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Chapter three: the salvation of a country

The morning sun was shining brightly in the sky of wave country.

The sun rays went down from the sun and through the windows of houses. One ray in particular went through a window and straight into the eyes of a curtain teen.

Naruto groaned as the sun hit him right in the eyes. He was cuddled together with his wife as her head rested on his chest.

They shared a single futon as they wanted to stay as close as possible to each other. Naruto clutched his arms around the sleeping form of his wife as he slept, unconsciously turning them to the side to try and avoid the sunlight.

He failed in avoiding the sunlight as his face was still assaulted by the blinding light of the sun.

With a groan, his eyes slowly opened. He smiled as he looked at his wife's sleeping face as it rested on his naked chest. Her crimson hair was scattered all around his chest and down his stomach. Surrounded by blinding light, she almost looked like she was glowing.

Naruto leaned down and kissed her forehead, rubbing her back to slowly wake her up.

"Not now… just five more minutes…" Kurama mumbled in her sleep. Naruto chuckled silently as he complied with her request.

He waited five minutes before he leaned down again and kissed her lips gently.

"Nooooo… I wanna stay cuddled for just a little longer…" she whined as she opened her eyes and looked up at Naruto.

Naruto smirked at her. "We can continue cuddling in the shower if you want… here Ero-oniisan can wake up any moment…" he whispered to her.

Kurama's eyes light up. "Alright, let's go." she said excitedly.

Naruto grinned as he got out from under the blanket. He took one scroll with a set of clothes for each of them before he and his wife went to the shower.

Both of them were just wearing their underwear as they couldn't sleep naked with Kakashi around. The two just made their way into the shower as Kakashi started to stir.

Naruto was lucky he remembered to place a privacy seal in the shower, otherwise Kakashi would have died from the loss of blood.

The two came back out fully dressed after half an hour and greeted Kakashi before walking down to the kitchen.

"Good morning Tsunami-san, would you like any help with breakfast?" Naruto asked politely as he walked into the kitchen with Kurama wrapped around his right hand.

She mostly was leaning on him to hide her limp as she was glowing with the aftereffect of her morning love with her husband.

Tsunami smiled at the two. "Good morning you two, you had a good night?" she asked as she continued working on breakfast and motioned for Naruto to join her.

Kurama went to sit on a chair next to the counter of the kitchen. "I slept just fine. My pillow is always next to me so I don't have anything to worry about." she said happily.

Naruto just smiled at her as he pulled a pan out of one of the drawers.

"I slept fine as well. I was a little cold but Kura-chan warmed me up very well." he said happily as he waited for the pan to warm up.

Tsunami looked at the two with stars in her eyes as she sighed. "I wish I had the kind of love you two have… to be young and in love..." she sighed dreamily.

Naruto smiled at her. "That might be. However, you have a child to take care of and love now. I always wanted a big family and I hope that eventually, I could have one with Kura-chan…" he said.

Tsunami squealed as she went into fangirl mode at the love between Naruto and Kurama.

Kurama meanwhile was in a world of her own. 'Kids with Naru-koi? That would be a dream come true… though that'll have to wait until he grows up at least a little…' she thought to herself as she blushed and giggled inwardly.

The breakfast was ready just thirty minutes after and everyone sat at the table.

As usual, Naruto and Kurama ignored everything around them and had Kurama sit in Naruto's lap as they fed each other the tasty food.

Kakashi cleared his throat, drawing everyone's attention.

"Alright. After breakfast, we will be splitting up into three groups. One group will come with me to the forest to train. One will go to guard Tazuna at the bridge and the last group will stay here to guard Tsunami-san and Inari-san." Kakashi started.

"I'll leave my clones to guard Tsunami-san and Inari-san. myself and Kura-chan will guard Tazuna at the bridge. You can take your team to train, they need it a hell of a lot more than we do…" he said.

Kakashi silently nodded, agreeing with Naruto's plan of action. However, the plan didn't sit well with two people at the table.

Sasuke slammed his hands on the table. "What makes you think that you're better than us?" he asked in outrage.

"Yeah! Sasuke-kun is the best! There is no one stronger than him!" Sakura shouted.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Sasuke, stop pouting. I have proven over and over again that I am better than you. First at the graduation exam and a second time when I saved your ass from Zabuza before defeating him. Even if you would even admit it, we are leagues apart, not just one and there's nothing you can do about it." he said, glaring at the Uchiha before turning his glare to the pink megaphone.

He didn't speak, allowing his wife to speak in his place. "And you, Sakura, are even worse than he is. Sasuke might be arrogant but he has at least a little bite to him. You didn't even say that you are good, you simply are saying that Sasuke is good. You are living in a shinobi world. This world is much harsher than you could ever imagine. Your precious Uchiha princess won't be able to save you every time you are in danger even if he wanted to, something which he clearly doesn't." she said and Naruto nodded, confirming that it was what he thought as well.

Kakashi clapped his hands. "Settle down everyone." he said before looking at Sasuke and Sakura. "You should take what they said to heart. Both Naruto and Kurama are leagues above you. Actually, as the one who trained Naruto and occasionally helped Kurama train, I can say that you two are not even on the same scale as them. Heck, even I'm not there. I never saw either of them fighting seriously but I can tell you right now. With only what I've seen which is half serious Taijutsu and Kenjutsu fights as well as Naruto's fuinjutsu and what I've been told about their special abilities and bloodlines, the two might as well fight in their sleep as they will win anyways." he said seriously.

Naruto released some of his chakra, making the air in the room feel a lot heavier. "That's enough, Kakashi. There is no need to reveal our abilities. You can never know who is listening." he said, motioning with his eyes towards Sai.

Kakashi nodded his head as Naruto's chakra pressure dropped.

Naruto stood up as he and Kurama finished their food. The two stood at the doorway. "We'll be waiting outside for when you finish, Tazuna-san." Naruto said as the two walked out, closing the door after them.

*A week later*

Everyone stood together on the bridge, the only ones missing from the group which was staying at Tazuna's house were Tsunami and Inari who were back home with twenty Naruto clones guarding them along with Naruto and Kurama's new pet fox which was training, trying to unlock her inner demon fox so she could start working with demonic chakra. one of Naruto's clones was helping her train and encouraging her to do better, giving her motivation when she needed and giving her an example of how demonic fox chakra felt.

After the morning a week ago, everyone continued with Naruto's plan for the whole week, Naruto even using his clones to help Tazuna build the bridge.

Yesterday, team seven were finally able to master tree climbing and the group had decided to go help guard the bridge.

As they were looking around for any threats, a thick mist slowly materialized around them. "Here he comes… everyone stays back and Nii-san, you are the last line of defence. Zabuza will target your students because he knows that he can not defeat me normally. If he slips past us, get ready to defend them. Kura-chan, you're with me. You take on his student. Just knock him out and no matter what, no killing either one of them, I need them alive!" Naruto ordered as he and Kurama dashed forward towards where he sensed Zabuza and his student.

Sasuke seethed his teeth in anger as he was forced into a circle around Tazuna along with his teammates and sensei.

Naruto and Kurama entered a little space on the bridge with Zabuza and his student there wasn't any mist.

Naruto sent a smile towards his two enemies. "Hello Zabuza… how about we avoid fighting? I believe we both know that you are incapable of defeating me. how about we talk and if you want, I can help you kill gato if you are only after money…" he suggested.

Zabuza narrowed his eyes. "What's the catch?" he asked.

Naruto smiled. "I have something I wish to discuss with you. I understand if you do not trust me but please, try to understand that there's a good chance that we are both on the same side." he explained.

Zabuza was slightly taken aback. "alright… talk. if I see that you truly have something which might interest me, I will turn to your side. However, you need to understand that If I turn on Gato now, my reputation is destroyed. If I don't think what you have to offer is worth it, we will have to battle." he explained.

Naruto smiled. "good… good…" he said as he pulled a scroll out of his pocket. "you see… before myself and my wife here left Konoha to provide back-up to Kakashi's team, the Hokage asked me…"

*flashback: just before Naruto and Kurama left the hokage's office*

"Naruto-kun, before you go, I have a secondary mission for you two." Hiruzen said as Naruto and Kurama started walking towards the exit of his office.

Naruto and Kurama turned around to see what Hiruzen had for the two of them.

Hiruzen pulled a scroll out of a drawer and threw it to Naruto. "since the last two missing nins which Kakashi encountered were former members of Kirigakure and currently are members of the rebellion, I assume that the next missing nin will be as well. as you know, Konoha always loved bloodlines and as a person who has three of them, I'm sure you would hate to see whole bloodlines destroyed. Because of that, I have decided that after the chunin exams, after you both surely will advance in rank to elite chunin if not straight up jonin, I will send you both to help in Kiri's civil war. I'm sure that you two are interested in helping and I would like to help so I'm sending them the two strongest shinobi of Konohagakure. your mission is to explain that to whoever will appear next as long as whoever it is belongs to the rebel side of Kirigakure and give them this scroll which they would need to pass onto whoever is in charge there." Hiruzen explained.

Naruto and Kurama looked at each other before they both grinned. "thank's ojii-san/Hiruzen-san!" they both said at the same time. Naruto grinned maniacally as he looked at his hands, lightning crackling in one of his hands as the other had fire in it, his Mangekyou sharingan activated and both wood tentacles and golden chains sprouted out of the ground. Naruto's ten tails each went into his wrist seals and took out hiraishin kunais.

Naruto was so excited to go to war. He wanted to try out his power in a place where he could run wild. He was just lucky Iruka left the room and he was left with Hiruzen and Kurama alone, otherwise he would have had quite a bit to explain.

Kurama placed her hand on his shoulder as she leaned over his side and kissed him. "come one, Naru-koi. you can get excited for war later… we need to go save your perverted sensei before he dies… you are lucky you didn't unleash your killing intent or your chakra by accident because that alone could kill the old man." she said, scolding him playfully.

Naruto pouted as the lightning and fire in his hands went out. his tails returned the Kunai into his wrist seals before disappearing. his sharingan deactivated and the wood tentacles went back into the floor. the chains disappeared as the broken wooden floor repaired itself.

"fine… let's go…" he said in depression. Kurama grinned pervertedly. "don't be so down… I think I found a different way you can use those wooden tentacles until we get to war." she said. Naruto looked up at her and after seeing the perverted grin on her face, he understood what she meant. He grinned himself as he leered at her, ignoring the way Hiruzen flew into the wall with a nosebleed.

The two ran out of the door, waving to Hiruzen who was seeing stars on the floor with a trail of blood coming out of his nose.

*end of flashback*

Naruto explained to Zabuza how Hiruzen said that the leaf loves bloodlines and so, they couldn't stand for their annihilation.

Zabuza and his student were both shocked to hear that Naruto had three different bloodlines yet he defeated Zabuza without using any of them.

Zabuza nodded his head. "I understand what you are saying. I will deliver the note to our leader, Mei terumi. However, I will do so only after I am done with my mission. I am the person who provides the most for the rebel side of Kirigakure and I can not have my reputation damaged by turning on the person who hired me. If by any chance Gato will betray us, I shall join your side and help you defeat Gato." he said.

Naruto smiled and nodded. "I understand. I will do my best not to kill you during our battle." he said cheerfully.

Kurama giggled as she looked at the masked form of her former opponent. "well… I guess I'll do the same with you, Haku-chan…" she said, only to be cut off by Naruto.

"no, you will not. We fight together to take care of both of them. My techniques are way too deadly for a battle which I am not supposed to end with my opponent's death. you are softer and your techniques are less destructive and so, I will immobilize them and you knock them out." Naruto ordered.

Kurama nodded her head. "I guess you're right… you are too destructive. though that's what I like about you so I guess it's a good thing…" she said as she planted a kiss on his lips, totally ignoring the fact that they were in the middle of a serious fight.

Naruto sweatdropped before shrugging and kissing her back.

the two were snapped out of their loving moment when they sensed a massive water dragon surrounded by countless water needles coming towards them. the two growled together as Kurama held her hand in the horse hand seal and brought it to her mouth.

"fire style: great fire annihilation!" she shouted as a massive wall of fire shot out of her mouth, making its way towards the water attacks.

Naruto watched the fire completely evaporate the water and sighed. "Kura-chan… I get that you're upset but we need them alive… otherwise, we won't be able to go to the war…" he said comfortingly as he pecked her lips.

Kurama pouted. "I know… but it's not my fault that they interrupted my happy moment with my love." she huffed.

Naruto shook his head as he stomped the bridge and a massive wall of water rose from under the bridge, putting out the flames and evaporating at the same time.

Naruto smiled at Kurama as he grabbed her chin and kissed her pouting lips. "don't worry, my love… I'll make sure that we have more moments like that one when we are out of fights. for now, let's take care of those two and go back home to see how our little kit is doing." he said.

At the mention of their little fox girl, Kurama smiled and nodded as she turned to look at the shocked missing nins. she had grown very attached to the little fox in the past week and had become something of an overprotective mother to her. though it was still clear that she loved Naruto more for some reason.

Zabuza and Haku thought about Naruto and Kurama using those massive attacks to help their country win the civil war and couldn't help but smile truly. With power like that, and probably even more as they have not seen a single one of Naruto's bloodlines yet, they could easily turn the war around in their favor.

as they thought about those things, a pair of golden chakra chains sprouted behind their backs. Zabuza was able to tackle Haku out of the way just in time to get away from the attack only for the two of them to stare in shock at the chains, easily recognizing them.

Zabuza pointed a shaking finger at Naruto. "One of your bloodlines is the Uzumaki clan's bloodline? such a powerful bloodline and it is only the first out of three?" he asked in shock.

Naruto grinned. "bingo! It comes from my mother's grandmother. To be honest, I might say that it is the weakest out of all of my bloodlines, even though I can do some pretty amazing things with the use of Fuinjutsu…" he said, laughing as he watched Zabuza's expression.

Suddenly, they saw someone rushing towards the two missing nins. Everyone watched in shock as Sasuke ran towards the two, a kunai in hand. "Of course you would not be able to win without me, I am the very best!" Sasuke shouted as he ran towards the two missing nins.

Naruto and Kurama watched as Zabuza took this opportunity and captured Sasuke, holding him with his own Kunai against his neck.

Naruto slapped his forehead as he looked at Sasuke. "You are such a moron… this is why I told you to stay back, I didn't want any of you to be taken hostage…" Naruto said in annoyance.

Zabuza laughed. "Yeah, that wasn't very smart of you, kid. the blond brat was right in keeping you kids away from the fight, seeing as you would only get in his way like you just did…" he said.

Naruto sighed. "whatever… I'll get him out, just knock him out once he's here so he won't do anything stupid…" he said to Kurama before using the substitution jutsu to switch places with Sasuke.

Kurama quickly knocked him out as she watched Naruto with a smirk.

Zabuza laughed evilly. "Sorry brat but this is your end." he said as he went to stab Naruto's neck.

Naruto simply activated his Mangekyou sharingan, making sure to put a small genjutsu over it as he didn't want his sharingan being revealed so soon.

He activated his Kamui and walked out of Zabuza's hold, allowing the Kunai to pass right through him and for Zabuza to stab himself in the stomach.

Naruto sighed as his Mangekyou deactivated. He made a clone and pointed at Zabuza. "heal him up." he ordered as his clone crouched next to Zabuza.

Naruto turned to the masked boy. "stand down Haku. you lost. your master is injured and so, you are technically failing the mission and not abandoning it." he said and the masked boy nodded.

Just then, they all sensed around two hundred chakra signatures coming onto the bridge, the mist slowly disappearing.

Once the mist was cleared, Tazuna and his protection ran over to the group of three conscious people as well as Sasuke and Zabuza.

Kakashi stood next to Naruto as Sakura kneeled next to Sasuke, her ear to his heart and her hand holding tightly onto his own. "So… what happened?" Kakashi asked towards his little brother figure.

Naruto sighed. "I spoke with Zabuza about what Ojii-san wanted me to speak with him about and we came to an agreement that we would still fight as turning back now would destroy Zabuza's reputation. I can't tell you what we talked about as it is an S-ranked secret though I believe Ojii-san will tell you when we get back. We agreed that if Gato betrays Zabuza, he joins us and we kill Gato before going to finish our deal and if he doesn't appear, we said that we would speak after the fight. Your bright student decided that he was better than us and charged forward, getting himself taken as a hostage. I freed him, injuring Zabuza and knocking Sasuke out so he wouldn't get himself killed. Now that Gato did come to betray them, Haku will fight with us and once Zabuza recovers with the healing of my clone, he will join us. Though you all should step back. I'll take care of this with Kura-chan." he said as he stepped forward with Kurama to his right.

Kakashi nodded as he took a step back and prepared to protect his team, client and new allies.

A small army walked closer to everyone led by a single man. The man was Gato according to the description of Tsunami and Tazuna.

"Listen up, men! I want all of the men killed and the women brought to me. Whoever brings me that redhead gets a million yen bonus!" Gato shouted to his thugs.

Naruto growled, hearing him talking about his love in such a way. "Kura-chan, please stay back. I would like to handle this one on my own." he said in a growl as his single open eye glowed.

Kurama nodded as even she gulped. She knew that once Naruto got serious or angry, even she couldn't hope to come close to being able to match his power. All she could do if that situation ever came, she could only try to calm him down.

Naruto released his only tail's worth of normal chakra, causing a shockwave which knocked everyone but Kurama and Kakashi to the ground. The air pressure increased tenfold and it was very hard to breathe.

Naruto grinned maniacally as he ran through hand seals. Once done, he took a deep breath. "Fox-fire style: great fire annihilation!" he shouted as he spat a massive wall of light blue flames.

Naruto clapped his hands together and closed his single eye. Naruto's flames seemed to be coming to life as they chased down each and every member of Gato's thug army, leaving no one but Gato alive.

Naruto slowly walked towards Gato, the man cowering back in fear. Everyone watched in amazement at the strength of Naruto Uzumaki, even Kurama was impressed that he could pull that off with only a single tail of normal chakra. That fox-fire style was very draining as it gave the ability to control the blue flames and not simply launch them. Usually it took Demonic chakra to use it and that's why most of the time only someone with demonic chakra could use it.

Naruto stood in front of Gato, his grin still in place and his single eye staring into Gato's soul.

"I will make you a deal… you sign everything you own over to me and I won't kill you." he said.

Gato's eyes widened. "N-No… You can't ask that…" he started only to gulp and nod silently when he saw Naruto's hand lighting up in light blue fire.

Naruto gave him a sheet of paper and a pen and Gato quickly signed everything he owned to Naruto.

Naruto grinned as he picked Gato up by the collar of his shirt. "Now that you don't own anything, you are not useful to anyone. And since you wanted to take my love away from me, you will face her wrath…" he said, grinning as he threw Gato over to Kurama.

Before Gato could start running away, four chains sprouted out of the ground, binding his limbs to the floor and pinning him in place.

Kurama smiled as she went over and kissed Naruto. "Thanks love, I'll take good care of him." she said happily as she walked over to Gato.

Kurama ripped apart Gato's pants and underwear before her hand lit up in a red fire. She didn't want to use her demonic chakra to get the fox-fire's blue flames so she settled for red flames.

She smirked at Naruto. "Look at that, Naru-koi. He is so small. It's like a peanut." she said, laughing.

Naruto laughed with her. "Now, now, Kura-chan… don't be too mean. It just means that you have less to burn." he said happily, not bothered in the slightest seeing Gato's small, borderline none existent manhood.

Gato had tears falling out of his eyes as he was humiliated and will have his manhood completely burned in a few seconds.

Kurama sighed. "Whatever…" she said as she turned her palm upside down, causing the fire to fall on his manhood, burning the small thing clean off, Gato screaming in pain all the while.

Just before he could pass out, Kurama leaned next to his ear. "Next time you threaten to rape a women, make sure she is not the nine tailed demon fox. Take this as a lesson. I am the strongest woman in the world but let me tell you something, My husband is a lot stronger than I am. He is also a lot more sadistic so be thankful that I only took your tiny little penis, he would have taken a lot more. Your lesson is that trying to rape women will end up bad for you. If you want to do that, make sure that you are the strongest man in the world, otherwise you are as good as dead." she said cheerfully before standing back up and leaning on Naruto's side, pushing his arm between her breasts and kissing him on the lips.

"Thank you for letting me do it." she said to him.

Naruto nodded before he flicked her on the forehead. "Sure. though that man deserved much worse. If it was up to me, I would have taken more than what you did. Perhaps his eyes, his arms, legs…" he was silenced by Kurama's lips pressing up against his own.

"There's no need to do any more than I did. Besides, we are leaving him here for the villagers to do whatever they want with him…" she said, smiling gently at Naruto.

Naruto shrugged. "Whatever… I don't really care. I just wanna get home… we weren't able to have sex in a bed for almost two weeks now, it's frustrating…" he said, making Kakashi raised an eyebrow as Haku and Sakura blushed.

"You say it as if you have been having sex since you got to this country…" he said questioningly.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah, of course. Every morning in the shower. I placed a silencing seal so you won't get off to it…" he said, grinning as he wrapped his arms around Kurama and pressed her head into his chest.

Haku dropped back with a nosebleed as he laid next to Zabuza while Sakura simply scowled and blushed. Sai just stood there and looked at everyone as if he was a statue.

Kakashi cried anime tears as he looked at the two. "You are so mean!" he shouted before pulling his book out and shoving his nose into it.

Zabuza suddenly sat up, Naruto's clone leaning back and dodging him. Zabuza groaned slightly as he felt pain from his stomach. "What happened?" he asked himself.

Haku tapped him on the shoulder. "Let me explain, Zabuza-sama…" he said and started to explain what happened to Zabuza, avoiding speaking about their deal with Naruto as Naruto stated it to be an S-ranked secret.

Once he was done, Zabuza stood up slowly. He held his hand out. Naruto tossed him the scroll from the hokage. "You know who to give this to, right?" Naruto asked, confirming.

Zabuza nodded. "Yeah, She'll get it, don't worry." he said before starting to walk away.

Naruto appeared in front of him. "You are not going anywhere until you are fully healed. If my mission is going to fail because you were attacked when you were incapable of defending yourself, I will kill you myself." Naruto said in a dangerous voice.

Zabuza shivered and sat down. "Fine, whatever…" he said as Naruto's hands started to glow green.

Only half an hour later, Naruto was done and Zabuza left along with Haku.

Everyone returned to the house and continued with their usual routine.

Naruto and Kurama trained their little pet physically so she would have an easier time unlocking her inner demon fox. They both also sent clones to guard Tazuna at the bridge, just in case any of Gato's men were left behind.

Kakashi continued to train his team and Tsunami and Inari simply enjoyed the new life they now had as people living in a free country.

However, now it was time to say goodbye.

The Konoha shinobi stood on the leaving side of the bridge. In front of them was the whole population of wave country, saying goodbye and thanking their heroes.

Naruto stood in front of Tazuna and his family with the rest of the Konoha shinobi behind him, having already said their goodbyes.

Naruto smiled at the three people in front of him. He went forward and hugged Tsunami shortly before releasing her and smiling. He shook hands with Tazuna before he crouched down and ruffled Inari's head.

He stood back up and smiled as he handed one of his Hiraishin Kunai to Tsunami. "If you guys ever need me for anything, even if you need help in the kitchen, throw it on the ground and I'll be here in a flash. Also, keep it away from the drunk old man and the brat." he said, smiling happily.

Tsunami giggled lightly at the way he described her father as she nodded. "Thank you. You'd better be sure I'll be calling you sometimes for help in the kitchen. Also, bring Kurama-chan with you sometimes. It'll be great seeing you two from time to time." she said.

Naruto nodded as he turned around and waved over his shoulder.

The group of Konoha shinobi started to walk away from the country of wave. as they walked, Naruto noticed that Sasuke was activating and deactivating his one tomoe sharingan while smirking arrogantly. it was something which was happening in the past few days. apparently, when Zabuza threatened his life, Sasuke was able to awaken his sharingan. ha has been getting off to using it for the past few days and it was starting to annoy Naruto.

also, Sakura shouting about how her 'Sasuke-kun' was so cool with his new sharingan was very painful for everyone but the emotionless sai, Sakura herself and Sasuke who was too focused on getting aroused by his own insignificant power.

Naruto finally snapped when he saw his poor little girl whimpering on his shoulder as she tried to cover her ears with her paws and grabbed hold of Kakashi and Kurama while his clones grabbed hold of Sakura, Sasuke and sai before teleporting to the hokage's office.

The group appeared in the middle of the office, making Hiruzen raise his head from his paperwork.

He smiled seeing the group and raised an eyebrow seeing Naruto petting a small fox on his shoulder and whispering soothing words to it.

Hiruzen cleared his throat. "you guys want to explain what happened?" he asked.

Naruto explained the short version of the story to the aged man, skipping the talk with Zabuza and only saying that he completed both of his missions.

before Naruto could explain further after their battle with Zabuza but before his slaughter of Gato's small army, Sasuke, Sakura and sai snapped out of the shock the sudden teleportation put them in.

Sasuke pointed at Naruto. "you! tell me what you did to get us here and after that, I demand you teach me how to do it! you should feel honored to teach a member of the Uchiha clan!" he shouted arrogantly at Naruto.

Naruto smiled very sweetly. "First of all, you have no authority over me. Second of all, I have no reason to teach you anything even if I wanted to. and third, it was a normal shunshin, you can ask your sensei to teach it to you. However, let me tell you that if you will continue with this attitude, you will not last long. I promise you that if you try to order me one more time before you outrank me, I will hurt you." he said coldly, his single blue eye glowing.

Naruto turned his head and smiled at Hiruzen. "Anyways, as I was saying…" Naruto continued to explain to Hiruzen everything that happened in their mission. Once he was done, Hiruzen dismissed them all. Naruto grabbed Kurama and wrapped her in his arms, his head resting on her head and her back pressed into his chest.

The two waved tauntingly at Sasuke as they disappeared in a swirl of leaves, reminding him of the so-called 'shunshin' which was used to get them to the hokage's office.

Author's notes: done! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Here is the first time we saw Naruto's maniacal nature though it's only for good.

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