Chapter 2 – The Birth of the New Alvarez Empire Part 1

A/N: If anyone is wondering about how Natsu doesn't drown from that curse, then it I simply because of Ankhseram's curse. If anything allows Natsu to die, then that curse will negate that effect and make sure that Natsu doesn't even die.

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Unknown Island

A couple of months went by and Natsu is currently forming the last pieces of his Empire. With his magic that he had accumulated from his travels around Earthland and his [Atom-Atom Devil Fruit] that was gifted to him by the Blue Sea, Natsu was able to build the foundation of buildings and structures form when he really gets started.

After the meeting that he wasn't welcomed in, he had been given vivre card for the World Government to locate his Island. It took a long time, but they had managed to locate the Island that was going to become the Alvarez Empire.

A couple of representatives chuckled and bad mouthed the island and the lack of structures or even anything. This obviously caught Natsu's attention, and he gave them a sweet innocent smile which held demonic aura, contradicting his motives and emotion. Thanks to Mira after they had fun, she taught him how do to it because instead of fearing the smile, it made him feel different every time she pulled it out.

Anyway, after that, no one said anything bad, fearing that they would have an early death and due to being at a place where no one knows where they are, they didn't believe that their bodies would even return.

The representatives gave Natsu the information about the meeting and his outfit that he was told to choose when he is a World Noble. Instead of a space suit design, he chose to have a robe with the medals and accessories attached to them. Even though all of the World Nobles wore their standard outfit, Natsu believed that the helmet will restrict him from feeling the breeze of the fresh air and enjoy the sunlight on his skin. With the matter dealt with, the World Government representatives left, leaving the dragon slayer to do as he pleases.

"Now that I am a World Noble, hopefully with me in the system, I can help some people out." Looking at his robe and admiring the design, Natsu frowned thinking about the small drawback to his idea. "I wasn't supposed to be in this world so I cannot get involved with helping everyone."

Trying to think of a better way, the pink haired man looked around his empty island and finally got an idea of helping as many people as he can.

"The World Nobles will be getting slaves to satisfy them." An evil grin made its way onto his face with a bit of greed etched into it. "I can just take the people that they have captured and bring them to this island. Those who have families can go back to them. But those that have none or had been killed, could join Alvarez."

And with that, he set off to work preparing the layout of his land.

5-month time skip

A year has gone by when Natsu had first entered a whole different world.

Every day, he would work on building up the New Alvarez Empire. Even though it will be called Alverez Empire, it is new because of the old one is in Earthland.

The Island will be named Alakitasia and the capital Vistarion. Natsu had been Emperor of the country after his brother Zeref died to his hands. With everything he gained and trained for, he managed to kill the most powerful wizard in the world.

However, a few years of taking over the Empire for Zeref, made him notice how he hadn't aged, thus leading to an all-out fight between Natsu and the God of life and death himself.

He won and lost. Won because he managed to kill the God and obtain his death manage but lost because he still was cursed. The contradicting side effect had been erased meaning he will be able to still make friends and love unlike Zeref. But the battle led to his friends being killed which caused heavy grief to wash over Natsu.

Even though he couldn't lead the Alvarez Empire again, he will make sure that he does so this time.

Back to Natsu who was on the new shoreline near the docks.

Looking around the place, Natsu couldn't help but admire the new buildings and the scenery before him.

"I can't believe I managed to build up the Empire. I know it isn't the same but, with how Pirates are all around the world as well as no magic, I think this was the best decision to lay the foundations." The dragon slayer said when looking around the place. Having worked on his house many times and picked up how to build things from his time in Fairy Tail as well as his travels. Natsu can say that all that knowledge, experience and new discoveries aided him in how to build.

Near the new dock and the shoreline which he was standing on, was many stalls and markets for traders. Hopefully as he travels to learn more stuff about this world and other islands, he is able to spread the word of the Alvarez Empire.

The stalls and markets may seem small, but they are only for everyday buyers who want to stock up for their homes or as they go along their walks. Underneath them, were large rooms. Living quarters for the stall owners and a room for his business.

This allows venders to not worry about having to travel to their stalls every day and not to have to keep worrying about making it for the heavy footfall. With having rooms underneath, it can allow the vendors to be able to do business with people to trade stock and to be able to have the meetings in private places.

Even though he can create the Berries out of thin air like the arc of embodiment, he still wants the island to be able to make their own income. Getting people to farm the crops for food, chefs to make the food and markets, shops, and a place to sell the foods to stop food shortages.

Behind the stalls, are blocks of houses. Finding out that many races and clans are in this world, integrating them would be a problem to some, with racism that they could receive, and bullying involved.

In the centre of the districts of the houses of different races, is a huge hospital that is a neutral zone, one of the few that if people aren't going to treat each other with respect and friendship, then they are unable to receive treatment from that building. There are many hospitals, doctor stores and medical shops around the place that offer treatment, so if people are unable to travel far, they could pop into one of them.

Further away from the houses, is the capital. The castle just the way it was back in Fairy tail, however, the area around it holds many attractions for the children and the families. With the [Atom-Atom Devil fruit] Natsu was able to make friendly pets that do not cause harm to the bystanders unless they sense intent to cause harm towards harm. Even though these creatures are harmless at a glance, they are powerful enough to protect the people of the country and, fight anyone that are strong.

After touring around the new developments, Natsu realised that the sun was setting and used his magic to create lights that look like round balloons, to illuminate the streets and paths.

"You know, with the [Enchantment Magic] from Irene, I can make these lights alive. It worked well with the pets and toys, so might as well do the same with these." Natsu said, before bringing in the balloon shaped lights and enchanting them to have hollow eyes and a mouth. Thinking more about the lights, Natsu enchanted them more to be bright yet do no harm to anyone apart from creatures that go near them or things. This should allow them to be kept passive and not harm anyone as well as be able to use the nutrients from them to grow brighter if they want, and they will be able to create more light balloons so that Natsu doesn't have to create new ones.

"With my [Fire Dragon Slayer Magic] mixed with my [Holy Dragon Slayer Magic], the light shouldn't go out even if it is snows or heavy winds approach this island. Damn, didn't know I was missing my Prime Minister that much he he." Natsu couldn't help but release a sad chuckle thinking back to his Prime Minister.

She the creator of [Dragon Slayer Magic] but she ended up turning into a Dragon just like Acnologia. Yet she wasn't bloodthirsty or a beast like he was.

It had been a couple of years before he had to go and take Zeref's place and rule Alvarez. She was living in a forest, living off the berries and the animals that wandered around her area, when he met her. She was cold, didn't want to talk to anyone and wanted to be left alone and slowly die.

It broke his heart when Erza, who was like a sister to him when growing up throughout Fairy tail, had a mother who was still alive and was willing to kill herself instead of her daughter.

He was mad at her after she told him that she didn't care if she died or not. As this conversation was held in the Guild with everyone watching on, everyone was surprised with the sudden girl flinching from the gaze that their dragon.

She was surprised that she flinched as well as be taken by surprised when he brought Igneel into it.

How he would have done anything to be with his father again. A woman who had a terrible past and went through trauma more than the daughter herself. How can she leave her mother to die.

Natsu didn't care for the tears that she was shedding. He hated when women cry but Erza who he thought about as a sister, didn't care about seeing her mother again. after she saw how he saw his father get ripped in half right in front of him. His father that he had been searching for, all his life.

He just left the guild in search of her, and when he did, he couldn't help but allow the anger, frustration and sadness fill him up when seeing her.

She wanted him to leave her so she can die. That was the thing that broke him. he had to go to her and just give her a hug.

He could see how she was once prideful and was a strong woman. A beautiful woman that could get any guy to listen to whatever she had to say. He had to bring that woman back. So that he could be there for her. And encourage her to live. For living so long, he could tell how she couldn't be strong anymore.

He was with her for a year. Helping her to build back her strength as well as hope that she would be able to be happy for once.

Each day, he would make her food. Wash her body, put her clothes on and make sure that her pale skin is back to the creamy white skin that shined out her beauty. Because she gave up, she didn't care that he knew [Enchantment Magic]. It was a magic she had to learn so that she could make and find [Dragon Slayer Magic] to fight back against the Dragon Civil War.

Natsu had to make her bad luck go. The horrible luck that was placed upon her for over 400 years. He wanted to be there for her. To be the man, that can support her. The man that can destroy the hard shield that she had to put up.

It had only taken a few months for the beautiful woman to show. The mother that people would call a MILF. But to Natsu, even though she was a sight to lust over, he held strong and helped her get to Alakitasia and help rule Alvarez.

"I hope I can make you proud my love. Even if you aren't here, your still in my heart." Back to Natsu now, who is now looking over his Empire from his balcony, in his room, in his Castle like home. The sun has finally set, and the gentle breeze can be felt through his hair and on his face. The balloon lights are doing their job and is lighting the streets, showing the beautiful outlines of trees as well as the houses.

"Even though you aren't here, I hope you don't mind me incorporating your magic into this island." Natsu said whilst having a smile on his face. He might have been with many women, but Irene was the last woman who he spent his life with. "Good night my love. Tomorrow will be the day where I will be getting people to live in Alvarez." And with that, Natsu went into his room, closed his curtains with the small moonlight, illuminating into his room.

Making his way to his king-sized bed, he moved his sheets and plopped onto it, and finally succumbing to his sleep.

Standing on the shoreline of his Island, Natsu was staring the big open sea like it is waiting for many young pirates to set sail and explore the mysteries that can be found throughout their journey.

Taking a black hoverboard out from his [Re-equip Space], Natsu allowed it to levitate a bit, before getting on and allowing the [Flight Magic] to take over and allow him to lie down and relax whilst it flew off into a random direction.

All Natsu could do, is wait until he reaches the Holy lands of Mary Geoise. However, a sudden thought came across his mind making him stop in mid-air.

"Shit. What is this Haki that the muppets were talking about." Shrugging his shoulders, he lay back down, thinking that he will deal with it later.

Mary Geoise

Saint Chumchum was enjoying his first year as a World Noble. Not needing to have to pay for things. Not needing to wait for anything. And so on. But the thing he enjoyed most of all… Slaves.

The new Celestial Dragons program allowing them (whether you call them a World Noble or a Celestial Dragon they are the same thing) to have many men, women children do whatever they want and treat them however they like.

They deserve it. this power. This freedom. To not have to do anything and sit back and watch his many slaves do all the work for him. whether it is cleaning, washing, entertainment or to even fuck, which he had taken many women not even caring whether they liked it or not. It's not rape, because he has the permission to do so.

Beautiful women with big breasts and a nice backside to go with them.

Age doesn't matter. Whether they were 15 and developing, but had the assets required, he doesn't care. Whether they are 64 but their breasts and saggy and their asses are still firm, then he doesn't give a shit.

The 2 assets that women have is all he cares. They are the reasons why women are here. For the men.

And these assets make them easier for the men to notice them.

The fat man with the bowl on his head, covering his swollen head is taking full advantage of the gift the gods gave them.

The many women all laying down in one of the spare rooms in his mansion. The gift of being a Celestial Dragon. Being able to live in luxury and be a God. Oh, what a gift indeed.

So many women he had. Ranging from different ages. Many of the few are children mere 12, yet their bodies will mistake them for being short 18-year-olds. The eldest of the bunch looked to be around 73, yet she still had a mature body, and her breasts were still firm, a bit soft, but still allows sensation to erupt inside of her. Meaning, she is still able to satisfy the big man's pleasure.

Speaking of the old woman.

She is currently sat on the hard-concrete floor, back against a pillar, and her long legs that still had some meat on them for any man to squeeze with their fingers in her heavenly thighs. She currently had her right hand massaging her sacred area, slow but still pacing herself, keeping her on a gentle lust high yet slow enough not to allow herself to release. Her left arm is currently massaging her left breast, fingers grasping the underboob yet still able to cover her erect nipple that was currently moist due to saliva dribbling down her chin. Her long tongue hanging out hand heavy breathing escaping her mouth.

Even though the sight will indicate that she is enjoying the pleasure that she is giving herself, internally she is feeling disgust and ashamed of her actions. She wanted to cry. Let the tears fall down her cheeks. But she can't.

The reason being Saint Chumchum.

The man who is currently watching her sneering at her action and enjoying her struggle. He knows that she isn't enjoying it. he forced her to wear a lacy pink lingerie to match her pink hair and made sure that the women he had in the back room applied nail polish on her feet and hands. Oh, how much he enjoyed making women look their best with their make up all done, but they are made to be treated as whores for the men. Simple sex sluts for their enjoyment.

On the floor like the peasant, she is making to be. Playing with herself, in disgust, just for the man's fetish. His pleasure. His enjoyment.

She is just an old woman. who hasn't been deflowered. Why. Because of the village she grew up in. The village that had many retired civilians who wanted to enjoy their lives in peace but didn't want to have any descendants.

Now in the hands of a Celestial Dragon who will take away her pureness and defile her. If she was to fight back, then the slave collar around her neck will go off and she would die. And this would make the saint mad and kill a random girl in the back.

But it is so tempting to just run away and allow the collar to go off. Die with her virginity still with her.

But she knows she can't. for some hope is still left in her blue eyes and she doesn't even know why.

Suddenly she stopped. A hand on her forearm stopping her from carrying on. Looking up from her dazed state, she saw saint Chumchum Infront of her, gripping her arm and having a sneering look in his eyes.

"You're lucky that I haven't touched you yet. I have a visitor here soon who wants to see what I do for enjoyment. He is another Celestial Dragon so I would try and look my best if I was you." He said with an excited look in his eyes. "He is a Celestial Dragon that is above us. We can't do shit to him, but he can do shit to us, so I'm gonna make sure that he gets the best welcome. I am his first visit after all. Hakikikiki."

That laugh always brought fear to the old woman, who was still lying on the floor with her pink lingerie covering her modesty.

But she wasn't afraid of that laugh at that moment. It was the news that a Celestial Dragon. A World Noble. One that was above the rest. And had power over everyone was coming to visit for some pointers.

She couldn't think of anything else. She wasn't thinking. She didn't even hear him command her to go to the room full of women. She just worked without doing anything. All her thoughts were on about this person. Who could make her do worse than what this World Noble has done. Maybe even take her virginity.

However, a tap on her shoulder made her snap out of her current thoughts by 2 women that approached her.

Whilst she was in a pink lingerie and her nether regions dripping wet and moistening her pink panties, the 2 women that wrapped a blanket over her shoulders were fully clothed but still wore rags of old clothes and haven't washed.

The 2 girls looked at each other and gave a nod from what seems to be a silent understanding, and gently guided the older woman to a corner of the room and to try and support her whenever and however they can.

The look of fear wasn't missed by the 2 women who were holding her as well as the rest of the women and girls that had a look at her way.

Back at the hall where Saint Chumchum was sitting on his seat of male slaves staring at the door.

He was getting excited by being the first person to introduce the powerful fellow World Noble into the system of slaves. He will be able to introduce the aspect of having fine women that had the best assets matching their figures as well as being able to direct him into seeing his point of view on things.

How he couldn't wait.

It only took a few more seconds before a man standing at 6`'4", with salmon coloured hair and a Celestial Dragon robe wrapped around his built shoulders. The lean but muscular man was no other than Natsu Dragneel.

"Ah, so you come my boy." Saint Chumchum said. "Come, come. Let me show you around the place."

"Sure thing. This house of yours is quite nice. I cannot wait for you to show me around." Natsu replied with a fake smile on his face.

After entering the saints house, Natsu wanted to destroy it. But after so many long years of being with himself, he had learnt that being emotional can be a very bad thing and in situations, will cause many problems to people. People that he may not know are there.

So, wanting to play this out, he made sure that he looked convincing and try to help as many people inside as he can.

This house was closer to him when he first arrived and when he talked to the saint, he found out that it was full of female slaves, just to pleasure the man's lust and his own sick mind.

It was like Bosco back on Earthland. He was glad that he destroyed it. The many women that were in houses dressed in clothes that they didn't want to wear. The tears he could see and smell. He doesn't like when women cry as he has been around so many strong women that when they cry, it doesn't suit them. Erza being an example.

He was able to kill the slave traders and the higher ups. Freeing the women was the last thing he attended to as many of the women had started to fear men. It took a while, but he managed to comfort them and allow them residence in Alvarez.

He was initially looking to find workers. Men women anyone who were able to train into Helping maintain the houses and structures around the Island.

It made sense to him that many of these World Nobles would want miners, workers to obtain items through mining and make things so they could make tons of money. After a couple of years, the investment will go up so they would probably turn slave money into the Marines.

But this is not the case for Saint Chumchum.

He didn't know how long he had been thinking and looking around the place before the fat man started talking about getting something to eat. He accepted the invitation, seeing as he made sure to guide him through his mansion. But one section was irking him as it wasn't explored yet.

The meal was OK in Natsu's opinion. With the help of Mira when he was younger and during his travels, he was able to enjoy cooking and make them taste better. But with the expressions that the saint was expressing, could say that it was a 5-star meal.

The thing that intrigued Natsu was the many young women that were acting as maids. The usual maid would wear the typical maid outfit, but these women are wearing nothing. Not even undergarments. Many men would enjoy lusting over the sights of these young women. The way their still developing breasts bounce each step they take and how their marshmallows jiggle.

But not Natsu. His focus was on their faces. It is true that even at their faces, they are a sight to see and can look innocent. But the eyes are what the dragon slayer is looking at. The dull eyes that show pain yet is hidden so not to disappoint her master. The red eyes that are slowly fading away, making it hard to see unless you have sharp eyes. The red eyes can only come from the act of crying.

Sighing quietly, Natsu looked at where the women were coming from and leaving. It was the area where he hadn't seen yet. But from looking back at the saint who just finished his meal, he was going to be seeing what was going to be there very soon.

"Natsu my boy." Natsu could only cringe at the sudden glee that shot through the man's eyes. "It is time to see what the best bit about being a Celestial Dragon. If you would please follow me." Once Chumchum finished, he guided Natsu towards the area where the women were coming from.

After a few minutes, Saint Chumchum was leading Natsu down a corridor to a new set of rooms. On the left, he could see that it was a kitchen where the women were cooking his meal. But the room on the right, was closed unlike the kitchen door, so he didn't know what it was.

Suddenly, the saint stopped in front of the door and Natsu could see the hunger and lust in his gaze even before it was open.

"Here we are my boy. This place is heaven." Saint Chumchum said before he opened the door. Once the door open, Natsu was shocked at what he saw.

Many women from different ages, were cramped into a room with no beds. There weren't any windows, or a bathroom and all the women were in the floor. He could smell a sweet scent coming from the left corner of the room where aa old woman with a blanket covering her. She seemed to be the only one with the lack of clothing where everyone else were in rags. All the women looked at him and the man next to him with looks of horror and fear written in their eyes and the slight tremble in their bodies.

Snapping out of his observation, he turned his attention back to the World Noble who had a sadistic smile on his face. Natsu could see that he was being led into the room to look at the women around him now, he didn't even notice how they are in the middle of the room.

The initial shock wore off and now Natsu was able to hide his emotions. He wants to make sure that he gains more of the man's trust and be able to think more on how to save these women.

So, turning his attention to the saint, he praised the man with his acting, which thankfully the man didn't catch on. "My you have such a collection." The World Noble started to chuckle and blush with the fake praise before replying.

"Thank you, Thank you. There should be many to come. So, what do you think of these women." Natsu approached one of the women who was huddled 4 other women. He squatted down and gently traced his finger across her cheek, getting a blush from the woman before trying to look away. "These women that you have here are quite beautiful." The other World Noble in the room couldn't see the loving smile that was plastered on the salmon haired emperor. The woman was shocked but even her face was hidden because of the man in front of him.

"Excellent. Excellent. What about their bodies. Are they just perfect." Chumchum was exited. A fellow Celestial Dragon was enjoying the beauty and pleasure of these women. And the next comment made him jump in the air from joy. "They are perfect. This one here, 24 I think her age is, yes?" Natsu questioned the woman in his palm, who nodded letting Natsu know that he was correct. "Her body is well proportioned. Her breasts are large, and her nipples are nicely pink with the tits all nice and ready for anyone to drink her milk. She is a mother from what I'm judging by way her breasts are filled, am I right." Getting another nod from the woman who was shocked. "Her stomach is well toned with no signs that she even gave birth. Her navel is small and cute in my opinion and the curves on her hips are amazing. Her ass is nice and soft, and I can dig my fingers in them. Her legs are nice and long, smooth even."

After telling the saint about what he thought and opinion about the woman in front of him, he slowly stroked her cheek and wiped away the tear stain that fell during his describing.

The woman who he described had a heavy blush on her face. She didn't know it because she just kept staring into the black onyx eyes. She didn't have any fear over this man for some reason and she somehow trusted him.

Natsu stood up and walked his way to Saint Chumchum. He had on his act, after breaking it too sure that he was honest. He had a plan in mind, but he would need to make sure that the fat man, who was looking around still overjoyed, didn't get any suspicions on his intentions.

However, maybe Natsu didn't need to

"These are a lovely bunch Saint Chumchum. You have given me lots of inspiration and thoughts on who to get."

Oh, no, no. your being to kind. But I'm glad that you're taking in my useful knowledge on the slaves to get." Chumchum replied which made Natsu sweat drop at his prideful boast. "How about you enjoy your time here my boy."

Now this shocked Natsu. "W-what?"

"You heard me my boy, why not test out my slaves, get a better understanding at why I enjoy women so much. You can start off with that old woman over there. She is around 73 but she still has a mature body to fuck Hakikiki." Not even waiting for a reply from the Dragon Slayer, Saint Chumchum exited the room and Natsu with the many women.

Natsu for his part was lost. He was supposed to suggest to Saint Chumchum to leave him alone in the room so that he could look at the women privately. He never expected the man to somehow read his mind and allow him his alone time with the women.

Looking away from the door and around the room, he could see the amount of fear the women rightfully had. He can understand this as he experiences with this situation before. A room full of women with fear in their eyes.

Startled by the sudden feeling of his pants being tugged, Natsu looked down to see what was causing it. what he saw caused him to have a frown.

Kneeling in front of him on her knees, was the old woman that the Celestial Dragon mentioned.

And she was trembling.

The old woman still had on her pink lacy lingerie from when she was 'pleasing' herself against her will. Having a good look at her, and everyone else in the room, they were covered in dirt and probably weren't allowed to have a bath or even clean themselves.

The old woman in front of him had her nimble small fingers, reaching out towards his belt buckle. From her face, Natsu could tell that she gave up and was willing to do this, even though she had no experience and wanted to get this done with quickly.

Before Natsu could even let her touch him, he quickly squatted down to the same level as the old woman and enveloped her into a hug.

It wasn't a rough hug, but a gentle one. One where he gave to Wendy when he found out that her Guild was fake and that their purpose was to be there to support the little girl. He could see in the little girl's eyes that she was lost and didn't know what to do. So, he gave her a warm, gentle hug. The hug was to make sure that she let out all her tears, all of her heart ache and all of her fears were gone, and he was there for to comfort on.

The same was being used on the old woman now. He couldn't care less about what he was going to do. He needed to help this old woman out.

She was innocent. He could see it in her eyes. She never was touched by any man. She never even played with herself until recently. But she was a strong woman. A woman that just wanted to relax maybe and enjoy her quiet times.

But it was all taken away.

She was startled. Shocked even. Her trembling stopped and she noticed that she was in the first place. Why was a Celestial Dragon comforting her. A person who has all the power and can do whatever he wants, is degrading himself into comforting an old woman who is turning into a whore.

But she couldn't continue that thinking process. The heat coming from him is warming her up. burning away all the things that seemed to be troubling her and making her feel safe. Tears started falling down her cheeks. She was crying. But her tears were for all the pain that is just burning away.

It was a couple of seconds that they stayed like that. Not moving. Natsu allowing the old woman to get better.

Once her crying stopped, Natsu broke the hug and cupped her cheeks with both his hands to wipe away moisture on her cheeks.

"You don't need to continue with what you were doing." Natsu said, whilst staring into the old woman's eyes. "You guys do not need to trust me. That is fine, as I am a World Noble, but at least let me take you to my Island."

The room was quiet. Everyone was shocked at what the Dragon Slayer offered. Natsu could tell that they would probably go with him because he is a World Noble and would have no choice to follow him, which did upset him a little bit, but he understands.

"Yes, your Holiness."

"We will make sure that we follow you."

"This neck shackle is breaking; you can put on a new one on me."

The woman that spoke last, caught Natsu's attention. He frowned when he looked at the person who said that and found out that it was a teenage girl. She was starting to cry because of a shackle around her neck was breaking.

Standing up, Natsu made his way towards the teenager whilst everyone made a path for him. he didn't bother with them. He just made his way towards the girl.

The teenage girl on the other hand, was shaking. She stood in her place with her eyes closed and waited for the Celestial Dragon that is approaching her, to either hit her like they normally do or put on a new one

However, instead of getting hit, she felt herself being able to breathe properly and when she opened her eyes, she was shocked at what she saw.

Natsu made his way towards his destination. He took note of her eyes closed probably waiting to get hit or something and he frowned at that.

Once he was at the girl, Natsu touched the shackle and it expanded. Thanks to [Command T] from one of his lovers, Brandish, he took of the shackle, shrunk it, and teleported it outside of the mansion with [Territory magic] learnt from one of his lovers, Minerva, as well. The occupants in the room were shocked at the action which he took. Obviously Natsu wasn't paying attention.

Natsu now looked at the now opened eyes of the teenager. She was both shocked and confused and he couldn't stop and think at how cute she looked.

"That shackle as you know will explode-" cutting himself off as an explosion was heard in the distance. "And I bet that fat shit will be on his way here thinking that one of you did something." He chuckled slightly at seeing the small smiles on the girls faces. It was a start at least but he hopes that he can see their full smiles one day.

Stepping away from the teenage girl, Natsu made is way towards a blank wall and brought is hand up.


From the enchant, a big mirror shaped object came onto the wall which again shocked the girls present.

"If you want to stay here and continue with your life then you can do so. But please, give me a chance and enter this portal." Many of the women were looking at each other. They didn't know what to do. They are going from one World Noble to another. But he seems different.

However, the woman that Natsu described earlier, walked up first, shocking many of the girls and approached the portal. Natsu looked on and gave her a small smile. Not showing any deceit just warmth.

"I-I will trust you on this." The young mother said before entering the portal. Following suit, the old woman followed behind.

Before she could enter, she flinched when feeling a hand on her unexpectedly. Turning around she looked towards the person, who was holding her, and saw that it was Natsu.

"Before you go through." Natsu took off his robe and wrapped it around the woman, shocking her and the rest in the process. Natsu was left standing with a black fitted shirt with the sleeves rolled up, showing a rough outline of his lean but bulky body. "I don't want you looking so degraded, so I hope this covers your modesty enough.

Giving him a small smile of gratitude, the old woman wrapped the robe around her more securely, bathing in the warmth that was left and entered the portal.

Slowly, many women started to enter the portal without looking back. After a few minutes the door suddenly slammed open, and the figure of an angry Saint Chumchum was in the doorway.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?" he stopped when he saw his fellow Word Noble leading many of his women through a portal to the unknown.

The women were shocked and horrified, and fear was present in their eyes. Natsu looked at the Saint standing at the doorway and put on an evil demonic grin.

"Oh, Saint Chumchum you are right. These women are special. Beautiful and perfect." All Saint Chumchum could see was that demonic evil grin and a demonic being behind Natsu. He was scared and fear was running through his body. All he could do was look at the demon in front of him and let him leave.

"So, I decided to take this batch of yours and have them as my own. I mean, you did let me have my fun with them." The saint could only nod furiously allowing his women to be taken. "Y-yes you can have them. I could get new ones so why not allow you to have these lot." He didn't what to say. He just wanted to get away from the presence. The grin that widened sent more shivers down his spine and he could feel his pants moistening.

"Good, good. You helped me quite a lot my friend. I hope I see you soon maybe for a drink."

"Y-yes, I cannot wait for your next visit. But maybe after you get more people for your country. Wouldn't want to get you side-tracked now do we." Saint Chumchum replied. He wasn't looking forward to seeing the demon again, but he had to.

He was glad to see Natsu take the women through the portal with him. once he was gone and the portal left, Saint Chumchum sat on his thrown of men and couldn't stop trembling.