A/N: This is my entry for prompt #5 of Wendip Week 2021, Last Dance. Right before I started writing I thought about changing my submission for this prompt and doing something completely different. That idea was to have a story where Dipper and Wendy react to watching the Michael Jordan/Chicago Bulls ten-part documentary The Last Dance. While right up my alley as the noted sports guy, I'm not sure how much depth I could give to that (especially since I haven't seen the documentary). Maybe if I'm bored one day and can think of a way to write more about that concept it will become a reality. Anywell, I hope you enjoy my story.

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"Welcome Piedmont High School students to your 2015 Homecoming Dance."

The students of the Nothern California school excitedly entered their school gymnasium as the DJ welcomed them to their first dance of the 2015-16 school year on a brisk fall evening. For one student in particular, Dipper Pines, he never thought a day like this would come. Before spending the summer of 2012 with his sister at their great uncle's place in Gravity Falls, Oregon he never imagined ever attending a school dance, or even having a group of friends to go with for said dance.

So much had changed for Dipper since that first summer spent in the Falls. For starters, he was now an athlete. After surprising himself by how fast he was when alluding the various supernatural beings that resided in and around Gravity Falls, Dipper went out for and made the middle school cross county and track teams. He continued participating in both while in high school, causing another thing to happen that he never thought would occur, he was actually becoming somewhat popular. While not the most popular kid at the school, Dipper was no longer the brut of teasing from classmates. In fact, he had turned into one of the kids who was friends with pretty much everyone in his grade. Being on the cross country and track teams gave him a group of friends he thought he would never have. This brought Dipper anew found confidence, which helped him in founding a school club with some of his teammates as a way for kids with similar interests in things considered geeky to have a place to meet new people, talk about their interests, play games, and socialize in ways they hadn't imagined. This brought Dipper even more friends, as he was surprised how many people he already knew had some of the same interests he did, but they had never expressed it. Puberty had also helped Dipper because a bit more popular as well. He was no longer the short noodle-armed kid that arrived in Gravity Falls over three years prior. The high school junior was now tall, lean, had a runner's build, with facial hair that just seemed to be perfect on him. With all this going for him girls started to become attracted to Dipper, and he dated a couple after beginning high school. He even went on a few dates with Pacifica during the summer between his freshmen and sophomore year of high school. These didn't last though, as in his eyes no girl measured up to his first and only crush.

Wendy Corduroy.

She was another reason Dipper's popularity had gone up. Apparently dating someone older who had already graduated high school would do that for you, as the two started dating at the beginning of the summer that had just ended a couple of months ago.

Dipper and Mabel's summer in Gravity Falls had begun earlier than usual this year, as they got to go up in time to see Wendy, Nate, Lee, Robbie, Tambry, and Thompson graduate from Gravity Falls High School. The day after the graduation just so happened to be Wendy's eighteenth birthday, and Stan, Ford, and Soos allowed Wendy to have a graduation/birthday party at the Mystery Shack. After the party ended Wendy, Mabel, and Dipper headed up the ladder in the shack for some quality roof time. Once Mabel called it a night and headed for bed Dipper decided to go for it.

"Can I tell you something, Wendy?"

"Of course dude, you're my best friend, you can tell me anything. I'll lock things up and throw away the key too if it's something that you don't want leaving this roof."

Dipper took in a deep breath and let it out. He was thankful to not be feeling itching, sweaty, or clammy like he would of a few years ago.

"Wendy, I still have feelings for you. I want to be more than just best friends with you, I want to be your boyfriend. Would you want to be my girlfriend?" Dipper asked confidently. He wasn't sure he could have gotten that out completely or coherently previously.

Dipper's heart started beating faster when a smile broke out on Wendy's face.

"What took you so long to ask dork?" Wendy said with a laugh. "Of course I want to be your girlfriend, I thought I was being super obvious about it over the last year."

"Wow," Dipper couldn't help but laugh at himself. "I can't believe of all the things to not pick up on, you having feelings for me is the one I didn't notice. "Can I asked what changed?"

"Puberty struck you and did an amazing job. Love the facial hair, and the tall lean runner's body is simply irresistible dude. Also while you were mature for your age at 12, you are even more mature now. I am amazed at the man you are becoming, and for me, that erases any weirdness when it comes to the age difference of a just turned 18-year-old dating a 15, almost 16 year old. Plus, you treat me differently than any other guy I have met. You make me feel special. I've never dated someone before that makes me feel the way you make me feel, and I'm ready for that to change. I'm ready to date someone who I know will treat me right all the time." Dipper had a beaming smile on his face as Wendy finished explaining, and she couldn't help but lean in a press her lips against his as the couple shared their first kiss. Wendy then went on to tease her newly cemented boyfriend about the moments he missed when she thought she was being super obvious that things had changed and she had mutual feelings for him.

"You ready for your first high school dance bro bro?" Mabel asked her brother, shaking him from his thoughts as she and the group of friends she came to the dance with entered the gym. She was already a dance pro, having attended every one since they started high school, and was already preparing for their first chance at attending prom the upcoming spring.

"Yeah, I think so. I must say you and the planning committee did a great job decorating this place."

"Why thank you. I'm happy you finally will be seeing it first hand." To the surprise of no one, the outgoing Mabel was involved in many different after-school activities. Planning and decorating for school dances joined other things like knitting club, photography club, yearbook, and being on the school's golf team. "You going to make it through the night with Wendy not here?"

"I think I will be fine. I talked to her earlier today before getting ready, and told her I would call her again once the dance was over." While Dipper hadn't seen Wendy since summer ended and they returned to Piedmont, they did talk every day. Mostly on the phone, sometimes on webcam when available to Wendy. After graduating high school Wendy and her friends didn't head off to college. For years they had been planning a series of road trips to take after graduating, putting off college for a year to travel around the northwest United States and southern Canada. Plans were adjusted once Dipper and Wendy started dating for Wendy and her friends to visit Dipper and Mabel in Piedmont during the Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks while out exploring Northern California. "I'm ready for a fun night with friends," Dipper told his sister.

"Great to hear Dip Dop. Now get out there and have fun with said friends and enjoy what we have planned for the evening," Mabel said to her brother as she pushed him towards his friends. Once he was out of sight a smile grew on Mabel's face. She certainly couldn't wait to see his surprise at what she had specifically planned for the evening.

Thanks to both his friends and his sister Dipper had become a better and more confident dancer, which really helped in his enjoyment of the evening. He also partook in a couple of slow dances with two female friends, one from the cross country team, and another from the club he helped found. Wendy assured him she was fine with this as she knew he had close female friends, and she totally trusted him. Dipper also trusted the girls, knowing they wouldn't try to pull anything on their friend who was in a long-distance relationship. Another surprise that came to Dipper through the homecoming process was being nominated to represent his class on the homecoming court. Just another thing that a few years ago he never could have imagined happening. His cross country teammate that he had danced with was also nominated. The two were paired up to share a vehicle to ride in during the homecoming parade and to be on the field together as the homecoming court was announced during halftime of the homecoming football game. Neither ended up having the most votes from their classmates to make it on the homecoming court but the court wouldn't be without a Pines. Mabel had also been nominated for their class and got the most votes amongst the three females nominated. The tiara she received had been on her head ever since the previous night.

"Alright Piedmont High students we are down to the final two songs of the evening, and both are slow dance songs. So match up with that special someone and enjoy these last two songs of the night."

As Dipper saw the young couples pair up he headed off the dance floor. He had been out there a good portion of the night so he didn't mind missing out on these last two songs of the evening. The fun he was having with his friends made him not think about missing Wendy and wishing she was there. As his mind was free now those thoughts began to return as Dipper let out a sigh, wishing his girlfriend could be here, even if it was just for the last dance of the evening. He was shaken from his thought by someone tapping on his shoulder and speaking to him.

"May I have this dance?" As soon as he heard the voice Dipper turned around as fast as he could, though to him it felt like the simple act took an eternity to occur. Once he turned around Dipper was staring face to face at his girlfriend Wendy Corduroy.

"Surprise dude," Wendy said with the biggest smile on her face as she pulled her guy into a hug that he gladly returned. The couple then shared their first kiss since August.

"This is amazing, I can't believe you are here. But what about your friends?"

"They're just a couple hours up the road at our latest road trip stop. Knowing how close we were to Piedmont they let me head down here for the evening. I would have told you we were close but I didn't want to ruin the surprise Or make you think you needed to skip the dance."

"I still can't believe you are here, I was just thinking about how I wish you were here, even just for one dance."

"Well let's go have that dance dork," Wendy said with a smile before placing a kiss on Dipper's cheek. Dipper then took Wendy by the hand and the two made their way out to the dance floor, just as the second to last song of the evening was finishing up.

"Alright everyone it's time for the last dance of the evening," announced the DJ over the loudspeaker.

"Guess I have pretty good timing," Wendy said with a smile.

"That you do, and I must say you looking amazing tonight."

"Thanks, Dip," responded Wendy as her face began to blush a bit. She was wearing a simple teal green dress with her hair in an updo. "I did have some expert help getting ready." Wendy then pointed off to the side, as Dipper turned and saw that Wendy was pointing at his sister. Mabel excitedly waved at the couple, who in turn waved back, with Dipper also mouthing to his sister thanks Mabes, which Mabel mouthed back no problem bro bro.

"No wonder it had been so quiet around here the last hour or so," said Dipper chuckled as Wendy couldn't help but laugh as well.

The couple continued to dance, Wendy's arms around Dipper's neck, and his arms around her waist. Thanks to multiple growth spurts Dipper was almost as tall as Wendy, but she still had a few inches on him. Dancing together now definitely wasn't awkward like it would have been when their height difference was greater. Dipper and Wendy moved in sync perfectly, with smiles on their faces the whole time they danced together. Neither could think of a better way to end the evening. Once the song ended the young couple shared a kiss.

"Did everyone have a great time tonight?" The students of Piedmont High gave out a loud yes along with cheering and applause at the question asked by the DJ. "We're glad to hear that. Thank you for letting us entertain you tonight, you've been great. Have fantastic rest of your night and be safe when heading home."

"Best last dance ever." Wendy giggled and blushed a little more after Dipper's comment as the couple shared one more kiss before ending their embrace. Just as they did Mabel came over and gave her brother a big hug.

"Glad you liked your surprise Dip Dop."

"You're the best sis."

"I try, I try. Just apart of my duties as Homecoming princess." Mabel pointed at her tiara proudly as Dipper wrapped an arm around Wendy's waist.

"Well bro, looks like you have some people to introduce your lady to." Dipper and Wendy turned to see what Mabel was talking about as Dipper saw his friends heading towards the three of them. "You're going to be busy for a bit, and I have a gym to start cleaning up. I will catch up with you two later." Mabel then gave her brother and his girlfriend quick hugs before heading off to start with clean up.

"Welp, ready to meet some new people?"

"Of course I am dude. From everything you tell me you got a good group around you, and that makes me so happy. It will be nice to have faces to put to names."

The couple shared one more kiss before Dipper's friends made it to them. Once they did he began introducing them to Wendy.

The end