A Summertime of Discontent


He made one more call to Supervisory Special Agent Shaw, in New York, to tell her what was happening and ask who her friend was.

Agent Shaw made a call to Rick to tell him of the modifications, and to tell him she told the SAC in Boston that it was his tip that changed the case, that Kate was not a subject of the investigation anymore.

Rick made a call to Kate, to let her know what Agent Shaw told him. She asked if she could come home now? He told her to delay her return until the FBI made their announcement that she was not a subject investigation.

Two hours later his phone rang.

"Mr. Richard Castle?"

"Yes, this is he."

"This Special Agent Robert Newman, SAC of the Boston field office. Like to talk to you privately, about the Graves case. Can you come into my office soon."

"Agent Newman I live in New York city."

"Know you are very wealthy and own a private plane so I'm asking, or I could issue a warrant for you to come in as a material witness. I thought you would be co-operative due to you friendship with Agent Shaw, whatever that ever that it is."

"Agent Newman as a favor to Agent Shaw I will come in to see you tomorrow after nine[9am[. If that Ok?"

The next day at exactly nine [9am]he was at the reception desk at the Boston FBI office.

"Richard Castle to see SAC Robert Newman."

"Yes Mr. Castle he will see you now, if you will follow me."

"Mr. Castle what is your connection with Mrs. Graves?"

"About ten years ago Mrs. Graves, then Kate Beckett, and I were about to be engaged to be marries.

If you ever read the 'New York Times©' you would know Detective Beckett was the top NYPD homicide detective, and my muse for the 'Nikki Heat' books.

That until I destroyed her in front of the entire NYPD Brass, and TV media.

I was either crazy, or on drugs at the time, maybe both. I disappeared out of the country, two the other side of the world, and became unreachable. Kate was taken to an emergency ward then went in to a locked door, 'Psychiatric Hospital' for a year, then dismissed from the NYPD, on a medical discharge, as unfit mentally to be a police officer, or to own a gun.

I did not see her for years then I met an old friend of hers and after talking with her I convinced her I needed to talk to Kate, face to face to apologize for what I did.

Did I mention I also went in a 'Psychiatric Hospital', a real nut house, after I found out what I really did. Spent twenty-four days [24],in a Psychiatric lock-down Unit.

Saw a psychologist since that time, he has told me the reason I did that to Kate was so I could hurt her for betraying me, with another man. Due to my have an inferiority complex, hidden in my subconscious mind.

I have been working on this problem, and I do have a handle on it now. My psychologist also feels I was drugged that night. After watching a hundred times, since I received the tape a I agree that I was.

Kate and I, met twice in person, I told my story, she accepted part of it.

Kate was still unhappy that I could not tell her exactly why I did what I did, so we parted on less than friendly terms.

I told her I stilled loved her, she told me she did not have those feeling for me anymore. When we parted I told her I would help her if anything happened, and she told me her husband took care of her every needs, and she hoped she never ever would meet me face to face again.

That how we left it till she called me after the plane crash to tell me she was still alive, and her family, except her children, were dead.

She told me the paparazzi, and the media were make it very unpleasant for her children and ask me for help to pay for tickets, as the police froze all her accounts. so, she could get her children away for a period.

I, instead flew her and her children to Florida for a week then return them to Boston.

Two weeks later she called in a panic. The Paparazzi were attacking her because someone in the police department leaked that she as sole beneficiary was the prime subject in the death of her family members. I again swiftly removed them and tool the to my home in Key West. FL, for their own safety. We have spoken twice since I took then to Florida and not in the last three weeks. Anything else?"

"We are going to verify your story, after we type up this statement, and you sign it. It will take about twenty [20] minutes to do that. Can I offer you coffee while we wait?"

"Yes, to the coffee, and the wait. I just I need to make a call."

"Oh, by the way what the story with Jordan Shaw, she said to ask you, as it was your story to tell."

"Well as we have twenty minutes, and coffee, I'll tell you. Back when I was in my early twenties I met Jordi, she was just out of law school and was not sure of what path she was going on. both, she, and I, were single at the time, we got together for a time, and I thought we may make it permanent. But I had an infant daughter that was not a woman in her early twenties was looking for. Without asking her about it, I introduced her to her present husband, and then I back out of the mix.

They got married right after she graduated from the FBI Academy. We have remained friends since that time."

"Jordi almost became Mrs. Richard Castle number two [2].

Boy what a case of people meeting people, and staying friends for years."

"Jordi and Kate worked some cases together when she and I, I mean Kate, were a couple. They are still friends now."

"Well, this has been an enlightening meeting. I just received a text that the mechanic has made a full confession that he was paid to down the plane, it was from a person out of the country. It was a client of the firm, and it was a payback for a case they lost, and it cost him lots of money."

"Well, I'm glad you found out who did it. Now Kate can relax, and be safe now."

"Hate to ask but are you and Mrs. Graves going to get back together?"

"As I said before I think that boat has sailed. She very wealthy, has her children. She can pick any man she wants now, or remain single and wealthy.

Would you keep me in the loop of who did the hiring of the hitman."

"I thinking you're wrong about that boat, but who am I to try to judge love."

"I will be going now, I signed the statement, and I have things to do in New York."

He left the office and flew back to the city. When he was onboard the plane, he called Kate.

"Helo Rick what up?"

"The FBI has caught the person who caused the plane crash. They have not caught the person who paid for the job yet. They think they are about to move in. The SAC in Boston spoke he would keep me in the loop."

"Can I come and see you now, that you say I'm in the clear?"

"I'll send the plane for you, tomorrow."

"Rick I can afford to buy ticket now, I'm worth almost more than you."

"So, you don't want to slum with the lesser people now."

" Well, I do have standards now, you do have to bow down in my presents I do have to uphold those standards now."

"I'll Bow to you, and ask that when you return up north, would you allow me to take you to a humble dinner."

"Well, I do have to eat. Call you when I get home, stay by your phone."

"Wait for the call madam."

Kate ended the call laughing on her end, something she had not done very much in the past years. She told her children that they were going back home and to pack up their stuff. Then she calls the cooperate office and told them to send the second company jet to Key West to pick them up and return then to Boston. The person at the airfield as who she was.

"I'm the Corp owner Mrs. John. D. Graves, that who I am, and if you question me once more time Allen you will be out of a job. Is that clear Mister Boyle?"

"Yes, Mrs. Graves. The plane will be ready to fly in an hour then it will take about three hours to get to Key West."

"Thank you, make sure it in perfect shape."

"Yes mam, I'll fly down with it to make sure."

Twenty-four hours later in Boston, MA.

Mrs. John D Graves was at the cooperate offices with the balance of the staff. They were all call into the meeting with the new owner of the corporation.

"Good morning for those who do not know me, my name is

Mrs. John D. Graves, some of you know me as Kate Beckett, when working on cases. Due to the tragic crash of the corporation Plane, and the resulting death of my husband, father and mother-in-law, and others, I now own this corporation ,one hundred percent.

It now a job I never wished for. I do not feel I can do the job successfully, nor do I want to do it.

Therefore, I have arrange to negotiate a purchase of the corporation.

I have had offers. One of them by employees of this firm.

Those from others were for cash in the amount of three hundred million [$300,000,000.00].

The offer from the corporate people, who want to buy me out is for two hundred twenty-five million [], with a pay out over ten years [$2.250,000.00.] per year, in cash.

So, you can see that the straight cash would make me rich, and free from the firm.

So, after talking with my lawyer, and my advisors, and member of the Corporate here, I feel it best for me, and my family to accept the bid from the firm member for the payoff over ten years."

Suddenly a loud cheer went around the room.

"I, we will meet with your members and get the finance started, also they will be no interest on this except what I'm paying. Till them I asked that you bear with me till the deal if done."

After handshakes and hugs she left the room and went to the CEO office to hide. She was totally surprised to find someone there.

"Were you going to stand me up on that humble dinner, madam president?"

"Rich what are you doing here?"

"Trying to keep you from welshing out on a date."

Running to him and wrapping her body around him she spoke.

"Hold me Rick, I love you so much, I never want to let you go."

"That good so after you are widow for a year, I'm going to ask you to marry me."

Two weeks later they went on their "first official date." They dined, talked and he walked her to her door. They went on four more "dates,", till she invited him for a nightcap. Two more "dates," till he stayed the night, they were never apart after that.

He asked her to become his third, and last wife, one year after her husband died in the plane crash. She said yes if he would adopt her children. His answer was that he would never have if another way.

The wedding was in The Hampton Summer House, and their honeymoon was, thirty days, in France. Surprise he brought a pregnant wife, home. Their family and friends were thrilled by the news.

Eight months later a baby boy was born to Rick and Kate. They named him James Richard Castle, he was call JR by family, and friends.

They would spend the next thirty-nine years together, Rick passed first, Kate only a two days later she joined him.

They said Kate died of a broken heart, Lexis said her mom could not live without her soul mate, the love of her life.

Like happy conclusion, this ending was sad but Kate, and Rick never spent much time apart from each other, and my ending is how I would end the show. Never a ninety second flash of them with three children and no explanation.