"A friend is one who overlooks your broken fence and admires the flowers in your garden."


The Night Sky

Harry hurriedly climbed the astronomy tower, under his Invisibility Cloak.

He stepped out on the terrace which was brightly lit by silver moonlight. His secret companion was already standing there with her hands on the railing and her eyes on the sky.

"Tell me Harry? What do you see when you stare at the night sky?" The girl with beautiful blonde curls and sweet voice, asked without turning her head towards him.

Her question was laced with curiosity and hopelessness. Harry's earlier bad mood, since the last couple days due to his name coming out of the goblet of fire, vanished as he thought about how to articulate his feelings about the night sky.

He walked up to her and stood beside her, leaning on the railing.

"I once wrote a poem about how I felt staring at the sky. It described well how I felt, how I still feel." Harry said softly, his lips curved upwards in a serene smile, his cheeks turning a light shade of red at sharing another embarrassing secret with her.

The girl finally stopped staring at the sky and turned towards him, her bright blue eyes met his dim emerald ones. She frowned at the defeated expression. Her hand suddenly came and grabbed his, forgetting her own problems in the moment.

Harry had a genuine smile on his face as he squeezed her warm and delicate hand.

"I believe you." she said, knowing that was what he wanted to hear the most at that time.

He nodded and his eyes regained some of its brightness.

"I know. I can always trust you, Daphne." he mumbled, thinking about his other two best friends who were acting a little distant towards him.

Ron was a bit jealous and pained that Harry again got the spotlight while Hermione had decided it was an internal matter between the boys and wasn't going to pick a side.

Harry did understand their reasoning and that was why their mistrust didn't hurt him that much. He knew he would forgive Ron when he came to ask forgiveness. He couldn't blame Ron for his childishness. Just because Harry never had a childhood didn't mean Ron needed to stop making childish decisions and become like him.

"How is Astoria? Did you find a cure for her?" He asked, knowing that her little sister was suffering from a blood curse.

The curse shouldn't be an immediate concern as it just decreased her life expectancy with no other issues and Astoria still had decades to live.

But the Greengrass family had been searching for a cure for centuries and still hadn't found it. So it was basically a death sentence to lovely Astoria.

Although Harry was optimistic that they would find a cure. His gut was telling him that and Harry was rarely optimistic about anything. It must mean something.

Daphne's lips thinned in anger, she led him towards the wall and sat with her back propped against it. Harry settled down beside her with their hands and fingers still intertwined.

He wasn't complaining. The feeling of her hand in his was just right. As it was supposed to be.

"No, we haven't found the cure, but we now know which family cursed us?" she revealed softly, her voice felt dangerous, filled with rage, charged with lightning, wanting to burn the offender into ashes.

His eyes widened at the news. If they had found the family which had inflicted the curse on them in the first place then they could bargain with them to stop the curse. It should be great news, but sensing the anger radiating from her, he guessed the family wasn't reasonable.

"Which family is it?" he questioned reluctantly.

"Malfoy. They are asking for a marriage contract between Astoria and Draco in return for curing her." She spat angrily.

Harry winced in sympathy, understanding her predicament. It was very difficult to choose between dying early or marrying into the Malfoy family to become a trophy wife.

"Don't worry. I have this wonderful feeling that you won't need to accept that offer, I feel that we will find another way to heal Tori." Harry piped up with a happy smile.

Daphne gave him a funny look.

"You, 'the world sucks', 'my life sucks', 'there is no meaning in life' feels hopeful?" she asked incredulously.

Harry rolled his eyes fondly and pulled her in a side hug, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

She was the only person with whom he was comfortable with some physical contact.

Daphne made herself comfortable on his shoulder with her head turned to face him. She had this beautiful smile that tempted him to kiss those irresistible lips. Her eyes gleamed as if knowing what was going on in his mind, as if knowing how strongly she affected him.

"So, what do you feel when you see the night sky?" Harry asked, to distract himself from those pleasant temptations.

She smiled, seeing his plot but decided to give him some relief. There was still time to tease him, to chase him and then finally kiss him. She wasn't in any hurry. Even though they hadn't confessed to each other yet, they knew how deep their love was for one another. It had all started when a second year Gryffindor helped a first year Ravenclaw whose sister was in second year Slytherin… but that story is for another time.

"I see possibilities, I see hope. I know according to your muggle science, the stars are just a giant ball of gas and fire, but I like to think that they are wrong. I like to think that every star is a gateway to a new beautiful world. That every star has one Harry and one Daphne who are destined to become best friends and help each other. Maybe in that star, your parents survived and you had a happy childhood. Maybe in the other star, the Greengrass family never bore a blood curse." she finished with a brilliant smile, pointing to different stars.

Harry couldn't help but chuckle at her naive beautiful perspective.

"So, what do you see when you see the night sky? Tell me the poem which describes your heart." she prompted curiously and with a bit of trepidation.

Harry's smile waned and he slowly kissed her on the head.

"Do you really want to know? It may sour this beautiful mood." he whispered, caressing her hair.

Daphne just nodded, staring resolutely in his eyes. She needed to know what he felt.

"This is the poem I wrote in second year when everyone thought I was the heir of Slytherin." He told her and closed his eyes.

He sang the poem in a soft and melancholic tone.

Staring at the night sky,

With the cold wind passing me by,

My face glows from moonlight,

And I try to convince myself that I was right,

In the decisions of my life,

I regret nothing, again I try,

I am lying, I don't know why.

Loneliness and silence are my companions,

I am happy alone I say,

Take my life O Lord, why then I pray,

Two streams of happiness falls from my eyes,

I try to grin and pretend everything is nice,

I regret nothing, again I try,

I am lying, I don't know why.

The next few minutes were spent in silence as Daphne mulled over the words of the poem.

"You do know that I will change this feeling of yours? I will change it so drastically that you will write a happy poem for me. It will be so momentous that you will always have a smile, and maybe I will even convince you to do some stupid happy dance." Daphne whispered, her eyes bright with unshed tears and her voice full of passion.

Harry had a small smile on his face as he kissed her on the cheek.

"I know. I can always trust you, Daphne."

Maybe there wasn't time. Maybe they needed to stop dancing around each other. Or maybe she was just...impatient and a bit horny.

So, she cupped his face and pressed her lips on his.

And Harry readily kissed her back.