(Titles a working progress; anyway just wanted to state that this story will contain spoilers for both Owl house season 2 and Amphibia season 2 so if your not caught up on either of those shows don't read this. With that out of the way I hope you enjoy)

When Owls fly and Frogs die

Prologue: It all ends here

How did this happen?

How did it all grow so out of control?

No. How did I let it escalate so out of control to the point that my friends almost paid the ultimate price.

"Marcy!" Anne yelled.

I lied there watching the portal close with them safe inside, I could feel Andria's pulling the flamming sword out of me, it hurt but I was determined to make up for my mistakes. "Anne catch!" With what little strength I had left I threw the box into the portal, seconds later it closed for good.

"No! No, no, no! You little brat!"

Was this it? The end?

I closed my eyes both out of fear and acceptance but just as I was readying myself to meet my maker. Suddenly the clash of blades came between me and Andria's fiery fury. "Sasha" I barely had time to react as I suddenly felt someone helping me to my feet. "Grime"

"Today is a bad day to die, little human"

"Why? I betrayed-"

"Shut up!" Sasha yelled, slashing her sword at the giant amphibian with ferocious fury. At first I thought her strike had actually knocked him of balance but as Grime and the princess also began to lose there footing I came to a horrifying realization. "We're crashing!" General Yuna yelled, grabbing the princess and moving her to safety.

"Whats the plan Lieutenant?" Grime asked, as she struggled to stay up right while also holding onto me.

"We need to retreat, everyone out now!"

"But to where?" The Newt princess asked.

"You aren't going anywhere" Andria's growled as he slowly climbed back to his feet.

"We don't have time to waste! We either die here or we die from the jump, either way I'm not giving this jerk the satisfaction" With those words. Sasha quickly back flipped over Andria's swiping hands, then retorted by stabbing her sword into his thumb leaving it there for Grim to slam down with his ancient hammer.

"Ow! Your pay for that!" The angry king yelled is he pulled sword out like it was nothing more than a toothpick. However, while he was distracted, Sasha and the others had already made there way to window edge ready to take the jump.

"If we die here lieutenant, I want you to know it has been an honor fighting along side you"

"Shut up, no one is dying" as she said that I caught her glance at me. Honestly, I'm not sure how I'm even conscious maybe the rush from the situation, or maybe the wound isn't as bad as I thought…

"Jump!" Grime barked. They all leapt from the castle, seconds later Andria's massive hand reached out in an attempt to grab us. Against my better judgment I chanced a shot at him with one of my arrows, it bounced of. "What now lieutenant?"

I don't think I can hold on much longer, my stomach really stings and I'm finding it really hard to stay awake. Would it be alright, if I just closed my eyes for a second, just a second…

"Marcy wake up!"

OW! I rubbed my check, it was stinging like my stomach but obviously not as bad, I looked to Sasha who had tears in her eyes and a scowl on her face. "Don't you dare leave me Marcy! Not now!"

"Sasha… Why do you still care?"

"Of course, I care, you made a mistake but that doesn't mean I stop caring about you"


"This is sweet and all but I think your both forgetting that we're currently… Falling to our deaths!" The princess yelled.

I'm so tired. I just want to go to sleep and forget about this whole nightmare but… I can't, not yet. First, I have to save them, maybe then I can make up for my selfishness. With the little strength I could muster I managed a small high pitch whistle, I tried to keep my eyes open but I was really starting to feel depleted but at least the pain had stopped. Now I was just cold, so cold.

"Marcy!" I yelled at her slapping her like I had before but this time she wasn't responding. "Wake up!" the Sparrow had swopped in underneath us just in the nick of time, I recognized the bird it belonged to her. Marcy saved us. "You need to wake up! You can't just expect me to forgive you just like that, you trapped us in this world! You forced us into this insane nightmare and now what? Your not goanna make up for it! Not going to redeem yourself! Not going to say sorry!" I stopped, painting for air as tears began rolling down my check non stop. "That's not fair" I whispered to tired to be angry, I gently held her body in my arms "None of this is fair!" I cried and cried, at some point I think Grime placed a hand on my shoulder for comfort but it did nothing to make me feel better or stop the tears.

"Marcy!" I yelled as I felt myself being thrown through the portal, quickly I turned round desperate to return but all that remained was that stupid box, the portal had disappeared. "Come on work you stupid hunk of junk!" I yelled trying to reactivate the portal but no matter how many times I tried it refused to work for me. Eventually I grew annoyed and impatient and letting my temper get the better of me I threw the box into the distance.

"Ow! What hit me?"

"Opes sorry" I quickly ran over to apologize only to be surprised to find another human. He was a bit shorter than me wearing weird looking clothes, a white cloak and golden armor. He had smooth white skin with a scar across his left eye, curly blonde hair and unnatural red eyes. "Can I have that back please?"

"Wait a second" the guy said as he looked me over with a suspicious glare "Your human"

"Err, yeah so" I don't like where this is going.

"If your human, your probably friends with Luz, which means there's no way I can give this back to you" the guy said, pocketing the box.

"Is that so" I quickly pulled out my trusty pink tennis racket and readied myself for a fight "Well I don't know who this Luz person is but if you really want a butt kicking that badly then bring it!"

Authors Note:

Hello everyone; What do you think of the beginning of this story, I'm not goanna lie it wasn't meant to start of that dark but the more I wrote it the darker it became, sorry for any feels I may have touched, trust me it hurt me to. Anyway, this will be a crossover between Amphibia and Owlhouse (possibly another show as well but I still need to work somethings out there) For now this is just the test run, I want to see if people are interested in this kind of story, if so then I'll continue it but if no one reads it then, I might make it a lot shorter than it could be, we're see. I've never written for Owl house or Amphibia before so I am a little nervous and hope I do all the characters justice.