Trailer 4: Faiz (555)

Blake Belladonna, a Faunus wearing a bow to hide her cat ears, is sitting on a big rock in the forest of Forever Fall, looking up at the sky looking uneasy.

She had made many mistakes in her life. She thought they were right initially, one of them being a member of the White Fang.

In the beginning, she dreamed of peace and equality between humans and Faunus, a dream her father, Ghira Belladonna, wished, which resulted in him founding the White Fang, which prompted his daughter to join.

Time passed, and things did not go well at the beginning. Few would follow Ghira's cause, but the majority did not take them seriously, seeing it mainly was racists and those who were just scared to make the change, and it didn't help that a few of the members within did agree with Ghira's peaceful methods. Them mostly being Sienna Khan and Adam Taurus.

Sienna may prefer to use violence when needed rather than peaceful methods Ghira would use, but she too wishes for the best for the Faunus as a whole. When Ghira stepped down from his leadership, the Bengal tiger Faunus was more than pleased to take the role as the new High Leader of the White Fang and began to conduct her way to make humans give the Faunus respect by using fear and violence.

Adam, however, was the worst by far, going as far to kill as many humans as possible he comes across, unlike Sienna, who only kills when necessary. He wasn't always like that. In the beginning, the bull Faunus wasn't always like that. He was ambitious to make a difference, but that all changed when the violence started, and his desire to kill every human and Faunus supremacy slowly revealed himself. Showing that the man Blake used to love was gone or never even existed, to begin with.

"Blake," Snapping out from her thoughts, she turns her head and sees Adam walking up to her. "It's time."

"Okay." Blake nodded as she jumped off the rock and followed Adam from behind while she recalls the reason for two being in Forever Fall. They obtained information that a large Dust shipment was being transported via cargo train by the SDC was passing through the forest.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Adam ordered Blake to accompany him to raid the train. The cat Faunus would not have any problems raiding the train only to mentally question the plan seeing that the bull Faunus was bringing bombs. Even Blake knew how devastating that would be if they detonated inside the train.

But being the hopeless fool she was, she still held a small lingering hope that she would try to convince him not to do it.

She thinks this over as the two finally reach their destination.

The two are currently inside one of the cargo train's freight cars, and so far, there have been no people or guards inside.

That was the first car they entered. Seeing that there was nothing inside, they decided to go to the next only to find nothing again.

The third car. Nothing. The fourth. Nothing. And so on.

They found absolutely nothing, no people, no workers, no guards or security of any kind, and not a single amount of Dust on sight.

"What is this?" Adam growled as he was beginning to lose his patience after finding nothing after passing through all the cars they went through. "Why haven't we found anything yet?!"

"Adam…" Blake muttered both in concern and fear for her companion, but she was also confused and alert that something was off. "Somethings wrong… maybe we should leave."

"No!" Adam snapped at Blake, making her flinch. "We made it this far, and I refuse to go back empty-handed."

Adam walked away to the next car as Blake watched with a conflicted look, deciding if she should run away while he was distracted by his rage or just continue to follow him.

In the end, she bitterly followed him even though, deep in her heart, it said otherwise.

The two got out of the previous car getting closer to the head, and entered the next, the two expecting another empty car, but to their surprise, they finally found something or rather someone for the first time.

They see someone sitting on a box in the middle of the freight car. A young man who appeared to be around the age of eighteen, with short grey hair, he wears a red long-sleeve shirt with a black sleeveless hoodie jacket and jeans with sneakers. But what was more eye-catching was the wolf hears on his head identifying him as a Faunus.

And he seemed to be holding a cup of warm liquid in his hand and what was curious about him was that he was more focused on his cup and blowing it a few times without even looking up at the two newcomers in the car.

Blake and Adam looked at each other than the Faunus on the box.

"Hey." Adam called out towards the wolf Faunus. The said Faunus's wolf ears slightly twitched, indicating that he heard him but was ignored while the young man continued to blow his cup.

Adam snarled, not liking that he was being ignored and that his recent temper was not helping him. "HEY!"

Adam shouted but was still being ignored.

Blake was starting to get nervous seeing that the bull Faunus was gripping his weapon Wilt and Blush, tight on his hand. "I SAID–"

"SHUT UP!" The wolf Faunus shouted in annoyance as he looked up for the first time towards the two Faunus, mostly towards Adam how was silenced but his sudden outburst. "Can't you see I'm trying to enjoy this cup of coffee?"

The wolf Faunus growled as he took a sip from his cup but only to stick his tongue out. "Too hot…"

Before Adam could yell back, Blake was first to cut in, seeing that this was an excellent opportunity to talk to this stranger, hoping to end this peacefully. "Why are you here? Why is a Faunus like yourself doing in a place like this?"

The wolf Faunus just raised a brow and slightly frowned at the cat Faunus's question. He sat up straight and just gave out a bored expression to them. "I'm here because a friend of mine asked a favor from me."

Blake blinked a couple of times in confusion. Even Adam was confused but narrowed his eyes behind his mask. "A-A favor…?"

"Yeah… to deal with a couple of White Fang grunts trying to raid this train." His answer stunned the two before they reached out for their weapons, but the wolf Faunus didn't even seem fazed as he continued blowing his coffee.

Adam growled, now understanding that all of this was a trap, but he couldn't help but wonder how this Faunus knew they were planning to raid this SDC train. Was this guy a former member? Did he sell out his own kind just to get massive pay from the company run by the family he despises so much? And seeing that this young man didn't seem to care about the situation was building up his rage even more. "So what? So you betrayed your fellow Faunus to the SDC, so you get paid to stop us?"

The wolf Faunus stopped blowing his coffee and looked up to the angry Faunus with a deadpanned look on his face. "You think that I'm one of your animals in one of your cults filled with terrorist and Faunus racists?"

This comment shocked both the Faunus, not expecting to hear a racist word from another Faunus.

"Oh, don't make those shock looks. A Faunus can just be racist towards other Faunas. Normally I wouldn't say something like that, but since you guys are from the White Fang… I can make an exception." The wolf Faunus said as he took a sip from his cup, which was finally cold enough for him to drink. "And to answer your question, you have yourselves to blame for, since one of yours willingly shared secret information to another Faunus outside of the Fang just because he had wolf ears."

To emphasize his words, the wolf Faunus twitched his ears on his head.

This enraged Adam seeing that one of his own men carelessly told classified information to an outsider who was not even a member of their cause. When he is done dealing with this boy, he goes back to his camp and personally deals with the blabbermouth.

"But that still doesn't make sense!" Adam yelled in rage. "Even if you told Atlas what we were planning, the SDC would never believe in the words of a Faunus!"

"Your right. They wouldn't believe in the words of a Faunus like me…" The wolf teen said as he drank more coffee from his cup. "But the words of the First Faunus Councilman and General Ironwood say otherwise."

This earned a gasp from the red Faunus, then turned to snarl hearing the mention of the Atlas first Faunus Councilman.

Blake, however, widened her eyes in shock. She had heard about a Faunus being the very first of his people to be a Council member in the Kingdom of Atlas of all places when she was a child.

She was too young to remember at the time, but what she does know is that it all started with an unavoidable Dust mine accident that a particular friend of her parents died inside. Normally the SDC would brush it off as an accident and use honeyed words to get away from it.

However, that all changed when a young Faunus around her age spoke against an incident. Usually, they wouldn't believe all this to happen if it wasn't recorded live all around Remnant, which caused a domino effect all around the Kingdom of Atlas and maybe at Remnant as a whole.

She won't go much into detail, but it was thanks to that young Faunus's courage that the Faunus in Atlas was living a bit better now.

This also led young Faunus's father to become a council member. With an honest man such as himself filling in the empty seat that James held, the fourth addition's opinion had made much progress making those living in Atlas tolerable for the second-class citizens as well as helping Mantle be more stable and fairer.

This was also a colossal backlash for Jacques Schnee. He previously willingly gave up the chance to fill an empty seat of the council and passed it to James Ironwood as a favor to fund the military and their experiments.

After what had happened and to save face, he was forced to give up his chance to join the council.

This was highly supported by the General and countless Faunus in the Kingdom from Atlas and Mantle. Even Robyn Hill from the Happy Huntresses fully supported him, seeing that this was what the Kingdom needed in a long time.

This was all thanks to the young Faunus that day which he was titled the Faunus Hero. Countless Faunus admired and respected the child even today, those being Blake, her parents, and most Faunus inside and out of Menagerie.

Except for the more radical ones who disapprove of him and his family, especially Adam Taurus.

"Of course, it would be the work of that family of traitors…" Adam spat as he glared accusingly at the wolf Faunus now understanding the situation. "And I take it you're in league with those traitors?"

"If you mean they're paying me to stop you, then no, I'm just here cause I'm doing a favor for the Faunus Hero." The mere mention of the title made Adam's Semblance flare in his rage and was dangerously close to cutting down the Faunus.

Before he could do anything, Blake intervened, much to his growing annoyance. "Even though things are slightly getting better in Atlas, it doesn't change the fact that the SDC is still causing so much pain to everyone!" Blake shouted not out of anger but in sadness in her tone.

The wolf Faunus did not miss that expression, then sighed as he finished drinking his coffee and threw the cup away. "Do you know what a dream is?"

This sudden question got the two confused, not understanding what he meant.

"A dream is what everyone strives to reach to bring that gives hope not only to yourselves but to everyone else. So far, you're not making good progress at all of that dream."

"What nonsense are you talking about? Are you saying that the White Fang's dream isn't helping anyone!" Adam shouted in rage. That answer angered even Blake.

"Is it the Fang's dream you're talking about, or is it your dream?" The wolf Faunus glared towards the bull Faunus while he glared at the young man. He didn't notice his partner's reaction. Blake couldn't help but feel confused but listened.

"Ghira Belladonna's dream was to bring peace, equality, and unity between humans and Faunus, and the start of his dream was the creation of the White Fang." The wolf Faunus said as he leaned back a bit without looking away from the two to reach something behind the box: a silver briefcase with a logo saying 'SMART BRAIN' on it. "The moment he stepped down from his leadership, you people have been doing nothing but butchering his dream."

Blake widened her eyes in shock and horror at what the wolf Faunus was talking about. She looked away in shame, knowing perfectly well what had become of the White Fang, the group that her father founded, and worst of all, she took part in it all, she didn't take part in any killing, but it doesn't change the fact she still took part.

"So what?!" Adam shouted, making Blake cringe and look at him with fear on her face, the bull Faunus. "We are doing the right thing by showing the humans that we are a superior race! To hell with Ghira's dream! To hell with you! To hell with the Faunus Hero and every single traitor that sides with the humans!"

The entire car was silent, with only the sound of Adam inhaling and exhaling as he glared with daggers towards the wolf Faunus. Blake's eyes were wide like saucers seeing that her fears have now come to a reality, and the man before is nothing more than a monster and should run as far away from him.

As for the wolf Faunus, his eyes were slightly widened, surprised by the outburst. Then he slowly narrowed them as to the point that his glare made his pupils turn into slits as he mentally compared this animal–no! This Orphnoch was masquerading as a Faunus. His choice in taking the favor for his friend was the right choice.

The wolf Faunus silently stood up from the box and placed the silver briefcase on top of the box as he opened it.

Inside was advanced-looking equipment yet seemingly outdated technology: a silver buckle with an empty panel; the SB-555B Faiz Driver, a digital camera-shaped knuckle-duster; the SB-555C Faiz Shot, a big laser pointer; the SB-555L Faiz Pointer and finally an old-fashioned flip phone with a Phi symbol on the center; the SB-555P Faiz Phone.

"You know… I'm glad…" The young man said as he took the equipment of the case and started strapping the Faiz shot, and Faiz Pointer on the sides of the Faiz Driver as he placed the buckles around his waist then took the Faiz Phone and opened it up as he faced the two Faunus, mostly towards Adam. "That I took this favor to face against someone like you."

"What?" Adam questioned as he drew Wilt out as he prepared himself to face the wolf Faunus while Blake was conflicted if she should even fight or just run away.

"Your someone who is turning a pure dream into a nightmare…" The wolf Faunus said as he dialed: 555 then pressed the 'Enter' key.


The sudden announcement slightly surprised the two Faunus as they curiously watched what the young man was doing.

"And I… will protect those dreams!" The wolf Faunus closed and raised it in the air and shouted the traditional words he and his fellow Riders would always say. "Henshin!" He then placed the Phone on the belt and put it sideways, causing another announcement


Then suddenly, red lines surrounded the young man, much to the shock of the two, then the lines glowed bright, making them cover their eyes. When the lights dimmed, they slowly recovered their sights and were stunned at what they were witnessing.

The young man before them wore a black bodysuit with red lines running along the arms and legs. The torso armor was silver and rounded, with more red streaks running through it to connect to the belt. His hands had metal fingertips with bands on my wrists and elbows. He also wore a black helmet with large yellow eyes and a pair of antennae that split the eyes to make it look like a Phi symbol on the face. On the helmet was a small silver mouthpiece that had designs that resembled teeth. And finally, on his left leg, from the knee down, was a metal brace.

He transformed too… Kamen Rider Faiz!

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The two could only gap at the sight of the Kamen Rider before them.

"Amazing…" Blake could only mutter in awe.

Adam snapped from his shock and snarled towards the Kamen Rider. "I don't know what you did, but don't think that armor is going to save you!"

The Rider responds by flicking his wrist and taking a brawler stance as he taunts him. "Then come and get me… cow."

That single insult was enough for the bull Faunus to yell in rage as he charges straight towards the Rider.

Blake was about to call out to him, maybe even reach out for him but stopped herself as she was too conflicted about what to do.

Faiz quickly took the box behind him and threw it towards the charging Faunus's feet, forcing Adam to jump over the box, still charging through mid-air with Wilt ready to cut him. Still, that slight distraction was enough for the Rider to bounce back, narrowly avoiding Adam's slash and performing a perfect bicycle kick hitting him in the stomach, causing him to crash against the wall of the car.

Adam grunted from the impact, but thanks to his Semblance, Moonslice, it absorbed the damage, but inwardly he felt the Rider's kick to his stomach. "What the hell was that kick!?" He mentally seethes as he gets up and charges towards the Rider again.

Faiz charges in as well. He raises his left arm to block Adam's sword strike, causing sparks to fly. He followed with a punch to the gut with his right fist, causing the bull Faunus to gasp for air. While being stunned, the Rider pushes the sword away, then delivers a left jab to Adam's jaw, followed with a right uppercut again to the jaw, then uses a standing kick to his chest, sending him crashing to the ground close to the next exit of the car.

Despite his Semblance gaining more power, it didn't change that his body felt the impact of the attack as he tried to get back to his feet.

Blake couldn't believe what she was seeing, and armored Faunus quickly took down Adam, the strongest in the White Fang, like it was nothing.

"Damn you!" Adam shouts in rage as he is back on his feet as he draws Wilt back to Blush, a sign that he was about to use his Semblance. "Don't think for a minute that armor will protect you for what's next!"

"Well… I don't think I need to worry about that." Faiz says as he removes the Faiz Phone from the belt, opening it to dial: 5814 then pressing the 'Enter' key.


Before Adam could respond, the doors behind him suddenly burst open, followed by the sound of a motorcycle. Before Adam could turn around, he was run over by a fast-moving vehicle causing him to crash face-first to the ground.

The said vehicle moved up to where Faiz was standing, and Blake could only watch, stunned at what she was seeing. "A-A motorcycle…?"

Just as she said, it was a motorcycle with the same theme color as the Kamen Rider. This is the SB-555 Auto Vajin: Vehicle Mode.

Adam was beyond pissed! NO MORE! He was going to kill that armored freak once and for all! This was the third time he was knocked to the ground, and he will not let this stand!

In Adam's rage, he barely even heard another announcement or saw what had happened before while he was getting back up.


Faiz again used his Phone to dial: 5814, which caused the Auto Vajin to shift, detaching, rearranging itself to turn into a different form.

Its motorcycles parts became more humanoid, the rear of the body is the leg, the seat is the torso, the brake unit is on both wrists, the rear wheel is on the back, the front wheel attached to its left arm, and the headlight makes up the head.

This is Auto Vajin in its Battle Mode in the humanoid battle robot form.

Immediately sensing the threat, the now motorcycle-turned robot charges Adam, who has just noticed the new addition. Before he could jump out of the way, the robot tackled the Faunus and pushed him out of the exit that it came from with great force. The battle robot then followed his target out of the car.

Blake could only gap at the scene in total bewilderment.

It was official.

Things were just crazy to the point she couldn't tell what would happen next.


That single word made her body freeze, and she slowly looked at the Kamen Rider, who was looking directly towards her making her now realize that she was all alone with armored Faunus.

Despite wearing a helmet, she could tell that he was narrowing his eyes towards her. She couldn't help but feel scared right now that the chances of her fighting against him were unavoidable.

Before she could draw out Gamble Shroud, the following sentence that came from him made her stunned and confused.

"We need to talk."

Back to where the Auto Vajin is fighting Adam, the two face each other in a flatcar.

The Faunus charged and attempted to cut down the robot with his Semblance, but the Auto Vajin used its left arm with the front wheel, the Buster Wheel, to block the attack.

The impact causes the surrounding area to be blown from the effect. Even leaves from trees nearby in the forest fly in the air.

However, much to the bull Faunus shock, the Auto Vajin survived the attack. It was slightly pushed back from the impact but stood its ground while its shield withstood the cut. It was left with a cut mark, but the wheel itself was still intact.

Before Adam could counterattack, the robot's wheel began slowly rotating until it got faster, and without warning, it started firing fast-paced bullets like a Gatling gun towards the Faunus.

Adam was caught off guard and was shot countless times because he was too close to the robot. He was shot innumerable times until the Faunus was pushed back a fair distance from the Auto Vajin, he was able to survive the rain of bullets thanks to his Aura and Semblance, but even Adam knows that he can't hold on for long.

Quickly regaining his bearings, he used Wilt to block swiftly and dodged some of the bullets as he charged again. He did receive some damage from the shots. If it would help set his Semblance again, he would willingly take the risk.

As he drew near, he leaped to the air, used Blush in its gun form, and fired a couple of shots towards the robot's head, causing it to stop firing to block the bullets. This gives Adam a chance and draws out Wilt and prepares to slice off the robot's head for good.


But before Adam could have a chance, a beam of Photon Energy shot towards his chest, causing him to be pushed back and crash to the ground of the flatcar.

The source?

Faiz was walking out of the car and jumping to the flatcar while holding his Faiz Phone on hand, which was bent to a 45-degree angle, making it a small pistol. He walked by the Auto Vajin's side, who finally came out from the previous car to assist his motorcycle battle robot.

Adam grunted as his hate grew while his Semblance flared in its reflection. He quickly stood up; however, Faiz reacted faster. He promptly dialed: 106 and aimed the Faiz Phone at the recovering Faunus.


Faiz pulled the trigger and sent three round bursts of energy to Adam, which caused significant damage. Seeing that, he screamed in pain as he fell to his back as his Aura began to flare, stunning him.

Seeing that it was time to end this mad Faunus, Faiz walked ahead of the Auto Vajin, who simply stood knowing that it's assistance was no longer needed.

He reverts the Faiz Phone to normal and installs it back to his belt, then he reaches to the side of his belt and unhooks the Faiz Pointer. He got his other hand to the Faiz Phone, sliding out a data chip that was the exact shape of Faiz's face. This was the Mission Memory.

He slid the Mission Memory into the slot of the Faiz Pointer as he extended the barrel of the device.


The announcement was enough for Adam to notice as he quickly got back to his feet again.

Faiz paid no attention to the Faunus as he kneeled and attached the Faiz Pointer to his right boot, locking it into place to parallel with his right leg. He then followed by opening the Faiz Phone and clicking Enter before closing it again.


The belt announced as it sent a beam of light down the Photon Stream on his leg, ending at the Faiz pointer with a 'bing', showing that the preparations were ready.

In blind hatred, Adam gave out a blood-curdling scream as he charged towards Faiz in the attempt to cut down the Rider.

That was a mistake.

Before Adam was close enough to cut the Rider down, Faiz lifted his right leg and pointed it towards Adam's chest, causing a beam of red light to shoot out of the Faiz Pointer. This caused Adam to be pushed back and stunned.

To Adam's shock and horror, not only can't he move, but the beam of light that was stunning holding him down expanded into a red energy drill.

Not wasting any time, Faiz jumped into the air and performed a flip in the air. His right boot glowed bright red as he did a flying side kick into the drill, impaling Adam.

Adam screamed in pain as both his Aura and Semblance tried to protect him from the deadly impact. But after the recent beating from the Auto Vajin, the energy bullets from, and the continued attack from the energy drill… it was only a matter of time before his body broke apart.

Faiz landed in a flash of light behind the bull Faunus without bothering to look back at him as he exploded, leaving behind a red Phi symbol hung in the air for a moment before disappearing.

This was Faiz's Rider Kick, Crimson Smash!

As the smoke disappeared thanks to the wind blowing from the train, Adam was grunting in pain as he laid on the flatcar gasping for air, utterly destroyed and defeated.

"Damn…" Faiz says as he turns around seeing the state the White Fang Faunus was it, inwardly he was slightly impressed, cringed, and somewhat sorry only for a tiny bit seeing the results of his victory. "Got to admit… not everyone can survive that Kick, but then again, normally you'd need a trade-off to survive."

The reason he could say all that?

Well, Adam Taurus was looking worse for wear. Seeing that not only was he visibly trembling lying on the ground with most of his clothing charred from the explosion and that he was in an extreme amount of pain along with burn marks on his body after his Aura finally broke.

But what was more eye-catching was that his right arm was blown off from his body.

No doubt that this was a final attempt to save himself by using his Semblance to focus all the energy on Wilt.

But clearly, the power was too much to the point that Wilt was shattered into pieces seeing that it was scattered all around the ground, plus his mask was damaged, leaving only the left side intact (hiding the SDC brand), but the right side left a burn scar forcedly shutting his right.

The only thing the defeated Faunus could do now was to glare at the Rider, who just walked past him as if he wasn't worth anything at all. And that just infuriates him even more.

"You… b-bastard…!" Adam could only croak and gasps out, glaring hatefully towards the Rider who is walking away. "J-Just… who… ARE YOU?!"

The Rider stopped and turned his head over his shoulder looking behind the fallen Faunus through his visor. "Faiz… Kamen Rider Faiz."

Upon learning his name, Adam burnt it on his head and vowed he would make this armored Faunus traitor PAY for what he had done.

But his thoughts were snapped when he finally saw Blake coming out from the previous car. She could only widen her eyes and gap in utter shock seeing the state Adam was now in.

"Blake…!" Adam cried out, making the said girl flinch at how painful his voice sounded. "What… are you waiting for…? KILL HIM!"

Blake could only freeze after hearing that command as she looked to Faiz, who stopped by Auto Vajin's then back to the defeated Faunus.

Before she could make her choice, she closed her eyes and recalled back to the talk she had with Faiz.

After the Auto Vajin threw Adam out of the car…

"T-Talk…?" Blake stuttered while still being on guard.

Faiz nodded. "I can tell that your nothing like that monster out there after seeing your reactions after the heart-to-heart talk." The Rider sarcastically said.

Blake could only look down in shame even her bow was forced downward, not having the courage to look at the Rider in the eyes as the battle between Faunus and robot was heard outside.

"This is your chance to make the real choice."

"What…?" Blake whispered as she looked back to the Rider who was walking towards where the fighting was. He pulled the Fiaz Phone out of his belt and bent it to a 45-degree position.

"I can tell that your father's dream means the whole world to you." Blake lightly gasped, shocked at the stranger to know who she was. "Yes, yes, I know who you are and Adam Taurus as well. Why else am I beating him so easily?"

The Rider said as he dialed: 103, but before he clicked Enter, he turned to the nervous and confused Faunus. "If you really wish to fulfill his dream… then you know what you need to do." He then walked out of the car as he prepared to face Adam again, leaving Blake alone to think over what the Rider said.

Back to the present…

Blake opened her eyes with a determined look on her face.

She turned to Kamen Rider Faiz and gave her a silent nod. Understanding what the cat Faunus was referring to, he nodded back. He and his robot motorcycle jumped to Blake's car, leaving a confused and stunned Adam behind the flatcar.

"Blake…?" Adam muttered in confusion and disbelief, watching Blake draws out Gamble Shroud and hear the final parting words from his former beloved.

"Goodbye." And with that, Blake cuts the lien separating the two cars leaving the previous car to slow down as the one connected to the head train speeded off, leaving behind Blake and the Rider as they watched until Adam was off from their sights.

After battle from the SDC train cargo, the two are somewhere inside Emerald Forest.

Blake was sitting on a wooden log in the forest, watching the wolf Faunus is a fair distance. Who was back to normal talking in his Scroll? At least she knows that it is because the wolf Faunus was using it for communication, and his battle robot was now back in its motorcycle form, which is parked next to her.

Blake was downright scared and didn't know what to do. She wanted to try and run away, seeing that the young man was distracted in his Scroll, but the fact the robot motorcycle was next to her was giving her second thoughts.

"Alright… I'll see you when I see you." Blake snapped out from her thoughts, seeing the wolf Faunus was done talking as he placed back the Faiz Phone inside the same briefcase along with his other equipment. He then packs it up, walks up to the Auto Vajin, and straps it on the back of the bike.

Feeling that the atmosphere had become awkward since the young man wasn't making conversation. Blake wasn't the type to make conversations herself, but she needed something to calm her nerves.

"So… who was that you were talking to?" Blake slowly asks as the wolf Faunus finishes strapping his briefcase.

"My friend who asked me to do this favor." The young man said as he looked down on the cat Faunus while leaning on his bike. "He told me that the soldiers sent by Ironwood have already caught up with the train. And for your information, they planned for this from the beginning. I was just sent to weaken the White Fang to make capturing them easily."

Blake blinked at this information, surprised that they planned this far ahead. "Does that mean…?"

The wolf Faunus scoffs. "If you're going to ask about Taurus, don't bother. The moment the Atlesian soldiers got there, he was long gone. Gotta admit, despite being close to being a cripple and losing an arm, he does have the determination to get himself out."

"Oh…" Blake mutters, looking down, seeing that her former partner is still at large. He probably plans to return to the camp, recover from his injuries, get a new artificial arm, and inform about the Rider and her betrayal. She couldn't help but feel scared and sad that she was now a traitor, but this was for the better now that she was determined to fulfill her father's dream.

All she needed to do was gather courage if she ever wanted to talk to her parents again after all these years.

"So, what will you do now?"

"What?" Blake asks as she looks back up.

"You're now a traitor to the Fang, and your pretty much homeless now." The young man said, making Blake flinch at these facts.

"I… I think I should go to Beacon in Vale." Blake answered truthfully. She has been thinking about becoming a Huntress for quite some time now, hoping that this idea can help fulfill the dream of peace.

The wolf Faunus simply raised a brow at her answer and just shrugged. "If that's your idea, then who am I to stop you."

He pushed himself off the bike and sat on the seat, and started the engine. "It will take a couple of hours to get to Vale on a bike, so best we leave now."

Blake blinked a couple of times, probably misheard what he said. "What?"

He turns to cat Faunus while raising a brow. "You say want to get to Vale on foot?"

"N-No?" Blake slowly answered while being cautious.

"Then don't ask questions and get on. I want to get to civilization as soon as possible." The wolf Faunus said, slightly annoyed and impatient with Blake's hesitation.

"What's… your name?" Blake asks, wanting at least something from him before she decides on anything. "And I want your real name, not the Kaman Rider Faiz one. I already heard it when you beat Adam."

The wolf Faunus sighs as he rolls his eyes. "Kodoku. Kodoku Okami. Now get on, we are burning daylight, and I already know your name, so no need to introduce yourself."

Blake raised a brow at the now named Faunus. His name did not follow the color naming rule. She was suspicious at how he even knew who she was but decided to brush it off for now since the former White Fang member was physically and mentally tired, leading her to choose to get on the bike with the young man she had only recently met.

Getting on the bike's seat, the cat Faunus then held on to the wolf Faunus's waist. Seeing that she was now ready, Kodoku starts the Auto Vajin and drives off towards the destination of the City of Vale.

To be continued…

A/N: Just let you know that Kodoku is not the Faunus Hero. That's another OC character that I am planning to introduce soon after a few more Riders.

I think this was a perfect choice for Faiz to appear facing against Adam, who with that kind of twisted mindset on his head. A tragic person turned into a monster like the Orphnoch of Smart Brain.

There is a slight divergence in the plot, but with this, Adam would mainly focus most of his hatred on Faiz after what he's done to him.

Wondering if the new Faiz is an Orphnoch? That's a story for another time.

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