Weasley One Night Stand

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Chapter one

Ron Weasley woke up feeling rotten. With his head pounding. He swore he would never accept a drink from the twins again. It took him some time to figure out that her was not in his bed in the Gryffindor dorm room

Even longer to figure out how he got to where ever he was.

As the fog in his mind began to clear, he remembered that last night had been the Yule ball. At least he hoped it was last night.

The staff had decided to have a ball similar to the one held two years previous, in his 4th year.

Rumour had it that McGonagall had wanted to hold one last year, but the evil pink toad had prevented it.

He also began to remember, that just like the last one, he had made an ass of himself

He had pissed off his date Lavender because he kept staring at Hermione, who had came to the ball as Harry's date. He then pissed off his sister when he tried to split up her dance with dean, then topped off by once again trying to ruin Hermione's ball, until Harry and Neville cut him off, and frog marched him over to his twin brother so that they could keep him out of trouble.

Fred and George were there to provide a fireworks display earlier, and had stuck around for the festivities.

That is where it started to get fuzzy. Fred, or was it George handed him a glass of punch. Then another, and another, and so on. Until his brain cells went on strike.

As he lay in this strange, but really comfy bed, trying to get his memory back, he suddenly felt movement beside him. Then a body rolled into him and a decidedly feminine arm landed on his chest.

It was only then that Ron realised that he was nit wearing his pyjamas. And given what he was feeling, he strongly suspected that the body that was now cuddle up to him was also not wearing anything.

'Please let it be a girl' he thought. Dreading finding out that his bed mate was another bloke.

A quick peek under the covers brought a sigh of relief to Ron.

Who was this mystery girl. It wasn't Lavender, as this girl had dark hair. And as the dark hair was covering her face, he could not tell who she was

Again he tried to recall how he got to where ever he was, but no luck

He briefly considered slipping out of the bed, but was not sure he could do so without waking the girl.

Besides, he was actually enjoying the cuddle.

So with limited options, and curiosity getting the better of him, reached over and moved the girl's hair from her face...

To say he was shocked would be like saying that Dumbledore like the occasional lemon drop.

An understatement of epic proportions.

When Ron's brain finally re-booted, all he could say was "Bloody Hell!"

The reason for Ron's current use of his favourite catch phrase, was that her was currently staring at the sleeping face of non other than Pansy Parkinson.

Unfortunately for Ron, his out burst meant that pansy was not sleeping for long.

To Ron's surprise, she greeted him with a "morning Weasley", instead of the expected scream or hex.

Once again Ron's brain was at a loss explain his current situation, and could only mumble a reply of "morning".

Part of Ron wanted to get as far away from the queen bitch of Slytherin, but again his curiosity got the better of him. Hoping beyond hope that she may have more answers than he currently had, he decided to ask her.

And knowing his usual attitude would probably not get those answers, he did something that Ron Weasley vary rarely did.

He engaged his brain before opening his mouth.

"Err, Parkinson, I do not wish to be rude, but do you know where we are, how we hot here and why we are both naked?" Ron asked as politely as he could manage.

Pansy looked from him for a long moment, seemingly debating what to say, the looked at him to answer.

"well I am guessing you had more of your brother's spiked punch than I did" she said. "to answer you questions, I think we are in a guest room on the 7th floor. That strange elf that used to belong to Draco's farther brought us here. As to why we are naked, take a wild guess. I am sure you can figure it out"

Ron gulped before asking "so how far did we go?" not sure if he dreaded the answer or not

Pansy just smiled at his and said "oh, we went all the way, and then some. And I am glad to know the rumours about Weasley men are indeed true. Even in the state you were in, you were great. And got better the more we did it"

Ron was again cursing the wins in his head. Even though pansy's words had sent his ego skyward, he frustrated that he had had sex, but couldn't remember it. Was what was worse. He had lost his virginity to Pansy Parkinson.

Added to that, he still didn't know the how of "how they ended up here"

Figuring asking nicely had worked, Ron again put his brain in gear before speaking.

'Ok I now know we are probably in the room of requirements, but I am not telling her that' thought Ron

Then he asked her "ok, I know where were are and what happened, and am guessing the how involves a large amount of booze. But I still do know the why"

Pansy smirked at Ron and just said "revenge!"

Startled, Ron started to panic "revenge?, revenge for what?"

Huffing, pansy yelled "not on you, you moron. Revenge on Draco". Pansy then went on to explain that she was rather pissed off with Draco as he had chosen to take Astoria Greengrass to the ball instead of her.

The younger sister of her dorm mate Daphne. The almost two years younger, 4th year sister.

She explained that after having a glass or 7 of punch, she had decided to give her self to one of Draco's enemies in revenge. Especially after refusing to sleep with Draco.

She thought it best not to mention that potter and Longbottom were her first two choices, but were unavailable.

Potter and granger only had eyes for each other by the end of the night. Though they had both had the occasional dance with other partners. Including Harry having a dance with each Patil twin.

Longbottom seamed to be passed between Abbot Bl,ones and that strange Ravenclaw Lovegood. Last anyone saw of him, he was being dragged out of the hall by all three of them.

"so now you know" said Pansy, before retrieving her wand and casting a tempus spell.

Upon see in the time, Pansy turned to Ron, who thought he saw a brief hint of disappointment before she spoke

"much as I would like another round before going our separate ways, the express is leaving in under two hours and I really need to get back to my dorm to shower and change". And without further words, she got out of their shared bed, flung on her dress and disappeared out the door. Leaving Ron's brain needing to re-boot once more.

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