Japan was naturally a place he visited as soon as Rimuru landed foot on the surface of the planet.

To his surprise, not that actually a surprise considering he had multiverse where in each its verse there's a planet earth that had Japan in it, the Japan he lived in as a salaryman named Mikami Satoru was very much the same as the Japan on the planet. The only different was that…youkai were real. Shinto Pantheon also real. There were devil, fallen angel, and even angel as well. There were many other pantheons actually existed.

Oh, even though he had just set foot in the land of rising sun for three hours, don't think that he had help from the great Ciel-sama in acquiring the information!

Believe it or not, the information he got was his own work—one hundred percent his work. How did he manage to get all that information? Well, let's just leave it alone. After all, what was the merit of knowing how he got all the information? Nothing! There's no point thinking about that any further. It had nothing to do with an evil god named Loki he had devoured—along with a giant wolf named Fenrir!

Oh, wait! Before you go around faulting him, it wasn't his mistake that those two got devoured!

That evil god Loki was boasting about how he would start ragnarok when Rimuru was passing. Rimuru knew what Ragnarok was. Starting it was no good. So, to help humanity last, devouring them was a very simple solution. He did a favor for the planet. Killing an evil god was a very noble deed. However, just in case he didn't get dragged into his problem, Rimuru asked Ciel to filter Loki's memory. He absorbed only useful information; Loki's life memory and everything that was useless to him were erased.

Anyway, this world…was quite interesting. The ignorant of human was really something else. Of course, many human were aware of supernatural world. Magicians were human. There're weapons called Sacred Gear inside some of the chosen human. However, comparing them to human's total population, their number was so insignificant. But perhaps that was for the best. Human was greedy in nature; if they all had power, everyday would be a war day in the planet where there're more than 200 countries.

"Still, what should I do now that I have tasted the foods?" Rimuru asked himself as he stepped out of a food store in the crowded city of Tokyo. "Eh, should I visit all dimensions that connected to this planet and have a taste of their foods?"

How genius! As expected of me! Rimuru praised himself, and for some reason Ciel agreed to him. I will taste all the foods and then decide which one is the best, then I will give a present for the best chef from each race, and then those best chefs will compete with each other for a prize!

"However, there're too many human. It will take times to taste all the foods by myself. And I don't want to use parallel existence for this. Nor will I use a clone. Therefore, starting from non-human race is a better option. Saving the best for the last, they say. What do you think, Ciel?"

"I will always support whatever Master does. But how about starting it from youkai race? They bear similarities to your servants before all of them evolved. Perhaps you can abandon that chef competition in order of ruling those poor souls. Master was not as weak as when Master was still green. I'm sure it will be interesting."

Why do I think that…you are leading me toward universe conquest?

"Surely I do not. What I'm suggesting is for Master to help those poor youkai to be able to stand on their feet. As of now, they depend on the others to exist. And they aren't strong enough to do something when they're threatened. Youkai in this very land is divided into two: Kyoto Youkai and Kanto Youkai. And both are the servants of Shinto Pantheon."

I used to worship gods of Shinto Pantheon, you know.

"…That is in the past, now master can create a couple million thousands of them with ease."

The way you said it… It is like I am extremely super strong, but I guess you're right. No one knows me better than you.

"Naturally. That's why I'm the only one that deserve to, ehem, the point is, why don't Master help those poor souls while Master enjoying yourself?"

Rimuru felt that his Manas was planning something big. He could not tell what the plan was, but probably it would end up with him being worshiped or something like that. Getting cocky, weren't she?

Fine. Rimuru accepted his Manas' challenge. He was a badass, a gentleman, a wise and absolutely handsome man; he was not going to be bested by his Manas! I'll humor you just once. However, I'll not become their king. I'll do it my way, and you're not to interfere! That would be cheating!

—Gladsheim, Asgard—

Odin sighed in relief as Rossweisse finished reporting.

Thor had managed to subdue all of Loki's children that went on rampage. Fenrir was not among them. But that was not surprising. The only reason those children went on rampage was the death of Loki. It simply meant that Fenrir was either captured or killed. Either way, it was not looking good for Norse Pantheon. True that Loki was a trouble, but he'd prefer that him being sealed rather than killed.

"Father, have you found the one who killed Loki?" Thor who appeared out of nowhere asked, his face was so serious. "It is true that Loki is a manifestation of trouble, but we need to know the actual reason behind his death. We can accept it if he's killed because of his own fault, but what if he's killed for another reason? This may be a provocation of war, and it will be troublesome if the culprit has already brainwashed Fenrir. Even though I know I can handle him, still it will not be easy."

The relief that was on Odin's face faded in all sudden; a frown colored his expression. He was the all-knowing. His clairvoyance ability was nothing to scoff at. So was his ability to know what was needed to know. He had pride and confident in that particular ability. Yet, he couldn't gleam into the event that led to Loki's death. Nor could he glance into the culprit's future. Even reaching him/her was impossible. It was like…his ability became useless.

"I have not." Odin admitted the bitter truth. He was a pervert. He loved breasts and asses and pussies. But still was he the chief of the Norse Pantheon. Not being able to do what was expected of him did left a bitter taste in his being. "In spite of my power…I can't find a thing. The one who killed Loki…he/she is a being beyond our comprehension."

Worry filled Thor's face. If the all-knowing didn't know about the killer, then they should worry. No one knew whether Loki was the only target. They couldn't guess whether the killer had ill intention toward Norse Pantheon. They're in the dark. The dread feeling that anytime a god/goddess of their pantheon got killed grasped their minds.

"Increase the security of Asgard," ordered Odin to his son. "Do not allow anyone the entry unchecked. Prohibit anyone from leaving alone. The enemy is unknown. We can't really lower our guard."

Thor nodded his head and left the castle.

"Rossweisse," Odin shifted his eyes toward the valkyrie. "Prepare yourself. We're going to visit human world in a day. Perhaps if we are near Loki's killer, I can pin pointed his location."

—Inner Kyoto—

Evil Dragon Yamata no Orochi was supposed to be killed by the god of sea and storm. He was supposed to no longer live among the living. Yamata no Orochi had died by Susano'o's hand. It was the common knowledge. Yet, the truth was not necessarily to be true. In the very sacred city of youkai, Yamata no Orochi lived his life in luxury. He was not in his monstrous body; the evil youkai looked like a thirty years old man with eight white furless tails waving behind his back.

How? Simple, really. Orochi sent his soul to a small snake that managed to run away from Susano'o. His eight heads were sliced, the storm god then turned his flesh into ashes. While he watched until Orochi's flesh fully disappeared, the evil youkai escaped and hid in the very city the shinto god swore to protect.

It had been several hundred years since then. Orochi had gained his lost power. He had even learned to master the art of senjutsu. His current form was due to him mastering senjutsu. The nature was so in sync with his body that his aura had become less evil. Even Susano'o wouldn't think that he was Yamata no Orochi if they were to meet. Perhaps, the only one who could rival him in senjutsu was the famous buddha—Sun Wukong. But Orochi was confident that his senjutsu was still superior.

Even so, despite the truth that he was stronger than ever, Orochi knew that he was not yet strong enough to overwhelm Susano'o. That bastard was undeniably strong. He might be able to fight on the same level with the bastard, but still he needed a weapon to counter his mortal enemy's divine sword. Besides, Orochi had become too comfortable living a luxurious life for him to care about a fight.

Youkai in the city of inner Kyoto knew him as the richest youkai alive. He alone controlled the economy of the city. His business was not only inside the inner city of the old capitol of Imperial Japan, but also included the Japan as a whole. All of the yakuza basically was his underlings. And the government…they were his puppets. The entire Japan was technically his. And he did so under the nose of the Shinto Pantheon that had absolute control over supernatural world within Japan.

That was the main reason why Orochi didn't focus on his revenge too much. He had pride in what he had done. That feeling was what brought him into luxurious life. Not to mention that the government of Japan had done splendid job at minimizing the influence of Shinto Pantheon. The existence of churches and others worship place of other mythologies in Japan was the very proof of that.

"Rochi-sama, pardon my intrusion."

Rochi. That was the name the people used to address him. They treated him with utmost respect. Because, not only was he the richest, Orochi was the strongest youkai—a dragon that had been through what he would describe as youkaification. Yeah, despite that monkey having ascended into godhood, Orochi was confident that he could beat Sun Wukong.

"What is it?" asked Orochi in disinterested voice, not expecting any word coming out of the servant's mouth could bring him any excitement.

"There is a beautiful…lady wishes to see you. She said that she knows everything about you."

It was not a rare occurrence. Every now and then, a lady would seek him—they wanted to be his woman, to bear his child. However, none ever said that they knew everything about him. That woman, whoever was she, must be someone extraordinary. After all, normal woman would not dare said such nonsense.

"Very well, give her entry. I'm interested to know what she means by saying she knows every—ah, wait! Why were you hesitating at mentioning the 'lady' part?"

"Er…that…she does look like a woman, but she doesn't feel like one. It is hard to say because she is no male either. Er…uh…it is like she has no gender at all. But she DOES look like a woman."

"I see… Nevertheless, guide her to me."

"Yes, Rochi-sama, I'll guide her to you. Now then, do excuse me."

Orochi nodded his head and returned his state into a comfortable one. He rested his body on a comfy chair with left cheek on his left palm. Like a king being lazy in his luxurious room, that's how Yamata no Orochi looked. There's no way that genderless woman knew everything about him. And he certainly didn't fear any—

Fear. That was the first feeling grasped his heart when a pale-blue haired young flat-chested girl entered his luxurious room.