

Inoichi growls. "Damn right, you bastard! How dare you defile my little girl!"

Naruto retorts back, "Hey! I'll have you know it was consensual! She wanted it as much as I did!"

Inoichi is red with rage. He stutters, struggling to formulate his next words as many of the other people present in the council chambers start snickering at the situation. Suddenly, Kushina hit Naruto over the head.

She shouts, "You idiot! You're still sleeping around?!"

Naruto rubs the top of his head. "Ow mom! What the hell!"

"Don't 'what the hell' me, young man! You keep it up and I'm gonna be a grandmother soon!" she retorts.

"Hey, you know I can't help it, mom! I love strong beautiful women!" Naruto says back.

Kushina sighs. "I know, sochi. You get that from your father. Did you at least wear protection?"

He chuckles awkwardly. Kushina forms a tick mark over her head. Inoichi is fuming. "You bastard! So you're sleeping with other women on top of sleeping with my daughter?! I'll kill you!"

"Inoichi, calm yourself!" the Hokage shouts, releasing some of his killing intent. Inoichi sits back down, still glaring daggers at Naruto.

Clearing his throat, the Hokage continues. "As I was stating before, the Uzumaki clan is taking up residence in Konoha once more. Any objections?" None raise their hands. But Shikaku speaks up.

"If Kushina-sama and Naruto are the only members of the Uzumaki clan, will Naruto be subjected to the Clan Restoration Act?"

The Hokage nods. "He will. Naruto has actually volunteered to enter into the CRA. And from what we have discovered here today, he's already gotten a head start." The council laughs while Inoichi grits his teeth and growls, turning a new shade of red.

Tsume on the other hand bites her thumbnail, considering the possibilities. Naruto may be the son of one of her best friends but she finds him unbelievably attractive. 'What am I thinking! He's the same age as my son and younger than my daughter!' She then sees Naruto sneaking a smile at her. He winks, causing her to blush and turn away.

"As of today, Uzumaki Kushina will be the head of the Uzumaki clan and take up the seat on the shinobi council. Any questions?" The shinobi council members shake their heads.

"If there are no more objections, you all are dismissed." Shikaku speaks up one more time.

"One last thing, Hokage-sama. What are we to do about..." he trails off, indicating the massacre that took place.

"About what Shikaku?" Hokage asks, a smirk on his face.

"I understand, Hokage-sama." Shikaku chuckles along with the rest of the councilmen.

"As of today, the Civilian Council is dismembered! I mean disbanded!" The shinobi council laughs. "ANBU! Get someone to clean this mess up, will you?"


The remainder of the week went by quickly. Naruto and Ino would meet up after school to go on a date that usually ended in some hot sex, much to the ire of Inoichi. Sasuke's demeanor also changed, often avoiding Naruto yet stealing glances at him. Naruto knew Sasuke's secret. It scared Sasuke but it seemed like Naruto wasn't going to blackmail him or anything. Sooner or later, he'll come clean. And with the death and dissolution of the civilian council, it would be easier to be open about the truth. Sasuke will open up to Naruto eventually. It was just a matter of timing.

The day of the exam, most of the students knew what the results would be. The other students expect Naruto to outclass everyone, including Sasuke. They figured that Naruto would score perfectly and Sasuke, in a fit of jealousy, would attack Naruto again only to be embarrassed once more.

The first part of the graduation exam was the written portion. Naruto easily aced it followed by Sasuke and Sakura. The result was unsurprising to the other genin hopefuls.

The next part of the exam was the taijutsu portion. Students were tested to see how long they would last in a taijutsu spar against a chunin instructor. The instructor was Mizuki, and he recognized Naruto as the "demon brat" that disappeared 11 years ago. Although Naruto was bigger and obviously much stronger than him, that didn't deter Mizuki from going all out against Naruto. He took off in a burst of speed, actively trying to injure Naruto, who easily countered each move and smirking at the chunin instructor. This got Mizuki flustered as he yelled out. "You demon bastard! How dare you smirk at me!"

Mizuki draws out a fuma shuriken as Naruto simply smirks at the man. Ino and Sasuke are now worried. Mizuki launches the massive shuriken at Naruto. "Naruto, look out!" Sasuke calls out, causing Ino to look at him in surprise.

Naruto simply raises a hand and, to the surprise of everyone, catches the massive shuriken barehanded. The entire class along with Mizuki and Iruka are stunned. Naruto cracks a sickening grin at Mizuki.

"Seems like you lost this, ant. Here, catch." he says. Naruto tosses it at such a velocity that it sends out a shriek through the air. Mizuki had no time to react as the fuma shuriken went through his torso, severing him in half and burying itself in the wall of the academy. The other genin grew sick from the sight, other than Sasuke. Gore was nothing new to him.

Naruto simply turns and walks out of the sparring circle. He turns to Iruka. "Make sure the next instructor isn't so biased towards the students' circumstances. Especially ones they have no control over." Iruka nods nervously. He looks at the corpse of Mizuki. 'He killed someone so gruesomely and didn't even flinch. What has changed in you, Naruto?'

After Mizuki's corpse was cleaned up and a statement given to the Hokage, the graduation exam continued. The next portion was a genjutsu exam. Needless to say, the examiner, Sadoru, who replaced Mizuki, was unable to cast any genjutsu on Naruto. As such, he gained a perfect score.

Next was Naruto's turn to cast a genjutsu. After performing two one handed seals, to the shock of Iruka and Sadoru, he called out, "Kokuangyo no Jutsu!" Suddenly, Sadoru's surrounding went black. She made several attempts to break the genjutsu but to no avail. She began panicking. She's never experienced a genjutsu this powerful before. "That's enough, Naruto." Iruka says. Naruto nods and breaks the genjutsu. Iruka is shocked. 'How does he know the famous genjutsu of the second Hokage?!'

Sadoru falls to her knees, panting. Naruto approaches her. She flinches slightly, fearful of the powerful 16 year old. Naruto simply reaches out a hand to her. She's surprised by the gesture but takes his hand as Naruto helps her to her feet.

Naruto smiles at her warmly. "I'm sorry about that. I kept the genjutsu on you for way too long. Are you ok?" Sadoru blushes at how charming Naruto is. She looks down and nods. Naruto runs a hand through her hair. "Are you sure? I couldn't forgive myself if I hurt a woman as pretty as you, you know?" Sadoru's face erupts in a full blush and she runs out of the exam room. Iruka sighs.

Heading to the next area, the next portion of the exam was the Ninjutsu test. So far, Sasuke scored the highest in the ninjutsu test, acing all three academy style ninjutsu as well as the personal ninjutsu. He used, of course, the Uchiha signature Katon: Great Fireball Jutsu. Sasuke was happy with his performance, although he was still patiently waiting to see Naruto's performance.

Naruto steps to the middle of the exam grounds. "Ok Naruto, first, perform a perfect Henge." Naruto nods and casts a silent Henge. The choice of his Henge, though, was slightly unnerving. He Henged into an elderly bald man with a long braided beard. He had an X shaped scar on his forehead. He wore an outfit similar to Naruto's, a black kimono and black hakama with white tabi and tradition waraji. The man had a wooden stood with both hands on his wooden cane and instead of wearing his white haori, he kept it covering his shoulders. When Iruka looked into his eyes, it felt as though he saw through Iruka's soul. The man had a domineering presence, similar to the third Hokage's but much stronger. Iruka wondered how a simple Henge could make him feel so... weak. "V-very good, Naruto. Would you mind explaining your choice, though?"

Dispelling the Henge, Naruto nodded and chuckle. "That's old man Yama-jiji. He's a very powerful guy but also really cool. He helped train me. And by the way, none of the Hokages could ever match Yama-jiji's power. That's why I chose him. I respect him as much as I respect my own father." Naruto answer with a smile. Iruka was baffled by Naruto's response but smiled when he saw the genuine smile on his face. 'I'm happy you can smile like that, Naruto. After all you went through before you disappeared, you can still smile like that.'

Iruka chuckles. "Ok, Naruto, perform a kawarimi." Naruto nods. Without using a seal, he kawarimi'd perfectly with Sasuke and kawarimi'd back very quickly. Iruka smiles. "Very good, Naruto. Another complete mastery. Extra points. Next, create 3 perfect bunshin." Naruto nods. Again, without seals, he casts the jutsu perfectly, making 3 perfect copies of himself. Iruka smiles and nods again. "Perfect. 3 perfect scores along with extra marks for casting without seals. Ok Naruto, perform a jutsu of your choice."

Naruto nods again. Heading to the center of the exam ground, he silently casts a jutsu. Gathering wind chakra in his lungs, he aims it at the wooded area behind the field and releases it. A massive blast of wind chakra exits Naruto's mouth and devastates the exam grounds and levels a portion of the forest. Tearing trees asunder and displacing the ground in it's path, the S-rank jutsu Naruto used was Uzumaki Fuuton: Breath of the Sky Dragon. It was a jutsu Naruto's mother taught him in the Soul Society.

The other students along with Iruka are left stunned at the raw display of power. Iruka gathers his wits and says, "W-well done, Naruto... perfect score along with a bonus for silent casting..." Naruto smiles and walks back to his seat next to Ino, who lays her head on Naruto's shoulder.

Back in the classroom, the genin hopefuls await their results. In the back, Naruto and Ino are flirting with one another. Ino notices Sasuke stealing glances at them, much to her amusement. Iruka walks in the room.

"Ok class. I will be announcing the results for this year's graduation exam. Listen up. First we have... (skipping over most of them as it isn't relevant to the plot) Uchiha Sasuke: Shurikenjutsu: 98 Taijutsu: 98, Genjutsu: 78, Ninjutsu: 95. Well done. Next, Uzumaki-Zaraki Naruto: Shurikenjutsu: 100 perfect score, Taijutsu: 100 perfect score, Genjutsu: 150 exceeding genin standards, Ninjutsu: 150 exceeding genin standards. Absolutely astounding, Naruto. Easily Rookie of the Year."

The class was stunned by the results. Everyone expected Sasuke to be furious at the results. They hear a chair screech across the floor and watch as Sasuke gets to his feet. He walks over to Naruto. Looking Naruto in the eyes he says,

"Congratulations... Naruto... You're really strong..."

And walks out the classroom quickly.

The entire class jawdrops. Even Ino. Naruto just widens his eyes. Kiba is the one to break the silence.

"What the fuck?"

After getting their Hitaiate issued to them, the graduates leave the academy. It'll be a week before the teams are assigned and Naruto is eager to get started. He has a lot to do. Learn about the other shinobi and their clans, find and make allies, rebuild Uzushiogakure, and rebuild his clan. Naruto can't wait to get started. Now, to find a way to kill time until the week is up...


A/N: A bit of a filler chapter, for sure. But it's plot development. I mean, it's pretty obvious that it's a fem Sasuke, right? I didn't wanna do any bashing nor did I wanna do a Sasuke-centric plot. So, if you don't bash em, fuck em. And that's what Naruto is gonna do in this story. Stay tuned!