Authors: Hello everyone, I hope your all doing well, this is just a quick update to let you know how the progress of this story is going. At the speed I'm writing and with most of the planning done I am planning to have the first episode posted early next year January/February. I want to wait until then because I'm afraid with Christmas coming, I won't have to much time to write and will fall behind schedule if I start it now. That being said I have wrote this little prologue for you guys to enjoy in the mean time.

This story features multiple different characters from all sorts of works of media as such I recognize that some readers here may not be familiar with some of the characters or there respective titles but please do not worry as I do not plan on spoiling anything when I delve into past events I will try to remain as vague as possible as you will see in the prologue below. (Though honestly I'm not sure if it's possible to write something here without spoiling something here or there but I will try my best)

Prologue: Before the Game;

I Wish…

Hidden under a pile of bed sat a small teenage girl, tears threatened to escape from her eyes as she looked down at the photo of older woman in her hands. She had made a promise but had no clue if she could keep it or even if she was being truthful "If she wanted to"

"I wish there was a way I could somehow keep my promise and not have to leave this world"

Suddenly as the words left her mouth a bright light filled the room, the girl under the covers noticed the aluminous glow and moved to investigate. Her eyes met with the bright white light and slowly she began to disappear.

A fist connected with the mans jaw before he even had a second to realize what was happening, two of his lower canines flew from his mouth leaving him with a heavy dental bill to pay in the future. That was the least of his problems however as in a panic he scampered to his feet and took of in a sprint only to panic as something sharp cut his ankle causing him to trip. The man let out a batted breath as he reached for the pistol on his person, however before he could take a shot a large black boot slammed down on his hand forcing him to release his grip on the gun.

"They call you Big Nose, because you always have your nose in other peoples business" the man talking grabbed him by the collar of his scruffy looking jacket and lifted him of his feet. "Talk! What business do you have with Riddler!"

The man had been in this situation before but that didn't make it any less terrifying, as he starred down at the man holding him up he struggled to get the words out. This terrifying creature of a man was feared throughout Gotham Citys underbelly, dressed all in black, he has made a name for himself fighting to protect the city.

He is The Batman, Gothams dark knight but sometimes on nights like these he is reminded of his greatest failures. The many friends he has lost in this great war on crime and how he wished there was a way to reverse such tragedies.

Then in that solemn moment of reflection a bright light blinded Batman letting the crook shake himself free. The Dark knight would have given pursuit had he not vanished from the city.

Under the sea there is a small town called Bikini Bottom, the inhabitants of this underwater town are of course fish. One such citizen sits on the window seal watching the restaurant across the road build up a hefty queue as meanwhile his own restaurant remained deader than a grave yard. The small fish was green, with one red eye and no bigger than a human pinky, his species and name was Plankton. He glared at the restaurant, the most popular place to eat in all of Bikini Bottom "The Krusty Krab"

To say he was a little jealous would be an understatement, he wanted what they had and to his own effort he had attempted to acquire it many times but to know success.

"I wish just once I could taste what you have Krabs"

Suddenly a light filled the room and Plankton skipped a beat thinking the Chum bucket may actually have a costumer but as he rushed over to greet them, he disappeared from the Chum Bucket and Bikini Bottom altogether.

For once in his life Loki did the right thing and where did that get him? Nowhere that's where! It was foolish to think he could trick him but for some reason in that moment he wasn't thinking about himself or his survival but rather the only thing that mattered to him, his brother. For once Loki did the right thing and it cost him gravely, it wasn't right! It wasn't fair! He had finally begun to make things right and now this had to happen.

"I just wish I could have a second chance"

But as Loki spoke his final words, he saw a white light and knew this was the end. The light passed and Loki disappeared.

Two seconds make all the difference, this is something Peter Parker aka Spiderman had to learn the hard way. If he had been two seconds quicker then maybe this wouldn't have happened, just two more seconds and this tragedy could have been avoided but instead he holds her broken and crying as motionless in his arms lays the love of his life. This could have been avoided, I could have saved her, thoughts of guilt and regret play round and round in his head like a broken record.

"If only I had been faster, I wish I had saved her!"

Living a life where you know all the outcomes can be extremely boring. For Sans this a life he is forced to live over and over again, a life that is not his own but forced upon him as he is forced to play his role again and again until "They" get bored. At first he tried to fight it but it quickly became clear that there was no resisting them, he only hoped they would chose a peaceful route this time. Sans had given up hope, although apart of him still wished for release that one day they may just let him go or leave him dead. He didn't care he just… "I just wish we could be free"

Then the human did as they always do and ended his life but this time he did not respawn. The world simply carried on without him as Sans awoke some place else.

"Make your choice Professor"

"Don't do this!"

"I'm sorry Professor but for the sake of the kingdom you must die!"

The Professor stood there covered in blood, sword in their hand as the enemy and former student fell on top of them. The Professor looked almost mute to what they had done but as a soft whisper entered their ear, tears began to rise. "Why did it have to be this way Professor? Is this world so cruel that it would send the one I love to kill me, heh" she coughed up blood over the professors shoulder but they remained motionless. "I never wanted you to hate me, I never wanted you to hate any of us, I just wanted to free this country" though the professor couldn't see it, the former student was also starting to tear up. "Do you hate me… Byleth?" Her last words spoken; her grip loosened as she fell to the floor her body slipping out of the blade.

For a long time Byleth stood there starring down at the body, they felt no regret in killing her, they had fought for what they believed was right but her words played on their mind. Was this Just? Could there have been another way, all the students they had trained and spent so much time getting to know now dead by their own hands.


The realization of their actions started to overwhelm them as memories of happier times flooded through their mind. The guilt became to much for them and as they grabbed the sword a small smile stretched across their face. "I'll see you all soon my beloved students, I wish there could have been another way"

In that moment as they held the blade to their neck, a white light consumed the professor, shortly afterwards guards swarmed the place but all they found was a mountain of corpses.

Is this it? Is this how I die, those kinds of thoughts normally didn't occupy the mind of an optimist like Ruby Rose but lately she had little to be optimistic about. Falling down into the abyss, her mind playing back to the moments that lead to this, one by one her team was taken down and now she would be joining them. The darkness surrounded her but she was still falling, she didn't know when she would hit the bottom but she knew it'd all be over when she did. It wasn't fair, they had come so far, won so many tough battles, endured such hardships only for it all to end here.

A do over? She wished such a thing was possible if it was she and her team would be prepared and they would win. They would be the ones falling down in the dark not her or her friends, but she knew that was impossible. The cold bitter truth was she had lost and now it fell down to everyone else to make sure Salem didn't win. Suddenly, as Ruby fell deeper into the dark a speck of white cut through, Ruby reached out her hand to the light wondering if maybe there was something there but as the light wrapped round her she slowly disappeared.

Authors Note: Okay so I'm gonna leave that there, I know that's not everyone but like I said before I don't want to spoil anything and I can't really write all of there motives without spoiling stuff, that and I want to save some of them for later. I hope you enjoyed this and that it gives you an idea what some of these characters might be like later on.

The story will continue in Multiversal Drama Episode 1

Beginning January/February 2022