A Summertime of Discontent


Rick returns to New York after two years away. Two years ago, Rick and Kate had a fight in public about her cheating on him, he went away and tried to forget everything,

but now he back and his deeds are unforgettable.

The warm sum coming thru the windows awakened Rick slowly. He stretched, rolled over to look at his clock to see what time it was. Groaning it was only eight (8am), he had planned to sleep in till ten (10am), or later, them take a swim in the pool, and have lunch with Lexis at her place. He picked up his cell and sent her a text.

'U for lunch?'

'U cooking?'


'Ok- 1hour'

At one (1pm), Rick pulled his jag into the driveway of Lex's home. She greeted him before he was halfway to the door.

"Daddy It's so good to see you. You have been gone so long."

"What your definition of a long time? I have been on a three-week book

tour: you are just finishing up school."

" What I meant is you go from Book Tour to vacation, to Book Tour you are never at home this has been going on for an awfully long time. What up with you."

"Where is my soon to be son in law?"

" He is tutoring a class this morning and will be home in an hour."

"So, are you solo this weekend, no hot date?"

"There have been no hot date for over two years."

"Dad you have never explained that to me. You always say later, how much later? I know things have changed but have you changed, has she changed? You do not know do you, and you're afraid to find out."

"That water under the bridge Lexi, nothing good in going back there."

"How can you say that you were in love with that woman for years.

Then after what you did, yes you walked away, and hid out."

"I did not hide out. I went on a fact-finding tour, in China. She got married. THE END."

"Did she dad? Did she, did she get married, or was that your smoke screen too, and you folded and ran? You ran like six-year-old."

Rick was red, almost blue, in the face.

"What do you know about it, or her?"

"She does not live in New York City, and is not a cop. That all I'll tell you."

"Will you tell me how you know?"



"No dad, I promised that I would not tell you anything, I violated that by what I have said so far. So please, please do not make me feel worse, your just so wrong, so bitter."

Rick took out his cell and call the 12th and asked for

Detective Beckett. The officer, who answered, asked who he was, and why he was calling, he said he was an old friend who was out of touch and wanted to contact her. He was put on hold.

"Deputy Chief Gates speaking?"

"Chief Gates what a surprise, this is Richard Castle I was trying to speak with Detective Beckett."

"Well Mr. Castle it's has been a long time since I have spoken to you, and it seems that it has been a long time since you have spoken to Captain Beckett. Am I correct Mr. Castle?"

"Yes, Chief Gates, we parted on a sour note. I wanted to call her and see if I could make amendment for it."

"What pray tell could that be Mr. Castle. You call her a whore in front of the entire command staff of the NYPD, her employer, in front of over one hundred media people, and TV news, without a piece of real proof, but the word of your slut X-wife, who cheated on you before.

You believe her, over someone who save your life a few time. What were you thinking.

Now you want to call her on the phone an say I'm sorry can we have coffee, and talk? Mr. Castle for a smart man wares are your brains. Kate is no longer a member of the NYPD. She does not even live in New York. No one in the NYPD will ever give you a scrap of information on her.

Not even the ones who disliked her, when she was one of us, after what you did to her. I bet you think she went off and married that guy who you thought offered her the ring you saw in the box in her draw, her unlocked draw.

He was there when you did your dirty deed, he ran faster than you, and you were extremely fast, Bora, Bora was it? By the way I sent that ring to the jeweler as Kate refused it, he said you paid for it, it in property if you ever want it. So goodbye Mr. Castle I hope to never see or hear from you again."

The phone line went dead without warning startling him. He leaned back in his chair and recalled that day. He did not remember it happing that way. He got up and went out to get Lexis. He found her in the kitchen with her soon to be husband preparing food for supper.

"Lex I just had a talk with Chief Gates in New York. She was not very politely almost tore my head off because I asked for Detective Beckett."

"Dad of all the people to call to ask about Kate Beckett, Victory Gates was the very worse one to do that to do to."

"Why Lex?"

"Kate was her, her pet, her favorite on the force."

"I'm still lost as to why she was so mad?"

"DAD you destroyed KATE on that day."

"WAITE, WAITE, I destroyed what?"

"Dad don't tell me you do not know what happened after you blow your top on national TV."

"Lex, I got on my private plane and went to Bora-Bora and stuck my head in the sand. I thought Kate married that jerk and everything went on without me. I wrote two 'Heat' books and sent them in and never open anything from 'Black Pawn', I still haven't."

"Maybe you should. You got a lot of bad press after that, it increased when someone leaked that Kate was admitted to a locked Phys unit. That when she was given a medical discharge from the NYPD. Dad I use my alternate name when around any police in the city. I'm a Rogers, the Castle name is a bitter pill, and 'Nikki Heat' is still the queen bad ass."

"Lex do you know where she is?"

"Yes, dad I do, but I am not ready to tell, nor are you ready to know. She loved you very much and you shattered her into a million pieces, and never looked backed. You never said another word.

Dad when did you find out you were wrong and the information that was given to you was planted. Planted by my mother to do just what you did, dad?"

"Lex I never knew, I thought it was real, till now."

"WHOW, WHOW how could you be, my dad ,so smart be so stupid. She lied to you all my life but this time you chose to believe her, were you in bed with her dad? Were you and you accused Kate of sleeping with someone.

DAD that thought makes me want to throw you out of my life, so, tell me it's not true, even if it's a lie."

"I was not sleeping with your mother; I was talking with her, and she show me photos of Kate in bed with Sam King."

"I have those, they were photo shopped, Meredith had them done two days before she met you. The woman is a dead Ringer for Kate, but she is two inches shorter.

The night of the so call sex date Kate was at her dads going over plans for a service for her mom on the ninth. That why she refused to tell you what she was doing."

"Lex, I did not know, nor do I know why I did what I did. I felt she was cheating on me, I wanted to hurt her, bad."

"That you did, in spades, but you, had no justification. She did nothing. you just went off like a madman dad. That was not you, that was a crazy fool.

You're so lucky she loved you so much that she did not just shoot you right there on that stage. Instead, she crumpled into a fetal ball and fell down a flight of stairs.

Dad she was like that for months. She was in that hospital for over a year."

"Why did no one try to reach me"

"I tries Dad. You rejected my calls, and texts. The first text you answered was last week."

"I needed to clear my head about my betrayal."

"How does that work now, that there was no betrayal but yours?"

"I makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me look like a madman, a complete fool. I think I need help."

"Remove the word think, you have not done much of that in a long wild. Here is a list of people who may help you, do not send anyone out looking for Kate.

If you do, I will never speak to you ever again, now let's eat."

A week later Rick enter the office of Doctor Suthar Sanford. He walked up to the desk and a young woman ask his name and gave him a pad of paper with questions to fill out and said the doctor would see him soon.

About seven minutes later his name was called and he was lead to a room and told to have a seat. After a minute, a tall husky man entered and extended his hand.

"Mr. Castle Suthar Sanford what brings you here?"

"Well, My daughter, and some of my friends tell me I need help a while back I made a mistake and it hurt someone; I had feeling for. I do not know why I did it. I think that the truth."

"Do you remember doing this thing?"

"Yes, and no. I remember the ending, but not as my daughter tells me it happens."

"Tell me what you remember."

"I was giver pictures; wait first I found a ring in a draw in my fiancé desk, then I was given the pictures of her in bed with him having sex.

I went to ware she was. It was some event; I call her out in some vulgar terms and tossed the ring box and pictures at her and left, took my plane to 'Bora Bora' for a time out.'

"Now tell me what your daughter said happen."

"Ok, My X-wife #1 gave me pictures of my fiancé Kate in Bed having sex with a rich man she was a bodyguard for a week before. She told me she knew that Kate had a ring in her bureau that was hidden from me. I took the ring box, and pictures I went to the event she was at. I call her names, tossed her the box, and showed the pictures to the media, especially the nude ones. It turned out it was an NYPD promotion affair, and she was being promoted to captain."

"Ar, Rick what happened after that?"

"This is all hearsay. Kate had a breakdown. She was sent to a hospital Psychiatric Unit, a lockdown ward, for a year.

Later she retired with a full medical. My daughter said she moved out of New York.

Honestly, I do not remember doing it that way."

"Just to set my mind clear were the pictures, and ring real."

"NO. they were planted by my X-wife."

"Were you drugged also?"

"I can't give you an honest answer, maybe."

"If you have never done anything like this before in your life time, I feel the answer is you were. The answer why is that your X-wife hated your fiancé, or you, so much she was willing to destroy you with her.

I would recommend you stay a long way from her. And keep your daughter away, she has serious mental problems,"

"Can you help me fix my problems with Kate?"

"I would love to say I could, but I would be a liar.

I do not think there is a fix for what was done. If you are a man of faith pray for her, and your, soul, light a candle. I think you broke both her heart, and soul, and maybe her body.

Have you daughter send her flowers with no cards. Do not try to go see her, if she ever wants to see you let it be her to make that move, otherwise she will flee, and she will never be see again. Go Rick, Come again when you have explored what we have spoken about."

He call Lex, his call went to voice mail. He call Paula she answered on the first ring.

"Rick what wrong?"

"Something for me to call you?"

"Yes, you only call when no one will answer you."

"I guess you are right again, I need someone to talk to who will not hit me. As you are on the phone, I'm safe."

"I could just hang up."

"You could but would you listen. You are my agent right how is my worth on the market, compared to three years ago."

"Three year ago, you were red hot, today you're still popular But not as before you and Kate had that melt down.

You and she both disappeared. NYPD after a year released a small blub that she had retired. I had a friend on the inside dig in and she was forced to retire on a medical/Psy eval. Can never carry a weapon.

You ruined her Rick; I never saw you do something like that before. I Almost quit being your agent, but you disappeared so I figured you quit on me.

Why did you do it Rick, why to her. I thought you two had worked out all your Problems.

" I was giver information that Kate was cheating on me, and I lost my mind. You know my past and infidelity; it just made my head pop. I do not remembered doing that thing in front of the media, is they a chance you could get me a tape of it."

"I can try Rick no promises give me a few days."

A week later a currier knocked on ricks door with a parcel. In it was a note and a CD. He read the note.

"Rick this is a CD from the PD platform for the ceremony. It's the best I could do. Paula"

He watched the CD; he was appalled at his performance. The tape kept going showing Kate falling down the stairs. The paramedics treating her, taking her away still rolled up like a ball. He was sick he ran into his bathroom and empty his stomach.

He left the loft and went for a walk as he rounded a corner; he saw a lot of police cars and a corners van. As he went to turn away, he ran into a woman who knocked him back.

"Learn to watch where ware you are walking writer boy you can get hurt."


"Got your head out of your ass yet?"

"Just recently."

"Come by the lab after six, I'll talk to you alone, and you get to live another day."

At six he entered the morgue and walked to Lanie's office; she was sitting at her desk.

"Take a seat, lock the door."

"Why are you going to talk to me. I talk to Gates, and she just about took my head off, not that I learned I deserved it. I was at first afraid to come here, I thought I might never leave."

"Kate was NYPD, she is my friend. Castle she loved you to the bottom of her heart, she was into you every inch of the way. For you to think she would betray you and have an affair when you gave her a ring and a promise of never-ending love is totally unbelievable to me how was it to You?"

"My psychotherapist thinks I was on drugs, or out of my mind. I Saw a tape of the fucking incident, I was sick that I did that to anyone, but I did it to her."

"Were you Rick you did not look normal to me, nor did you act normal. Added to your run a way act, and "Black Pawn's' refusal to publish the next two 'Heat' book till you returned it makes sense."

"I don't think it matters I was such an ass if I was it only helped bring out my hidden fears. I did not think I could keep a beautiful woman; I was jealous of every man in the room. When she said she was mine alone I did not believe it in my Core, she could have any man she wanted why me.

Meredith played my weak point and I popped, like a toy gun. Bang! I killed her, like a bug on my shoe with no feelings at all. What kind of a person am I?"

"Rick, you need to see your Counselor again you are getting morbid. Yes, you did Kate a great wrong, but I think you were push or given a lot of help to do the deed. Make the call now, let me talk to him then go see him I think you need guidance now."

He took out his cell and call. He ask if he would talk with Dr Parish and the doctor agreed and they talked for about fifteen minutes then he spoke to Rick and ask him to come to his office at eight the next day.

The next day he met with Rick and after an hour he suggested a seven day in house treatment program. He felt he was to the point he need an intervention and it need to be done now. After a lot of thought Rick agreed and made planes to meet him a "TRAVLON HOUSE" in the morning

Three-week later Lanie was sitting in her living room at Friday night when someone knocked at her door. Answering the door, she was shocked to find Rick Castle standing there.

"Hi, Lanie can I come in?"

""Yes ,come in I have not seen you for weeks, I thought you we're going to get back to me about our talk about a friend of ours?"

"I took you advice and went to my Psychologist and had a session and ended in spending time in a clinic for twenty-four days."

"You stayed for twenty-four days. Did it help?"

"Yes, I have a new look at life, and a better way of taking care of my business."

"So, what is the first piece of business you have planned?"

"I need someone to get a message to Kate. I'm not going to search for her I just want her to know that I was out of my mind, and probably drugged that day. I'm so sorry, I know she will never forgive me, but she needs to know I love her still and wish her well."

"You think I know, and can contact Kate. Rick, she cut everyone off when she got out of the hospital. I know where she is, but I have not spoken to her. She sends me letters and I reply, that is the extent of my contact. I will send her a letter and express your feeling. That the most I can do except say a prayer for you both."

"Thank you Lanie I'll be going I'll check back with you in a few days."

Rick left and Lanie started writing the letter to Kate.