Chapter 106

July 23rd, 2024

Finn sat out in the linoleum floored hallway, nursing a cup of coffee, his elbows resting on his knees. The morning's adrenaline had worn off a little, but naturally Finn was still worried about what was going on.

After having had a gynecological exam and several swabs taken also from her throat and nose, in search of any potential cause for her infection levels, G had finally felt like taking a little nap, definitely needing it. The nausea was pretty much gone, the IV having helped, but had now been replaced with a slight headache and a mild fever. The doctor had been pretty confident though that she wouldn't need to stay overnight, once she was feeling a little better and would have people around, looking out for her.

"Where is she?" Rory asked anxiously, having just arrived. She was dressed casually, her hair by now having dried on its own during the lengthy drive.

You shouldn't have come - Finn would've liked to say, as he had it covered. He really did. The situation wasn't anything as urgent as it might have seemed a few hours ago, and it really didn't seem like something a grown up sibling would need to drive two hours for. It wasn't life and death. But Finn realized that Rory's urgent reaction to jump into a car and show up went probably deeper than the necessity at this point.

"Taking a nap, I pulled the blinds so she could sleep," Finn added. He hadn't wanted to sit in the dark room the entire time, though he'd stayed with G for a while until she'd fallen asleep. He'd never really seen her sick before, not like this - not feeling up to talking and simply looking for comfort in him, each little stroke helping a little, as she'd assured him.

"So what's going on, exactly?" Rory asked, sitting down beside him.

"She has some kind of an infection… they're not sure what yet. But they did some tests and are probably just going to put her on some antibiotics and send her home later. They just wanted to rule out a few things first," Finn explained, skipping going too deep into the fact that she probably had a hangover on top of everything.

"Right…," Rory exhaled, feeling more relieved that she felt she should be. A small infection and antibiotics didn't sound all that bad, right?

Finn wanted to say something, but he wasn't sure what exactly. He'd been deeply worried that morning, but didn't want to go into the details of explaining everything to Rory. He felt he should've done better in a number of things - not allowing G to drink that much maybe? Maybe even not get carried away with Dany? Maybe he should've detected better that perhaps she was running a fever or had something not quite right with her health? He knew he'd encouraged her to 'live' and she had, and look where that had gotten them?

They hadn't really had a chance to talk about anything else - not what had happened last night, not about the tiny possibility of her being pregnant. She seemed to find it impossible by the lightness she was taking that part with. But really they were both just overwhelmed. Finn also kept thinking how G must've felt when he'd gotten hurt, as he was now feeling a fraction of that as well.

At the same time Finn wondered whether he should just put those thoughts aside for now and ask Rory how she was doing, needing to focus on something else. After all, it wasn't the first time Rory had needed Finn to be there for her like this before. He knew sometimes Rory too needed just a shoulder or an ear, something different from what Logan could offer her. Logan was a fixer, Finn more of an empath.

"Is that coffee any good?" Rory asked, not seeing Finn really drink his. She craved one, but didn't often risk hospital coffee these days, her tastes having refined a bit.

"Nah, not really…, kind of cold too," Finn replied, not really being sure how long he'd held it in his hand by now, reluctant to finish it. "Harkness Hall bad...," Finn raised the corner of his mouth, knowing Rory would appreciate the Yale campus reference as a comparison.

"Rough night? Or are you just worried?" Rory asked instead, sensing Finn was holding something in.

"Both, I guess..," Finn replied, straightening his back. "Fun night, the morning just was a bit scary… like even worse than Colin the morning after graduation," he said. "They said it's probably the infection that made it that bad…," Finn added, hinting to Rory that alcohol had perhaps indeed had had its part, but he was sure it didn't really come as a big surprise to Rory.

"I was just about to call my dad when I got your message," Rory confessed after a moment of silence, explaining a bit why she had so willingly jumped in the car. Besides, as she'd driven in, she had begun to ponder that perhaps she shouldn't make the call just by herself. Maybe G had questions too?

"Are you doing alright with the... news?" Finn asked her.

"Okay, I guess. Kind of crappy... disappointed… and not that terribly surprised..," Rory replied with a light shrug.

Finn nodded understandingly.

"I think G was compensating those similar emotions last night," he added, feeling like he should've known better to encourage her, flashes of G throwing back shots and kissing Dany in front of him coming back to his mind. It had been hot. And it had made him want her even more.

"No harm in blowing off some steam," Rory shrugged, not knowing all of the details. To her it seemed pretty innocent actually - of course her sister was going to go out and have a few drinks, just like she had in her age. But she was worried too in the new light of events.

"She's just been through enough, I'd say… she really could've done without this revelation," Finn discussed.

"I know… and I agree," Rory replied, feeling relieved that Finn thought so too. She could tell he really did love her.

It was then Dr. Waller emerged from an office down the hall and walked towards them, drawing Finn's attention.

"She's just taking a nap in there," Finn explained, rising to his feet, as the doctor reached G's door. "This is her sister, Rory Huntzberger" he introduced Rory.

"Nice to meet you. I'll just go give her the results," he added, and stepped into G's room, closing the door behind him, not bothering to invite the other two in. They felt shut off a bit, causing them to worry. Was it really something that serious that would need to be told to her one on one? It couldn't be … ? Could it?

They could see through the drawn blinds that the light was turned on inside by G herself, and she straightened herself to speak to the doctor. Finn didn't want to intrude - while he had been present earlier, now he felt unsure of himself, but assumed that they'd be in in a few minutes and G would explain things to them herself.

But she talked to doctor Waller for a good 10 minutes, which to Finn and Rory was a sign of further concern.

As the doctor emerged, wishing them good day, the two poured into G's room.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Rory asked, giving her sister a hug.

"Better, thanks," G replied, still looking a little pale.

Finn was studying her carefully, wondering if it had been anything serious she might not want to share. "What did he say? He sort of shut us out for a moment there," he explained.

"Definitely not pregnant...," G replied, with a smile, knowing this was probably something Finn would be relieved to hear, rolling her eyes a bit, trying to treat this lightly, and definitely making Rory glance back and for the two for a moment, having not known that had been an option.

"But he gave me a prescription for some antibiotics and referred me to go see another doctor in Nice next week for a check up. He said it's some internal inflammation, I think it was PID or something like that," she summed things upp, adding that the doctor had sent over some reading for her on the diagnosis. She was literally giving them the cliff notes at this point, having not really felt like retelling all the potential complications while still feeling tired herself. But it at least seemed straightforward. Take the pills, see a doctor next week, and be healed.

Finn couldn't quite place where he'd heard that abbreviation before - PID - but it definitely lingered in his brain.

About an hour later, and a pouch of jell-o and crackers in her lap, G was driven home by Rory, the two of them dropping Finn off in Toulon to pick up his car from there. G wasn't looking for space from him, nothing like that, she was just tired, a little hungry while her stomach felt a little gentle. But she had to admit, antibiotics or not, she was a little concerned about what was going on, feeling like her young body had been hit by an unexpected curveball. She was hardly ever sick.

It was as Finn made his way across the parking lot where he'd left his car, having kissed the top of G's head in goodbye a minute ago, promising to see her back at the estate, he reached his car. He felt he could breathe a little easier now.

He drove back only perhaps five minutes behind the two, the drive giving him some more time to think.

The morning had been an emotional roller coaster in a way, and even though he wouldn't really admit to it, the images of G being pregnant with his child had in fact crossed his mind. Naturally, the feeling of panic had followed, but there was a certain unexpected admiration that it had come with that he hadn't accounted for. While it wasn't in his plans not in hers as far as he knew, he could think of worse things to happen. Maybe what everyone had been saying was true after all - that being faced with the actual situation with a loved one, that one might feel different? Or at least not as opposed even if not determined that it was something he would want.

He wondered how G had felt about it. There was a lot he wondered about when it came to her feelings, the two of them not having really had a lot of time to really talk. Not about any of it. Not about her dad, not about the three-some, not about her diagnosis.

But it was as his mind pondered, driving on automatic, it suddenly hit him that he had in fact heard that abbreviation before. He'd even googled it before. PID - Pelvic Inflammatory disease - it was what Charlie had had and had struggled with for years on and off. It was also what had rendered Charlie infertile and caused her a lot of distress, both the physical and the mental kind.

Finn pulled over to the next rest stop, a viewing platform overlooking the Mediterranean - an unfairly pretty location while his heart was jumping in his chest with panic. He googled it, reading through at least a couple of sites top to bottom.

One sentence caught him though - "the bacterial infection can contracted by unprotected sex" - he read, making him sigh deeply and run his hand over his face. There was a very real chance he'd caused this to her.

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