We live in a world of fantasy. It is a world filled with daring heroes, swords and sorcery, and ferocious fire-breathing monsters. However, for one young peasant boy from Dimlight Woods…

"Why am I doing this?" the young lad asks himself as he comes face-to-face with a purple-scaled dragon.

Well, his tale doesn't start out as heroic. This boy, named Timothy, was peer pressured by two other boys into going into a cave some five miles from their village where a purple dragon nested itself. They were hoping to steal some of the dragon's treasure, but were too cowardly to steal it themselves, so they forced Timothy into doing the dirty work for them, otherwise they would beat poor Timothy within an inch of his life.

As Timothy walked deeper into the cave with torch in hand, he spotted some of the dragon's handiwork: a few burn marks on the ground with the impressions of boots at spots where the ground wasn't burnt. On the cave walls were more scorch marks, only these marks were shaped in the form of humans screaming in horror. Timothy guessed that the scorch marks were from the remains of other treasure seekers who tried to claim the dragon's treasure, only to meet their cruel fate.

At last, the boy made it to where the dragon was nesting. The dragon was resting atop its horde of gold and jewels in what could oddly be described as a well-lit chamber. While Timothy was here to grab some of the treasure and hightail it out of the cave, there was something else that had caught his attention. On the dragon's neck was a gold amulet with a fiery red stone in the center. Surely that amulet would be good enough for him to take and show to his "friends."

Timothy bided his time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to remove the amulet off the dragon. At that moment, he yanked the amulet right off the monster's neck. However, the snap of the rope that the amulet was connected to caused the dragon to wake up. The dragon let out a terrifying roar! Timothy wanted to run, but he was paralyzed with fear! He closed his eyes, awaiting his fate…

But it never came…

He reopened his eyes to see the dragon bursting into a giant violet-colored flame, which shrunk to the size of a human before extinguishing itself as if it were magic. What remained of the dragon was replaced with what looked like a tall, beautiful human girl around Timothy's age with long greenish-black hair with princess-style bangs. She was also wearing a purple and white dress that went to her knees, leaving her bare legs and feet for all to see. If it weren't for her long and pointed ears, she would pass for being an ordinary human.

"How dare you?!" the dragon-girl screamed. "Not only do I see yet another thief trying to take my family's treasure, but they have the nerve to take my dragonstone amulet?! You're so lucky, otherwise you'd be dead right where you stand!"

Timothy pleaded his case. "Wait! I'm only here because I was forced to; I would never steal from someone as beautiful as you! Also…what's a 'dragonstone'?"

Upon hearing Timothy's compliment, the girl was no longer furious. "Well, if you must know, a dragonstone is what allows us Manaketes to take on our dragon forms," she replied. "By the way, you said that you were forced to come to my cave and steal my treasure; why is that?"

"Take a good look at me," Timothy replied. "I'm small, scrawny, and I wear pink-colored clothes; that makes me an easy mark for bullies to have their way with me. Gods, there are even some folks in my village who make fun of my teeth."

"That's nothing compared to my life; us Manaketes can't live with humans because they're afraid of our powers nor can we live with the other monsters because we look human," said the girl mournfully.

"I can vouch for you," said Timothy.

"You…would do that?" asked the Manakete.

"Of course! What are friends for?" replied Timothy. "My name's Timothy, by the way, but you can just call me Timmy. What's yours?"

"Trixie…" she replied.

"Say Trixie, I still need to give some of your treasure to my friends. Let's have some 'fun' with them, don't you agree?" asked Timmy as he held the amulet for Trixie to take.

"I'd be delighted…" Trixie said with a huge grin on her face before putting the amulet back on.

Back at the entrance, the two bullies were actually becoming worried about Timmy, though it was more about the treasure than him.

"Man, this guy is taking way too long!" moaned the first bully.

"Relax! Any moment now, the brat will come out of there and we'll take the gold! What could go wrong?" said the other bully.

Just then, the two bullies heard what to them sounded like several ear-piercing roars, followed by what sounded like Timmy screaming, "Help! Help! The dragon's gonna eat me!" before a deathly silence. The bullies screamed from the top of their lungs and ran back to the village; neither of them looked back to see Timmy coming out the cave completely unharmed with Trixie behind him.

Later on at the village, the two bullies had caused a mob to form after they told the entire village about Timmy and the dragon. The mob only reached the edge of the village when Timmy and Trixie appeared.

"Wow! I had no idea you all were worried about me!" said Timmy

Just then, Timmy's bullies came to confront him. "How in the Gods are you still alive?!" said one bully. "Yeah! I thought that you were that dragon's next meal!" added the other bully.

"Dragon? What dragon? All I saw was an empty cave! Isn't that right, Trixie?" Timmy said while signaling Trixie to play along with a wink.

"Right! There was no dragon! These two kids were just fooling around!" replied Trixie.

Timmy and Trixie's ruse worked, and the mob dispersed. The two bullies were dragged by their mothers back to their respective homes, where they were each given a proper spanking.

Timmy and Trixie are now best friends. Trixie is enjoying her life in the village of Dimlight Woods. Besides Timmy, no one knows that she's a powerful dragon, and she'd like to keep that way.

From the Author: I never knew that I would be writing another Fairly Oddparents fanfic. The inspiration for this fan-fiction is a series of one-offs from Orange-Ratchet entitled "Of Pink Hats and Purple Hairbands." I highly recommend it if you're a Timmy/Trixie shipper, and if Orange-Ratchet wants to use my story in his, I would be delighted…just don't forget to give me credit, though.