Chapter 116

August 15th, 2024

There was a pleasant buzz of the crickets in the backyard, overpowered by bursts of laughter, both the adults' and the childrens', children by now having gotten tired of sitting still and were now playing their own adapted version of petanque.

The past two weeks had passed in a blink of an eye, everyone sensing the impending ending to the holiday. Some had tried to catch up with the activities they had planned, some took the much different route of staying in and lounging as much as possible, having different kinds of physical activities in the bedroom as their priorities. There were dinner parties and joint boat trips, they even went to the club together for second try.

The children gotten gorgeous and healthy tans, those with blond hair especially standing out, from playing outside so much and had gotten used to a very different regime compare to that back home. They ate better, they ate more things, more fresh things.

Logan stretched out his limbs as Rory talked at the dinner table, feeling comfortable being almost done with his meal. He could only wish his family's dinner parties had ever been something this pleasant. Something so casual and genuine. But he supposed that now they were - this was his family.

Almost everyone was there, except for Sherry, who was out on a date, and Luke, Lorelai and Leo who had taken a detour to Switzerland before they flew home, Lorelai having gotten itchy feet.

Colin had flown back to the States early, hoping to take a detour to Atlanta to see Stephanie before he had to start working. They were not hurrying with moving in together or anything like that - but were making sure they would have time to themselves before the baby came.

The long stone table held Merguez sausages, grilled Romaine hearts, grilled peaches and watermelon along with a beet salad and monkfish. As most times there were also sardines, G's and Celeste's favourites. They were at their fourth bottle of wine for the group of them, getting drunk not actually being the end goal.

"So has this been enough of an adventure for you guys?" Rory asked everyone at the table, but mostly aimed the question to Celeste and Jess, as that had been Celeste's main goal - she had wanted to pull Jess and herself out of their shells and experience something new.

"What do you think, Jess?" Celeste shot the question forward to her husband.

"Well what is enough?" Jess shrugged, playfully.

"This one here turned out to be quite the extreme sports fan," Celeste nudged Jess with her elbow. They'd dived, hiked and even experiemented with yet skis, looked art and made it even.

Jess smiled, feeling grateful that some of his limitations, like preferring not to go into a casino, were long forgotten. With the rest he'd happily obliged, especially considering the wonders it did for their lovelife. There was something about him being strong and manly and on occasion 'saving' Celeste when she got scared that seemed to do the trick for her. And he would happily oblige - now and anywhere.

"And I think the book will be the continuation of this adventure," Jess decided to add and lifted his glass to Rory.

"Oh come on, let me get started on it first, then we'll talk," Rory replied humbly. But she did feel better - she had one fixed purpose to get her started on fidning herself again.

G was feeding Finn bites of watermelon with her fingers, the two being in a real love bubble which didn't really surprise anyone anymore.

"What about you?" Celeste asked Rory and Logan.

"We're on steady ground I think," Rory replied, glancing at Logan, who gave her thigh a gentle but supportive squeeze under the table. "And the ceremony really was great. It was great to see everyone…, though it made me feel like I need another holiday," Rory added laughingly.

"We're not done working on this," Logan added, "but I think we have a goal set out for us, which seems supportive of this," he continued, glancing at Rory as he wrapped his arm around the small of her back.

"We're getting a place closer to Stars Hollow, or Hartford probably, but I'm not ruling out something in between," Rory announced.

"She could be closer to the bookstore for your two to work on your book, some more options in Hartford and Stars Hollow for socialising, schools will be closer and I can still keep one eye on Beeney," Logan explained, taking a sip of wine. He wasn't going to mention that there'd be therapists closer by, but he didn't know what Celeste had already made a few calls to her own therapist who was willing to take Rory and Logan on to help them work the remaindor of things out.

"Will you keep the townhouse then?" G asked, suddenly.

"I was actually going to ask you whether you were still going to use it," Rory asked her sister, raising her eyebrows.

Finn and G had been living together in Saint Michel, even if he hadn't officially moved in, the two simply hadn't been able to be apart for more than a day the entire time.

"Yeah, about that. I won't," G replied, shaking her head, sitting on Finn's thigh with his arm around her. She didn't even need to look at him or ask him. It was self-explanatory by now. There were differen types of living - not everything needed to be done alone.

"Okay, then maybe we do need to consider selling it after all..," Logan began, adding, "there's no point in keeping a place that big when it's empty the majority of the time."

"Hey, hold on…," Celeste said.

"What about if I buy half of it? I mean you were letting us have our floor on charity basis, and that is long overdue anyways. I could just as well get the other two floors maybe, G's included. These two might need a place in the city someday, I mean, I won't aim to rent it out for anyone random," Celeste said suddenly. She realized that Jess might frown upon her for throwing money around like that without discussing him, but thankfully the look of him wasn't at all condemning but rather supportive.

"Yeah, it kind of would make sense, we'll get around to renting out the bottom apartment of the Brooklyn townhouse, it should cover at least the maintenance," Jess pitched in, getting a sweet smile from Celeste in return. They'd had a lot of time to talk and they had indeed agreed that if there was one thing Jess didn't mind Celeste spending her money it was anything to do with their kids. Their futures, their education and so forth, and this was exactly that.

"We still might need to on occasion to use some of those rooms for accommodating family though," Rory worried.

"Oh come on, like I'm going to say 'no'," Celeste laughed.

"Okay, fine," Rory said. She did love that place, but it made sense. They weren't going to have more kids, there was enough for them and their studies, even for a nanny, which there'd be less need for in the future now that the kids were growing up. Her own future was looking brighter and freer too along with that, truth be told.

"So you two will be moving in together or…?" Rory changed the subject, feeling that wasn't quite clear, and asked G and Finn.

"That she will," Finn replied.

"So you'll stick around New York? What about the place here? I thought you were so in love with it?" Rory inquired further. She was a little worried about G making her own choices but she had long ago given up on judging her by that - G knew what she was doing, but this didn't stop Rory from asking the parental questions.

"I am, but this not going anywhere. We'll be back," G added with confidence, which was quite enviable.

"Right after we go to Brisbane, probably," Finn shared their winter plans, making Logan smile smugly. This was definitely a Finn that G had twisted around her little finger, in the best possible way.

"Yeah," G agreed. "Until then Marie will find tenants and I can just sit back and relax," G laughed, quite liking this form of cash flow. There were already three apartments with tenants, which meant there were good odds the rest would be rented out in no time.

"So you'll go back to school or…?" Rory inquired.

"Not this year, I thought I'd try and see what kind of work there is, maybe intern or volunteer," G shared. It was not like she needed to work, but they all knew that she was like Rory in that sense, needing a sense of purpose. "And…," G began, biting her lip if she was going to let the secret out.

"And what?" Rory asked.

"And then at some point we'll get married," G replied, Finn's fingers intertwining with hers already.

"You what?!" Rory coughed.

"Did I hear that right?" Logan needed to ask.

G and Finn just laughed, having expected that reaction. They continued to explain that they weren't on a deadline. But they were both sure that they'd do it. There wasn't a hint of judgement from the others, just cheers and congratulations, admiration for someone being so sure of their decision at that age. They were lucky to have found each other, each person around the table thinking of the event like kismet. A love story that had happened in part in front of their eyes.

Several hours later, the conversation having gone over to Rory's and Logan's real estate shopping and Jess' book, while Finn and G had snuck away to head back to Saint Michel, Rory and Logan were heading back to their bedroom, having left Celeste and Jess outside - by the sound of it taking a late night dip.

The kids were all tucked away and fast asleep, finally getting to those ages when after properly tiring them out they slept like logs.

As the room door closed behind them, Rory pulled Logan close with her back to the door, kissing him deeply.

"I'm hating this has to end," Rory said to him as the kiss broke.

"But I'm glad we came, we needed it," Logan replied, kissing the side of her neck. Rory's arms reaching up to his back, another one on his shoulder stroking the nape of his neck.

"I love you," Rory murmured, swallowing the 'I'm sorry' she wanted to add. It was a small step towards healing, accepting that Logan wasn't holding a grudge. Now she just needed to forgive herself.

"I love you too, Ace," Logan said huskily, his fingers snapping open her bra from the back, making Rory grin widely.


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