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Chapter 1 - Shark Attack


Star and Marco's condo is overrun with half-filled containers as the family of four prepares to move to a new home. Over the years the couple has collected a number of mementos and the act of packing has forced them to rethink what they should take, and what they should leave behind. Ten minutes earlier Marco and their teenage daughter left to pick up another stack of cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, Star and their youngest stayed behind to continue getting things ready in the living room. Sadly, instead of working, the soon to be honorary queen finds her son once again taking a break.

"Kiddo! You're supposed to be packing!"

"Mom, this is sooo boring! If I keep putting stuff in boxes I'm pretty sure my brain is going to turn to pudding!"

"I hear you but we need to get this room done today. Your dad even made a chart explaining how much prepwork we have to finish this week. You do want to live in Butterfly Castle right?"

"YES! I soooo want to live in the castle and I soooo don't want to do any more packing! Mom, can we take a little break? I-I...ah...I want to look at this old photo album I found! Please-please-super-squeeze?" As the boy speaks his left hand slip over to the closest bookcase and pulls down a pleather photobook with a layer of dust on it so thick Star doubts it's been moved since it was placed on that shelf ten years earlier.

"Well, I want a break too but you know if we don't finish your fathers going to make me feel totally guilty."

"But this is family history in my hands! Isn't it important to teach it to me?" With his best puppy dog eyes the eleven-year-old gazes up at his mother. Once he senses that her resolve is beginning to crack he immediately turns to the first page.

"Fine but after this we need to keep going. What photos do you have there anyway?"

"I don't know, these first ones are mostly pictures of you, dad, and Queen Ponyhead making faces."

After clearing away some boxes Star picks up her son and plants him next to her on a small loveseat. After giving the boy a kiss on the crown of his head she takes the book and starts digging deep into her memories. "These are from the first time I brought your dad to the Bounce Lounge. He looks like he's having a good time but he was actually scared to death."

"I like this one where dad and Queen Ponyhead are acting like best friends." After pointing at a few of the silly poses the boy turns the page.

"Now you're Grandma Diaz loved sneaking pictures of your dad and I. That is why there are all these pictures of us watching TV, eating, is one of my 'Day on Earth' celebration cakes. Right from the beginning they made me feel like I was part of the family."

For a few minutes there were slight giggles as they flipped from page to page pointing at the little details they found interesting. Finally they reached a strip of images where the eleven-year-old had an important question. "Mom, can you tell me the story about this photo of you and dad kissing?"

"The photobooth one? There's not much to tell really. You're dad and I liked each other but we weren't dating yet. That night we were at a friend's wedding and in that booth the dork finally said that he had a crush on me."

"But you kissed in the picture so you must have started dating right after."

"Weeeell...your mom was a bit of a dope. I should have listened to my heart but instead I let him leave with a sweet beautiful green haired girl who really liked him. They flew off together on the back of his dragoncycle."

"Wow. What did you do?"

"I took a carriage ride home with a guy who loved pies."


"Yeah-yeah, everyone makes mistakes. Anyway, it's fine now. It all worked out in the end."

After a few more pages the pre-teen points to two strange photos where everything seems a bit off. "What about this one mom? Is that from when you got married? It looks like Grandma & Grandpa Diaz's house."

Star let out a sigh. "No, that was from senior prom, just before we left. Your dad looked awesome."

"Why are you so sad in the next picture? Is that from prom too? And who's the girl with the crazy dress?"

"Weeeell it's a long story. That was Starfan. M-maybe we should go back to packing, I really don't want to talk about my prom."

"Mom, tell me the story! I bet it's a once-upon-a-time story, I can see it on your face. Those are the best! Please tell me. PLLLLLEAASSEE!" The boy couldn't stop himself from bouncing in his seat as he asked.

"Hmm...if I do I'm going to leave out some details. It wasn't exactly my best night."

"But in the movies prom is always awesome."

"It was a great day and an awful day all at the same time. Worst great day ever but I don't know..."

"Mom, you're so awesome at telling stories. You're going to tell me right? I want to hear all about it."

Mama Star shook her head, disappointed with herself for giving in. "Fineee you win. Storytime."


"Once upon a time..."



The Next Morning

Nineteen years earlier on a well worn living room sofa seventeen year old Marco Diaz, a second year student at Echo Creek Community College, lightly snores his way through a Saturday morning blissfully unaware of the blonde haired shark that is hunting him. It moves swiftly across the carpet circling and circling, waiting for the right time to strike. Oblivious to the danger, he turns letting the light blanket that was tossed on him fall to the floor. The perfect moment had arrived.






"Y-you look adorable but why are you chewing on my arm?"


"I-I have no idea what you're saying but it sounds cute. Was it, good morning?"

It took a few moments but once his eyes adjusted to the light coming in through the windows, memories from the day before flooded the teen's mind. It had been Friday night and Marco's parents left the kids home while they went into the city for a date. Their plan was to visit the new Mewni Heritage Museum, dinner at the first Thai-Johansen fusion restaurant, and then likely see a new movie adaption of Romeo and Juliet that featured a slime monster and a mewman princess.

While Star played with Mariposa, Marco made supper. His girlfriend ended up winning the contest to see who could fit a whole taco in their mouth first. Once the toddler was in bed the young couple practiced dancing in the living room so they would be ready for prom. Exhausted after an hour of synchronizing moves, perfecting spins, and trying out dips, the two talked about getting cleaned up before bed.

It had been a near perfect night but when his parents decided to skip the movie, things took a turn for the worst. They finally had the heated exchange that Marco had always wanted to avoid. Not between him and his girlfriend, the past few months of dating had been some of the best of his life. No, it was between Marco and his parents. It all stemmed from Mr. & Mrs. Diaz's accidental discovery that the two besties might have been using the recent drought warnings as a reason to conserve water in the shower...together.

His eyes were now fully open and focused on the huge squirlesnest his girlfriend's hair had become. He remembered her washing it but not having enough time to use any conditioner before running out of the bathroom. "Hey, I love you but maybe we should get you some breakfast instead of having you eat my arm?"

Star just shook her head and after a pause finally released the appendage. "Your mom is in the kitchen. After last night I don't feel good about going in there alone. I figure if I pace myself I can survive four days on your limbs. We'll just need to change your name to Stumpy Diaz after."

"Yeah, talking to my parents is going to be really awkward but I'd rather not date someone who eats human flesh. How about we go into the kitchen together?"

The pajamaed young woman gave a nod but before they could leave the safety of the sofa the house phone rang. Both Star and Marco knew there were only two types of people who called the house phone, telemarketers trying to sell extended vehicle warranties, and Star's parents.



Angie put her cup of morning tea down on the kitchen table before walked over to answer the phone.

"Morning Moon, thanks for calling. I assume you got my message about the kids?"

"... ..."

"Yeah, that line we set. They crossed it."

"... ..."

"Marco said they haven't but they could have for all we know. I'm sure in the year and a half since they started dating they've had plenty of chances."



"... ... ... ..."

"Well, I'm open to suggestions. Rafael and I had a long talk last night about this. On one hand they're good kids and we trust them but at the same time I remember what I was doing at that age. I can only imagine what would have happened if I lived with my boyfriend at seventeen."

"... ..."

"She's your daughter Moon. We'll support whatever you and River decide."


"Alright. We'll drop her off later today. We promised to visit Marco's gram but we'll stop over afterward. Oh! Prom is tonight, did the kids explain prom to you yet?"

"... ... ..."

"Yes, exactly. It's a big deal."


"No, I was going to let them go. We should just make it clear what time we want them home. There are some Earth sayings around prom and what goes on post-prom that you should ask Star about yourself."

"... ... ... ..."

"Moon, we love her. It's really been no trouble and she's been a huge help with Mariposa. Also, you should see the two of them after school. They have been working together on homework and her grades are so much better than they were freshman year. Marco started putting on the fridge any paper Star gets a 'B' on or better it's completely covered."

"... ... ... ..."

"Oh, I was surprised Star was voted class president too but I overheard Marco saying that it was their friend Janna's fault and the monster kids all love Star so it was easy for her to get the votes. Anyway, for a kid who used to talk about never going back to school, she's working hard and it shows. Marco has a way of explaining new concepts that keeps her focused so I'm sure that helps. On top of that she's really good about getting him away from schoolwork when he starts pushing himself too hard."


"No really, he does it to himself all the time."

"... ..."

"Oh, you should have seen him when Star got her college acceptance letter, the boy just about cried."

"... ... ..."

"It's just a state school, not the most prestigious but with Marco transferring to be with her I know they're going to be really happy."

"... ... ..."

"Exactly. Moon I almost forgot, Star has a doctor's appointment in town today and you have no idea how hard it is to get a physical on a Saturday. Would you be good for getting her there at 3:45 PM?"



"... ..."

"I think Marco suggested it. We've always gotten him an annual physical and he does like to take care of her."

"... ... ..."

"Yes, I'll make sure Star has her health card. If you have any questions on the American healthcare system I can TRY to answer them but I'm pretty sure they make it as hard to figure out as possible just so no one will use it."

"... ..."

"Great. See you later Moon. Bye."



The two adventurers, still in their pajamas, sit on the sofa listening as the phone is hung up.

"Star, did you hear all that? Your mom knows."


"I'm...I'm so sorry."

"No, it's my fault. Your parents told me they would probably skip the movie and I remembered the time all wrong."

"Maybe you could start using that shared calendar app like we talked about? I put in when they would be home with an alarm so you just would've had to update it. I know this type of thing can take a minute but it would have been worth it."

"Yeah-yeah, I'll think about it."

"Ready to go eat?"

"Maybe later. I'm going to go pack a few things in case my parents want me to stay at the yurt after prom. You know, maybe I'll stay the night there just so they don't get all worried about -post-prom activities-. No matter what, I'll be back on Sunday. I mean, how bad can they flip out? Think about it, we cleaved worlds together. You'd figure our parents would give us a little slack."

After kissing her boyfriend on his cheek, Star slowly walks upstairs while Marco makes his way to the kitchen. As he opens the door he thinks about how awkward the next few days are going to be unless…unless he can get his parents to think about something else.

"Morning mom. Hey, did I ever tell you how I was turned into a yam for a year?"



Lunch with Tom

On the same clear sunny day many of the human, mewman, and monster residents of Echo Creek are out doing their Saturday errands. With lunch in hand, Marco sits alone at Britta's Tacos looking down at his tray of food while contemplating recent events. About half-way through his burrito one of his best friends picks up his order from the counter and walks over to join him.

"Man, I had the worst morning. I had to go with my parents to this interreligious breakfast and make nice with all these humans. Did you know they have this book that's been around for like over a thousand years talking all about how bad demons are?"

The young man in his red hoodie looks up at Tom and offers the seat across from him. "Yeah, the Bible is a big deal for a lot of people. Everything end up okay?"

"Not really. We invited everyone down for an official tour but this one guy completely flipped out. Seems most humans are cool with the Underworld but the ones who aren't are all talking about 'the end of the world' just because there's a kingdom of demons living under a few hundred churches." The lilac skinned boy let out a sigh as he sat down. "Hey, where's Star?"

"Long story, she had to go to her mom's."

The demon prince narrowed his eyes while staring at his friend. "You seem a little down, everything okay with you two?"

"It's weird, on one hand it's completely great. She's been all happy with school ending and everything we've been doing together has been awesome."

"Buuut?" Tom's face had a concerned look as he waited for the other shoe to fall.

"But for the last month she's been spending a lot more time with Pony Head and going out of her way to make sure I can't see what she's doing online. I'm starting to think that she's hiding something from me." Marco raised his hood over his head as if he was also hiding.

"Huh. I always thought Star sucked you into everything she's doing."

"That's what's so weird about it. I don't mind that she has her own stuff going on, it's just not like her. Even with how great everything has been I'm worried something's wrong."

" do worry a lot. Hey, you and Star have been together for what, two years now?"


"And I hear you both using the 'L' word all the time."

Marco squinted his eyes as he replied. "Yeah."

"And you're still going to move in together for college?"

"We want to, I'm just hoping we can make it work. They don't allow mixed dorm rooms so we'll need to live off campus. The problem is it's going to cost more if we get an apartment but we also don't want to take out any huge student loans." Marco bit down on his burrito as he wondered why Tom was asking so many questions.

"Since you've been together for a couple of years and you're thinking about getting a place, have you two started talking about marriage?"

As the words left the half-demon's lips Marco began to choke. A few seconds later his throat was clear but everything that had been in his mouth had been spewed across the table. "Tom! We're only seventeen! Star hasn't even graduated high school yet! We don't have real jobs or mortgages or health issues that we talk about at family gatherings! Hell, I'm still on my parent's cell phone plan!"

"Dude, that was gross and I get that there are reasons why you aren't ready for marriage, but I'm just asking if you two have talked about it at all yet."

The human lowered his head while covering his face with his hands. "The answer is no but Pony has been asking some w-e-i-r-d quest..."

Before Marco could finish, the phone in young Lucitor's pocket begins playing a song that repeated the word ~Banana~ over and over again. As he pulled it out, the tall horned young man walked away from the table. "I have to take this. A company in someplace called Argentina wants to pay me a ton of money to bring back some old German guy as a zombie. I don't need the cash but I want to run it by Janna to see what she thinks of the idea."

It took a second but Marco's eyes almost popped out of his head once he made the connection. "TOM! NO BRINGING BACK HITLER!"

Once his friend was around the corner of the building, Marco grabbed some napkins so he could clean up the half-chewed mess. While wiping up he swears that for a brief second the mix of yellow rice and beans spread across the tabletop sort of resembles his girlfriend's angelic face.



Dragon Wash

Two hours after lunch, Marco is in the backyard hosing down Nacho's to make sure she is clean for the ride to prom that night. His friends might be renting limos but he knew what Star would like best. As he reached for the bucket of soapy water the phone in his pocket came alive with a familiar Space Unicorn tune.



"Dad doesn't know yet but Mom flipped. She wants me to stay here for two weeks, maybe more. Dad is on a hunting trip so we'll see what happens when he gets back tonight."

" I-I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

"Please stop, we'll talk about it later. We are on our way to the doctor's office, can you remind me about everything you wanted me to ask about?"

"Did you write down the list I gave you?"

"No. I was thinking you would come with me so I wouldn't need to."

"This is the kind of stuff that would be good in your calendar."

"Marco, just tell me again. I'll remember."

"Earth doctor's aren't going to know anything about your wings so make sure you warn them. Ask about how magic might have affected your body. Find out if there is anything related to magic's radiation that you need to worry about long term. Ask about that bump on your palm if it's still bothering you. Make sure you're up-to-date on your vaccination schedule. Mention that you'll need health forms filled out for college. And...ask about know...the other-other stuff."

"...Mom, I'm just talking to Marco about the doctor. Marco, can you repeat that?"

"The stuff we talked about so we can take our last 'belt test' together without worrying about P. R. E. G. N. know...A..."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Only if you want. No rush at all and please don't bring it up if your mom ends up going in with you."

"Is that it?"

"I think so. Did you have more you wanted to talk to a doctor about?"

"I don't know, maybe. We'll talk later, our ride just showed up."

"Alright. Love you."


After she hung up, Marco stared at the phone while trying to remember the last time a call ended without his bestie saying, 'I love you'. He could only come to one conclusion, something was definitely wrong.



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