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Chapter Three



Then in early February, Ron was walking down one of the corridors, when his relatively normal life was disturbed by a person that he had not really thought about since he got on the express to go home for the holidays.

Standing in the corridor front of was Pansy Parkinson. She seemed to take a deep breath then said "We need to have a private chat"


Before Ron could respond, Pansy grabbed his arm and dragged him into a near by class room.

Ron's mind was trying to think of what Pansy was up to. The hormone driven part of his brain was even thinking she was after a repeat performance, but that idea was quickly discounted.

After a short pause , a nervous looking Pansy finally spoke. "Weasley, we have a small problem. One could call it an unexpected complication from our get together at the ball"

Ron being Ron, he did not have a clue about what she was trying to get at. However, not wanting to look a fool, he asked her what sort of complication.

Looking him in the eyes, Pansy replied "The type where you and I become parents some time in September"

"errr What" was Ron's ever so eloquent reply.

"You are going to be a farther" spat out Pansy, getting a little frustrated

Ron just looked at her, as his brain finally absorbed what it was being told, then he had a vary mature reaction.

He Fainted, like a puppet with the strings cut


Next thing he knew, he had a face full of ice cold water, as Pansy sprayed him with a jet of water from her wand.

"What the hell was that for" he yelled.

Pansy, with an oh so innocent smile just replied "well I needed to wake you after you fainted

"you could have just used a spell" Ron answered

"I suppose I could have, but spraying you with water was more fun" she said, then added "now you know, we need to get our parents together to let them know in person. This is not the type of thing you can tell in a letter"


Ron actually agreed with Pansy. I mean how would you bring that up.

'Hi Mum, Hi Dad, School is going well, how are you? Oh and by the way, you are going to grand parents'

That would go down well, and would almost guarantee a howler turning up.

"Ok, so how do we get our parents here? We can not just write and ask them to come" Ron asked


After talking it through, they agreed it was best if McGonagall requested their parents to come.

The Down side was they had to tell the deputy head why they needed to speak with there parents.

The following day, Arthur and Molly Weasley where sitting in the Deputy Head's off, along with Lady Charlotte Parkinson a five year old boy and a young man in his early 20's. Pansy's little brother Oliver and her cousin Marcus from her mom's side.

Lord Parkinson had not been seen since the day after Voldemort's defeat. Most people, including his family believed he had done a runner, rather that face questions from the DMLE.

Thankfully he was unable to get to the family vaults, as some others had done.


When Pansy and Ron arrived, and then explained to their parents why they had been summoned to Hogwarts, all hell broke loose.

Lady Parkinson was berating her daughter for being so petty and foolish, while glaring daggers at the young man who had impregnated her little girl.

Ron received the anticipated howler. Delivered in person and at close range


As the personal howler was being delivered, Marcus was trying to cover Oliver's ears. But given the giggles coming from the 5 year old, he was apparently not totally successful.


Once Molly had finished with Ron, who was just standing their in shock, Molly turned to Pansy and in a calmer voice asked her how she was coping and if she needed any help or advice.

It seemed that the fact she was carrying Molly's fist Grandchild meant hat Pansy could do no wrong. Even being a Slytherin was conveniently overlooked.

Mean while Arthur was talking to Lady Parkinson and her nephew Marcus, and apologising on behalf of the Weasley family.

However Lady Parkinson would here non of it, stating that Pansy was equally at fault and that Arthur should call her Charlotte as it seam as though they would soon be family.


And into this comparatively calm atmosphere, a lone voice entered. "but I don't want to get married" Ron spoke, sounding like a child who had been told he couldn't have a biscuit.

At that, Howler Molly returned "RONALD WEASLEY! YOU WILL MARRY THIS YOUNG LADY, AND YOU WILL DO IT BEFOR THE END OF THE MONTH". She then turned to Pansy and said "I am sorry Pansy dear. I know you probably have you dream wedding planned out already, but we need to get you hitched to my moron of a son before your condition becomes known. Do not worry though we will do the best we can I the limited time."

For her part Pansy was in near shock for multiple reasons. One; She was being told she had to marry Weasley two; Molly was already treating her like family, even though they had just met. And three; strangely she found herself looking forward two it. Especially given the smile she wd getting from her mum

Pansy dreaded to think of her father's reaction had he been here


Soon plans were being discussed and at the end of the meeting the date was set for the Saturday after next. Which ironically would be the day after Valentines day

So it was that on Saturday 15th February, Ron stood at the alter in a small marquee set up in the grounds of Parkinson Manor.

Apparently the debate of where the ceremony would take place had been resolved by one of the twins tossing a coin.

It was a small guest list, comprising of Ron's immediate family. Plus Harry and Hermione.

And on the bride's side her family, plus her dorm mates and her friend Blaize. Strangely enough, no one even considered inviting Draco, the bouncing ferret.

As Ron awaited his bride, he was very conscious of his farther, Bill and Pansy's cousin Marcus standing behind him with wand drawn. The results of Ron not going through with the wedding, having been previously explained to him in minute and painful detail.


When Pansy eventually arrived, she was being escorted down the isle by Sirius Black, who had offered to stand in for her absent farther. Though Ron would admit that Pansy would not have been his first choice in bride, Ron found him self unable to take his eyes of Pansy in her wedding dress. She did make a rather beautiful bride, having grown out of her bug face faze.

The actual ceremony was a blur to both bride and groom. Only remembering the vows and the "I Do's". Not to mention the awkward first kiss as husband and wife.

The reception was a small affair, but still enjoyed by all except the twins who spent most of it bound and silenced in the corner, after Bill and Charlie had caught them trying to spike the punch bowl... AGAIN


After the reception, the guest went home, or returned to Hogwarts. Pansy then too her newly minted husband by the hand and lead him to her bedroom. Where for only the second time Ron and Pansy ended up in bed together.

Though this time, Ron could actually remember indulging in the activities that took place an was a more active participant.

Much to the pleasure of the new Mrs Weasley.



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