AN: I don't even know where this came from, it almost feels like cheating on my other story, but just rewatched season 6, episode 6 and just felt like writing it. I'm not even usually a huge Literati fan but Jess' body language in that episode was just so hot. This is a piece of smut writing (M rating for a reason), definitely not a story that is in any way ethical, fair or casting good light on Rory, but I cast no judgement.

Summary: Rory goes to visit Jess in Philadelphia after being in a fight with Logan (not having forgiven him when he leaves to Costa Rica). This story uses partially the original script with added thoughts and emotions, leading to an alternative outcome. Mostly written form Jess's POV, but it alternated on occasion with Rory's.

I do not own the original characters or the dialogue in the first part, I do not own GG.

Jess had just been talking to his colleagues, just some silly professional banter and he had just told Matthew to go get a beer when he turned and noticed a familiar, but even more gorgeous figure than he remembered, walk in the door.

"Well, isn't this a day of surprises?" Jess asked, having not expected to see Rory at his place of business.

"I didn't RSVP, sorry!" Rory apologized, humbly. She hadn't known she was coming, dressed just in the same as she'd set out that morning for school - wearing a simple pair of dark low-waist jeans, a tightly-fitted blazer and a low cut while top underneath. It was sexy, but understated. After all she'd just a few hours ago decided she was coming at all. She'd told herself this was just a friendly visit, but underneath it was nothing but. It was tempting faith, it was payback for Logan sleeping with almost the entire wedding party when they were taking a break - even if she didn't quite admit it to herself. It was playing with fire.

"Ah.., this isn't a RSVP type thing. Showing up's cool," Jess replied.

Rory had never really seen Jess looking this handsome - he'd never really been the type to dress up - jeans or army-style jackets being more of his type of thing, but here he stood dressed in a dark corduroy blazer, a white t-shirt with Joseph Szabo's famous photo of the girl with a cigarette underneath. Jess was always witty and intelligent with his T-shirt choices - Rory thought. He looked good, really good - confident, grown up - much less like the guy who once slept in his car out of pride on a cold night and much more like someone who was actually successful, someone who'd actually made something out of himself.

"Good thing. So this is Truncheon Books?" Rory asked, glancing around.

"Yeah. This is Truncheon," he replied, desperately wanting to really know what she was doing there. He had had a crush on Rory since he'd met her, he'd loved her for longer than he'd himself known it, and after breaking her heart with his disasterous disappearance act, he'd still continued to pine for her. And then she'd broken his heart by not giving him a second chance when he'd assured her from the bottom of his heart that she could count on him now. Maybe it was good that she hadn't - clearly he hadn't been that ready yet.

"I like it. It makes me feel like I instantly want to create something," Rory commented, adding, "Give me a pen! Give me a brush!" theatrically as she looked around noting all the literature and paintings.

"Luke!" Rory noted suddenly with surprise.

"Yeah, there's a definite 'Jess Mariano, this is your life' vibe here today," Jess noted as they walked over to Luke and April.

They exchanged a few words with Luke and April, Rory meeting April for the first time. It was awkward - the whole thing with her mother and Luke and Luke having delayed telling Lorelai about having found out he had a kid who was now standing right in front of Rory.

The evening continued peacefully, Jess getting pulled away by several fellow authors, and even a few independent magazines inquiring into Jess' book and some contacts that the Truncheon did business with. Jess showed her around a bit, speaking about what they did and introduced her to a couple of people. But as he was once again pulled away, he knew that he wouldn't really have to entertain Rory - if she was there, she was there. Jess knew Rory was perfectly content in a room full of books, besides he couldn't allow himself to quite believe that Rory was there to actually want something more from him than just show her support. It seemed too good to be true.

The night was drawing to an end and there were just a couple of people left in the room, most people heading out to the Cedar Bar Redux.

"Yeah, maybe. You know, go on ahead. I'll catch up," Jess called after his friends who had just asked if he was coming too. He was quite surprised to see Rory still around - as expected she was sitting on an ottoman reading Jess' book.

With that thought the last guest exited the space, and he simply nodded in his direction, the door chime announcing their departure.

Seeing her hang around like this, Jess was getting a hunch that this wasn't just a friendly visit. Why would she stick around this long? Everyone else was gone!

Jess pulled another ottoman closer to Rory's, intentionally setting it perhaps a couple of inches closer than someone who was simply a friend would. Maybe this was his chance? He sure as hell wasn't going to waste it!

"You know, you don't have to read it again," Jess said and took a seat, facing her.

"I know I don't," Rory replied, letting the book fall to her lap. She pretty much knew the book by heart, having read it already a few times before tonight.

"God, there are so many things I would change in it," Jess sighed.

"Like what?" she inquired, and changed her positioning a little so that she was now facing him, their knees almost touching. She could feel tension in the air, the one that they'd always had. It was the perfect distraction.

"I'd keep the back cover. Everything else goes," Jess exclaimed, gesturing with his hand how he just wanted to throw it out.

"You know why I love your book?" Rory said, with a slight glimmer in her eyes.

Jess could get lost in those eyes for hours, but this was not that time. This needed to be precise, calculated - it was his chance.

"Why?" he asked, as if challenging her. He leaned in just a little, making the distance between them even smaller. She had to sense that tension too, right?

"It doesn't remind me of anything. It's not a rip-off. It's just you," Rory said. She still liked to think she knew the real him.

For years Rory had been the only person to get anything about him. She'd never gotten everything, nobody had - he probably still didn't. But she was the one that had gotten the closest.

"High praise, miss Yale editor," Jess teased, having looked up what she'd been up to quite recently, and bumped his fist against Rory's knee to break some of that ice. This was classical flirting 1-0-1, get close, talk, create physical contact, get even closer...

Saying that he had been proud to find out that she was back at Yale, couldn't have made him more proud. And for what had happened in October, he'd long gone forgiven her, not that any of it had even been her fault. He believed she was allowed to trail off and make mistakes just like he'd made them.

"Yeah, well, I don't get to write as much as I would like. I… mostly assigning and motivating, hand-holding, and rewriting," she explained humbly. She doubted Luke had told him, so she was actually a little moved that he knew about that.

"Yeah, and you love it, every minute of it. Come on, tell me you don't," he said with a smug smile and leaned in a little more. He knew her.

"I do, I do love it. It's exciting," she replied, humbly.

God, she had a beautiful, understated, smile - Jess thought.

"Yeah, you look happier than when I saw you last," Jess noted. He just had to say it. He could only hope it meant what he wanted it to mean.

"I am," she replied, smilingly. In a lot of ways she was, unless on those ways that she wasn't.

There it was, that smile again.

"So you fixed everything?" Jess asked, desperately hoping she would say that the jerk with the Porsche was gone, that she wasn't living with her grandmother, that she'd gotten out of the D.A.R.

"Yeah, everything's fixed," Rory fibbed. Things were messy, unresolved but with every second she was spending in that room with Jess, this new and improved Jess - things were becoming a whole lot clearer - she just wanted to feel good, wanted and prioritized. She knew Jess had still recently had feelings for her, and today was just confirming that knowledge - she wasn't oblivious to his advances - the slight flirt that he knew how to do so well. The way he spoke to her, that tone of his, god, that smile… she was a goner the minute she stepped inside this room. The fire she'd been playing with was getting out of hand.

"I'm glad you're here," Jess said in a low tone, and leaned even more, resting his elbows on his knees. If she didn't want this to go any further, she'd object, move away, stand up...anything, but she wouldn't. Her lips were so kissable right there.

"Yeah, me too," Rory replied. For the first time in weeks she felt like she was somewhere she actually wanted to be, she was doing something for her. She was sick of being hurt, she just wanted to feel better.

He approached her even more and as if no time at all had passed, no misunderstandings, no hurt, no confusion - his lips tasted hers, letting his tongue gently stroke her insides lips before reaching towards to taste her tongue. He could feel her kissing back, while hesitating a little, and he took her elbow in his palm to steady her, assure her that this was okay.

He could sense her hesitate for a moment. The hesitation was guilt, naturally, but Jess didn't know it.

"Is this good? You okay?" he asked in whisper, just an inch from her.

"Uh-uh," Rory replied, her cheeks already looking a little flustered, and pushed all other distracting thoughts aside, that had caused her to hesitate.

"You want to go upstairs? I have a small studio up there," Jess suggested, not wasting any time. He'd dreamed years of this. He wasn't going to attempt faith by talking about this.

"Any hope you have something to drink up there?" Rory asked, feeling like she needed to ease her nerves if she was really going to do this.

"I'm sure we can find something for you," Jess assured and kissed her again.

He took her hand, and after locking the door of the store and hitting the master switch, turning off the lights after them, he led her upstairs to the third floor, the fimly lit stairway light liting their way up the squeaky wooden staircase.

"This is the place," Jess replied humbly, as he switched on the lights.

It wasn't much, but a significant step upwards from the shithole he'd lived in in New York with four other guys.

Two walls of the one-room apartment were exposed brick, the other two painted in plain white. There was a small 1980s style kitchen in one wall, but had a small stainless steel fridge, a slightly worn down but decent leather couch in one wall and a queen size mattress propped onto a couple of transport pallets. Books created a long line along the floor, clearly Jess having not yet gotten around to getting a proper bookcase. The furniture seemed to be bits and pieces he'd scavengered, but it all looked clean and sturdy - the place looked like him.

"It's nice," Rory commented, looking around, feeling nervous.

"Now, how about that drink?" he asked, and walked over to the kitchen. Opening the fridge he asked, "Beer?" only then realizing that they'd served beer downstairs. Surely if she'd wanted a beer, she would've had that there. "Or something stronger?" he pulled out a bottle of tequila from one of the cabinets.

"Stronger would be good right about now," Rory replied, feeling giggly in her nervousness. She desparately wanted to numb her brain and lose herself.

Surprisingly enough Jess actually had proper shot glasses, and he filled two and offered to sprinkle some salt onto Rory's hand along with it. There was no lime, the lonely banana in the fruit basket on the counter, making that abundantly clear.

They shot back a shot each, the liquid burning in their throats.

"You want another?" Jess asked, seeing something he'd never really seen in Rory before - as she held up her glass to him. Well - he hadn't even really seen Rory drunk before, not tequila-drunk.

Rory nodded and he poured her another glass.

After she'd blown out a 'huh', having needed that drink, feeling the warmth of the alcohol run through her veins, making her feel like her skin was on fire.

Jess was getting a feeling that something was up - Rory was the kind of person that wanted to talk, but right now as her lips had just crashed into his again, spoke of something else.

Jess was powerless at her hands - he'd waited too long for this. It felt like the finale - finale of something years in the making. It was his chance, whatever that meant.

While the fierce kiss continued, barely giving each other air to breathe, he tucked his hand into the back pockets of Rory's jeans and pulled her pelvis flush up against him. She clung to his neck, her fingers intertwining into the back of his hair. Her touch was intoxicating on his scalp.

She'd grown too since they'd dated - she was no longer a timid little girl, she was a woman, knowing what she was doing, her hips squeezing out all the air from between them. Oh, she could definitely feel how badly he wanted her - Jess thought.

Jess pulled back a little and observed her face - those bright blue eyes, her makeup that seemed so effortless, her reddened lips from their kiss. He couldn't believe this was happening.

With that seductive crooked smile of his, he unbuttoned the three buttons holding her blazer together, with his thumb and his index finger, keeping the eye contact going.

In some way it was a lot like their second kiss at the gas station - nervous, exciting - her rapid breathing was the same at least.

Rory's hands now tucked under his blazer, feeling his firm muscles, urging him to shed it. He didn't quite understand what her hurry was, but whatever it was - he wasn't going to stop her. He'd waited too long for this.

They shed their layers simultaneously, the open neckline of Rory's blouse proving too tempting not to do anything about it. He kissed her neck and left a trail of kisses onto her collarbone and between her valley of her breasts. Had they grown since he'd last been this close to them? - he wondered. It certainly looked like it, or perhaps it was the magic that tempting lace bra that was showing from his vantage point?

Rory's head was tilted to one side, her hair falling over to the same side, and he swore he could hear a delicious weak moan leaving her lips.

His touch felt so good, his hands already having slipped under her top. Rory was lost in his touch, the tequila doing its magic.

Rory couldn't fight it - it was all too tantalizing - and she pulled his chin back up and kissed him again, bruisingly, while she let her hands fidget down to his belt, swiftly unbuckling it. After the belt she continued onwards to the button and zipper, already feeling the firm bulge in his pants. She'd certainly felt that before, she'd even touched it before. They hadn't done the deed but it didn't mean they'd done nothing - there had definitely been some experimentation with hands, even if above at least one layer of clothing.

Jess pulled away from the kiss, and grabbed his shirt by it's collar pulling it over his head. The disappearance of the shirt exposed a firm, but not overly muscular, body. Rory's lips landed on his chest then, moving upwards to his neck and then lips.

"Someone's overdressed," Jess murmured, biting his lip, suggesting she remove her top.

The top was hastily removed, and his lips crashed onto the top of her breast again, enjoying the taste of her - she tasted salty, but with a hint of sweetness, something inherently her. No-one tasted like her.

It was then Rory reached into his pants and caused him to groan. This was a whole new Rory he was seeing.

Ever since that one unfortunate house party, when he'd tried to go for her jeans button, every time he'd thought about this - that had always been that one point in his mind with what he'd struggled, not wanting to assume, not wanting to make her to think this was something that was being pushed on her. But the hand in his pants, stroking him, was clearly speaking of something else.

Still, he wanted to show his best self in this.

"May I?" he asked, as his finger's flipped down from her stomach to her jeans button.

Rory smiled, not quite believing her ears. Was he really asking this? Now?

"Yes," Rory said. "I want this," she murmured into his ear, making him lose it. He'd never felt so aroused by anything than the sound of her voice, accompanied by the squeezing pressure in his pants that was cause by her grip.

From there on things moved fast, stumbling somehow out of their jeans, and him out of his boxers, they made their way towards the bed, Rory almost tripping onto it, having not quite seen it's edge while kissing.

"Are you hurt?" he asked her.

"I'm fine," Rory brushed it off, "just a small scrape," she added, as she pulled him on top of her.

His weight felt allconsuming on her body, his arousal pushing just at the right spot even before they'd done anything more than kiss.

Jess pulled her bra down, not bothering to unhook it, and took her nipples into his mouth one by one. Rory's body spoke for itself, the arching of her back and the waves she was making with her hips left no room for error.

Jess kissed his way down her stomach, taking her mismatched black panties along with his hands, pushing them down, as he continued to kiss down to her thighs. Clearly she hadn't really planned for this, but he didn't care. Maybe she'd just been too scared to hope like he had?

"Please don't… don't do that..," Rory said, sensing where his lips were going, feeling a little self conscious not having showered since 7 AM that morning.

Jess stared at her in confusion - he wanted nothing more than to really taste her.

"Just kiss me. Fingers are good," Rory instructed simply, taking his fingers and showing him exactly what she liked. The movements, which really didn't need guidance, were deliberate, demanding and bold, making her moan.

Jess returned to kiss her lips, alternating between her neck - definitely leaving a mark - and her lips.

"I want to feel you, Jess," Rory murmured into his ear again. She'd wondered for so long what it'd be like.

Jess reached under the side of the bed, fishing out a purple condom wrapper. The second it was one, the movement of her hips demanded him.

The joining of the bodies felt celebratory, like all these years had just been foreplay to this. Each trust made her feel more full than she'd ever felt, as she allowed her mind to forget all else. Her legs wrapped around him, moving along with him. They moved like the waves, gathering force as the storm approached.

Her fingers grasped at his sheets as she climaxed, the moan that left her lips being the most beautiful sound he'd ever heard. As her cheeks became increasingly flushed afterwards - she appeared almost like she was glowing - he came along with one of the aftershocks of her core.

Pulsating, throbbing, panting - not quite believing how lucky he'd gotten, Jess collapsed onto his back next to Rory, who was also still breathing heavily.

It was a few seconds later when he noticed Rory turning to her side away from him.

Jess' initial euphoria exchanged to worry and as he heard her sob quietly, to outright panic. This had been a finale - the question just was - a finale of what?

AN: I know you may have wanted a happier ending, but technically it can still be one, but I'm leaving that up to you to imagine.

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