Chapter 1 – The unexpected arrival

A/N: I don't have many motivations to write my Fairy tail story so I made this just to try and jolt my brain up a bit.

This is a One-Piece Crossover, and I felt like doing one differently from the ones that have already been made.

This Natsu will be a Celestial Dragon but, I am not 100% sure on how it works and who were the originals so I may have to use some of the ones that are known like Kong, I think.

There will be a couple of gender swaps, some changes and still death will be involved so Ace will be dead.

I don't expect good things coming from this, but I do hope that you enjoy, nonetheless.

Unknown Location – (800 years ago before it all begins)



On a remote island located somewhere in the New World, a small crack seemed to have appeared out in thin air and a blue light was emitting in the air surrounding what seems to be a tear in space.

Minutes went by and the tear seemed to be pulsing, glowing even more, and increasing its size now and again.

After a couple more minutes, the tear in space seems to have open, spitting out a lone figure before closing again like it never existed in the first place.

The figure that just been spat out from the mysterious rift, slowly stirred awake and slowly sat up. The face that is now visible, looked like he was around the age of 20 with spikey salmon coloured hair and onyx-coloured eyes, even though the young man was slowly getting up from his sleep like state, you could tell that his face held no baby fat and no facial hair growing on his chiselled jaw.

Waking up from his daze, the male stood up, a bit slow and unbalanced, and quickly gained balance when he tipped too far ahead of himself. Now standing, the man seemed to be lean but a bit muscular, hit tattered top, revealing some strong set of abs from a lot of training, and working out. He wore a pair of combat style pants and black combat boots making sure that the bottom of his pants, tucked into them. A scaly white scarf is wrapped around his neck and a red tattoo can be seen on his right shoulder.

This man could only be Natsu Dragneel.

Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.

One of the strongest wizards in all Earthland.

A lovable person, who can bring smiles to anyone's faces.

Gaining admiration from the population and charming many of the female sex.

The once boy now man who still brings the fire back into anyone's hearts if they are seen losing to a foe that are no doubt stronger than them. Even though Natsu used to be a child picking fights around his guild mates and people who are no doubt stronger than him, he has come to the point in strength that he can try and push to make himself be better. Though he may have stopped the fighting, the pink haired man continues to grow stronger.


To protect his fellow guildmates and all his family and friends.

Since growing up with Igneel, the Fire Dragon King and the father to pink haired man, the dragon has taught the boy about the use of his Fire Dragon slayer magic. He was both proud and happy to see that the lessons taught about why to use magic.

In Earthland, only 10% of the population are gifted with using magic. With it allowing aid to the user as well as everyday choices, magic has been found out to be neither good nor bad. the mage decides if they are using their magic for a good purpose such as helping people and activities, or if they become criminals and use magic to do crime.

Natsu has grown up to use his magic to protect his family and has shown to come out on top in many battles when his family had been on the defeated side. Evidence can be seen when the guild Phantom Lord attacked the guild hall, or when he defeated Jellal, someone who was making his sister figure, Erza, feel like her past still haunts her, or when fighting Grimoire Heart's Guild master, Hades. All these acts of determination, his will power and the power of friendship has led him to overcome all the big obstacles and continue to grow. No matter how hard the obstacle in front of him is, the more work he goes through to rip it into pieces.

Over the years, he has grown in power and strength. Even though more magic that was 'gifted' to him, was forced upon him, he managed to grow to be able to deserve the power he had put in him.

Getting back to Natsu and his presence on an island that looks empty.

Natsu looked around in confusion at the new and different surroundings that he was brought in.

The last thing that the young man remembered was that he was reading a book that he found o one of his journeys. Because he was immortal thanks to the defeat of Zeref and his ties to the book of E.N.D had been lost, he had become a being that couldn't die after Ankhseram came down and destroyed his family in front of him and putting the same curse he gave to his older brother without the side effects of whoever he loves, dies.

After many years of travelling the world of Earthland, and wanting to learn more about it, he came to a small shop that displayed lost magic that was thousands of years old.

After reading all the books and leaning the spells from each book, he came upon a mystery book that he couldn't understand. Once he read the book, he passed out, and woke up to a place that felt different.

"This cannot be Earthland." After scoping around the huge island, using his flight magic that seem to still be working even without ethernano, he concluded that he is in another world. "This world isn't like Edolas, this seems entirely different. The sea around has this aura that seems to help replenish my magic even though it is unusual." The sea itself, Natsu can tell that it is special, and it is important in some way, however he is unsure of what the purpose is. Going to the edge of a nearby cliff, Natsu dived into the waters wanting to find out the mystery that it brings.

Once in the water, Natsu can feel energy soaking inside of him, surprising him in the process with how much he is able to take in. Swimming deeper into the ocean, Natsu couldn't find the source of a feeling like he is being watched even though no species or people are around him. reaching the bottom, thanks to his long training sessions for under water fights as well as his dragon slayer magic, Natsu managed to go deeper than a normal human could travel. Even if he drowned which he cannot, he would rise to the surface of the water and bring himself back to life somehow. The curse not letting him age, grow or die.

Feeling a sudden presence around him, Natsu stopped swimming and looked around him, trying to find the source of the presence. However, what he wasn't expecting was the voice to sound like it is emerged with the sea. "Human, why is it that you seem to be different to the people of this world?" Even though the voice was spoken with authority and seemed to try and intimidate the dragon slayer, Natsu merely looked around curiously with no fear evident in his expression. "Well, you see, I don't belong in this world. I am from a world called Earthland where I grew up in and learnt magic."

Small bit of information intrigued the voice in the ocean, even though there was no way to identify what the thing was doing or thinking. "Please tell child, more about the land that you are from." Natsu knew that the thing wanted to know everything that is to know about his world, but not liking how he isn't getting any information about where he is, he grew irritated and addressed his situation.

"I apologise, but right now, I am lost in this shitty place. I just woke up on a barren island, with nothing around apart from animals and forests. So, could you tell me WHERE THE FUCK AM I?!" Even when he and his little sister Wendy with the Exceeds arrived at Edolas, the people at the Fairy Tail guild hall that looked like his counterparts at least told them about the place that they are before they brought up the question of who they were.

However, this thing that is speaking isn't being cooperative, more like he demands answers that he is unsure of himself. With all the thoughts going on in the immortal's head, not once has he picked up on the fact that he is talking underwater.

"I do apologise child if I am sounding harsh. However, you seem to be an anomaly with a different glow coming from you. If you want me to explain more about the world that you are in so that it might help your cause, then I will proceed to explain." The blue sea is the domain of the being so putting Natsu in the same group as all the people in the world, was a mistake.

Calming down, Natsu gave a nod allowing the being to continue, which it did. To say that Natsu was shocked at hearing about what the past 100 years was, could be classed as an understatement. The being in the blue sea told the foreign human about how it had made devil fruits that when consumed, grant the eater a special super-human power in exchange that they cannot swim. A devil fruit can give the consumer one of an immense variety of powers that can be used in many ways from utilities to powerful attacks. The power that the eater acquires depends on the type of fruit which are classified into 3 different categories: Paramecia, Logia and Zoan. A person can only be able to eat 1 Devil fruit and survive.

The next thing that he talked about was how the world is full of Pirates and Marines instead of the Guilds and Magic Council that he was used to.

The last thing that he was told was how in a few weeks, the World Government is going to be formed with 20 different Kingdoms that would run the Marines and have control over everything meaning that they would be untouchable and will be able to get away with anything meaning they could rape people and get slaves.

After being told about the last development that will happen that will change this world, Natsu became enraged with the idea of slavery going on with how his sister figure Erza used to be one. Even though he knows that he cannot change how they carry out their lives and what they do, he can find a way to have some trust in him from the civilians and other people. But at the moment, no ideas are coming to his mind.

"Wow that is a lot to take in Blue Sea." After calming down and taking in all that is going on, from the 'Blue Sea' being, Natsu started to think what he could be doing in a world like this. "It is indeed a lot for your mortal mind to take in, but I think that you will be able to do good things with this new information." The Blue Sea replied.

"Yes, you may be right. I might as well tell you about me and from the place I came from." And so, Natsu talked about his life on Earthland. From when he grew up with his foster father Igneel, to when he left and how he joined Fairy Tail. To when he went to many adventures that he went on with his team as well as many battles he and his guild had to face. The Grand Magic Games that they won and the Dragon invasion. And finally, all about his powers that he gained from all his life.

"So that is what I have been through, but during my adventure, I came to start enjoying reading, writing, cooking all sorts of stuff. When I came across this book, it had a language that I am unsure of, it may have come from this world, but other than that, I am not sure of how I came here." After Natsu had told the Blue Sea his tales, the curiosity of the being was always there, and had spiked when learning of how the human in front of him is a demon as well as an immortal who processes the last of the Gods powers. It couldn't agree more on the explanation being that the world language that was in the book that Natsu read had to be from this one and somehow a traveller had ended up on Earthland and left the book.

"Yes, let us stick with the theory of how a person from this world managed to end up on your world time ago and left this book. But knowing this, what is it that you shall do with what I have told you about this world and without a clear way back to your world?" The Blue Sea had to question Natsu on his plan for this world, if he wants to stay that is. He has come to like the human and wished that it can help aid the world somehow.

Onto Natsu who was now in deep thought.

Many things were crossing the mind of the once dense and stupid salmon haired mage. Having gained the knowledge of the world he is now in, and an island that he can do whatever he wants on it, if he chooses to do something about it, only one main idea can be done in which he hopes that he is able to make an impact straight off the bat.

"Hey Blue Sea." Natsu finally spoke, gaining the Blue Sea's attention. "I have an idea on what I want to do, however, I need a power that can help me in doing so." Telling the being his plan, a laugh couldn't be stopped from escaping the being. It might not have a body, but the laugh can still be heard.

The plan that was about to be in play, needed time and Natsu had to get things planned before he executes it.

And with that, the being filled more knowledge and the power that the dragon slayer needed, without giving him the curse of not being able to swim, which surprised both.

Once Natsu got out of the water, the moon was up meaning that Natsu was under the water for the whole day meaning that a normal person would need to go sleep. However, since Natsu was immortal, he didn't have to sleep or even eat if he didn't need to.

"Right, time to get started."

And so, Natsu worked all night and day sorting through all the items he had stored in his [Re-equip] space and used his new power that he got from the Blue Sea to make sure that his plan can be put into action. With experience with events that occurred in the Magic council and at the end of his time in Edolas, Natsu was hoping that his childish and reckless actions can be put into use and help have an intimidating front when crashing in.

Holy Land of Mary Geoise – A few weeks later

"I am glad that all 20 Kingdoms across the world has come to this meeting to discuss how the information about the last 100 years is kept a secret from the world and how we will be carrying out justice to these pirates and the people around the world." A strange humanoid figure speaks out towards all of leaders of the kingdoms that have been invited to the meeting as well as 5 figures that seem to be closer to the ruler.

The location of this meeting is being held in a place that is high above sea level, surrounded by clouds and fog. Around the building, there are artificially planted forests as well as rivers. The building itself is always kept in pristine condition, making dure that no damage or dirt is seen.

Back to the meeting inside of the Pangaea Castle, the 20 kings from their kingdoms were sat talking and discussing how the world should be ruled.

"So, what is this Celestial Dragon shit that you are going on about." Said a man who intrigued with this concept that has been brought up. "I'm glad you asked. Basically, the system allows your families to do whatever you please around this place as well as around the islands on the Red Line, Grand Line, or the Islands outside of the different blue seas." Once the elder had finished, murmurs around the table could be heard, making the elders, Im and the marines that surround the meeting, have mischievous grins hearing how the kings are enjoying this idea. "Kong, the commander in chief, will make sure that any laws do not mean anything to you if you become a Celestial Dragon like mentioned before. You only need to fund the marines and allow us to carry out Justice with just your donations."

"So, is there any catch to this, or do we just pay an amount, and we can do anything.?" A member of the meeting spoke making the people around the table nod in agreement to that and wait for a reply. "No there is no catch. You can take from people, slave people or kill anyone. The people can't do anything so you can be free." A gleam came across the faces of the 5 elders watching the people around them taking out money and cheques to give there amounts.

It was only a few minutes that the doors to the meeting was blasted off the walls and smoke filled the room making the people inside cough from the smoke.

"W-what is this?"

"Where are the Marines?"

"What is going on?"

Many questions filled the room, and no one was able to find the answer to them. The 5 elders had no idea what was going on neither did the Marines. Im just looked at the door patiently waiting for the figure that he spotted to walk in.




"My bad. I didn't mean to kick the door off the wall he he." Stood at the doorway was a shadow of a man that looked like he had his arm behind the back of his head scratching from embarrassment. Once the smoke cleared, then was the figure revealed, showing a young man in around 20 with pink hair, wearing a white scarf around his neck. A navy-blue shirt with the top 2 buttons undone and light blue jeans with heel boots. This man is Natsu Dragneel.

This passive power, that can be felt from this man, was overwhelming. Never has anyone felt this much power coming from just a boy. If only they knew his age.

Fear was going through the kings in attendance as well as the Marines that were there to make sure nothing bad would occur. The 5 elders weren't dealing with the power well as they also were sweating with fear and anxiety, from a possible fight that they could not win.

However, the ruler, even slightly taken back from the power, didn't show any signs of fear, only curiosity.

"W-who are you?"

"W-what are you doing here?"

W-why isn't anyone taking this boy out?"

Even though many people were asking questions, Natsu continued walking forward and took a seat in between kings that were shocked at his sudden form of disrespect.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Let me fix the mess I made." And with that, Natsu snapped his fingers, making the debris from his action, clean up and be put back to its place on the wall, like it never broke in the first place. This action led many of the kings to pass out from shock and many of the kings to move away from the Salamander whilst the man just sat there looking innocent and confused.

"A devil fruit user."

"What is a man like this doing here?"

Not liking how the meeting has gone into chaos, the 5 elders composed themselves and tried to bring back all the kings to their seats and make sure that everything has calmed down, so that they could find out what the pink haired person wanted to say.

Successfully getting everyone calmed down, and woke the kings that passed out, the 5 elders released a sigh and waited for the ruler to say something.

"Boy, what is it that you want. Can't you see that we are in the middle of an important meeting discussing the future of this world?" There was no anger or hostility in the way he spoke to Natsu. It was the one of curiosity and intrigued at how this will play out.

The young man himself, reached out to get some water to drink, and looked around the room at the many cowering kings.

"I know." He simply replied making many of the Kings and the Marines drop from his simple reply. "But this is a meeting of Kings no. So, I should be here." After taking a sip of his water, he tilted his head to the side innocently with fake confusion written on his face. However, his gaze hardened a bit towards a king who timidly shouted out that he isn't one, the affect made the king real back from fear and if one looked closely, they could see a dark patch building up on his crotch.

Once, Natsu was done with the small problem, he turned his gaze back to the 5 elders showing that his conversation is for them and the ruler and not with the rest.

"Like that king said, how can you be a king. A king needs to rule of people and contribute to the world. We do not know who you are, nor have we ever heard of the kingdom that you rule." The point that one of the elders made was valid and even Natsu thought that. He just came to this world a few weeks ago and now suddenly decided that he was king. A dumb declaration to make. Just like someone saying that they will be King of the Pirates.

Anyway, turning his attention to the elder, Natsu clicked his fingers again like he did when repairing the door, however, instead of something being fixed, backs of money came falling behind him all showing billions of berries on the bags.

"Yeah, your right. But I was hoping I could be a Celestial Dragon with this amount of funds that I am willing to give you." Looking around the room, Natsu couldn't help but have grin on his face, from the number of shocked expressions on the kings faces and the pale looks from the Marines. The Plan he had in mind was going on track. All he needed now was for the 5 elders and the ruler to make him a Celestial Dragon. "I mean, I do not mind paying majority of the funds to make it happen. I just want to be able to do what I want and get who I want. It's not like the Kings would mind if I pay 60% of the funds. Am I right?" Even though he was sounding innocently and dumb towards the 5 elders and the kings, this was all part of his plan to seem innocent but deadly until he got approval. Looking around to the 20 kings to see their view on the matter, he was happy to see all of them have gleams in their eyes with the aspect of not having to spend most of their wealth. Seeing them take out their cheque books and right smaller numbers than what they were going to offer, made Natsu sinister side leak out a bit before he put his façade back up and hopefully no one noticed. Which no one did apart from Im, who couldn't help but look on amusement at the sudden realisation.

The Kings are getting played.

After the Kings finished with their new offers and now everyone was waiting to sign the document to confirm the new plan, the 5 elders allowed a few more minutes for anyone to make any changes or talks before announcing the offers that each kingdom would be giving.

Once everything had been finalised and all of the payments had been given, the 5 elders got up from their seats and called out the highest paying Kingdoms

Arabasta Kingdom – 16,000,000,000 berries

Dressrossa – Donquixote family – 20,000,000,000 berries

Alvarez Empire – Natsu Dragneel – 38,560,000,000,000 berries

Once the kingdoms and the amounts had been read out. The room had become dead silent.




"HAHAHAHAHA!" the sound of laughter broke everyone from there shock and quickly turned their gazes towards the dragon slayer.

"How come you paid that much?" asked the head of the Donquixote family. He has the second highest investment before Natsu. An amount that no one would pay or even pay that much. "You see, I own more than 60% of the world government if they want to stay afloat, meaning I can basically do whatever I want to do. I can even steal from you people. Also, I have rules that allow me to remove some of my investment if they do not get uphold by the marines" A look of horror came over many of the kings realising that with not paying more into the new system of Celestial Dragons, they have made themselves as well as their own kingdoms vulnerable to this one boy-no-man. The Marines on the other hand especially Kong, were confused and agitated with rules being involved and if not followed, then the biggest donator will remove the amount that he out in.

"Natsu, which I am assuming that your name is. What are these rules that we must follow to keep all the amount that you are giving us?" Whilst the kings were among themselves with their troubles, Natsu turned his attention to the people that the money is going to. "Basically, you Marines are the only law enforcement in this world am I correct." This gained a nod from the big man and the Marine's behind him. "So, whilst you guys focus on the pirates, who is there to look after the civilians." This did get some more confused expressions on the Marines faces because they do believe that they look after the civilians as well, right.

Sensing what they are thinking, Natsu brought them out of their thoughts to continue. "You guys might think that you protect and help the civilians, but you go after the people who have encountered with these pirates, whether they are family, friends or if they know of them, you will happily kill them even though they didn't make the pirate." Once he was finished, many of the Marine officer's had some sad looks on their faces realising that they do indeed not care about the civilians, just pirates. Kong, who was thinking about all the times that the families of the pirates that they used as hostages to be able to apprehend the pirates. What would happen if some pirates targeted the families of the Marines. They would make a whole deal out of it and bring many ships to attack the pirates and stage an ambush when they got the families back.

After a few minutes of thinking on the issue, the kings that have attended, were now waiting for the Marines to finish their conversation with the new alleged king so they could hurry back to their kingdoms. "So Natsu, we have gone over about what you have said, and indeed we can agree that it is true to an extent." Kong finally spoke up. "That's good, if you want more on the rules that I have set, then I am willing to talk about this with you later, but right now I believe that the people have been waiting enough and that I should go and build my empire. Might be an emperor rather than a king instead." With that being said, Natsu got up from his seat and made his way towards the door whilst everyone was looking at him in relief.

However, just as Natsu was about to touch the door, Im, who was watching the whole ordeal, finally spoke towards the man, who could just smirk. "Boy. You don't have devil fruit powers do you." This question from the humanoid figure, gained many looks of disbelief. How can this young man, hold so much power yet doesn't have a devil fruit. Maybe it isn't a devil fruit, it could be – "or even Haki?" finishing off the thoughts of the people in the room, the humanoid figure could only grin at this new development, this new turn of events has made this fun for the being. He cannot wait to see what goes off from this day forward.

Natsu, on the other hand, turned around towards the unknown figure, showing his genuine confusion of this 'haki' which he wasn't aware of.

"I don't know what this haki thingy is, but I found this out when I was planning what my Empire would consist of. Though it does come out subconsciously, so I will need to train this and maybe look around for help." Then a sudden burst of [Conqueror's Haki] could be felt around the room, making all the kings pass out as well as many of the Marine officers.

Once Natsu left the Holy Geoise, the 5 elders as well as Kong, were shocked and fear washed over them with a person who can use the colour of the Supreme King.

"He has the rare [Conqueror's Haki]" one of the Elders spoke up. "If he was a pirate and we had to face against that person…"

"Who knows how many Marine officers will be needed to take him down." Kong finished off one of the elder's off with his look of surprise still on bis face. The [Conqueror's Haki is said to be so rare that only 1 in 7 million or, so people are born with this trait. However, this person has it, yet isn't even aware of [Observation Haki] and [Armament Haki]. If he was to learn these 2 haki as well as use the colour of the supreme king, then fighting him will be like fighting a God.

"Uhuhuhuhuhu, this person is not someone to be on the level of the kings. He will; need to be of a higher World Noble ranking than them. Do you agree Kings of your Kingdoms?" Im, the unknown figure, couldn't help but find this whole thing amusing. A person walks into a meeting, says he will be a King – No – Emperor, and has influence over all of the kings and their kingdoms as well as the Marines. He could be a pirate, and no one can do anything. A Marine, much to their hopefulness, which he might not be a part of. He could even get married multiple times and at the same time with many women. He could even take another World Noble's female members, and that family could not even protest.

The question that was asked to the Kings, was responded to vigorous nods and every agreed that they will make sure that they will not upset their fellow World Noble. He should not be angered.

'Natsu Dragneel aye. A person with a higher power level than my own. What will you bring to the future of this world. Uhuhuhu, bringing you here has started off as being an entertaining decision.' With that last thought Im and the rest went on to continue with the meeting that was interrupted by a pink haired future Emperor.