I have been thinking about this for a while. I wanted to write a new fic. That is not to say I am leaving 'The Game Must Go On'. I hope to complete that.

It has been almost 1 year (It will be on the 14th of August) and I think this is as good a time as any to start it.

I have kept the tone of 'The Game Must Go On' to neutral….well almost as neutral as I could keep while keeping it somewhat realistic as possible.

This one however will not hold back on those. I intend for my new MC to work for everything that he gets and I wish to show that as well.

This is not going to be a Gamer fic but rather an Essence Cyoa. I know Essences are OP as fuck but I intend to nerf them a little to the extent of keeping in the story and not breaking them all to be honest.

I can think of several ways to use only two to three Essences and break the world completely or even do it with just one that said, I will keep this one more believable planning wise.

There will be no multiverse travels.

This will be a fic solely based in the DxD world.

Yeah, this is another one of my DxD fics. The world simply has too much to work with. Not really my fault.

Well without spewing any more crap in here, I will start.

Disclaimer : I own nothing. (Seriously though, I wouldn't be writing this if I did, duh)

Chapter 1 : Awakening.

Awakening in a different world might be a fantasy of many people, dreams of breathing fire and throwing meteors with fancy eyeballs or simply using swords to cut souls and stuff, it has always been the highest degree of allure among people….but believe me when I say that the feeling of truly being reborn is….surprisingly….normal.

It may have something to do with the fact that I still had my memories and cognizance from my previous life but even then it was quite normal….at least until I was put in an observation pod a few hours after my birth.

I do remember hearing what seemed like a woman's cry, probably my mother but the baby senses were not doing much favour to me at all.

I did feel the several needles shoved into my limbs quite well though and let me tell you….those damn things hurt like a bitch.

It would take me a few months to realize that I was in an observation pod. A baby body barely has enough energy. Apparently even my cheats can only do so much while my own body is not developed.

That brings us to the cheats, wishes or hax I got before being thrown….here.

It is the first thing all reincarnators and transmigrators think about right.

Well I got some of my own too.

Something that was supposed to make me OMG, TOO OP PLEASE NERF level strong.

I wonder if you saw that 'supposed' in the previous statement.

I use the word 'suppose' because the abilities were nerfed….brutally.

When I was offered a choice to throw a dice to decide how many Essences I could choose and I had gotten a six, I was overjoyed by it. The smile on that….DEVIL's face was supposed to clue me in as to what I was up for.

Apparently my body and soul were not strong enough to bear the power of all those Essences and thus the power was reduced.

Well at least that was the explanation that I had gotten.

The fact that I was thrown into a random world and a random family, which judging from the Observation Pod somehow doesn't fill my heart with joy, it also says a lot about the reincarnation itself.

I mean sure I was offered the customary cheats but if I don't get to live past the moment I was born, what was even the point of that?.

If I had known that I was going to be caged like this, I would have chosen Essences to help me escape this situation rather than something to become OP and live a lazy life.

Well, so much for that.

The Essences that I had chosen were,

The Essence of the Binder

It had the power to bind anyone and make them as loyal to the binder as the user decides. The one who is bound can also bind others and this could give me a potentially infinite army under my beck and call. The bindings were also almost unbreakable until the one who is bound was ordered to kill themself or was basically too against the orders received. They were unalterable by anyone but me and were untraceable by anyone but me too. I could even revive anyone dead and bind them as long as I had their body, soul or even a very close belonging of the person and could repeat it an uncountable number of times since once bound, the souls become my property and I can summon them to me at will. It was a one way cheat to conquer almost any world with the least amount of work possible.


What did I get?

The number of people I can bind has been reduced to one per year which will increase further as I age but still I can only bind people who are close to me or lower than me in power.

The other aspects of the power were thankfully almost untouched.

This made me almost useless as a newborn was not really strong and I didn't even get the chance to touch anyone to bind them first.

Fucked from the very start.

The Second Essence that I had chosen was,

The Essence of the Broker.

It basically enabled me to make any deals I so wanted. They would be followed regardless. I just had to get the consent of the other party and they had to do so of their own free will while knowing the contents of the deal. I couldn't just….let's say Imperio them and make them do whatever I want.

The deals could be just about anything. From a simple pencil to a fucking sharingan, just about anything could be traded.

Pretty fucking broken right?

On the side note, beating someone up and making them sign something or accept a deal was considered fair as it was done of their own free will.

The free will here was debatable but according to the 'DEVIL' (I refuse to call him anything else), even if beaten up, someone could always choose to deny it. The simple fact that they had chosen not to do so shows that it was their free will.

Well, who am I to say anything else? It is, after all, to my own advantage.

This however was useless again as….I needed to be able to talk or write to make a deal.

Well fuck it all.

The third Essence was,

The Essence of the Archmage.

It was supposed to make me a cheat class magician like Solomon or something. A power generator or sorts which could make any type of energy I wanted, mana, spiritual power, chakra, ki, etc….you name it and it made it. I was to start with enough power levels that would let me throw around high level spells for hours before I became somewhat tired.

Super intelligence and the ability to make as well as analyze and re-create any magic was also included too.

Instead, my powers were highly suppressed due to my body not being able to bear the brunt of it.

I couldn't cast anything right now though as I still had to theorize the spells or simply learn how they worked.

The fourth Essence was,

The Essence of the Mad Doctor.

It basically made me a mad scientist and was honestly something that I was counting on the most.

It also gave me the knowledge of alchemical and medical lores with the ability to make potions to do practically anything. And by anything I mean literally anything.

Immortality, Regeneration, you name it and it had it.

The biggest cheat about this however was the ability to spawn the ingredients for the potions or anything involving the Essence.

It also had the immunity to most diseases and poisons.

This again was nerfed and almost fucked out the window.

The ability to spawn ingredients was scaled now according to my mana...which was honestly not much.

The fifth Essence and the one which I was probably counting on to survive whatever this is was,

The Essence of the King.

It gave me infinite stamina and will power.

Or rather was supposed to.

Instead it is currently changing my body and I would probably have inhuman amounts of it when I reach adulthood.

Fat good that did for me right now though.

Along with it, it also gave me pain immunity, which I can positively say hadn't taken hold yet because those motherfucking needles hurt my butt.

Then there was peak human physique and inhuman amounts of charisma.

But again Peak Human baby was….still a baby and I don't think my charisma as a baby was helping me so much right now.

The part I was counting on however was the ability to create a bloodline that this Essence gave me within reason of course.

I went all meta on it and chose a mix of Heracles' bloodline that allowed him seven lives, A Saiyan's Zenkai and super regeneration.

It was fair to say that it was not accepted.

Instead I got an extra life for every year I live till I have seven. If I died, the extra life will however be regenerated in one year and without immunity to whatever killed me. I did get a nerfed version of the Saiyan Zenkai too but no regeneration however. I did bargain in the fact that my blood couldn't be used by anyone else without my permission. No stealing Daddy's bloodline. Fuck you Danzo, Orochimaru and people like that. I am not sharing the sweet sweet bloodline I have with anyone until I want to myself.

The last Essence was,

The Essence of the Blank.

This one however was not nerfed at all, not that it mattered at all.

This one didn't give me any super special power or anything. It just removed all limits from me.

I can learn and do things even if I should not be able to do it without let's say a bloodline.

For example, I could use the Ice Bloodline even if I didn't belong to the Yuki Clan in the Naruto world.

This however came with the clause that I had to work my ass off for it though.

I will be able to develop my abilities to unnatural degrees and will not be stopped by anything due to incompatibility either.

None of the not enough potential or sorry not born of the bloodline crap though.

So I, 'Insert my name here' (Because I don't know my name yet) with all my cheats was now shut inside an observation pod, trying to think of what and why as well as planning my eventual breakout and then maybe conquer the world if I was motivated enough by then.

Well, I could have lived with it if that 'DEVIL' bastard hadn't thrown me into a random world because it took my world choosing privileges as compensation for saving my life.

I mean what the fuck dude, I was offered the chance to roll the dice fair and square. How is it my fault that your products had problems? If it was so, I should have been informed at the very start.

The bastard then had the audacity to tell me that I could have chosen to bring the Essences with me and not just drink everything at once.

Well then, next time write it in a bloody manual.

And this is the brief story of how I am currently floating in an Observation Pod whose greenish liquid hurts my eyes if I try to keep them open for long.

- Time Skip –

Two years have passed.

How did I know?

I honestly wish I could say that I counted the seconds and despite how cool that would have been, I did no such thing.

Yeah, fuck you Senku.

I had more than enough on my plate to count as it is.

The experiments done on me, whatever it is that was injected into my body and the reactions it had on me.

Honestly I think that without the Mad Doctor Essence, I would be dead meat. I could hypothesize a few things about what was injected inside my bloodstream but without actually conducting any experiments, I couldn't say for certain. Anyways, what I could say for certain was that Mad Doctor saved me.

I am pretty sure that the medicines that were pumped into me would have poisoned even adults let alone a newborn.

I would have been dead meat already if I didn't have the immunity to all the poisons.

I didn't know if it was the immunity to poisons or something else that they had discovered which led them to increase the dosage on me.

That is not to say that I haven't done anything in these past two years at all.

I have been concentrating on my body with the Archmage and found that even outside of my inbuilt power generator my body had some sort of energy. It was violent and chaotic and extremely hard to control.

It was decently high in amount as well….but then again I didn't have anything to compare to so I was completely lost.

What I needed before anything else was to first figure out where I was.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Well, there was a small problem….I was still stuck inside of the same Observation Pod.

Well there was however a ray of hope because now that it has been two years, I had two extra lives.

These two years had been the worst thing that I have experienced and as I had stated it, the essence of the King did help me live through it because the pain resistance was increasing and the infinite willpower was apparently a thing because I can still think about these things which means I haven't broken down yet.

Any man would be rendered half mad if stuck inside a child's body without any kind of extra help and that is assuming that the child gets proper care and even has other people around them to keep them company.

Humans are social beings. One can only stand being alone for so long without breaking down.

The fanfics and anime that show the MC being a badass motherfucker and practicing chakra control right out of their mother's wombs without any kind of support….are big fat liars.

This is where the Essence of the King helped me because of the infinite willpower, it prevented me from losing hold of my sanity and helped me focus on what I wanted to do.

So, what is it that I wanted to do?

What I wanted to do was try out a hand on my Essence of the Archmage.

This ability allowed me to theorize any fictional ability with enough time and recreate it.

So I did just that.

I need information and to do that I needed to hear, see and listen well basically….observe my surroundings.

Remembering Rayleigh's teachings about Observation Haki.

Close my eyes, already closed and concentrate on the surroundings.

The fact that I had no one to hit me and that the Observation Pod was supposedly soundproof was also a barrier but I somehow got past it.

I concentrated on my own heartbeat, the sound of the medicines and food being injected into me, the sound of air that I breathed which hit the oxygen mask on my face, the movement of the hair on my head when the air bubbles that sometimes appeared in the liquid made contact with me.

The air bubbles that hit my body and burst were a major part of my training.

Well, I am proud to say that it only took me two weeks (I based it on the fact that they injected me with food four times a day) to sense when a bubble would hit me next.

This however was insanely hard to grind.

Observation Haki did work on the principle of making the sense hyper sensitive and forcibly awakening the sixth sense, at least that is what I had theorized.

I needed around another seven months to sense anything outside of my Observation Pod.

The world appeared like it was through heat vision….only that this one had many more colours to it.

I observed that my own body had a reddish black coloured energy. The same was present in the few that came around my observation pod sometimes.

The height would make them adults, that said I do hope that they didn't just let children play doctor on me. The amount of reddish black energy they had however differed for everyone.

I am assuming that the reddish black energy is some kind of a magical power like mana or chakra maybe.

The few that came around me had several times my own energy. I am pretty confident that if I use the energy from my power generator, then I can overcome them in a few years of natural growth.

This thought however went out of the window very soon.

It was the day that I had observed an energy source around a hundred times my own.

I pulled back my observation haki almost on instinct so as to not catch the attention of the 'being' that was around me.

It was like I was doused with a bucket of cold water which made me rethink my plans for the future.

Was that monster really the strongest one here?

My Observation Haki was not strong enough to get the definite shape of people to high contrast. I couldn't read their lips and that would be assuming that I knew what language they were talking in at all.

I sure as hell didn't want the attention….well even more attention of this being on me if it were to catch a wisp of my Observation Haki.

The information gathering mission suddenly became a lot harder.

It took me almost all of my waking hours of five more months of work to extend the range to an almost 10 meter radius around me.

The change in colours showed the change in emotions. If someone was feeling sad, the aura around them changed to a different colour.

I did push my luck with the lower powered beings that approached my observation pod and soon found out that they didn't realize what was happening.

It took me a while to theorize that Observation Haki worked by super enhancing my senses to a ridiculous degree and using it to forcibly drive my sixth sense into a hyper sensitive mode. That was how the future sight ability activated.

Different people have different makeups as their personalities and bodies were different and that is why the advanced version of the Observation Haki manifested in different ways among people.

I could see the auras of people. The brightness and size of the aura represents the strength and quality of power they have. The colour of the aura around the person represented the emotions felt by them as well as the type of energy they might hold inside them.

It must be made clear that the aura of a person and the energy they held inside them were completely different things.

I could understand how they felt and this made my chance of gathering information much easier too.

However, it was also at that moment that I realized a very major problem.

I myself couldn't control my emotions.

I am sure that they are monitoring my heart rate and all the vitals. A severe chill ran down my spine when I realized that the being who had visited me might have noticed my nervousness in its presence. I didn't want anymore (If that was even possible) attention towards me.

What if they just extract whatever information I had in my mind and then mind-wiped me into a drone?

That thought alone chilled me to the bones. I should have taken a mind protection Essence dammit.

What should I do?. The fuck should I do?





It took me an entire day of thinking to decide the next course of action.

I needed to learn Occlumency.

The thing that was quite vague in the Harry Potter universe yet entire volumes of books were spent hinged on that same field of magic.

It didn't just protect one's mind, something that I desperately needed right now, but it also helped to control one's emotion quite well.

I needed both these things for myself.

And thus started my long journey to theorize Occlumency and recalling everything I did about it from everything I had read and using my Archmage Essence to juice out any sense from it. This however took a lot of work.

I remembered that we needed to clear our minds before anything.

This part was hard….much harder than I had thought it would be for me because I had nothing to do but float inside an observation pod.

My brain was working too fast and a super intelligent brain is not always a boon, especially when it can calculate several thousands of things that could go wrong at any given instant during my experiments.

The fear of the unknown is something that is extremely hard to ignore and being shut inside of a fucking observation pod didn't do wonders for a mind.

It took me a whole month this time around to attain any progress.

What was the progress that I attained?

I learned to empty my mind.

But apparently to make Occlumency shields, I needed to have my defenses attacked which are quite hard right now. I'd rather no one ever tried to look inside my mind.

How do I even put up any defense?

Where do I put up any defense?

Believe me when I say that the MCs in those fanfics who can do all this right out of their mother's wombs….are all fucking liars. It doesn't work like that.

Even with my cheat skill Archmage Essence, it doesn't work like that.

It may be because of the nerfs but it still wouldn't be easy.

I tried to theorize anything I could but how do I create a dish if I only know its name and that it is supposed to taste sweet.

It is just not possible.

There are literally an uncountable number of trials and errors that I could make.

If I had an example of any of my thoughts being dragged out, I could have understood, I could have felt how and what to protect.

What to do to prevent that part from happening.

Now however I had no clue how to work this out.

So I tried to work with something else.

I grinded something that I already knew.

As Bruce Lee had once said, "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."

Bruce Lee, bro, I seriously hope you were not just pulling my leg with this or I am more or less screwed.

I repeated the process where I could empty my mind, repeatedly. It started off as repeatedly thinking of different things completely unrelated to each other so that my thoughts couldn't be tracked.

This changed in about two months where the speed of changing my thoughts increased by a lot.

When you don't have anything to do but concentrate on one work, infinite willpower and the Essence of the Blank, things mix up to become pretty fucking broken.

Throwing my thoughts away constantly did give me a pretty insane control over my mind.

Now I know that there was another method of bombarding someone's mind with random thoughts and I could have tried.

It would honestly have been much easier.

Then again it was not an assured method either. I could overwhelm a human's mind with a hundred thoughts per second but….whatever these monsters are outside my observation pod are not humans….or they are not normal humans. Who knows if it will be enough to overwhelm them?

But there was a thought that stopped me from doing it altogether.

Supposed I could bombard them with random thoughts….the question still stands about….from where and how I did I manage to have those memories.

That would put me on the top of the list right off the bat.

That was a big no.

The second was….I didn't know where I was exactly.

On the off chance that I bombed someone with the memories of this world, I could probably screw everything up too.

….I know that the chances of me having the memories of this world is astronomically low….but it doesn't change the fact that the possibility does exist.

Sure I could try changing thoughts with endless expanses of single colours, for example first white then black then yellow and so on and so forth.

That however had its own problems.

Last but not the least, running through all those memories increases my heartbeat and vitals. I don't have control over my body and with all these instruments attached to my body, I am not risking anything towards me at all. So this plan was thrown right out of the window.

What? You thought this was easy? Well fuck no.

So I went off to my ten thousand kicks….ahem, I mean the practice of clearing my mind.

Five more months and I noticed a qualitative change in myself.

The control that I had over my thoughts gave an extreme boost to my control over the strange power in my body. I could move it much easier now.

Previously this had been quite hard to do because the energy was very chaotic.

Sure it worked how I said but….how do I say this.

If I had to use an example then I would say that previously it was like a bunch of sheep being led by a shepherd, that is to say it moved but it wandered around a lot and I had to work extra hard to keep it in line whereas now it moves like trained dogs. The effort needed to control it was very easy.

And that led me to the next part of my training.

The strange power that I had inside me, it was increasing with time but it was not being used for anything.

I didn't dare use my internal power generator to produce different types of energies to compare it with my own power.

Observation Pod and all.

You would be surprised how limited your options become when you are one wrong step away from being dissected by who knows what.

That last but absolutely not the least advantage that I gained was my control over my thoughts. I could make my mind go blank with just a thought. That also brought along with it an extreme awareness of my own mind.

Now awareness was an essential part of my only other skill.

Observation Haki was jump kicked to a higher level. I could now feel everything in a fifty meter radius around me.

The images that were transferred to my brain also changed a little as they now held much more contrast compared to what it was previously.

Still not enough to observe their lip movements but enough to make a human shape clearly. It was an honest to goodness upgrade over watching humanoid blobs of light running around.

I also discovered something interesting.

The medicines that were pumped inside my body actually had more effects than I had previously thought.

It actually increased the strange energy in my body every time it was injected.

I kept a close eye on my energy's growth.

That specific drug was injected inside my body at an interval of two weeks. Over the period of the next three months I noticed the pattern.

Every time the drug was injected inside my body, I felt slight pain (despite my increasing pain resistance from the Essence of the King) and then the strange power inside of me became even more chaotic. It broke my muscles if the pain I felt in my body was any indication.

This process continued for two whole days until the chaotic energy in my body was suppressed or rather accommodated by my body and then after it calmed down a little, that same energy started to heal my muscles over time.

I did notice that the calmer the energy, the faster the healing was. Also the more it moved inside my body (which it normally didn't), the faster the healing was.

The power did settle down a bit but every time after it did, there was a distinct increase in the amount of that strange energy inside of my body.

It brought both relief and an urgent fear inside of me.

Whoever these people were, they were making a weapon.

This world was obviously not a peaceful one if they had to raise newborns in observation pods and artificially increase their power levels.

I really hoped it was not the DragonBall Z verse and the planet was destroyed by Beerus because he burned his tongue with tea.

What? I had too much time.

An empty mind is the Devil's workshop.

And the only Devil I have known was not a pleasant person.

The good thing however was that the chance of them simply killing me off was reduced considering I lived through their ridiculous experiments.

In the last two months the dosage increased because I had figured out how to stop the pain and assimilate the drug inside my body faster. With my increased control over my powers, I could simply guide my power to my muscles and increase the rate of my own healing.

The motherfuckers must have realized it as they increased the dosage to once a week instead of once every two weeks.

That pushed me to the limit. I mean even if I could heal faster than before there was still a limit to how much I could stand.

I however didn't increase my healing rate any further.

The bastards however didn't hold off. I don't know what kind of sadistic feeling they were attaining from this but after four weeks of no results, they dozed me with twice the amount of the drug than normal.

It should have been somewhat manageable but when my body started assimilating and adapting to it, another dose was added.

This was apparently too much for my body and for the first time since I was born in this world, I blacked out completely.

The Observation Haki dimmed down until I couldn't see anything and all my senses started faltering as well.

I did try to use that strange energy and even used some from my power generator but the healing effect couldn't keep up.

I did notice that the bastards around my observation pod were suddenly in a flurry rushing around like headless chickens near every machine they could to figure out what was happening.

It was only when I observed it further I found out that this drug was different.

Much more powerful than the previous one.

I once again felt that familiar blackness and for the second time in my life….I died.

- Time Skip –

I do not know how long I took to come back to life. This was after all the first time I died after being reborn with my cheats so I had no way of knowing.

The sudden sense of dread washed over me as I realized that I was screwed now because they would leave it at nothing to dissect me and find out the reason for my revival.

I hurriedly checked my vitals. Occlumency working overtime to push out all the stray thoughts and Observation Haki checked the state of my body.

I realized that my overall power had grown by almost twice.

I could attribute this to the drug as well as my nerfed Zenkai.

This growth was enormous compared to what I have had till now.

Still, was it worth it?

I died because of this.

If I didn't have that Essence, I WOULD have died for real.

What is to say that they will not repeat this again just to get this result once more?

Among all of these worried thoughts, I didn't realize a new fact for a while….I could hear again.

The realization hit me like a truck as I hurriedly pushed my Observation Haki outside my body and towards the surrounding and I for the first time in two years….cried.

I cried like a baby.

I hadn't realized in my previous life that hearing sounds could be this good?

To hear my own voice felt like a blessing.

My throat was parched and my voice a little unnatural due to almost no use since my birth but my body was still well maintained due to the Essence of the King and the strange energy inside my body continuously healing any damage that I might have had.

The sound alerted all the people observing me.

The flurries of shouts and orders were shot around but I could care less.

The voice which would have been annoying to the almost unused ears of mine now sounded like music.

It is true that we don't know the value of something until we have lost it.

The ability to hear something was so common that we almost always neglected it or took it for granted.

"It cried. The subject gave a signal. Hurry send a word to the Head. We need assistance. The purging of the drug was successful. Give me the vitals."

"Blood Pressure, Normal. Heart Rate, a little above normal, attributed to first sensory contact in two years. No atrophy in muscles detected. The subject has a higher than average regeneration. The energy levels have stabilized to two and a quarter times the level prior to the drug injection. The vitals are all normal except for minor signs of stress and hysteria."

"Obviously he will have stress. The kid almost died. We had listed its vitals for around a whole minute before we could resuscitate him. I would be worried if he didn't have signs of stress and hysteria."

"The boss had killed off almost everyone in the team who were involved in the increase in the drug dose. They were under orders to report about the increased adaptation to the drug but they pushed it too far."

"It was for the sake of results. This child can be what we need to throw those fakes out and reclaim what rightfully belongs to us. Those bastards almost messed this chance up. This was the only specimen that survived the correct genetic recombination. Every other subject died. The value that he has is beyond anything we can imagine."

"I agree. They got what they deserved. I would have tortured them more before killing them."

Okay…. I could understand their language.

The things that I heard are giving me mixed feelings.

The fact that the fucking cunts that killed me are dead makes me happy but at the same time the talks about taking down the so called fakes is giving me a bad feeling.

It seems like they are trying to overthrow a government or some kind of coup d'état and are planning to use me as some kind of super weapon.

Okay again not a heartening thought but still something that can be used to my advantage.

If they want to use me as a weapon it will mean that they will have to train me.

It will give me a chance to learn….but more importantly interact with someone.

The thoughts did soothe my heart to a great deal as I stopped crying.

The fact that I was feeling hungry might have been another reason.

- Scene change –

It has been two weeks since I woke up.

Believe me that I never thought I would say this but floating in the Observation Pod did have an advantage…. I didn't need my diapers being changed.

That seriously sucks.

I was still being observed but now I was kept under the constant eyes of people. All my vitals are being observed so no random movements.

I did however keep my training up in a different way.

I still kept moving my strange energy around my body and found a way to increase my strength. With the control that I have over my power, I can make the energy more chaotic or controlled with a mere thought. Concentrating the chaotic part of the energy on a single part of my body, more specifically the muscles during a time when the energy is stirred more violently by my thoughts can lead to minute tears in my muscles. The Observation Haki is an insane skill in this matter as I can 'feel' the wear and tear in my body. This is followed by healing the same part with the smoother flow of the energy. It is really amazing to see the same energy acting in such different ways with different applications of it. Repeating this process over and over did give me a slight increase in power every time. The Mad Doctor Essence's knowledge of medicine helped me maintain stable growth over my body.

My body, as I had already noticed, was different from a human's. That said I couldn't keep away the probability of the biology of humans in this world being different altogether.

I also observe everyone's emotions around me to know that this was not recorded by anyone or else they would have been like monkeys with their butt on fire.

That is not to say that everything was going fine.

These people hardly came around me and I was still given food artificially.

I couldn't hear their voices.

That did put a damper on collecting information.

Sometimes a few of them did speak and I remember being called 'Young Lord'.

The reverence and adoration in that voice, a woman I guess was almost dripping and it reassured me that I am not going to be screwed that easily….maybe.

It was a plus to know that they were talking in English.

I don't know what I would have done if I had to learn the language to start collecting information. Now that would have sucked major balls.

I however decided to keep the Binder slots free for now.

It was because I didn't know how that would work and if others can see when I invoke the power.

I know that the marks cannot be seen or altered by others but it never said anything about the invocation.

It was too tempting to just mark the first person that I had a skin contact with to know what was going on around here.

The woman who called me 'Young Lord' had slightly lower Power Reserves than me.

Well what can I say? I am a very powerful baby.

The other thing that I have been able to advance was my Observation Haki.

Now I could use my sight and hearing better so the Observation Haki did gain a significant boost.

We never realize how much we depend on our sight and hearing to observe our surroundings until it is taken away.

Right now I can use Observation Haki upto 500m around me. Apparently that near death? Or rather, the second death for me did more than enough to push my Observation Haki to another level.

I could feel them but still couldn't hear them properly because the room in which I was kept was again soundproof, that said the beeping of machines was a welcome noise this time.

I could also identify the difference between the different people using their auras only.

It helped me to keep track of their identities and how I could remember who came to change my diapers and when.

The shift in rotation is completely random because I cannot find any pattern in it.

The woman who called me 'Young Lord' has only come twice now.

The other time was nine days after her first appearance.

I am not even sure if there will be any use marking them with my binder if they are mere nurses.

So there is a fair chance that I could mark them despite all of the risks that are involved in it and then find out that she couldn't come to me regularly.

I would be wasting a mark unnecessarily.

Jeez, can't someone give a two year old a break in his plan to conquer the world?

Really, is it too much to ask?

This was finally the day there was a change.

The door opened and a few people came in while I merely turned my head in their direction.

My eyes work much better now that it has adjusted to….well seeing.

The one in the lead is the scientist that comes in most frequently while I was in this room followed by three more people.

I pushed my Observation Haki out once more and stilled.

One of them was the same monster as the last time. I couldn't forget that energy because it terrified me for the first time in this world.

At least this time I saw the face of this person. Silver hair and red eyes. The bastard was quite handsome.

The only thing that soothed my heart somewhat was the fact that he now only had around 30 times more power reserves than me.

Then again raw energy wouldn't be that much of an indicator. The skills of this person was definitely something if all these scientists were actually sucking up to him.

The second and third ones were not that far behind. The second one was another man with brown hair and was even stronger than the first one. Not too much of a difference but a difference nonetheless. While the third one another silver haired one with blue eyes and was slightly less around 15 times more than my power reserves.

The last man was a black haired one with purple eyes and….is that a pointed ear?

Elf? Dark Elf?

The fuck….just where am I?

The final one was a woman who was around the same level as the first two and she had brown hair and wore glasses.

"What is the situation of the child?" asked the monster.

A scientist started answering, "The subject is fine…."….it however was not completed as I saw that the head of that person was blown off into a rain of blood and flesh all across the room.

"The child is not a ….subject." growled the brown haired woman stilling every scientist in the room and I swear that if I hadn't peed a while ago, I might have just let some of it lose right now. My Occlumency ran its full power at the moment's notice as I pushed all the thoughts out of my head making it blank again.

If anything was observed right now, it would only be my surprise at the explosion and nothing afterwards.

Newborn….technically, babies are not supposed to be afraid of death….or even understand what blowing someone's head is supposed to be.

"It will do well for you all to remember whose blood flows through this child's veins. I will not stand any insult to this blood." She growled out.

Hot damn lady, is it that time of the month?

While I would have liked to ask this, my mind was currently running at a fast pace to take in every bit of information.

"Y-yes My Lady." The scientist who led them stammered.

"T-The Young Lord has recovered completely from the m-mishap of two weeks ago. He slept for eight hours after that but his body had recovered well enough during that time. We found his healing to be several times faster than others. He has also exhibited a resistance to normal poisons which would have harmed anyone of his age. This enabled us to continue administering the enhancement drug to him for a whole two years in which he was administered over one hundred dosages of the drug which is a record whereas the one who had survived longest before this was only about two and a half months with five dosages. In the period of two years there has been a massive increase in his power reserves."

So I slept for a period of eight hours after that. It does narrow out how much time had passed.

"That is to be expected considering his lineage. He is our key to defeating those two abominations," growled the brown haired one. "What is his current power level?"

"Currently, he is around the High level of High Class and could almost be considered a Peak High Class if it is only in terms of his reserves. We do not recommend any further usage of drug enhancement as it can cause harm to him. It would be prudent to let him associate with the world and learn more about it."

"Then so be it. Razevan," the silver haired one looked towards the brown haired one, "I hear that you are having a child as well….even if it's a half breed." Spat out the brown haired one. "Bring the child there and raise him. We will plan out further training till then."

The silver haired one looked a little red and Observation haki did observe how angry he really was. He however merely nodded which was a good decision knowing the difference in power between the two.

"Has your father said anything about the child yet?" asked the black haired one who had been quiet till now.

The man shook his head but didn't comment.

"In that case allow me to name the child since he contains the blood of my ancestor as well."

The others probably were alright and nodded.

The black haired one picked me up and raised me and all the while I was having 'The Lion King' flashbacks. Dude just don't yeet me of any cliffs!.

"I name you Damien Lucifer. The one who contains the blood of two of the True Satans, Lucifer and Asmodeus. You shall bring us to our true positions as the rightful rulers of the Underworld, the whole Devil Race and then the whole world."

The room cheered while I…. peed.


I am in Highschool Dxd.

- ? Pov –


"The subject has regained its consciousness. The vitals are normal. The physical conditions are all normal. The increase in the power reserves is 2.25 times during the last dosage although the target had lost its vitals completely for a whole minute before it was restored."

"Was there any information about the power that blasted from him before losing vitals?" the unknown voices asked.

"No Sir. We still haven't been able to find anything about that power. The surrounding staff had all lost their consciousness and the range was a whole kilometre around the subject. Only the more powerful ones barely held on to their consciousness. There were however some exceptions as well on both sides where some of those with more reserves fainted while some with lower reserves remained unaffected. We are still unsure about the reason as to whether the attack was irregular or whether it was for some other reason and are trying to find out a common pattern among all those who were conscious."

"Do whatever test is necessary and make reports about each person's experience when stuck with that power. I want all important and unimportant details to be covered. DO NOT MISS ANYTHING. I would hate to lose a capable person like you due to some petty carelessness." The voice ordered almost uncaringly….almost.

The listener however was completely aware of what it was.

It was a do or die statement.

With sweat running down his forehead, he bowed and stepped back leaving the person to his lonesome.

After the scientist left, the man stood up and walked to the wall in front of him and a magic circle lit up while the wall folded in itself revealing a lab behind it.

In the middle of the lab was an Observation Pod with a woman with black hair floating in it.

The man walked up to the pod and touched it softly while his face lit up in a smirk. "Soon mother. I will have all the actors needed for my final play. The world shall watch and I shall enjoy their despair."

The sound of laughter echoing throughout the room after that would have made anyone's skin crawl with fear.


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