I didnt get to write anything for a while now mom, sorry about that. As I am certain you already heard, a month ago the NCR attacked us at New Reno. Now I understand why urban combat was hell, it took us 4 days to push the NCR out of the city and now with reinforcements and fresh recruits we are to attack Sac City in the morning. Who am I calling fresh recruits? They are as old as me. Guess after seeing the 4 days of hell at reno everyone that survived now has a different outlook on recruits. I'm scared mom, Sac city is big, almost as big as New Reno, just hope this doesn't end the same. I'll write to you once we win the battle.

With love, Gary

April 2nd, 2242

Hi mom, I am all right. Was busy a few days after the battle so I didn't have time to write. We managed to capture the city, right now my company is resting and recovering from the battle while we wait for other forces to arrive here. My previous hopes were shattered in the first day, we managed to capture just a few streets before being stopped by those thrice damned Rangers. My squad managed to get out with only a few wounded, the others weren't as lucky. We had support from local sympathizers but even with them it wasn't easy. What's done is done, don't worry about me mom, I will be back soon.

With Love Gary

April 9th, 2242

This might be my last letter mom, tomorrow we are attacking Shady Sands, it's a big city. Bigger than Vault City and New Reno put together, its going to be heavily defended I already know that. I already told the right people, all my money goes to you. Heard from a different unit that Redding and most of the West was brought into control now only Dayglow, The Boneyard and Junktown remain and its over. We have been gathering more and more Sympathizers, from what I know the further in we got the further the NCR pushed its own people. Now instead of open Hostility when we enter a town or city we are greeted as liberators and saviors, some soldiers even desert and surrender to us. Can't really hope for that here. If I live through the battle I am taking you and little Martha to the fanciest dinner in Vault City.

With Love Gary

September 8th, 2242

Gary finished writing the letter and sighed looking around his tent he saw the others were doing the same. None of them were thinking they would get out of this o ne alive and who could blame them? They were amongst the first to attack. Even with the surprise the engineers prepared for the NCR would that suffice?

The engineers in the Sierra Army Depot managed to repair a few Dozen Mister Gutsy's and fix a Tank enough so that it could join the fight. It would spook the NCR soldiers for sure but he was certain that they would find a way to disable it at the very least.

They were crafty so the unit was taking bets on how long it would last in combat, the engineers didn't like that very much so they all bet it would survive the battle. However the Rangers have proven many times that they had ways to beat their Toys.

"Suppressing fire! Move! Move!" yelled the Power Armor clad soldier as the light infantry used the moment to advance alongside the Heavy Infantry squad. Plasma bolts and Laser Bolts flew overhead as they pinned down the NCR defenders. Running up to the Lieutenant at the front Sergeant Williams yelled to him over the sound of battle "Lieutenant, Bravo squad of 3rd Platoon, we were ordered to assist you, where do you need us!?"

The Lieutenant putting his binoculars down yelled back to her "My Heavy infantry is pushing up the Main road to the district police department, I received reports however that the enemy has been supplied with Pulse grenades and mines from the Van Graffs and are setting up one of their Heavy Killzones somewhere between that Machinegun nest and the Police Station!" both of them ducked further as a stray bullet hit too close for comfort. Then both looked up again and continued

The lieutenant pointing along the road "Between us and that MG Nest there is a street connecting to the main commercial road! I need you to get there and move unto the Police station from there and make sure that Ambush is dealt with before my Heavy Infantry pushes through. Is that Understood!?" Williams only nodded "Good, get your squad ready. On my mark we will focus the MG fire on us and give you a window to move!"

She waited, her squad formed up behind her, looking at the lieutenant as his soldiers got into position. On his order they let loose, Plasma, Laser and Bullets flew in the direction of the NCR position, allowing her and her squad to break into a sprint as they ran to the street the lieutenant mentioned.

As they turned into the street the firing of the Lieutenants soldiers mellowed down a bit but never stopping, by the looks of it she had to hurry as she knew the Lieutenant was only waiting for reinforcements before he broke through the NCR position and advanced to the Police Station.

Stopping at a nearby barricade Williams pulled out her binoculars and scanned the Police Station that was 100 meters ahead of them. The only thing between them being an open park with very little cover.

Swallowing a bitter lump that formed in her throat from the knowledge of what this order would entail, she put the binoculars and looked at her squad that was scanning the area around them with weapons at the ready.

"Alright, Jenkins, Whitemore and Baker, do you see overturned car 50 meters from here?" she asked as she pointed towards the car. Once the 3 of them nodded she spoke again "The 3 of you will run towards it while we cover you. Once you arrive at it, open surpressing fire on the Police Station and wait until Jackson, Smith and Ashton arrive. Then run towards the wall infront of the Police station and Repeat" She looked around at her Squad "Understood?!" she asked with her Sergeant voice in order to instill atleast some morale and confidence in her soldiers.

"Yes ma'am!" replied her soldiers

"Then move it before the bear lovers die of old age. And none of you dare die on me here or I will drag you all out of Hell to kill you myself and send you back to it!" She yelled with a small smile on her face. As Jenkins Whitemore and Baker went off running and she fired off her raised Rifle

"The fall of the NCR is a forgone conclusion, what we need to focus on is the time after the war is over, we are going to need GECKs and many of them to turn California back into a state that can provide for its people, we will need to integrate all of its Territories into ours, its going to take a lot of resources, not to mention stretch our Military thin." Said Stone

"Where do you suppose we find a stash of GECKs Stone? Want me to dig outside of Los Angeles and find a dozen? Or do you want me to grow them in the fields?" asked Doctor Curling

"If you could that would be very nice of you Curling, but to my knowledge there is only one place in the Wasteland that has a large stash of GECKs. We need to secure the EPA facility out in Colorado" replied Howard

Churchill frowned "If they followed protocol before the Bombs Fell, which by the state of things I am doubting, Vault Tec didn't deliver on their promise and some of the vaults we found, even we were unaware of some of the experiments, The control stations fell silent and we lost contact with the east. I will be surprised if the EPA did as told and even more surprised if the Navy did as ordered"

"Even if they didn't, the Nursery should have the facilities needed to mass produce GECKs and the genetic material to bring back clean animals unaffected by Radiation. Before we can even bring them back we will need GECKs to turn California into something more than a irradiated dust ball, so we are back to square one." Said Howard

"Williams, I want to borrow a Verti assault team and send them to the Nursery, as Howard said we either find it full of GECKs or we find a place to produce them en masse. Tell them to secure the facility, once that's cleared we can send engineers and scientists to get to work" said Churchill