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Also, this story mixes elements from the games and Sonic X (season 3) so you can take a guess. I would reveal a bit more stuff but that would be spoilers my friends, we'll talk more when get there.

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Emerald Hill, the most beautiful location in the entire Westside Island thanks to its grassy lands, astonishing bodies of water, hills of course and simply the place in the island that felt the most connected with the nature, that is unless Dr. Eggman was attacking it which at this moment he wasn't, making it overall a great place to come by and just relax from everything else. Just exactly what Tails needed after his recent adventures.

First Eggman and a new and weird guy actually defeated Sonic captured him, what was once thought impossible had happened leaving the world slowly fall into Eggman's hands and after six months, all of Mobius was conquered… at least 99% that is. The Resistance fought hard against the reign of the Eggman Empire and after Sonic's return, the victory was assured, Eggman was defeated, the weird guy had left and the day was saved.

But a few weeks later the sudden appearance of an unconscious young lady ultimately led to an unexpected space adventure that culminated in a battle for the entire universe. It wasn't something easy but it was possible and it was accomplished.

So it makes sense for an eight-year-old fox to want some time to relax in this lovely place and what better way to spend the time in an island like this that with the one you love. That's right; the unconscious young lady accompanied the group in said space adventure where along the way she and the fox had something more than just a casual space adventure, she was a plant-alien and he was an anthropomorphic fox.

Tails and Cosmo were two little lovebirds on their way to enjoy peacefulness.

After saving the universe, Cosmo agreed to come to Mobius with everyone elseso it seemed fair for Tails to 'take her around', to show her some of the best places in the world and making her get used to something completely new

"What do you think?" cheerfully asked Tails after a while.

"I think it's beautiful!" Cosmo replied very happy but also with serenity admiring her surroundings because it was indeed perfect for her, such land was lacking of any machinery and by being a plant being this place was lovely.

"This is the island where I was born," said the fox while also looking around him "I knew you would like it!"

"And you were right," she giggled "one wouldn't see the value all of this has around here but I feel like we can do so many things together!"

"And do you have anything in mind?"

Of course she did, after gazing her sight upon the first 'fun' stuff to do, she grabbed Tails by the arm and heading towards the destination with the fox taking a second to catch up to her speed. The two of them simply running in a field full of joy was just a sight to see, the picture of them being together… and happy… could warm the heart of anyone.

The spot where Cosmo liked was nothing more than a lake, it was a crystalline lake and it didn't look very deep. Cautiously, Cosmo entered it and after a few seconds she was now gracefully swimming across it and back and forth, with one tilt of her head and a cute smile she invited the young fox to get in which he gladly accepted. After taking his gloves and shoes off, Tails also entered the water but a bit more violent than Cosmo… a cannonball to be more specific splashing everything around.

This didn't bother the plant at all as she just started to laugh and follow the situation, it was a fun afternoon between them, of course they were going to have fun. So you could guess how they spent most of their time, it was clear lake in a confined body of water that was shallow but deep enough to allow some diving if they wished which they did, and as everyone knows, you can find many little things to do in a 'pool' if you're clever enough. Splashing, making funny faces underwater and even gently swimming side-by-side, you name it!

But as always, one gets tired and you eventually come out and the best way to dry out for a fox is to shake your entire body which is exactly what Tails did turning him into practically a ball of yellow fluff causing more laughter from Cosmo, but yeah, the time for swimming was over so after that they decided to lay down on a nearby palm tree and relax.

"Are you thinking on something?" asked Cosmo who noticed Tails looking at the distance smiling.

"Not anything in particular it's just… that this moment feels somewhat surreal, you know?"

"I do, it's good to do this type of things every once in a while, not everything needs to be an adventure right?"

"I guess you are," he said slightly chuckling "What about you? Are you thinking on something?"

"Not really… just that swimming gets tiring after a while".

They both let out a small laugh and just decided to rest for a few more seconds until Tails jumped out apparently coming up with an idea.

"I can find us some coconuts if you like!" he said very excited.

"That sounds great! But how will you reach the top of the trees?"

"Heh, I can fly remember?" the fox replied making a quick twirl of his tails to show it.

"Oh, right…" Cosmo said partially remembering it; like in a way that she didn't felt it was an obvious response a Tails made it sound like.

"I'll be right back! Just wait here" Tails flew away to the nearest palm tree –given that the one they were in had no fruit-, it wasn't far away given that the location was pretty much an oasis, he got to the top of the tree but instead of taking one or two coconuts, he just shook the whole palm letting them fall down with Cosmo snickering from afar watching him.

Grabbing the two coconuts, Tails returned back to Cosmo handing her one of them along with its straw.

"Wow that was quick, how did you crack it?"

"Heh, like anyone does it of course".

Cosmo looked surprised but didn't gave it much thought about it, the coconut was open without her noticing and very quick for a coconut so it seemed odd but it was only a fruit so it was nothing to sweat over. They both finished their drinks very quietly just enjoying their little time until the plant noticed something lacking in the environment.

"Um, Tails, are there more people here?"

"Of course there are! This island is full of little animals that you could have fun with!"

"Oh, I would gladly love to meet them".

"Maybe we can do it later, I chose this place because I knew they don't… really… come here during these moments. I wanted to show it to you slowly you know?" he said trying to explain it as best as he could.

"I see that's fine" she said as peaceful as ever.

"And besides…" Tails continued a bit shy scratching the back of his head "I had something planned to do with you before the night arrived".

"And what is that?"

"I would tell you… But surprises are better, right?"

Cosmo giggled.

"They are, I guess I'll have to wait".

"Actually I think we should be preparing for it, c'mon we can't be late for it!"

Taking her hand he and led Cosmo –this time without running- to his special place he had prepared for them, they walked again through the lovely field now heading to, not exactly a mountain, but a very elevated terrain, more like a cliff if you feel inclined. Through the whole little journey no words were spoken because there was no need to, it was a calm little walk with two 'lovebirds' if you like that. They looked each other a few times and that was more than enough.

Once they reached the edge of the cliff leading to the vast sea, Tails invited Cosmo to sit down which she did leaving them looking right at the horizon.

"You said that this was the place you were born right?"

The fox nodded happily.

"Looks like you were pretty lucky to have grown in such a great island".

"Well I…" Tails said while looking a bit melancholic avoiding eye contact "I really.. didn't grew up here, this is where I was born here but I was practically raised by Sonic".

"What do you mean what about your parent-".

"Never knew them," Tails shot down the unfinished question instantly "I don't recall them".

Cosmo seemed to understand it so she also put it down but soon after getting lost in her own thoughts which the fox noticed.

"Cosmo? Are you okay?"

"I don't… Do I- I have a family, right?"


"I don't remember but-… I feel like I should" she said really trying to remember. Tails saw that she was feeling uneasy and that the cute atmosphere was slowly fading away.

"Cosmo…" he said reaching out for her hand which popped her out of her thought-bubble "It's okay, we're together now and that's what's important, we shouldn't let this ruin the moment I prepared.. right?"

A quick forehead-touch brought them back to the moment.

"Right" Cosmo affirmed.

When they both returned their sights to the horizon they saw what Tails had planned, it was a rather obvious surprise now that she saw it: The most beautiful sunset both of them had ever seen, it was a perfect surprise, it made them forget the little topic there was just a few seconds ago and making them focus entirely in the moment. Just the two young lovers enjoying the gorgeous view… And they couldn't ask for anything better.

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Naru Embracing the Light - Ori and the Blind Forest

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