Alright so im writing this since I found no other Enclave fic in my 15 minutes of searching. Basically what if the chosen didn't exist/didn't have plot armor in Fallout 2 and the Enclave did their thing in rebuilding the US minus the whole second holocaust.

The Enclave was no stranger to bloody succession, it was after all created by the highest echalons of the government and the richest corporations where behavior like this was the norm.

Richardson Senior killed the president before him and together with his followers made himself the president. Then making his son the President. The now dead President Richardson in his obsession with killing all mutants on Earth forgot to watch his back.

General Autumn reminded him the hard way to always watch his back. He alongside a growing number of Reformists realized the President was going crazy once he ordered bio weapon tests to be conducted on American citizens from Vault 13. Instead of recruiting the almost 1000 inhabitents into the Enclave and using the vault to bolster their numbers he ordered them to be used as nothing more than lab rats.

Seeing the experiments proved to be the breaking point for General Autumn, his men and majority of the enclave. They just had to wait till Frank Horrigan was off the rig to perform their coup.

Bringing a radio up to his face he spoke into it "President Richardson is dead, cease all FEV testing immediately" putting the Radio down he saw the door open and in rushing guards who upon seeing him Saluted immediately

"General what happened?" asked one of the guards.

"At 4:21am today the joint chiefs of staff and the congress declared Former President Richardson a traitor to the State. As you can see I carried out his execution." Responded Autumn walking up to the guards taking out a document with a stamp from both the congress and the Joint Chiefs "I am now going to leave this room and you will dump the body in the ocean. Am I understood?"

Both guards looked at eachother for a brief moment before saluting once again and replying "Yes sir" they went past Autumn and grabbed the still warm body of Richardson and carried him out.

"All in favor?" asked the speaker of the congress followed by a loud "aye!" from everyone. Congress during the time of the Richardsons was reduced to just an ideal, holding no real power. That changed however once the Generals and other officers started to become disillusioned with the President and slowly start backing Congress.

"Vice-President Bird is hereby removed from power due to his declining Mental State, Following the line of succession General Jack Churchill is appointed the Acting President until a suitable replacement can be found" said the speaker.

The General ,or well now president, in question wasn't too happy about it but understood that it had to be done. Standing up he addressed the people in the room "Im not politician, I never wanted to be one. Im a soldier, I know what must be done and I will do it at all costs. I ask of you to put your hope in me and assist me on the road ahead of us" he quietly sat back down and let the congress talk about how they wish him luck.

"Mariposa has shown how easy it is to be infected and how hard it is to kill those mutants, we need to continue experimenting with FEV to find a way to kill them without the need of endangering our own or the need to wipe out all life on the planet" said Doctor Henderson, he was the assistant to Doctor Curling and both worked on the FEV Curling-13 project. Both of them disagreed and were disgusted by the project but fear kept them working.

"What do you propose doctor?" asked Churchill

"If we could modify it to kill subjects infected with FEV and make it heavier than air we could in theory make it work like many of the gas weapons of World War 1" responded Curling.

"I remember Curling that you were against further testing of the FEV, what changed?" asked Churchill

"Mission parameters, I am fine with working on the FEV for as long as it isn't used on Civilians. We already have most of the basics down and in a few weeks to a month at best we will be able to change the FEV to our wishes"

"I sense a but coming," said Churchill.

Henderson said with a small frown "But most of our resources needed to continue work have been depleted developing that failure of a vaccine. Our production of them will delay the project by months and then testing will take up to a year at best"

"Your resource problem will be sorted out in a few days' time. Currently operations are in place to boost our industry and numbers" replied Churchill

Sergeant Stark ducked as bullets flew past his head. This became part of his day-to-day life since Vault City rejected the NCRs proposition to join them. Everyone knew why the raiders were attacking them, everyone knew what had to be done. The Laser Turrets opened fire once more as they detected a raider show his ugly self. Stark peaked out of cover and fired a few shots before ducking again.

This continued until through the sound of fighting a chopping sound was heard in the air. Not allowing himself and his men to be distracted he ordered at them to keep fighting lest they be killed. The raiders were obviously distracted as shown when few of them actually stood up from their cover and kept looking at the sky.

Wanting to take the chance and kill as many as he could Stark stood up and aimed his weapon at one of the raiders but something beat him to it as the Raider was ripped to shreds and many more soon joined him. This made Stark look up, just in time to see a flying machine fly over him spewing death from its mounted weapons. The laser turrets along the wall all powered down and soon another machine flew above him, this time the machine landed just outside of the wall for a moment to release heavily armed and armored people and soon took to the sky again.

Following that the raiders started to be pushed back easily as everything they threw at the armored men just bounced off of their armor. A Third Machine flew by, this time it hovered above the wall and Armored men jumped out of it, landing on the wall, cracking it where they landed. Those men also joined the fight from atop the wall.

One of the men looked at the stunned Vault City guards and yelled at them "What are you maggots waiting for?! Fight!" he yelled out and everyone, including Stark felt compelled to fight the raiders once more. Their armor resembled the one of the Fabled Brotherhood of Steal, yet it lacked its markings. As the fighting died down and the last raider was dead, stark found it in himself to approach one of the Soldiers.

"I am Sergeant Stark of the City Guard. Who are you and why did you help us?" asked Stark and instantly regrated it as the Armored Soldier from before walked up to him.

"I am Sergeant Dornan of the United States Army and you will address me as either Sergeant or Sergeant Dornan is that understood?!" Dornan yelled out

United states Army? That couldn't be correct, they stopped existing after the bombs fell, everyone knew that. Yet deep down Stark believed the Sergeant.

"That will do Sergeant, I will take it from here" replied another Armored Person. "Sergeant Stark, I am Lieutenant Cole of the United States Army. I am here to talk to your council on behalf of the United States Government"

Stark realized something at that point, these were either a group of ghouls or a bunch of loonies. He didn't know which one was worse or more dangerous. He however didn't want to fight the heavily armed people with flying machines, especially since the laser Turrets were disabled. So he lead them to the office of First Citizen Lynette

Everyone in Vault City was aware of the flying machines and the soldiers that flew them helping out in the fight against the raiders. It was hard not to, the sight of a power armor wearing soldier was hard to miss. Even harder to miss was an entire group of them and the Vertibirds that kept circling around the city.

Lynette was no exception to this, a knock on her door caused her to stop looking at the Vertibirds and look at the door where Sergeant Stark and one of the Armored soldiers entered.

"Sergeant Stark, if I may, who is it that you brought to me?" asked Lynette

Before stark could answer the soldier spoke "First Citizen Lynette, I am Lieutenant Cole of the United States Army. I am here as a representative of the United States Government"

Lynette laughed a bit "Is this a new NCR trick? What did they promise the Brotherhood? Access to our technology perhaps? I am not as stupid as the NCR thinks I am you tincan soldier. Now who are you really?"

The soldier took out a piece of cleanly folded piece of paper and handed it to Lynette whos color drained from her face once she read its content "Stark leave us" he wanted to object "Leave. Now"

Left alone with the Power Armor clad soldier "We thought the government was gone after no one came for us once we activated the recolonization signal. What changed?" she asked.

"That is above my paygrade ma'am, the President, Congress and General Staff have decided to finally reclaim and rebuild the land"

"What if we don't accept?"

"Then the NCR will stop sending in raiders and will send in its army. Make no mistake ma'am, after what we pulled off today the NCR will want that technology and unless you accept this, then in a months time Vault City will be part of the NCR whether it likes it or not"

Lynette picked up a pen and signed the document handing it back to the Soldier "I hope we don't regret this lieutenant"

Certain characters and events are insipred/taken from the Hearts of Iron IV mod Old World Blues: Enclave Reborn.

These Events, New Vegas events in particular will only start to happen in the future