Hello everyone

This is chapter one and page one

This is the beginning of the story

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chapter 1-Page 1

The narrator POV:

It was a rainy night in Ninjago city..

The rain was pouring down to the ground..

The thunder and lightning was bright and loud..

It was a calm rainy night in Ninjago city...but it wasn't (that's Ninjago city for you -_-)

in the darkness of the rain a shadow figure walking down the sidewalk...

The shadow figure looked around before going into a near alleyway...

But the shadow figure did not see a curious Young man that was slowly following him from the behind...

the young man was suspicious of the shadow figure and follow them into the alleyway..But the shadow figure was not there

Before the young man could react to anything the shadow figure was behind him and took a arm around a young man's waist and put a cloth to his mouth and nose.. The young man was struggling but soon fall asleep limp and the shadow figures arms...

The side of figure smile evil then disappeared out of nowhere...


How what's the page?

Did I get a good bad?

Was that good cliffhanger?

You guys decide


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