It is said that the most dangerous moments for an aircraft is when it's taking off and landing. As while in flight, the ground isn't just waiting a few hundred meters below for the moment newton makes you his bitch, thus opening more options in-case of an emergency.

Unfortunately for Lieutenant Jaune Arc, birds exist. And Remnant's avian 'wildlife' tend to be bigger and more resilient than most.

"Urgh…" Jaune groans as he wakes up to the sight of instruments going haywire all around him, with bits of nano-wire sparking and dangling from above where they've been busted out of their pathways. He's still locked into to his seat, which thankfully prevented him from being thrown about the cockpit. He tries to move, but then winces as he groggily gains back more of his senses and feels the effects of a concussion. "Argh… My head." He reaches a hand up to rub his temple, but only feels the side of his helmet. "Oh… right..." He mutters as he watches his HUD flicker in-front him. "H-helmet lock, seat lock – di-disengage." Two different beep sounds out. Thankfully, the systems in his seat and helmet still seems to be working.

Putting both hands below his helmet and then pulling it up, Jaune Arc brushes aside a stray strand of blond hair from his eyes as he looks himself over. His pilot suit seems intact, thankfully enough, so he wouldn't need to worry about having bits of cockpit in him. He's also seated in a way that lets him knows that his seat lock activated emergency measures in time, but he still moves himself around a bit. Just to make sure.

'Well, everything seems to be in place.' He thinks before cursing and leaning back when his head begins to swim, his hands shooting up to massage his temple, '…Ugh, I could use some fresh air though.'

After confirming his immediate wellbeing, Jaune focuses on getting out of his craft next. "Open canopy." He commands and waits for a moment, but nothing happens. "Open canopy." He repeats, slower this time, but still got the same results. "Damnit, it's busted." He mutters before looking up and feeling around for the manual release, "C'mon… you're supposed to be around here… aha!" He twists the manual release and then, with a hiss, the canopy opens, and the cockpit is filled with bright sunlight.

Jaune breathes in, savoring the fresh air. It seems to help with a bit with his headache, clearing his thoughts and then causing his eyes widen when he remembers that he hasn't contacted flight control yet. He hastily reaches for his helmet, the flickering HUD occupying his vision again once he puts it on.

"Courier Two-Three-Zero to Control, are you reading me?" Jaune then waits, but seconds pass without any reply. "Control, this is-" He continues but then stops himself as he realizes that there's no sound coming out of the comms at all – there's no chatter, nor static. Brows furrowing, Jaune reaches forwards to his control panel, there he presses a few buttons until one of the screens show an alert. Jaune sighs and he leans back into his seat, closing his eyes as his head spins again, "Comm's busted too… Damn, I must've gone down hard."

"H-hello! Is anybody there!?" Jaune freezes as he hears a young woman's voice call out from the outside. It can't be his rescue team, as even setting aside the fact that she sounds too young, he'd guess that any sort of response would take at least five more minutes to get to him. That only leaves one possibility – the natives have found him.

"Ruby, don't just rush off like that!" Another voice, this one sounding older, admonishes the first.

"But there's people there that could need our help, c'mon!"

'Oh no.' Jaune's eyes widen as he hastily unburdens himself, 'I need to get away from here.' He then pulls himself up from his seat and starts to climb out of the cockpit, 'Alright, I'm going to go out of the other side to prevent myself from getting-'

"Is anyone- Oh! There's someone here!" The young voice from earlier suddenly and excitably exclaims from behind Jaune, catching him by surprise and causing him to slip and fall out of the cockpit head-first. "Eep!"

Jaune hits the ground with an 'Oof', and his fall then sets him down on his back. With his eyes to the sky, Jaune watches as the clouds spin around his vision before it is then replaced by a pair of wide, bright silver eyes that are filled with concern. "Are you okay!?" The girl asks to which Jaune tries to reply but all that comes out is a zombie-like slur. "Oh no. Yang! Help me!"

"What is-" Jaune hears the older voice from earlier approaching closer, "Ruby! What happened to him!?"

"I don't know, he just jumped off the cockpit!"

Jaune lets out a groan.

"Damnit, he's obviously in pain." The older one – Yang – appears in his vision, her golden mane framing her lilac eyes. "Okay… Ruby, help me carry him – the house isn't far from here, we can get him there and call an ambulance or something."

"Alright!" The younger one – Ruby – readily agrees and Jaune then finds himself being lifted off the ground by the two. He tries to resist, but both have surprisingly strong grips for someone of their stature.

"Shh, don't worry, its okay." He hears Yang say in a placating tone, "We're getting you out of here, you're gonna be ok."

As the two sisters carry off Jaune back to their home, all that the crash-landed Lieutenant could think of is how much he must've just fucked up.


This idea was very much inspired by The King in the Long Night.

I've been itching to write something like this for a long while. In fact, this is the third iteration of the same idea. I've no clue how far this will go, as I just wrote this so that I won't be stuck not writing anything, but covert infiltration stories are something that I really like the idea of.