AN: smut chapter ahead

Chapter 75

July 16th, 2024

"Hold still," G scolded Finn, who was struggling keeping a straight face seeing her focus hard, her tongue involuntarily sticking out from between her teeth a little, while she was trying to hide some of the bruising under his eyes with her concealer. Finn's skin tone was a few degrees darker, hence this was not the easiest of tasks.

G had actually talked Finn into coming to at least a couple of stores with her. Just to get him a change of scenery, having overheard him complain about it being a little boring staying all the time around the estate all by himself. It was a quick drive there and back by car, and as it was a furniture store, there'd certainly be plenty of opportunities for Finn to sit if his leg got tired.

Sure, Finn had objected a little at first, not really wanting to show his freakshow, but had eventually relented, as G was right - getting out of the estate would do him good. After all, in a few days time visitors would be coming to the estate either way, the least he could do was adjust to being looked at.

"You just look very cute when you're concentrating," Finn said out loud what he'd been thinking, struggling to hold back his laughter, causing G to look at him scoldingly again, as she couldn't finish his left eye if he kept moving - laughing or not.

G was sitting on the vanity table, an old and heavy antique dresser that had a sink installed on top of it, Finn between her legs, so it'd be easier for her to see his face in good light. Finn's hands rested on her thighs, casually, preferring to have something to support his weight onto, actually using the muscles of his right leg still being rather painful, but as this wasn't actually supposed to take that long so he could manage.

"I hate that I'm this invalid… I can't help you out at Saint Michel, I can't go or do anywhere that requires a little more...," Finn grumbled, having had such high hopes for taking her around the area to parties, sights and sports, which all now seemed to be on hold.

At the same time he was feeling the tension slowly forming between them in that position at the same time. Had he been in good health, he would've been far from getting his makeup done. Going to one store with her boyfriend, watching movies in bed, having pillow-talks and daytime napping hardly seemed like what a 21-year-old should be doing on her summer holiday. And now for the foreseeable future he almost felt like there wasn't much more he could offer her, feeling like a burden.

"I just want you to heal. I'll be fine," G assured, pushing some of his messy hair behind his ear and giving him a quick kiss, having finished eyes. It was nothing much, if one looked closely enough one could still probably tell, but from afar he looked much better.

She hoped he'd be better soon naturally, not really knowing the estimated timeline. She was fine - she wasn't lying. She could handle being a homebody with him. But truth be told, the situation was getting a little frustrating for her - she missed sex. And since she'd been sleeping in his bed for every single night she hadn't quite felt like it was appropriate to just take care of herself either. Sure - he knew she did that, but she didn't want to torture him like that, not knowing what exactly he felt up to doing himself even if she helped.

"I sure am sorry we didn't actually reach that park that night..," Finn replied, deciding to break some ice, both concerning the night of the accident and another topic that had been put on the shelf since then. He knew the night of the accident was a gentle topic, but what seemed to be helping with it was humour, him making fun of himself for his own stupidity, and he aimed to keep that up.

G blushed, ever so slightly, and Finn picked up on that. Damn, she was cute like that - a sexy minx one minute and the next still humble and shy about it.

"I might have some objections letting you rush me through a dark city next time though. Next time I lead, okay? Zebras and traffic lights," G lectured, almost keeping a straight face.

Having him there between her legs was difficult enough, without him bringing up what they'd been up to the night of the accident.

"You were so hot that night...," Finn murmured, moving a little closer to her, unable to withstand that sexual tension.

"Uh-uh," G replied, feeling incredibly distracted by his closeness, having not really meant to just agree with him on that. She was also feeling a little confused. As far as she knew most sports, which included sex, were off limits as far as she'd googled.

Finn's hands travelled up her thigh, under her casual T-shirt dress, making her breathing heavy just by the thought of that possibility.

Finn noticed these little things - her focus scattering, her breathing changing, something about her muscles relaxing at the same time, almost as if welcoming his advancements. But frankly, he didn't know what he was doing either, he knew the doctor's orders - but damn.

"Mmm..," she purred as his fingers slipped just under the fabric of her panties on the side, still almost innocently.

Her lips brushed his, kissing him first slowly then more feverishly.

They continued to kiss for a while not hurrying it, G still feeling a little hesitant to what exactly she could do with him. What was he up to doing without getting himself more hurt? Surely she knew hands jobs and oral was probably alright - but was that strenuous activity like the doctor had advised against?

"You feel alright doing this?" she asked in murmur, short of breath from the intense kissing session, as they broke for air.

"You certainly do...," Finn replied, letting his curious fingers travel to her quickly moistening slit. It was a huge compliment to him to turn her on like that just from doing so little. Not all women ignited just from a mere kiss and some indirect touching. But he didn't really want to reply to her question, knowing that at the very least he probably couldn't continue this in the position they were in for very long.

"But..," G began, worriedly, but the strokes of his fingers were making it increasingly difficult to focus on saying anything meaningful. He knew what she meant.

"I may not be entirely up for doing much that involves moving my hips vigorously just yet, or this position, but I'd love some attention, and I have a working mouth and ten fingers," Finn explained, wanting to make himself clear, casting a smug, slightly boyish, smile onto his face.

It was the first time he'd actually asked her for anything sexual out loud. Somehow until now it had always seemed to him that considering the age difference this was something he wasn't supposed to ask from her, hinting at it indirectly, through touches or glances, or just waited, never having to wait too long, for her to initiate. But as the last of their barriers were quickly fading, Finn each day seeing a little more of the grown woman in her and the image of that 16-year-old he'd first met was disappearing from his mind completely. Each moment like this was confirming his knowledge of her being a sexual being more and more, her wetness being a clear indication of it, and the way her body relaxed instead of tensing up at his touches just added to it. As her face looked so blissful like that, he just wanted to keep touching her.

And as much as he craved a touch too after six days of celibacy she seemed to be craving it too, maybe even more. He desperately wanted to be more than just a sedentary patient she had to take care of - he knew that he too needed to take care of her needs, he'd just have to find a way.

G didn't need to hear much more than that, already sensing well how skillful his fingers were. Besides, she found it quite a turn on that he would speak of his own needs like this, feeling like he'd held back until now.

Pulling herself firmly against him, feeling his rising arousal through his shorts, she slipped down from the vanity, brushing seductively against him, she led him to the bedroom, making sure the door was properly locked to avoid any of the kids catching them, their playful giggles echoing into the pool house from the the pool area.

Finn positioned himself onto the bed, eager to continue what they started. But as usual, G took the lead in this, deciding to really give him some attention. She pulled a decorative pillow down from the bed and positioned it under her knees as she decided to stay on the floor, already beginning to unzip his shorts. For a split second, Finn wanted to object - the tantalizing sensation of her wetness still in his mind, being reluctant to part from providing her with simultaneous pleasure, but he was just putty in her hands now.

For a moment the voices from outside their room became dangerously close, one of the kids probably needing to use the bathroom, making them freeze for a second. But at the same time this added a bit of excitement to the act too.

As the pool house door closed again with a loud bang, it having been Finny by the sound of it, the expectant tension broke as G rose from her knees for a moment their lips crashed into each other, almost bruisingly. Finn clearly wanted to be more in control, grab her by her waist and pull her on top of him, even if just for foreplay, but he also clearly wanted to do more than his leg allowed, for a moment a wrong move making him winch.

"Easy there, let me...," G cautioned him, noting his grimace of pain, not even realizing how hot something like that sounded coming from her. She helped him remove his t-shirt, the day's plan for an outing losing a lot of its significance - it could wait.

She kissed her way down his chest, grazing her teeth over his nipples, knowing how he liked that. In a dangerously slow manner she observed his arousal, she'd now freed from his boxers.

"What a beautiful cock," G decided to tease him further, and after gently caressing it with her hand, kissed from the bottom of his shaft upwards, finally licking the underside of his head. It was pretty exceptional - fairly straight, uncircumsized, and generous in size, comparing well to the size of his hands, almost the thickness of G's wrist, right now a drop of precum glistening on it's head. She licked it off demonstratively.

"You're evil, you know that?" Finn chuckled, throwing his head back. Each of his gasps was music to her ears.

G teased him even more, only touching his penis with her tongue and lips but not quite taking it into her mouth. She still felt a little like she was being judged by her braveness, sexyness and willingness to experiment, which was partially due to her still feeling like this inexperienced young thing next to him but in part she also wanted to do well because she felt a little guilty for Finn having gotten in the accident in the first place. She'd wanted so badly to do something for him - something beyond her comfort zone, something new and exciting that she knew he loved - and just look how things turned out.

She knew just the right areas to lick, observing Finn's reactions closely as if reading them like instructions and encouragement.

His hand intertwined into her hair, caressing her with deep appreciation. He hadn't quite expected her to go all in - he didn't know why, maybe he should've - when he'd hinted at this, but apparently that's what she was like. Sometimes appearing so incredibly selfless he didn't know what to do with himself to repay her. He would've been happy just to get her off, have her tease him a little - but she never did these things half way, did she?

His fingers kept her silky blonde hair back, letting him enjoy the sight of her as she glanced up at him as she finally really decided to take his length into her mouth, twirling her tongue around his most sensitive areas.

She alternated between deep and vigorous movement and slow and teasing moves, in the meanwhile blowing some cool air onto his skin.

"You're the sexiest creature alive, you know that?" Finn mused, appreciating the view. He could only think of actually fucking her being better than this, feeling her swelling moisture and clenching muscles around him. And for the first time - he couldn't think of anything more satisfying than doing it bareback. They hadn't quite talked about the possibility yet, and Finn was quite careful usually - but this just seemed like the ultimate high with her. Maybe someday?

Finn was too lost in his pleasure to really warn her in time, and the sudden pressure she'd applied with her tongue on just the right spot, caused him to cum sooner than he'd anticipated, shooting part of his cum into her mouth, and across her lips.

G smiled and licked her lips clean and climbed up from the floor to kiss his lips, letting him taste himself on her lips.

"Such a naughy little mouth," Finn murmured up close, G hovering over his good knee at the moment.

There was a strange pride in G for each tiny compliment like that, making her bite her lip, playfully.

"How am I ever going to repay?" he teased, and let his fingers which he'd moistened in his mouth, quite unnecessarily, move lower, delaying the touch a few seconds as he observed the anticipation on her face.

G eagerly moved her hips, brushing herself against his fingers that he was intentionally withholding, causing Finn to shake his head scoldingly. It was all play, of course.

Finn simultaneously kissed her stomach, lifting her dress just enough, and let his hand slide inside her simple seamless panties, already soaked, grabbing her mound it a little posessively in a hand-cupping motion, hearing her moan at the much-needed firm grasp.

"Oh, fuck," G exhaled near his ear. He moved himself to the floor, mostly leaning on his good leg, taking advantage of the same pillow G had left on the floor, sinking between her legs. He pulled down her panties - they were just in the way.

His lips were welcomed by her low moan as they touched her clit, his hands massaging her thighs and ass. He licked her lips up and down, applied suction and let his tongue run through what he considered the highlights of the alphabet. Two of his fingers slipped into her core, where they were welcomed by her already clenching muscles. Finn really didn't mess around but looked straight for the G-spot.

Her knees nearly gave in as she came close, having to hold onto Finn's head to steady herself and not to crash down on his legs. But considering her options she knelt down over his legs nonetheless, simply not putting any pressure on his legs, not wanting to part from him, and breathed hot air against the side of his head as his finger continued to move, driving her closer yet again.

It was then she felt Finn's arousal again, this time, positioned dangerously close to her entrance, against her thigh.

"Damn, that feels so tempting right now," G groaned, feeling the heat radiating from him, and brushed over his arousal with her hand, pressing it against her thigh.

"You have no idea," Finn murmured.

There was a wordless conversation between their gazes, an agreement. And the sensation that either felt - the overwhelming warmth on top of the already oversensitive nerve endings left the two breathless as she sank lower, impaling herself with his unprotected cock. It felt exhilarating, dangerous and - oh, so right.

"You're on..?" Finn felt he needed to actually formally ask, as he was adjusting to her incredibly soft and wet tightness. He'd sort of assumed until now, after all she was so careful in everything she did.

"Yeah," G replied, smugly, feeling like it was probably a little late for that conversation now. She just craved to feel closer to him, that she was throwing double caution to the wind. She was doing a lot of that with him these days.

G positioned her left foot against the floor, allowing her to stay off of his hurt leg and slowly began to rock herself up and down his shaft, hoping this wasn't hurting him. Now, actually being able to kiss at the same time, this became a slow tantalizing dance, so much more special than it had been the previous times somehow.

"I love you, Finn," G said, between one of their slow thrusts, unable to hold it in any longer. This was her show of love - she was trusting him more than she'd ever trusted anyone.

The ridiculous pang of euphoria Finn experienced made his heart nearly feel like he was going to explode, and trying to not move his hips he made up for it by his hands, holding her hips, moving her up and down. G came twice within the matter of a few minutes, the last time at his eruption, never before having felt someone cum in her without a condom. There was nothing sexier she'd felt.

"I think this is my favourite place now," Finn replied, having stayed inside her, still pulsating, ignoring the slight pain in his thigh. Definitely worth it.

G smiled. She was too high on endorphins to really say anything. All of this was more than what she'd expected for the day.