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Chapter 3 : Plans and Powers.

- Damien –

I walked into the Magic Combat class Gretel already waiting for me inside.

It has been three years since my magic lessons started. I am nine years old now.

Inside was the same person who had given us the first lesson in magic, Gregory Bune.

That is not to say he was the only teacher we had all this time.

We have had around 10 teachers in these three years. No teacher had lasted more than two months at a time. Some were recalled at a later time to teach us. Although it was made sure that our training was not affected at all.

All of these teachers were the kind that even Satans would like for their children. Some of them might not be particularly strong but even then, even the weakest of them was a low Ultimate Class Devil and….that is quite rare apparently, that said each and every one of them were specialized in teaching.

They were masters of their own areas.

Bunes with their Dragonification and Dragon Tamer abilities were extremely durable and had stood in the front lines in the Great War.

He has a specialty in Enhancement Magic.

More precisely, he can enhance his body to abnormal degrees.

One of my teachers, the only female among all these teachers was an expert at Mind Magic, Ophelia Paimon.

She scared the crap out of me, the first day she was introduced.

The mere thought that someone could get inside of my mind was my greatest fear since the first day I reincarnated.

….well after I had gotten over at being locked up in the observation pod though….but that does not count.

I had known at that very instant that I had to do something about her.

That was a year ago.

I broke out of my thoughts by the words of the teacher.

"Welcome Young Lord. It's a pleasure to see you again. Are you ready for today's lesson?" Gregory smiled as I took my seat.

I nodded in reply. "It's good to see you as well, Lord Bune."

Yes, he was the Lord of the House of Bune, who was thought to be dead in the Underworld and the House of Bune extinct. I was not surprised considering that many people who were thought to be dead are still alive and in hiding.

As for the Extinct Houses, the main line generally inherited the Clan Trait strongest. There were exceptions as well, Ajuka Beelzebub being the prime one. A Branch family member who inherited or rather….developed his powers to ridiculous levels, and so when the Main House dies with no pure blooded devils in branch houses to take over, unless there are extenuating circumstances is considered extinct.

I wouldn't be surprised if out of the 38 Extinct Houses, at least a dozen are actually still alive and only in hiding.

I looked at Gretel and nodded as she bowed to me.

These last three years have been a boon to us.

Her confidence has increased just as much as her trust in me, so much so that I am now sure that I want to Bind her to me.

In my studies so far, I have found out that in general devils in general are….too lazy.

Anyone who is a high class devil or above generally didn't want to be creative. That is not to say all were the same. Some of them were exceptionally hard working as well. What actually frustrated me was the lack of unique magic that any of them had developed.

You would think that in all these centuries, there would be people who would use different and unique kinds of magic….but no!. All we were learning was….elemental magic, barrier magic, mind magic and sealing magic.

The rest was all focused on 'The Clan Trait'.

While the clan traits were almost on the level of cheating in some cases, it was still not good to put all the eggs in one basket….well until you were Sirzechs Lucifer.

It makes people too predictable and easy to counter. That said their inherent pride in their traits and laziness made them all oblivious to this fact or…. it might be the fact that they think that devils are the strongest race.

Anyways onto the current situation. We were only taught elemental magic as a means of attack.

Considering the fact that the House of Lucifer didn't have a mode of attack in their Clan Trait and the Asmodeus Trait was a bit….umm unique, I had to learn elemental magic as well.

Gretel was made to choose ice magic even though she was more fluent with space magic.

Like it wasn't even a comparison between the two. While she was above average in (due to no lack in trying) in Ice Magic, she was a Genius! in space magic.

This fact only made me hate that bastard Euclid even more. What is even worse is that she is snubbed because of her lack of genius in ice magic. It didn't help her already down in the dumps self-esteem and made my work to raise her confidence even harder.

If my previous thoughts were no more than assumptions, no I was completely sure that he wanted to make her a clone of Grayfia.

I chose lightning and ice magic as a method of attack. When taught properly and provided with enough research materials, The Archmage was a beast of an Essence. It was evident by my progress with those magic types. If what I learned from the idiot trio was a fact, it was already at the level of a mid ultimate class devil.

A mid ultimate class devil when I was holding back my 7 mind partitions and thought acceleration.

Maybe, Essence of The Blank had a part in it as well.

"Today we will be learning about some of the Unique Magics out in the world." On our nods he continued. "There are many esoteric types of Magic used by different beings in this world. Each has their own origin and their own styles, advantages and disadvantages but at the end of the day are still based on the three basic steps – Imagination, Desire and Power. The only difference is when they use an outside source of energy, for example the Youkai using Senjutsu, which is the manipulation of nature's energy, which requires a specific method to use. The most troublesome among these are the magic used by the Dragon race."


"Yes Young Lord. Dragons are simple creatures. My family is associated with them because of our Dragonification and Dragon Tamer abilities. Some people consider their simplicity as their weakness which while true in some cases, is not exactly the case in most. Their simplicity makes them a pain to give up their pursuit once they have decided on something. This unbending desire also translates to their magic. The second step Desire is as I had once stated the speed at which the fireball was thrown. It increases the power of the fireball temporarily. This however cannot be done by just anyone. The true limits of the Second step is Desire is used by Dragons due to their powerful souls. The stronger Dragons are generally formed from the energy of the world and have exceptionally powerful souls which survive even if they are severed and left without the body. They might lose their rational consciousness but they do not die easily and once the pieces of their souls are collected back, can still be merged easily. No other beings except some of the Higher Gods can do this. This comes with advantages too. Their stronger souls push their desire to change the very fabric of reality and do magics that the world has deemed impossible. A few examples of these magics are the Boost and Divide magics used by the two heavenly dragons."

My mind was running at an exceptionally fast pace right now.

I hadn't even bothered to try learning magics like Boost and Divide because wasting my time on magics that I can just Observe later on with my Archmage Essence and easily learn would be plain stupid. This however changes things.

The strength of the soul is the reason why most of my Essences couldn't function at full power. Although their strengths increase every day even now, I don't think I will be reaching the levels of the heavenly dragons anytime soon, so even if I am able to copy Boost or Divide, I will be limited by how many times I can pull it off.

"Why don't the Devils try to copy those magics then? Won't our strengths increase by a lot even if we can just double it?" Gretel asked from beside me.

"Hmm, that might be true but Dragon Magic is exceptionally notorious to copy. It is because it manifests due to their innermost desires. Their entire magic is based on desires. The Welsh wanted to grow stronger and dominate everything so their magic manifested in the form of Boost, while the Vanishing Dragon wanted to take away all the powers from others for their own, so their powers manifested in the form of the Divide magic. It comes from the very core of their souls and is not something easy to copy even if some devils somehow reach the same strength of soul as them."

This shit explanation sounds more like the manifestation of Mangekyo Sharingan. Bullshit abilities to control.

"The Heavenly Dragon were considered as two of the Top Ten Strongest Beings of the world." I asked and he nodded so I continued, "So if they double their powers a few times, won't they be stronger than even the strongest beings?" I asked the question which had confused me for a long time.

I am still not an expert on Soul Magic as I haven't been able to get my hands on these even now.

"A good question Young Lord." I internally rolled my eyes at the blatant favoritism shown towards me which Gretel was offered nothing, "That is because they cannot."


"It is simple. They don't do it because they simply cannot. Their strengths are capped by their own level of strength. Many people have the misconception that they increase their entire power with their magic which is not true. They can increase their powers true, but that is only during their outrage when they abandon all their defenses and concentrate only on attacking in a mad haze of anger. Other than that, they can only boost their normal magic to reach the level of their all out attacks. That means almost all their attacks will be as strong as if they were using all of their powers behind it. The increase in power is in the spell and not themselves for the Welsh dragon. The Vanishing Dragon in the same way is bound by the amount of power his opponent has and cannot absorb power beyond their own limit because their bodies cannot bear it."

"And the Sacred Gears contain their own souls so their magics can be used by their users without any stress on their own souls." I concluded.


The discussion continued for a while and we had a sparring session.

Gretel is at the level of a peak high class devil with the demonic power reserves to match….at the age of eleven.

Say what you will but those enhancement drugs worked really well.

My own power reserves have increased to the level of a mid ultimate class devil in the last three years.

If only she was taught space magic as well as she was being pushed towards ice magic though.

I think her space magic affinity comes from her father who was a branch family member of the House of Dantalion, Ranked Duke and have exceptional affinity with space while the other two siblings inherited the Ice Affinity of their mother, the Heiress of the House of Lucifuge.

Yes, it is finally the time to bind her.

I dodged the spikes of ice that dug out from under my feet and sent a hail of icicles towards her which she easily blocked with a quick barrier.

"And this is where I end my lesson, Young Lord." Gregory's voice stopped us.

I finally noticed that the training ground around us was completely destroyed.

"I have to say that the two of you have made remarkable progress with your magic. I don't have anything else to teach you. I think that the Young Lord will be concentrating on the Asmodeus Clan Trait." I nodded.

Cruesery hadn't inherited the magic of the first Asmodeus but then again, none of his descendants had well…. until me that is. I could sense that he was extremely jealous about it but there was nothing he could do. On the other hand someone had been extremely pleased to hear this.

"Lady Leviathan has decided to assist you in learning the magic herself as no one else other than you has this magic right now. I apologise that I couldn't be of any help in this matter." He bowed.

Gregory was a really loyal individual and if that loyalty hadn't been for Rizevim, along with his other….less than pleasant habits, I could have bound him as well. I am almost at the same level of demonic power as him and in about a year I will easily qualify for it.

"Don't bother about it. You have already helped me more than I could hope for. I presume that the other lessons will go on as they have been?"

"That is correct Young Lord. Your lessons at barrier, mind and other such magic practices will go on as usual. Only instead of the usual combat and elemental magic with me, you will be working with Lady Leviathan."

That's a relief. I didn't want to lose my contact with the other tutors.

He left the room and I turned to Gretel.

"A game of chess?"

She nodded and followed me.

This has become a routine for us.

Since my invitation three years ago.

The servant outside the door bowed as soon as I exited the room, "Young Lord, you have a lesson with Lady Leviathan in two hours. Would you like me to show you the way?"

"Very well. Pick me up from my home in an hour and a half." With my piece said, I walked forward with a young Gretel following me.

We walked in silence. No words were needed….at least not in places where we could be heard easily.

This hiding all the time has become second nature to me. That said, it is extremely stressful. Then again for all their scientific advancement, psychological welfare has never been a point of focus for the devils.

Then again if I didn't have my memories of my previous life, I would have been a spoiled young brat who didn't know what's what(under no fault of my own)….and that is if I had survived the first two years that is.

Anyways my head went back to the time when I met our new mind magic teacher.

Ophelia Paimon is a beautiful lady who looks to be in her twenties. She has beautiful light blue coloured hair and blue eyes.

She was a peak high class devil in terms of demonic power but her expertise is in the complexity of mind magic.

The Paimon is a House Ranked King among the devils. Their trait is called 'Bewitching Voice'. It is an extremely high level mind magic that bends the target's will towards the user. It can be anything from a passive use where the user's voice is extremely pleasant to hear and makes the people gravitate towards them. This coupled by the extremely high charisma that they have makes them very great speakers, traders, teachers and leaders. The House of Paimon has always been more loyal to the house of Lucifer and Ophelia Paimon is the current Head of the House. Lord Paimon had passed away during the Civil War, supposedly, but in reality he had taken a place in the Old Satan Faction and asked his wife to take the side of the New Satans to wait for the Old Satans to regain their strength.

Compared to the old bastard whom I had the displeasure of meeting once, Ophelia is a much more favourable choice of company.

She is also considered a prodigy and has led her house through sheer political acumen even during the Civil War when her House was seen as an enemy of the ruling body in normal times and an unwilling ally at the best.

She brought the House of Paimon from that point to a well-established House which thrived in trade and politics while others which had the similar circumstances had been reduced to poverty such as the Belials who held the same Rank of the King, but Lady Belial had to sell her ornaments while Lord Belial had to skive on new clothes to the public gatherings simply so that his son could attend the best education there was and….Diehauser Belial did not disappoint. The Emperor completely deserves his title.

Unlike the other bastards who were using the King Piece to boost their powers, he trained to the extent of being able to counter them all with sheer strategy and techniques.

Ophelia Paimon was similar in her talents.

So it was safe to say that I almost had a nervous breakdown when I realized that she was going to be teaching me mind magic of all things. A field where it wouldn't be surprising if I let something slip out by mistake under the influence of her 'Bewitching Voice'.

I had made a little progress with my Occlumency on my own when I had finally completed my Shadow Clone.

I had practiced with me trying to probe my clone's mind but the simple problem was that….I had no idea how to do so and I couldn't develop the Legilimency technique in four months time and also used that to train my Occlumency Shields from the scratch to build a mindscape.

So for the first time I took a risk.

I used my time in the first lesson itself to Bind her. The fact that I had low Ultimate Class Devil level Demonic power reserves which was around four times more than hers was helpful for that.

There were no light shows or anything and I had kept the binding mark invisible the whole time. Her loyalty was also dialed up to the highest level.

It was a bit unfair to not give her that chance but….the place and situation I am at, I can't afford those luxuries.

It was not a bad choice either because I later found out that she was ordered by her Father who in turn was ordered by Rizevim to 'program' me to be loyal towards Rizevim and only Rizevim.

She was allotted lessons two days a week even now.

And this was done without the knowledge of the idiot trio.

She was doing it simply as her duty because she believed that me leaving the Old Satans would be bad for her house.

This was surprisingly easier for me to stomach than some self-righteous shit that people feed themselves to justify all this crap.

She was simply doing whatever she thought would be good for her House.

I simply couldn't bring myself to completely hate her because….I would have done the same thing too.

She didn't have any other motives and while she could have easily used her skills to 'program' me to her liking, she actually had no intention to do so.

Then again, she was already loyal to me to a fault.

Taking out my anger on her for something like this, which I had already been expecting would…. simply be a waste of time.

I didn't have enough time to be petty. I had far more important things to concentrate on.

Another good thing about these marks is the fact that I can talk to those that I have bound telepathically through my mind, despite the distance.

This telepathy has been a great boon for me.

My discussions with Ophelia through our link has helped me improve my mind magic at an exceptional pace. The fact that my Archmage Essence was copying her 'Bewitching Voice' also had something to do with it.

Another thing that I gained was that I can now finally learn things that these bastards didn't want to teach me. Whatever I want to learn about, Ophelia gets the books on it and reads them to me when I pretend to sleep and knowing Ophelia's connections, it is not a faraway guess that she can acquire any book I want.

That is not to say that she doesn't get anything out of it.

She received a nerfed version of my Archmage, Blank Essence and the King Essence without any bloodlines to increase her strength.

I am also planning to get her completely under control using my Broker Essence and then give her a nerfed Broker Essence too. It will complement her 'Bewitching Voice' skill perfectly. Ophelia is in a position where she has contact with both the current government and the old satans and with enough power she can influence both sides and also provide me with valuable information.

My progress towards illusion magic is now finally going in my intended direction. The fact that I can now detect the spells in my room caused them to remove the normal ones from around me. There are still a few others which I can detect but have to leave intact because I don't want to give away my real progress.

This still restricts my movements just as much as before so no change on that front.

While thinking of these things, we arrived at my residence.

As soon as I opened the door, a little white missile hits my stomach and little arms wrapped around my waist.

"Dummy, you are back." cried a sweet voice in joy which brought a smile to my face.

Vienna Lucifer or Vi as I call her is my life and joy in this….this hellhole.

I looked towards Aria. The beautiful Aria gave me the same smile overflowing with motherly affection as she scolded Vienna, "Vienna, that is not how you talk to the Young Lord." Earning a pout from the adorable little silver white haired girl and a smile from me.

Her smile which brought relief and happiness to us….also held back her own pain. As Vienna grew older, that bastard started pressuring Razevan even more and Aria brought all that wrath and frustration onto herself to protect her daughter. I too kept her out of the shit whenever I could.

It is one of the reasons that she is so attached to me.

A few more years. I need to establish a network before I leave this place or I would be caught within days and dragged back here and then I don't even want to guess what would happen.

I only get one chance at this.

This and the fact that Aria still….somehow loves! Razevan.

I have tried all the methods of detection, each mind magic I could to know if she was being influenced….she isn't.

It almost drove me mad trying to figure out the reason for this.

Is love really this….this blind?

I am still a little weaker than Razevan and I don't think I can cover that gap for a few years….naturally that is.

Any sudden jumps in my power would be problematic and natural growth still needs me to stay here for a few years.

I need to bind more people to hasten the network I have outside this place.

Anyways this little devil has taken to calling me 'Dummy' instead of Damien.

I squeezed her cheeks and pinched her nose before she sat on my lap.

It is really adorable to see her pout though.

"Welcome Gretel, how was your lesson today?" Aria asked as she brought us snacks.

"Good Morning Lady Aria. The lesson was pleasant. Thank you for asking." Gretel bowed to her and she stood beside me.

"Oh lay aside the Lady, Gretel. Also take a seat. The food is best while it is still hot."

"I couldn…."

"Sit Gretel. It is best if we use our time efficiently….also we can practice better if you have eaten something."

She did look reluctant but sat down. Three years ago, the same thing took me an hour, a forceful order and then another hour to stop her from passing out due to nervous breakdown to make her do this.

It is considerable progress.

"So how was your day, Young Lord." Aria asked as she sat on the couch in front of us.

"It was quite productive. The teacher said that I have learned everything I could in his class and I have to self-study further to learn more. I will still be attending other subjects though." I said as I picked up the spoon and fed the little gremlin in my lap before I was allowed to take a bite of my own.

"Really?" I nodded and she rubbed my head affectionately. "The Young Lord is really smart. I would expect nothing less."

The midget in my lap was probably annoyed because I was late in feeding her. "Heh it is probably because Dummy is such a dummy. No need to praise him mamma." And then she turned towards me with her tongue out making faces at me.

I simply pulled her closer in my lap and fed her to keep her mouth shut.

"Vienna….hah, what should I do with this girl?" She smiled and I noticed that Gretel was smiling too.

She had been a little upset from the time she learned that I will not be attending Combat Magic class with her anymore. This would reduce our time together.

This place is her little safe haven where she can relax a little….and when beside me, no one dares to force her to do anything.

"I will also be attending lessons for the Clan Trait from Lady Leviathan." I said and watched her pause a bit. Her emotions were all over the place but the most prominent ones in it were fear and worry.

It was actually understandable.

In all these years, while the idiot trio have tried to influence me, it was through others and only on certain occasions.

Now however I will be among them and be taught by one of them. She is probably worried about my attitude after this. After all, the attitude that they have towards her and Vienna is not hidden from anyone.

"Don't worry about it. I will be fine." I said staring into her eyes and her eyes widened a little after that she hid all that pain under her smile.

"I know. My Young Lord is the strongest after all."

The girl in my lap who looked like a squirrel right now with her cheeks puffed up tried to make a quip but I shut it with another spoonful of food.

"It is not good manners to talk with your mouth full….I could always stop feeding you if you want though." I smirked slightly and she bristled but then reluctantly gave up and melted in my lap.

We laughed a little and then after the snacks were over, Aria took Vienna aside and I turned my attention to my only companion now.


"Y-yes Young Lord?."

"Every Lucifer has been assisted by a member of the Lucifuge House, you have heard of it I assume."

She looked a bit lost but nodded nonetheless.

"I want you to be my companion." Her eyes widened but I paid her no mind. "If you agree to it, I will not allow you to back out and any attack on you will be an attack on me. I am not foolish enough to claim that I will protect you from everything. I am neither omnipresent, omniscient or omnipotent after all….but I promise you this….that anyone who lays a single finger on you," I stopped and stared into her eyes, "will regret being alive for the rest of their lives."

She was quiet for a moment but my Observation Haki showed the range of emotions she was going through right now.

"I will not force you though….it is all your own decision. Do you accept it?" I raised my hand towards the now stunned girl.

A few seconds of awkward silence later, I sighed and brought my hand back. "I guess I asked too much. Don't worry this won't change anything between us."

I closed my eyes….maybe I pushed too hard.

"I-I accept."

My eyes snapped open.

I looked towards her and as if asking my unsaid question, she replied.

"I accept Young Lord."

"In that case make the pledge and in return you will serve under me." I offered her my hand again.

"I-I Gretel Lucifuge pledge my loyalty to you."

"I accept. Deal Complete."

And it indeed was.

My first deal with The Broker was complete.

The Broker Essence was very similar to the Laws made by Tet, The God of Games, The One True God, in Disboard, just much more freely used.

So I can use the pledges and deal in a way to influence other things as well.

In this case her loyalty towards me from a deal will make it nigh impossible for her to be mind-controlled against me.

The small fact about The Broker Essence that is often overlooked.

It will prevent someone other than Paimon from brainwashing her against me. These steps are necessary. I mean I had escaped the attempt by the skin of my teeth so there is no way I am letting others take a hit on her as well.

I held her hand and applied The Essence of the Binder's mark on her and took a while to transfer a nerfed Archmage Essence and Blank Essence to her.

The King's Essence would be more easy to observe so I will have to hold it back for now.

I don't think she has what it takes to use The Broker….not now at the very least.

With this I have three people I can trust.

"Y-Young Lord….this is?" she stuttered as the information on the Essences entered her head.

"This is my gift for joining me. You are not allowed to tell anyone about this. I also want you to practice mind magic and space magic whenever you can but not disclose your progress to anyone. Is that understood Gretel?" I sat down and Gretel heard my voice in her head.

Her eyes widened and she snapped her head in my direction. I smile and nod in reply.

"From now on, for any private talk, you will use this mental link to talk to me. It is simply similar to talking out loud in your head. If you want me to hear you, I will, if not, I will not be able to hear you. I believe you have heard about telepathy?"

She hesitated for a moment until the situation caught up with her.

"Y-yes Young L-lord." I heard in my head and smiled.

"It will also help your ice magic. You won't have to hear anyone complain about it."

Her heartbeat quickened and her expression went back to the fake stoic one outwardly while her emotions were all over the place.

"I am not a fool Gretel. I know things and even if I want to…." I clenched my fingers, "Right now I am not strong enough to change everything….I can however, " I looked up to the eyes of the young girl who looked like she wanted to run and hide at this very moment. That Euclid bastard will suffer a very….very painful death at my hand. I took a deep breath and continued, "do this much to ease your situation right now."

She stood there stunned for a second and I could see the hints of tears building in her eyes. "Y-yo-youn-g l-l….I…."

"You just have to do one thing for me in return…." I looked directly at her, "Just be yourself….just be Gretel Lucifuge….because that is who you are. You are not someone's substitute…. you are not Grayfia Lucifuge's replacement….you are….you….you are Gretel Lucifuge, the aide of Damien Lucifer, The Devil…. is that understood Gretel?"

I noticed that Aria was observing us but seeing the situation, she was unsure of what to do. She wanted to approach us but was hesitating. I turned towards her and gave her a nod. Vienna looked a little confused but Aria's maturity showed and she nodded at me with a smile. She took Vienna back to her room.

As soon as the door was closed, I rose from my seat and hugged the girl in front of me….and as if the straw that broke the camel's back, she broke down….she sobbed into my chest while her hands gripped me as if fearing all this to be a dream….but even in this situation what truly angered me was….she was not making any noise...or rather she was trying to muffle her cries.

Was she trained to be like this? Not even allowed to cry?

Hate and disgust bubbled inside of me and at that instant pushed Euclid very near the level of the bastard Rizevim on the list of people I wanted to make suffer.

I won't kill this utter bastard….no, that would be too easy of a way out for that bastard for what he made my Gretel suffer.

He will beg for death and I won't grant him that….just like I promised to Gretel.

It took around 30 minutes for her to calm down and after that none of us spoke. We just sat there in silence. No words were needed, just the presence of each other was enough for us to be satisfied.

- Scene Change –

I stood outside the place for my next lesson. The residence of Katerea Leviathan.

Now many people would be wondering why Katerea, who is a Leviathan, was teaching me about the clan trait of The Asmodeus.

Well, aside from the fact that I was the only one who inherited it after The original Asmodeus, and thus no one with practical experience in the Trait was alive at the moment, it was the trait itself.

The Asmodeus was associated with 'The Sin of Lust' for a reason. It was a very unique magic that he used….pleasure magic.

There are several techniques but unlike normal demonic magic used to manipulate pleasure or lust….this one was on a whole nother level. It was like comparing a normal magician using water magic and The Original Leviathan use 'The Sea Serpent of the End' to manipulate water….there was just no comparison.

pleasure magic was used by Asmodeus to corrupt….basically mind break humans, angels, fallen and other races alike and make them their willing slaves.

Yes….I got the cheat code of a badly written Hentai Manga protagonist.

I bet the bastard who threw me here must be laughing his ass off at this.

I mean while I enjoy sex and the female gender just as much as any healthy male, there was a reason I didn't take The Essence of the Breeder or other sex related Essences. Not that I would have rejected it if it was for free but I didn't see a use of taking it as one of the selected Essences.

The problem I have right now was….my 9 years old body. Damn Hormones.

I have endured being in this….well literal hell and kept my sanity in check all this time….but even then I don't think I could bear it if someone called my dick….cute.

No fucking until I get to puberty.

Anyways, as one can take a guess, Creuserey wouldn't have been of any help and any written notes from Asmodeus had all needed to be tested by me personally.

Here is the place that Katerea put her foot down.

Her words which if I remember correctly(I do because I have a perfect memory), were 'I will not allow any lowlife to teach such intimate skills to the Young Lord.'

It was when translated politely, 'No hussies need apply here'.

It was honestly creepy with the amount of lust I was sensing from her as an eight year old myself.

I took a deep breath. I have endured worse than some sexual molestation from a relatively good looking woman(crazy aside). I can do this.

With these words in mind, I stepped inside the room.

- Katerea Leviathan –

Katerea waited impatiently for Damien to arrive.

She was finally going to start her plan to take her rightful place at his side….as his queen.

The fact that he inherited the Asmodeus' Unique Pleasure Magic was only another mark on his already long list of accomplishments.

Learning all forms of magic at unprecedented speeds, being an ultimate class devil at less than ten years of age, a genius adept in any subject he touches….the tales of Damien's talents were already resounding among the supporters of the Old Satan Faction.

Obviously almost none of them knew the boy personally. They had done too many things to make sure that he doesn't get in contact with….lower people until he is trained in their ways completely. His mannerism did show the finesse and grace of Kings. The only part that she didn't agree with but couldn't do anything about was letting that….human take care of him. To be honest, it was not much of a problem when he was younger. He was just an experiment meant for the rise of the Old Satan Faction….but as his talents flourished, his position became more and more important.

The fact that he showed the unique magic of the Original Asmodeus was already something that was being talked about in the entire circle.

Creuserey hadn't been happy obviously….no matter how much he didn't show it or even pretended to be happy, it was clear as day for someone who had known him for years….someone like her, that he was holding a lot of humiliation inside due to the fact that even he hadn't inherited the magic.

This made Damien's claim over the Asmodeus line even stronger.

The Lucifer line had a contender which couldn't be disputed….or rather no one dares to dispute it. Rizevim was just too strong for that.

Even when he hadn't lifted a single finger in the Civil War. The results of the War could have been completely different had Rizevim participated in it….but he hadn't.

He had just laughed at the three of them when they had requested for help saying….it was not interesting enough for him to help.

It had made her blood boil but Katerea was angry, not mad. Challenging Rizevim with her strength alone would have meant certain death. This is why all three of them even after being humiliated had not said a single word.

While others may call Razevan a waste of the Lucifers, and even she believed it and didn't care much about him, it was a fact that she actually liked him more than his father though.

Rizevim Lucifer had no loyalties, no care, no attachments….he is a pure force of chaos. He seeks nothing but destruction. She is not sure that if one day they obtain the Underworld all under their control and Rizevim wouldn't just destroy it all over again because he was getting bored without anything to do.

This is also a reason why all three of them held so much hope in the Young Lord.

He was much more controlled and just as talented. He had shown all the talents to become a Super Devil in time too.

It was just a matter of time before he could take his reign. At least that was the plan before he showed that he had inherited Asmodeus' Pleasure Magic and people began to consider him more for the position of Asmodeus now.

This had thrown a wrench in their plan.

The other side though was….completely unknown.

The Lucifer Bloodline never manifested in a certain way. The Original Lucifer had too many powers and it is not known whether it was something that could be passed down or just magic developed by Lucifer himself. Rizevim had the ability to cancel the use of Sacred Gears….which while it may seem very powerful….was actually a weakened form of the Original Lucifer's power to negate any Miracle of God.

This is what made the original Lucifer able to face off against God even with the difference in power.

Then again The House of Lucifers enormous demonic power reserves alone were a boon beyond compare.

Even that half-breed had as much demonic power as a normal high class Pillar devil of her age….and that is saying something.

The bell of the main door rang and her face lit up. She signaled her attendant to bring the Young Lord in.

Initially it was being decided that Damien would have other mid class and high class devils to test his magic on. The three of them would teach him all about his magic from the notes left by Asmodeus and he could experiment on his own.

She however put her foot down. It wouldn't do for others to have contact with him so soon.

Pleasure was a two way weapon.

If one of the high class devils managed to get a sway on him, it would hinder their plans for the future.

A child can easily be influenced by that kind of pleasure.

If anyone was to influence him, it would be her.

Obviously the violent aspects of the magic can always be tested on the others.

She can take control to teach him about the sensual aspects.

Asmodeus could charm others with his mere presence. He could imbue his pleasure magic into his very voice and make it pleasurable to hear….so addictive that people would kill their own friends just to hear that voice.

But it came after his understanding of people and the bodies of the opposite gender.

Damien entered the room with a stoic face and bowed slightly. "Good evening Lady Leviathan. I have come for the lesson."

She smiled and asked him to take a seat. "Tell me Damien, have you read all the books that were sent to you before this?"

"Yes Lady Leviathan. The books on body language and speech patterns were really enlightening."

She smiled at the stoic looking kid.

"Then show me what you can do on your own."

He looked at her for an instant before he lifted his hands and a flame appeared on it. The difference however was that instead of the regular flame, this one was pinkish blue in colour.

Passion Flames.

The flames which cause pleasure instead of pain. She gulped in anticipation.

"Show it to me. Don't worry with that much flames, it won't hurt me in the least." She said as she let her robes slip and fall down.

The attendant was already sent away and no one could disturb them in this.

She put on the barriers of the house on a high security setting and called him forward.

"Come forward Damien. Experience the feel of a female body and learn." She pushed her breasts forward.

The child was quick on the uptake and stepped forward. His small palms grabbing and in the process, sinking into her breasts and the flame lit her skin.

It was like a shiver shot through her entire body.

"Ahhhmmmhhahmm" a moan escaped before she could think of anything.

She had had trusts with Creuserey and even Shalba a few times. Before the civil wars, she had more partners so it was not like she was a chaste virgin. It is just that she couldn't imagine herself degrading to the levels to let the other lower class devil men touch her. The very thought repulsed her.

It was for this reason that she had many female attendants….to attend to her every need.

He moved his fingers in a circular fashion, encircling the areola and only glazing past the nipples but not touching them for more than a fleeting moment. The flames had begun to sink slowly into her skin and her legs trembled as her lower lips were working overtime to produce moisture.

She held the boy in her arms and a simple spell put away his clothes rendering him nakedness as well.

"Damien, I want you to concentrate. Pleasure can work both ways and if you lose yourself in pleasure, you will be defenseless against others. So keep your concentration on your magic no matter what I do."

He looked at her for a moment but then brought back his stoic face and called out, "Yes Lady Leviathan."

She found his act to try and act mature quite adoring. Taking his face in between her palms, she brought him to her face and claimed his lips.

The chaste lips of Damien Lucifer were claimed by her.

His grip on her breasts increased and the flames ran through her entire chest lighting it up. The pleasure increased several times and she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

He stilled for a second. After all, no matter how much you read or study, the real deal is always a little different.

Slowly his grip loosened a little and took on a comfortable hold of her breasts and her tongue explored his pre-teen mouth.

He offered no resistance and she smiled inwardly.

A little forceful dominance mixed in with pleasure and she can groom him to be the man she wanted. Dominant when she wanted and submissive at her own will.

It was not like it would hard with her centuries of experience.

Her hand grabbed his cock. It was big for his age….then again given his lineage that was to be expected, it is just that it would take time for him to grow into what she needed to pleasure her.

She slowly caressed the five inch dick and rubbed the tip with her thumb and the boy shivered in her arms.

He gripped her nipples and turned and pulled at it but the flames of Passion changed the pain into the sweetest pleasure.

She pulled back after thoroughly tasting Damien's mouth.

Seeing the glazed look in his eyes, she smiled.

"Do you understand what to do now?"

The body was probably still lost in the haze of pleasure. She pressed his cock a little harder and he broke out of the haze with a slight wince.

She shivered in excitement.


"Do you understand what to do now?"

"I-I what?"

She smirked internally.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I will guide you through this." She spread her legs and her slit opened up with a neatly trimmed brown triangle of hair above her pussy.

"Come and look closer."

He came closer to her lower lips and she pressed him against it softly. "Lick it carefully."

And soon enough a small tongue touched her and she leaned back to let out a moan.

"Yes. That's it. Keep doing it till I tell you to stop."

She watched with glee as the small tongue lapped all over her clit. Soon a flare of Passion Flames lit up on the area and she let out a long drawn moan as she clutched his hair and pushed him further into her crotch and her body arched. Her body twitched a few times before it fell down.

She looked at the boy who had caused this and a smile lit her face. Oh she was going to groom him into what she wanted. A perfectly obedient toy and a perfect King to sit by her side and follow what she said.

This talent of his was her just reward.

"What else have you learned from the books, Damien?"

The boy started into her eyes for a moment as he collected his breath. "I have learned speech patterns and how to use pleasure to get someone to agree to something. I wanted to test it though."

She smirked internally at this. Get her to agree to something?

Well since he has been such a good boy, she could indulge him this time.

"Very well test it on me."

He nodded and stepped forward. Katerea had to do a double take when he grabbed her knees and folded it making an M with her legs.

Two flames lit up on his fingers and he slid them over her slit right to her clit and then pinched it slightly before flicking it. The flame stuck to it and Katara's Body shivered. The continuous flow of pleasure made her knees weak.

This time the flames were much stronger than before.

She grit her teeth to not show him any weakness and gazed at him with confidence. Although the sweat on her forehead made it hard for her to maintain her façade.

"How do you feel?" whispered the little devil looking right into her eyes and she noticed his expression had changed into a much more confident one.

The tales of his genius were not really an exaggeration it seems.

"Much better Young Lord." She smirked trying to appeal to his childish ego.

He bowed a little before kissing her clit and then took it into his mouth and she threw her head back and bit back a moan. One of his hands crawled up to her breasts and directly to her nipple and rolled them between his fingers and she felt a pleasant heat spread through her chest. The other hand however moved lower and softly caressed her lower hole and then encircled it with soft caresses. She snapped her head and looked at him as he had a small smile on his face. "Damien that place!"

"What….you haven't been touched here?" she nodded and he continued, "Well I can understand though. Who would have been worthy of claiming this treasure? I can only hope that I qualify for it."

She wouldn't say this in a hundred years but even for a little boy, this comment made her preen in joy. It was after all true. Both Shalba and Creuserey had tried to claim that place after all but she had completely shut them out. She had her own pride.

Then again, this was her own partner that she was grooming. The fact that a boy almost half her size was saying this to her also helped make it funnier and thus acceptable….even as a joke.

"You do qualify but prove that you deserve it." she smirked.

She probably shouldn't have said that because as soon as she did, the pleasure shot up and her moan stuck in her throat and she fell back on her bed.

Every time she tried to speak, the pleasure shot up, stopping her words in her mouth.

The….torture? went on for….who knows how long? Even in her haze, she did notice that he didn't touch her lower hole even once after that.

Only around it sometimes but never directly. At this point she was almost ready to beg him to do so but it was only her pride that enabled her to hold back.

Every time she felt that she would pass over the edge, the pleasure stabilized and she was stuck right on the edge. It was frustrating as much as it was pleasurable.

It was at that instant that she heard the voice, "Do you accept Katerea? Do you agree to give all of yourself to me completely? Do you agree to be mine completely, in body, mind and soul?... In return I will let you achieve this release?" she bristled a little at those words before she realized that he was following the book trying to emulate Asmodeus. He, unaware of her thoughts, continued, "Do we have a deal?"

The pleasure shot up again and stabilized right before her release.

She clenched her teeth to regain her breath and then said, "Yes, I accept it."

The pleasure that was stuck was released and this time Katerea couldn't control herself and let out a long wail as her body arched as currents of pleasure shot through her in waves. The pleasure was overwhelming and soon she blacked out.

It took her several minutes to regain her consciousness.

She saw that Damien was sitting on the chair in front of her bed. His hand on the armrest and his head resting on his palm while he gazed at her with an emotionless gaze. The disconcertment in the scene was too much compared to a moment ago.

She stood up, her knees a little weak even now. The Asmodeus' Magic was really worth its name. "Did you learn properly Damien?" she asked absentmindedly as she stretched her body, trying to get the feel in her legs.


It was as if her body had a mind of its own, dropped down on her knees.

She looked up to see the same emotionless gaze from a moment ago watching her coldly.

Before she could question anything he spoke again.

"What were your intentions for me? Answer everything. Do not attempt to use half-truths or leave out parts of the answer. Speak."

Terror seized her heart as words flowed out of her mouth. Everything from her deepest desires, the most shameful ones to the full extent of her plans for Damien, her body spoke everything without her willing to.

"So you wanted to 'tame' me? The arrogance. I guess it is quite fair then with what I did."

The condescension in his voice made her blood boil in anger.

She finally regained control of her body and tried to call her magic to aid her and teach the brat his place but….it failed. She just couldn't call upon her magic at all.

"Oh, you want to teach me my place, don't you?"

Her head snapped towards the boy who had a small smirk on his lips. Was he reading her mind?

"I am not reading your mind. To be honest, I don't need to. You have no ability to hide your thoughts. One has to wonder how you wasted all these centuries doing nothing? Ah, Vegeta would go crazy if he knew that there was someone like you alive." Then he laughed out loud at his own joke.

She gritted her teeth as she glared at him. "What did you do?" she ground out through her teeth.

"Hmm, me?" he tilted his head. "I just showed you the difference between us, I showed you the simple reason why you are merely 'a' devil, while I am 'The' Devil."

Katerea found herself finding it hard to breathe as a heavy aura descended around her. The look in the boy's eyes changed completely as pure power radiated from around him.

"And you my dear Katerea….just made a 'Deal with the Devil."


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