In between light and darkness

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"Hello," Hadrian said- Person speaking.

Hello. Hadrian thought- Person thinking.

§Hello.§ Hadrian hissed- Person/snake speaking in Parseltongue

#Hello.# Hadrian said- Person speaking in the goblin tongue/language

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"What are the subjects you excel in?" I asked Tonks curiously.

"Ah well. Charms, Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Care of Magical Creatures and Herbology. I get my passing grade in potions, Astronomy, and Runes."

"That is impressive." I complimented her while grinning at the same time at her. She smiled back shyly at the compliment. "If you aren't a total idiot, and the first impression you made on me tells me you aren't, you chose your electives because you knew that you didn't need Divination or Arithmancy to become an Auror. You knew that you needed Care of Magical Creatures and Runes for the job. Am I right?"

"Yes, yes are," Tonks admitted.

"The break is coming to an end. The next match will be Number 127 vs. Number 119 vs. Number 140."

I stood up. "Good luck," Tonks said. "Thanks, but I assure you that I don't need luck. I have skill, after all."

Tonks rolled her eyes and mumbled something about incorrigible boys under her breath.

I walked towards the arena with a thoughtful expression on my face. Would I be able to win a match of three opponents all vying for each other's loss? Well, I am going to find out.

End of Chapter 7

Chapter 8: Tournament of Magical Power (part 3)

Hadrian's Point of View

"Three, two, one." The Headmaster began to count down again. This time my opponents and I stood in a triangle position. That was the way the tournament leader- the Headmaster of Mohoukotoro- wanted it to be.

Nothing happened at first. No one wanted to make the first move and expose himself to the other attacker. Finally, after nothing except staring into the eyes and circling my opponent happened, I made the first move. "Incendio," I cried, having pointed my wand at the opponent standing left to me.

The other opponent, a Beauxbeauton student, immediately started attacking me. He shot a disarming spell, multiple stunning spells, and many others at me. I sidestepped most of the attacks when I had to raise my wand and erupt a Protego shield to protect me from the attack of the Durmstrang student. It seems I wasn't the only one who could use the Incendio spell.

Although I really shouldn't be surprised. Durmstrang taught the Dark Arts, after all. Incendio wasn't listed as a dark curse by the Ministry, but I am sure that the Durmstrang student was taught the spell in his dark arts lesson.

I deflected the onslaught of the Durmstrang's Incendio spell with my wand towards the Beauxbeauton student. She quickly shielded herself against the deflected strike with a commonly known defensive shield.

The Durmstrang student quickly joined in the attack of the Beauxbeauton student with a few spells in. He fired a few Incendios at her. The conjured flames bounced off her shield.

My wand was working overdrive. I knew that if the duel continued, each opponent would be tired out. By then, it would only be a matter of luck who won the duel. To win, I needed to isolate one opponent while I dealt with the other.

I conjured a few snakes and sent them to the Beauxbeauton student. I also conjured up a few rocks and sent them at the opponent with the Oppugno spell to keep him occupied. Finally, I turned away from the Beauxbeauton student only to quickly dodge out of the way of a fireball the Durmstrang student had summoned and assigned it to attack me.

I fired one Incendio Duo at the Durmstrang student and enhanced it with the Ventus spell. The Incendio spell was a more powerful version of the Incendio spell. Instead of one conjured flame, it would create a flame that would expand in size as soon as it hits the target. Furthermore, the spell would chase the target until the flames collided with something.

In addition, the Ventus spell created a gust of force wind from my wand, enhancing the magical conjured fire even further. Thus, water enhances lightning. Wind enhances fire, and so forth.

But my opponent stood his ground. What he did was clever. I must give him that. He tried to dodge the spell first. Then, when he realized that the flames chased after him, he erected a wall in front of him. That is something that takes skill in transfiguration and a whole bunch of spell energy.

I didn't take time to look at how my Incendio Duo and Ventus spell collided with the wall. Instead, I turned to take a look at the Beauxbeauton student. She had taken care of the snakes, it seemed. The scorched ground and the hisses of agony I heard seconds ago served as evidence to support that theory.

The stones I summoned to attack her until they no longer existed seemed to have been destroyed in whatever spell the Beauxbeauton student used to kill the snakes.

I waved my wand, and a bunch of arrows fired out of my wand at my opponent, the Beauxbeauton one, that is.

The girl started running so that the tip of my wand wouldn't point at her any longer. I followed her body with my wand. The arrows were continuously shooting out of my wand. Eventually, she stopped running, turned towards the incoming arrows, letting out a cry of, "Descendo." The arrows didn't touch her; they fell to the ground before they could do so.

Seeing as she had effectively countered the spell, I canceled mine. "Everte Statum," I yelled. She wanted to move out of the way before the spell could hit her, but it was too late. The victim who fell to the spell was thrown backward.

Turning around, I saw my opponent from Durmstrang firing a stunning spell at me. I dodged and fired Bradley's re-creation of the spell at him. "Citatio Fulgur." I fired the spell with a low amount of energy at him.

He dodged as well. Meanwhile, the Beauxbeauton student had gotten up again and joined the Durmstrang student in its onslaught against me. The Beauxbeauton student used the Serpensortia spell, summoning a bunch of snakes. The Durmstrang student, on the other hand, summoned and hurled a massive fireball against me again.

I decided that the fireball was the more significant threat of the two spells, so I devoted myself to him first. I pointed my wand at the ball of fire, used Legilimancy to calm my breathing, and focussed a large amount of energy into the tip of my wand. "Aqua Eructo." A large amount of water shot out of my wand and clashed against the fireball, almost immediately neutralizing it. As a side effect of the clash, considerable steam enveloped the dueling area.

I heard the snakes approaching me. I placed a silencing charm on me, ensuring that the crowd wouldn't hear me. §Stop!§ I commanded the snakes. They reeled back. §A Speaker?§ one of the snakes hissed. §Yes. I am Hadrian and not your enemy; that girl there, however, is.§ I said, pointing to the location of where the Beauxbeauton girl stood moments ago.

The snakes hissed at each other, seeking counsel on what to do and how to proceed. After a moment, they agreed. §We shall protect the Speaker and each other from the evil girl.§ One snake spoke with conviction. They slithered away from me, probably to seek out and fight the girl.

I smiled seeing this. Magically conjured snakes were stupid. I mean, how couldn't they be? They lived for only a few seconds after all. Only snakes who were born naturally and lived for a few years had some level of intelligence.

Serena was the most intelligent snake in the entire world; I would always compliment her. But, of course, as a thousand-year-old snake, she was bound to be wise and intelligent.

All of a sudden, I felt an intrusion in my mind. Legilimancy, I realized. I strengthened my occlumency shields as best I could to keep the intruder out of my mind.

While mind readers would be the term for Legilimens, the Legilimens despised the term. It was simply so much more and infinitely more complex than simple mind-reading.

But the question is, who used Legilimency on me just moments ago. Hadrian mused in thought. Invading minds without judicial order or in war times was a serious crime. People caught in the act were usually sent to Azkaban for three years.

But then again, the estimated number of unreported cases of uses of Legilimency is almost ten times as high as the reported cases. Hadrian thought. The reason for this was relatively straightforward. Occlumency training was taught only to essential figures in wizarding society. Heirs to important families, wealthy families who could afford hiring an occlumency teacher, and so forth. Occlumency and Legilimency were not branches of magic known to most people, which was why the estimated number of unreported cases was so high.

The mind magics were incredibly hard to learn. To become masters at it, you had to spend decades learning it. Occlumency and Legilimency had ten levels to them. Each level came with difficulties to learn and positive and negative effects. It should be noted, however, that the positive effects far outweigh the adverse effects.

This was the reason not every student learned it. They simply saw no reason to learn something so complex and challenging. It is a shame considering the multiple positive effects of being an Occlumens and Legilimens, respectively. If a person used Legilimancy on a person who didn't know it, they would be none the wiser because they didn't even know that invading minds was possible with magic. Just like Tonks did. Plus, without knowing Occlumency, they would have no way of defending themselves against the mental assault and knowing that it took place to begin with.

Learning Legilimency was forbidden. Knowing it, on the other hand, was not. At least, this was the case in Britain. It was a giant loophole in a law made by Dumbledore.

I pushed the invader's mind out of my own forcefully. Whoever invaded my mind probably taught that I had no shields, to begin with. As the steam cleared away with time, I saw my Durmstrang opponent glaring at me. He was the one who invaded my mind. I quickly realized.

I pointed my wand at him and shouted, " Aqua Erecto." Again, a tremendous amount of water surged from his wand at my two opponents. They didn't seem to know what to do. This was supported by the fact that they couldn't do anything to stop the wave of water. I saw them getting swept away by it.

As the water spread through the arena, I was standing ankle-deep in water. My two opponents were utterly soaked and lying on the ground. The Durmstrang student was on my right side had his wand in his right hand, trying to stand up. But I didn't want it to come to that. So I raised my wand, pointed it at the Durmstrang student on my right, and shouted the incantation for the disarming spell. "Expelliarmus." He saw the spell flying toward him and rolled to the right to escape the spell.

I fired disarming spell after disarming spell at the Durmstrang student, who seemed to avoid each one by rolling to the side. HOWEVER, before I could continue my onslaught, a spell nearly hit me from my left, forcing me to jump to the right. I didn't see the spell until the last moment, and it was already too late in erupting a shield by then. I hit the ground but forced myself to get up quickly. Then, I saw a purple spell flying at me. Kneeling on the ground, I raised my wand and yelled, "Protego."

The shield erupted, making the spell bounce off. I didn't cancel the shield just yet. The Beauxbeauton student kept firing spell after spell at it, hoping to get it to break. I gave up my kneeling position on the ground, slowly stood up, and took my classic dueling stance.

In the meantime, the Durmstrang student has recovered and managed to stand up again. Somehow I thought it was funny how he looked. His face was green, making me believe it was only a matter of time before he threw up. The rolling on the ground, trying to dodge my spells, was not good for him, it seemed.

He started firing spells at my shields too. "Incendio." He cried again and again. I gritted my teeth. My shield developed cracks in it. Any moment now, it would collapse. The worst thing is, my plan to separate my two opponents backfired. Instead, they were both attacking me now. They saw me as the major threat to their chances of winning the duel.

I don't know if I should feel honored or angered that they see me as a major threat. I guess the first one would be appropriate. I mused in thought. Still, I need a way not to get hit by a barrage of spells as soon as my shield breaks, which it eventually will.

But I knew even if I did manage that feat somehow, it would be a tough duel to win. It would practically be a two on one. I really shouldn't have cast that water spell. I cursed for what felt like the hundredth of time in my head.

Oh well, I thought, it was practically a two on one the moment the match started. Both the Beauxbeauton and Durmstrang student knew that they stood no chance of winning against me if it were a one-on-one match. So the Durmstrang student saw his opportunity the moment he saw me laying on the ground, shielding against the Beauxbeauton student.

"Lacarnum Inflamarae," the Durmstrang student said, the incantation I had come to hate in this tournament. The boy was a fire elemental, strong enough to produce a fireball. However, this one was significantly smaller than the other two he had hurled at me this far. I could see how his breath and that of the Beauxbeauton student got labor.

Seeing as the fireball was approaching and how my other opponent was still firing spells at me, I had to get out of this situation. But the question was how? I couldn't drop my shield. The girl would disarm me. If I let the fireball hit the shield, however, it would surely be over for me as well.

I closed my eyes and focused on my occlumency shields, searching for an answer in my memories to my current dilemma. Found it. I needed to create a spell vacuum.

A spell vacuum was an area where stable and unstable magic clashed together. Stable magic was usually magic coming out of a wand. Well, except if it was offensive magic. That was volatile magic. But if I couldn't use so-called dark magic in the tournament without risking being disqualified. So how else could I create a vacuum? Maybe I could just push magic directly from my core with negative emotions to create that vacuum I so desperately needed. Yes, that could work. So I took my wand and my other hand and held them over my chest, forming an 'x.'

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, delved deep into my Occlumency abilities, and forced not nearly the same amount of energy into the field I usually did. For a moment, everything seemed okay, except that it wasn't. I did create that vacuum, but the fireball approached me faster than I could. As I opened my eyes and realized this, it was already too late. The fireball was moments away from colliding with me.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the tournament officials pointing their wands at me. Probably to summon me, should the fireball come closer to me and I couldn't save myself.

But I hadn't used all of my tricks yet. Maybe I could use offensive magic nevertheless. Most dark and black magic took hate for the spells to function as they should. Perhaps if I released enough magic with the intent to hurt, I could momentarily shield against the fireball before I took care of it in other ways. I saw the vacuum that had formed in front of my I pointed my wand at it, and with a giant roar, I pointed my wand at it, pushing the sphere of magic/ vacuum I created at the Beauxbeauton student.

She was shocked beyond all belief that such a thing was possible at all. I could tell that much from her facial expressions.

I put my wand back in my wand holster and focused on my hate.

"Harry, my boy, surely you are exaggerating the treatment you experience at the Dursleys. Therefore you will be going back there this summer. Adrian needs the training to one day defeat Voldemort." Dumbledore said.

"But sir…"I objected.

"No, Hadrian, this discussion is over." I seethed.

"Come on, brother; you will have to forgive your parents eventually. You can't avoid and hate them all of your life. They are your parents. Don't you see how much they regret their past transgressions?" Adrian said.

I stared silently at my so-called brother, wondering why in the seven hells I listened to his bullshit.

"We never found the cure together, but I would have never suspected you of betraying me for the first person who came around with a cure."

During my rant, Daphne just held her head down.

"I'm sorry." Lily Potter said.

I pointed my wand at the fireball, and black mist clashed against it. The fireball turned brown. Good, I thought. The fireball stopped, unsure what to do, now that unstable magic fought with stable magic within the fireball.

I certainly knew what I did. I ran as far away from the fireball as I could. I ran with my back turned. I was propelled into the air by an "Ascendio" from the Durmstrang student. Then the unstable magic in the fireball had its effect; the fireball exploded into small pieces in all directions. The Durmstrang student quickly shielded himself against the explosion, as did my female competitor.

How she managed to survive the impact of the sphere of unstable magic was beyond me. By all means, she should be out of commission as soon as the sphere collided with her. Nobody could stay conscious after that magic hit you. The globe was ninety pro cent stable magic and ten pro cent unstable magic. The collision wouldn't have hurt her in any way, shape, or form, but it should have left her unconscious.

When the explosion was over even, I was hit by pieces of the fireball. The boils on my arm were a testament to that. I stopped my fall by casting "Arresto Momento" on me. Next, I cast a minor healing spell, hissing when the boils on my arm disappeared—that hurt.

A clash between stable and unstable magic could do two things. First, if the unstable magic won the conflict, it would cause an explosion. If they were equally as strong, then the magic would fade into nothingness. Second, if the stable magic won, then the stable magic would just stabilize the magic. If the stabilized magic hit you, you would be rendered unconscious.

I pointed my wand at the opponents again. They got up after the fireball pieces cracked their shields, scorch marks on their bodies as well. Well, at least it is not something that a healer can't heal in a few minutes.

"Fumus," I spoke the name of my next spell very carefully. Grey thick mist enveloped the arena once more.

Suddenly I saw a red spell coming out of the direction the Durmstrang stood. I dodged it and was surprised to see when the ground exploded when the curse hit it. He dares shoot a Confringo at me.

Confringo was most definitely not a spell you would use in a duel under normal circumstances. It causes the target to explode. The Ministry rated the spell as a potentially lethal spell. However, they never banned the spell outright or rated it as dark magic.

However, as I found out, I naively thought that I could expect it as common belief not to use a fatal spell like that in a duel. Well, I shouldn't be surprised, considering that the Durmstrang boy hurled fireballs at me and used Legilimancy on me, which is illegal.

I decided to return fire with fire, "Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Serpensortia, Avis, Oppugno, Citatio Fulgur," I shot hexes in the direction of the Durmstrang boy after the mist cleared. I suspect the Durmstrang boy was responsible for that.

The boy dodged spell after spell in the arena and banished the snakes, ravens, and stones I summoned.

"Stupefy," I heard coming. I saw the stunner and swatted it to the side with a wand movement. I glared at the girl. At this point, it was a two on one. She shrank back under the intensity of the glare. "Serpensortia, Flippendo." She dealt with the snakes and dodged the knockback jinx.

Again, we found ourselves in a triangle. Again, each contestant took one corner. But the Beauxbeauton and Durmstrang student worked against Hadrian, each having pointed their wand against him.

My female opponent took a page out of my book and pointed her wand against me. Soon after, arrows shot out of the tip of her wand. I knew that dodging would be pointless. I would walk into the knife of the students of Durmstrang and whatever onslaught of spells he would fire at me.

I waved my wand and chose a new target for the arrows: my male competitor. In the meanwhile, I went on the offensive against the female. Only now do I not know why I hadn't seen it earlier. We were standing ankle-deep in water.

I chanted something to myself in parseltongue and repeated the chant five times. Then, I pointed my wand at the ground and said, "Citatio Fulgur,"

Lightning ripped for my wand, and the lightning current spread over a large amount of water in seconds. My two opponents didn't even scream; they just hit the ground with a thud.

"Winner of the match: Number 127, Chris Meyer." Came the prompt annunciation from the Headmaster.

I smirked. The match took a lot out of me, but I pulled through and won the thing in the end. I wonder if I could win the entire tournament. Well, we will find out, won't we? I questioned myself in my mind.

The annunciation of the Headmaster was met with cheers from the entire audience. I saw the Potter family clapping in respect. The crowd went wild during the match, fascinated by the advanced magic we used. Elemental magic used in a duel is not something you see every day.

I woke my two opponents up with the successive shots of the 'Renervate' spell. The two groggily woke up, their eyelids opening and their bodies starting to move.

I turned my back to my opponents and walked away, but it seemed that the deities had other plans for me. The Durmstrang student gritted his teeth in frustration, and in an incredibly stupid move, pointed my wand at me and fired a bone-breaking curse at me. I could feel how the curse hit me in the back. I screamed. I hit the ground immediately. I am pretty sure I heard my vertebral acid crack due to the spell.

The pain I felt was unimaginable; I hit the ground with a thud. I cried due to the pain I was in. The tears streamed down my face. I coughed, which caused me immense pain myself. The area I coughed at was painted with blood. I heard the crowd gasping, someone disarming the Durmstrang boy, the Headmaster yelling for someone to call the medics. Then my vision got blurry, and I blacked out.

Roughly 60 minutes later-Hadrian's Point of View

I opened my eyes, intending to find out where I was. It smelled strange. I was lying on a lounger. I looked at myself and realized that the polyjuice potion hadn't worn off yet.

Pleased to see that it hadn't, a hand went into my pocket; I pulled out a flask. Then, gulping the polyjuice potion stored within down my throat, I closed the flask and put it back into my pocket.

A nurse came back a second later. "Chris Meyer," she stated. I turned to look at her. "Yes," I confirmed my 'identity.' "Where am I?" I asked. "Due to your vertebral acid being damaged, we had to operate you on the spot. You are still at the tournament site. An hour has passed; we handed you multiple potions to speed up the healing process."

I frowned. "When do you estimate will I be up walking again?"

"Due to the potions, you can leave though I would take it easy for the next days. The bone-breaking spell that hit you was not a powerful one. It barely caused a crack in your vertebral acid, but even that is not to be underestimated. You can thank Merlin the spell didn't cause more damage, or otherwise, you would be stuck in a hospital for a minimum of six months. No kind of sports activities or practicing magic for the next few days. You should also buy a few pain-relieving potions and take one a day for the next three days if you feel that you can't handle the back pain."

I slowly stood up and still felt a bit of back pain, but it was manageable. Grimacing, I smiled at the woman.

Spectator area- Hadrian's Point of View

After thanking the woman for all of her services, I walked back to where the crowd was seated. Again I took my seat next to Tonks, who immediately started investigating me if I was hurt. She looked me over until she started touching my back. I hissed in pain. "Stop," I demanded, "You are hurting me."

She looked a little bit sheepish. Muttering apologies, she started firing questions at me. "Are you hurt? Do you feel pain?"

I raised my hand, shutting Tonks effectively up. "The nurse said I should take a pain-relieving potion for the next three days. Other than that, I feel a little pain in my back. Walking is not as easy as it once was. And I feel a little bit strained. But other than that, I am okay."

"Now away with the depressing topics, what happened in my forced... absence?"

"Nothing much. Due to your absence and you not being able to compete any longer, there was no winner in your match. Group C was won by the winner of the other three-way all versus all match. Some French girl from Beauxbeauton, I can't remember her name." Tonks frowned at her missing memory.

"Anyway, the guy who cursed you in the back was handed over to the authorities." Before the girl could continue, I mumbled under my breath, "Serves the asshole right for attacking me like that. Robbing me of my trophy I was about to win."

Tonks chuckled. "I have to agree on the git part. But you were never going to win the tournament in the first place. It is clearly my name that will stand on the trophy at the end of the tournament."

My lips twitched. "Really, why dirty the trophy with your name, Nymphadora?" I asked, grinning.

"Don't call me Nymphadora!" She stated automatically, staring me intently into the eyes, her hair momentarily turning red before settling back to her pink color. She tried to slap me, but before she could hit me, I said, "You really wouldn't hit an injured person, would you?" While pointing at my back.

She stared angrily at me. I smiled at seeing her angry impression even more. Finally, she calmed down, but only after I promised not to call her Nymphadora anymore.

As it would turn out, the tournament was won by a guy from Mohotokoro I had never heard of. Tonks would come in third. But, as I predicted, she won two more matches. Then, although it hadn't been easy for her, she won against the winner of group A and C before losing to the Mohoutokoro student after a well-fought duel who would eventually win the entire tournament.

I congratulated Tonks on her victories. She seemed a little bit sad that she didn't win the tournament. After she received her bronze trophy, we met up again.

"Promise to write to me, okay?" She said. "Your matches let me to the conclusion that I could learn a lot from you."

"Not to mention keeping the bat of the dungeons out of your head." I smiled at her. She snorted at the title I had given Snape but found it oddly fitting. "On a different note, don't sell yourself short. You have impressive skills I could learn from as well. Become an Auror, take advantage of your constitutional right of rebelling against your parents." She snorted again. I rolled my eyes but kept going. "Don't give idiots the time of day who only see you for your Methamorphagus abilities. But yes, we will keep in touch."

We parted ways. I went back to Slytherin Castle. I was happy. I had just made friends with a friend from the old timeline. Now I at least had a friend—someone to talk to. I went two years without having anyone to talk to outside my loyal basilisk, of course- it could rather get lonely.

End of Chapter 8