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Klaus Mikaelson brought the tumbler of bourbon to his lips as his thoughts wandered from the Bennett witch back to the prophecy. These days they were one in the same, Bonnie was his destiny and had been for almost as long as he's been roaming the earth. Klaus and his brother, Elijah, were sought out by a witch a few years after their transformation to bring them the prophecy. Apparently, the spirits had interfered with fate and in order to restore the balance and they would be tied to their perfect soulmate, but, as punishment, they would not meet them for another millennium. Over the years the prophecy's words have changed and it had been a long time since he's thought about it since the meaning has always remained the same. Klaus knew who his soulmate was after their first meeting, Bonnie Bennett.

Unfortunately, Elijah didn't have any idea who his soulmate was just that she was as close to his mate like a sister. Elijah was under the impression that it was the doppelganger, but she proved to be so insufferable that he knew it couldn't be her. Thank the gods. Klaus decided to send Elijah to visit to the descendant of the original prophetess, a Geechee witch living in South Carolina, to confirm that Elijah would indeed be meeting his soulmate soon and when the rest of the prophecy would come to fruition. Taking another drink Klaus let his thoughts wander back to Bonnie and their interactions over the past few weeks. The dynamic between the two had changed a few months ago when he helped her with a difficult spell and Bonnie seemed so grateful and relieved at his help that it was only natural that he swoop in to be her guide.

Of course Klaus had an ulterior motive, he wouldn't be where he was if he hadn't thought a few steps ahead. He wanted to help mold her into the most powerful witch to walk the earth, but more importantly he wanted her to see him as someone she could depend on and trust as a partner. It seemed to be working because she responded well to his casual flirting but he still refrained. What if she rejected him? Klaus had to move slowly, their relationship didn't start on the best foot and he didn't want to scare her away.

Rebekah Mikaleson found Klaus drinking in the study staring out the window into the garden that he planted with herbs needed for Bonnie's lessons.

"Pining away again?" she asked.

With a long-suffering sigh, Klaus turned, "Is there something that I can help you with dear sister?" He watched as Rebekah plopped down on the sofa.

Sighing loudly Rebekah turned to him, "Not at the moment. I just wanted to keep you company for a bit before my date with Matt. But I see that you're in one of your moods." Rebekah got up and crossed the room to the bar cart to pour herself a drink before turning to her brother again who went back to ignoring her to gaze out the window.

"The only person I can think of who would put you in such a mood is the Bennett witch. You've always liked them powerful, beautiful, and with a certain vicious nature. If you ask


"I didn't."

"She seems perfect for you." Rebekah continued. "You are normally much more forward. If I didn't know any better I would think you were dear Finn. Only he's ever this slow and methodical with his 'courting'. What's stopping your pursuit of her?" she asked.

Before Klaus could answer his phone rang. Saved by the bell.

"If you'll excuse me…" Klaus replied ignoring his sister's question to answer the call.

"Klaus," Elijah said. "The witch confirmed what we already know. It seems as if her memory is going but she did tell me that 'the wait is almost over and our souls will be reunited to restore the balance.'"

"Hmm. Good."


Neither brother said anything as they let their emotions rise to the surface. Almost there. They had waited centuries for the prophecy to begin and the wait was almost over.

"I believe that it is about time I make my intentions known to Miss Bennett."

"Good luck. Unfortunately, my search continues," Elijah replied drily.

"It may happen sooner than you think, brother," Klaus responded before hanging up and turning to find his sister looking back at him with smile.

"Well it looks like I got my answer. This should be interesting."

"Oh shut up." Klaus snorted as Rebekah laughed.

Across town

Bonnie woke up with a nervous excited feeling. Something big is going to happen. Bonnie lay back against her pillows and felt the energy course and tingle through her veins and decided that she should probably put her energy towards something useful. Maybe I'll stop by Grams and check on the house. Happy with the plan set for the day she reached for her cellphone to check for new messages. She had a couple from Caroline and Elena asking about grabbing lunch soon and one from her Paul.

Paul: Good morning, beautiful! I had a great time last night

Bonnie stared at her phone trying to think of a response that wouldn't lead him she had fun with Paul he was funny, charming, and reminded her of a young Will Smith, but she didn't see him as more than a friend and she couldn't help but feel bad about it. Paul was a great guy, but she wasn't willing to force it. She needed to work through whatever she was feeling for Klaus, but it was hard because she knew whatever she was feeling he was, too, Klaus was just better at hiding it.

Bonnie: thx! I had fun too

Paul: when can I see u again?

Bonnie: I would love to hangout again as friends.

Paul: Cool… I could use more friends

Whew. He took that well. Bonnie let her shoulders sag in relief before sparing a glance at the clock and decided it was time to get up and get her day started.

After Bonnie was showered and dressed in yoga pants and an old Whitmore sweatshirt she grabbed her Grams grimoire from the top of her dresser and padded downstairs to get breakfast. Bonnie sat down with her tea and toast when her phone chimed again and saw that she received a message from Klaus.

Klaus: Lesson in the clearing. 3:00pm. Wear something you wouldn't mind getting dirty.

Smirking slightly, Bonnie decided to flirt a little

Bonnie: how dirty are we getting?

Klaus: Absolutely filthy, love.

Was he flirting with her? Bonnie blushed as she stared down at her phone trying to think of a response, but nothing came to her and then her phone chimed again with another notification.

Klaus: Don't be late.

Right. Maybe he wasn't flirting but he sure had her thoughts racing. "Asshole," she huffed.

Closing her phone Bonnie cleaned up the kitchen and grabbed her keys before driving over to her Grams. She decided to push Klaus to the back of her mind for the time being before her imagination got the better of her.

Bonnie stood outside her Grams staring up at the house in awe and sadness, it's looked the same since she and Winnie were little girls playing in the sprinklers or chasing her grandmother's old cat around or playing witch detective. It had been a while since she'd been there and Bonnie felt guilt wash over her before being replaced by the excitement that seemed to live under the surface. Good news.

Making her way up the front porch Bonnie unlocked the door and walked inside. Sniffing the air slightly, she could swear she could still smell the perfume her Grams always wore mixed with the staleness of the air. Bonnie begin opening windows and went upstairs to air out the second floor before she decided it may help if she washed the bedding in rooms that were once claimed by her and Winnie. Pausing slightly in the hallway, Bonnie looked towards the closed door of her Grams bedroom. She hadn't been in there since the day of the funeral and knew she wasn't ready to open that door just yet. With a shake of her head, Bonnie went down to the basement and set a load to wash before going back up to the kitchen to put on a pot for tea.

Bonnie settled at the kitchen table looking out to the backyard as her thoughts drifted to Winnie once more. She received another email from her a couple of days ago counting down the day when she would turn 18 and come back to Mystic Falls, just 4 months left to go. With a small smile, Bonnie let herself daydream about reuniting with Winnie.

Some town in Tennessee

Winnie woke with a start as the phone rang loudly on the hotel nightstand. Reaching out blindly she answered the phone with a croak.


"Good morning, Miss Bennett! It's Randy at the front desk with your 7:00am wake up call."

"Thank you, Randy."

"My pleasure!"

Returning the phone to the receiver. Winnie slowly got out of bed and pushed herself to get ready for the last few hours on the road to Mystic Falls. I get to see Bonnie today. Eyes widening in excitement she giggled aloud, "I get to see Bonnie today!" With that final thought Winnie raced around the hotel room gathering everything she needed before heading to take a shower.

Later dressed in a pair of loose fitting denim shorts and her Grams old Whitmore sweatshirt Winnie looked around for her vans while weighing her options for breakfast. She could raid the vending machine like she did last night or find something along the way where she could sit down with a warm meal and coffee. Definitely stopping for a cup or eight of coffee.

After checking out of the hotel Winnie was coasting on the highway eyes peeled for a restaurant to get breakfast. Half an hour later Winnie saw a sign for a diner three miles away in Mountain City, TN. Finally. I am starving. Winnie pulled into the parking lot 10 minutes later and made her way inside. Looking around she noticed there were only a few people, glancing at her watch she noticed the time and decided she had caught the diner in the perfect lull between breakfast and lunch. Winnie made her way to the counter and sat down a couple of seats away from a man in a suit.

Taking another look at her surroundings she felt the telltale prickle of someone watching her and risked a glance to her left where she saw a man in a suit reading the newspaper. A very handsome man reading the newspaper. Hubba hubba. Chastising herself lightly Winnie focused on the décor around her to avoid openly staring at the stranger.

A waitress strolled up to Winnie with a mug and a pot of coffee. "Good morning, sweetie! Do you want a look at the menu?" she queried while pouring coffee into her cup.

"Good morning! I would actually," Winnie smiled. "And you can just keep the coffee coming, it's gonna be a long day."

"Sure sweetie." The waitress chuckled as she slid the menu across to Winnie and walked away to check on other patrons.

Winnie quickly perused the menu before deciding and placed the menu down waiting for the waitress to return. Fidgeting slightly Winnie took another look around the diner before risking another glance at the man when she saw him fold the paper and sit it on the counter next to him. I wonder if he's done the crossword? Well, why don't you ask him silly? Because he looks like a Greek god and oh just shut up! With a light shake of her head Winnie mustered up as much courage as she could before turning to face him as he brought his coffee cup to his lips.

"Excuse me?" she said waiting for him to acknowledge her. The man in question turned and locked eyes with her. Winnie felt a jolt of electricity pass between them as she felt her heart drop into her stomach. Wow, he's gorgeous. Willing her heart rate to calm down she found her voice again. "I'm sorry" she said laughing lightly. "I was just… um… wondering if you've finished the crossword?"

"Be my guest." He replied in a deep accented voice. The man held out the paper to her with a slight nod, "I was just finished. The crossword is all yours."

Winnie nodded shyly and thanked the heavens above she was Black and that he couldn't see her blush. Reaching over to take the paper, their fingers brushed eliciting another jolt. Looking up into his eyes she was sure he felt it too. "Thank you," she stammered.

The man stared at her with guarded eyes before turning to finish his cup of coffee. He soon set his empty cup back down on the counter along with a few bills before turning and casually glancing at Winnie as she began the crossword with a pencil she procured from her bag. Nodding once to the waitress he made his way out towards the door of the diner.

The waitress came back and set Winnie's plate in front of her before leaning over conspiratorially, "He's a looker isn't he?"

"You're telling me," Winnie agreed peeping at his retreating back. "If he had so much as smiled at me I would've melted into a puddle on the floor and I would be his forever," Winnie finished dramatically.

The two giggled quietly and neither noticed the smirk he threw their way as the door closed behind him. Soon, Elijah thought. Very soon.

Bonnie parked her car next to Klaus's land cruiser with five minutes to spare. The thought of keeping Klaus waiting was intriguing but the last time she did that he pushed her extra hard, so that was not high on her list. Getting out of her car she made her way through the woods towards the clearing and let her thoughts wander back to her cousin. She had been thinking of Winnie all day while at her grams and knew that the nostalgia of it all was probably the culprit but something told her that that wasn't the case. Before she knew it Bonnie was at the clearing and watched as Klaus stared out at the lake deep in thought.

"Right on time," He said breaking the silence before turning around to take her in. His eyes were unreadable as he scanned her from head to toe. "I thought I told you to wear something you wouldn't mind getting dirty."

Bonnie looked down at her attire before she looked back at Klaus and shrugged. "I'm wearing yoga pants and a sweatshirt. Besides who said I was getting dirty."

"Alright witch," Klaus smirked. "Practical lesson before we move on to Santería."

"Hit me," Bonnie responded as her eyes focused on him.

Half an hour later Bonnie lay under a smirking Klaus after he rushed at her again. Staring down at her smugly from his place above her, "you're thinking too much, darling. I told you to rely on your instincts and listen to what's happening around you."

Bonnie rolled her eyes at him "you're a vampire who can pretty much appear and disappear anywhere. I'm trying. I can get it, it's just gonna take some more practice."

"Indeed." He said rising to his feet before reaching out a hand to pull her up

A familiar jolt shocked them both, like the many times before. Bonnie gasped and watched as Klaus raised a curious brow at her before avoiding her curious eyes. Interesting. Rolling her eyes playfully she decided not to comment on the moment. "I don't know I think you quite like me in that position."

Klaus's eyes snapped to hers and for a split second Bonnie saw something there but just like that he was closed off again and just like that his phone chimed from his jacket. Saved by the bell. Klaus ignored her insinuation before ambling away to pick up his discarded jacket and check his phone.

"I'm sorry but I will have to cut today's lesson short," He replied still looking down at his phone. "Something's come up."

"Is everything okay?" Bonnie asked with concern.

"Just Elijah with some good news he's been waiting for and we must celebrate. Until next time, love," Klaus said before departing to his car.

Bonnie stood confused as she replayed their conversations over and over. He's hot then he's cold. With a sigh Bonnie got in her car and drove back to her grams.

Winnie had been driving for almost 6 hours and was exhausted and hungry. She hadn't eaten since this morning at that diner and was surviving on fumes and stale chips, but as she pulled into her Grams driveway that all went out the window as she stared up at the old house. Still looks the same. With a smile Winnie got her bags out of the car and went up the front steps where she reached into a crack on the side frame and pulled out a key. Ha! Letting herself in she noticed that someone had been there recently and aired it out, but she could still smell her Grams perfume. Sniffing back tears she made her way up the stairs and into her mother's old room, but not before pausing as she glanced at Grams closed door at the end of the hall.

Hmmm. Bonnie must've been here recently. With a contented sigh Winnie flopped on the bed and closed her eyes to rest.

Twenty minutes later, Bonnie stopped the car in front of her Grams house and noticed a strange car out front. Looking closer she saw Texas license plate. Oh my god! Winnie?! Quickly parking her car Bonnie fumbled with her keys before she unlocked the door and went inside.

"Hello" she called out. Bonnie checked the living room and kitchen and found them both empty. Bonnie began walking upstairs and heard a loud thump. "Is someone there?" she tried again.

Waiting a beat Bonnie continued up the stairs and before she knew it a door was flung open by Winnie holding her elbow. Green eyes connected with brown and twin shrieks of surprise echoed through the halls.

"Ahhhhh!" Winnie screamed in surprise before her eyes focused on a shell-shocked Bonnie.

"Winnie Mouse!" Bonnie laughed as she pulled the other girl into her arms.

"Oh, Birdie!" Winnie sagged in relief as she wrapped her arms around Bonnie.

The two held each other laughing and crying before pulling back to take the other in from head to toe. They hadn't seen each other since Grams funeral a year ago but saw that neither had really changed, physically.

"You cut your hair," Winnie said fingering Bonnie's chin length locks.

"Yea. I was looking for a change."

"Change looks good on you."

"Thanks. I can't believe you're here," Bonnie said tearfully.

"I know! Isn't it exciting? Bennett's back in action!" Winnie said excitedly as she took off her glasses to clean them with the hem of her sweatshirt. "We have on the same outfit." Winnie observed after putting her glasses back on.

"Great minds." Bonnie shrugged.

"Well this great mind is kinda hungry."

"Let's go see what we can find in the kitchen, while we catch up."


A few hours later, the girls were snuggled on the couch after spending hours talking at the kitchen table and moved to the couch eating pizza and watching an episode of Livin' Single. The girls were catching up when Bonnie's phone chimed with a new message from Caroline reminding her of lunch plans they made to hang out with Elena. Bonnie quickly shot off a text to Caroline and Elena telling them that she wasn't feeling well and was staying in bed, but would text them tomorrow. Feeling slightly guilty Bonnie shook it off before returning her attention back to the television.

Winnie noticed Bonnie tucking her phone away before stifling a yawn. Rolling her eyes playfully she nudged Bonnie's shoulder. "It's getting late we should probably get some sleep and I'll still be here when you open your eyes," Winnie said grabbing the remote and turning off the television to begin cleaning up their mess. "And I wouldn't feel guilty about lying to Caroline, she'll get over it."

"I know. I just want one more day. I don't want to worry about rogue vampires, originals, psychopaths, or anything else, but you and me. We'll let them know the day after tomorrow." Bonnie explained with a yawn.

"That's fine with me." Winnie replied, "just be prepared for a surprise visit from Caroline who you know is likely to show up with soup and ginger ale."

Bonnie shrugged as they continued to clean up their mess. Once finished the two made their way up to Winnie's room and piled in her bed whispering to each other until they finally fell asleep.

Stretching awake Bonnie opened her eyes and checked her surroundings before she realized she was in Winnie's room at her Grams. Looking around slowly she noticed she was alone and thought she dreamed of the reunion when she finally heard the faint sound of water running in the hall bathroom.

Bonnie got up slowly and made her way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast as she waited for Winnie to finish her shower. Checking her phone, she noticed multiple texts from Caroline asking her if she was feeling okay and that she would stop by if she didn't hear from her. Bonnie quickly shot off a text to Caroline to assure her she was fine. Feeling slightly guilty, again, Bonnie shook it off before returning her attention to the refrigerator as she gathered the ingredients for an omelet.

Adorned in a plain white shirt and blue jeans, Winnie stood in the doorway adjusting her gold wire-frame glasses. "Good morning," she said with a smile before walking further into the kitchen and noticed an omelet waiting for her. Smiling brightly at Bonnie, Winnie took her seat and looked over at her cousin. "How'd you sleep?" she asked.

"Surprisingly well, you didn't kick me once," Bonnie responded. "What about you?"

"Twas splendid," Winnie said with a toss of her hair.

"Good. Well, I'm going to go and take a shower. You can handle these I'm sure." She said gesturing towards the dirty dishes. "I hope you didn't use all the hot water."

"I saved you a drop or two."

"There better be more than a drop or we will have a problem."

Winnie snorted as she continued eating her omelet. "You should probably hurry we need to go grocery shopping for real food soon."

Bonnie stuck her tongue out at Winnie before she raced upstairs with a huge smile on her face. I'm glad she's back.