In between light and darkness


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"For starters," Death spoke, " we will give you three Lordships. The moment you have gone back in time, you will no longer have even a shred of your father and mother's blood flowing through your veins. Instead, it will be that of your new mother's, Emily Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell, and that of your new father's, George Maxwell. We will replace the blood flowing through."

My eyes widened in shock. I was going to be Lord Slytherin, Lord Ravenclaw, and Lord Peverell. All three of those Houses held a seat on the Wizengamot. The Peverells were mainly shrouded in mystery. But they were said to have produced some of the most powerful wizards and witches in all of history. Unfortunately, the line was also said to be extinct. Slytherin and Ravenclaw were the name of two Hogwarts founders and were generally well known.

I was also happy to finally have my parents' blood no longer flowing through my veins. After my incineration in Azkaban, I saw it as the last bond between Lily and me and James Potter. One I always wanted to get rid of but never could.

"Not that I am not happy," I objected, "but wouldn't that create some time paradox. I mean, the"

"No, it won't. The Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell family did not claim what is theirs in the last five centuries for reasons you will have to discover on your own. Voldemort also killed the entire family. Your new mother by blood, same as your father by blood, was killed by Voldemort in the first war, as was the rest of your new family. Now concerning magical potential, well, you can already compete with Merlin."

"What!?" I exclaimed, shocked. Death laughed, "Well, Dumbledore placed a bunch of blocks on you that stopped you from not only reaching your full magical potential but also rendered you incapable of performing even the smallest amount of entire magical branches. He did so after he realized that you might be able to one day rival him in magical power. And you know how Dumbles is, he won't allow an equal to him to walk this earth."

I silently cursed Dumbledore under my breath for what felt like the hundredth time in my time in Azkaban.

Death walked towards me, looked me dead into the eyes, and said," Hadrian Potter, I, Thanatos, herby cleanse you of the blood of James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans running through your veins. I replace it with the blood of Emily Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell and George Maxwell. So, mote it be."

Death raised a hand and said, "In a few seconds, I am going to snap my fingers, and you will be sent back in time. I wish you the best of luck regarding your task given you by Fate and Death themselves, Hadrian Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell."

Hadrian's eyes widened once again when he realized that this was goodbye from Death. No, no, no, no, he thought, I have so many questions that need answers.

"Hang on. You can't just"

Before Harry could even finish his sentence, Death snapped his finger, and Hadrian disappeared.

Chapter 1 End

Chapter 2: Being back

Hadrian's Point of view

"I'm sorry." Lily Potter said.

I blinked, not knowing where I was. Looking around that I didn't even know when I was. Then, all of a sudden, who was standing next to me, looked at me sadly. She slowly turned around, tears forming in her eyes, and began walking away.

Realization hit me. Now I knew when I was. You heard that right. I said when I was.

My name in the last timeline was Hadrian Potter. There I was a prisoner in Azkaban for almost a decade. Now I go by the name Hadrian Slytherin Ravenclaw Peverell. This timeline will be much different than the last, of that, I am sure, for I will make it that way.

Realizing where I was and at what particular moment in time I at the time was, I quickly regained my senses and said, "No, I am sorry."

I turned around to face my mother. Lily stopped dead in her tracks after I spoke those four words. My mother still had her back turned on me, but I saw that she was crying. Looking on the ground, I could see how her tears hit it.

She turned her head around so she could see me. Green eyes met green eyes. "Hadrian," she began, but I didn't want to hear it. I turned around and walked towards what I would call one of my homes for the next few years. Privet Drive. Though I never considered it home. I considered it hell. An abusive hellhole, to be precise. As soon as I entered the house, I heard my mother breaking down.

I must admit that I felt the need to help her and console her no matter how deep I buried it. But I quickly stomped on that notion. After everything that woman has done to me, she does not deserve my compassion. As such, I didn't help her when I heard sobs behind me. Hell, I didn't even turn around to help her. Instead, I just kept walking forward.

I know that I behaved cruelly on that particular day. But I couldn't care less. We were beyond words, beyond the point of forgiveness, beyond the point of compassion, and even regret. Each and one of us had chosen their path.

Looking back, I realize that the moment my family abandoned me shaped me in the new timeline and the old one.

Words can't describe the rage I felt when I realized at which moment I entered my past selves' body. I know that my so-called mother would never be the same person from that forward. The muggle saying 'you reap what you sow' came to my mind. I couldn't agree with the saying more.

After all, what did Lily Potter nee Evans expect when she abandoned me. That we could pretend it never happened, that we could be one big happy family after my brother defeated Voldemort. Only now that I think about it, I realize that the very idea is laughable in itself. It makes my stomach twist and turns in ways I never thought possible.

Like I said before, 'You reap what you sow.' And my family only sowed the seeds of abandonment, at least when it came to me. And that is all they will ever earn from me too. Anyway, my brother, vanquisher of Voldemort, savior of the wizarding world, child of the prophecy, the chosen one was an entirely different matter altogether. How couldn't he be? I thought sardonically.

'My brother' saying those two words still leaves a bitter aftertaste in my mouth. Adrian Potter is not my brother. Not by blood, magic, soul, or mind. However, he was once but only by blood.

Never in my life have I claimed to understand a child's mind, but again how did the Potter's think I was going to feel after they abandoned me.

The Potter's had two children. One was raised as a king, while the other was left to rot in the dirt. It makes you question if the Potters were ever supposed to be children in the first place.

But I have gotten over my abandonment. The feeling of not being wanted. That's what I tell and repeat in my mind almost daily.

I spent nearly ten years… ten long years in Azkaban. There I relieved the worst of my memories, including my abandonment. I coped with it there.

Looking towards Privet Drive, Number Hadrian couldn't help but grin evilly. Those damn Dursleys are going to suffer was one of the first thoughts I had. The door stood open. Standing close to the door, my Aunt, Aunt Petunia, stood there. Not that I would ever consider her as such. Boy, Petunia would be in for one hell for a surprise when she realized what I was capable of.

I could see my aunt looking at me evilly, no scratch that she was looking past me. At my mother, to be precise. She must enjoy seeing my mother cry and have a breakdown in the middle of the street. Petunia seemed to almost revel at the sight. Not surprising, now that I think about it. My aunt, after all, was always in the shadow of her sister just because she wasn't a witch. Walking towards her, I stopped in front of her. "Aunt Petunia," I said weakly, my facing showing nothing but fear.

Inside, however, I was smirking. I like to give my enemies the illusion of power. Power makes you arrogant; it makes you feel in control of the situation. When somebody makes you realize that you never had the power to begin with, and that someone merely gave you the illusion of it, you were a pawn, to be used and then discarded. That realization breaks most.

I learned that lesson regarding power from Albus Dumbledore himself.

Petunia sneered at me. "Get inside, boy." She commanded. Ah, there it was, the word she always called me. Boy. There was another word she always called me, one I could never forget. Freak. I grit my teeth, swearing to me that this time I would not be abused by the Dursleys. Whatever it may take. I unclenched my teeth and replaced the former expression of rage on my face with a smiling one. Petunia was confused for a moment regarding the change of expressions on my face before she started smiling. She probably thought I would be the submissive brat "Of course, Aunt Petunia." I obliged my aunt's command. I walked inside the house, Petunia following behind me.

After I entered the house, Petunia took one last look at the sobbing form of my mother. She smirked evilly at her and mouthed the words 'thank you to her. Then she shut the door with a loud bang. Only later in my life would I find out that she mouthed those words on July 31, 1986, the day my parents abandoned me. Even now, I did not specifically know why aunt Petunia mouthed those words to her. It just made no sense at all.

Meanwhile, I walked along the floor into the kitchen. I saw Uncle Vernon sitting on a chair, reading the local muggle newspaper. I put the two suitcases I was holding in my hands and put them on the floor. He pretended not to notice me for, I think, about half a minute. Then he looked up, saw that I arrived, faltered the newspaper two times, and laid it on top of the nearby table. After that, he stared me dead in the eyes.

"My dear Uncle." I thought sarcastically. Seeing him again, I had to resist the urge to throttle him. That didn't stop me from sneering at him, though.

I waited and waited, but nothing happened. Vernon still looked me into the eyes, and I bored right back into his. I must congratulate my relative, though, where most people would have flinched and looked away from me after I looked into their eyes. Instead, Vernon just stared right back.

In the future, my eyes have often been described as lifeless that my gaze could stare into the soul of one individual—another thing I earned from being abused for years and living most of my life in Azkaban.

After a few seconds, my aunt and Dudley entered the kitchen. Again, my blood started boiling seeing Dudley. I clenched my teeth so hard I thought that they would fall out.

"Boy," I hear my uncle call out harshly. "Yes," I responded in a bored tone, not really being interested.

"From tomorrow morning, you will hold the house clean, tidy it, and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us daily." He said, staring at me. "If you don't, I will punish you severely," I remember him saying those words in the old timeline precisely as he did now. Instead of clenching my teeth, shouting at him that it wasn't fair to him that I was treated like a house-elf, I laughed. I broke down laughing right in the middle room. I actually hit the ground with my bare fists from the laughing fit I was in.

After a while, I got up but was still laughing. "What is so funny?" Vernon shouted angrily at me, his face red with anger. I just continued laughing. "What's so funny?" Vernon repeated his question. When I didn't answer, Vernon punched me across the face. I stopped laughing almost immediately.

Vernon smirked in satisfaction, muttering something about teaching freaks to respect their betters. At this moment, my rage boiled over. Memories of years of abuse flashed to my mind.

Who did they think they were, ordering me around like a house-elf. Punching me. I am a human being. They have no idea that I could kill them using magic within a minute, do they? This time I won't let myself be pushed and treated like a house-elf for the Dursleys. This time I will rebel. No longer exists the obedient little Hadrian who would do anything to avoid punishment from these monsters. I will stand up to myself and do what I think is right. It's time to teach the Dursley's a lesson.

Those were only a few thoughts I had. At first, I didn't get up. But then, Vernon walked over to me, held me up in the air by my collar, and repeated his demands.

"From tomorrow morning, you will hold the house clean, tidy it, and make breakfast, lunch, and dinner for us daily. If not, I will punish you."

Those cursed words hunt me in my dreams. It is always the same dream. Vernon beats me up and repeats those cursed words. In that dream, I am helpless. I can't defend myself. I relieve how my parents abandoned me. Maybe I should see a mind healer after all. But this isn't a dream, or it would be a fierce one. This is reality. Here I can defend myself, my honor, and so much more.

"No," I defied my uncles' wishes.

"No." My uncle repeated the word sounding foreign to him. "No!" he repeated this time furiously. He punched me again before throwing me against a wall. God, that hurt.

I saw my uncle approaching me. I remember frantically looking around for a large, solid object.

I found it in the form of a chair. At this point, my uncle grabbed me by the throat. He tried to throttle any air out of me. I pointed one of my hands and the chair and summoned it to me via wandless magic. Since Vernon was standing in front of me, he took the total brute of the chair that came crashing into him.

Vernon went to the ground, but so did I. I quickly stood up and took a few quick, deep breaths. After all, someone just strangled me. Then I smirked. I really enjoyed hurting my uncle physically. Yet, somewhere in my heart, I felt terrible for that thought.

I could do this all day. I thought wistfully. But I knew I shouldn't, that it was wrong to enjoy, but damn, it felt so good… so satisfying.

Uncle Vernon abused me in the other timeline so often that I had lost count. When he needed an outlet for his frustrations, which was often… boy that man had a temper… whenever he drank too much, which was also often and so forward. That man took my childhood. My self-esteem. Courage. My trust in humanity.

In this timeline of events, I wouldn't allow any of it.

Being abused left scars on me. Scars that never fully heal. Scars on your mind. Scars nobody can see other than the people who know you best. My ten yearlong stay in Azkaban didn't help me either. In Azkaban, the dementors made me constantly relieve the worst of my memories. My childhood abuse, the day my parents abandoned me, the day the Wizengamot sentenced to Azkaban, and so much more.

Seeing that my uncle was about to get up, I lifted the chair again and made it crash down on Vernon again and again. I did so three times. After the third time, the chair lay next to my uncle, who had tears from the pain.

"Listen to me, well uncle," I sneered at him, "no, no, actually you all better listen to me, for I will only say this once. First, you'll treat me as a human being. Then, if you do not, I'll use magic to bring bloody harm upon you. Have you understood me?"

Aunt Petunia and Dudley seem to have realized that they stood under me in the food chain. They nodded while Dudley was shooting frightened looks at me in Petunia's arms. They both feared me now; I could see in their eyes. I never wanted to be feared. But after being abused for half a decade, I learned that being feared is better than getting beaten up.

However, my intellectually underdeveloped uncle did not note that I stood above him in the food chain, that I was the Alpha animal in Privet Drive Number 4. He tried to get up a fourth time, but I just lifted the chair again and made it crash down on him with full force. He hit the ground immediately.

"You see, dearest uncle," I addressed him mockingly," do not need a wand to perform magic. I'll punish you severely if you try to harm me again. Do you understand me, Vernon?" I said threateningly. I exhaled and let the pleasure of saying those cursed words to him pass over me. The joy of me being in charge.

Vernon seemed to struggle with himself for a moment before nodding.

"Good, let's discuss a set of rules, shall we?" I said cheerily, doing a complete 180 when it came to my mood. "The first rule is" I paused my face taking the expression of a maniac; I especially enjoyed watching the horror and fear creep into my relatives' eyes; at this point, I had to put a lot of effort into not breaking down laughing again, I wonder what was going in the heads of the Dursleys, what horrors did their imagination came up with that they think I am going to put them through, "leave me alone." I finished.

A stunned expression quickly replaced the looks of fear on their faces. It took everything I had not to burst out laughing. "What?" choked my aunt out.

"You don't like me; I don't like you. So let us all do a favor and pretend I don't exist, okay? I won't cook, wash, clean and or tidy for you. Instead, I will get a room upstairs, and I'll take care of it myself. I am going to feed and take care of myself all on my own from this moment forward." I said seriously. "I'll leave this house now and come back tonight to sleep here, then we'll discuss further rules. Oh, and if you tell my parents or any other wizard or witch you may know what happened here today, I'll kill you."

With that, I walked out of the kitchen and ultimately Privet Drive 4, leaving behind three frightened Dursleys. My mother must have gone Privet Drive a few moments before me, for she was nowhere in sight. She probably picked herself up, wiped the tears away, and disapparated away. Now I needed to get to Gringotts and Diagon Alley to get a few things. But the bank is run by goblins was in London and I in Surrey. The distance was 51 km apart from each other. An hour if you had a car. A minute if I could disapparateand a few seconds if I had access to the Flo Network.

I didn't want to ask or, more like, force the Dursleys into dropping me off at London because I was stubborn, had a wish to be independent, and did want to spend as little time as possible in their presence.

So now the question I had no answer for was: How the hell am I supposed to get to London if I don't have any money, magical or muggle, or any other resources to speak of. So, I decided to do the most logical thing. I searched for the next train station and entered the next train, which drove to London without a ticket, meaning I have been driving on the black. Luckily for me, there were no ticket controls from the journey of Surrey to London. If there were any, I am not sure which kind of story I would have made up to explain my lack of a ticket, much less where my parents are. After all, to the guy/woman who controlled the ticket, I would have been nothing but a child.

Arriving at Paddington Station, the main train stop in London, I left the train. After a while of wandering around, I found the pub secretly the entrance to Diagon Alley. I entered it and quickly moved through the masses, and before I knew it, I faced the stonewall that separated the magical world from the muggle world. I touched the wall three times.

As an after-effect, the wall began to tremble, shook, and a small gap appeared in the middle. It grew wider and wider, and a second later, we were standing in front of an archway that even the giant Hagrid could fit through.

I passed through the archway and made Gringotts my destination. I could still remember Gringotts clearly like I was here yesterday. Gringotts was snow white and stood out above the other, smaller stores. Next to the bronze gate, there stood a goblin. The goblin was as tall as me at the moment.

I bowed to the goblin and greeted him in Gobbledegook. The goblin took a step back before regaining his composure and letting me enter Gringotts.

A few goblins bowed as I strode through the silver door into a vast marble hall. About a hundred goblins sat on a high stool behind a long counter, scribbling numbers in large folios, weighing coins on brass scales, and checking gems with watchmaker's scales clamped under their brows. Countless doors led into adjoining rooms, and other goblins ushered people in and out. I stepped in front of the counter.

I cleared my throat, making my presence to the goblin at the counter known. "Good morning, teller. My name is Hadrian Peverell, the last descendant of the most ancient and noble House of Peverell. To claim what is mine, I would like you to perform an inheritance test." I spoke in the tongue of the goblins.

I learned two languages at Azkaban. The tongue of the goblin and the tongue of the elves. Most wizards would consider speaking those languages useless, but I beg to differ. Goblins tend to show a lot more respect and even, dare I say it signs of friendship to all those who speak the tongue.

Goblin and wizard and witches relationship have never been great. Many wizards had the belief that they were born superior to the goblins. The goblins did not appreciate that belief. They absolutely hated it. Understandable really.

In all of history, there were 15 goblin rebellions. The goblin were warriors, and whenever someone pushed their buttons too far when someone would try to force their views on them or something else, the goblins would rush to the weapons.

The wizarding won all 15 rebellions, but each win came at a heavy price. Goblins always talked to wizards as if they (wizard/witch) believed they were better than the goblins. By learning the goblin language, you prove them wrong. Gobbledegook was one of the most challenging languages you could learn on the planet. I learned 15 hours a day for five years straight to even learn the language. But I never thought that I would one day use it. I was supposed to be imprisoned for all my life in Azkaban. Or at least that the verdict from the jury who sentenced me said. By speaking the goblin tongue, you set yourself off from the rest of the wizarding kind. You show the goblins that you respect them and their traditions enough to learn their language. You show them that you don't believe that wizards are better than goblins.

I never understood why wizards and witches believed themselves to be superior to the goblins. Likewise, purebloods felt themselves magically speaking superior to the half-bloods when they aren't even magically superior to the quote-unquote 'mud bloods' they hate.

The goblin's eyes widened. I think it was more from the fact that I claimed to be a Peverell than that I spoke the tongue of the goblins.

"Mister Peverell," he said, distrust clear in the goblin's eyes. He leaned forward over the counter to get a good look at me and look me straight into the eyes. I take it he wasn't sure if I was lying in claiming to be a Peverell. The last members of the Peverell House disappeared in the 15th century. So almost five whole centuries later, here I was claiming to be a Peverell. Regardless I knew that the goblin wouldn't say I was a liar until the inheritance test said otherwise. True to my intuition, the goblin spoke after he stared at me for a moment, before shaking his head and saying, "Please follow me."

I did as he said. I followed the goblin into a room where there was nothing but a desk inside. The room was relatively small, maybe four square meters at best.

After leading me into the room, the goblin again spoke, "Stay here." The goblin left the room, and a few minutes he returned a dagger and a parchment in his hand. He handed me the blade and unfolded the scroll, and held the scroll in front of me.

"A few drops of blood inside the parchment, please." The goblin intoned.

I used the dagger and cut a thin line against my palm, and the blood dropped into the scroll. I didn't show any pain while and after cutting my palm, knowing that the goblins would interpret it as weakness. But, as I said earlier, goblins were warriors, so showing weakness is not something you should do in front of them. Only those who show strength gain the respect of the goblins, those who show weakness only earn their disrespect.

After I dropped five drops of blood into the parchment, the goblin healed my palm and laid the parchment on the desk. I always found it interesting how the goblins did that. A goblin would grab a palm trace their fingers along with it with another finger, close their eyes and then mumble something in a language I didn't know. I think it was ancient Greek. Regardless, when the goblin opened his eyes, the wound was no longer present on my skin.

The goblin picked up the parchment from the desk. While the goblin healed my wound, the blood on the scroll became words. It read:

Test Results

Name: Hadrian Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell

Birthday: July 31, 1980

Mother: Emily Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell Father: George Maxwell

Maternal grandma: Emma Jones Paternal grandma: Isabelle Robertson

Maternal grandpa: Jack Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell Paternal grandpa: Oscar Maxwell

Godfather: none appointed Godmother: none appointed

True Heir of

The most ancient and noble House of Slytherin

Salazar Slytherin

The most ancient and noble House of Ravenclaw

Rowena Ravenclaw

The most ancient and noble House of Peverell

Antioch Peverell

Cadmus Peverell

Ignotus Peverell

Iolanthe Peverell


Magical core (50% blocked, 50% unblocked)

Wandless magic ( block malfunctioning)

Photographic memory (blocked)

Healing magic (blocked)

Dark magic (blocked)

Parselmagic (blocked)

Metamorphmagus (blocked)

Elemental magic (blocked)

Necromancy (blocked)

Shadow magic (blocked)

Soul magic (blocked)

Slytherin Properties

Slytherin Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland

Slytherin Gringotts vault (504,625,358 Gallons, 325 Sickles, 154 knuts, and many family artifacts, books, other objects, etc.)

Slytherin Business

5% ownership of Borgin and Burkes

5% ownership of Mr. Mulpepper's Apothecary

5% ownership of the Daily Prophet

Ravenclaw Properties

Ravenclaw Castle, Parco de Castello Miramare, Italy

Ravenclaw Gringotts vault (436,037,211 Gallons, 71 Sickles, 15 knuts and many family artifacts, books, other objects, etc.)

Ravenclaw Business

3% ownership of the Daily Prophet

15% ownership of Flourish and Blotts

Peverell Properties

Peverell Castle, Le Palais Princier, Monaco

Peverell Gringotts vault (105,610,32 Gallons, 2 Sickles, 6 knuts, and many family artifacts, books, other objects, etc.)

Peverell Business

1% ownership of the Daily Prophet

2% ownership of Ollivander's

The goblin read the parchment once, then another time, and then a third time. Then, he rolled the parchment together with shaking hands and cleared his voice, getting my attention. "Mr. Peverell, I believe I am not qualified on how to proceed. Please follow me. I'll take you to my superior, Ragnok."

"Ragnok as in the king of goblins and Gringotts." I curiously asked in the goblin tongue.

"Yes," the goblin answered courtly.

"Then lead on, teller goblin." I urged him.

After the teller goblin led me to Ragnok's office, he told me to wait outside to speak to his King alone for a few moments. After he told me to wait outside, I found a room on a nearby couch.

Above Ragnok's office stood the sentence' time is money'. Above that sentence hung a clock that you would hear ticking every second. "Goblins." I snorted in my mind. Suddenly the door to Ragnok's office swung open. I stood up from the couch, and shortly afterward, the goblin greeted me, "Greeting, young one." The King of goblins said.

I nodded my head, making it clear that I heard him. I spoke in Gobbledegook, "The pleasure is mine, Ragnok, king of goblins and Gringotts."

The King was momentarily taken aback before he smirked, showing his impressive, razor-sharp teeth. "Interesting, very interesting. Very few speak our tongue, Mr. Peverell."

"I always found your language interesting. So, I learned it, and please call me Hadrian; Mr. Peverell makes me feel old." I said in Goobledegook sheepishly, rubbing the back of my head. Ragnok laughed.

"Very well, Hadrian. But only if you call me Ragnok. Please follow me inside my office so that we can discuss some things further. "

Ragnok's office (3rd person point of view)

Hadrian entered Ragnok's office. Though he was the King of an entire nation, his office was nothing special. It was a small room with a desk in the middle and two chairs, one behind and one before the desk. The desk was quite unorganized, with many piles of papers on it. The piles of paper were stacked high on the desk. Some piles were even half a meter high. Did Ragnok use magic to ensure that the documents don't hit the ground? Among the piles of seemingly endless paper, a quill with ink stood out on the right side of the desk.

Ragnok walked beside me and gestured to one of the chairs, urging me to take a seat. The Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell did just that. Hadrian touched the chair, who shrank down to his size. "Wow," Hadrian briefed out. He took a seat and realized that as soon as he did, the table shrunk down to his size as well. "He used magic that the piles of paper don't hit the ground; otherwise, they would have fallen when the desk shrank down," Hadrian noted in thought.

"If I may, Hadrian, how can it be that you're the Heir of house Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Peverell and carry each name as your surname. The Ravenclaw name supposedly died with Rowena Ravenclaw's daughter, who had no descendants. Slytherin had descendants, but none carry the Slytherin name anymore. And don't get me started on the Peverell's. Their lineage vanished in the 15th century."

Hadrian sighed before lying, "I don't know. But I will investigate it. I discovered my heritage only a few days ago. Today was the first time I entered the magical world."

"And what about those blocks in your magic. I mean, who would want to bind your magic to such an extent." So asked the goblin narrowing his eyes at me.

"I don't know that as well." Harry lied again convincingly. "However, I want these restrictions gone."

"That can be arranged." The goblin said. "It may take a while, though. I will ask a prisoner who was either sentenced to life in Azkaban or the dementors kiss. The procedure will cost you 500 gallons."

"Money is not the problem," Harry assured him. "But I find myself curious, why a prisoner?"

"What you have to understand, Hadrian is that a block which blocks magic works like a curse. But we don't know how every block works, so we don't intend to break it; we transfer it to another human- a human who gets sentenced to life in Azkaban or the dementors kiss. That way, there won't be any backlash if we try to break the curse. So often, if you try to break the curse, it rebels and kills the infected one."

Hadrian nodded in understanding. This is good. He thought. A curse doesn't die with its infected. It stays even with a dead body until not a single cell of the dead body remains. So, Dumbledore will be completely ignorant of me removing/transferring the curse."

"Will the person who placed those blocks on me know that they are gone." The former Potter asked, pretending to be a scared child who did not know the answer.

The goblin smiled at me, "Fret not, young one." He said. "Whoever did it will not know that his blocks are gone. Gringotts curse breakers are the best in the world, and they will see to it that the person doesn't know."

"Now, let us talk about another thing, Hadrian. Where do you live?"

"I currently reside in the muggle world. An orphanage, to be precise. Although I don't think that I'll live there any longer, after this conversation, anyway now that I can choose in which of three castles I want to live." The Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell said, earning snickering from the goblin.

"Now onto a different matter, I will notify via owl when the new host slash prisoner for your curses has arrived at Gringotts. That day you will come to Gringotts. As for now, I am the account manager of your vaults. I will make investments for you, manage your money and account, and will do my best to increase the money you possess."

Hadrian nodded his head, signifying that he understood. Understood that the goblin couldn't and wouldn't abuse his position because, for one, it would cause a scandal if it ever became public knowledge that a goblin would abuse his position as an account manager. Second, many clients of Gringotts would leave the bank, taking all of their money with them. That was the last thing the goblins wanted. They wanted to hoard as much money as they possibly could in their secret halls. They believed that they were better at managing money than anyone else, which they were at least in Peverell's opinion. Ragnok's head, even if he were the King of the entire nation, would roll if he ever abused his position as an account manager. The other goblins would not stand for a king who abuses his authority.

"Than you best sent the letter to the Slytherin Castle because I won't return to the orphanage today." Although the Slytherin said, the goblin just nodded in response.

"Now, I would declare you the legal heir of the most ancient and noble Houses of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Peverell, any objections?" Hadrian shook his head and thought, What a stupid question. Who doesn't want to be the Heir of three most ancient and noble Houses?

Seeing that the former Potter shook his head, the King of goblins shouted, "Nagnok." The door to the office burst open not even a second after the shout; another goblin entered Ragnok's office. "Yes, your Majesty." Nagnok intoned dutifully.

"Bring me the rings of the heir of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Peverell." The commander-in-chief of Gringotts ordered.

The goblin was a bit taken back by the request before nodding and saying, "As you wish, my king." Then, he proceeded to disapparate and apparate a moment later. He walked in with a 30 cm long and 7cm in height box and put it on the table. Ragnok opened the box and showed it to the former Potter so that Hadrian could see the contents clearly from his point of view. Then, Nagnok disapparated, leaving the office again.

The outside of the box was wood; the inside, however, was leather with tiny indentations every 10 cm. The indentations were microscopic, just enough for the ring of each house to fit in. The logo of the three rings were shining at Harry in all of their glory. The rings were polished and maintained to an absurd level. No ring would otherwise shine at me like that. On the left side of the box was the ring of the Heir of Slytherin. In the middle was the ring the Heir of House Peverell wore. On the far right was the ring the Heir of Ravenclaw always wore.

The Slytherin was an emerald with a grey snake- a basilisk, of course- engraved. The Peverell ring was a black gemstone that showed a grey thestral- a creature only those could see who experienced a violent death. No surprise there either; I mean, the Peverell's were, after all, famous for supposedly meeting Death and their connection to the deity. The Ravenclaw ring was a surprise. The ring was a blue gemstone. Instead of showing the mascot of the schoolhouse, it showed a bird with claws who was half blue and half red- you could mistake the bird almost for a phoenix.

Hadrian starred at the three rings for a long time- entranced by the sight of those great rings- before Ragnok cleared his voice, snapping me out of my stupor.

"Done starring?" he asked, amused.

"Not quite." The Ravenclaw responded. "But I will postpone it for later." The goblin just chuckled, thinking he was joking. He did not. Maybe it is my magic making me so entranced by the rings. Since I am the Heir of the respective houses, perhaps the magic urges me to put those rings on my finger and claim what rightfully belongs to me. Hadrian theorized.

"Now to the serious part," the goblin began, and Hadrian automatically sat straighter in his chair, "Please grab the Slytherin ring and put it on of your fingers. After you have done so, I will make you swear many oaths and promises in the form of a question- as Salazar Slytherin wanted any heir to before claiming heirship. You have to answer those questions with 'I do' before you can officially become Heir to the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin and claim what belongs to you. If you don't answer each question with 'I do,' you can't become Heir to the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin. If you answer, 'I do' without the intention to honor those oaths, the ring will strip you of your magic and live. Understood?"

Hadrian gulped but nodded slowly. He wasn't sure if he'd become Heir Slytherin today. If those questions went against his code, he would answer with 'no, I don't'. In the end, he would have to wait and see what those questions were going to be before answering with 'Yes, I do' or 'No, I don't'. He had nothing to lose and the heirship of House Slytherin to win.

Realizing this, he grabbed the Slytherin ring and put it on his right middle finger. The Slytherin felt foreign magic entering his system right after he put the ring on his finger. The magic scourged through his body, through every cell of his body, judging his magic.

It liked what it saw because after a minute, it retreated into his ring, and the ring shone green- killing curse green. The ring certainly didn't shine bright enough to blind someone; it just shone bright enough to be unnoticeable by the Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell and the Director of Gringotts.

"Congratulations, Mr. Slytherin, the ring has deemed your magic worthy enough to become the heir of the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin." The King congratulated. "Now, onto the questions."

Harry tensed up nervously, but the goblin just began intoning,

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you'll protect the most ancient and noble house of Slytherin with your life and all of your resources from all enemies foreign and domestic?"

"I do," I answered clearly. That's an easy question to answer. Hadrian thought.

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you'll bring no shame to the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin?"

"I do." Another easy one.

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you will do your best, your absolute best, to bring the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin to new heights?"

"I do."

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you'll never intentionally physically harm anyone for power and or revenge?"

"I do."

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you'll continue advancing healing magic as your ancestors did? That you'll lend first aid to anyone who needs it except in the times of war, blood feuds waged for or against the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin, if the situation poses no threat to your life or wellbeing?"

"I do."

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you'll never wage war on the muggle kind and or wizarding kind in a quest for power and or revenge?"

"I do."

"Do you, Hadrian Slytherin, swear on your life and magic that you will protect all knowledge of House Slytherin from falling into the wrong hands?"

"I do."

"So, mote it be." Declared the goblin king.

Once again, the Slytherin-Ravenclaw-Peverell felt foreign magic invading his system, judging him then the ring who steadily shone a small, noticeable amount of green-killing curse green since he put it on his finger. Then the ring illuminated the entire room with the amount of green that blinded Ragnok and Hadrian.

It didn't blind them for long, though, because the light died down after a second. Before Hadrian could ask what the hell just happened, Ragnok spoke first, "Congratulations, Hadrian Slytherin, Heir to the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin. The ring determined that you answered truthfully, that you will honor, accept and fulfill the oaths you have given today. Therefore, from this day forward, you are now officially the Heir of the most ancient and noble House of Slytherin."

Hadrian gave a small smile before looking ashamed at the ground. But Hadrian was ripped from his thoughts when the goblin spoke again.

"Now onto the Ravenclaw ring, to claim heirship of House Ravenclaw, you will have to put the ring on one of your fingers again and repeat after me. Rowena Ravenclaw also wanted an oath sworn, but this oath is only one oath, unlike the oaths of House Slytherin."

The Ravenclaw put the ring on his finger next to the Slytherin ring. Magic again entered the Ravenclaw's system and retreated into the ring. A moment afterward, it had judged the ring's wearer magic. The ring, like the Slytherin ring, began to shine as the Slytherin ring did earlier. Only instead of killing curse green, it glowed red, blood red. It seemed the ring established the fact that its owner magic was worthy of becoming Heir Ravenclaw.

"Repeat after me." The goblin said. "I, Hadrian Ravenclaw, swear on my life and magic, that I will faithfully execute the office of the heir of the most ancient and noble House of Ravenclaw and will to the best of my abilities protect, preserve and defend the most ancient and noble House of Ravenclaw from all enemies foreign and domestic."

"I, Hadrian Ravenclaw, swear on my life and magic, that I will faithfully execute the office of the heir of the most ancient and noble House of Ravenclaw and will to the best of my abilities protect, preserve and defend the most ancient and noble House of Ravenclaw from all enemies foreign and domestic," Hadrian repeated.

"I will uphold justice like my ancestors before I did for centuries. So, mote it be." The goblin continued the oath.

"I will uphold justice like my ancestors before I did for centuries. So, mote it be." Hadrian finished the oath.

The ring, like the Slytherin ring before him, illuminated the room in its blood-red color. After the light died down, Harry muttered something about having enough flashing lights for the day. This earned a snort of amusement and a nod of agreement from the goblin. After that, the goblin turned severe again and congratulated the newly established Heir.

"Congratulations, Hadrian Ravenclaw, the ring declared that you accepted the oath and that you will honor and fulfill it. Therefore, you are now Heir to the most ancient and noble House of Ravenclaw from this moment forward."

Suddenly the Slytherin-Ravenclaw felt the rings vibrate. Then, looking at his right hand, he saw the Ravenclaw and Slytherin ring glow and merge to form a more ornate ring that had the characteristics of each Houses' ring.

Hadrian raised his finger to get a good look at the newly formed ring. Instead of a green or red gemstone, it now showed a yellow gem. The basilisk could still be seen proudly on the ring. The half blue, half red bird sat on the basilisk's head. Confused but somehow not minding what just happened, I asked the Director, "What just happened?".

"The two rings merged. You see, Hadrian, it is law at least in magical Britain that a person can only wear one ring showing his status- you know Lordships, vassals, and heirships and so on, so forward. So, so that many families do not break the law, they have decided that if a person could ever claim more than one heirship, Lordship that the two rings and the design of the rings shall merge into one ring." He explained.

"Now grab the last ring and repeat after me again." The King demanded.

The Peverell put the ring on his finger, and after the ring had judged Hadrian's magic worthy it shone black, black as the night. Ragnok made the Peverell swear the same oath he swore with House Ravenclaw, only this time regarding House Peverell. After the ring illuminated the room in its pitch-black color and affirmed that Hadrian would honor and accept the oath, Ragnok again congratulated Harry for his third, new heirship.

The rings merged again. This time the ring merged into a green sapphire. It makes sense really, yellow and black makes green, after all. The basilisk was still on the ring, and the bird still sat on his head. The only thing that really changed was that the thestral rested in front of the basilisk.

"Please speak the words: Ostende mihi logo Slytherin, Hadrian." Shrugging, Harry said, "Ostende mihi logo Slytherin."

All of a sudden, the ring changed from its merged state back into the Slytherin ring. "Now push magic into it." The goblin 'suggested'. Doing as asked, the ring shone killing curse green after Hadrian started pushing magic into it.

"With the words, Ostende mihi logo and the name of the House, you can change the merged rings logo into that logo of the House. If you say the words' Ostende mihi logo and then name two or even three houses', you will change the merged rings logo into the combination of the houses logo. This may be useful if you show that you currently act as an heir to one house or multiple. I don't know why the rings glow if you push magic into them, but they will. If you change your ring's logo into Slytherin's logo and then move magic into it, the ring will glow green. The same will happen with the Ravenclaw ring and the Peverell ring. I don't know why this is the case or why the rings even have such a function. If you say the word 'evanescet,' the ring will turn invisible and visible if you say the word 'videtur'." The goblin explained.

Harry tried turning the ring invisible and visible again. After it worked, he exclaimed, "Cool." Earning a chuckle from the goblin.

"Well, unless you have anything further to discuss." Ragnok began only to be interrupted by the Heir of Ravenclaw, "Actually, I do, if possible I would like to make a withdraw from one of my vaults, which one is irrelevant."

"That can be arranged. Your status as the Heir of these houses may not give you the right to handle the financial matters of the houses; however, as Heir, you are allowed to withdraw 1000 Gallons per month per House."

"Than I would like to make a withdraw of 500 Gallons from the Slytherin vault."

"May I ask as to why?" Ragnok carefully inquired. "This is the first time I have entered Diagon Alley, and I want to go shopping."

"Very well. Nagnok!" the goblin shouted. The goblin again entered the office hastily, not a second later after the shout occurred. "Your Majesty."

"Please take this customer," he said pointing to Hadrian, "to the Slytherin vault and withdraw 500 gallons for him. And give him the keys to the Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Peverell vaults." "As you wish, my king." The goblin intoned almost automatically.

"Than your business with Gringotts is concluded for the day. I'll send you the notification per owl when the new host for your blocks has arrived."

"Yes, I believe you are right. With that said, may your gold flow, Ragnok, King of goblins, and your enemies flee before you." Hadrian said in the tongue of the goblin.

Ragnok nodded, and with that, Hadrian left the office, following the goblin named Nagnok.

"Customer, please follow me." The goblin said and started walking out of the office, not even waiting for a reply from Hadrian. Half an hour later, they finally arrived at the Slytherin vault. The goblin opened the vault and gave me the key he used to do and the keys to the other vaults I owned. The goblin looked Hadrian dead into the eyes and said, "Do not ever lose those keys."

Hadrian would claim that he was afraid of very few things- Azkaban had made him in a way fearless- but at that moment, Hadrian gulped and feared the goblin. He nodded, took the three keys, and put them in his pocket. He entered his vault took out 500 gallons, and put them in a sack he found in the vault. The sack had an extension charm and lightening spell on it, meaning that Harry could almost put infinite items in the bag and still carry it around with him. The sack was about as large as the area of Harry's hand. After putting 500 gallons in the sack, he bid the goblin farewell and made his way out of the bank.

The moment Hadrian almost left the bank, he stared at the entrance of the bank where these words stood:

Stranger, come on in,

But take heed and beware,

He that will serve sin's greed,

And will take, not earn,

He shall lose in torment.

If you seek in these halls

A treasure to which thou art addicted,

Thief, be warned and be told,

More than gold awaits thee here.

"Yes, my gold will be safe here." Thought Harry. Whoever would be stupid enough to steal from the goblins had Harry's condolences. Most stupid people died either through work which the person was forced to do by the goblins in their mines. Or was flat out executed by the goblins for trying to steal from them. Very few people in wizarding history managed to steal from the goblins and get away with it.

Anyhow Hadrian made its first significant step by claiming heirship of the most ancient and noble Houses of Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Peverell. That was the case even if nobody knew it. After all, the goblins protect the conversations with their clients by client confidentiality. Hadrian was rather glad nobody knew that he was the Heir of three Houses. If someone knew, they would try to influence and manipulate him. It would almost guarantee him the attention of Albus Dumbledore. He didn't want his attention... yet. Just thinking about that man made Hadrian's blood boil. For now, he would stay hidden, work in the shadows and step into the light when the time is right. He could not stay hidden forever after all.

Realizing that people could still see his ring, he quickly muttered the words, "Ostendo mihi logo Slytherin Ravenclaw Peverell" and then after those words, the word "evanescet". The result of said words spoken was that the ring's logo merged back into a combo of all three Houses and that he turned invisible on Hadrian's right hand.

"Time to go shopping." Thought Hadrian left Gringotts with 500 gallons in a sack which he carried with his right hand.

End of Chapter 2