Authors Note: Okay so first of I forgot to mention in the last chapter that while this is solely a crossover between Owl house and Amphibia it will also feature characters from Gravity Falls. It won't feature as heavy as the other two shows but yeah just incase you haven't seen it and didn't want to be spoiled. With that said, I'd like to say thank you for everyone who's shown interest in the story so far, wherever it's reviews, follows, favorites or simply just reading, I appreciate anyway you choose to show support to the story. Finally, real quick shout out to another Crossover story between Owl house and Amphibia, it's called The Owl and the Frog it's a really good story written by ChampionEICid and the inspiration behind this story. I'm not going to get into any details here but I will say this is one of the few fics out there where people have gone out of there way to draw fan out :0 Anyway give it a read if you like or don't I've done my job…

With that said on with the story.

When Owls fly and frogs die

Chapter 1 A bad start to a new adventure

Taking the advantage I charged at the thief, swinging my trusty pink tennis racket down on him but to my surprise he managed to deflect the attack. Winded, I stumbled back and quickly caught my bearings. Where did that staff come from? I'm sure he wasn't holding it earlier.

"Your quick, but I'm experienced" the boy said, thrusting his boot into my chest. I managed to block the kick with my arm but it still stung. "Huh, you know to defend yourself at least" he said, a cocky smile stretching across his face.

"Lets just say your not the first pig headed blonde I had the pleasure of kicking the tar out off" I replied, unable to stop a smug smirk from forming across my face.

"Is that so, well I bet they weren't able to do this!" He proclaimed. Bracing myself for another attack I started to panic as I felt my body being lifted of the ground. "Whoa!" What the frog is going on? In the sudden shock of it all I dropped my racket.

"Not looking so smug now are we human" the blonde gloated with a large grin as he neared closer. "Though I'll admit I am curious, why are you so desperate to retrieve this thing anyway?" He asked, pulling out the music box. I reached out to swipe it of him but he reacted and did something weird to my arms, making me unable to move them.

"Give it back dude! I need it to help my friends" I tried pleading with him. He looked at me with an almost curious sympathetic expression and for a moment I thought he might actually return it. That hope was dashed however when he pocketed the box again, a smug smirk wiping away any kindness I may have seen in him for a second. "Not my problem. This music box did you call it? Holds some kind of magical power to it, in which case I know lord Bellos will be more than interested. Actually, thinking about it, he'd probably be interested in meeting you as well human, perhaps I should bring you to him just incase"

This guy! I swear can you be anymore of a frogging douche. If he thinks I'm just goanna sit here and let him do whatever he please then he obviously doesn't know Anne Boonchuy very well. Glaring down at the annoying blonde, he continued to rant as he waved the music box about taunting me. "Anyway, if I take you with me, I'll also have a bargaining chip to use against Luz, after all there's no way she'll risk fighting when one of her precious friends is in danger"

"I already told you I have no idea who this Luz is!" I snapped at him, my patience running thin.

"Sure, you don't, anyway now that your unable to fight back I'll be" I can't take it anymore! While he was distracted by his own annoying voice I swang my legs back and finally built up enough momentum to land a single strike, the front of my shoe landing a solid hit between his legs.

Collapsed on the ground and kneeling over in pain. Whatever had been restraining me suddenly disappeared as I fell to my feet. Wasting no time I grabbed my racket and quickly reached for the music box only to have it swiped away from me seconds earlier. "You… You are so goanna pay for that."

"Ready for round 2 then" I said, spreading my feet through the ground until I was in a fighting position, a small smirk stretching across my face as I gestured for him to near closer. "Come at me bro"

"Marcy" I stroked her hair as I stared down at her on that beautiful bed of flowers. Once news of her death reached the survivors all sorts wished to pay there respects, at first I was against the idea of letting a single person Amphibian or not anywhere near her, but then I took one look at there faces and the tears staining them, and realized Marcy was a beautiful girl with a big heart who was loved by so many. Cruel as I may be there was no way I would ever stop someone from expressing that love.

"I'm sorry Marcy, I should have protected you. I should never have worked with Grime to stage that coup. I just wanted things to go back to how they were before when it was just the three of us, but now" I paused, unable to stop myself from crying as I knelt down and took her hand in mine. "I'm sorry"

You know there may still be a way.

Who? Out of instinct I grabbed the hilt of my sword, eyeing the tent for any suspicious individuals but there was no one. "Sigh, I must be loosing it"

No, I don't think so or at least not yet.

Okay, there's definitely someone here, unsheathing my blade I stood up ready for a fight "Show yourself or face my wrath" I warned. Honestly a fight right now might be good for me, I can take out all these pesky emotions on whoever has the nerve to sneak into Her tent.

Oh I'm so scared, but seriously honey you may as well be holding a tooth pick because to you I'm nothing more than a voice in your head.

"Sigh, so I am going crazy"

Crazy, what part about hearing voices in your head makes you crazy… Ha! Okay I get your point but trust me when I say I am very much real.

"Fine I'll bite, who are you?" I asked, keeping a tight grip on the sword.

Btzzz! Wrong! The question you should be asking isn't who I am but rather what can I do for you?

Oh really? I let go of the tight grip on my sword and looked back at Marcy, this whole thing started because she allowed herself to be manipulated and used by king Andrias. There is no way I'm going to make that same mistake. "Sorry pal, but whatever you're offering I ain't buying, now make like a fly and fuck off"

Really, but what if I told you I could bring your dear friend Marcy Wu back from the dead.

I froze, my foot poking out of the tent, the entrance hanging over my shoulder and I just stood there half way in the tent and out in the cold. Slowly I moved back inside, turning round to face Marcy, I only stopped once I was stood in front of her. "You can do that?" I knew it was impossible but I couldn't stop myself from asking anyway.

It's Ironic don't you think, the poor girl only wanted to stay close to her friends, so scared of being torn apart. And now, well I'd say she's as far apart as you can get. Hehheh.

"Don't you dare laugh at her!" I snapped. I wanted to punch him/her but there was no one there to fight.

But you could change that Sasha, Save Marcy and become the hero you always wanted to be, even Anne wouldn't be able to reject you then.

Anne? I forgot about her, been so distracted with Marcy that I almost forgot Anne was still out there. Last time I saw her she went through that portal with the Plantars, I hope she's alright.

I don't want to be friends with you anymore Sasha!


"Th-That's right she" I could feel myself on the edge of tears but I managed to push it back down, I needed to stay strong I couldn't allow myself to be seen as weak.

Is this the world you want? Where one of your friends is dead and the other hates your guts. In this world where you are forced to stay strong and fight a never-ending war, never to experience happiness again. Is this what you want?

"What are you talking about? It doesn't matter what I want anymore! Nothing matters! We lost! Marcy is dead! Anne is gone and Newtopia is fucked! The only thing I have left is the toads and even then, I have no idea what to do next"

But it doesn't have to be that way…

"What are you talking about?"

I have a proposition for you Sasha, an errand I would like you to run, in return I will take you to a world where you can have everything you desire.

He/She can't be serious, take me to a new world? I can't say its impossible but I'm not sure I even want to leave this one, at least not without them. "Piss of! Like I would just abandon my friends. I'm staying right here and fighting beside the few friends I have left"

I think you misunderstood Sasha. I wasn't suggesting taking you to an entirely different world, oh no far from it. Know, I was trying to explain that I can change this world, the one your in now and make it more to your liking. For example I can make it so that your dear friend here never has to die or that Anne never meets the Plantars and therefore never stood against you. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you but first I only ask you run a few errands for me that's all, after that we can get to work on remodelling this world together.

He can really bring back Marcy and make it so Anne doesn't hate me anymore. Theres no way! Get it together Sash he's trying to trick you! Something like this can't be real, its to convenient…But even if it is a trick… I look over to Marcy, you would assume she was sleeping at first glance but with her hands placed neatly on her chest and a crown of flowers around her head she had sadly passed on. What would you do, would you play it safe and continue living in this hell hole or would you take the risk? Heh, as if I even need to ask.

"Fine I'll work with you, but I want you to know that if you screw me over, I will shove my sword so far up your asshole it'll come out the other end" I threatened but it just laughed it's twisted laugh until there was nothing but silence.

Breathe in, breathe out. Stay calm, don't react. Let them do the fighting for you. Use your opponents strength against them. There body is your greatest weapon. While you are but a single obstacle they will continue to stumble over.

Remembering the advice of my Muay Thai instructor gave me back in training helped me remember why I picked it up in the first place. I like to think of myself as someone who tries to solve things with words rather than with there fists, if at all possible I'd like to find a way around using violence. Having said that I know there isn't always and option but to fight back but with a body as lanky as mine I didn't really have the strength to do so. That's when I picked up Muay Thai, I wasn't being bullied or anything, know everyone was way to scared of Sasha to attempt something that reckless. Even so I didn't like the idea of relying on her to protect me forever, so I figured I needed to find a way to defend myself, by myself. Which lead me to Muay Thai, which of course brings us too now…

"How do you keep doing that!? What is it some kind of evasion magic?" He yelled, after falling flat onto his face for the 5th time.

I ignored him keeping my eyes closed as I let the earth guide my footing. Listen to his footsteps, his breathing. Focus! He is angry, annoyed, he will act rashly and strike where he knows it'll hurt… There!

I let my body react on its own as I grabbed his wrist and swung him over my shoulders. "How? How in all the boiling isles are you doing that?"

"Years of practised patience. Now give me the music box" I said, placing my foot on his chest pinning him down. He reached out to grab his staff but this time I was quicker. What even is this thing? It didn't look that different from any normal cane, only notable feature about it being the red bird on the top. "Now!" I looked down at him confused, what was he planning. Then suddenly the bird on the staff sprung to life, flying up in my face and clawing at my fore head. "Get of me you dumb bird!"

I made sure to defend my eyes from the birds' attacks but when it finally flew away, I saw him standing in front of me a small smile on his face. "See you around human!" I couldn't react in time as he managed to land a powerful kick to my stomach knocking the air out of me. I had no time to moan about the pain though as I found my self tumbling over the side of the cliff and falling towards the ground.

No! No way! This cannot be how it all ends. Kicked to my doom by some thief who's name I don't even know. There's still so much I need to do. I need to get back, to Newtopia, Wartwood and home. That's right I need to get back home but not alone, with Sasha and Marcy.

It can't just end like this!

I won't let it!

I still need to save them!

Suddenly everything seemed to stop. No, not everything, just me. I was floating in mid air, my hands glowing that strange hue of blue like before but why? Why now and how? That's not important, if I can use this power even for a little bit maybe I can get the box back. I rushed back up the cliff swerving left to right and crashing into cliff itself sometimes. I'm so not used to this! To say I landed at the top of the cliff would be putting it lightly as I crashed headfirst into a nearby tree. Gathering my bearings, I jumped out of the tree with the intention of floating back down but whatever that strange power is it seemed to have worn of.

"Weird. What is up with this super power business anyway?"

I wondered around the area surrounding the cliff but after what felt like hours, I came to the realisation he was gone and the music box with him. "So, what do I do now?" I sat down under a nearby tree contemplating my options, I know I can't just give up and wallow in defeat but being alone on strange world I'm completely unfamiliar with. I couldn't help but feel a little scared. That's when I realised, I was alone. Where were the Plantars, Hop Pop, Sprig and Polly, the little frog family that had taken me in and treated me as if I was one of them. They had gone into the portal with me so shouldn't they also be here?

I felt like I was gonna be sick as a lump started to form in my throat, I was unable to speak my own nerves cutting me of but then I found my voice and started calling for my family. "Sprig!" I yelled, cutting through the woods. "Sprig! Polly!" No answer, where are they? Before I even realised, I had started running, my yelling turning into frantic and panicked cries "Hop pop! Sprig! Guys, please answer me! Polly! Sprig! Hop Pop! Answer me if you can hear me!" Where are they? Why aren't they answering? Did something happen to them? Are they in trouble? Are they hurt? If someone like that guy from earlier were to come across them, then there's no way they'd be able to put up much of a fight.

"Sprig! Sprig! Guys, please answer me! Sprig! Polly!" Suddenly I fell to the ground my foot caught on a rouge tree branch, since I hadn't been looking where I was running. It didn't hurt any worse than any of my other injuries but even so I couldn't stop the water works from coming. "Hop pop! Sprig! Please!" I cried out into the words as loud as I can but there was no answer but the sounds of nearby owls hooting. I can't do this without you guys, not again, I can't do this alone. "Please. Hop pop! Sprig! Polly!" Just answer me… I don't think I can do this on my own.

Authors note:

This fight honestly could have gone either way, I feel like Anne has the advantage physically but as soon as he starts using magic Anne becomes at a disadvantage. Not only that but Hunter would play dirty which in the end is what got Hunter the win, if barely. Don't worry though, these two will surly meet again. Writing this fight was really fun if not a little challenging. I must have rewritten it at least 3 times not wanting to make either character seem to strong or weak. I hope the final product did both of them justice. Incase your curious I saved the alternative fight and decided to post it here as a little bonus, you can let me know which fight you think is better.

Alternative scene 1: Anne Vs Hunter

Taking the advantage I charged at the thief, swinging my trusty pink tennis racket down on him but to my surprise he managed to deflect the attack. Winded, I stumbled back and quickly caught my bearings. Where did that staff come from? I'm sure he wasn't holding it earlier.

"Your quick, skilled even but I'm experienced" the boy said, thrusting his boot into my chest. I managed to block the kick with my arm but it still stung. "Huh, you know to defend yourself at least" he said, a cocky smile stretching across his face.

"Lets just say your not the first pig headed blonde I had the pleasure of kicking the tar out off" I replied.

"Well, I bet I'm the first one that can do this" he said, as balls of light surrounded him. For a moment I couldn't help but stand there in utter shock, starring with my mouth a gap like a deer caught in headlights. Move! Beautiful balls of light blasted towards me, I rolled and dashed as quickly as my body could. When it stopped the tress behind me had holes bigger than my head burnt into the centre of the trunk. I looked up at the boy who was floating over the top of the cliff looking down at me with a cocky smile. "Heh end of the line human!" he yelled, blasting another ball of death by my feet.

I barely jumped out of the way in time as the grass I had been standing by instantly caught a light "Oh frog me!"

(This is where Sashas POV would be)

This is getting ridiculous, how many of those things can he possibly have? "Ahh!" I let out an embarrassing scream as one of the balls grazed by my hair singeing the top black.

"Hahaha! I think it looks better like that"

Okay, now he's goanna pay. I tightened my grip on my racket and steadied myself, locking eyes with my opponent, the time for running is over. He seemed to notice my change in attitude as that cocky smile of his vanished, replaced by a more serious look. "Okay, lets finish this"

You can do this Anne, your not goanna lose to this guy. If he wants to throw these glowing balls of death at you then all you need to do… Is send them right back!

Multiple balls of light flew towards me at high speed but I was ready, without wasting a beat I swung my trusty tennis racket, my aim true and my resolve unbroken. Please don't break, please don't break!

"What the?"

I opened my eyes, and almost doubled back in shock not only had I somehow managed to deflect the attack but I also sent it flying into his face. The other balls seemed to be burning out around me, he was back on the ground rubbing his face. Now! Before he can recover, I'll get that staff away from him! I charged at him, punching him square in the face and then smacking him with the racket for good measure. While he was dazed, I yanked the staff away from him, now he shouldn't be able to make those terrifying balls of doom.

I win!

However, before I could celebrate, I must have hit him a little too hard as he seemed to stumble back and loose his footing. That close to the edge of the cliff, this high up if he falls, he'll seriously hurt himself. He may be a jerk but I don't want to hurt him at least not permanently. I leaped to grab him but he was to far away, thankfully he was able to grab hold of the staff.

"You! What are you doing?"

"Hang on, I'll pull you up"

"I don't need your help" he scoffed. Suddenly the staff in my hand disappeared and with it the only thing stopping him from falling was gone. "No!" What happened? I didn't drop it, it just vanished.

Then just when I was sure he was doomed and I was goanna witness something horrible a red bird flew by him and his cane suddenly appeared in his hands. "Heh, thanks buddy I can always count on you" with his cane back I could only watch as a ball of light enveloped him completely and just as he was about to hit the ground, he disappeared.

Who was that guy?

Why did he attack me and how was he able to do all that and more importantly how was I able to fight back against it?

Sigh, I'm glad he's okay but I really hope I don't run into him again. Wait, the music box, he took it.

(Okay ending it here because it's pretty much the same from here, let me know if you liked this alternative scene, I'm sure I'll end up posting more in the future)