I've decided to take my shot at a new type of story. Lately I've gotten into my biggest childhood favorite series all over again. Harry Potter was basically the book series I grew up on, and I have quite a few things I would have done differently. It was an amazing series, but I have some ideas in my mind to make things different. This story will be my attempt to do things my own way.

Basic Summary-

Harry Potter had been incredibly lucky to survive the venom from a basilisk bite. Not only that, but a basilisk that was centuries old. It was only the phoenix tears from Fawkes that saved Harry's life. Most tales never mention the small miracle other than Harry having some resistance to poisons in the future. I've decided to do something different.

What if the mix of phoenix tears and basilisk blood had a far more profound effect on Harry, one that no one could have ever expected? How much would things change if Harry were to embrace the changes?

This story starts from the end of third year onward, and I plan to see the tale out to the end, whether that be the death of Voldemort, the downfall of the Ministry, or however I choose to take this story in the future.

The story will mostly be focused around Harry, although there will be attempts at other perspectives as well. The pairing for this story will be Harry and Gabrielle Delacour, Fleur's younger sister. The two will be the same age for this story, and the characters will all be aged up since the story will definitely have some darker tones at times. Hogwarts will start at thirteen instead of eleven. So by fourth year, which I intend to be a heavy focus of the story, Harry and the others his age will be sixteen.

This story will include a fair bit of bashing of various characters, since I tend to enjoy that. There will be Dumbledore, Hermione, and selective Weasley bashing (Ron, Ginny, Molly, and Percy). The story will feature a more mature Harry with some serious issues from his upbringing and growing into a far more rebellious streak. This won't be your average, passive, quiet Harry. Harry will also be an Animagus for this tale, something that I don't see nearly enough in my opinion. The creature I'll have as Harry's animagus form will be magical, but I'm not going to reveal it now. Feel free to guess away at what you think the form will be based on the story up until I finally reveal it. Expect it around the first task of the Triwizard Tournament and plenty of hints along the way. Anyone who guesses the form correctly before I've revealed it will get a shoutout for figuring it out.

I may not be able to update this story consistently, but I'll certainly try. School, work, life, and ADHD all add up to enough stuff to make my upload schedules spotty and my motivation variable. Hopefully you'll all enjoy my attempt at a Harry Potter story.

Note- I do not own Harry Potter or any related franchises or concepts. The only ideas I own are my own, and I've yet to make any money off of those yet. (T.T)