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"You were able to see it?" Winnie asked as she worried her lip.

"When I touched you and I was pulled in," sighed Bonnie.

Both girls stared at each other as they played back what they had seen in the vision. There was a fight and a witch and another vampire and Klaus. He was there and seemed to know them both very well, maybe he would be able to tell them who it was. She remembered Grams telling her about the Original family and their relationship to their ancestor, Ayana. Were those his parents? Why did they want to kill him?

Winnie shook herself from her thoughts and looked pensively at a dejected Bonnie. She sighed and pulled the other girl into her arms. "We'll figure it out, Birdie. There's no way I'm losing you again." Bonnie sighed and relaxed into her cousin's embrace and the two just sat in silence comforting each other. She would make sure nothing happened to Bonnie, she couldn't lose another important person in her life.

The next morning, Bonnie woke up next to a slumbering Winnie who lay with her mouth open snoring softly. She grinned at her cousin before it turned to a frown as she thought about the vision she had last night. I wonder how long she's been having them. As Bonnie lay staring at the ceiling she didn't notice Winnie shifting as if asleep before she felt an arm flop over across her shoulders. Bonnie relaxed as they both lay in silence feeling the conflicting emotions of the night before swirling under their skin, but they didn't have time to worry about that. They had things to do.

"Good morning," Winnie murmured sleepily.

"Good morning," Bonnie responded.

Bonnie pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind as she got ready for the day. They needed to get a move on in order to get Winnie registered in school. Luckily, Winnie had all of the signed documents ready to go, so they just had to stop by the school so she could sign up for classes. It soon turned into a discussion on whether or not Winnie should try out for the cheerleading squad.

"You've always loved it! We made up routines for football games, danced to Beyonce, and tried out together the first time."

They had been going back and forth for 15 minutes leaning against Bonnie's car in front of the school and Winnie felt herself wearing down. "I'm not in the best shape and they didn't have a cheerleading squad at my last school. Why can't I just cheer you on from the sidelines?" Winnie asked.

"Cheering on a cheerleader? Ha." Bonnie deadpanned. "Look, I didn't cheer last year because of everything going on and it just didn't feel as fun, but with you back I feel like I can have a semi-normal high school life. Please…" Bonnie begged with her lips pouted and with clasped hands under her chin staring at her cousin with the most pitiful look in existence.

Winnie rolled her eyes. She knew she was going to agree after the first time that Bonnie asked, but sometimes she loved to be annoying and stubborn it reminded her of when they were kids. Throwing her hands in the air "Fine! Fine. I will try out for cheerleading, but don't expect razzle dazzle. I might only be able to imagine. Razz." Winnie finished with half-hearted jazz hands.

Bonnie snorted and grabbed her hand as they walked to get her registered for classes.

Bonnie and Winnie skipped out of the office a while later trying not to smile too much at how easy it was. It did help that the documents weren't forged and her dad did sign them, he just didn't remember. They got in the car and burst into loud giggles.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" Bonnie asked. "You seemed to know what exactly to say so they wouldn't ask why Uncle Adrian was here.

"Nope! I'm just used to having all the answers because Joanne used to grill me constantly so I just learned to always expect whatever invasive sort of question was coming."

Bonnie started the car with a nod. "I may need to use your services again when they inevitably ask about dad. It's not news that he's never home, but without Grams here…"

"What about Aunt Abby? You still talk to her right? I know she would come and do the adult things for you."

"Mom has been taking Grams death really hard. I talk to her once a week at the most and I know she feels guilty about not being here but I don't know. I think she feels responsible just like she did with Aunt Helen."

Winnie looked out the window in thought. "Sometimes I feel like we're the last Bennett's left. So much death and it feels like our family broke to pieces, but I'm glad I still have you."

"I'm glad I have you too." Bonnie smiled softly. "And who knows maybe with your help we can get mom down here. I think it would help to have someone on our side once that spell wears off of your dad."

"We'll see," Winnie trailed off. "Anyways, are we going to meet the two hottest men I've ever seen so we can start our lesson or are we going to continue talking about how depressing our parents are?"

Bonnie rolled her eyes in response and fought back a smile. "Yea, we should get going. Elijah couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of you and I know you're eager to see tall, dark, and stoic."

Winnie blushed. "Touché, Birdie."

Bonnie smirked smugly and looked at Winnie who seemed to be lost in thought. She let her be as she maneuvered her car onto the road heading towards the mansion at the end of town.

Winnie broke the silence and says "Have you ever met someone and you're so sure that you've met them before? Or you have some sort of connection? I just…" she trailed off at a loss for words she looked out at the passing landscapes.

"Yes, actually. I didn't tell you before but when I met Klaus, I felt that I had met him before and he seemed to recognize me, which was strange and still a bit confusing."

"What do you remember Grams saying about reincarnation?" Winnie asked as she watched Bonnie drive.

"I don't really remember," she shrugged. "She did say it was possible for powerful witches, but she never went into detail. I think there's some tomes in her basement from ancestors, so if there has been reincarnation in the Bennett line, it would be in one of those. Why? Do you think— "

"Maybe we're reincarnated?" Winnie finished.

Bonnie didn't respond as she was lost in thought. The two sat silently as she parked her car in front of the Mikaelson mansion. She remembers her grandmother saying that reincarnation was only reserved for witches with tremendous power who felt they didn't have a lot of time for a mortal life in order to seek all the answers that they wanted.

"I think after we finish here, we need to do some research on our own." Winnie said breaking through Bonnie's thoughts.

The duo made their way to the front door but were saved from knocking when someone opened the door. Rebekah leaned against the doorframe as the two walked closer. She eyed them curiously. Sure, she had heard the story from her brothers how they met their soulmates in sister witches but that they were taken from them shortly thereafter as a punishment and to restore the balance. She had always wondered if they would ever meet them.

"Hello again, Bennett's. Nice of you to drop by." Rebekah smiled

Bonnie raised an eyebrow and before she could say anything Winnie beat her to it. "Hi Rebekah! Your brothers are expecting us."

"Klaus has been helping me strengthen my powers and he offered to help Winnie do the same or more like offered Elijah."

Rebekah smirked as she saw the other girl blush prettily beneath her dark skin. She gestured for them to come inside and no sooner was the door closed were both Klaus and Elijah standing in attendance. Klaus smirked as he greeted the girls' with eyes lingering on Bonnie like always and Elijah didn't even try to hide the fact that he was staring which was broken by a not so subtle cough from Rebekah.

"Nice to meet you both again," Winnie said when the silence got too much for her. "So are we ready to get started?" Her question directed at Klaus.

"Can I watch?" Rebekah piped up. "It's not every day you get to see such a powerful witch in her element, much less two."

"I don't mind. I feel the more help the better, right?" Winnie asked turning to the brothers.

"This way, ladies," Klaus announced leading the group to the backyard.

Winnie stuck by Bonnie as her eyes flit over the house and once outside she felt herself smile as she took in the garden and the great expanse of their property. She grabbed Bonnie's hand in hers and her cousin turned to grin at her and whisper.

"Amazing, isn't it?"

"It looks like Eden back here. I've missed having a garden." Winnie stared out at the flowers not really hearing anything else around her.

"C'mon," Bonnie said while tugging on her hand. "Let's get started."

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