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Six Years Ago

Bonnie Bennett rounded on a laughing Tyler Lockwood as her best friend and cousin, Winnie Bennett, hurried from the Gilbert's backyard with tears streaming down her face after he made fun of her new braces.

"What's your problem, Tyler?" she asked angrily.

"C'mon, I was just teasing. She shouldn't be so sensitive." Tyler said with a shrug. "The guys are going to be much worse once school starts next week."

"You're supposed to be her friend you jerk!" Bonnie countered with fury in her eyes as she stood toe to toe with Tyler.

He rolled his eyes and stared back with a smirk. "She'll be fine. Winnie needs to toughen up a little bit anyway."

"Toughen up?!" Bonnie looked at him in disbelief before she reared back and punched him in the face. Tyler let out a yelp of pain as his hands immediately flew to his eye.


"Toughen up, Tyler. Don't be so sensitive." Bonnie said with a smirk. She looked to her other two best friends, Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes, who wore matching faces of disbelief as they turned to a red-faced Tyler holding his hand to his eye. Bonnie left without a backwards glance as she followed her cousin's footsteps.

Upon rounding the corner, Bonnie saw Winnie walking down the block towards their Grams house at a steady pace. "Winnie," she yelled. "Wait up!"

Winnie stopped in her tracks before turning to wait for Bonnie to catch up to her. Bonnie jogged the short distance and stood in front of her cousin who fiddled with the end of her French braid.

"Look at me, Winnie." Bonnie whispered. "Let me know how you're feeling."

Winnie kicked away a pebble before sighing in defeat and looking up at Bonnie. The two made eye contact and immediately felt the emotions of the other wash over them, Winnie emitting embarrassment while Bonnie emitting concern. Ever since the two were toddlers they had been in tune with the others emotions, which is common among twins, but never really between cousins and worked better if they were in close proximity to one another. Sheila Bennett was convinced that this gift was one given to them by the spirits to be used to keep the Bennett line strong.

"Wanna talk about it?" Bonnie asked breaking the silence as she stood up straighter while watching Winnie fidget with her hair. Bonnie waited patiently as Winnie kept her attention on the ground, while seemingly deep in thought. Bonnie was very protective of her cousin so when Tyler begin making fun of Winnie she saw red. She's always had Winnie's back when it came to boys at school teasing her for wearing glasses and knew it was probably going to get worse since Winnie was fitted with braces a couple of days ago. Her cousin was strong and usually didn't let anything faze her and would normally brush off the insults with a joke or crack of her own, but sometimes it became too much.

"I'm fine." Winnie mumbled. "The glasses were bad enough now I have braces, school is going to be a total nightmare. There's only so much I can take and to hear Tyler make fun of me hurt more than anything because he's supposed to be my friend. What a dillhole." Tossing her braid over her shoulder she continued, "I'm gonna ask my Dad if I can be homeschooled until they come off. Do you think Grams would help?"

"Uncle Adrian would never let that happen." Bonnie said with a roll of her eyes. "He tells us all the time that going to school would help us network in the real world. Plus, I don't think you'd like it as much as you think. How boring would it be not seeing me all day?" she teased.

"You're right," Winnie sighed dramatically, "I don't know how I would live without you?" Winnie rolled her eyes as Bonnie snorted. "Fine. I doubt Grams would take time off from Whitmore to homeschool me. Ugh, the next two years are going to be brutal. I can take Brian and his idiot friends making fun of me, because I'm smarter than all of them combined, actually Tyler isn't too bright either." Winnie finished with a laugh as she stuffed her hands into the pockets of her jeans.

"Boys are so immature," Bonnie said with a glare towards the Gilberts crossing her arms. "And Tyler has been acting like such a jerk since he joined the football team. I wonder what excuse he'll tell the coach when he shows up to practice with a black eye."

"Birdie you didn't?" Winnie gasped before she dissolved into giggles. "Man, I wish I could've seen that! You know he's just gonna lie, right? There's no way he will admit he was punched in the face by a girl."

"Sucks for him," Bonnie stated with a shrug. "Plus, you know how I hate when you get upset."

"I know what you mean. Maybe it's time we ask Grams to teach us some witchcraft. First order of business: how to make jerks like Tyler vomit slugs when they say something rude." Winnie asked aloud as they turned to continue their walk towards Grams for dinner.

"I don't know, Mouse. I don't see the point if we don't fully come into our powers until we're 16 and that's a good four years away. Besides I don't think she would even show us if we asked." Bonnie answered. "I wouldn't worry too much about the guys at school though because I have your back and if we need more muscle I'm sure Elena and Caroline will pitch in."

"I guess you're right. I would still like to learn a little bit though to be more prepared." Winnie replied with a smile. "And I don't know about Elena she's a bit of a pacifist I can't see her wanting to fight, but Caroline is always down. Speaking of, how did they react when you punched Lockwood?" she asked brown eyes twinkling.

"The looked like they were both wearing masks from Scream," Bonnie answered dryly.

Both girls collapsed into fits of laughter as they climbed the steps to their Grams house when Winnie tripped over the last step and went down taking Bonnie with her. Their laughing grew louder as they sat lying on the ground and neither noticed Sheila Bennett standing in the doorway watching her granddaughters struggle to catch their breath.

Thick as thieves those two. They were the best parts of their mothers: protective, clever, and stubborn to a fault. Sheila had hoped that Abby and Helen would be around to teach the girls about their family legacy, but things when awry when they performed a spell that went wrong. A spell that cost Helen her life and Abby her powers. Abby never forgave herself for the death of her sister so she left town not too long after the funeral. Abby still sent the girls birthday cards and called and spoke with Bonnie once a week, but it wasn't enough.

Sheila watched as the girls caught their breaths before announcing her presence. "If y'all are finished rolling around on the ground you can come in for supper.

"Coming Grams," they replied in unison as they looked up at her with bright eyes.

"C'mon now. Go get washed up." Sheila said smiling fondly at the girls. She playfully swatted the girls as they rushed past her.

Three Years Ago

Bonnie glanced across the ballroom as she watched Winnie giggle and dance with Uncle Adrian during their special Father-Daughter dance at his wedding reception. She could feel the giddiness come off Winnie in waves and though her cousin was happy Bonnie couldn't help but feel sorry for herself. Winnie was set to move to Texas with her dad and his new wife, Joanne, who was offered the position of principal at a private school in Dallas.

Lately, it felt like life was moving quickly around her and she was stuck moving in slow motion. Bonnie's thoughts wandered to her friends: Elena and Matt were dating and were ever barely apart, Caroline finally grew boobs and was test driving them on a different guy every week, and Tyler's main focus was football and weed, and now with Winnie moving away she would have to navigate high school alone. Change was supposed to be good, right?

"Penny for your thoughts," Bonnie heard her Grams ask while taking the empty seat next to her and sliding over a piece of wedding cake. "They're not worth much these days, Grams." Bonnie replied with a sigh as she took the proffered cake.

"Oh baby. I know you're upset about Winnie moving, but I promise you that it will be just fine. We'll still see her a few times during the year and during the summer. And I know for a fact that y'all are both going to run up my phone bill with your talking and carrying on."

"I know. It's just a lot is changing and I feel like I'm getting left behind." Bonnie said looking down and fidgeting with the hem of her dress. "I mean we start high school soon and I have to walk in without my best friend. It's gonna suck."

Smiling slightly, Sheila reached over grabbing Bonnie's hand in her own. "Oh honey, I wish this wasn't how you and Winnie would move into the next phase of your life, but Joanne got a great opportunity down in Texas and Adrian wants to feel free to start over fresh without feeling like he's disrespecting Helen's memory. I do hope that once Winnie comes into her powers that he allows her to come back more frequently."

"Is he afraid of witches?' Bonnie asked as she watched Winnie and Uncle Adrian spin in a circle and turn to bow to the crowd.

"It's a long story, sweetheart. He's just afraid of what that could mean for Winnie. Adrian never really understood the Bennett legacy and how proud Helen was of that but he tried because he loved her, but…" Grams trailed off.

"But what?"

"He was scared of what that power would do to her and when she died his worst fears came true. Adrian doesn't want that for Winnie. I hope that when the time comes he won't let his fear cloud his judgement and instead reaches out to me. I truly hoped to teach you both about one of the oldest and most powerful witch legacies there is," she finished with a wink.

"I can't wait, Grams." Bonnie responded before turning her attention to scan the crowd for Winnie who stood talking to the DJ in the corner. "Only a couple of years and we'll be young witches. Do you think maybe once she comes into her powers Uncle Adrian will let her move back to Mystic Falls?" Bonnie questioned with a determined glint in her eye.

Before Sheila could respond, Winnie ran over with a huge smile to kiss her Grams on the cheek before turning to grab Bonnie's hands pulling her to her feet and leading her over to a bouncing Elena and Caroline. "Bonnie! The DJ is gonna play 'Single Ladies' by Beyoncé! Now we can try that choreography we've been practicing."

As the girls ran off, Sheila was left alone to think of the future and what that would mean for the last of the Bennett line. There were secrets and prophecies that had been passed down through their family that she had to pass on to the girls before she ran out of time. Watching the girls, as they danced in sync, Sheila smiled wistfully after them. It can wait.

After Winnie moved away, Adrian began limiting contact between his daughter and the other Bennett women. His wife died being a witch and he would not let that happen to his daughter. He enrolled his daughter in the school where Joanne worked and asked her to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately for Winnie, Joanne was a strict Christian woman who thought that anything that didn't conform to her beliefs was of the devil and unwelcome.

Bonnie and Winnie kept in touch through phone calls, emails, and texts and visited each other during non-major holidays like they promised, but communication began tapering off the closer they got to Winnie's 16th birthday.

At this time, Grams tried to reason with Adrian about the importance it was to begin with training Winnie as quickly as possible. Witches were controlled by their emotions and without learning how to control them Winnie was susceptible to strange things occurring around her. Adrian's resolve was crumbling but Grams died before she could breach the topic of having Winnie come and live with her.

Adrian and Winnie were only in Mystic Falls for two days for the funeral before they were back in Dallas. With the exception of the service Winnie wasn't left alone with Bonnie or her Aunt Abby, who came down from Maryland to pay her respects. Winnie became more withdrawn after her Grams died and decided she would do what she needed to do in order to get back home. Her dad had changed and she now felt as if she lived in a house with two complete strangers who didn't know her or want to get to know her.

Bonnie and Winnie managed to find a way to correspond via email as much as they could, which only happened to be once or twice a month as Adrian begin totally limiting contact. The girls began counting down the days until Winnie's 18th birthday when she would be a legal adult and on her way back to Bonnie in Mystic Falls.

Present Day

Bonnie sat at the kitchen table as she reread the email she received from Winnie from another throwaway account.

Hi Birdie,

I know Grams said to not trust vampires, but you said you feel safe around him, right? I don't see what's the problem. I think she would understand isn't she's the one who always said a witch's instincts are never wrong? I say go for it, and since he's a vampire we know he's up for the long game ;)

Also I don't know how it's possible but Dad and Joanne have become even more unbearable. They've started making me go to summer school for extra credit. What?! At least I got a new car out of it, but still I don't know how much longer I can do this. 7 months to go!



Bonnie smiled to herself as she read Winnie's response in regards to Klaus Mikaelson. She had told Winnie about her growing feelings for a certain original and was confused as to how to handle them. She had been taught to be wary of vampires, but what was she supposed to do when she felt a magnetic pull to him and there were no alarms going off when she was near him. Argh. It was confusing. In order to take her mind off of Klaus Bonnie decided to give dating another try. She hadn't been on a date in a few months and sitting and pining away behind Klaus was not the best use of her time. It's not like she decided one day that she would just go out and date the first guy who looked her way but an opportunity did present itself and she took it.

Rereading the email again Bonnie frowned as she thought about Winnie being forced to go to summer school instead of coming to Mystic Falls. Seven months to go and they would be reunited and able to do go anywhere the wind took them. Heaving a sigh, Bonnie looked down at her phone and noted the time, 5:13pm her date with Paul was at 7:00pm so she had a little time to kill.

Bonnie's thoughts were interrupted when her cellphone rang, glancing at her phone she rolled her eyes as she answered. "What do you want, Damon?"

"Is that any way to speak to your partner in crime, Witchy? I'm starting to think this partnership is doomed," he tsked.

"You have 10 seconds to tell me why you called?" she demanded. "And I've told you to stop calling me that."

"It's Katherine, she's planning something. Meet me at the boardinghouse in 15 minutes. And look at the time! Only eight seconds," he quipped. "See you soon."

"Damon. I—" Bonnie started before she heard a dial tone indicating that he had hung up on her.

Bonnie looked down at her phone in disbelief before she sat it on the table beside her laptop. Closing her laptop, she sat and weighed her options: totally ignore him until tomorrow and start getting ready for her date or she could go and kill time and humor Damon. Bonnie let out a sigh of frustration as she got up and to grab her keys and walk out the front door to her car.

Resident Witch for hire, Bonnie thought as she drove across town to the boardinghouse. At lease he didn't say it was a Klaus emergency that would be awkward. Bonnie knew that once her friends and Damon found out about her secret meetings with Klaus shit would hit the fan. She wasn't afraid of them finding out per se, but she wanted to keep what they had between them at least for now. Ever since the Salvatore's came to town everything became about Elena and quite frankly she was sick of it.

To be honest, Bonnie felt an instant connection with Klaus when she first met him but ignored it for the sake of her friends, but now she was testing the connection. He offered to teach her what she couldn't learn from her Grams grimoire and with her being the only Bennett within a 75-mile radius she took it. The lessons with Klaus were proving to be very helpful and after just meeting for a couple of weeks she felt herself more in control of her magic, but also found herself becoming more attracted to him the more they met.

Get it together Bonnie. He is a thousand-year-old hybrid there's no way he could be into you or could he? Bonnie wondered as she pulled onto the dirt road leading to the boardinghouse. If she were being honest with herself Bonnie felt that Klaus was also attracted to her at least a little bit but he seemed to be holding her at arm's length, which left her confused. Deciding not to dwell too much on it for the time being, Bonnie pushed the thought to the back of her mind as she got out of her car and walked up to the front door to knock before it was opened with a flourish by a blue-eyed devil.

"Took you long enough." Damon said with a smirk as he walked away from the open door.

Bonnie rolled her eyes as she followed him to the living room and spotted a map laid out on the table in the corner. "What's all this? Where is everybody?"

"Stefan's out looking for woodland creatures to feast on and no one else is coming but we don't really need them for this part, just your witchy juju." Damon replied. "I need you to do a locator spell to find Katherine. Ever since Stefan gave her the boot she's been MIA and my gut is telling me something is up."

"Are you serious? You called me over here to look for your ex-girlfriend?" Bonnie queried. "She probably just went on a bender."

"I know Katherine and she's planning something, so the sooner you can find her the sooner I can find her and confront her."

"Confront her about what? Why she chose Stefan over you? Thanks but no thanks I'm going home." Bonnie asked.

"We know why she chose St. Stefan and I don't care to rehash old wounds with you, Judgy. So can you just do the locator spell?" he said waving his arms at the map.

"Ummm…" Bonnie said as she posed with her hand on her hip as if in deep thought. "Nope! Goodbye, Damon." Bonnie said as she turned and begin walking back to the front door. "And next time you think to call me, don't."

"C'mon Bon Bon. I can't do this without you."

"You mean without my powers, which is all I seem to be good for these days, so thank you, but no thank you." Bonnie replied opening the front door but stopping in her tracks when Damon grabbed her by the arm.

"Hey! A locator spell is not that hard even for a beginner like you."

Bonnie looked down at the hand on her arm before looking back up at Damon and the self-righteous look on his face. Beginner?! Oh no he didn't. And with that final thought the sleeve of Damon's shirt caught on fire and he let go in a panic to put it out and before he could reach out to her again she threw him across the room, still on fire.

"Now if you'll excuse me." She stated dusting off her jacket. "I have a date to get ready for," with a slam of the door Bonnie got in her car and peeled off.

Back at home, Bonnie stood in front of her open closet door and thought about texting Caroline for advice on an outfit before her phone chimed with a new message. It better not be Damon. Checking the name on display Bonnie was surprised it was a message from Klaus.

Klaus: What do you know about Santería?

Bonnie: sacrificing animals?

Klaus: Though there some covens who still practice in the sacrificing of animals there is much more to be learned. Are you free for a lesson this evening?

Bonnie: can't tonight. tmrw?

Klaus: Are you too busy now?

Bonnie bit her lip as she stared at down at her phone. As much as she wanted to spend time with Klaus she needed do something normal with a normal guy and not a supernatural being who left her confused after every encounter. Right now she had to focus so Bonnie bit the bullet and responded to his question.

Bonnie: Sorry, I have a date.

Klaus: Tomorrow then. Have fun.

Bonnie let out a small sigh before tossing her phone on the bed and turning back to face her closet and perusing her choices.

Winnie sat on her bed reading through her mother's grimoire as a way to destress after a long day. She had been stressed out a lot lately with summer school, grief over her Grams death, and missing Bonnie like crazy so Winnie found it harder to control her emotions. During one of her destressing sessions Winnie learned that some witches could harness and control one element over the others which she found out a couple of times when she got into a fight with her Dad or Joanne and noticed that it would get a little "windy" outside.

Pouring over her mother's grimoire made Winnie feel more connected to the Bennett line which is something she desperately needed since she was practically forbidden to see or speak to Bonnie. Nose buried in the crinkled pages Winnie didn't notice when her dad and Joanne entered her room and stood at the end of her bed.

Her dad was not too keen on witchcraft since her mother died and Joanne had always expressed her displeasure with witchcraft. Being told that she had demons was starting to get old and Winnie was steadily counting down the days until her 18th birthday. It was hard living in the house with her, especially when she got into one her fits and preached to her and told her she was going to hell. Winnie just wished her dad would have her back more.

"I thought I told you that I didn't want you studying that in the house." Joanne announced.

Winnie sat up startled and mentally chastised herself for forgetting to glamour the grimoire as she knew it would lead to a fight with her dad and stepmom. "Oh hi guys! I didn't see you there." She responded with a nervous giggle as she slid the book behind her under her pillow.

"Nice try," Joanne responded crossing her arms. "I don't want to see it again and I mean it. Your dad and I wanted to talk to you about what happened at school today. I was informed by Mr. Barnes that you have been kicked out of summer school. Care to explain?"

Winnie huffed and looked up her dad with a defiant expression before crossing her arms. "I don't see why I had to go to summer school anyway. I do pretty well during the regular school year.

She watched as her dad let out a sigh before he sat next to her and reached over taking her hand in his. "C'mon, kiddo. What happened?" he asked.

"I caught him looking down my shirt when I bent over to tie my shoe, which I find super inappropriate by the way. So I called him a pervert and he got mad."

"That's definitely inappropriate." Her dad responded. "Did you try and talk to another teacher about what happened?"

"They don't listen to me. The only person who ever listens to me is Ms. Pat—"

"Maybe if you stopped dressing so provocatively he would be able to control his urges." Joanne cut in. "You're almost 18 years old and you dress like a streetwalker!"

"Joanne!" her dad exclaimed.

Winnie wasn't listening because all she saw was red. She was so sick of being told what to do at that stupid private school that she was forced to go to where she was told what to do by the teachers and watched like a hawk by Joanne, then to come home and be feel like a prisoner.

"I dress like everyone else at school! IN. A. UNIFORM. At summer school of all places! We literally wear a button up and knee length skirts, which is the most boring thing anyone could wear and I don't know how but Mr. Barnes still found a way to perv out about it." she yelled.

In the midst of her anger, Winnie felt herself lose control of her emotions and the air felt charged around her. The bedroom window opened with a bang as the wind outside began to howl. Joanne turned her eyes to the window and gazed outside in fear and anger as Winnie struggled to gain control of her thoughts and emotions. Shit.

Her dad gently took Winnie's face into his hands forcing her to look at him. "Look at me, Win. Count out loud with me, okay? One... Two... Three..."

Winnie stared into her dad's eyes with sadness and frustration as she slowed her breath and began counting with him. "Four... Five... Six…"

Once father and daughter got to ten the wind had stopped all together and Winnie didn't move a muscle just waiting for someone to speak.

"She's getting out of control, Adrian. You need to rein her in. I can't do this anymore," Joanne stated coldly. "I just can't do this." Turning on her heel Joanne stomped out of the room and a few seconds later the door to the master bedroom slammed shut.

Adrian sighed heavily and looked at Winnie with tired eyes. "We'll figure something out, kiddo." He kissed her on the forehead before walking out of the room to search for his wife.

Flopping back on her bed in defeat and Winnie closed her eyes while she began to feel sorry for herself. Get a grip, Winnie. You're a Bennett for god's sake, act like it.

Winnie opened her eyes and begin formulating a plan that was weeks in the making. She walked over to her closet and reached into the back and pulled out a box, doing a quick inventory she realized she had all she needed. Winnie squinted at the clock on her nightstand, 5:13pm. Perfect. She needed to work quickly if she planned on leaving tonight. Taking a deep breath Winnie begin pulling items out of the box to use to cast a spell that would make her dad and Joanne temporarily forget she existed.

At 6:30am, Winnie was leaving the Dallas city limits on her way to Mystic Falls. She was finally going home. Smiling widely to herself Winnie turned up the volume on her stereo and begin singing along to the Oldies radio station as she thought about reuniting with Bonnie. Finally.