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Chapter five: gathering in Konoha's streets

It was the morning after the day Naruto and Kurama arrived in Takigakure. The two were given a hotel room for themselves and had settled down in the room.

Now, the two were waking up, as per usual, finding themselves wrapped up in each other's arms.

Naruto awoke to a knock on their hotel room door. Quickly getting up and putting on a pair of boxers, he walked over to the door and opened it only to find Fuu standing in front of him, blushing as she looked at his mostly naked body.

Naruto rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Good morning Fuu-chan. What's up?" he asked.

Fuu simply stared at him for a few seconds until his question registered in her head. "Oh… you told me to be here at eight for breakfast and it's eight now so I'm here…" She explained in an unfocused voice, her eyes still roaming over Naruto's body.

Naruto looked back at the clock that was in the room. "I guess it is eight already… sorry, Fuu-chan, Kura-chan and I kind of overslept… I'll go wake her up. You can come in and make yourself at home." he said, turning around and walking into the bedroom part of the small apartment room he and Kurama were given.

He walked into the room and laid on top of Kurama, his arms keeping his torso above her own.

He leaned down and kissed her on her lips. "Good morning Kura-chan. You'd better wake up" he gently said, caressing her beautiful-looking sleeping face. However, Kurama didn't open her eyes, instead mumbling "give me just five more minutes…"

Naruto smiled as he leaned down next to her ear and whispered "I don't mind letting you sleep a while longer but I can't promise that there'll be any pancakes remaining when you wake up…"

Kurama's eyes snapped open at the mention of pancakes. "I'm awake! Where are the pancakes?" she asked hurriedly.

Naruto laughed. "They aren't ready yet but Fuu-chan is here as we asked her so you should get up." he said, kissing her on her lips and getting off of her.

"I'm gonna go make breakfast so you can take your time getting out of bed until I'm done." he said, putting on a pair of shorts and walking out of the room.

Kurama looked down at her naked body and sighed. "But how can I start a day without some morning sex?" she asked Naruto who just left the room.

"You'll have to wait until Fuu-chan leaves. You can do that, right?" he asked.

Naruto made it out of the room and noticed Fuu standing on one of the chairs next to the table, her face red, her hands covering her ears and two tissues stuffed in her nose.

Naruto laughed loudly as he walked over to her and patted her back. "Sorry about that, Fuu-chan. Kura-chan is something of a sex addict…" he said sheepishly as he walked into the kitchen and prepared all of the ingredients he needed in order to make pancakes.

As Fuu tried to get over her embarrassment, Kurama quickly got dressed in a small top which exposed her stomach and a short skirt over her underwear. She left the bedroom and dragged herself to the kitchen table, rubbing her eyes to get rid of her sleepiness.

She watched her love making breakfast with a watering mouth at both the thought of her precious pancakes and the sight of her half-naked husband.

Kurama noted with a smirk that Fuu was doing the same. 'This is going to be so much fun!' Kurama thought to herself, giggling pervertedly as she thought about something.

A few minutes later, Naruto was done with their food. He placed the food on the table and sat down between the girls. The pancakes were already made the way Kurama liked them with the chocolate, cream and everything else.

Naruto cut a piece of the pancakes and fed it to Kurama, smiling happily as he watched her chew excitedly on the delicious breakfast.

Fuu cut herself a piece and carefully placed the food in her mouth. Her eyes sparkled as she tasted the food. "Oh my god! Naruto-kun, this is amazing!" she said happily as she took another bite into her mouth.

Naruto smiled as he took a bite for himself. "I'm glad you like it. Now eat up. There's a lot more where that came from!" he said happily.

When they finished, Naruto went to wash the dishes. "Fuu, can I speak with you for a second?" Kurama asked, a perverted smirk on her face.

Fuu skeptically nodded her head. "Y-yeah. Sure…." she said, getting up after Kurama and walking after her into the bedroom.

Naruto turned around only to find the table empty and the girls gone. He raised an eyebrow in suspicion before shrugging. 'Oh well. Nothing bad could have happened to them. I didn't sense the use of chakra and also, Kura-chan's there, so there's nothing to worry about. They'll come back eventually…' he thought to himself, humming a soft tune as he cleaned the dishes.

Kurama sat on the bed, Fuu hesitantly sat next to her, looking down at the ground. She thought that Kurama noticed how much she herself wanted to be with Naruto instead of Kurama. She was scared that Kurama was going to scold her or even threaten her.

Kurama placed her hand on Fuu's head and patted it. Fuu looked up at her and saw her smiling.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you even though you like Naru-koi. I understand why you like him so much since I love him myself so I know it can't be prevented. Usually, I'd just tell you that he is out of your reach and end it at that. However, you were lucky enough to be a Jinchuriki, and not for any Bijuu, for one of the three lovers I've ever had. For that reason and that reason alone, I will allow you to be intimate with Naru-koi sometimes." she said, her perverted smirk replacing her smile.

Fuu looked at her hopefully. "I don't really understand what you are talking about but if it'll allow me to be Intimate with Naruto-kun, I'll do it. Though I'd like you to explain what you mean further…" Fuu said unsurely.

Kurama grinned. "You see, when us Bijuu were still free, we hung out in groups. Actually, we had two groups. First was my group. With Chomei-chan and Matatabi-chan, the only three girls among the Bijuu. The other Bijuu were male and the three of us girls disliked most of them. There were some exceptions like Gyuki, the hachibi and Saiken, the rokubi. Both of which we were friendly with but not too much. Anyways, as we stayed together more and more, myself, Matatabi-chan and Chomei-chan became lovers. Seeing as you are Chomei-chan's Jinchuriki, I will allow you to be Intimate with Naru-koi from time to time." she explained.

Fuu looked at Kurama with a raised eyebrow. "And by Intimate from time to time you mean?" she asked.

Kurama grinned predatorily as she leaned in next to Fuu's ear. "I will allow you to join myself and Naru-koi in threesomes from time to time. On said days, you will be allowed to be intimate with him during the night before the act as well as the morning after it." she whispered into Fuu's ear.

Fuu looked at her with a massive blush on her face as her head was launched back into the bed by a nosebleed.

Kurama laughed hysterically as she saw Fuu's reaction. Fuu quickly recovered and sat up before glaring at Kurama. "That's not funny! Now please be serious!" she said angrily.

Kurama raised an eyebrow. "But I am serious… It'll be fun to spice things up from time to time, won't it? plus, you'll get a chance to be with Naru-koi…" she said, grinning,

Fuu looked at her for a few seconds. "I want to test Naruto-kun and see if he even wants me before I decide." she said and explained her plan to Kurama.

Kurama accepted the plan with a smirk, knowing exactly how that would end.

Naruto was casually sitting on the couch in his rented hotel room, watching some television. Just then, he sensed Fuu entering the room.

He turned his attention from the television and smiled at Fuu.

She walked over to him and without saying a word, she sat in his lap, her eyes looking right into his.

"Naruto-kun… I… I want you t-to know that… that I love you!" she said.

Naruto smirked to himself. 'Kura-chan, you truly are perverted…' he thought to himself as he was kissed by Fuu, a kiss which he leaned into.

Meanwhile, just behind the wall next to the entrance of the room, Kurama hid, poking her head out to see what was happening.

She was a little surprised that Fuu was able to gather enough courage to outright kiss Naruto but it was all the better. She knew that Naruto was able to sense her looking so she knew he wasn't just cheating on her.

Just then, Kurama was pulled back and was pinned with her back against the wall and before she realized it, her mouth was captured by Naruto's own.

His hands kept him off the wall as they pushed against the wall next to Kurama. Naruto pulled back from her lips and leaned further down, biting into her neck.

Kurama moaned as Naruto nibbled on her neck. "You are such a perverted woman. To think you'd make Fuu-chan confess to me just so you could have a little fun with a threesome!" he whispered huskily in her ear.

Kurama shivered in arousal. "I didn't get my morning sex today because Fuu came over so what was I supposed to do? Wait for her to leave?" she asked innocently.

Naruto rolled his eyes before leaning his body further into Kurama's busty body, his face remaining nothing but a few centimeters away from making contact with Kruama's own.

They stayed like that for a few moments, neither of them saying a word or moving a muscle.

Just as Kurama thought Naruto didn't want to, he grinned. "I'd have to be gay to refuse such an offer. Though don't think of making this a common thing, you're the only one for me." he said, leaning down and kissing her neck lovingly.

Kurama moaned happily as her lips twisted into the form of a grin. "Alright. It's not like I'm gonna let too many other people have a taste of you. You're mine and only I can allow other girls to be with you. Also, no normal girl can even come close to being worthy. It's only because Fuu has my Chomei-chan sealed within her that I allow her." she explained, slowly starting to pant.

Naruto shook his head. "You're hopeless. You still think of allowing other women to be with your man… Though those women are kind of your lovers so this is understandable" he said, a thoughtful look making its way onto his face.

Kurama grabbed his face and pulled his lips onto her own. "Stop thinking about it. You have more important things to do right now." She separated their lips for a second and pulled them back together after she was done talking.

In a short time, they rejoined Fuu and Naruto's clone. The two of them had already gone to the next level and were quickly followed by Naruto and Kurama. They went on for a few good hours before deciding to stop for lunch. After lunch, they continued like rabbits in heat until they had to stop to get dinner. After dinner, Fuu decided to go back to her house, exhausted from the day's activities.

Naruto and Kurama, both being stamina and sex-crazed freaks, continued until very late in the night, around three or four A.M before finally being satisfied for the moment and falling asleep in each other's embrace.

A short four hours later at eight A.M, the two woke up and packed their things.

After a quick breakfast, the two left their hotel room, going towards Shibuki's office.

The two walked through the village, holding each other's hand. Kurama's head rested on Naruto's shoulder, a soft smile resting on her face.

They quickly made it in front of a massive tree, a door in front of them leading into the tree.

The two entered through the door and found a large hall with a desk at the very back of the hall, to both its sides entrances to two flights of stairs.

The two of them walked straight forward in front of the desk. Naruto cleared his throat, drawing the attention of the secretary behind the desk.

"Excuse me miss. Is Shibuki-san here?" Naruto asked politely.

The woman looked him over for a second before her eyes lit up with realization at seeing the Konoha headband wrapped around his forehead.

"You two are the backup sent from Konoha, right?" she asked to which the two of them nodded.

"Shibuki-sama is currently talking with Fuu-san in his office so you're gonna have to wait outside until they're finished," she explained.

Naruto smiled. "It's even better if Fuu-san's here. We came to say goodbye and now we don't have to go searching for her. Would you care to tell us where Shibuki-san's office is so we could quickly say goodbye? We need to get back and give a report to the Hokage…" he explained.

The secretary thought it over in her mind for a second before she nodded. "Follow me, I'll ask him if you can come in," she said, getting up from her chair and walking up the stairs to the right of her table.

After climbing a few dozen stairs, they made it to a door. The secretary knocked on the door before opening the door slightly and poking her head in.

"I apologize for the intrusion, Shibuki-sama. The Konoha Shinobi asked to see you. Should I tell them to wait outside?" she asked.

"No, no. there's no need. Call them in." Shibuki's voice came from inside.

The secretary pulled her head back and opened the door fully.

Naruto and Kurama walked in and saw Fuu and Shibuki sitting on opposite sides of a wooden table.

Kurama closed the door behind them and the two of them stood in front of the door.

"Well, we didn't mean to disturb your chat but we just wanted to say goodbye before leaving. It's a good thing you're here too, Fuu, It saves us the trouble of going to look for you…" Kurama broke the silence.

"You're leaving already? Why don't you stay another night?" Shibuki asked in alarm. He wasn't really sure if the threat was gone and if it came when both Naruto and Kurama were gone, their village would probably stand no chance.

Naruto smiled and pointed at Fuu. "If anything happens to your village, Fuu'll just use Nanabi's power and you'll be fine. and if that won't be enough, I'll know and come help." he said mysteriously.

In truth, he connected his Hiraishin formula into Fuu's Jinchuriki seal so that whenever she used Chomei's power, he would know and would be able to come help.

Shibuki was hesitant but he couldn't find any good reasons to keep Naruto and Kurama in his village any longer.

Fuu, However, wasn't as easy to convince. She quickly ran over to Naruto and clung to his arm tightly. "Please stay with me for a little longer, Naruto-kun, Kurama-oneechan. You just arrived here a few days ago so you surely can stay a while longer, right?" she asked hopefully, giving the two a pleading look with watery, puppy dog eyes.

Kurama was slightly taken aback by Fuu's new nickname for her but she very quickly smiled in acceptance. She had used Fuu in order to have a little more fun yesterday. The least she could do was to allow Fuu to address her as her senior. That was usually how sister-wives addressed each other in cases where more than one woman was married to the same man, mostly through political marriages where the goal was for both families to get on better terms with each other.

Naruto was slightly taken aback by Fuu's nickname for Kurama but said nothing as he saw that Kurama didn't mind.

"As much as we want to stay, we have to go back right now. We need to get back to our own village to give a report to the Hokage. Also, the chunin exams are starting in two weeks so we have to go back in order to register. Finally, our cute little girl is waiting for us back home. You'll just have to meet up with us back in Konoha in a week, Fuu-neechan." Kurama did her best to explain, sounding very apologetic. However, both her and Naruto were very excited to get back home. Yesterday, Naruto had thought of a name for their little fox and the two of them were excited to ask her for her opinion on it. Also, they both missed her greatly.

Fuu nodded sadly and looked down at the floor. Suddenly, her head shot up as she looked at Naruto and Kurama in shock. "Did you say 'cute little girl?" she asked, stunned.

Naruto laughed sheepishly as he scratched the back of his head.

"Not long ago, we brought in a little wild fox as a pet but honestly, we've been treating her more like our little daughter. We're quite happy with her so far so we don't really mind…" he said, calming Fuu's racing heart down.

She understood how they could treat a fox as their child, after all, both Naruto and Kurama were fox demons and so they understood the fox-speech and had a natural connection with the fox race.

Fuu wrapped her arms around Naruto's waist and pressed her head into his chest. A faint smile appeared on her lips. "Alright. I'll just have to wait for a week before I can see you guys again. You'll have to introduce me to her when we meet in Konoha…" she said, her voice full of happiness and excitement.

Naruto patted her head and after a few short seconds, Fuu let go of him and rushed over into Kurama's arms, her head practically disappearing into the massive pillows on Kurama's chest.

Naruto walked over to Shibuki and shook his hand. The two spoke for a few seconds before Naruto returned to Kurama's side and the two left the room, waving goodbye to their local friends as they did so.

The couple quickly made their way out of the village and once securely out of sight of people, they teleported into the Hokage's office using Naruto's hiraishin.

Nothing more than a second later, Naruto and Kurama appeared in the middle of the Hokage's office out of a yellow flash. The two appeared out of nowhere and without any warning and if it wasn't for the yellow flash that accompanied them, they would have been mistaken to be ghosts.

However, the elderly Hokage was far too used to this act to be surprised. He calmly inhaled from his pipe before taking it out of his mouth and smiling at the two.

He blew out smoke from his mouth before greeting the two. "So, how was your experience in Takigakure?" he asked kindly.

Naruto unstrapped his swords from his left hip and placed them leaning against the Hokage's desk before dropping onto a chair, Kurama following in his footsteps, taking her sword off and placing it next to it before gracefully sitting in his lap.

"It was quite alright…" Naruto started and proceeded to tell Hiruzen everything relevant to the mission.

Once he was done, Hiruzen couldn't help but sigh. "It's starting to get dangerous out there… apart from those guys, there has recently been a sudden rise in the strength and influence of the mercenary group 'the Akatsuki'... you should just remain prepared. If anyone will need help to deal with S rank missing nins, you two are the only ones Konoha can send at the moment with Jiraiya away…" Hiruzen said and after seeing Naruto nod in acceptance, he waved his hand, dismissing them.

The two stood up, bowed in respect for the old Kage, grabbed their swords and disappeared into a yellow flash, like two ghosts who never were there to begin with.

The two of them didn't even go home. They first went to the training ground where their clones were helping the little fox train on creating demonic fox chakra.

The two very quickly appeared on a tree branch just outside of the training area. Looking around, they could see the Naruto clone standing next to the Kurama clone. Both of them were looking at a tree in front of them, where the now two-tailed little fox, which had grown in size to around the size of a small-sized labrador, was running up and down on the side of the tree trunk.

Naruto and Kurama couldn't help but smile in satisfaction as they saw the progress she made.

The two appeared next to their clones, catching the attention of both clones along with the baby fox.

The clones nodded in acknowledgement before exploding into clouds of smoke.

The excited fox child jumped off the tree and started to run towards the two. She made it very quickly, starting to run circles around the two. "Daddy! Mommy! You're back!" she said happily.

Naruto laughed as he watched the enthusiastic child running around them, turning his head to look at Kurama and finding her giggling in happiness.

He crouched down and was instantly tackled to the ground. The little fox sat on his chest and started to lick his face happily.

As a few seconds passed, Naruto picked her off of him and sat her on the ground next to him. "Alright girl. Mommy and Daddy have great news to tell you so sit still for a moment." Naruto said, sitting cross-legged in front of her with Kurama joining him a few seconds later.

The fox child tilted her head to the side in confusion. "What is it?" she asked curiously.

Kurama smiled from ear to ear. "While we were away on the mission, Naru-koi came up with a name for you. Tell us if you like it alright?" she said happily.

The happy child couldn't contain her excitement. "Really? Daddy found a name for me?" she asked, her eyes shining with stars.

Naruto grinned. "What do you think about Yukihime?" he asked.

The newly named fox child nodded her head furiously, her sparkling eyes revealing her immense happiness and excitement.

"I love it! Thank you Daddy, Mommy! I love you!" she said happily before jumping into Naruto's lap.

Naruto laughed. "Then it's decided. From today onwards, your name will be Yukihime!" he said, Kurama nodding along as she joined the two in a group hug.

*later that day*

Naruto and Kurama were sitting on the couch casually, Kurama sitting happily in Naruto's lap with her head and chest pressed against his chest. Naruto stroked her back gently with one hand and with the other he patted the newly named yukihime as she slept, curled up into herself on the couch next to them.

Just then, a knock on the door was heard, disturbing the couple and waking the little fox up.

Kurama raised her head and glared at the door and cursed in her heart whoever disturbed her precious time with her love.

Naruto placed a soft kiss on Kurama's lips before lifting her off him and placing her onto the couch gently.

Yukihime curiously looked at the door as Naruto slowly made his way there.

Naruto lazily opened the door and found the cat masked ANBU standing there silently. "Yugao-chan, how may I help you today?" he asked kindly, a soft smile appearing on his face.

Yugao glanced behind him and from the look on Kurama's face she could tell that her timing was not exceptional. Her gaze swept over the two tailed fox that was sitting on the couch next to Kurama, looking curiously at her. She just didn't know what to say about that as she looked back at Naruto.

"Do I even want to know?" she asked, gesturing with her head towards Yukihime. Naruto followed her line of sight and his eyes brightened. "Yuki-chan, come over here for a second." he asked and she quickly walked up to him.

She sat there next to him and looked at Yugao.

"You two haven't met each other yet, have you?" he asked rhetorically before crouching down and petting Yukihime on the head.

"Yugao-chan, this is our little girl, Yukihime. We adopted her back when we went to wave country. Yuki-chan, this is Yugao. She has been a great friend of Mommy's and Daddy's for a long time now." he introduced happily.

Yugao was stunned. She looked at Yukihime for a minute, trying to figure out if there was anything strange with this fox for Naruto and Kurama to adopt it as a daughter and not as a pet before she realized. 'It's only natural. Both Naruto-kun and Kurama-chan are at least part demon fox so It's no problem for them!' she thought.

While Yugao was thinking, Yukihime walked next to her and started sniffing her all over.

A few seconds later she came back next to Naruto. "I like her. She smells nice." she said, nodding in satisfaction.

Naruto chuckled as he patted her head before he stood up. At that time, Kurama came over and leaned herself against Naruto.

"By the way, what did you come over for, Yugao-chan?" Naruto asked. He was thankful that she came instead of other ANBU members because if it was anyone else, Kurama might have been a little aggressive and violent.

Yugao snapped out of her shock. She cleared her throat, saying, "Hokage-sama sent me to call you two over. I think It's about the Chunin exams."

Naruto's eyes brightened. "Finally, he took long enough!" he said excitedly. Even Kurama couldn't completely hide her excitement.

"Tell him that we'll be there in a moment." she told Yugao before running into the room she shared with Naruto to get clothes to change into.

Yugao nodded her head and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto smiled down at Yukihime. "Alright, Yuki-chan. Mommy and Daddy are gonna go talk with the old man. You wanna join? I have a surprise for you…" he said cheekily.

Yukihime excitedly nodded her head. "What is it? What is it?" she asked.

Naruto shook his finger at her. "Not yet. You'll have to wait in order to find out…" he said, grinning.

Yukihime huffed in mock sadness and contained her excitement. Naruto quickly got ready before grabbing hold of both Kurama and Yukihime. The three of them were enveloped by a blinding yellow light and when the light was gone, the three were no longer there.

Just as the three disappeared from the apartment, they appeared in the middle of the hokage's office.

"I thought you forgot about us, Ojii-san." Naruto said happily as they appeared out of the flash of blinding yellow light.

Just as Hiruzen went to respond, he caught sight of Yukihime standing next to Naruto and looking at him curiously, barely restrained excitement hidden within her eyes.

He warily glanced at the pair of tails she had before looking at Naruto. "I know I shouldn't but I'll still ask…" he said.

Naruto laughed and introduced him to Yukihime and the opposite.

Hiruzen was not even surprised at this point. He only sighed in exasperation. "I have nothing to say against this but please deal with the reaction of the people in the village yourself. I really don't think I could handle it…" he said tiredly.

Naruto laughed and patted Yukihime's head. "Don't worry ojii-san. I promise she'll behave. We taught her well. Also, she's much better at controlling and creating her demonic chakra than I was back when I was a week into trying to control my chakra and mine was only normal chakra. She'll grow up to be just as strong if not stronger than us. Those villagers better treat her well since in a few dozen years even I myself won't be able to stop her." he continued to laugh as he spoke his mind about her accomplishments so far.

Though he really thought Yukihime was very talented, he knew that while she would probably not take too much time to reach the seventh or even the eighth tail, getting to the legendary ninth tail was more difficult than breaking through from the first tail straight to the eighth. He knew that she would probably be very strong and eventually break through to the ninth tail, and would be worthy of staying by his side, she would not surpass him in combat strength or chakra reserves since he not only was mostly demon fox, he also had the bloodlines of the Uzumaki, Senju and Uchiha clans. Apart from that, Naruto knew that Yukihime would never disobey him since she looked up to him and that made him much happier.

Yukihime couldn't help blushing under the barrage of compliments Naruto sent at her. A pair of red circles appeared on her cheeks. "Don't say that daddy. I can never hope to be stronger than you." she said in embarrassment.

Naruto patted her head again. "That doesn't matter. The point is that you'll eventually become strong enough to level the whole village with ease so if the bad people of the village know what's right for them they'll show you some respect." he explained warmly.

Yukihime puffed out her chest in pride. "They'd better!" she said with a foxy grin that promised pain.

Hiruzen had no Idea what was going on since he couldn't understand Yukihime but he could understand the general Image from what Naruto was saying and the way Yukihime acted. He sighed and cleared his throat.

"Well, Naruto-kun. How about we discuss your situation in the chunin exams. Since your team only consists of two people, being you and Kurama, you normally would not be able to enter the exam. However, since I know that you have unmatched power that can't be surpassed by any other kage let alone a genin, I can allow the two of you to enter the exam. However, that leaves us with the question. Would you like for me to get a genin into your team to fill up the spot so as to not gather everyone's attention on your team or do you not care about it and would like to enter as a team of two?" Hiruzen explained before finishing with his question.

Naruto instantly answered. "Leave our team as it is. In our team you can place a suicidal baby and he will pass all of the stages which we have influance in so putting a genin in our team would just give the genin an easy time." he said.

Hiruzen nodded his head. "I understand. I will enroll you into the competition. For now you two are dismissed." he said, waving them off as he went back to his dreaded paperwork.

"Just one more thing, Ojii-san. I thought about it with Kura-chan and we decided that Yuki-chan will be my partner from now on like the Inuzuka clan's ninja-dogs, she will be like a ninja-fox." he said happily, his eyes seeing Hiruzen lazily nod as if he already expected something like that.

His eyes finally drifted down towards Yukihime to find her looking up at him with wide, starry eyes. "Really!?" she asked in disbelief.

Naruto nodded his head in confirmation and the next moment he was tackled back to the ground by an excited fox.

He stopped her from licking his face and pointed at Kurama who was standing next to them. "You should thank your mommy, not me. I wanted to wait until at least after the chunin exams when you would have at least three tails but she insisted that as long as I keep you safe you'll be alright." he said and Kurama nodded in satisfaction as if she was waiting for it.

Yukihime looked up at Kurama before jumping on her and licking her face with all the love she could muster.

Kurama was very happy that Yukihime finally showed some love towards her and not only towards Naruto. She embraced Yukihime's furry body and sent her love back to the child.

Naruto happily smiled at that scene as he stood up and looked over at Hiruzen. He found the old man deep in the paperwork and not even paying them attention.

He waved. "We'll be leaving now, Ojii-san. Good luck with your paperwork!" he said teasingly before grabbing hold of Krama and Yukihime and vanishing in a blinding yellow light, nowhere to be found once the light dispersed, leaving behind the old Hokage cursing about youth and annoying teens.

*A week later*

It was around two P.M and our favorite trio were just about to decide what to eat for lunch.

"Naru-koi… why can't we eat pancakes today?" Kurama whined childishly. Naruto sighed, shaking his head in helplessness. "Kura-chan, we had pancakes yesterday morning, we can't eat it so frequently… and besides, It's noon right now, isn't it?" he explained patiently.

Kurama huffed and turned her head to the side, pouting like a little child that had been placed in the corner as punishment.

Yukihime giggled from the side. She had noticed over the past days that Naruto and Kurama had an inseparable love between them and that it can create some very funny situations just like the one right now. She had taken a liking to laughing at those very situations as they occurred in front of her eyes.

Yukihime found out that both of her adoptive parents had a childish side to them and a mature side to them and every time one of them would act like a child and whine while the other took the role of an adult and take responsibility to make sure the other didn't do anything they were not supposed to. However, she noticed that her mommy would most of the time find a way to talk Naruto into allowing her to do whatever it was she wanted to do and found it very funny.

Just then, Kurama suddenly turned her head and looked into Naruto's eyes, a foxy grin plastered onto her face.

Naruto raised a curious eyebrow. "What are you up to?" he asked suspiciously.

Kurama's grin widened even further. "I have an offer you can't refuse!" she exclaimed.

Naruto smiled. "And what would that be?" he asked.

Kurama could barely contain her excitement. "I'll trade you ramen at Ichiraku's right now in return for pancakes tomorrow morning. How about it?" she offered.

Without hesitation, Naruto agreed. "Deal," he answered.

Kurama pumped her fist in triumphant happiness before throwing herself into Naruto's chest. "Let's go then!" she said.

Naruto smiled too. "It'd be a good chance to introduce Yuki-chan to Teuchi-Ojiisan and Ayame-Oneesan, too. So let's get going. I feel like we should walk over there, there's something on the way there for us. After all, A week's already passed…" he thought out loud.

Kurama nodded her head, a slightly perverted smile creeping onto her face. Naruto ignored her expression and turned to look at Yukihime.

"Yuki-chan, we're going out to eat and meet friends. You wanna join?" he asked kindly.

Yukihime excitedly nodded her head. "I can finally go for a walk outside and not just teleport everywhere? Let's go already!" she said, stretching her legs before jumping off the couch and walking over to the door, waiting with skyrocketing excitement.

Naruto and Kurama followed after the young fox, his single open eye hardening and chilling as he expected the reaction of the villagers around them when they saw an actual two tailed fox.

"Yuki-chan, stay close to me. I don't know what the villagers around us would try to do once they see a member of the demon fox clan again. I have already told you of the great trauma they got when Kura-chan was controlled so you should understand why they will do what they are going to do. However, never forget, much less forgive. They do not deserve your forgiveness. Also, don't take anything they say to heart, they know nothing." Naruto explained coldly, the experiences he himself had with those very villagers in his youth flashing in his eyes.

Yukihime nodded her head and walked between Naruto and Kurama. While she didn't completely know what to expect, she was told some of the lighter things that Naruto had experienced before he met Kurama and Minato. She was prepared to glare back at whoever tried to harm her or her adoptive parents.

Of course, any attempt to hurt any of them would end in a very painful experience to whoever tried by the hands of the ten tailed Naruto who was sick of the treatment he got in the village.

As they walked out of the abandoned district of Naruto's apartment complex, the streets were starting to become more and more packed by people who started to notice the small group.

Once people noticed Naruto, they were already filled with their unjust hatred. However, when they caught sight of the small two-tailed fox walking between Naruto and Kurama, the hatred in their hearts was bubbling, threatening to explode at any moment.

Finally, a minute after people started to notice them, someone finally gathered up his courage. He was a chunin level shinobi of Konoha and a few members of his family had died in the Kyuubi attack. The villagers around him might call him brave but as he stepped forward and blocked the trio's path, he could only be described as dumb and idiotic.

Naruto glared at him. "Can I help you?" he asked, his voice cold and emotionless.

The man glared back. "Yes, in fact, you can. How about you get out of my village and take your whore as well as this small piece of garbage before I'll make you regret it!" he said, his chest puffing out in pride and confidence.

Kurama and Yukihime joined Naruto and glared at the man. Naruto's lips curved up in a sweet smile. That smile could be described as too sweet.

In a moment, Naruto appeared in front of him, an afterimage slowly disappearing from where he previously was like he was a ghost.

He leaned over the man's shoulder, his arm wrapping around his neck as if they were old friends. "You have crossed the line. Not to mention you insulted my wife, you also insulted our child. You are just lucky we are in public, otherwise, you would wish I'd kill you… but, since we are in public, and I don't really want to deal with you, I will leave you alive. However, I have to leave you with a parting gift…" Naruto finished, his tone stone-cold throughout the whole time.

When he was done, he looked deeply into the man's eyes with his single blue slitted eye. Suddenly, the eye mutated and his sharingan activated, placing the man in a genjutsu.

Naruto walked back, his eye back to it's usual blue color. He made it back and patted Yukihime's head before the three continued their walk.

The man slowly fell to his knees before he flattened on the ground. While he wasn't damaged too badly, he was knocked unconscious by nothing more than a single glance of Naruto's. It was a form of a warning for anyone else that wanted to insult or harm them.

No one but the man himself noticed Naruto's sharingan and he would soon forget because of the Illusion so the secret of Naruto's Uchiha blood was still kept as such.

As they walked, they deliberately walked a little bit of a longer way, first so that Yukihime could get a feel of how it is to walk around in the village and also because they were waiting for someone to arrive.

However, the three soon met three people which they knew rather well. Or at least, Naruto and Kurama knew rather well.

The people were walking right towards them and once they noticed the trio, they approached them.

The three of them were Hiruzen's grandson and his little group within the shinobi academy.

The teen himself, Konohamaru Sarutobi, was a short young man, standing at the height of 4"6 (141.1cm). He was around twelve years old and he had black eyes with brown spiky hair. He wore a pale green shirt with brown pants, a bandage strapped onto his right thigh. He wore dark blue ninja sandals, a light blue long scarf and a ninja pouch on the back of his left thigh.

One of his two friends was a girl and the other one was a boy.

The girl was around 4"5 (139cm) with orange hair in two very large pigtails that were standing up to the sides, black eyes, on her cheeks were two circular blushes and she appeared around 12 years old. She wore a pink short sleeved shirt with a violet sleeveless overshirt. She wore a layered skirt with mid thigh boots.

The other boy stood at around 4"7 (142.9) with brown hair that fell onto his forehead, circular glasses, smallish black eyes and seemed to be around twelve years old. He wore a black jacket zipped all the way up with black pants. He wore a pair of shinobi sandals and a ninja pouch on the side of his left thigh.

When both groups met, Konohamaru excitedly grabbed onto Naruto's arm. "Naruto-Oniisama! Kurama-Oneesama! I heard from Ojii-san that you are both entering the Chunin exams in a week! Is that right?" he asked with barely contained excitement.

Naruto smiled at the young boy and nodded his head. He patted Konohamaru on his head. "We are. We are gonna be promoted soon after the exam so if you want to catch up to us you're gonna have to work even harder… Who knows, maybe after we're promoted we would come over to teach your class in the academy or maybe even pick a genin squad. Though It's a shame you're a little too young to graduate in time to be in one of our teams…" Naruto said using a teasing tone.

Konohamaru stomped his feet on the ground. "That's not fair! I wanted to be your student!" he said, pouting.

Kurama and Naruto laughed. "We can still teach you some things every once in a while if you really want us to…" Naruto said.

Konohamaru's eyes light up. "Really?" he asked hurriedly.

Kurama smiled teasingly at him. "We might but you should introduce us to your new friends first… We might find them more interesting than you and then teach them instead…" she said, dragging her words to annoy him.

Konohamaru shook his head. "No way! They can join but not replace me!" he said decisively before stepping back.

He gestured towards the girl to his right. "This is Moegi Kazamatsuri" he introduced and the girl shyly smiled and waved in greeting.

He then gestured towards the other boy to his left. "This is Udon Ise" he said and the boy waved at the two, pushing his glasses up his nose.

Konohamaru then turned around to look at his two friends. "Moegi, Udon, these two are Naruto Uzumaki and his wife, Kurama Uzumaki. I met them around a month or two ago at Ojii-san's office. I found out that Ojii-san placed the two of them on their own genin squad alone with no third teammate or sensei because they were simply too strong to fit into any other team without slowing down the development of the other genins. I actually saw Naruto-oniisama defeat Ebisu-sensei!" he exclaimed in pride, as if he was speaking of his own achievements.

The truth was that Konohamaru had barged into the Hokage's office just when Hiruzen was talking with Naruto and Kurama about their team arrangements and afterwards followed them so that he could see just how worthy they were of his grandfather's acknowledgment. After they noticed him following them and confronted him, he asked them to teach him something.

Naruto taught Konohamaru the tree walking exercise as a favor for Hiruzen and then Konohamaru's original trainer, Ebisu, came over and confronted Naruto. He was another one of the 'Kyuubi haters' and insisted that Konohamaru would leave with him at that instant. After seeing that Konohamaru was against going with Ebisu, Naruto simply knocked Ebisu out with a simply chop to the back of his head and left Konohamaru with one of his clones to monitor his progress while he took Ebisu to Hiruzne to report what happened.

Ever Since then, Konohamaru saw Naruto and Kurama as his elder brother and sister and looked up to them very much, saying that he wanted to catch up to them. Over time, Konohamaru kept going back to the two for advice with his training and they quickly became closer and closer until they saw each other as siblings.

Now, Konohamaru had run into the two of them with a fox with them and wanted to use the chance to have Naruto send one of his clones to help him train.

Konohamaru's proud grin expanded in size as he saw the amazed expressions on his friends' faces.

Naruto sent him a teasing grin. "Oi brat, don't use my achievements to brag." he said before he crossed his fingers and three clones appeared.

"Each of you gets one clone to yourself. Use it well." he said as he waved them off.

Konohamaru's eyes lit up. "Thanks, Naruto-oniisama! I'll train as hard as I can!" he shouted excitedly.

Just as he was about to run off with his friends, a light bolt lit up in his head and he pointed at Yukihime. "By the way… who is this?" he asked.

Naruto glanced at Yukihime who had silently been listening to the conversation with interest. He smiled and looked back at Konohamaru. "She's my partner. Think of it like one of the Ninja dogs of the Inuzuka clan." he explained. Konohamaru didn't even know about Naruto being the Kyuubi jinchuriki so naturally he didn't know who Kurama was and that Naruto was mostly a fox demon. Hance, there was no way Naruto would tell him that Yukihime was their adopted daughter.

Konohamaru nodded his head before shrugging and turning around. "Well, goodbye Naruto-oniisama, Kurama-oneesama. We'll be going now." he said before starting to run through the street, his three friends running behind him and the Naruto clones following them on the rooftops.

However, before Konohamaru could even leave the street Naruto was on, he smashed head-first into a young man of seventeen or eighteen years old. The man was dressed in a full black baggy suit with covered spikes coming out of the top of his head, making it look like he had cat-ears. On his face was what looked to be paint or makeup and on his back was a package wrapped up in bandages.

After Konohamaru's head hit his chest, the young boy fell back onto his ass while the man glared at him. "Brat, did no one teach you manners?!" he asked rhetorically before he reached out and grabbed Konohamaru's shirt collar before lifting him up from the ground.

Konohamaru tried to kick him but it was for naught as it did absolutely nothing.

Seeing as harming the young man was not going to work, Konohamaru started shouting for help. It was lucky for him that he didn't leave Naruto's street quit yet cause it meant that he still had a chance for Naruto to hear him and come over.

The black clothed man cocked a fist back and went to punch him only for a feminin voice from behind him to interrupt him. "Kankuro, put the kid down. Stop causing trouble…" the feminin voice sounded bored, as if the person speaking was used to things like this happening.

The black clothed youth called Kankuro turned around to see a blond girl with a massive fan on her back looking back at him indifferently. She had green eyes with her hair done up in four consecutive pigtails and a headband tied around her neck. She wore a black Kimono that reached down to her legs, with slits along the side and V-cut , revealing more of her chest. Her Kimono was tied around her waist with a red sash and she wore black shinobi sandals with fishnet stockings.

Kankuro scoffed as he saw the way the young woman of around twenty years old was looking at him. "Shut up Temari, don't tell me what to do. I'll just teach this punk to respect his elders." he said to her before turning his head back towards Konohamaru.

The young woman called Temari shrugged her shoulders. "I don't really care what you do. But if someone shows up to save this kid or he arrives, I'm not helping." she said indifferently.

Kankuro shivered for a moment. "Fine. He shouldn't arrive anytime soon and as for any Konoha shinobi coming to save the brat, I'll just teach them a lesson as well…" he said before preparing to throw his fist at Konohamaru.

Temari sighed and shook her head. She honestly wished for a Konoha shinobi to come stop Kankuro at that moment. It would just save her the trouble of explaining what happened to her sensei and would keep everything between her village and Konoha as they are right now.

Just then, her wish was fulfilled. Naruto slowly walked in front of Kankuro with Kurama to his right and yukihime between them.

As Temari saw this incomparably handsome and muscular man approaching, her heart began to thump faster and faster and the closer he came, the more she could feel the domineering Aura around him, causing her to become lost as she stared at him, her cheeks growing redder, her heart beating fast in her chest and her mouth salivating.

Naruto paid her no mind. Instead, he focused on Kankuro and glared. "Oi, clown! Release him. Because if I'll come over there to make you release him, It won't be pleasant…" Naruto coldly said.

Kankuro scoffed and threw his punch at Konohamaru. Just as the punch was about to hit, Naruto casually appeared between the two like a ghost, leaving several afterimages in his path. He blocked the punch rather easily and at the same time pushed Kankuro away with a palm strike to the stomach.

Kankuro flew back, his hand releasing Konohamaru's shirt collar. He landed on his ass a few feet away with a groan. The black clad youth glared at Naruto as he rubbed his stomach where he was hit by Naruto's palm, clearly feeling the pain there.

Kankuro realized already that he was no match for Naruto, at least while not revealing too much of his trump cards for the upcoming chunin exams. He looked at Temari for help only to find out that she was blushing and salivating as she looked at the blond teen with her eyes wide and her pupils dilated.

To Temari, Naruto was sparkling as he gracefully moved. She was glad she told Kankuro earlier that she wouldn't help him in case he was confronted by anyone because she truly wanted with all of her heart to be on Naruto's good side.

With that thought in her mind, her loving and pleasant expression disappeared and she sneered at Kankuro.

"Don't look at me for help. I already told you that I wouldn't help in case anyone confronted you. Plus, you deserved that. The poor kid just ran into you by accident and yet you, as a fully grown genin decided to pick on him and make it a big deal. Now you deal with the consequences of your actions." she said before walking over to Naruto and Konohamaru.

She stood in front of the two and looked at Konohamaru. "Are you alright, kid? Please forgive my brother. He thinks with his muscles so we usually end up in this situation…" she explained and Konohamaru laughed.

He flexed his right bicep and held onto it with his left hand. "I'm alright. It was nothing!" he said.

Naruto laughed at his reaction. "Alright, alright. Konohamaru, get out of here. Just continue with what you were about to do and give it your all with your training." he said, patting the young teen's head.

The young teen in question nodded his head enthusiastically before running off, his two friends following behind and the Naruto clones following them from the rooftops.

Naruto then looked at the young woman in front of him, looking her over once before settling onto her face and locking eyes with her, making her heart pound fast.

"Thank you for showing concern for Konohamaru. If you didn't hold your brother off for long enough for me to come see what was happening, this could have ended way differently." he said, smiling charmingly.

Temari looked at his smile in a daze. She was totally infatuated by his charm. It took her a few moments to register what he had said but once she did, she couldn't help blushing heavily under his praise and scratching her head in embarrassment.

"I-It's nothing special. My brother was just being stupid again so I had to at least try to stop him, as useless as it may be." she said, blushing.

Naruto smiled at her honestly and held his hand out to her. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki. How about you?" he asked.

She slowly took his hand and once she did, she was amazed at the warmth of his hand and the pleasant feeling to it. "I-I'm Temari from the sand village. My brother over there is Kankuro by the way." she said, introducing herself and her brother.

Naruto nodded and released her hand, getting her to sigh in disappointment. Naruto pointed at a tree behind him. "Say, Temari. Is Shukaku over there your friend as well?" he asked and on a tree branch landed a red haired teen around fifteen years old.

He had fair skin, green eyes and short spiky red hair. He had no eyebrows, his eyes were surrounded by black rings and he had the Kanji for love on the left side of his forehead. He looked to be around fifteen or sixteen years old and stood at the height of 5'4 (166.1 cm). he wore a long-sleeved crimson coat and full-length dark trousers. Over the coat, he wears two buckled belts, a grey vest held in place by a single strap over his left shoulder, and two buckled belts which he also uses to carry a large gourd made out of hardened sand.

At first, Temari only followed his hand and looked at the tree. However, when she saw the person standing on the branch there, and the way Naruto addressed him registered in her mind, she froze.

"N-Naruto-kun, w-what did you call him?" she asked in disbelief. Naruto turned to look at her. "I called him Shukaku after the Bijuu he is carrying. Is that surprising to you?" he asked curiously as if what he did was perfectly normal.

Temari started to sweat. "W-well. This is my little brother, Gaara. He is indeed the Ichibi Jinchuriki but how did you know that?" she asked, regaining her previous loving expression and tone of voice as she spoke.

Naruto looked at her for a moment before something clicked in his mind. "Oh, right. You wouldn't know since you are not from this village…" he said before he sprouted one of his fox tails. "I'm the kyuubi jinchuriki so naturally I am more sensitive to demonic chakra and so I was able to sense Shukaku's chakra." he explained.

He already decided to use his own tails as the supposed kyuubi's own whenever he wanted to prove that he was the Kyuubi jinchuriki or whenever he just wanted to prove that Kurama was still in the seal while she was not. He simply decided on using nothing but nine of his ten tails until he absolutely had to use the tenth tail.

Temari stared in absolute shock as Naruto's tail waved back and forth behind him. After proving his point, Naruto returned his tail and looked back at Gaara.

"Shukaku, are you planning to take the Chunin exams or are you scared?" he asked teasingly.

Gaara nodded his head. "Mother saying that I will join and that I will have your blood." he said in a monotone voice.

Naruto raised an eyebrow in amusement. "Mother? Is Shukaku crossdressing now?" he asked, looking back behind him to see Kurama giggling as she walked over to them.

Gara was about to comment on that, probably something that Shukaku told him to say, but he was cut off. "Shukaku, It's been quite a bit of time since I last saw you. How about you come and give your big sister a hug?" Kurama asked teasingly as she walked next to Naruto.

She wrapped her arms around him and leaned on his side as she grinned at Gaara. "You like my new mate? I think he suits me very well…" she said, sending him a wink.

Gaara clutched his head in pain. A few seconds later, his head stopped hurting and he glanced at Kurama with fear in his eyes. "Mother is afraid of her… she says to stay away from the both of them…" he said, an emotion creeping into his voice for the first time in years, and that emotion coming in the form of slight fear and disbelief.

Temari and Kankuro were absolutely stunned. Not only did Gaara fear the two teens in front of them, Shukaku feared them as well.

Naruto smiled at Gaara. "There's no reason to be afraid, we won't hurt you. That is below the both of us." he said, a smile appearing onto his face.

Just then, he turned around. "It seems that the party is just starting… This years' chunin exams are gonna be so much fun!" he exclaimed in childish excitement.

When he turned around, he saw four people. It was a squad of genin from Kumogakure.

Two of them were male and the other two were female.

The first male was a young, dark-skinned Kumo-nin with short, spiky, white hair and dark eyes accentuated with eyelashes curving upwards from the corners. He wears a dark outfit consisting of an overlong shirt with a hood, with red bandage hand guards, Kumogakure shin guards, and a black forehead protector along with a Kumogakure flak jacket. He had a thoughtful expression, as though deep in contemplation and he was sucking on a lollipop. He also carries a long sword on his back.

The other man had dark skin and a muscular build, as well as blond hair and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of the kanji for iron, and on his left cheek, he has a tattoo of a bull's horn. His top lip also has a slightly darker hue than his bottom one. He wears oval-shaped sunglasses and a white-coloured forehead protector. He also has his village's standard one-strap-over-one-shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck. He carries seven swords on his back.

The other two were the women.

The first woman was a rather tall(168cm/5"5), fair-skinned woman with a curvaceous figure who wore a stoic, aloof expression on her face. She has blue eyes and straight, shoulder-length blonde hair cut in an asymmetrical bob style.

She wears a very low-cut outfit which displays a lot of her massive g-cup breasts, with mesh armor underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, high boots, and what appears to be a modified Kumogakure flak jacket that covers her stomach only. She also carries a tanto strapped horizontally to her lower back.

The last woman was the one who caught Naruto's eyes. She was beautiful. with long, straight, blonde hair bound by taut bandages, dark eyes and she wore red lipstick. She wore a short-sleeved black and purple blouse that struggled to keep her D, borderline E-cup breasts in check and black pants that also strained against her large ass, both of which had a design similar to clouds on them, purple fingerless gloves and a chain of blue beads wound around her left hand. She also wore the standard Kumogakure forehead protector, sandals and a kunai holster, which was strapped to her right thigh. Finally, she also wore bandages around her arms and legs as well as a red belt around her waist. Naruto felt that her clothes did her dirty and took away from her beautiful appearance but those were thoughts that he only kept to himself. Though, while he acknowledged that she was very beautiful, he couldn't even put her on the same scale as Kurama so his thoughts didn't really bother him.

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