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The good news, they had figured out what the monster was and how to kill it. The bad news was when you killed It; It left behind a couple of football fields worth of goo. Bobby estimated that it would take 3 of the 4 of them to do cleanup. Naturally, Bobby, John, 17-year-old Sam, and 21-year-old Dean each gallantly volunteered to wrap things up in town while the other three did the "easy work." To prevent yet another war of the Winchesters, Bobby suggested they settle it with a poker game. Whoever had the most after five hands would avoid goo duty.

"Damn it, Bobby"! There's no way you won four hands in a row without cheating! Stand up so I can check your pockets and sleeves," John growled.

Dean whined, "It's like freaking rock paper scissors with Sam."

"When we're done with this hunt, can you give me more poker lessons?" Sam was always gracious in defeat if it was to a worthy opponent, and he could learn from it later.

"You don't need poker lessons, son; you need Winchester lessons."

They all looked at him like he'd started speaking Latin that wasn't an exorcism or protection spell. John, being John, looked angry. "What the hell does that mean, Singer"!

"It means who do you think both of your boys call when they need someone to bitch to about the other." Or you when you're being a jackass, he mentally added. "So, I know these two can't bluff each other to save their lives," he said, pointing to Sam and Dean. If I don't know how to respond to one idjit, I just copy what the other idjit does. It means I know Sam will play smart, but he will never back down from a challenge from you because he doesn't anywhere else. We've hunted together; I have to be able to read you like a book, or we'd both end up dead. And you're the most stubborn SOB I've ever met, so you never fold even if you don't have squat."

All three Winchesters stared at him with their mouths open. Three speechless Winchesters was an even bigger victory than the poker wins. Bobby resisted the urge to gloat. "Well, if you all are done standin' there like idjits, we'd better hop to it. Do any of you know if Mr. Clean works on monster goo?"