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Trailer 0: Kamen Riders

In a white void ultimately showing nothing but white, there are no ups or downs or anything around, just complete emptiness.

Until a silvery veil suddenly appeared, showing a silhouette of a person seemingly standing in the middle of the void.

"Ah! Finally found you all." The silhouette said in an elderly masculine voice, though it sounded a bit filtered.

"Do you know how hard it was to find the right time to see all you gather in one spot? But then again, I can't blame any of you for your current situation." The silhouette says, talking in the void, but there is no one in a third person's view.

"Right. Better explain in a term for all of you to understand. You're all dead." The mysterious figure bluntly said. Generally, if there were an audience before him, there would be an uproar of mixed emotions and opinions, but there was silence in the void. However, the figure seemed to 'hear' the reactions of his supposed audience as he made a hand gesture to calm them down.

"Look, I know, I know this a lot to take in, but think back. Think back at your… final moments." The figure said, and after a moment of silence, he nods his head. "Good, looks like you all get the gist of things, and I am sorry for how it is, but it is what it is."He shrugs.

After a moment of silence as if he was making the audience sink in what they learned, the figure now continues. "Now, with that aside, you're probably wondering if you're all going to the afterlife. Well, the answer is no." Again he bluntly said.

The figure was chuckling as if he just witnessed the gobsmacked. "Allow me to explain. You have all been chosen because you all had shitty lives and died in sad ways that I will not say." The figure bluntly says, then quickly continues as if he was cutting off the 'spiritual' audience. "However, the reason that you are chosen is that despite all the pain in your lives, you all had quality inside you, the quality that deserves a second chance."

The figure looks around and nods, seeing that they are listening and accepting what they are learning. "You will all be given a second chance in life, and you will be all reincarnated in an all-new world. And in addition, you will be given a gift by me! Think of it as my way of congratulating all of you for enduring your old life and embracing your new ones."

Small card-shaped lights appeared out of the figure then suddenly scattered around as if they are being sent to their new owners.

The figure nodded again as if he has fulfilled something promising. "Good. Very good. Just to let you know that when you are reborn, you won't remember everything about your previous lives until you reach a certain age and at the same time your gifts will activate and don't you worry, you'll know how to use them. Fun fact, these gifts are a perfect reflection to your predecessors, which won't be surprising if you inherit some of their personality and ideals."

And with his pieces said, the void around the silhouette begins to brighten. "Ah. It looks like our time is about up. Farewell, and I hope we can meet again." Before the figure was about to disappear through his veil, he stops and tilts his head. "Who am I?" He chuckles as he shakes his head as if this was a daily thing for him. "I'm just a passing by Kamen Rider. Remember that."

And with that, he disappears, then the void turns so bright that everything went black.

This was when a specific group of people would create a new change in the world. They would be reborn in the world called Remnant, where Kamen Riders will bring about a tremendous difference.

To be continued…

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