"Ben Solo!" Leia roared, throwing his soiled jammies into the laundry. "Get back here and put your clothes on!"

The little boy only giggled and stuck out his tongue. He toddled out of the room, baby butt cheeks bouncing, his dirty diaper sitting on the floor like an ugly, smelly brown stain.

"Ben!" Leia rushed after him and scooped him up. He squirmed, beginning to wail. "Han!" she shouted down the hall. "I could use a little help here!" She pinned her son to the changing table, carefully putting on a new diaper. Then, despite his madly swinging fists, she forced his sleeper on too. Ben started crying in earnest now.

"I'm no' tired!" He screamed, face scrunching up in anger. "I wan' snacks!"

"No snacks right now!" Leia grunted as his little foot caught her in the mouth. "It's sleepy time!"

"Let me get that," came Han's voice from behind her. He appeared next to her and picked up the screaming toddler. "How about we watch some Teletubbies instead? Huh? How is that?" Ben grinned widely in delight.

"Han," Leia groaned, putting a hand to her head. "You know the rules about TV before bed!"

"Relax, princess, it'll put him right to sleep," Han bounced him on his hip. "A little bit of TV won't hurt him, and you'll get to have a break."

Leia sighed. "Fine." She really wasn't in the mood for another fight right now, so she retired to the kitchen, fixing herself a cup of caf. She pulled her holo-pad toward herself and started typing away.

A half hour later, Han entered. "He's asleep." Leia sighed in relief.

"Thank goodness."

He sat down across from her and eyed her caf. "Are you planning on coming to bed at all tonight?"

She nodded absently. "When I'm done working on this speech."

"Is this about the Chancellor nomination again?" A familiar edge entered his voice. She narrowed her eyes at him.

"Yes. It is."

Two months ago, she'd been nominated for Chancellor. She'd be lying if she said it had taken her by surprise, but she had been eagerly working for it since then. She'd given speeches, hosted charity events, been active in every debate. In short, she'd been doing her job as Senator spectacularly.

"How much time is that job gonna take you away from us?"

Not this again.

"Han," she told him firmly. "I'm running for Chancellor. I have a duty to the galaxy and I can't run away from it!"

"You also have a duty to your kid!" Han raised his voice, gesturing to Ben's room. "You want him to grow up without his mom?"

"Keep your voice down," she hissed, "Of course I want to be home with him! And I will be! I'll be home every night!"

"Doing what?" Han snapped. "Getting updates on the next bill? Drafting your next speech?"

"Sometimes, yes!"

"You're only a Senator right now and you still work even while you're at home! We're your family, Leia! I need you! Ben needs you!"

"Don't you tell me what Ben needs!" Leia barked. "I am his mother!"

"Then you better start acting like it!"

Leia flinched a little. The irritation flared up into a blaze of rage.

"Get out," she hissed. "Forget about me coming to bed tonight. I'm going to the office." She swept out of the room without looking at him.

She fumed as she stomped down the stairs and jumped into her speeder. How dare he imply that she didn't do enough as Ben's mother? Just tonight was evidence of how hard it was to take care of him! She loved being his mother, she really did, but she also loved her work in the Senate. She was making a difference in the galaxy. She had helped bring about the defeat of the Empire, and now it was time to rebuild a better government. It had only been a few years, yet they had made incredible progress. Why couldn't Han see that? Why couldn't he see that everything she was doing at the Senate was for their son? She was building the kind of world she wanted her boy to grow up in. Wasn't that worth a few lost hours?

With a world weary sigh, Leia muttered to herself, "I need a break. Just a little while." She closed her eyes for a moment, heedless of the traffic. "I wish I could just… rest."

A speeder above her sparked and sizzled. With a bang, it suddenly fell like a rock. All the hover vehicles in the lane frantically swerved out of the way, but Leia was too slow. As she wrenched the steering wheel to the side, her speeder lurched, but the falling speeder crashed into the right side of hers. As she spiraled towards the ground, thousands of feet below, all she could see was her work for her son going up in flames.

Warbled words swam through her consciousness like strange fish, coming and going, flashing lights behind her eyelids. She slowly became aware of her throbbing head leaning against her hand, heavy fabric weighing her down, sweat trickling down her spine. As she squinted her eyes open, the sight of the debate room met her eyes, hundreds of pods with speakers in each one. One pod floated above them all, Chancellor Mon Mothma barely distinguishable in her formal robes.

"-me? Padme? Are you alright?" A hand landed on her shoulder and she jumped, startled. "Senator Amidala, are you unwell?" She squinted at the man who was speaking to her, but everything was still coming into focus. She rubbed her eyes and looked again.

Her heart nearly stopped.

It was impossible. Bail Organa was dead, gone with the rest of her planet. And yet, here he sat, his regal features pinched with worry, dark eyes stormy with protectiveness. He was perfectly put together, as he had always been, as he had taught her to be.

"The first step to winning a fight is to look the part of a hero," his words echoed through time.

"Padme?" He said again. "Do you need to call for a recess?"

"What?" Leia managed to say, but it came out strangled, sounding more like a tortured mouse than anything else. "How -? You-" She gave up speaking and just gazed at him, drinking in the sight of him like a woman dying of thirst. "Father," she murmured in awe, eyes filling with tears. "You're alive?"

Bail's eyes widened like a deer in headlights. "Uh… I'm… not sure how to respond to that." He cleared his throat and waved over an aide. "Senator, I really must insist that you take a break, you obviously need it."

"What? What are you talking about…" she looked around herself. She was sitting in one of the pods, a place she was used to sitting in but…

Hadn't she just been plummeting to her death two seconds ago?

"What… happened…?" More details slowly sank in. The debate room was more clean and pristine than she'd ever seen it after it had been demolished when Palpatine dissolved the senate. Bail looked younger and less careworn than she'd ever seen - he couldn't be older than thirty-five. And as she squinted up at the Chancellor's podium, she could swear that that wasn't a woman's figure… and were those lekkus….?

She felt a sudden movement inside of her belly.


She looked down at herself. She'd never seen this dress, let alone bought it. Her hands seemed slimmer somehow, her fingers longer, more slender. And her belly.

Either she really needed to lay off the chocolate shurra fruit, or something was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

It almost looked… and felt… as if…

But that was impossible. Her womb had been very empty five minutes ago, it shouldn't be occupied now!

Something was incredibly, amazingly, astronomically wrong.

She narrowed her eyes at Bail. "Who are you," she asked in a low, dangerous voice. "Where am I," she stood up, stretching to her full height (and good Force, she knew she was short, but somehow she felt even more so and this was ridiculous), "And what in kark's name is going on?"

Bail stared at her. "You… haven't had breakfast yet, have you?"

Suddenly klaxons blared. The debate chamber erupted into shouts and turmoil, senators and aides rushing out. Leia stepped foot into the corridor to see what was going on, and was immediately swept up in the crowd. Through giant windows, she could see a flaming, smoking star destroyer careening towards the surface.

As concerning as that was, however, Leia made a beeline for the ladies room. It was empty, perfectly for her. She needed space to think and get her thoughts together.

But before she could think anything beyond "What in the name of actual karking f-", she caught sight of herself in the mirror.

She yelped and jerked back. So did the woman in the mirror. She held still and eyed the mirror suspiciously. The woman did the same. Slowly, Leia approached the mirror, hands coming up to caress her face.

Except, this wasn't her face. This was the face of a woman long dead, with high, angular cheekbones, large doe eyes, and dark hair in some kind of a cheap Wal'mart version of her Aldreaanian buns. This was the face of Senator Padme Amidala of Naboo.

Leia touched her cheeks. She looked down at her slender, uncalloused, unscarred hands.

Everything and everyone she had seen so far had not existed for over a decade or two. As impossible, unreasonable as it sounded, she could only come to one conclusion.

Somehow, she had wound up in the past, inhabiting the body of her childhood hero. The thought made her vaguely ill, so she pushed it violently away.


She rested her fingers lightly against her swollen belly.

There was an unmistakable flutter of a kick.

Oh no.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, what the f-

Not karking again!

She had hated being pregnant with Ben. The morning sickness, the lethargy, the cravings, the morning sickness, the swellings, the mood swings, the karking morning sickness - it had driven her out of her mind. And don't even get her started on the labor pains! It had taken eighty four hours of screaming, cursing, broken bones in her husband's hands and a near C-section to finish it all. Much as she loved her son, much as it had all been worth it in the end, she had vowed to never miss a morning pill again.

And now. It was happening all over again.

And it wasn't even her fault! She'd been responsible every time! She hadn't gotten pregnant a single time in the three and a half years since she'd had Ben!

But nooooooo, someone had to go and get herself pregnant and then switch karking bodies with a woman who didn't karking want this! This wasn't even her baby!

Leia Organa Solo glared darkly at the woman in the mirror.

Someone was going to pay, and pay dearly for this injustice.

Leia stormed out of the 'fresher, long dress billowing around her legs. The dress was too hot, and she itched for something lighter, but unfortunately, she had no idea where to go for that.

The debacle with the flaming star destroyer had apparently resolved itself in the time it took for Leia to come to terms with the fact that she had not only been thrown back in time, but had also switched bodies with a dead senator and was now carrying said senator's baby. She should have been scared or confused, but actually? Right now?

She was just pissed.

She stormed across the senate building in a rage fueled haze.

Pregnant. She was pregnant. Again. When it wasn't her fault.

Perhaps her priorities should've been a little different considering the circumstances. In her defense, however, she had vague memories of Luke and Han muttering together about pregnancy hormones affecting her behavior. But that thought only made her angrier, and she threw a punch at a nearby pillar.

She yelped, cradling her fingers. That… had not been a wise decision. She was thankful there was no one around to witness that.



She turned around, pasting a bright (perhaps slightly manic) smile across her face. Bail stood ten feet behind her, looking wary. He took one look at her expression and stepped back uneasily, hands coming up in surrender.

"Padme, it's alright," he said, "It's only me." He paused. "Are you… sure you're okay?" He looked doubtful even as he said it.

Leia couldn't hold her expression. Normally, she could hold her composure for weeks at a time in the face of screaming politicians and babies alike (sometimes she couldn't tell the difference), but right now she was almost nine months pregnant and she was stuck in the kriffing past before the Empire rose and she just didn't know what to do right now and the anger was quickly morphing into helplessness and grief and fear…

She burst into tears.

"I'm n-n-not Padme Amidala," she blubbered, trying to wipe her cheeks dry. "I'm Leia, I'm your daughter, and I-"

"Whoa, Padme," Bail was suddenly right in front of her, pulling her into one of those bear hugs she'd missed so much. "It's okay, it's alright, just let it out."

She let herself savor his embrace for a few moments, then made herself pull away.

"Bail," she said firmly, looking at his face. "This is going to sound crazy, but I need you to believe me."

His face turned knowing.

"I think I already know."

She blinked. "...You do?"

"It's about the baby, isn't it?"


"Yes, I know. I'm your closest friend, remember?" He touched her shoulder. "I'm glad you finally felt comfortable enough to tell me."

Leia's throat suddenly felt dry. "No, that's not it."

"Is it about the father? It wouldn't happen to be a certain Jedi we both know, would it?"

Her mind shot to Luke. "No!" she yelped. "Absolutely not!"

Bail shook his head. "It's alright," he assured her. "I won't tell anyone."

"We kissed, like once, but that was before we knew -!" She buried her head in her hands in embarrassment. "Bail, listen to me! I'm not Padme Amidala!"

"I know you probably don't feel like yourself right now, but -"

"Oh, come on!" she yelled, throwing her hands up in the air.

"- you should probably go greet your Jedi," Bail finished. "He's in front of the senate building with the other senators." He took her by the arm. "Let's go."

"Bail, please!" But Leia couldn't get his attention. Before she knew it, she was in the antechamber of the Senate building, and sure enough, there was a crowd in front of her. With one very familiar face.

Her blood turned to ice.

"Chancellor Palpatine," Bail greeted. "I'm glad to see you returned safe and sound."

"Indeed, Senator Organa," Palpatine said. "If not for the Jedi, I do not know what would've happened to me, and to our beautiful Republic."

"You," Leia breathed. Palpatine looked at her.

"Ah, Senator Amidala. I'm glad to see you well and -"

"You!" she spat again. "You're supposed to be dead!"

He raised an eyebrow. "And I very well would be if it wasn't for the Jedi. We should all be very proud of them." He turned away. "If you'll excuse me,"

But as she walked away, she could feel Palpatine's gaze on her back like an oozing black stain.

"He's alive," she whispered. "He's back."

"Yes," said Bail. "Thanks be."

Leia wanted to cry. She had fought against this man her entire life, and she'd won. But now he was back, and nobody here saw him for the snake he was.

She and Bail made it through the crowd.

"Not too obvious, now," he murmured in her ear.

She saw two men; Jedi, by the looks of it. One was tall with wavy blonde hair and dark clothing. The other was shorter, with light auburn hair and lighter clothes. Both had lightsabers bouncing against one hip.

The baby kicked so hard and so excitedly that Leia gasped, putting her hands over her belly.

Her mind flashed back to three and a half years ago, right before Ben was born. Whenever Han came home, Ben would kick excitedly. She had laughed at the time, and Han had loved it. Ben wouldn't hold still again until Han put his hand against her belly. Luke had theorized that the baby, through the Force, had recognized his father's presence. Though Han wasn't force sensitive, Ben certainly was, by virtue of Leia's biological line; and he had certainly seemed to know when his father was leaving or coming home.

Leia narrowed her eyes at the two Jedi.

This was one of their faults.

She ripped away from Bail, rage pounding through her veins, vision red. She barely heard Bail's warning from behind her, instead storming up to them. The tall one grinned when he saw her, but faltered when she got in his face.

"Which one of you did this?" She demanded. She turned her gaze on the other Jedi. "Which one of you got this poor woman pregnant?!"

The tall one choked. "Pregnant -? What -? Padme?!"

"Senator, I'm afraid neither of us know what you're talking about!" said the other Jedi with a crisp Coruscanti accent. "Just calm down a moment and we can -"

But she already had her answer. "It was you!" she snarled at the tall blonde, jabbing a finger into his chest. "It's your fault! You kriffing son of a bantha -!"

"Padme, please," the man pleaded, looking terrified. "You're going to -"

"I'm going to kick your butt!" Leia screeched. "I'm gonna rip out your spleen and chop off your d- !"

"Senator, please!"

"I'm gonna make you wish you'd never been born, you karking piece of sithspawn!"

"Anakin," said the auburn haired Jedi. "We need to take this somewhere with fewer cameras."

For the third time in thirty minutes, Leia's heart stopped. (This really was getting to be very unhealthy.) She stopped for a moment, mouth opening and closing like a fish.

"Anakin Skywalker?" she wheezed. The tall one nodded, reaching out and grabbing her by the arms. His eyes were a maelstrom of emotion. Concern, fear, love (?!)-

"Yes, angel, it's me, please tell me what's going on," he begged. "But please, let's take this somewhere else, everyone might know about us now! And about the - the b-baby -" He glanced at the ground wide-eyed, as if to stabilize himself.

She'd seen those clear blue eyes before in the face of her twin.

This monster didn't deserve to look anything like her angelic brother.

"Force," he breathed, "are you really pregnant?"


She punched him in the face. He stumbled back, holding his nose.

"MONSTER!" she shrieked, "TRAITOR!" She hit him again and again, but Vader blocked her easily, tears in his eyes. "SCUM!" She was vaguely aware that she was crying again. Crying for her parents, her real parents, not this piece of - "HUTT POODOO!" Crying for her planet, her friends, her people - "YOU SLEEMO!" Crying for her lost childhood, her brother's lost innocence, his lost hand - "I'LL KILL YOU!" For those awful months without Han, not knowing if he was alive or dead, the torture, both on the Death Star and on Bespin - "SLAVER!"

She was sobbing now, angry tears scalding down her face. "I HATE YOU!"

She heard the sound of a blaster and she twisted out of the way. The stun bolt fizzled off into space. Suddenly, there were strong arms around her, lifting her off the ground. She thrashed. "Let me GO!"

"Please," came the broken sound of Anakin's - Vader's voice - "Calm down, we can talk about this, please, Angel, I don't know what I did -!"

There were sirens in the distance, slowly growing louder as they got closer.

" - please, Padme, I love you so much, please tell me what I did wrong -!"

She clawed at his eyes, screeching incoherently.

There was another stun bolt, and she knew no more.


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