Author's notes: Hello everyone, I'm back! I'm so happy that you all like this story so much because I do too. I will keep writing it, hopefully until I make it to the end and we all will be able to enjoy it! Now onto the story.


Kurama was released from Naruto's seal and the next day, they went to the Hokage to tell him and ask a few things out of him.

They went out of the village to train for six years and came back just before the graduation exam was taking place. They took the exam and aced it with a perfect score, getting a headband.

Chapter two: first real fight

Naruto and Kurama just used Naruto's flying Raijin to teleport away from the academy after getting their headbands.

They appeared just outside of a food stand and walked in, pushing the curtains out of the way.

Like always, Kurama was wrapped in Naruto's arms. They went over to where the bar was and Naruto sat down on the chair in the middle, setting Kurama in his lap.

"Oi! Teuchi-Ojiisan! Make some ramen to the strongest genin in existence!" Naruto shouted.

A man came out of the kitchen section of the stand. He wore his chief uniform and had dark gray hair. His skin is light brown, and his eyes are always seen close. He also has eyebrows too.

"Oh, Naruto-kun? Kurama-chan? You're finally back?" he asked in surprise as he had not seen his favorite customer and his girlfriend in the past three years.

He smiled before turning around. "Ayame! Get over here!" he shouted.

A few seconds later, a woman came out of the back. She was a slender girl with long, dark brown hair and large black eyes, plus fair skin. She wears a white robe with the sleeves folded, a sort of dark blue apron with ribbon ties at the top and a bright white bandanna.

"What is it, Tou-san?" she asked as she stepped next to him. "Look who's back!" he said happily.

Ayame looked at the only people in the ramen stand and her eyes widened. In an instant, Ayame appeared in front of them and leaned over the table, hugging the two. "Naruto-kun! Kurama-chan! You're finally back!" she shouted in happiness.

Both Naruto and Kurama hugged her back. Ayame had slowly become something of an older sister figure to Naruto and a great friend for Kurama and so, the two liked her very much.

The three broke the hug. "So? How about you get us some ramen?" Naruto asked excitedly. Teuchi laughed. "Sure, I'll be right back" he said and left to the back.

Finally, Ayame noticed the new ring on Kurama's finger. She squealed. "Kurama-chan, did Naruto-kun give you that ring?" she asked excitedly.

Kurama blushed slightly. "Yeah… it was actually earlier today, the Hokage introduced us as a married couple and Naruto didn't deny it. He got this ring out of nowhere and placed it in my pocket so when the academy teacher called me Kurama Uzumaki, he was quick to tell me where the ring was," she explained, pressing her back into Naruto and turning her head before kissing him.

Ayame squealed again as she started jumping up and down. After all, her best friend and little brother were now officially married as the hokage declared them as such.

As Ayame calmed down, Teuchi came out of the back with two steaming bowls of ramen. He placed them in front of Naruto and Kurama before smiling at them. "Well… since you two are celebrating such an important thing, the first round is in the house!" he declared.

Naruto grinned. "Thanks, Ojii-san!" Naruto said before he held his chopsticks in his hands. "Itadakimasu!" he shouted before he started to inhale his ramen.

He was quickly done and placed his bowl aside before pushing his chopsticks into Kurama's bowl and bringing the ramen to her mouth.

Kurama happily ate the food fed to her, enjoying the taste of the food as well as the touch of the one feeding her.

It was thirty minutes and sixty bowls later, Fifty of which Naruto ate, they were done and had gone out of Ichiraku's ramen stand to go home.

They quickly made it home and got in, locking the door after them while also activating the seal combination: silencing and security seals.

They walked towards the bedroom and when they made it in, Naruto suddenly grabbed both of Kurama's hands, spreading them apart above her head.

He placed his leg between her knees and pushed upwards drawing a moan out of his lover. He pushed her onto her back and quickly followed her, laying on top of her on the bed.

Naruto placed his mouth on top of her own, his hands still preventing her from resisting.

Kurama simply moaned into his mouth as she felt his thigh working her sensitive areas over.

Naruto released her mouth before he leaned down and slightly bit down on her neck, drawing a very pleased moan from Kurama.

"You know…" he said, drawing her attention to him. Kurama looked at him through clouded eyes as he continued to pleasure her.

"You never actually answered… So how about it? Ready to become Kurama Uzumaki? Or would you prefer Namikaze? Or maybe senju or uchiha?" he asked.

"Oh! Yes! I am ready! It would be an honor for me to become your wife, Naruto-koi! It would be an honor for me to become Kurama Uzumaki!" she moaned loudly as she hit her climax and had her orgasm wash over her.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her head shot back as she accepted the first and only marriage proposal that will ever be sent her way by a worthy man. She was ready to officially belong to Naruto, take his last name, take his problems and take everything that is wrong with him and do her very best to make it better.

She was ready to become Naruto's wife and spend the rest of itinerary with her equally as immortal husband. She was finally ready to walk alongside her love and become his and only his.

Naruto smiled at her answer as he leaned back up and kissed her lips. "Good. So from today until the end of time, your name is Kurama Uzumaki and you are mine!" he said posessively as he held her closer to his body.

That night, neither of them got any sleep and even at ten A.M the next morning they were still fucking like foxes in heat.

*A week later*

It was finally the day of the team announcement. It will be happening in two hours and Naruto was starting to wake up in his apartment, the form of his sleeping and quite naked lover laying on top of him.

He smiled as he watched her form almost glowing in the sunlight. Had she not been a demon fox, he would have thought that she was an angel with her beautiful looks and with her body glowing in the sunlight like that.

He kissed her forehead. "Wake up, sleeping beauty. We need to get to the academy in a few hours," Naruto whispered in a gentle tone into her ear.

Kurama moaned as she stretched her arms, her breasts jiggling and pushing forward much to Naruto's enjoyment.

She smiled lovingly at Naruto before she leaned down and kissed him on his lips. "Good morning, Naru-koi…" she said as she yawned cutely.

Naruto smiled at her. "Good morning to you too, Kura-chan. How about we go take a shower? I think my back is a little dirty but I'm afraid that I can't reach there…" he said suggestively.

Kurama grinned. "Sure, I'll help you wash your back, though you're gonna have to pay up like always." she said as she crossed her arms under her bust, pushing her breasts upwards.

Naruto grinned back as he pulled her back on top of him and got up, lifting her over his shoulder.

Kurama giggled excitedly as she placed kisses all over Naruto's lower back.

Yep... That was just another ordinary morning in the apartment of Naruto and Kurama Uzumaki…

An hour later and they were out.

Naruto was dressed only in his boxers and Kurama was dressed only in a red bra and a matching thong.

Naruto carried her bridal style as they went towards the kitchen. Once there, Naruto placed Kurama on one of the chairs.

He went into the kitchen and allowed all ten of his tails to sprout out of his back. His tails quickly stretched all around the kitchen and started opening dewars and pulling ingredients out of the fridge.

Kurama grinned excitedly. "So… Naru-koi? You're making me pancakes, right?" she asked excitedly as she started drooling slightly.

Naruto turned his head towards her and shook his head with a serious look on his face.

"Nope, it's time we eat something else for breakfast," he said, making Kurama pout cutely while puffing her cheeks out.

"But why?" she whined. "They are perfect! There is no need to eat anything else!" she said, defending her pancakes.

Naruto's tails stopped working on preparing the ingredients and all of the other things Naruto was going to need for breakfast.

"Well, for starters, I don't want you getting fat on me. Other than that, your nasty sweet tooth is not something healthy, you need to eat things other than pancakes, after all, you've been eating it as breakfast, Lunch and dinner for the past week." Naruto explained.

Kurama disappeared and appeared at the corner of the kitchen, a dark Aura surrounding her and a rain cloud above her head. She was drawing circles on the floor with her finger as she crouched down next to the floor.

Naruto sweatdropped as he looked at Kurama's depressed form. 'Well… I guess one last time won't hurt… she is going to become a Kunoichi and will get more activity to burn away the extra fat… also, her demonic chakra will transfer any excess carbs into other things that her body needs… and with the sex we have, she burns a lot of calories everyday anyways…' he thought as he sighed heavily.

He walked over to her corner and crouched down next to her. He noticed a few tears on her cheeks and frowned slightly.

He wiped away her tears and smiled lovingly at her. "Please don't cry. You know I'm right… After all, you said the same thing to me when I was still eating ramen all day long…" he said as he rubbed her back comfortingly.

Kurama turned to look at him with teary, big, puppy dog eyes. "I know…" she said as she sobbed lightly.

"It's just that I really wanted pancakes today… please… just for today… I promise that from tomorrow, we will only eat pancakes when you allow it…" she begged. After all, it will only be fair if he controlled when she ate her favorite food just as she controlled when they were going to eat ramen.

Naruto smiled. "Fine. but you'd better not behave like this tomorrow because tomorrow I will not break and we will eat something else even if I have to push some silverware down your throat and force you to swallow." he said.

Kurama instantly lost the tears in her eyes as she stopped sobbing. She jumped forward and kissed Naruto, tackling him to the ground.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love you so much Naru-koi!" she shouted in happiness, the act of depression and sadness which she used to make Naruto give in completely gone.

Naruto just laughed at her sudden change of attitude as he got up, picking her up bridal style as he stood.

He placed Kurama back on the chair and went back to his place in the kitchen. Kurama watched in amazement and excitement as Naruto used his hands and tails to dance around the kitchen, making her favorite food in the process.

Not twenty minutes later and Kurama was sitting in front of a pile of pancakes, her mouth drooling and her eyes shining.

Naruto smiled as he sat next to her and started preparing the pancakes the way she liked them. He was quickly done and had started feeding her with the fork.

Kurama happily gulped down all of the food, purring happily as she did so. She shared a little bit of it with Naruto but kept most to herself.

Once done, Naruto and Kurama left the house, the fox lady happily smiling as she was wrapped in the arms of her lover.

They slowly made their way towards the academy building where the team announcements would be taking place.

Naruto walked into Iruka's classroom, Kurama wrapped in his right arm and pressed back into his chest as his hand snaked around her own chest.

The two ignored the stares that they could clearly feel on their backs as they made it towards the last row just like last week.

Naruto decided to finally take a look around at the other new genin.

There were eight other people there besides Naruto and Kurama.

The first was a plump boy who was eating some potato chips which he pulled out of a bag. He had brown waist length hair, black eyes and he wore his headband around his forehead. He sports a red suit with plated armour on his torso, arms, and upper legs, having the kanji for 'food' on the front. In his earlobes were studs.

The second was a girl. She had fair skin, light blue eyes , and long platinum blonde hair worn in a ponytail, with bangs framing the right side of her face. her ponytail extends all the way to her waist with a single bang of it hanging over her right eye. She had a very well developed body with high C to low D-cup breasts. She wore a purple top that revealed her shoulders and stomach and strained against her rather developed bust. Other than that, she wore a purple straight skirt that reached to her knees. She wore her headband around her neck.

Next was another boy. He had narrow brown eyes and a typical expression suggesting he is either bored or irritated. He had shoulder length black hair tied in a spiky ponytail, he wore the standard Konoha-nin outfit, the only customisations being green-lined mesh armour on his wrists and ankles and the plate of his forehead protector sewn into his left sleeve. He had studs in his ears.

Next was another boy. He had messy brown hair, sharp black eyes with vertical slit-like pupils, pronounced canine teeth, and nails that he could change into claws. He also has the distinctive red fang markings of the Inuzuka clan on his cheeks. He had a black colored headband with the Konohagakure forehead protector on his forehead. He wore a nowadays styled leather form fitting black jacket, with zips over the chest and sleeves, along with black pants and sandals, also zipped, matching the jacket.

Next was another girl. She was a slender girl of fair-complexion who had lavender pupil-less eyes and dark blue hair styled in a hime-cut which reached all the way to her lower back, both of the features suggesting that she was a member of the Hyuga clan. She stood at the average height of 5'5 and had a very well developed body. She had well developed breasts, at least a D-cup and a nice curved body. However, it was difficult to notice due to her clothing. She wore a loose fitting, lavender and cream hooded-jacket with lavender cuffs over mesh armour. She also wears navy blue pants, black, low-heeled sandals, and changes the cloth of her forehead protector from blue to black

Next was another boy. He was barely recognisable as his eyes were hidden by sunglasses, his whole body down to his knees was covered by a light grey jacket and his head was covered with a hood. He wore long ANBU black pants, his lower face was covered by the high collar of his jacket and his sunglasses were circular. The only part of his skin which was visible was his palms and they were fair-skinned.

The last two people were the two people who Naruto and Kurama actually got to interact with.

Those two being Sasuke and Sakura.

Sakura had long pink hair that reached to around mid thigh and emerald green eyes. She was fair-skinned. She had a very large forehead and wore her headband with the forehead protector inside of her hair on top of her head. Her chest was practically none-existance and her hips were very small. She wore a red tank top with a pink apron-like skirt. Under the skirt she wore black biker shorts. On her hands she wore gloves and on her elbows she wore pink elbow guards. On her feet, she wore a pair of low-heeled, knee-high boots and finally, she had a Kunai holster on her right thigh.

Sasuke had black eyes and black hair shaped in the form of a duck's butt. His skin was fair and he was constantly scowling. However, his scowl looked like a pout and while no one dared to tell him that, Naruto and Kurama didn't fear him so for the first time, Sasuke was going to get teased because of his pouting. He wore a grey, short-sleeved shirt that was open at his chest. He had a dark blue pair of baggy pants and he wore black arm guards to cover his forearms.

Finally, Iruka stepped into the class with another teen.

He had short, straight black hair, and dark eyes which contrast with his translucent-looking pale skin. He was carrying a small backpack. He wears a short black-and-grey jacket with red straps. He also carries a tip-less tantō on his back. The rest of his outfit consisted of a high-collared midriff shirt, black pants, shinobi sandals and gloves with his index and thumb fingers exposed, most likely to use some kind of technique with his fingertips.

Iruka walked towards the front of the class, the new teen following closely behind him.

"Good morning everyone! I'm happy to say that everyone here will be getting into a new genin team today. This young man, Sai, will be joining one of the teams along with the rest of you all as there was an odd number. Now, if you will, I would like to start reading out the teams," Iruka said cheerfully as the teen, Sai as Iruka introduced him, sat down in the first row.

"Now, let me start and try not to interrupt me." Iruka said as he cleared his throat. "Since teams one to six are being appointed in other classes, I shall start with team seven. Team seven will be Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha and Sai under the teaching of Kakashi hatake." Iruka declared and was interrupted by loud screaming.

"YES! I ALWAYS KNEW THAT MY TRUE LOVE FOR SASUKE-KUN WILL WIN!" Sakura shouted as she started jumping around.

Meanwhile, Naruto hummed. "That is rather interesting… with Ero-oniisan as a teacher, the Uchiha might actually become a better person… or he might just become even worse as he will have to wait for it to arrive every morning as well as deal with his porn reading…" he said in thought.

Kurama lightly giggled as an evil grin appeared on her face. "We should probably send some clones to film him slowly losing his cool as he waits for the pervert to arrive," she said, rubbing her hands together evilly.

Naruto laughed and kissed her on the lips. "That's the reason I love you so much, you always have such great ideas… for example, yesterday night in bed…" he trailed off as Kurama blushed.

She buried her head back into Naruto's shoulder as she hid her face under her hands. Naruto chuckled as he leaned down next to her ear. "You know… you might be even more perverted than Ero-oniisan or Ojii-san…" he whispered huskily into her ear, making her blush more.

Naruto laughed as he turned her around in his lap and pressed her chest into his own. He pulled her arms from her face and kissed her on the lips. "Don't be embarrassed… that's the side of you I like the most… the real you…" he said as he laughed, kissed her again and pulled her closer, rubbing her back as her head rested on his shoulder.

Kurama smiled to herself as she placed her hands on Naruto's exposed abs and rubbed them, enjoying his warmth and enjoying the thought that she found such a handsome man for herself.

Iruka cleared his throat after Sakura calmed down. "Anyways… team eight will be Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame under the teaching of Kurenai Yuhi." he said and waited for a reaction.

However, he sighed in relief as none came. He smiled. "Since team nine is already assembled from last year, we will be moving onto team ten. Team ten will be Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka under the teaching of Asuma sarutobi." he finished and once again there was no vocal reaction though Ino did scowl and huff in annoyance.

"Finally, the last team will be team eleven. That team will consist of Naruto Uzumaki and his wife, Kurama Uzumaki. They will have no third teammate nor will they have a sensei as per the orders of the Hokage." he announced.

That was it and the class broke into an uproar. Some were laughing at the two, saying that 'they weren't even worth a sensei' and some were jealous of the two as they thought themselves to be better than anyone else and thinking that even their senseis will be holding them back.

Naruto unleashed his chakra, not even releasing killing intent but still releasing enough to make everyone shut up. "As Iruka said, this is per the orders of the hokage. If you have any problems, go take it up with him. If you don't, shut up and sit down to wait for your senseis. You will need to wait a while, especially team seven since Ero-oniisan has a habit of being a little late." Naruto said, smiling as he got up, Kurama in his hands. The two walked calmly out of the class and only once gone, Naruto's chakra pressure disappeared.

The weaker of the new genin let out sighs of relief as Iruka chuckled lightly at Naruto's nickname for Kakashi.

*Hokage's office*

"Ojii-san! Your favorite ninja has arrived for his first official mission along with his hot wife!" Naruto shouted as he kicked the door of the hokage office open and walked in, Kurama wrapped up in his arms.

Hiruzen chuckled lightly. "It's good to see you, Naruto-kun. Let me check what missions I have for you… as you might have assumed, since it's your first mission, I can't give you anything more than a D-ranked mission so that'll have to do for now. I know it might be a little boring for you two but you need at least five D-ranked missions done before you can take your first mission…" he said.

Naruto sadly nodded. "Fine… tell me what you need us to do. You can give me like a few hundred non-fighting missions and I'll send my clones to do them. Since my parent's bank account is almost gone because of all of the money the village took from it, as well as Kurama's quite expensive ring… I just thought I might as well get some money back…" Naruto said, grinning.

Hiruzen smiled. "Sure, I'll go check what I have for you." he said as he went over to one of the closets of the office where he pulled a big box with the letter 'D' on it.

Hiruzen sat back in his chair and pushed his hand into it. He pulled out a few dozens of paper sheets.

He placed them on the table. "Take those ones for now. For you two, there is this mission." He said as he picked one of the papers and handed it to Naruto.

"This is a mission to recover the cat of the Daimyo's wife. You shouldn't have too much trouble with it as this mission is usually done by genin squads to better the team's ability to work together." Hiruzen said as Naruto sealed the paper away.

Hiruzen motioned to the other papers on his table. "For your clones, I've got easier missions. Painting fences and walls, walking the Inuzuka dogs and helping some shopkeepers organize new supplies," Hiruzen finished explaining as he puffed smoke out of his pipe.

Naruto grinned as he counted the missions. He sealed away his fifty counted mission requests before turning and waving at the old kage.

"See yah later, Ojii-san! I'm gonna show the world how awesome Naruto Uzumaki and his super hot wife are! Thanks for the missions!" He shouted as he and Kurama were leaving.

"Yes… Indeed thank you for the missions, they shall be of great help to us so I would like to thank you as well, Hiruzen-san." Kurama said as she bowed her head towards the man whom her love saw as a grandfather.

Hiruzen smiled at the tw. "No problem you two. Just get out there and make all of the village proud." He said.

The two left and once outside, Naruto and Kurama easily made fifty shadow clones. Naruto divided them into groups of one Kurama and one Naruto in each team before giving the teams their mission.

The teams were quickly all gone and both the original Naruto and Kurama were left there alone.

Naruto wrapped his arm around Kurama before they disappeared in a yellow flash and appeared somewhere in Konoha's forest.

"Kura-chan, I can sense the cat a little to our right. However, we should probably split up so it wouldn't get away on the slim chance that it is able to detect us." Naruto said telepathically towards Kurama through the still existing seal.

Kurama nodded her head. "Alright. I'll go to a flank and make sure it doesn't escape. Would you like for me to set up a barrier?" she asked back with telepathy, making sure not to make a sound on the slim chance the cat would hear them.

Naruto shook his head. "Nope… I would like to set up the barrier myself as yours aren't nearly as effective." he said with an evil grin on his face as he rubbed his hands together.

Kurama pulled herself out of his arms and grinned at him. "By effective, you mean destructive… and that's why I'll be the one to set up the barrier. We need the cat alive…" she said cheerfully in his head as she sent him a wink.

Naruto pouted as he crossed his arms over his chest. "That's no fair…" he mumbled telepathically.

Kurama giggled silently as she leaned forward and kissed Naruto on his lips. Once they broke the kiss, she waved and disappeared.

Naruto smiled to himself. 'Damn… I love that girl… so crafty and sneaky…' he fondly thought to himself before he too disappeared.

He appeared on a branch, just above his target who seemed to be taking a nap on the forest ground.

Naruto noticed the use of chakra and realised that Kurama was done with the barrier set-up. He silently landed behind the cat but it seemed as if the cat was capable of sensing his chakra, which he didn't mask since he never thought a cat could sense chakra.

The cat jumped to its feet before starting to run away, Naruto hot on its tail.

Naruto wasn't going anything near his full speed, he was simply matching the cat's speed and waiting for it to hit the barrier.

Finally, a few seconds later, the cat hit something invisible and bounced backwards, straight into Naruto's waiting open hands.

Once the cat realised that it was in Naruto's hands, it started to scratch at his face though much to it's confusion, its claws were passing right through Naruto's face and his eyes were glowing red with a spiral like pattern in it.

Suddenly, the cat felt rather sleepy and it fell asleep in Naruto's hands.

Kurama appeared right next to Naruto and patted the little cat on its head. "Good job kura-chan. Though you were too merciful with that rubber barrier… not even a solid wall…" he said, pouting at the lack of destruction and damage.

Kurama laughed. "I know… I know… but look at this little one… isn't it cute?" she asked rhetorically as the two watched the cat enjoy it's genjutsu induced sleep.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "You want a pet?" he asked curiously. Kurama sighed dreamily. "Yap. a little cute fox would fit us perfectly." she said before she scowled. "Though I don't want to simply summon one of the members of the demon fox summoning clan… they aren't cute at all… simply strong, and sadistic..." she said as she shivered and shook her head.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Sadistic? But you are the opposite of it… you usually like some rough-play at night…" he said teasingly.

Kurama slightly blushed. "That wasn't what I was talking about… the last one that tried to make a demon fox into a pet got so many pranks on him and in general simply lived his life in the most painful way possible…" she explained as she looked at Naruto with puppy dog eyes.

"So can we? Can we get a wild fox as a pet?" she asked hopefully. Naruto simply laughed as he kissed her. "Sure, if that's what you want. When we get missions outside of the village, I'll keep an eye out for nearby foxes." he said and Kurama squealed in happiness.

She kissed his lips. "Thank you Naru-koi! I think we should drop that cat off at the Hokage's office and then go home so I can thank you properly." she said as she licked his neck.

Naruto shivered. "If that's it, then What are you waiting for? Grab hold and let's get going." Naruto said, grinning from ear to ear.

Kurama nodded as she grabbed hold of Naruto's arm. The two disappeared in a swirl of leaves, not using the flying raijin or Naruto's Kamui so they could keep it a secret from everyone but the hokage for a little more.

The two appeared outside of the hokage tower and walked in. They walked for a few seconds before simply entering the Hokage's office.

"I'm back with the cat you asked for, Ojii-san!" Naruto shouted as the two entered.

Hiruzen smiled. "Good. Because you were back in exactly fifteen minutes, I officially declare you two as the holders of the record for Capturing Tora the fastest in history." he said.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean record? You mean the cat escaped more than once?" he asked.

Hiruzen chuckled. "Yeah… Tora here is actually a ninja cat. She intentionally release it into the wild and make genin teams have to use teamwork in order to capture it. The record before you was three hours…" he said.

Naruto nodded. "That explains how it was able to sense my chakra… well, I don't really care. We're going home, Kura-chan has promised me something and you'd better believe I'm gonna hold her to it." he said, grinning as he grabbed Kurama in his hands and the two disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Hiruzen flew into the wall behind him with a nosebleed as he imagined Kurama's quite attractive bod 'playing' with Naruto. The ANBU guards laughed at the Hokage from the shadows as they waited for him to recover.

*Time skip: a month later*

It was around ten A.M and both Naruto and Kurama were making their way towards the hokage's office for their daily missions.

In the past months, Naruto and Kurama went to the hokage every morning, sending fifty clones of each to do D-rank missions and taking a C-ranked mission for them both. They would usually take a few hours to get to where the mission was, most of the time a neighbouring village in Hi No Kuni (fire country) and a few more hours to deal with whatever they were asked to do in said village.

The two quickly became famous among the clients of Konoha as the best team of genin which were currently active as they were strong, had useful jutsu with Naruto's space time jutsu and other things and they were solving everything they were required to in mere moments before putting their plans into actions. The two were actually specifically requested sometimes by clients who liked them because of their nice personalities, great skills and amazing seriousness once it was needed.

The two were now going to the hokage's tower to give their report for yesterday's mission, which Naruto held in his hand, and get a new mission for the day.

The two entered the hokage tower before kicking the door to the Hokage's office open and walking in.

"Good morn…" Naruto's shout was stopped halfway through the sentence as he noticed the Hokage looking worriedly at a piece of paper while Iruka sat next to him and curiously looked at the hokage.

Hiruzen sighed in relief as he saw Naruto. "Great timing Naruto-kun, I have an important mission for you two. I need you two to take it very seriously and get going as soon as you can." he said and Naruto nodded, his serious face active.

Kurama stood next to him with equal seriousness on her face as she listened to the Hokage.

"I got a message from Kakashi's summoning dog saying that he and his team have encountered two chunin level missing nins in the beginning of their first C-rank mission and that he requests back-up because he fears that the next one will be at least jonin level. I want you two to go assist him. As you might know, Naruto-kun. As Kakashi's student, you'd know that he's easily better than a normal jonin but he has three genin and a civilian to protect while he fights so I'm worried." Hiruzen explained.

Naruto nodded his head sharply. "I understand. We will depart at once. See you later." he said calmly. He and Kurama walked forward and took the mission scroll from the hokage. He grabbed hold of Kurama's hand and they disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Lucky for them, they came with their things packed in storage scrolls already so they didn't have to go back home before departing.

The two appeared in front of the main gate of Konoha. "Kotetsu, Izumo, we're leaving on another mission. Here's the scroll." Naruto said as he appeared in front of the guards' booth.

Kotetsu had long, spiky, black hair and dark eyes. He has a strip of bandage running across the bridge of his nose and a light-coloured marking on his chin. He wears the standard attire of a Konoha shinobi complete with a forehead protector and a flak jacket.

Izumo has brown hair, and dark eyes. His hair is combed down and always covers his right eye. He wears his forehead protector like a bandanna along with the standard Konoha shinobi outfit which goes all the way up to his chin.

Izumo took the scroll from Naruto and after reading it, he rolled it up and gave it back to Naruto.

"You can go now," he said. Naruto nodded before he and Kurama disappeared.

They jumped through the trees for a little while before Naruto stopped. Kurama came to a halt right next to him. "What's up?" She asked.

Naruto pointed forward to where something they were searching for was.

It was a small orange fox with a single orange tail that ended in a black tip. It's ears were orange with the tip also being black.

The fox was standing on three legs as its front right paw was lifted off the ground. It slowly backed away as it whimpered at the sight of three massive bears towering over it.

Kurama went to jump in front of it but Naruto grabbed her shoulder, stopping her. "We don't have time for this. Those are only bears so we can leave a clone each to get us that fox. As strong as we might be, I don't want to take the risk of sending my clones to deal with jonin level ninja…" he explained before a clone puffed into existence right next to him.

Kurama nodded her head at Naruto's deduction as it made more sense to send clones to deal with three bears over an A-rank shinobi.

A clone of her appeared right next to her as well and the two clones jumped towards the small fox together.

"Let's get going," Naruto said seriously as they continued to jump from branch to branch towards Kakashi's scent.

It didn't take the two long to get there and they couldn't have been happier to have left their clones to deal with the bears.

They saw a clearing and in it, a man was holding Kakashi inside of a water bubble while his clones, all of which were welding one of the seven swords of the mist, the Kubikiribocho (executioner's blade) were running towards where Sasuke and sai were laying on the ground, unconscious and with a shit load of scratches and slash wounds on them.

Sakura was standing in front of an old man, a Kunai in her shaking hands as she looked in horror at the unconscious form of her love.

The man holding Kakashi stood at the height of 6'0 and was noticeably a muscular man with light grayish skin, short spiky black hair, dark brown eyes, and very small, borderline non-existent eyebrows. He was wearing bandages like a mask over the bottom half of his face. He wore his forehead protector with the scratched-out symbol of Kirigakure sideways on his head. he was seen shirtless, with his chest only covered by a belt to which he attached his Kubikiribocho, wearing baggy pants with the striped pattern typical of Kirigakure and mimetic wrist-warmers extending up to his elbows, with matching leg-warmers.

The old man behind Sakura was a grey-haired, bespectacled man with a large beard and dark eyes. He wore a sleeveless v-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals. He also carried a towel around his neck and wore a pointed hat on his head.

Naruto glanced towards Kurama. "That is Zabuza momochi, he is an A-ranked missing nin from Kiri. he is the wilder of the Kubikiribocho and has great skills in kenjutsu. However, he isn't alone. There's someone waiting in the trees. I'll take Zabuza, you just take care of the other one." Naruto said.

Kurama nodded, accepting Naruto's plan.

Zabuza's clones were just in front of Sasuke and Sai, their swords slashing downwards. Naruto appeared in front of the two, each hand holding one of his swords and blocking the clone's massive swords.

The clones looked in absolute shock as some kid was blocking them both at the same time, using one hand for each of them.

Naruto suddenly released his pressure over the swords before jumping and throwing a spin kick that made both clones disperse into water along with their swords.

Naruto looked down at his long black pants. "Man… now my pants are soaked…" he whined to himself as he channeled fire-natured chakra into his pants, drying them.

He then leveled a glare at Zabuza. Naruto held a single hand seal with one hand and held the other up. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning materialised in his hand. He threw it towards Zabuza's hand, the one holding the water prison with extreme precision and speed.

Only Zabuza's years of experience allowed his reflexes to take his hand back, avoiding the attack and releasing Kakashi at the same time.

Kakashi was dropped onto the water where he used chakra to kneel on top of the surface while panting heavily. Zabuza jumped back, grunting as he glared at the new teen that joined the fight.

"You okay Ero-oniisan?" Naruto asked, using his nickname for Kakashi, not caring that the situation was serious.

Kakashi looked at him for a second before he chuckled lightly. "Don't worry about me… I'll be fine. You just kick his ass." he said tiredly.

'This isn't good… he has been using his Sharingan too much. He will not be able to operate well in the next few days…' Naruto thought to himself.

Suddenly, Kurama appeared next to Naruto while another teen appeared next to Zabuza.

His outfit consisted of the standard Kirigakure pinstriped outfit which stopped at his knees. Over this he wore a green haori with white trimmings, and around his waist a brown sash with a fringed trail wrapped around his waist twice. He also wore light-brown platoon sandals with straps in the same colour as his kimono and nail polish on his fingernails and toenails in matching blue-green colour. His long hair was gathered in a white bun holder, while two locks of his hair fell loose framing his face, bound with metal hair cuffs at the ends. He also wore a black forehead protector with the Kirigakure's symbol upon it. He also wore the standard hunter nin mask of Kirigakure.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the new-commer. "Is that the one which was hiding?" he asked towards Kurama.

She nodded her head. "Yes. I found him hiding in one of the tree-tops." she responded.

Naruto nodded as he turned his head to glare at Zabuza. "Let's see what the supposed demon of the mist can do against a real demon." he said as he dashed forward.

The masked teen dashed in his path only to be punched in the chest by Kurama who appeared in front of him and sent him into a nearby tree.

Zabuza frowned. "Haku, try to handle the woman, I'll deal with the brat quickly and come help you." he said as he pulled the Kubikiribocho off his back and clashed it against Naruto's two blades, surprisingly being pushed back.

Naruto backflipped away as he held his swords in an 'X' formation. "Two swords style: 'X' slash!" Naruto said as he slashed his swords outwards, creating a shockwave which clashed against Zabuza's sword and would have cut it in half had he not jumped away.

Once Zabuza's sword was gone and the slash was uncontested, it went on to slash through fifteen of the nearby trees before disappearing into thin air.

Naruto grinned. "I'm impressed you dodged that. That should have cut cleanly through you." he said as he held his swords in a backwards grip.

He held his hands in front of his face with the tips of the swords aiming towards Zabuza. Naruto thrust the swords forward and a straight shockwave tore through the ground. "Two swords style: rushing bull's horns!" Naruto shouted as the attack shot at Zabuza with impossible speeds.

Zabuza jumped to the right but it was a little too late. His left shoulder was cut, luckily for him, not too deeply so he was still able to battle but he was still hurt.

Naruto watched as Zabuza panted lightly before running forward.

Zabuza made a downward slash that was supposed to cut Naruto in half. However, Naruto sheathed one of his blades before starting to spin his remaining one with both hands. "One sword style: turtle's shell!" Naruto shouted as Zabuza hit the spinning blade and he was pushed back.

Naruto grinned as he noticed an explosion of fire just next to them. Suddenly, Kurama appeared again next to Naruto just as Haku appeared next to Zabuza, panting heavily, burn marks all over his clothes and his mask cracked.

"Kura-chan, do you mind giving me your sword? I would like to test it out against this one." Naruto said, grinning.

Kurama grinned back as she pulled her sword from her sheath. Naruto placed the sword he had in his hands in his mouth, his teeth holding the hilt. He took Kurama's sword, holding it in his right hand before taking his second sword, holding it in his left.

He grinned maniacally as he crossed his arms over his chest, the blades of the swords held at the sides of his face.

Kurama sat down on the ground next to Naruto as she grinned excitedly. "Haku-chan, you'd probably wanna sit down and enjoy the show, I promise I won't attack," Kurama said, enjoying the annoyed growl coming from the boy at the nickname.

The boy reluctantly sat down and curiously looked at Naruto.

Naruto suddenly disappeared. He appeared behind Zabuza, his swords held out to his sides in an open manner as he slid both of his swords into his sheath and held Kurama's sword in his right hand. "Three sword style: foxe's claw!" Naruto said calmly as his swords clicked in their sheath and Zabuza fell forward on his face, blood running out of his slashed open side.

Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, Tazuna and even Kakashi were staring at Naruto in shock. However, even though Haku was surprised, even more than the others, he knew that with Zabuza down, there was no chance of winning and that he needed to treat Zabuza's wounds.

Haku quickly grabbed hold of Zabuza's shoulder before disappearing in a swirl of water.

Naruto shrugged as he saw them leaving. "They'll come back eventually… we might as well let them recover so I could have another decent fight…" he said to himself as he walked towards Kurama.

She was looking at him with hearts in her eyes. She squealed as he came closer. She quickly jumped on top of him, her body pressed into his as they kissed.

"You're so awesome! So much blood, so much pain and so much destruction with only your swords! It's so fun seeing my strong man fighting! So arousing too…" she said, whispering the last part into his ear.

Naruto laughed as he wrapped his own arms around her waist and kissed her lips. "Don't sell yourself short either. I saw that explosion of fire and I saw how that guy looked, you were just as awesome!" he shouted back, excitement in his voice as well.

Kakashi suddenly fell forward on the ground, making a loud thud sound. Naruto walked over to him and flipped him over with his leg to see Kakashi snoring with his eyes closed.

Naruto leaned down and covered Kakashi's sharingan eye with the headband before creating a clone to carry Kakashi.

He then turned his head to where the rest of team seven and their client were. "Oi! Old man, take us to your house! This guy here needs some rest!" he said, pointing at Kakashi.

The man quickly jumped to his feet. "Sure, follow me." Just as he said that, another pair of Naruto and Kurama appeared in front of the first one, the second Naruto having a fox on top of his head.

The first Naruto grinned as he held his hand out and in it, his counterpart placed the small fox. Naruto placed it on his head before both the second Naruto and the second Kurama disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Naruto turned to Kurama and they exchanged looks as they got the memories of what happened before they both shrugged and started walking after the old man, Naruto's clone carrying Kakashi with him

*flashback: after Naruto and Kurama left the clones*

The two clones appeared in front of the bears, ten tails coming out of Naruto's backbone and nine out of Kurama's. The two had orange fox ears and were practically glowing with the strong Aura of their chakra.

As the chakra was demonic fox chakra, it felt comforting to the small fox but menacing to the bears who decided that the little fox wouldn't be worth the effort of fighting those two demons and ran away.

Naruto and Kurama turned around and crouched in front of the little fox. It ran over to them as best it could with its hurt front right leg.

Naruto reached a hand out to it and after the fox came close enough to Naruto's hand, his hand glowed green and he started to heal the small fox.

Apparently, with the wood release came Hashirama's great chakra control as well as his talent for medical ninjutsu so Naruto simply added that to the things he needed to master in his training. He was already about as good as his grandmother but he had a lot more training to do before he was on Hashirama's level.

The fox was quickly healed up and it licked Naruto's hand. "Do you have a family little one?" Naruto asked.

The small fox shook its head sadly. "No, I never had any family. I was simply wandering the forest for the past week and that's as far back as I can remember." the fox said and because the two were half foxes, they easily understood.

Naruto looked at Kurama to see her giving him puppy dog eyes and he chuckled slightly. "If that's so… we have an offer for you. We would like to take you as our daughter. What do you say? Wanna be the daughter of the strongest of the demon foxes?" he asked with a smile. Apparently, when he was using the diagnosis jutus to check how badly she was damaged, he found out her gender as well.

The small fox looked at Naruto and then at Kurama before looking at their number of tails. "Are you sure it will be okay? After all, you have nine tails and you have an impossible ten tails while I only have one…" she asked sadly.

Naruto waved her off. "Don't worry about it. You'll grow and grow and you might even grow enough to unlock your fifth tail and with it, your human form just like us. With the right teaching, you can do anything and who is better to teach you than the leader of the demon fox summoning clan and her mate?" he asked as he extended his hands in front of her once again.

The fox got teary eyed as she ran into Naruto's hands and nuzzled them affectionately. Kurama brought her hand over the little fox's head and patted her.

"Don't worry girl, we'll take good care of you." She said happily.

*end of flashback*

Naruto smiled as he heard the light snores of his sleeping adopted daughter from on top of his head.

They quickly made it to a house where the old man knocked on the door. "It's me! I'm back!" The man shouted to whoever was inside.

The door suddenly opened to show a young woman standing there.

She had long blue-coloured hair and black eyes. She wore a short-sleeved pink shirt with the end of the sleeves and the collar being red in colour. She also wore a long blue skirt.

Once she realised who was standing in front of her, she ran forward and hugged the old man. "Tou-san! You're back!" she said.

The man rubbed her back. "Yeah, of course I'm back. It is all thanks to those super awesome ninjas, especially the blond brat and the redhead." he said gratefully.

The woman separated herself from her father and bowed to the shinobi. "You have my gratitude for escorting my father here safely. My name is Tsunami and I am Tazuna's daughter." she said.

Before the members of team seven could speak, Naruto stepped forward. He smiled and while pulling Kurama into his chest with one hand, he held his other hand out to her.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and she is my wife, Kurama Uzumaki. Those three are Sasuke, Sakura and Sai." he said as he gestured to the person he was introducing.

Tsunami nodded. "It's nice to meet you." she said.

Naruto nodded back, acknowledging her. "Is there a place where we can allow that guy to rest? He is Kakashi Hatake by the way. He is the jonin sensei of the other three" he asked, pointing with his thumb over his shoulder to where his clone was carrying Kakashi.

She nodded her head and stepped out of the doorway. "Of course, you are all welcome in our house. I will show you to your rooms. We have two rooms available so I believe you should split up into girls and guys." she said as they entered.

Naruto quickly shook his head. "That would be unnecessary and unwise. With all of my respect for Kura-chan's patience, Sakura will not leave that room alive. I suggest myself, Kura-chan and Kakashi in one room and the others in the second room. I say it because I am the one most knowledgeable in medical ninjutsu, meaning I should be with Kakashi and Kura-chan stays with me." he said.

Tsunami shrugged as she turned to Sakura. "Are you alright with sharing a room with them?" she asked.

Sakura nodded. "It's fine, as a team, we are used to it." she said, trying to speak normally but her voice still being too loud for normal conversation, waking up the fox on Naruto's shoulder and making all three foxes cringe at the pain in their sensitive ears.

Tsunami nodded as she took the group up a set of stairs where there were three rooms. She pointed to the one on the right and the one on the left. "Those are your rooms. The room in front is my son's room." she said.

The group walked into their rooms and closed the doors after them.

Naruto laid Kakashi on the couch present in the room before his hand started to go over Kakashi's body, glowing a light green.

A few moments later, Kakashi started to wake up.

"Thanks, Nii-chan" he said as he sat up.

Naruto waved him off. "Don't mention it, though you'd better start training your team more seriously… Zabuza is gonna come back in a week or two and he will target them as he knows that normally, he can't defeat me." Naruto said.

Even though he was holding back so much against Zabuza, if he somehow got his hands on hostages, it would not end well.

Kakashi nodded his head. "Yeah… you're right. I'll teach them tree climbing tomorrow, I need to rest for today." he said as he stretched his hands and laid back down.

Naruto nodded. "Alright. We'll call you when dinner's ready." he said as he grabbed Kurama's hand and they left the room, going down the set of stairs to where Tsunami was making dinner in the kitchen.

"Would you like help, Tsunami-san?" Naruto asked as he and Kurama entered the kitchen.

She turned to look at him with a curious eyebrow rose. "You know how to cook?" she asked curiously.

Naruto chuckled. "Of course I do. I mean, I've never had any parents to cook me anything…" he said cheerfully as he shrugged his shoulders.

It took him quite a while to get over his childhood but with Kurama's help it wasn't too hard for him to simply let go.

Tsunami was taken aback by the cheerful way he said it. "Are you alright?" she asked in slight concern.

Naruto chuckled lightly. "Yeah… I'm fine. It's just that my parents died just a few hours after I was born. After that, I wasn't very well liked in my village for something which I didn't know at the time. It was only when I met Kurama-chan when I finally realised how hard my life could be if I kept complaining about what is wrong with my life and about how unfair it was so I had to learn to let go and move on. That's why I can talk with such nonchalance about my childhood." he explained.

Tsunami sadly nodded. "Anyways, now that I'm done with the depressing things, let's get started on dinner." Naruto said cheerfully.

*Time skip: forty minutes later*

Naruto and Tsunami were just finishing with dinner and so, Naruto decided that they should go call the residence of the house. Naruto went up to his room and woke Kakashi up before calling Sasuke, Sakura and Sai.

Meanwhile, Tsunami went to call her son and her father to come eat.

Finally, everyone sat down next to the table and looked at the food with watering mouths.

Naruto and Tsunami had made fish, rice, steamed vegetables and Naruto even made some rice balls.

Everyone picked whatever they wanted and placed it on their plates before saying a quick 'Itadakimasu' and starting to eat.

Naruto and Kurama, as usual, shared a single plate and fed each other the food, enjoying Naruto's food as well as each other's company like always.

It was around five minutes later that they were all interrupted. Tsunami's son, Inari, as she introduced him, slammed his hands on the table, making Sakura and Tsunami jump while Naruto and Kurama glared at him for interrupting their fun time.

"Why do you even try?! Gato will kill you all! Escape this doomed country while you can!" he said dramatically.

Naruto grinned as he turned his head to look at Sasuke. "He reminds me a lot of you, Sasuke. Brooding, Check. Dramatic, Check. Depressed, Check. I think we found your tween." Naruto said, laughing.

Kurama giggled and Kakashi snickered as Sasuke glared at Naruto. Inari slammed his hands on the table again, regaining their attention.

"There's no one in the world strong enough to defeat Gato! You should just leave!" he shouted.

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "Hmmm… but Gato is only a tyrant, he haired an A-ranked missing nin and some thugs, it shouldn't be a problem for three trained shinobi such as myself, Ero-oniisan and Kura-chan." he said, still smiling.

Inari scowled. "It's not about strength. You people live in a big, rich village. You have no idea what pain and suffering is!" he shouted.

Tsunami gasped next to them, having heard the brief story which Naruto told her.

Naruto glared at him. "Do you have any Idea who you are talking to?" he asked, his single open blue eye glowing.

Inari slightly cowered in fear. "You still have family to take care of you, you are living in a big house and you have food on your table every day. Do you know how it feels to grow up without parents because they died just a few hours after you were born? Do you know how it feels to have no friends and be hated by the people of your own village because of something you could never control? Do you know how it feels to be tortured for a whole week straight just because some guy got drunk and decided that he felt like it? You don't know how it feels and I wish you never will. Those were horrible things that happened to me in my childhood. For example, the scar on my eye. I was five years old at the time and I was chased down by a few chunin level ninja of our very own village along with a few cevilinces. I was able to escape because my bloodline activated in time but I was left with this scar over my eye as a reminder for a promise I made that same day. I made a promise that I would get stronger in order to achieve my dream. That was also when I realised something. Do you know what it was?" Naruto explained his life story with a sugar coating to it but he couldn't describe being burned alive to some ten years old kid…

Inari slowly shook his head and Naruto smiled. "I realised that I shouldn't be ashamed of being weak. However, I should be ashamed for staying weak. And so, that's what I did. I trained and trained and trained some more. And now, there's no one in the world that could defeat me!" he shouted, pumping his fist into the air, making Kurama giggle slightly as she rubbed his back and kissed his cheek.

Naruto then pointed at Inari. "So that's it kid. Always remember. There's no reason to be ashamed of being weak. The shame is in staying weak. (please tell me that someone knows where this is from.)" he said with a grin as he picked some more food in his chopsticks and fed it to Kurama, getting the food from her chopsticks in return.

Kurama would have tried to apologize for the way his early life was because of her but Naruto simply shrugged her off and told her that he loved her too much to hold it against her the last time she tried so she simply gave up on it.

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