Her eyes blinked open. The lights above felt like angels, floating above her and ensuring her safety. As a child, she'd always dreamed about that, having invisible people who cared about her and protected her. It was something she thought she would never be able to have.

Reina's hazy eyes cleared and she rolled her head to the side, wondering what the weight on her arm was. Tetsuki was lying on her arm, dozing and snoring with almost no sound at all. The only hint that he was snoring was the small vibration on his nostrils.

A smile appeared on her face and her eyes smiled. His sleeping was so beautiful, enchanting. She wanted to keep watching him. Like he had been for her.

It reminded her of the times she didn't have a bed to sleep, when she used to be alone. Reina could remember the cold, dark nights where fear was instilled in her, scared of the gangsters that roamed the streets. She'd always had to look out for herself, make sure she was awake whenever someone was nearby. It had been hard work, sleep barely caught up with her. Rein had been alone. She'd been in her own blood cage, but drowning in everyone's. She drowned in loneliness.

But now, she realised, there was someone there. Looking out for her. Watching her as she slept. It was refreshing and it brought tears to her eyes. There was finally someone, she wasn't alone anymore.

But I was alone for so long. I was always alone. I told myself that I didn't need anyone. That if there was someone, I'd only drag both both of us down. That they would start to hate me and leave me. I was scared of that. Loneliness. But I always lived with it. But he loves me for who I am, he said that he'll always be there. I won't drag him down. He wants me. How long has it been since someone wanted me? My parents didn't want me. Hikado didn't want me - he only wanted my powers. The Red Gang didn't want me either. No one wants me to live. But he saved me. I know that I died on that night, I know it. But he brought me back. I can't ever repay that. Tetsuki...

Tears shone under the light as it trickled down her cheek. Tetsuki will be here for me. I want to be there for him too. She knew that from now on, Reina, after living alone for sixteen long years, she would be together with Tetsuki.

Her thoughts floated to her parents. They were never there for me, they weren't my parents. They were just people in my life whom I never knew. She blinked away tears. I want to forget them. They abandoned me. Tetsuki would never do that to me. My parents... I want to forgive that - but I don't know if I can.

Reina brushed the thought of her parents away, not wanting to think of them anymore. All she wanted to know and think about, was Tetsuki. He saved her and he had been with her all this time. Despite everything. There couldn't be any goodness in this world. That's what she had thought. But she'd found goodness in Tetsuki. "I wanna live forever with you," she whispered.


. *

. *

. * .


* .